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he gave his prime minister west away by god as a grenade exploded at a mass rally killing at least one person. live from doha also coming up. presidential candidates make their final pitch to voters out of sunday's elections. children still lost in the system as the u.s. struggles to reunite families separated at the border. and thousands march in london as the divide is u.k. marks two years since voting to leave.
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at least one person has been killed and more than one hundred injured after a grenade attack in ethiopia's capital addis ababa. had just finished addressing supporters when someone tried to throw a grenade towards the stage but the reports. this was the moment the grenade exploded close to where prime minister abby asked might was sitting. for a few moments there was confusion before members of the security forces came onto the stage and led abby achmet to safety. witnesses say they saw the man who targeted the prime minister the prime minister were just concluded his speech and that moment there was a grenade. but i think the guy was just trying to stroll the stage. beside him just took him. just went off and on sunday it was
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a bloody end to a day that it started with say much optimism hundreds of thousands of ethiopians had gathered in the capital addis ababa mescal square to support the new prime minister since taking office in april the forty two year old has announced a series of reforms including the release of tens of thousands of prisoners the opening of state owned companies to private investment and to propose peace deal with eritrea in an address to the nation after the attack abby said that those trying to divide ethiopia would not succeed in the in my family why not but that i'm not certain groups planned and coordinated to destroy this large gathering to kill innocent people and to spill blood on our streets they have tried very hard but their entire plot has failed the questions are being raised about whether the security operation for such a large rally was adequate some of the officers have been saying that this is an
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attempt on the life of the prime minister and the definitely. supporting the rally was a great demonstration that there is a solid support for the reformist by the prime minister but at the same time the the great attack have revealed that the reforms are still fragile prime minister abbey says he is determined to bring change to ethiopia but this attack highlights the lengths some will go to to try and stop him victoria. and there's been an explosion join a campaign rally for zimbabwe's president amas among he was addressing thousands of supporters in the city of delaware when it happened the president's office says he was not hurt the next month's elections will be the first fuck up i was forced out of power.
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and turkey's presidential candidates are holding their final rallies ahead of landmark elections on sunday the vote will bring constitutional changes into effect that will transform the political system as it were tipped to one's biggest challenge comes from the who's running for the main opposition republican people's party so because he has more from istanbul. although it says a snap election that was announced two months ago and the time was very short the campaigns have been in a very lyall out the most fear presidents are gone and his main rival the main opposition party candidate. had very tight election schedules they have traveled to most of the cities across turkey and campaign people and mr president are gone had to mention most of the times the projects the joint projects that were completed during his party's term in the last sixteen years he mentioned about the political and economic achievements and he promised more employment to the youth actually in
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order to gain the what's on the other hand the main candidates try to challenge him every time that he has a chance especially his reactions against the presidential system saying that it's will be a one man rule and it's will be to democracy was his main retore during the campaign also he promised for more freedom for people and he promised to restore the rule of law back in the country however the poll suggests that mr add on still has the upper hand in the election but his party can lose its majority in the parliament which is not actually what is what the president's ad on has ever wished on the other hand mr maher read in jail. as polls show he has in between twenty twenty five percent to thirty percent support but still he can take to the runoff and this would be a real challenge for prisons our job there are here for says it's killed forty five
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eisel fighters in a strike across the border in syria at targets with three houses in the town of had local isolators was said to be meeting in iraq says several high ranking figures are amongst the dead. thousands of civilians have fled areas in syria's darrell province where a major government offensive is underway the rebels say they have repelled the attack but fear they may not be able to hold out as the iran and russia backed army moves them reports. this is the first time government forces have used battle bombs in. helicopters struck several villages in what appears to be a major advance to take over the city but this violates a truce that was brokered by russia and the united states in africa to bring an eye and to the seven year war the americans have of serious repercussions if the
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offensive continues and the rebels who are losing ground remain defiant. we don't recognize assad's authority he has destroyed our cities and killed our people he destroyed syria to stay in power we will never recognize him and we reject the presence of the reigning and afghan militias it's only syrians who should decide the future of the country. the syrian army is massing troops in the area the opposition says thousands of shiite militias are also moving in dar was the focal point of the syrian uprising in two thousand and eleven but in recent years the rebels have been retreating they now control one neighborhood in the city and a few areas on the border with jordan this is
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a show of force by the free syrian army. for years the f.s.a. was trained and armed by the u.s. europe and gulf countries but that support has diminished over the last. anti as forces are largely outgunned and outnumbered. the dollhouse poses challenges for all the parties the rebels cannot afford another setback after being evicted from a just all calls including homes and on the ask of damascus but if the syrian army's push continues the u.s. may interfere and that may trigger a wider. spanish say they've rescued five hundred sixty nine refugees who were trying to cross the mediterranean by boat into spain and elsewhere in europe a container ship rescued one hundred thirteen refugees from the boat off southern
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italy the vessel from the shipping giant musk is awaiting instructions from italian authorities a spokesperson for the company says there envelops of the good health to come six days after six hundred thirty migrants arrived in the spanish port of valencia new government had refused to let them enter the country for the natives of france and spain of the all european countries to work together in tackling the current migration crisis spain's new prime minister petro sanchez is on his first official visit to france for talks with president emanuel on sunday they'll join the leaders of member states to discuss the migration standoff first. on migration there's a risk of fragmentation in the dismantling of europe by the return of nationalism our common name i think i can speak for both of us is to answer this with a real reinstatement of europe which means a realist an ambitious europe that protects and has the ability to decide enact. i mean we thank the french government for the solidarity and responsibility shown
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with regards to spain's decision concerning the aquarius boat in spain we always believe that the migration phenomenon is one that concerns you countries as a group and not just those countries in the periphery. i lived in paris and the fashion area just behind you the leaders leaving that meeting what came out of it. well what you heard there was the big message from the meeting at the end and that is really that the european union must have more of a coordinated response and strategy when it comes to migration there is no doubt that the new spanish socialist prime minister. the french president very much on the same page this was the first meeting between these two leaders the first of course since sanchez decided to let the migrants and refugees from the aquarius charity ship that was built by italy let them come into spain it was something that emanuel not all plays he said that it was
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a real show of solidarity from the spanish leader but he said the migration simply cannot be solved like that on a case by case basis now both sanches and mark raul will be heading to brussels on sunday there was a mini summit or migration there ahead of the e.u. summit later in the week and this was not for these two leaders to really try and discuss some new ideas plans and strategies and agree on how to move forward it was an opportunity for them really to discuss that before the sunday meeting now what we do know is these two are very pro fiercely pro european union leaders they believe in the european union and as you heard there from there in those sound bites that you played a little bit earlier both of them say that unless something is done on migration unless a plan is come up with then perhaps the future of the e.u. could be at threat because there have been so many divisions and so many rifts so should we expect in your response to this crisis this coming week.
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well there's no doubt that the fact that this summit is actually being held on sunday this mini summit on migration really shows you the sense of urgency among european leaders to try and come up with some sort of plan b. . so far what we've heard is one of the solutions that could be proposed regional platforms very much like the whole sports we heard about a few months back these are areas outside of the european union where possible asylum seekers could go and be processed now whether or not they would be eligible for asylum would be would be seen by immigration officers from the e.u. there if they are eligible then they would be distributed within european union countries now the problem with that is of course you have to get third party countries to agree but also the e.u. is not in agreement on how to deal with migration that is the issue you have several leaders from central european countries saying we don't want any more
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asylum seekers and migrants to be redistributed in all countries so how these leaders are going to persuade those who are against such plans really remains to be seen and that is why this has become such a crisis at the heart of europe and why these two leaders. really want to make sure that it really doesn't end up breaking up the block. from paris thanks. you know weather update next and then. government is accused of horrifying crimes against the range of by the international criminal court plus. the state of emergency in papa new guinea as it prepares to host an international summit. welcome back starting our weather forecast in central and southern parts of china
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and taiwan he says must close some big storm clouds developing and it's going to be fairly wet in places including hong kong during the course of sunday maybe taiwan just about escaping the worst of the shower activity but fuzhou won't be so lucky across indochina plenty of showers in evidence and still remains very wet for parts of me amar day after day of rain pushing in off the bay of bengal as the monsoon rains really take hold now now that stage then we're looking at maybe some dry weather for food issue and taipei still hanging on to relatively dry conditions across into south asia and we've got some really heavy rain across parts of india so it down through the western ghats the monsoon rain is really pushing in at the moment but good news is we're also seeing some rain further towards the east and that could well continue over the next twenty four hours more showers expected here so kolkata could be wet going to see some heavy rain for katmandu and really for bangladesh isa states of india more heavy rain expected for delhi still dry though
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temperatures of forty three degrees during the course of sunday monday coming down a little bit but still looking pretty hot and still waiting for the rain is still rife meanwhile over in pakistan its highs of thirty two expected in karate. a new series of rewind a can bring your people back to life i'm sorry and brand new updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries the struggle continues book from the till now or use distance rewind continues with baltimore anatomy of an american city close friends who were lost to the streets i can literally see the future of baltimore to the ass of my students and it does not look rewind on al-jazeera.
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and there again you're watching out there as reminder of our top stories at least one person has been killed and more than one hundred injured. after a grenade attack targeting a rally for prime minister who had just finished addressing supporters when someone tried to throw a grenade towards the stage. presidential candidates have held their final head of elections on sunday present. biggest challenge comes from. who's running for the main opposition republican people's party. and spain's new prime minister petro sanchez is on his first official visit to france for talks with president. on sanchez will join the leaders of more than half of the e.u. member countries in brussels for emergency talks on the migration standoff.
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now the face of children separated from their parents at the u.s. border remains unclear two days after president donald trump ordered officials to stop spitting up asylum seeking families remains combative there he is accusing critics and political rivals of spinning what he calls phony tales of suffering for electoral gain alan fischer reports from washington. one more though the pain of separation over seven year old darwin was taken from me here at the border in arizona. we come from guatemala no after more than a month she could finally them again she sued the government for some time and won in the u.k. well i started crying when i saw him because he's the only child i have i think god because i have him here with me he's now sad but nobody's going to separate us again. but though donald trump signed an executive order halting the separation of
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children from the families those ins still face the pain of separation and no one knows when they will be reunited the executive order president trump does not solve the problem we still face the reality of at least twenty three hundred of these young children who have been separated and there's nothing they said nothing about what we're going to do to reunite them or to take care of them during this period of time bowl champ started the day with a series of tweets arjan republicans to ditch plans to pass new immigration legislation saying republicans should stop wasting their time on immigration until after we elect more senators and congress men women in november this just days after he demanded congress sort the problem out. then removed that so-called angel families people who had relatives killed by undocumented migrants these are the american citizens permanently separated from their loved ones highlighting he's not backing away from his hard line immigration stance one central square one safety in
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a country we want strong borders we want people to come in but we want them to come in the proper way. on friday protesters surrounded the home of homeland security secular christian nielsen and put a full volume recording of children after they've been separated from the parents of the border it's been a difficult week for donald trump but with no deal on immigration in sight a new clarity of what no needs to happen on the border next week isn't looking good either alan fischer al-jazeera washington ok i was under joins us live now from los fresnels texas not far from the mexican border and gave us his latest single harrowing there on these huge efforts to try to reunite all these children with their families. well there's a big problem here there's just people in so many different locations you've got thousands of asylum seekers that are in the criminal justice system right now
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you've got some children that are separated from their parents that are being held by border patrol including at a border patrol detention center just about half a kilometer behind me here that we're trying to get to and then you have thousands of other children estimated two thousand three hundred that are in shelters run by the health and human services department so there are lots of different people in asylum seekers and their children are being held by different government agencies and that's important understand why there is so much confusion on this let me tell you the latest information we have that the border patrol says that they are hoping to release some of the children or at least reunite some of the children that are in their custody back to their parents that are all so that they know where they're at by this weekend how many children we simply don't know how many families this will affect we don't know but it's important to note that this is separate from the
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two thousand three hundred other children that are that we know are in shelters and separated from their parents now let's talk about that for a second about five minutes ago i just received a phone call from the health and human does services department and they are the ones overseeing these twenty three hundred kids children and they say they have at least now set up a task force to try to get a process in place on how they're going to reunite the children with their parents just the this says a lot right here the that they're just setting up this task force because that tells you that there's still a ways off from actually reuniting these these families together again and it's very confusing heartbreaking situation gabriel many thanks for the update from a border that. now a large protest has been going on in central london marking two years since personnel ready voted to leave the european union the demonstration was organized by groups campaigning for the u.k.
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to stay in the queue at the very least they want voters to have the final say on britain's departure deal yemen the rebels have suggested they may be willing to share control of the crucial red sea port of data out with the united nations it's one option being considered to prevent a humanitarian crisis in saudi backed government troops close in on the port had to lopez who die in reports. fleeing to survive families escape the violence and her data with the few belongings they've managed to pack in just weeks nearly thirty thousand people have left they say starting again is better than being trapped in the crossfire but they are among the fortunate others can't afford to leave their. living conditions are now a bearable the children are suffering from anxiety and fear they are terrified. now a potential breakthrough for her data the main entry point for aid for all of yemen
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the united nations is offering to manage the city's port inspecting goods and making sure its revenues are channeled to its state bank intense fighting has delayed a deliveries in a country already devastated by war poverty and famine. those you had. we were planning on distributing this aid to two days ago but it was postponed due to clashes and the ongoing battles near the airport. the saudi led coalition launched an offensive on the who the rebel port on june twelfth. the who they say they may be willing to give control to the u.n. . but the coalition has also reportedly hinted it may agree to the proposal but it also wants the who the so surrender immediately and unconditionally the u.s. has called on the coalition to stop its bombing campaign in the last month in her data condemnation of the coalition's attacks hoopy supporters organize around the calling for the u.s. to prevent an escalation but potential government deals do little to ease the grief
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of the displaced and again as it was a time of all out we ran away only with the clothes we were wearing and i was tired from walking in the heat honestly i left has nothing on me. health officials are also worried about another cholera outbreak more than one million yemenis were infected last year thousands died the rainy season has also increased the risk and the coalition bombed a major treatment center earlier this month if the water system in just one neighborhood breaks down and if nothing can be done to immediately address the situation because of hostilities cholera could spread. the u.n. warns that even a false rise agree to allow them to take over the world it will take time for a cease fire to go into effect the hope is that won't be too late to save the court thousands of families though have decided they've waited long enough. so they yun
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al-jazeera. more than two hundred palestinians have been injured on the thirteenth straight friday protests along the israeli gaza border there were demonstrations are staged by palestinians to demand the right to return to homes and what is now israel health ministry says forty four protesters were injured by live fire at least three of them in a critical condition although one hundred twenty palestinians have been killed by israeli fire since border protests began in march. criminal court has given man a month to respond to allegations that forcibly deported hundreds of thousands of meanwhile soldiers are accused of carrying out a campaign of violence which the un has called ethnic cleansing all the seven hundred thousand muslims fled their homes and crossed into the border cross the border into bangladesh the i.c.c. has no jurisdiction in manama but prosecutors argue a case could be made through bangladesh has until the twenty seventh of july to respond to their child tree has more from dhaka. bangladesh government submitted
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its observations to the international criminal code last when it's there the content is not made public it was a closed door hearing how did i.c.c. say that the transcript will be available within their weight on the other hand the million mark governments say the i.c.c. doesn't have any jurisdiction over me and my sense is not a signatory to the i.c.c. this is despite the fact that the un and many other human rights human rights organisation have consistently stated that what happened to the ranger refugees in myanmar is nothing less than ethnic cleansing bangladesh would like to still personally have bilateral process with me on mar it has a lot of stake with me on my in terms of trade and connectivity with southeast asia and china despite the fact that since november signed a bilateral agreement for the repatriation process not a single growing refugee is able to move back to me on mars there are going to
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refugees we spoke to in the camp say that they need to have a say in this whole process then some sort of security guarantee and recognition for their citizenship before any such repression takes place we'll have to see how the whole thing unfolds down the road. you know it's nation's has withdrawn its star from papa new guinea south and highlands region after post-election rioting and safer measures he has been declared the city of mehndi overshadowing preparations for an international summit later this year andrew thomas reports from neighboring australia. violence is common in papua new guinea's highlands region but the last week has been particularly bad gangs wielding machetes and guns looted warehouses burned buildings and the plane al-jazeera is unable to verify this footage but it was provided by usually reliable sources this video is said to show riots inside the country's biggest resources project
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a liquefied natural gas plant run by exxon mobil most of the violence was triggered by a disputed election result william powell a member of the governing people's national congress party was declared governor of the southern highlands last year but his opponents did not feel the electoral process had been fair for the first time in history where the result was not even completed the election process was not even completed and then you had a declaration mid term process the was a legal challenge but last week the court found in favor of power and the violence followed we are moving to labeling what is happening criminal efforts labeling the people who have done this as i think she will live or as pogs i don't think this is the right way to approach this situation opposition views this. has
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a no confidence. in the leadership. it's problems. particularly and more so the leadership demonstrated by the prime minister. and opposition is now calling on the prime minister to resign but instead the prime minister peter o'neill who this week met china's president xi jinping has declared a nine month states of emergency imposing a nighttime curfew in the city of mehndi and sending in the military and special police units we have heard incidences with. shameful about but this is probably as good as similar problems in the past but these problems come at a difficult time earlier this year the same region was hit by a major earthquake and this november papua new guinea will host the biggest event in its history the asia pacific economic cooperation or apec summit while that zone
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in the capital much of the country will still be under a state of emergency after thomas altshuler sydney you can find plenty more on our website the address al jazeera dot com. now without his are these our top stories that this one person has been killed and more than one hundred injured in ethiopia after a grenade attack targeting a rally for prime minister. it just finished addressing supporters when someone tried to throw the grenade towards the stage. and there's been an explosion in zimbabwe that has injured the vice president this blast happened as politicians were walking off the stage following a campaign rally for president. and zimbabwe's second city of but away next month's elections will be the first held in zimbabwe since robert mugabe was forced out of
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power. turkey's presidential candidates are holding their final rallies ahead of landmark elections on sunday the vote will bring constitutional changes into effect that will transform the political system present. biggest threat comes from the heart is that running for the main opposition public and people's party. spain's new prime minister petra sanchez is on his first official visit to france for talks with president emanuel on sunday mark sanchez will join the leaders of more than half the e.u. member countries in brussels for emergency talks on the migration standoff first. of migration there's a risk of fragmentation in the dismantling of europe by the return of nationalism our common name i think i can speak for both of us is to answer this with a real reinstatement of europe which means a real is the name business europe that protects and has the ability to decide
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enact. i mean we thank the french government for the solidarity and responsibility shown with regards to spain's decision concerning the aquarius boat in spain we always believe that the migration phenomenon is one that concerns you countries as a group and not just those countries in the periphery. and the iraqi air force says it's killed forty five i self i says in a strike across the border in syria targets with three houses in the town of had general local isolators was said to be missing iraq says several high ranking figures are amongst the dead those are your headlines daryn has news grades and just under half an hour's time off to rewind. on june twenty fourth turkish citizens to vote in one of their most significant elections in recent years the winner will take on new sweeping presidential powers approved in a referendum. will have full coverage of the vote and its impact. of the turkey
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elections on al jazeera. hello welcome to rewind i'm richelle carey since al jazeera english launched more than a decade ago we have built up an extraordinary archive of award winning documentary here on rewind returning to some of the best of them finding out what's happened in the years sense back in two thousand and nine millions of americans were celebrating a new president in the white house promising radical change and a better future president obama inspired the entire nation no more so than a ball.


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