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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 24, 2018 3:00am-3:34am +03

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over one million patients to get to cuba revisited because iraq. zimbabwe's president survives what he's calling a cowardly attack while on the election campaign trail. so romney watching al-jazeera life my headquarters here in doha also coming up the final push for staying in power turkey's president. polls open in just a few hours time. also new political lines in iraq but can it really bring stability to the fractious country. and two years after the break to vote tens of thousands marched through london to demand another referendum.
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of the program zimbabwe's president has survived the parent grenade attack at a campaign rally ahead of next month's election and doesn't want to call the attempt a cowardly attack and said it would not influence the upcoming vote the bomb was thrown at there's a barbarian leader as he walked off stage with others only p.f. party officials in the city of bell away a little skate of hurt one of his vice president and another minister were injured there's been no claim of responsibility. as the attack was one of many assassination attempts that he survived. this is just too. used to these jobs sixty. six is. is an assistant professor who
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specializes in zimbabwe and politics of college she says that the attack is significant it's definitely the best time to be in and of bait and tackle on the life of the president in the one on a long and early on people were confused it was a bomb and you know i'm sure again just showing how new these used to there's a mob when situation here really speculations that are lying around social media and that isn't a challenge or investigation but i think these are long line are possibilities all of who could have had to act as a different. face of what we have to think about speaking to each and complains and the idea that when every disagreement with the between the different factions of the senate and in november is a week it's two years that's the essence of elements that is to describe what we
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might think of that absence invites we think there's and so that's you know that's something to think about is basically because of how close that happened to the president this wouldn't be and i didn't any citizen who doesn't know a lot of what this is a breach of nations around the president so that's something to think about but these also opportunists. taking app and especially in a situation where you just had a pool we have a lot of people that may just be taking advantage of the situation and mike wants to see the election i didn't destruct. well i mean here at least one person was killed and more than one hundred injured in a grenade attack at a political rally in the capital at his abba prime minister ahmed had just finished addressing supporters when a grenade was thrown towards a stage call the attack an attempt to divide the nation victoria gate and the reporters. this was the moment the grenade exploded close to where prime minister
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abby asked might was sitting was for a few moments there was confusion the four members of the security forces came onto the stage and led abby akhmed to safety. witnesses say they saw the man who targeted the prime minister the prime minister were just concluded his speech and that moment there was a grenade. but i think the guy was just trying to stroll the stage. beside him just took him. just went off and on sunday it was a bloody end to a day that is started with say much optimism hundreds of thousands of ethiopians had gathered in the capital addis ababa mescal square to support their new prime minister since taking office in april the forty two year old has announced a series of reforms including the release of tens of thousands of prisoners the
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opening of state owned companies to private investment and a proposed peace deal with eritrea in an address to the nation after the attack abby said that those trying to divide ethiopia would not succeed in your my family why not but i'm not certain groups planned and coordinated to destroy this large gathering to kill innocent people and to spill blood on our streets they have tried very hard but their entire plot has failed the questions are being raised about whether the security operation for such a large rally was adequate some of the officers have been saying that this is an attempt on the life of the prime minister and the definitely the supporting the rally was a great demonstration that there is a solid support for the reformist by the prime minister but at the same time the the great attack have revealed that the reforms are still fragile prime minister
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abbey says he is determined to bring change to ethiopia but this attack highlights the lengths some will go to to try and stop him victoria gave him a al-jazeera. well let's take you the bosphorus now where polls open in less than five hours time for turkey's landmark elections presidential candidates have held their final rallies president rest of the world urged people to get out and vote here taxes opposition for lacking vision and boasted of his achievements while in office such as new infrastructure and improved health care heard one who's been in power since two thousand and three called the snap election eighteen months early now his main challenger in jail so held a rally in istanbul he painted a bleak picture of turkey under one saying its currency would remain weak and its refugee problems unresolved six candidates are running for president sit in because
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who takes a look at the frontrunners. this election is a milestone for turkey's president reject sipar dawn he hopes it will see his country resurge on the world stage he promises more democracy more freedom and more growth his supporters say he should remain president until two thousand and twenty three the centenary of the founding of modern turkey says that. we've come here to serve you not to be your masters and our journey will continue this way. don has five other rivals. design of a candidate for the main opposition party c.h.p. is a former physics teacher he has served as a member of parliament for sixteen years in jail is most likely to make it into the final round some critics say his retore is as populist as are dawn's especially on syrian refugees he wants to send them home he's also vowing to lift restrictions on
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fundamental freedoms and re store the rule of law in turkey. the constitution hands over everything the budget jurisdiction legislation to one person all these powers cannot be handed over to a single individual. breakaway nationalist party leader metal action air is the only female candidate called the she will by her admirers action are served as the interior minister in the ninety's a period turkish state have suppressed the policies against kurdish citizens she has campaigned on social justice and a self-sufficient economy. it is some of the also the government are using that is to deliberately impoverish our people and exploit that poverty to remain in power broker dish peoples democratic party h d p's candidate sell out endeavor to has run his presidential campaign from behind bars as kurdish obama he promises to lift the state of emergency restore freedom and democratic institutions.
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what we are living today is just a teaser for the one man regime the actual scary part of the movie has not yet begun so one sunday you will determine with your votes whether this obvious fear of fear begins or not here. it is your presence adds on hasn't lost an election since two thousand to despite his upper hand in public support he faces challenges in foreign policy security and economy plus this time his rivals are more competitive than expected. al-jazeera a stumble. stay in the region where iraqi prime minister hired a cleric but there are also other political blogs are entering into an alliance now the leaders say their partnership will cross tarion and ethnic divisions so the true party won the largest number of scenes in the may election well about his victory alliance came in third both leaders say they're open to remaining parties
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joining them retired iraqi brigadier general is danny told us earlier that the new alliance has some big challenges ahead. this is trusted all the political contests in iraq to make any change because you know the public is accusing the public of political it's now political figures accusing the scandals and iraq since two thousand and three how significant was the political it's significant yes but at the same time everybody is looking forward to seeing a government that will be as they said cross stick at the end which i doubt they had you know the willingness to cross the six or ethnic. groups in iraq to form the government now dozens of yemenis are fleeing finding in the
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western port city of her data most of them heading to sanaa to safety the sound you know the coalition has been bombing the area for ten days now dance it continues to fight because the rebels rights groups have said the finding is obstructing aid from reaching civilians in desperate need. tens of thousands of anti breck's of protesters have marched through the central british city of london and they're demanding a second referendum on event but won't be terms of the country's withdrawal becomes clear the fall council. united against break said politicians from across the u.k.'s political divide hall side by side of the head of a munch attended by thousands they arrived outside parliament with one demand a final vote on any u.k. exit deal among the demonstrators members of prime minister to resign may's own political party committed to overturning bricks it we want
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a people's fate deal or no deal and i think that's right it can't be right that six hundred fifty politicians sitting in parliament who are amongst themselves as indeed our government and cabinet is divided on this special i think sixty five million people in our country should have a vote on the final deal the protests is part of what's being called a summer of action to put pressure on britain's leaders two years after the u.k. surprizes cision to leave the e.u. britain is still an odds of the countries who lation ship with europe the countries from the bitter divide in the fray those divisions how to deal of the reason for that i think is that since the referendum we lost the referendum was a fact but since that series of mayors govern as if all of these people kind of don't exist so what this is about is basically saying that we have to at least hold open the option when she does come up with a deal for the people who are to say yeah that's what we voted for is perhaps
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unsurprising here in london a city that voted overwhelmingly to remain part of the e.u. that there are such crowds at this demonstration but what is surprising is that two years after the referendum a year after crucial negotiations began between the e.u. and the u.k. there is still so much and. so much confusion public opinions remain largely stable since the referendum despite increasing pessimism from business is about what breaks it will mean for them this week the airplane modify. said that it would have to pull out of the u.k. if the government failed to secure a post breaks a trade deal putting thousands of jobs at risk. the u.k. faces a fifty billion dollar divorce bill for leaving the e.u. complications over its border with the member island and the us president he might not be as welcoming about british trade as first thought. the world's changed since britain backed breaks it only another vote say these people can correct past
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mistakes. london well still ahead here on al-jazeera the prime minister discusses europe's spy gratian crisis with. special forces rescued hundreds more my words plus. sinking for the less fortunate hundreds turn out for a civil rights rally in washington trump steps up his anti immigrant rhetoric those stories after the break. i. sponsored by. welcome back we've got some heavy rain across parts of eastern china at the moment if a stands all the way towards the southwest too and that's
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a sense across the border into vietnam where we could be quite wet certainly northern parts of vietnam and looking a bit wet on moment so as we move on through into monday still plenty of rain across eastern areas for the bit dry for food hong kong still at risk of some rain . showers coming in off the bay of bengal into me a model is really wet here in the swathe of up into southern parts of china so more flooding i'm afraid is on the cards as we head into southeastern parts of asia here we've got a scattering of showers across the philippines generally not looking too bad pretty wet weather across much of borneo on the brain should be further towards the north but instead they're just flirting with the north coast there of java so the risk of showers is that will so some heavy showers are likely up through them and a potential nice for singapore in kuala lumpur franco i think for much of the time probably getting away with it drawing on relatively bright for south asia we still have plenty of heavy showers developing all way down through the western ghats from mumbai south was a few showers across more central eastern areas was good to report but the rain
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still a long way short of delhi very warm here highs of forty three cooler and crunchy i might so well thirty three. so whether i can talk. again or stand as you know if you both mineral resources a permit why are they so poor the measure. would finally form a government. the toxic land the sensational and the more we would place them the more they push back we knew it was coming to the question was do we sit back and wait for do we surprise them with a preemptive strike on the bog. down to zero. welcome
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back you're watching al-jazeera i'm so ho rob a reminder of our top stories zimbabwe's president survived an apparent grenade attack at a campaign rally ahead of next month's election abas and when god work all the attempt a cowardly attack is that it would not influence the upcoming vote the bomb was thrown at the zimbabwean leader as he walked off stage in the city of bell away. at least one person has been killed and more than one hundred injured in another grenade attack at a political rally in ethiopia's capital addis ababa prime minister ahmed had just finished addressing supporters when the bomb was thrown towards a stage called the attack an attempt to divide the nation. voters in turkey head to the polls in a few hours for sunday's landmark elections in his final campaign rally incumbent president reza dyer birdwell attacks leading opponent in the lacking vision the
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vote will bring constitutional changes into effect that will transform the political system into an executive president's. in the us a federal task force has been set up to reunite migrant children and their parents or detention facilities on the mexican border president trump ordered the spitting of families to stop on wednesday roughly two thousand three hundred children were taken in recent weeks gabriel and solved are reports now from los fresnels of the us mexico border. at a bus station in macallan texas u.s. authorities released dozens of migrants from detention centers as before donald trump zero tolerance policy most have to wear electronic monitoring devices on their ankles so they can be tracked to ensure they show up for court appearances with their asylum cases can be heard one of them was carmen and her small child they were kept together she's relieved to be free but says she was separated from her fifteen year old sister melissa who had to stay behind. my sister snuck out to
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say bye to me she told me to take care of myself and take care of the baby they were applying for asylum in america the department of health and human services confirms to al-jazeera they have just set up a task force to begin the process of reunification of families separated at the border but provided few other details on how or when it might happen journalists are not allowed inside this detention facility but i'll just zero spoke to a human rights lawyer who was. there probably they tell me that there are about at capacity for just five hundred people if they for this rather they haven't been at that level we met with probably between our entire group we have you know six or seven female lawyers who are in there probably two hundred detainees over the last two days alone and they're still there this afternoon meeting with more and they say there's more and more people coming in most of them every single one of them across the border with children separated almost immediately from an asylum seekers
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still face hostility from the very country they look to as their hope for a better future the trumpet ministrations zero tolerance policy is still in effect so families seeking asylum that cross into the u.s. illegally are still apprehended the families are just kept together and sent to homeland security detention centers like this one where they all been face criminal prosecution it's a crisis on multiple fronts with little sign of any changes. even though. that they're not separating families anymore they haven't ended the policy that is actually at the root cause of this crisis is about the administration's policy more than the amount of people crossing the border this surge of asylum seekers from central america has actually eased up since its peak in two thousand and fourteen yet the u.s. navy has been asked to build more detention centers on military bases the intent is to keep them together but also in custody which also keeps trump's hardline zero
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tolerance policy alive gabriels sandow al jazeera last fresno's texas spain's coast guard has rescued only six hundred migrants trying to make the journey across the mediterranean from north africa spain's maritime rescue service says it picked them up from sixteen boats in the straits of gibraltar also a danish container ship picked up one hundred thirteen migrants from southern italy on friday that are waiting for permission from italian authorities to dock at one of its ports. french president amount says he favors financial sanctions on european countries that refused to take my guns with proven asylum status mccraw held a working lunch in paris with the new spanish prime minister pedro sanchez it's the spanish leader's first official trip abroad since taking office three weeks ago. has more from paris. well the main message from these two leaders in paris was that the european union simply has to have
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a coordinated strategy when it comes to migration it has to be united now the french president emmanuel markov praised the new socialist prime minister pedro such as from spain saying that he had showed a gesture of solidarity when he decided to open up their doors in spain to the aquarius migrants and refugees those who were rescued by that charity ship or blocked by italy macross said it was indeed an important gesture but the migration cannot be solved in that way on a case to case basis what is needed is a much wider plan now both pedro sanchez and tomorrow mark or will be at a mini migration summit in brussels on sunday and this meeting in paris is really an opportunity for these two leaders to get to know each other the first time they met and also discussed some of the strategies which may be talked about at the summit on sunday later in the week at the main you summit there is no doubt they are on the same page or they believe new solutions must be found they also both pro
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e.u. young dynamic leaders who really want more e.u. integration and what that means for them is that there must be solutions found to the migration crisis because they see the divisions that it is causing and they worry that that could threaten the future of the european union the future of the bloc in fact in model mark or even said that we could see a wave of populism and nationalism unless something is done well as europe's leaders prepare for sunday's meeting many of the refugees and migrants trying to make their way across the continent a losing hope lawrence lee reports from the greece macedonia border where people who've traveled from turkey found themselves at a dead end. dogs live better than this stinking piles of rubbish the air thick with mosquitoes they're mostly afghans and they know full well the not even germany will take them in nowadays their war has been deemed less
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importance than a syrian woman so they stop people going to stay here but the system is too slow i.e. trying to move rules even to move no one to stay here do you hear but there's no camp that are going to go this day they're going to vote this one year some have lived in a half built car park nearly a year so cornered mohammed had arrived the day we turned up he thinks he would like to risk the crossing through albania which thousands have already tried this year but how to afford it you have money for this or not i have one month in one year or in one europe yes. as venice if you want in person just ahead no one money is the northern pass to greece from turkey over the wide every river the route revealed by al-jazeera several months ago that is causing this new humanitarian crisis everyone we spoke to would come this way and the total lack of hope in greece is forcing them to consider any routes out if you have any money you
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can get a bus from thessaloniki to a port and try your luck on a boat to italy but most don't have the luxury of this option until a couple of years ago either many was full of tents and journalists before the so-called balkan routes was closed by macedonia the media's all gone now but we'd been told dozens were still attempting this route every day and so it proved we found them a shepherd's track in a forest right on the border all of them pakistanis many of them teenagers where do you go do you know. macedonia serbia and germany this way. trying to do what hundreds of thousands managed a few years ago but europe isn't the same anymore according to the united nations there are now getting on for ten thousand more refugees and migrants in greece than the were when this border was basically
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a refugee camp two or three years ago and frankly these people have got absolutely no chance of getting asylum in any western european country if anything germany's likely to tell greece to take more and more people back these places become a complete trap and surprisingly the new waves of refugees coinciding with the new hostile european environments make local officials nervous either make it less bigoted then there are many happened because they wanted to fulfill their dreams and go to europe and all the things that were done to traps that. phrase but we hope there will never again be an informal camp of refugees and migrants. for the refugees living rough in greece there is not even water let alone hope they may as well pray because no country in europe will help them now largely al-jazeera northern greece. the former vice president of the democratic republic of congo will
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be given a diplomatic passport to return home following his acquittal of the international criminal court job here bubbas eighteen year sentence for war crimes was overturned earlier this month but he's a belgian pending an appeal on a witness tampering charge is still a general secretary in his political party but it's unclear if he'll run in the upcoming december election. poverty immigration and racism these are just some of the social issues that dominated a mass demonstration in the u.s. capital the protest as part of a launch of movement that has its roots in the civil rights era of navy hof a century ago rob reynolds reports from washington d.c. . gathering before the u.s. capitol a diverse group of thousands rallied under the banner of the poor people's campaign calling for a moral revival united states the rally featured impassioned speakers songs demanding justice and prayers from clergy of many religions including
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a sacred song by native americans from the apache tron. barber of north carolina is one of the main organizers of the campaign this is not fellowship this is revolution bring this mike up cause we intend to get loud and draw a crowd. the campaigners demand living wages for workers universal health care and an end to institutionalized racism police violence and mass incarceration more funding for schools and social programs and less for the military and end to environmental destruction there are about forty million people living in poverty in the united states according to official statistics from the u.s. census bureau but some researcher say the number is much higher as high as one hundred and forty million whatever the true number for the people who gathered here it's far too many and i think that the poor people's campaign something
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particularly radical in calling out systemic poverty as an evil and evil that the united states can very easily quell. the campaign is modeled on a similar movement that began fifty years ago by reverend martin luther king jr before his assassination in april one thousand nine hundred sixty eight that summer tens of thousands marched and set up a sprawling camp on the national mall called resurrection city civil rights leader jesse jackson was there the king's we must choose a healing at home and not killing abroad protester said the forced separation of migrant families by the trump administration shows the country's leadership is morally blind it's not just tom it's been like this since he founded this country. the immigration issue is particularly acute now campaign organizers say they are only beginning their fight they plan a major drive to get poor people and their supporters to the polls in the november
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elections to vote for a profound change in u.s. society rob reynolds al-jazeera washington. you want your knowledge is there are absurd whole robin these are all top news stories the bar boys president emerson wouldn't go survived an apparent grenade attack at a campaign rally ahead of next month's election the bomb was thrown at the zimbabwean leader as he walked on stage in the city of pull away and when the guy called the attempt a cowardly attack and said it would not influence the upcoming vote. this is just. jumps sixty. at least one person has been killed and more than one hundred injured at
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another grenade attack at a political rally in ethiopia's capital addis ababa prime minister had just finished addressing supporters when the bomb was thrown towards a stage a call the attack an attempt to divide the nation. voters in turkey head to the polls in a few hours time for sunday's landmark lections in his first campaign is final campaign rally incumbent president reza dyer birder one attack leading opponent for lacking vision the vote will bring constitutional changes into effect that will transform the political system into an executive presidency the leaders say their partnership will cost sectarian and ethnic divisions iraqi prime minister hyderabadi cleric with other old southern have announced their political blocs are entering into an alliance southers subtle party won the largest number of seats in the male action while the body's victory alliance came in third place both leaders say they're open to remaining parties to join them. we've been in saudi arabia and
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to drive for the first time this video is from just a few hours ago when the ban was lifted at midnight local time the decision is expected to boost the economy with a rise in car sales. french president says he favors financial sanctions on european countries the refused to take migrants with proven asylum status back row held a working lunch with the new spanish prime minister pedro sanchez in paris is the spanish leader's first official trip abroad since taking office three weeks ago the meeting comes ahead of an emergency summit between sixteen e.u. leaders on sunday to address recent tensions over my current policies those are the headlines inside story is next do stay with us.
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it's an election like no other roger tire better ones popularity put to the test invaders gauge in the polls the turkish leader faces real challenges as he seeks to tighten his grip on the power he's held the sixteen years so could there be a surprise and what that means that turkey's feature this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm dennis turk sketch of the polls on sunday for what is being seen as the most crucial elections in modern times for the first time presidential and parliamentary votes will take place on the same day and whoever takes the top job will be assuming enhanced powers.


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