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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 24, 2018 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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celebrations in tokyo as president looks on course for a new time with major new powers. oh i'm maryam namazie in london you're with al-jazeera also coming up. does hold an emergency meeting in brussels as hundreds more migrants are left in limbo on the rescue but it's. our award is offered for information on saturday's apparent assassination attempt on zimbabwe's president in the city of away oh. and hindus and muslims come together in kashmir pushing on an art show they hope will help to end decades of conflict.
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well millions have been voting in turkey in an election set to transform the way the country is run president. appears to be on course to tighten his grip on power after the referendum me now really won last year which gives the president sweeping new powers more than ninety percent of the votes have been counted and is leading the pack with around fifty three percent of the vote is main challenger. from the c.h.p. party who drew millions to his rallies he currently has thirty percent of the vote the imprisoned leader of the pro kurdish. tash has seven percent of the ballots as has the only female candidate meryl x. anna who it's also the first time that are choosing their president and their
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parliament at the same time so far party appears to be leading him with forty three percent of the c.h.p. a second with twenty two percent and the current a have about ten percent of the vote making them potential kingmakers and as i why i've good party also has ten percent but the main opposition candidate has accused the state run media of manipulating public perception of the vote the c.h.p. inches says early results are being skewed to inflate the vote of president. of course is not to be demoralized and to continue scrutinizing the vote count to protect the ballot boxes from possible fraud c.h.p. says one will not win a major majority in the first round of voting. in a moment we'll be with but it's myth who is at c.h.p. had courses in the turkish capital faster to demolish al is that the ak party's
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base in ankara and jamal is president i don't want to carry not to declare victory . over. time it's done and dusted hill forrest president are one and his party are concerned already they've taken. their victory presidents out about himself has received phone calls from several foreign leaders to congratulate him on this victory he is expected to give a brief victory statesman saying if you stop stop was his hometown where he cost his ballots or earlier or the sunday before he heads out here to address these crowds at a big gathering outside the uk party. where he would give. the victory speech it is a concept we want that is delivered from the balcony of the car seats headed towards was this victory is something that is to be underlined to your great success. and the parts you not only because it is the thirteenth straight electro
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test that they appear to have come out successful but also it is the first monarch of the new constitution it is a real energise ation so to speak of the electorate in favor of iraq's policies as far as she is concerned that further gives him legitimacy for the probe political program that's here and his party have been following so for them it's not just the presidential pick three they're also probably a bit better than many had expected in terms of the parliamentary elections that they're going to make no secrets of how happy they are of these results and yet we're also getting accusations from the opposition they are. lasting doubt over the results are coming in they are saying that not all about its have been counted and that there are some serious discrepancies here is that been any response to that
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when you watch them all. yes i mean it's important to the touch of ice. or your. criticism is coming from the opposition hasn't been the way the focus has been cost but more so the way the house has been announced they're not even close exult on how those counts whether there's been any flow per se in terms of how to counter what they're saying is that the government with the states run on the game is aging you have to look to which you know you know it's there now it's the results for you know. you do were lies some of the old servers for the new service could go home and others take it to the service please don't go home because if you did maybe they'd be some sort of rover to take place but i don't think mario was made several hours ago that would put the couple still thirty forty fifty percent underweight now we're talking about almost all of the ballots be counted i'm just
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still puts out a wide but firmly believe i'm too over that fifty percent threshold so far as the temperature of this poll considering you're talking about anywhere between eighty six to eighty eight percent of turks taking part in this election there's no serious criticism that comes because because your boy depends on the budget going to a service of the political parties are concerned the terms of the oath the road to which he hopes elections are thank you very much for my party headquarters and i encourage molly shell with the latest let's now speak to bennett smith who is outside the headquarters of republican people's party in ankara and so abundant at one point it looked as though. it was narrowing somewhat as it sort of inched low as more and more votes were counted but it does look as though he will maintain the fifty percent required to win outright what's the latest you're hearing about this that the republican people parties have forces. and i am
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i think is a fairly subdued mood here from you on the supporters seem and those who are gathered here behind me they're just listening to a press conference being given by the party spokesman it looks like you know in jay got about thirty percent of votes it seems to be and maybe a little bit more but not enough to be seen to that. number that zero to one seeds of about fifty two percent also not enough to forty two seconds which is what the c.h.p. republican people's bodies hoping to do taking a little bit of solace from the fact that it's possible that party might have lost its parliament a majority forcing the out party to go into a coalition with a very far right wing group that it's entering with but it's small consolation for the republicans people party which is really how this that it could get in the mensa behind their power is massive presidential candidate they hoped he could at
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least push this forward to a second round yes they complained earlier on that the state news agency was giving out results from there is virtually a party. to try and demoralize their observers but in the end with a lot of the so in the presidential vote same it looks like it's gone the way a president and there is disappointed of course here i found my guess is in st bernard fees accusations we've been hearing from the c.h.p. have been repeatedly has been before from past elections but essentially it looks as though they will accept this result. so yes i mean they've had there been more than one hundred forty nine thousand observers from all the opposition parties a polling stations across turkey as well a job they are causing all of them making sure that every ballot that was made which is only made with the only ones that ended up in the ballot box there were earlier reports of some irregularities in parts of the country but there's been no
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overall to justin of any to the widespread voting electorate irregularities has been a very high turnout as is traditional in turkey voting in voting is compulsory in this country but it turned out i think well over eighty five percent so the party while they face an uphill struggle in this election campaign against a state media that was mainly giving out signs of the out party in present day it was a very difficult battle they had not a particular level playing field on the exposure of the voting public but nevertheless they will have to go ahead and accept this result. thank you very much with the latest there from the opposition party's headquarters ban it's now let's now get some analysis was there ali joins me in the studio attack experts center of historical analysis and conflict research and sandhurst military academy in the u.k. thank you very much for coming in to speak to us so we know that the critical threshold for president i don't want to night was forty seven percent it looks as though he
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has he will slight isa past that and he will achieve the fifty percent he needs to avoid a runoff vote it seems set at this stage but again the opposition parties are raising questions about whether or not the official number we are the numbers receiving in media to present the final count we will wait to see that one but it seems that he might well get fifty plus one fifty one percent he needs to be the president and he clearly will have a substantial number of parliamentarians in his coalition with a k p and the nationals m.h.d. but it looks like they will not be able to achieve the supermajority they need in the parliament which is there on four hundred sixty and. peason higher than that anything less than that puts them in a weaker position to pursue any constitutional change or any major reform therefore there would need to enter coalitions and agreements with other parties and likely partners for the party. k p n m h b at this stage are unclear alliance and that alliance will last. they can always appeal to food or water from the other
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nationalist party eve party and certain issues the economy there might very well get the support of the c.h.p. as well too and it's a question of whether there will ever be able to reach out to kurdish politics again and that's still up in the air but if you party which is the new national party also passes the ten percent threshold which looks like it might very well be then that might be a natural allies between them on particularly issues and just to be absolutely clear about this the ak party has now lost its majority in parliament but because of its coalition partner the m.h.d. they will they will manage to maintain a very and people still have more than three hundred m.p.'s in the parliament which is actually majority in terms of numerical standards for any given party but on the turkish constitution in order to be able to pass legislation as they need more than four hundred and in order to be able to change substantial constitutional amendments and then it's something higher than four hundred sixty and need to know m.h. be combined in a coalition are able to get four hundred sixty m.p.h.
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at this stage or the counting even at the positive numbers that they seem to accept will the act party leave it at that oh well they try to get to four sixty by forging alliances elsewhere bringing other parties into that. well i think because they don't need it to form a government as such but what they needed is any furder vote that they need for an amendment or change they would have to negotiate with the other parties in the parliament and each party if they're under parliaments with more than ten percent and c.h.p. would be the most likely candidates for that. all right wolf i'm out thank you very much the i'm. breaking down the results as we have them at the moment with more than ninety percent of the votes counted it looks like president one has more than fifty percent of the vote right now but of course you can read much more about the election on our web site this is where you need to go al-jazeera dot com of course has a section dedicated to our special coverage of this story well now saudi arabia is ed defense forces say they've intercepted a ballistic missile over the capital riyadh yemen's who's the rebels say they
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launched rockets targeting the defense ministry in the saudi capital of stepped up myside attacks in retaliation for as strikes by the saudi led coalition. that al-jazeera much more still ahead for you displaced families from makeshift camps in the desert wild russian as strikes rained down on the syrian province. line police officers have been arrested in ethiopia over saturday's grenade attack . hello a big blast of much cooler as we are running across much of central and eastern europe of the last couple of days has already dropped temperatures considerably because anything behind this cold front is now ten fifteen degrees cooler than it
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was a few days before but things are about to change again in the clear. and the area of high pressure of the u.k. with a warm front ahead of it so the current temperature is extreme in spain i would think as a bit too much for madrid but we're in the high thirty's easily teens in this part of europe and that's just pushed out thirty's however the warm maybe shows itself in spain and the fact is nothing in the sky so the overnight and by day in western europe means that the heat is going to come out the sun again thirty is the extreme forecast for the day london twenty seven in paris and again forty four madrid might be on the high side but you just see attempts to start to creep up in germany here but for the time being in the immediate future he's still looking west and windy to be honest and there are big warning shots for the southeast but the war will eventually come out temperatures are creeping up watch the end of next week and look at paris anyway twenty now about time we get into tuesday so they want to say it's way back when taking a while i was coming back this time for the west. examining
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mandatory sentencing in the us if the state of florida requires the rest of my life in here as a tradeoff for my family's life to bargain i'll do it if the defendant goes to trial the judge has no option but to give the mandatory minimum they were complying with this judge gives you five years and this judge judge of twenty years so the legislature to make a difference exploring the dark side of american justice system with job. on al-jazeera.
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welcome back our top story this hour. on his own calls to tighten his grip on power in turkey's first election since the referendum which granted the presidency sweeping new power as it's currently leading with around fifty three percent of the vote. main challengers mara an inch a of the opposition c.h.b. he's told his supporters not to give up and to protect the ballot boxes from potential fraud. and all the story saudi arabia's ad defense forces are saying they intercepted a ballistic missile over the capital riyadh yemen's who's the rebels say they launched rockets targeting the saudi defense ministry. now italy has again criticized for not taking in a rescue ship with more than two hundred thirty refugees and migrants on board the m.v. lifeline is currently in limbo in the mediterranean after both italy and molten refused to permission to dock the german vessel picked up the migrants between libya and the italian island of lampedusa on thursday it's
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a nice new government has been rescue ships from docking at its ports and called on multitude take the boat but malta says it's not responsible. meanwhile spain's coast guard has rescued nearly eight hundred refugees and migrants over the weekend on the spanish and joe proactive open arms and that's also frontiere say they've also received seven or eight calls alerting them to boats in distress of libya they estimate that there could be up to a fouls and people on board but the italian coast guard has told the ngos and not needed as the operation is being handled by libya well the migration crisis was top of the generous a meeting of sixteen leaders from the european union ahead of a major summit on thursday italy presented a document calling on the european union countries to accept their share of economic migrants entering the block or get less e.u. money retiring prime ministers tweeted that is decidedly satisfied following the talks dominic cain joins us now from brussels and there's
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a great deal at stake at this meeting for anglo merkel what's emerged from it. well she came out of the meeting saying that although a solution hadn't been agreed there'd been a degree of agreement about the issues that the this summit is where this mini summit rather has been confronting and she also said and this is an important element here that sort of concession in tone if nothing else that migrants could not pick and choose the countries of the e.u. that they sought to claim asylum another point is if you throw that into the equation it is a change of tone to a certain extent from angela merkel remember three years ago her whole position was the germany could do it germany could open the borders and and allow in many hundreds of thousands of people so that is a change in tone and then looking at what the other leaders have said as they emerge from this this four and a half hour meeting that took place here as you say marian the italian prime minister saying decidedly happy about the way talks have gone here and the
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president of france saying that it was obvious that a european wide solution was what needed to be to be agreed wherever possible but also no sense of final agreement no communique as it were emerging from this meeting no sense that the ground being laid for some progressive solution which would which might take place at the full summit of twenty eight states that will be held here in brussels on thursday and friday of this week and in the meantime dominick you have a situation of absolute disarray way you have boat loads of migrants and refugees stuck in mediterranean waters not being allowed to dock in places like italy and malta how much concern was there expressed at this meeting about that situation. well the point to make here is that the maltese prime minister the italian prime minister the spanish prime minister were all here at this meeting at all talking about the need for solutions and as it were talking about the need to strive for
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consensus and yet as you say in so far as these specific issues such as the m.v. lifeline vessel a concern. and there does not seem to be agreement in in some sense there are all those here in brussels that many those analysts that we speak to you say that's almost the entire migration crisis in microcosm in a nutshell that there are people seeking to come to the european union and that countries recognise that there is a problem they need to help but when it comes to the nitty gritty to the individual instances countries don't seem prepared also want to accept these people and that's why this meeting which at one point last week had seemed to be potentially paving the way for a series of proposals that might be agreed upon those the on friday one stage it seemed that might be the case a document was leaked from the european commission on choose the of last week suggesting what might be on the agenda and yet they've rowed very far back for much so the leaders of emerge from here talking about the consensus they feel they've
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they've agreed on about the way to approach things the real solutions as it were as yet all right well thanks very much dominic came with all the latest on that mini meeting of late is that in brussels. meanwhile in the us president donald trump is shop and is called to deport people who enter the country illegally saying they should be sent back to where they came from immediately and without a court case. i doubt. he made the comments after protesters trying to block a hoss carrying migrant children were the u.s. border with mexico police were called to disperse the protesters and enable the boss to proceed trump's policy to separate children from their parents a sponsor to outcry around the country. brings us more now from brownsville on the us mexico border. the department of homeland security has confirmed some new information they say that five hundred and twenty two unaccompanied minors as they're called have been reunited with their family members or guardians now who
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are exactly these five hundred twenty two children we don't know but presumably who they are is their teenagers who cross the border by themselves trying to reach a family member that was already in the united states and then they were detained so at least five hundred twenty two according to the u.s. government have been reunited with some sort of parent or guardian in the u.s. or have been perhaps deported back to mostly central america if they don't have any guardians in the u.s. also the u.s. government confirming there are still two thousand fifty three children that were separated from their parents at the border those children are still in shelters throughout the united states including this shelter behind me here in brownsville texas which was a former wal-mart store several hundred boys are in this shelter in terms of when everyone is going to be reunited no indication on when that might happen just yet.
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well now to zimbabwe where the president says next month's election will go ahead as planned despite the apparent assassination attempt on him on saturday. forty nine people were injured in the blast at a campaign rally in the city of a way of which happened near him and got to as he was leaving the stage several senior officials were hurt including a vice president are metastasize more from harare. the stadium where the blast occurred impala whale has been cordoned off it is now a crime scene the police are appealing to the public to see anyone who perhaps saw anything or took pictures on the phone can they please come forward and a substantial reward has been offered several people were injured in the blast so for the number of people we have injured or four to mine. they're currently
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receiving treatment it might at the. israel is united growing to speak truth however we expect the number might rights because we believe some order to report to or speak to. this mobile probably police is therefore appealing for more information. to aid the ongoing inquiries. the presidential spokesperson george roberts said even if there is another attack or as david emergency is declared that will not a thick the elections at the end of july and choose their all political parties are meant to meet and they'll sign a peace pledge basted committing to free fair and peaceful elections a concern for some zimbabweans now is what actually happened they know that a grenade was used normally in this country you can't just walk into a store and buy a good eight people normally with axes that kind of stuff in the military and
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that's a huge concern for some people what you likely see at the president's rallies from now on will be increased security and those allowed to get close to him like the media for example would likely be thoroughly screened. in while in ethiopia thirty people have been arrested after a grenade attack at a political rally in the capital addis ababa also took place on saturday the new prime minister a hood was whisked away immediately after the blast two people were killed and more than one hundred fifty others injured here describe the attack as an attempt by forces who do not want to see the country united. al russian air strikes have targeted the opposition held province of daraa in southwest syria the first time moscow has provided as support for the syrian government's offensive which was launched last week to recapture an area inside one of the internationally agreed deescalation joe's. reports. government helicopters continue to drop barrel bombs on the rebels last
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stronghold in southwest syria. the free syrian army or the f.s.a. is deploying more fighters to repel the attacks but most units in the face shorter's of weapons and ammunition thousands of civilians have fled their homes circling in makeshift camps in desert areas for her anger is mounting on the border with jordan where thousands of internally displaced people asked around. where stitching plans to help the growing number of refugees were arrived daily and whether it can help us you are most welcome. we spent days seeking shelter under a tree and no one came to our help when we came here and as you can see the terrain is rough and inhospitable we call upon the international community to help us.
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syrian army's offensive started last wednesday president bashar al assad is vowing to crush the opposition unless rebels surround the military campaign could turn into a full blown confrontation the u.s. which along with russia brokered a truce in southern syria last year has warned of retaliation if the syrian army doesn't pull out. u.s. president donald trump's son in law and senior adviser says the minister. nation will soon prevent its present its peace plan for israel and palestine and he said it will happen with or without input from the palestinian president mahmoud abbas he made the comments in an interview with the palestinian newspaper could jaring his trip to israel cushion is quoted as saying that he doubts about is capable of making a deal but added that he's still willing to work with him the palestinian leader cut communications with the trumpet ministration after it recognized jerusalem as
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the capital of israel. who are you now artists from both hindu and muslim communities in indian controlled kashmir of bush on a joint art show for the first time in decades they hope it will encourage efforts to end fighting in the disputed region as neve baka reports into disuse silk country of the city of three naga creations of a different kind of display sixty artists from cuss me as punch work of communities are promoting together this through. it's the first time in sixty six years works by kashmir as muslims and hindus are on show under one roof each reflecting a different side of this divided society it was a great experience for all of us like you know people from different groups getting to know about what it was like. and what. it was a good experience because. on history the former independent state of kashmir has
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been disputed by india and pakistan since indian independence from britain in one thousand nine hundred forty seven each controls a part of the region both claim the territory in its entirety. the coalition government collapsed a few days ago following months of demonstrations in solidarity with decades of rebellion against indian rule artists. reflecting on their own immediately and a lot of works but also a deflection off to six beatings and witness with it it is the political crisis the social crisis or the psychological crisis when a lot of conflicting ideas. are good i think. of using a certain point of consensus the exhibition is aimed at restoring harmony between kashmiris dischord and groups offering a time to reflect on the region's troubled past and hopes for a stable future. was more on everything we're covering that of course the
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big story today the high stakes election taking place in turkey al-jazeera. i. and i just a quick look at the top stories millions of voted in turkey's first election since last year's referendum which granted the presidency sweeping new powers the turkish president. is on course to tighten his grip on power he's leading with around fifty three percent of the votes with more than one thousand percent now counted his main challenge him her and she from the c.h.p. party currently has thirty percent of the vote. has more from techies capital ankara. i mean it's done and dusted he'll forest president obama on his proxy are certain really they've taken just. their victory presidents out one self has
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received phone calls from several foreign leaders to russia later this victory he is expected to give a brief victory statesman saying if you stop the stumbles his hometown where he calls his ballots earlier on sunday before he heads out here it's not just these crowds gathering outside the uk fartsy the world would give her victory speech. or are all the headlines saudi arabia's edifies forces say they intercepted a ballistic missile over the capital riyadh yemen's hoofy rebels say they launched rockets targeting the defense ministry in the saudi capital these have stepped up missile attacks in retaliation for as strikes by the saudi led coalition italy is again criticised for not taking in a rescue ship with more than two hundred fifty refugees and migrants on board the m.v. lifeline is currently in limbo in the mediterranean after both a sunni and malta refused permission to dog the german vessel picked up the migrants between libya and the italian island of lampedusa on thursday. when it
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comes as sixteen leaders from the e.u. wrapped up informal talks in brussels ahead of a major summit on migration all day the german chancellor angela merkel says there's been a lot of goodwill at the summit and president has made a fresh call to deport illegal migrants saying they should be sent back to where they came from immediately and without a court case he made the comments after protesters tried to block a boss carrying migrant children near the u.s. border with mexico. iraq but it was all about top stories we'll have more news for you a little bit later on including continuing coverage of that presidential and parliamentary election and techie.
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middle. aged woman to do with you to see. where the income pala the capital of uganda which is one of the countries where thousands of chimpanzees come still be found off in the highlands forested slopes to call other countries they've already completely disappeared and wherever they live there on the tremendous pressure chimps like humans living to eat it seems the feelings they used hooves these the qualities that we discovered only in the nineteenth sixty's when a young british woman she lived with chimps. and grew closer to them than anyone before jane goodall widely seen as the world's leading climatologist and conservationist talks to al-jazeera.


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