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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 177  Al Jazeera  June 27, 2018 10:32am-11:01am +03

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there was a problem with the reconnaissance and most or all of the reconnaissance units were on the eastern side of the come out there was no reconnaissance in the west to provide information and that's why when i asked for information about the west no one knew anything much. it was only when the israeli forces in the west went on the offensive that the egyptians fast crossed the extent of the problem. that the enemy was already in their backyards. one of them at least the first to cross received. orders. i want to talk to you. the voice as that of their force commander general but. you have a map. you see the flowers on them those are. better. please destroy them out. located on the western side of the canal the egyptian
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surface to air missiles at cause the israeli afros heavy losses in the first days of the war. now reachable by israeli tanks it was payback time for the egyptian and defense. but despite the israeli success in destroying the sam batteries other aspects of stout hearted man were not going so well. alas i shall get ariel sharon received in order not to activate his forces in the west of the canal because the concern was that if they were unable to establish a real bridge a pontoon or roller it would be impossible to establish a logistics route to evacuate casualties send supplies send forces and then they would even consider canceling the whole operation of. the israelis still hadn't gain control. the road to the crossing point foot soldiers would have to be used to
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flush out the egyptian infantry and tank hunters from the ditches of the chinese farm. we were walking us a beautiful. by in the silence everything was locally quiet and suddenly. heavy heavy fire. really heavy for. supper and fuel injection numbers and tanks. with light arms. during that long night the egyptians inflicted heavy losses on the paratroopers forty one killed and over one hundred wounded but the action kept egyptian forces occupied and both the israelis the opportunity to tow their pontoons forward to the crossing point. by the night of the sixteenth of
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october having finally realised the scale of the israeli operation the egyptians reacted. the plan was simple the twenty fifth armored brigade would move northwards to meet up with the twenty first division which would advance southwards . in a pencil move the two armored units would close the gap and crush the israeli forces . the plan seemed straightforward but to general it was flawed. he wanted the brigade to cross to the west and make its assault on that side of the canal which was under gyptian control. general ismail ordered that new forces that had already crossed to the east should cross back to the west. this he said was a political decision taken by president sadat himself. neither.
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would back down until finally president sadat was asked to come to the egyptian main command center known as center ten to arbitrate on this dispute between the top two commanders of his armed forces. with the us i told him mr president i disagree with general. as soon as i said so he blew up in my face blew up in my face and shouted at me and kept saying don't ever mention with mr president this is not those drugs it's maneuvering with forces no maneuvering with forces and no withdrawal with one soldier. i would have you court martialed if the word with no one is ever mentioned again to see things. from such decision was clear the next day seventeenth of october at zero seven hundred hours the twenty fifth armored brigade moved northwards to carry out his mission. a chesley was about to be proved right. after must come home as the work of.
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the twenty fifth brigade came from the area of the bitter lakes and two tank brigades caught in a sort of ambush. about us two tank brigades. one brigade on that side. and the other again on the other side the battle was over very. good gyptian suffered heavy losses. with sixty five tanks destroyed only ten were able to retreat. southwards. had looked as if a new home solution of rocket. and get the losses for the twenty fifth brigade were shocking maybe ninety percent of our tanks were lost and that was so sad because these were the best tanks in the egyptian army. sixty two. what was even more damaging was what happened to the fighting units around us that
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they regarded the twenty fifth armored brigade as their shield the pride of the gyptian army. so what happened to the twenty fifth armored brigade was a blow to the morale of the soldiers at the front during that battle and a lot of the net loss of life. meanwhile in the northern sector of the suez front things were no better for the egyptians after two days of heavy fighting of a chinese form the right flank of the second army had been decimated. the remnants of the brigade that had blocked the road to the canal had retreated. but only off to making the israelis pay a heavy price. yes painful and. very painful mainly because of the dead. in their wounded. and one night of the crossing with we lost some four hundred people. tanks were fighting. some of them when we saw in broad daylight later
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one bell against another like to salt competence in the media. a theater with tanks both of them destroyed maybe most of the people in both of them that they are very of death next day along the come out was terrible. but we were on the other side of the. general advance on the division had successfully crossed the canal using the pontoon bridge. next day eighteenth of october early morning advanced tanks are unleashed on the egyptian red. soon they have destroyed most sam batteries clearing the skies for
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the israeli air force. is not a top down the air force started to appear previously we hadn't seen it at all but after the seventeenth we started to see the air force a lot no one to stop them with our defenses the anti-aircraft missiles were non-existent for the air force had a free hand well. on the eighteenth of october these really high command decided to capitalize on the successful crossing building their presence on the western bank of the canal to three armored divisions. sharon's division would move north to surround the egyptian second on me and capture the city of is my idea. a duns division and another commanded by general monk and would move south to encircle the egyptian army and capture the city of suez. this would be their final goal israel would come to the bargaining
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table holding a trump card. israel had two bridges were going to merge earlier ruge. they were now ready for an army of course to have a service. for two days and with the bulk of the egyptian army on the east of the canal scattered forces in the west foot bravely trying to hold their ground against three israeli army divisions but they were outnumbered and overwhelmed. general shadley could see that his plan was on the verge of failure. and this again i was a different i went back and said the situation was becoming very dangerous so on the twentieth i said tonight i have to bring back any armored brigade i can afford from the east i had four army brigades in the east with no job i said i have to
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bring them back tonight. and then. that night one small general smiled had to request sadat to come to the command center the president was unmovable he simply reiterated what he had said fu days earlier and caught up. all this at a with well it appears decision was to withdraw not a single rifle or tank crew east to west everyone to stay where he is and fight that was nonsense this is not a war in the world that works like that you have forces under pressure and you do nothing to assist them while others have nothing to do and you don't want to bring them into the battlefield. that doesn't give a lot of. it but if he shows me heaven or in the hole. the father of the for a long time general says the special forces the better. i mean the kind of forces
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that do high risk. and i think he was really professional. but the. sometimes he would do a board thing and maybe on certain occasions it would be a truck bomb all right marianna. fia in the obama two at the eleventh commission. sadat's position was clear any movement of forces from east to west could undermine morale and lead to the collapse of the whole front. he's lost bargaining chip would be lost. on us at the high end as we actually are a lot of people who were dead at the time they said if we had seen just one soldier to cheating the whole army would have done the same. shortly after midnight sadat left center tan and returned to his residency. he summoned the soviet ambassador and told him that egypt is ready to accept
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a cease fire. this time though it was the israelis who had no interest in a cease fire. but we can say that israel had a greater interest in the cease fire getting it right at that moment because the hard work to do so terror it was recovered. but in the third week of the war international attempts to broker a cease fire in the middle east would bring the whole world to the verge of a new confrontation. in an exclusive documentary series al-jazeera reveals the full story of a war that changed the face of the middle east this is not a board to defeat israel this is a war that open the way for diplomacy the final episode of
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a three part series explores the impending threat to global superpowers i don't cover why the out of israeli conflict continues to this day the war in october the battle and beyond this time on al-jazeera. we've got the rank clouds gathering across the east the side of the u.s. making taste of positive canada as well as the trade been down to the southeast in kona around the carolinas around the panhandle area without a line of cloud another system just sliding across the northern plains for the rockies just making its way further racist towards the appalachians watch the skies
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come back into hot but we will see some very heavy downpours anywhere from that eastern side of the lakes is coming out of ontario rural the way down into the deep south just towards our console few showers that into louisiana west of that is just a lousy try we could do with the right in northern california coast where we have the wild fosse fosse still butting to into colorado dry demba getting up to thirty seven celsius we'll see temperatures at around nine same for san francisco twenty six therefore i come a little further north you might just catch want to say showers into british columbia a few showers into central parts of the u.s. but as iesous out of the country where it will stay pretty wet and they saw a big downpours that will be some localized flash floods from time to time some showers to still affecting the greats around to this particular across cuba western side of the cab in saying the line of the cloud and indeed the right further east is fine dry and sunny.
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demain the intersection of reality and comedy and post revolution tennessee a. mission to entertain educates and provoke debate through satire. how weapon of choice. and intimate look at what inspires one of tuna's his most popular comedians to make people laugh. might in asea have on al-jazeera. and. we will maintain the finest fighting force the world has ever known united states army was so reliant on the private sector i would call that the tendency we have
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a mismatch between the way we. are to be and the reality of the twenty first century. for us and i want to show you how many of the persons that you're sending out you should be child soldiers. child soldiers reloaded on al jazeera. this is al jazeera. hello and welcome to the al-jazeera news our life or my headquarters in doha let me elizabeth coming up in the next sixty minutes. the u.s. supreme court upholds donald trump's travel ban covering people from predominantly
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muslim countries at a minimum we have to make sure that we vet people coming into the country we go coming in. you know where they're coming from. you just have to know who's coming here. and international cues as nine months military of a planned and systematic assault on the country is for him to minority. divers enter the flooded complex cave complex in northern thailand searching for a football team missing for three days. forces advance on. the area denied entry into jordan and. messy argentina survivor. and advance to the last sixteen of the world cup.
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the u.s. supreme court has held donald trump's travel ban on people from five muslim majority countries the judges now to accept the u.s. president was acting illegally when he bought people from yemen somalia libya and syria from entering the united states shihab rattansi has more from washington d.c. . the five four ruling was not on the expected but protesters were still incensed. but a majority of justices had agreed with the trumpet ministration this was not a muslim ban this policy was the result of a careful global interagency analysis of vetting procedures for travelers to the u.s. from libya syria somalia yemen and iran. and it was the president's right to impose a ban because national security is his responsibility donald trump was clearly delighted this is a great victory for our constitution we have to be tough and we have to be safe and
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we have to be secure but in what was described as a furious dissent from the bench of liberal justice sonia sotomayor referred to cannes that trumps comparison of the travel ban to the decision that mandated the detention of japanese americans during world war two sort of my all said taking all the relevant evidence together a reasonable observer would conclude that the proclamation was driven primarily by anti muslim animus rather than by the government's asserted national security justifications politicians and activists are now expressing concern that the supreme court is affirmed on drums own opinion that he and he alone is in control of the country's national security and that he can act without oversight in deciding who comes into this country with this decision we are concerned that donald trump will move the five muslim majority countries that are in the current version. to not only target more country but even go after u.s.
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and lawful permanent residents i say who's going to be this is the president going to issue an executive order yes mexicans is he going to have orders against people coming from honduras guatemala what's next and now that the supreme court has ruled the tricks on doldrums powers to set immigration policy himself have been weakened considerably. washington well the u.s. attorney general jeff sessions has defended the supreme court ruling. this decision is critical to ensuring they continue to authority president trump and all future presidents to protect the american people it is the president after all who was elected and entrusted with this safety and security of the american people and to enforce an immigration system that serves the national interest he's the chief executive. you know we respect courts and the legal opinions and we've
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always tried to be respectful of them but they're not our policy setting branch they don't get to set the policies for the country so we're very pleased with the outcome today and i hope that this goes some way toward in the practice of these broad nationwide injunctions. now seventeen. president. migrant families the states want. their parents they say families the separated the spot trumps executive order to end the practice gabriel has this report oh. a protest in america in texas and across the u.s. people are demanding answers to why the u.s. government is still detaining undocumented migrants and keeping children in shelters it's been one week since president donald trump signed an executive order abruptly ending the policy of family separation of migrants
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a policy he put into place that's only added to the confusion on how to implement rapidly changing policies from the administration especially as video emerges from inside the detention centers of suffering children. on tuesday senators were reminded that the government is legally limited on how long it can keep migrant families together in detention right now i would gladly put these children back with their parents in the custody of ice or customs and border patrol but i legally can't because at the twenty day mark i'll just have to be sent back we need congress to change this twenty. cation we need to stop criminally prosecuted. but far from the holes of power more than two thousand children are still separated from their parents some for months with no end in sight to the crisis on the southern border it's easy to start to just think of this as nothing more than
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a story of policy what's the latest news out of washington what's the latest thing trump has tweeted or think of it as nothing more than numbers how many families remain separated but in the end it's not about any of that it's about the human condition real people fleeing poverty and violence in their home countries. to try to come to the united states across this border and when they finally get here many are now discovering it's not what they expected for miriam provide amala the pain of separation from her four year old son is real. i couldn't say anything to him because they took him from me when he was asleep they took my son don it was friday night going on saturday the man from immigration told me get your son ready because we're going to take him with migrant detention centers a capacity to more are being built on military bases migrant families the lucky few
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reunited the rest wondering the same as everyone else what comes next. al-jazeera brownsville texas amnesty international is accusing me almost all me of carrying out a planned and systematic campaign against the revenger its latest report name thirteen military personnel that it says of responsible for war crimes including murder rape and for starvation and human rights says they should be tried at the international criminal court diplomatic editor james bays has more. ominous the international researches say they have uncovered devastating new details about the crimes committed against these people the right as they were expelled from their homes they interviewed more than four hundred people mostly survivors and witnesses here in the refugee camps of bangladesh and inside rakhine state and myanmar and they give a clear picture of a planned and systematic military campaign in each case villages were surrounded
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and then attacked many were killed where i lived alongside other communities only the rectangle homes were torched. the villages were surrounded by the me and my military soldiers swept through the open fire on men women and children as they were running away and they systematically burned down their wishes and what this shows is that this was not the work of rogue soldiers or units involved units across a large area but this was a pattern carried out and therefore suggests that it was a pattern carried out pursuant to a common plan the human rights group is naming thirteen commanders and offices who believes are responsible for war crimes one of those generals is now being sacked by the commander in chief's office but it's not believed to be linked to these allegations and amnesty want a thirteen sent to the international criminal court. in twenty seven seats
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clearance operations one president is retailers and. pricing is you know we actually you know. for starvation. and. disease it's the norm from us to syria is the nation the international or. any referral to the international criminal court is unlikely to happen soon and that's because it either has to come from the government to be unmarked that stately unlikely or from the u.n. security council and on this council there's one country that strongly supported the government of myanmar it just happens to be a permanent member of the security council with veto power china. out of the united nations. to talk to them they're confident they'll find twelve missing footballers and their coach alive four days after they were trapped in
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a cave a flooded cave in the north they believe to be several kilometers from the entrance there been stranded since saturday when heavy rain blocks their only access well for more on this let's go to our correspondent scott highclere he's joining us live from chiang rise of the rain continued overnight scott but they were still searching so what do we know now the fourth day of the search. elizabeth we know one thing for certain we're right at the mouth of that long cave complex right over my shoulder and what happened just before we came on air was very interesting teams of rescue workers were carrying down hundreds of meters a very large hoses and this is that process that they're trying to get some of that water out of this massive cave complex that goes on for some eight kilometers you know the twelve footballers you footballers and their coach are still in there they've been in there since saturday late afternoon so the process has been going
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on challenges that they've been facing overnight tuesday into wednesday morning here now more rain a lot more rain we spoke to one of the head rescue commissioners yesterday and he said the biggest challenge is continued rainfall and that's what happened last night that's what's happening today so we hear that they had to retreat they have pumping stations within this network of caves and they had to retreat one because the water level was rising we know that at the end of day tuesday there were three kilometers in now we're hearing they had to retreat back because of the rising water levels other things we're hearing they're going to try to launch a couple of helicopters we know that there's one blackhawk helicopter that will have some seal team members their plan is to try to repel down one of these chimneys these openings into this cave complex to try to do some searching that way also another larger helicopter to do some kind of serving around the area again this is a network of caves that go all over the place looking for any possible entry exit any kind of signal any place they can maybe drop more.


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