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although when you start to kind of zoom in zoom in on and thinking where i am in the refugee camp with the. with choose has been been here for seventy years and. and it's been a refugee almost all his life kind of fills feel strange that that is so permanent for him to be in a camp in being a refugee. you
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know. well. you know. denmark one of the big. good some are bad luck. but us now it's a i mean when i'm going is it up or were lawyers that are. now here i had bad guy on but i'm there but the board in their own end of the probably in the is there are all or nothing doing here. but for about i do not recall but i'll let him know bad news about a bad moment in my man i'm like badly of. the enemies of our
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medicine we're going to hear. are red blue. and i asked them about the course even if you're a good little bart or good law or gun play your man. is ahead lish the then it'll fall to call luck or not but how to better than up there or not can been miller's you had them of that is yet another so how dare you sit for her to bill mahoney hammer in the head mother said the onus of yannick at certain bill mahoney of and imagine for the law and the mother that i should think the. hello but to see. you know.
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what. i'm also like you know a lot of the most sort of. brings me to the nursing home don't know starts to tell me about his escape from palestine when he was a boy and the beginning of his life in the diaspora out. here for a brief closing time the people of that they asked for show me that when they are together they can live a life taken from them so by and. i think. shows the rest of the story you know has i'm not the one month sort of. the head guy that you know might be like that but you should hear. that it's not
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a voice. as well not do with humana kidney or pillage you're on. your what you have come to set that up big. or got it dead. on and before you judge a judge that i'm about to suck up i want to. be. mad to quote onya if they. believe that would make me the pope if i'm not the we here is that i'll bore you with zinc not by pressure but now. not so not do not now. this way below zero but what. i know and i know a lot of pain you have. but that if i'm not being i. thought that you know i've been shot right now all that but i know. in horror i listen to the
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stories of the catastrophe told to me by people who were children then. and have lived with their tragedy for seventy is. the effect of kind of a single. shred of stuff just think if you're one of the people that i was missing it that somehow you know i saw you on. the job done and his friends tell me the sign is coming from europe committed this massacre these indiscriminate killings of innocent people not to native jewish people who had lived side by side with the muslims and christians for over two thousand use it was designed is to store the palestinian homeland and made the people of the nakba homeless and nobody didn't believe this mistake and that witness is still at it and you
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see it proved it as you live. it then what it is we'll just move left had enough of the little loony if you have that man you'll have let me down and that it will not be. in the class this shit in any event that is going to be shared is. mine and really has a bill a enlist the help that in in so many little light. thing enough we don't know yet who on this. beat that was the first did it out of order the thing would have been did you think i did not and that i'm not. getting the amount of money i need to know much like the one i'm in now when i'm not having. the stuff i did not have a man of many a set up i live in a homicide both many in a sort of folly and a little bit about this sort of a sort of i live in the neck of national league. no my mom was a government man never those who got a home. yet despite their pain there is
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a hope here the house growing and believes in strength every year up to seventy years dispy pull of how that has. you know i'm not sure that. there have there now a philosophy and. now. i'm putting this near not even campaign finance how do you know just how little you know me and your job is along. with that number of this week. to kill return symbolic and i realize that a sense of purpose and belief we don't always have built that has yet put it that had one hundred yet on the. lead and it is. inevitable i think you can look at the peak message yet.
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leave the center humbled by the suffering these people have been to hurt and continue to endure but also inspired by the greater resilience. like this i know. that. lebanon. is a is a torn. number line for teen prepared food every day they sit and eat as a family and this is when most conversations happen this is their safe place. but you doing afraid that i would put it in and leave it there ok.
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well i don't have many and i have it through a. vehicle through interviews with the elderly and. hope to have it out and the game of that you like and this are this well almost hello but have never. played in the home but here you know i think that is i mean when i saw the scene with. the highs i was you be fairly sharia law and how you knew. when how you and i administered two hundred seeing. it would be. in the in the as you hear on what we. as you we started our good luck i'm up here to say that me because
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i love you. more thought bar. sylvia my second night sleeping here one moment is like a very happy intense emotional moment. then suddenly can be just very depressing realizing where your. old people santa felt like a very unique experience. to be with. and are maybe twenty thirty. old palestinians. probably real or most of them who are in
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palestine for ninety four to right. you get used to it but you don't. it's not a normal but no more live show. ahmed was the one who challenge me to come here i want to know about him i want to see him in his world. and on the strength of a job done comes from his childhood and then expulsion from palestine he knows what he's waiting for why he endures what he does. but i wonder about the generation
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born in the camp. of the shows men are there is many skills when insist on making me a coffee at his local cafe. he has started to be a nurse but is not allowed to practice because he is a palestinian refugee from. his friends each of them with holds and dreams and possibilities i also thought it'd every step because there are police tina refugees. yalla or no i. am it seems now that weddings inside the camp there is only way to provide for his young family. a millennial i can make them their cattle all that.
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but are you. for it or. die only. to justify those that that you went into. just. middles fortunate stud many of his friends did not have this chance. why was. that that was. the only tool i deal. with a child so that. i wonder what the future holds for these young men how will they support time and. the dream of another life outside the town.
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this reminds me of how easy it was for myself for my good friend jack to get a job some things become possible for some purely because of where they were born jack job working with disadvantage use in on them they were laughing at the time when he told us he got the job was blown thank god you know it's terrible not that it was that the labor was that way but i know i think she was on the boat that it was a good thing and i was just like just like what's hot i was like when he left the city it was childish and everyone else that was it i. was touched asia was a way to be a united iraq most. awkward like that because i look at it oh god. i. was.
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i am happy for jack but right now remembering a privilege hurts. i . was prevented from realizing his dream of niacin but it does not stop him from volunteering his time. i'm with the young people of this town. is making a real difference in the life of these kids even while holding on to such a disappointment and so on. but.
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to make me look at the moment in a new light. let. me . die and i know. that's right no go. it's me oh ok go. the moment of death of the. police on the. we will maintain the finest fighting force the world has ever known united states
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army was so reliant on the private sector i would call that the tendency we have a mismatch between the way we. work to be and the reality of the twenty first century enough for the here in about a little for eleven out how many of the persons that you're sending out you should be chancellor is not my child soldiers reloaded on al-jazeera. you stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera a new series of rewind a camera your people back to life i'm sorry and brand new updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries the struggle continues from back till now.
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distance rewind continues with alfred's free press. and money they didn't talk we know from the public of what's happening in the adventure sites they have been some changes over over the years you know rewind on al-jazeera every year in pakistan hundreds of women are victims of so-called honor killings one on one east searches for the truth in a case that exposes the growing clash between old beliefs and modern life on al-jazeera. hello again adrian finnegan here in doha the top stories on al-jazeera the leaders of south sudan's warring parties have signed an agreement aimed at ending the country's five year civil war under the deal a ceasefire will begin in seventy two hours president salva kiir and rebel leader rick mashallah signed the agreement in the sudanese capital khartoum where they've
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been holding talks south sudan has enjoyed a civil war since twenty thirteen two years after gaining independence at least eleven people have been killed by two car bombs enough rain in the northwest of syria it happened in the center of the city on wednesday morning turkish backed forces captured a free in from kurdish y p g faces in march after a two month military campaign it's actually is one of the first deadly bombings in the city since the campaign ended the united nations envoy to me emma has called for the dismantling of what she says is a system of discrimination against muslims yankee lead told the un human rights council should have their rights to citizenship and property restored myanmar's ambassador called for her to be replaced. catalyze taking the united arab emirates to the un's international court of justice accusing it of violating human rights the case was prompted by the blockade of castro by four countries which is now into
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its second year prince william the second in line to the british throne spent palestinian president mahmoud abbas in the occupied west bank it's part of the first ever official visit by u.k. royal to the region the prince met israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu and west to roost in them on tuesday britain govern the territory prior to the creation of the state of israel. it's my first visit as you pointed to and i'm very much looking forward to meeting supposed the news today and seeing some of the culture and the diversity of the palestinian way of life so thank you for welcoming and i'm very proud of the two countries work surfaces together. i've had success stories with education and. relief work in the past so long without continue. my sentiments the same as yours and hoping that as a loss in peace for the region and those are the headlines and
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a little over twenty five minutes here on al-jazeera i'll be back to update you with a full hour of news in the news out but let's get you back to al-jazeera. but i do miss you. my home of the. thought of going back home life continues despite there being no chance of getting a child families still value education and i see the youngest generation now filled with potential him brilliance to have a look and i'm really think if you think they're going to have a good i'm sure enough they have enough time off from. the.
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i do not. think you are. it is six am and the time that little john jumped on those great granddaughter has to weigh if she is to try and reach the onerous school on time.
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i walk with her as she makes her way through the camp to the place where the bus will because. this is education for the children of the come this is what school means. i feel like we're standing in a war zone. as we wait for the bus and no one seems to know how long it will be before it becomes how. there is no show to a bus stop or seat for the children to sit on if their legs are tired. there is no electronic board to let us know when the next bus will arrive. and the only thing
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for sure is that there will be more than six minutes between buses. but. i wonder if i would have had the determination when i was eight years old. was. was. was. was a. lack of skills and means of transport is not the only threat to the young. the hanging cables is a constant danger and according to a fifty in bushel but as in a camp have been electrocuted so far thirty seven of these lost their lives. oh.
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i wonder how many people this clinic must provide for. each child each mother has a story that stretches over countless shadows of despair war and loss. i want to face the realities of dispossession and the refugees. i have you know.
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oh my. god. you know you know. how. many you. actually. want to know if this is the only. clinic in the county yes isn't there only one yes and it's sounding twenty eight thousand people. a lot of thousand photos focused in here does it serve or syrians yes yes something officials here yes. the influx of syrian refugees has doubled the number of people that clinic must now provide for the people with the least have been the only ones opening the doors to the needy. the good news is the hardship the let's
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just go to court and we'll recover. but good news is seldom separated from bad here . and how job done learned some news he was fearing. i know you almost. you know my novel of the moment will see the fashion oh say i was. alone love the love of my home was the most. the. the. the the. home.
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can do. nothing but are. those jewels the seventy s. . jaws are coming out of the left hand room and that. can be a gas have. a lot. of oil on one of them home not for. what on the other bought. their name means tears i wonder how sure may so strong who siblings killed in
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a civil war and her mother killed by a car at the entrance to the camp after finishing her work because a cleaner. soon enough the him. along the twenty four. it's hard for the parents to see their children growing up here knowing that they would have to face a life without any rights a citizen. up
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until now have seen on the surface how not to stuff for them but tonight for the first time there is a tension in the house to review some something much deeper. what . you were. just. this man now on trial you know yes he is a failure without having almost all of his roof and the home of the cologne fastens i modify lawgiver sounds and say i love the highway to me so i'm not fast enough and understood had a man was sort of nothing on foot and i said i. have a mallet and sensation is among them that message and also i will say on the log michel you some of them are. one c.n.
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look at all of us that will know. how many of you many good question here. how your notion seeing can a good many well i cannot there live many. of it at the low family oh he. understood here i never thought others at the murdoch and put up with a whole lot of thought all of us fought off my own all little doc. put out a special little of that called the battle of the lot of that that they loved a lot of moustache books. no one the less about the love the lot. i don't follow that about mustache there's no look learn it going to florida on buffalo then it let me get for it then the moron mustache will honk you have money. like my thought of a full mustache from a lack was thought of more like a headline lot of headlines how about other moustache from of or two on the stash
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well now the mamma thought it. less than a year for us there and i have a bit of none i love a death up but i have not seen this hurt nominee before now i know to what depths of despair existence in this camp can bring a man. the camp is no longer a story for me pictures i can see in a book or refracted to me from the t.v. screen from which i'm removed and can remove myself a tiny moment the cam is in me. i wander through the camp and the
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images imprinted in me forever beneath the deadly electrical wires cutting across the sky lines and in closing the trail of streets. and. posing much of the camp is real and the kindness and generosity welcomes. the child. now. as i was wondering one day i remember my being caught by a house in one dusty street of the can it was quite beautiful on the outside it was called in sun human. rooms filled with artistic projects in a way strangely at odds with the stark and harsh reality of the camp i wondered if this were some museum some funded arts center for the privileged. i learned from naama the chairman of insight on that this was actually a drug rehabilitation center. and all funding came to the center and it was built
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upon the ruins of a prison a remarkably small number of drug offenders live in the community namor tells me but for them the center has proved to be the way back to the community. for the young palestinians living in the cam there is more they can do to resist a life. in the midst of the crowded streets the kids keep playing football and hubba ensuring their survival.
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what strikes me most is how out of the darkness everyone i meet here is trying to find. was. was was. music nurtured by volunteer musicians is bringing beauty back to an ugly existence . was. the. was the. for a brief moment here these people celebrating together and not refugees or talk.
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was the but are equal citizens of the world. i feel so lucky to be witness to this. there was. this is. from our people from our. voting rolls for your visit. it is thirty. a big for us but it doesn't assure to come to all of them. thank you very much thank you but. my journey has been a journey of self discovery as i walk home without merit i realize our happy i am to be coming to the door there only six days ago i approached that prevention and
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uncertainty. i love drinking tea with the family and helping to be alone thirteen with the food i love the sound of the children and seen them smile and laugh. i want to be their advocate i want to make what difference they can want everyone to feel what a felt and to see would have seen. one thing that they kept telling me is that we're just we're just human like everyone else and they just want to live a normal life and. they kept emphasizing that you noted they will return one day and that will happen and so although they feel that. there is a huge injustice being committed against them but they're still not giving up on on on on seeking this is their goal which is to to go back to palestine and to to live
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that it's such a depressing situation in just one way that how nastily can it and rattle it it's like a great board of string it's got into such a mess the likes of us. a human misery is just a. bunch we're more annoyed with so much that they should be ignored. by international. coverage and international opinion and you know it's very very hard to get an airing for this subject earlier and that's why one of the things i wanted to ask from this meeting is. if this in this parliament would be so important if we could have perhaps a debate on the issue of palestinian refugees if we could have. issued been more at the forefront it would be very important to me to the people living in and the
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refugee camps in lebanon and elsewhere and especially. as a british citizen the they reminded me that britain has. a special responsibility it's. the to parliament ariens jenny tongue and thomas shepherd were keen to listen to how should the story and stories from the camp but i realised how complicated the palestinian issue is. when ever you meet palestinians in the caps or anywhere else you always get positive messages from men they're always you know arranging things doing things having festivals carry on their lives. their children the children the education education education that's most wonderful thing that's very positive very positive. and not going to let their culture die.
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i think. i. think. i.
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i. i think i owe. oh. oh oh. oh. oh. oh. oh oh oh yeah oh yeah you know love to. have you. well
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so. long as you stand up to. your numbers. oh yeah i know that's not you know i know ok finally run the. country and you know how do you know that thank. you i mean. yeah. well. that's one of my.
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a lower court mob a lower court. oversight over several layers of cooked up. of two of. the most lovable. of both of them. a. doctor and a bug. bug. you do on that. bill of rights and me. we have a number. of
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industry where a family is like back to hard to build a shop to print kick ass in palestine who are driven from their homes in prosperous farms seventy years ago and have been living in camps and temp accommodation in lebanon since then and is he aware that the lebanese government didn't continues to restrict palestinians right to work prohibits them from ending property and refuses access to health care and education leaving them dependent on an roic who have diminishing funds can he really be content to let this continue for another seventy years or will the palestinians be allowed the right of return to their
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homeland as prescribed in international law. the story of a friendship between a filmmaker and a seven year old girl what is it would mean. giving over to a refugee family being the syrian war. in the face of deep rooted tension between the lebanese and the refugees. my syrian friends. by setting it up on al-jazeera.
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the weather sponsored by cateye always. there's been a stream of plaque i mean from the pacific just south of santiago a bit of light rain and snow of course in the andes and it's done the same on the other side it runs when it's aries but actually developing range from further north . falls near the borders of brazil with paraquat and there's more rain develop in this general area in the next day or could become quite substantial even just south into northern argentina once more than the big area of mt just a moment from the point of view of weather to get to the north i once more we've seen some pretty heavy downpours developing from panama salvador guatemala and well two big showers in mexico and they're going to continue this time the year was fairly frequent lightish as in the lesser antilles and heavier ones off in the great translation running up to us behind and florida in fact wandering around in
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the u.s. there have been some pretty big storms recent and slow moving but they're powerful enough to produce the occasional tornado from missouri eastwards and this mass here represents warm wet if you like so it's twenty four degrees in the forecast in new york or twenty seven in washington back further west answer pennsylvania and the ohio valley the chances are you get high temperatures and still some pretty big thunderstorms. there whether it's sponsored by cattle i always say. an estimated one hundred thousand lives cruelly ended over a century ago. a distant past not to the descendants of the sultan. a tale of colonialism and racial supremacy unravels in the quest for justice and recognition of the sacrifices of tribal people to maybe. skulls of my people i
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witnessed documentaries on how to zero. in an exclusive documentary series al-jazeera reveals the full story of a war that changed the face of the middle east and this is. not a war to defeat this is a war of wait for the promise of the final episode of a three part series explores the impending threat to global superpowers i don't covers why the arab israeli conflict continues to this day the war in october the battle and beyond at this time on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm adrian for the again this is that he is a live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes up women in cease fire. is
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he declared opposing leaders in south sudan sign a peace deal aimed at bringing an end to years of civil war. eight e.u. countries finally agreed to take in more than two hundred migrants who've been stranded at sea for six days. the race against time heavy rain and flooding hampers rescue efforts in the scramble to find missing teenage footballers in a cave in thailand. and i've met with the latest from the world cup where defending champions germany prepares for another must win clash we'll be live in moscow later this hour. the leaders of south sudan's warring parties have signed a peace deal aimed at ending the country's five year civil war under the deal a cease fire will begin in seventy two hours president salva kiir rebel leader wrecked russia signed the agreement in the sudanese capital khartoum where they've
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been holding talks south sudan has been in a state of civil war since twenty thirteen just two years after it became an independent nation. a plan and ceasefire is he about i declare it through a very public done. enter into force within seventy two hours of signing of this declaration of agreement. al-jazeera civil morgan has covered the civil war in south sudan extensively she's with us now live in the studio in doha so what are the specifics of this deal for. like seventy two hours they've also agreed to a four month period which would be followed by a transitional period that would be going on for thirty six months now let's remember that there was already a peace agreement between presidents our care and opposition leader rick my chart which was signed on august twenty fifteen but that collapsed in july twenty sixth
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when fighting broke out between the two sides in the capital juba in july what the other regional countries were trying to do were trying to revive this peace deal that had collapsed after twenty after jackson sixteen but with sudan came up with by bringing those who are in sides together is a new transitional period for the for the working sides new new cease fire mechanisms and they also included a few troops and troops from the regional bloc egads to try to see if ceasefire is actually being implemented or it's a five years of civil war the country and its people have endured as you said so the agreements have been side in the past none of them has lasted what's different about this one when really there's not a lot of difference between this and the other greenmount all agreements in the past have stated that should they not be implemented there will be sanctions and all the wording sides will be punished for breaking the agreements that they signed but again they do break the agreement that they signed over and over again sometimes it really is purely on goodwill and it relies purely on goodwill
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unfortunately and this is not much to go on by if we judge by the past agreements have been broken in south sudan or what about the other parties involved is this not just about salva kiir and is. there are other parties involved here yes there are other parties involved but they have not signed an agreement as well they're not part of this agreement and that is a big big and concerning point in the conflict the conflict has gone beyond requests are has gone beyond the president salva kiir and now that we have more than a dozen warring factions most of them are under the umbrella called south sudan's opposition alliance. they have not signed any deal between them and the government or between them and the opposition at a rate much are they are basically still out there there will be more talks probably in the future to try to include them in this agreement and this is only a framework agreement so it's basically a guideline for further agreements to be signed between the president and the opposition and hopefully the other opposition factor factions will also be included but at least we've got something for the moment i mean what was the key here to solving this do you think of in the talks were in sudan that these two were talking
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in a suburb or just a few days ago in talks that came to nothing so what changed well part of the large reason why this agreement was able to go through is because sudan had a card that. does not have which is south sudan's oil fields the two countries benefit from south sudan's oil fields so the south sudan its oil fields properties and oil or how of their oil production has stopped because of the civil war and sudan benefits from the processing fees the transition the transit fees and the use of the pipeline fees and its economy is quite damaged so it had promised south sudan bad if you stop the war we will be able to revive your oil sector you will benefit and i will benefit as well and that is what's different between this talks and previous talks have been many things did i was is able morgan the eight e.u. countries have agreed to take in more than two hundred migrants you've been stranded at sea for six days they were picked up off the coast of libya on thursday
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by the german rescue ship a lifeline spain italy denied the boat permission to dock now malta has agreed to let the boat use its port for the migrants to disembark i think it's too early to say how many will go where we have very clear indications. of and play just very concrete pledges from each member state i think everyone will take to it's safe to say everyone will take according to. its. its capability. wipeout of all to al-jazeera. is that john where's the lifeline now. at the moment the lifeline is still approximately four hours away from talking at the port of walesa the boiler's war passes where is his bones and we are told that at that point the ship will be impounded because there are suspicions
9:55 pm
about its true motives and intentions those those suspicions multi-source or as you say have arisen for four reasons one the ship is not registered in the netherlands as it appears to be the dutch authorities have said it is not registered with them secondly it's not registered as a search and rescue vessel but as a passenger all pleasure boats and thirdly perhaps more disturbingly to the authorities here it has frequently switched off its global positioning system transponder which obviously would give it operational discretion and that the maltese all sorts these do not like because the lifeline was supposed to be operating in called nation with italian authorities with the italian coast guard something which they say it didn't always do there were suspicious periods of loitering now the clear intimation here is that the ship was attempting to
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rendezvous at sea with another vessel if it would have done that if it were to have had refugees offloaded from another ship onto it it would be guilty of assisting us smuggling operation prime minister joseph muscat has not said anything that forthright but that is the clear implication of what changed john bolton's mind here i mean that most was adamant that he wasn't going to allow this this shift to dock in but that. but nowadays what's changed. the political agreement is what is allowing this ship to dock because as you mentioned those eight countries that include france portugal italy ireland belgium the netherlands and luxemburg have agreed to take some of those two hundred thirty three refugees or migrants off the ship and process them for asylum according to
9:57 pm
the law. we pressed prime minister muscat on how these people are going to be apportioned and he refused to give any numbers he said that there have been very concrete pledges and he said that these are according to capability which suggests population size and g.d.p. . but he did not give any figures because he said when i asked him will this be a blueprint will this be a stencil for how refugees will be apportioned to member states in future situations that arise we've already had two situations firstly aquarius now the lifeline of books that weren't allowed to talk because there's disagreement about who was going to process the people on board he said this is not a pass and it is not a blueprint. he doesn't want to commit the people who have volunteered to help. to in future taking similar proportions of people off of rescue vessels but
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he is clearly in favor as he goes into the european summit tomorrow of a down to management approach to the refugee crisis rather than the grandstanding political approach as he put it of rights wing european leaders who have chosen to see this as an ideological issue rather than as a management issue john many thanks indeed al jazeera is trying to replace that old . more heavy rain in northern thailand has hampered the search for a football team missing now for days in a flooded cave rising flood water forced divers to stop their round the clock search box rescuers remain optimistic that the boys on a life because of the cave explorers have been found in the past when they were trapped by floodwater but then receded scott hide the reports from china ryan hundreds of meters of large hoses were fed into the tom long cave early wednesday
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tools for an uphill battle to reduce the water level inside. rescuers hope to make up lost ground from heavy overnight rains that continued when the sun rose rescuers say they need more power and equipment in the cave system to pump the water out that also raises the danger of electrocution for the divers working around the clock also to lower the water level a huge pumps have been emptying a nearby reservoir connected to the cave system. but we will continue to do this operation until we find the boys and get them out safely more vigils have been held and prayers said for the missing twelve boys and their football coach as they had done before the eleven to sixteen year olds went into the cave for fun after a practice match on saturday they never came out. the emotional and physical toll is visible on the boy's families many have not left side of the cave entrance one to be there one word comes from rescuers the searching outside the caves has
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expanded hundreds of soldiers have fanned out into the jungle here looking for a way into the vast labyrinth of caves concealed by these rugged hills. the military had hoped to use helicopters to take a wider survey of the area and possibly drop a navy seal divers into the jungle but poor visibility prevented that for most of the day that. song sung them son also plays for the mobile academy football team but didn't go with his friends on saturday they live walking distance from the cave and the football team's home pitch now transformed into a makeshift hella pad for rescue helicopters. i saw them hit every day. the youth football team named after a while the jungle boar was practicing here for a tournament next month something many in this community are hoping will kick off with everyone safe it's got harder al-jazeera chiang rai lived out of
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dishonest wayne hay is there in the north of thailand wayne what's the latest.


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