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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 28, 2018 6:00am-6:34am +03

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asked and one that many people here think the government failed. finally dog to a rescue ship with more than two hundred refugees and migrants arrives in malta to six days at sea. this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up setting up a summit the white house and the kremlin agree to a meeting between donald trump and latham in. from the south china sea to north korea nuclear talks a busy agenda as the u.s. defense secretary persists asia. and in thailand
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a setback in the race to rescue a group of teenagers stranded in a cave. more than two hundred refugees and migrants have reached land after being stuck at sea while european leaders argued about their fate the charity ship lifeline has docked in malta but only after eight countries agreed to take a share of the migrants office reports from. after six days at sea the lifeline finally came to dock at the letter but also to be impounded the multis government says it is not registered as a search and rescue ship has fails to obey the orders of the italian coast guard and often switched off its transponder to disguise its position raising suspicion that the ship could be deliberately helping smugglers the head of mission lifeline
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says italian authorities opens the investigation against it and suspects political motives under the new anti migration government in rome because the lifeline operated without problems last year we started in the last year and in september. we were starting here. and we had a fight we had five missions with this board last year and rescued five hundred forty nine people for the two hundred thirty three people from sub-saharan countries on board it was the end of an ordeal seven european union members agreed to help malta with their asylum claims that agreement persuaded the multis government to allow the lifeline to dock. the life line six day odyssey ended here a boiler war the refugees and migrants had carried will have their asylum interviews in europe but all thora to say this is an individual arrangement there's no guarantee of safe harbor for future shiploads italy's refusal to accept search
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and rescue ships has opened a new rift in the e.u. it's twenty seven leaders a broadly divided between two camps those who believe in collective action and a growing insurgency that says the e.u. needs to push its defense outward creating processing camps in africa and the middle east allowing no one to cross these waters multis premier says the hardliners are attempting to politicize a practical issue what i think it is is surely a situation where there were member states who showed that for the values of europeans. are not something to be found just treat but that we. i don't think it's all about. grandstanding and. i like political. experience it's how we act cooperation. and how we manage the situation
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solidarity is certainly what these multis teenagers have in mind when they think of europe i think they should be divided by a different kind. so we don't have much coming here anymore i thought it was a small plane. but not all european countries feel they're in the same boat jumps are all plus al-jazeera the letter. politicians in the u.s. house of representatives have rejected an immigration bill which would have addressed the crisis of families being separated at the border with mexico it also would have given president donald trump twenty five billion dollars to build a wall along the border as well as long term protection for children brought into the country illegally by their parents a vote on the bill had been delayed twice in an attempt to rally support the u.s. and russia say a summit between their two leaders will take place but few further details have been released fischer say the talks between donald trump and vladimir putin will be
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held in a third country it comes a day after trump's national security advisor john bolton met the russian president in moscow our state department correspondent rosen and jordan reports from washington. it was the warmest of welcomes for john bolton the national security advisor for u.s. president donald trump is greeter president vladimir putin's west but he just must cool off so your visit to moscow gives us hope that we can at least make the first steps towards restoring for formal relations between our states bolton build his political career criticizing the russian government but on this trip bolton suggested better days were in fact ahead even in earlier days when when our countries had differences arab leaders and their advisers met and i think that was good for both countries good for stability in the world and the president from the feels very strongly on that subject trump has long wanted closer ties with putin
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even in the face of allegations moscow was trying to throw the twenty six thousand election trumps way and that trumps campaign knew about it all the time they like to tie me to russia and they say such bad things about potent and then the supposed to go shit was potent why would he do this in the middle of the moeller investigation trumps aides told him not to see too much after putin one reelection in march he ignored them. call with president putin and congratulated him on the victory has a lector all victory and even though russia was kicked out of the g eight for annex in crimea in two thousand and fourteen trump recently said it was time to reverse course russia would be in the meeting if it be a part of you know whether you like it or not even so the two countries are still at all odds after a former russian spy and his daughter were poisoned in the u.k. in march washington expelled sixty russian diplomats moscow responded in kind the
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u.s. criticizes russia for violating the rights of political activists and journalists and it says moscow should be stopping by attacks on syrian civilians. however the u.s. secretary of state told congress on wednesday ignoring moscow is not an option we have been harder on russia in this administration than has been the case in many previous administration the president is looking forward to an opportunity to find those handful of places where we can have productive conversations that lead to improvements for each of our two countries political observers in both russia and the us doubt the upcoming summit will be anything more than theater but that maybe all the two leaders want and me well still in jordan al-jazeera washington u.s. defense secretary james mattis is being in china's capital for talks on regional security territorial disputes in the south china sea in the presence of u.s.
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troops in south korea with the main issues being discussed in beijing a.g.m. brown has more from beijing's heavy on the smiles and positive statements how much common ground are the two sides actually finding. well i think beyond the diplomatic niceties it's quite clear that there are still big you know strains in the relationship between china and the united states on many fronts right now not just defense of course but also trade which is the principal point of friction between these two countries now matters said that he'd come here to beijing by the way this was his first visit to china as defense secretary he said he wanted to come here to really you know assess the state of the relationship between the two militaries because in the past there has been cooperation between china and the united states in the military severe but this week for instance china was due to participate in war games with the united states off the coast of hawaii along with
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twenty five other countries but china rescinded that invitation last month and china is still very miffed about that yet president xi jinping still insists that a better military relationship between these two sides is one way of stabilizing the overall relationship between china and the united states there were those some fairly blunt words from president xi jinping jury in their opening statements before their closed door talks president xi jinping said that china would never seed one inch of its territory now he could possibly have been referring to taiwan but also to the south china sea where of course china has been building up its islands deploying surface to air missiles on at least seven of those islands the united states has essentially accused china of reneging on earlier promises to slow down its building to stop it all together at a security summit in singapore just a few weeks ago in fact james mattis said that china was guilty of of intimidation
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and coercion towards its neighbors because of course other countries have overlapping claims in the south china sea and in recent weeks i mean china has been conducting what it calls freedom of navigation operation. in this area and sometimes that means that u.s. warships come very close to some of the islands that china occupies and analysts are saying that what we're seeing at the moment is a is a dangerous game of brinkmanship where there is a real potential for miscalculation i think that you know while trade wasn't discussed here president xi jinping did stress that the relationship between china and the united states was one of the most important relationships in the world right now an important relationship of the goes on to probably a more nervous audience in south korea and japan what sort of message is expected to take there i think the message there to his united
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states allies japan and south korea will be one of reassurance i think to reassure the south koreans that you know for the moment u.s. troops will be remaining in that country despite all the talk and the potential of their one day being a unified korea also i think he will want to reinforce the point that as far as the united states the united nations is concerned that sanctions against the north korean regime will remain but of course for that to happen he needs china to carry on enforcing sanctions against its ally and neighbor and at the moment argues some analysts china is feeling less enthusiastic about doing that at a time when the united states of course is threatening to clobber china's economy with tariffs. and brown there from beijing thanks for that. attacks by pro-government forces on four medical centers in the rebel controlled syrian province of that are have killed thirty two people including ten children
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russian backed regime forces are trying to recapture the region the area is close to the border with jordan and the israeli occupied golan heights supposed to be part of the escalation zone and the situation and could be worse than the siege of aleppo in the east in the halter that's the dire warning from the u.n. special envoy to syria our diplomatic editor james base has more. it's a pattern of violence that syria has seen a number of times before like darius aleppo in eastern guta it's been a carefully planned military offensive by the assad regime using artillery and other indiscriminate heavy weapons the syrian government's planes assisted by the might of russian air power the u.n. special envoy briefing the security council by video link said he was deeply concerned it could be like. if they're called that combined together in
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terms of the population in the area of sunk forty five thousand people all of fifty gulf here have already been displaced you do fighting the u.s. and its allies called out russia saying it and the syrian government were breaching an agreement on deescalation in southwest syria made last year. the united states can confirm that russia itself launched air strikes in the southwest deescalation zone in recent days to be clear the unilateral military operations underway by the assad regime and russia in southwest syria represent a violation of the cease fire arrangement reaffirmed by president trump and president putin some humanitarian groups are now calling on jordan to take action some of those fleeing the violence in southern syria have nowhere to go and the jordan syria border remains closed james just era of the united nations more heavy rain in northern thailand has hampered the search for
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a football team missing for four days in a flood the cave but rescuers remain optimistic the teenagers are alive because in the past cave explorers have been found when floodwaters receded it's called the has more from outside the cave in chiang rai. heavy rain overnight between wednesday and thursday brought the water level in the cave system to its highest level yet but now that on thursday morning the rain has lightened still the water level has retreated a bit but the pumping systems are still sitting idle you can see a lot of the hosing over my shoulder now on wednesday morning they're putting hundreds of meters of a hose in there trying to go deeper into this cave system that has stopped that is halted because of that heavy rain overnight on wednesday and now they're waiting to see how the conditions go here on thursday even though the rain has stopped now part of the problem is yes the water level but also the water is very muddy now this is turned in through the international operation we have a team from the united states and from the united kingdom here as well as from laos
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they're going to provide their expertise to try to push further into the cave system no right now they're about three kilometers in and they believe there's speculation that team and their coach might have retreated to a chamber that's about five to six kilometers and that's why you see a lot of this hose behind me because they hope to further move in now while that's going on well that's on idle on hold i should say they're also surveying the area on the outside trying to find a fourth chimney a fourth tunnel upward tunnel to get into they found three but they were impassable so that's where the focus is right now and as the day goes on we'll see if they can get these pumps back moving and also if they find that fourth chimney well still ahead on al jazeera redefining u.s. law the retirement of a longstanding supreme cold justice paves the way for a new era as will make you blush. and i'm laurin sydney on the border between albania and months and you go where the government is coming on the pressure to put up a fence to keep refugees and migrants out almost being called the new book the routes
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into western europe. hello and welcome back will start this look at the weather conditions across the americas with north america some pretty heavy rain up through the eastern seaboard new york will see some showers also a could be wet at times some showers further south across the florida peninsula and into georgia rule so seeing some patchy rain across the pacific northwest and some showers expected here seattle though not faring too badly bryce at times highs of seventeen in fine weather across southwestern areas you notice denver is looking pretty hot at the moment temperatures there pushing the forty degree mark and these to move on through into friday we've still got brodie fine conditions in the west be and notice this area of rain developing across the northern plains and into the canadian prairies give you some wet weather in winnipeg heading into central parts
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of america we've got showers across the bahamas and western parts of cuba elsewhere to should be dry for much of the time weather conditions not looking too bad heavy showers the panama costa rica and as far north as nicaragua but also weather conditions aren't looking too bad so into south america heavy showers across those northern areas and the further towards the south we saw this area of rain across parts of paraguayan down into brazil and also uruguay bus expected to persist through thursday and indeed on into friday further south it should be largely dry in argentina with highs of sixteen expected in buenos aires. the time had come for the p.l.o. to seek a new and peaceful solution. pursuing a path of diplomacy but what was to turn their agreed withdrawal from lebanon into one of the most mistakes civilian massacres in modern times women children we couldn't believe. chronicling the turning story the struggle from arms to.
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history of the revolution on al-jazeera. don't want ching out just here i reminded our of our top stories this hour more than two hundred refugees and migrants stuck at sea while european leaders argued about their fate of reached land after a six day stalemate charity ship lifeline was docked in malta a z u countries agreed to take a share of them like. u.s. defense secretary james mattis is in china's capital for talks on regional security
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territorial disputes in the south china sea the presence of u.s. troops in south korea with the main issues discussed in beijing matters will they to head to sol to meet a south korean counterpart. attacks five pro syrian government forces on four medical centers in the rebel controlled province of that are have killed thirty two people including ten children russian backed forces are trying to recapture the region. one of the nine members of the u.s. supreme court is retiring giving the u.s. president the chance to bring in a new justice anthony kennedy was appointed by ronald reagan thirty years ago it was often the key vote on controversial issues but appointing a successor could lead to a lengthy and bitter battle alan fischer reports from washington. and for me kennedy spent thirty years as a u.s. supreme court justice he may have been appointed by a conservative president but he was often the crucial swing vote on controversial
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issues abortion was one in one thousand nine hundred he rejected a law which insisted parents had to be notified if a minor was seeking an abortion and he supported gay rights writing the majority opinion on all four of the court's landmark rulings on the issue including the constitutional right to same sex marriage his retirement had been predicted he informed the president on wednesday and though donald trump gets to nominate a new supreme court justice his second in less than two years we will begin our search for a new justice of the united states supreme court that will begin immediately. and hopefully we're going to pick somebody who will be as outstanding no no show on the supreme court was an important election issue for donald trump many conservative christians through their support behind him hoping he would change the makeup of the one person bench when given the opportunity barack obama had
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a vacancy to fill in his final months in the white house but republicans blocked him repeatedly now the top republican in the senate which confirms any appointment has asked democrats to play fair it's imperative that the president's nominee become sort of fairly and not subjected to partial attack. then three months of taking office donald trump appointed neil gorsuch a conservative no he gets a second pick which could cement a conservative majority on the court for years to come there will write the criminal justice everything is on the line with this new justice being appointed kennedy was the second oldest justice on the court the oldest is ruth bader ginsburg considered to be a reliable liberal vote it's no believes she's less likely to stand down ahead of the next presidential election giving donald trump a third supreme court pick alan fischer al-jazeera washington the u.s. supreme court is the most senior judicial branch of the government the court tends to focus on big constitutional issues such as civil rights and free speech for
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example in two thousand and fifteen it expanded gay marriage toward fifty states tuesday the court narrowly apel trump's travel ban preventing people from several countries from entering the u.s. the court is comprised of nine justices who are nominated by the u.s. president i'm confirmed by senate they serve for life so it's unusual for any president to get more than two or three appointments and sitting kennedy has been the swing votes or on the bench for many years with his retirement publicans controlling the senate the president can pick the next pick seems certain to move the court to the right jeff houser is the executive director of the revolving door project at the center for economic and policy research he thinks justice kennedy's retirement will worry a lot of liberals. some issues that people thought were long resolved in this country like abortion rights and some issues that seem to have been resolved more
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recently like gay rights are really called into question i think that justice kennedy did not vote with the liberals the more liberal justices that often but he at least created the chance that the more liberal side could get a fair hearing it gave them hopes and sometimes slow down the movement of the court to the right i think that if trump succeeds in confirming a replacement for anthony kennedy that movement is going to accelerate and i think you're going to see people begin to appreciate in this country the broad scope of the court's powers that it not only includes issues of civil rights and free speech but also a whole bunch of commercial law labor antitrust law type issues twenty eight year old newcomer to u.s. politics is shocked the democratic party by defeating one of its most senior figures in the primary vote on xander because according to u.s. representative joe crowley will contest the new york district in november midterms
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croly has held the seat since one thousand nine hundred ninety eight and was touted to lead the party in congress. is a member of the democratic socialists of america and former campaign organizer for sanders well i think what we've seen is that working class americans want a clear champion and there is nothing radical about moral clarity in twenty eighteen is concerned about the use of sophisticated weapons in fighting between farmers and herders in central nigeria governor of plateau state says at least two hundred people were killed in days of violence but police put the figure at eighty six dead the demand for land has plagued the region for decades a dusk to dawn curfew is being imposed on president mohamed a bihari is warning against reprisal attacks. saudi arabia has arrested another prominent female activist and what human rights groups of called an unrelenting
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crackdown had to nevada see is a professor long campaigned for a woman's right to drive for it is say nine of the seventeen detained so far remain behind bars are accused of aiding enemies of the state the driving ban was lifted on sunday yet it was still targeted for arrest members of the world's chemical weapons watchdog passed a resolution giving it the power to assign blame for illegal attacks the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons is until now lack the mandate to name parties it believes responsible for chemical attacks russia along with syria and iran and vehemently oppose the move moscow said the move was a sign the o.p.c. w. was on the brink of collapse political parties in mexico are entering the final few days of campaigning head of sunday's presidential election victories the largest
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vote in modern history the anti establishment candidate and there is another lopez obrador is expected to within become the country's first left wing leader nine governorships and hundreds of kountry county positions rather are also being contested poland has watered down the controversial holocaust more which imposed jail sentences on people who suggest the country was complicit in nazi crimes polish politicians remove provisions for jail terms during an emergency parliament session the law was introduced just four months ago it angered both the u.s. and israel. e.u. leaders will gather in brussels for a summit to discuss the immigration crisis the main issue is how to handle new your rivals some of the bigger countries of the e.u. are particularly worried about the emergence of a new route through the balkans fluting montenegro lawrence lee reports from the capital where politicians and aid workers fear an explosion in numbers.
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all these people are about to find out that the chance of getting to the rich countries of western europe is vanishing over the horizon never mind if you're from baghdad or erbil and have taken your children over land for months compassion is in short supply at this center in montenegro they can come and go as they please not much choice then but to keep moving. we go and put a bus. to the you're going to try to get yours and here. it's really difficult. the border between albania and montenegro is fearsome and it's a crucial parts of the new balkan routes smugglers guide refugees and migrants through these high hills the police who didn't want to be identified said they'd caught seventeen people on the morning we were filming sliding down the side of the rocks separating the two countries clearly the numbers of refugees and migrants
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trying this new balkan route aren't anything like the same as the old one but there is a principle which is the same and that is country after country simply allowing them to slip through and make them somebody else's problem and that's put montenegro in a situation where he's having to answer to austria and germany about what is doing to stop them and at least one solution being promoted is the idea of building yet another fence this time between albania and montenegro the most uneven governments has apparently been advise on how to make a fence by hungary which in twenty fifteen decided to set its own agenda on the crisis the european union one so critical is now adopting similar strategies across the block and so it isn't hard to find politicians in montenegro enthusiastic about the fence for a new very big route and because that absolutely understand concerns of the government to do slovenia out through germany but do you know what's broken in
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malta negra it is first most important part of this nobody discuss about it no discussion of parliament no discussion in the media for a statement about this issue was my. so you think building the fence is a good start and you know of course austria claims there are eighty thousand people across the balkans attempting this route it italy and part of the german government and now driving a raft of measures at this summit either to prevent new arrivals or expel people more quickly to prevent what they call an invasion it's the opposite of what the united nations wants montenegro to do. that there's exactly the message of of you anything. of the asylum system montenegro back in two thousand and sixteen to now sixty where the person that were granted so is far from an invasion is a member that montenegro has a capacity to absorb one european plan under discussion is to hold and process
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migrants in albania before they get anywhere near e.u. territory both albania and montenegro are proving increasingly important to enforce the new hostile environments in western europe lawrence li al jazeera on the albania montenegro border. the sounds of syria time take a look at the headlines now more than two hundred refugees and migrants stuck at sea while european leaders argued about their fate have reached land after a six day stalemate the charity ship lifeline docked in malta aids e.u. countries agreed to take a share of the migrants i think it's too early to say how many will go where we have very clear indications. of and play just very concrete pledges from each member state i think everyone will take to it's safe to say everyone is take
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according to. its capability. the u.s. and russia say a summit between their two leaders will take place but they've given few details officials say the talks between president dog trump and landed near putin will be held in a third country on wednesday trumps national security advisor john bolton that the russian president and moscow u.s. defense secretary james mattis is in china's capital for talks on regional security territorial disputes in the south china sea and the presence of u.s. troops in south korea with the main issues being discussed in beijing matters will later head to sol to me she is south korean counterpart saudi arabia has arrested and other prominent female activists and want human rights groups of called an unrelenting crackdown how to not fancies a professor who long campaigned for a woman's right to drive authorities say nine of the seventeen detained so far
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remain behind bars they're accused of aiding enemies of the state the driving ban was lifted on sunday they were still targeted for us more heavy rain in northern thailand is hampering the search for a football team missing for four days in a flooded cave rescuers remain optimistic the teenagers are alive because in the past cave explorers have been found floodwaters receded there's been no contact with the twelve footballers and coach since saturday. those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after pillow history of a revolution stay with us. growing up in the united states i learned that the first amendment is really key to being in good faith and freedom of the child is going to be. men and women to the resources that are available but it's an al-jazeera story to me is that we just don't tell you what the subject of the story wants to know
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the government is not going to do the one thing the demonstrators want to apologize for that's what else is there and does we ask the questions that we get closer to the truth. in one thousand nine hundred forty eight the state of israel was proclaimed. palestine was lost. sixteen years later in one thousand nine hundred sixty four the palestine liberation organization or the p.l.o. was founded. made up of different factions the p.l.o. has been at the heart of the struggle to regain palestine ever since.


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