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coalition launched a military operation to take the city from houthi rebels the offensive sparked fears of a humanitarian catastrophe most of the aid and food entering yemen comes through the port. in the capital sana'a thousands of people protested against the saudi a morality campaign the protesters are calling on the international community to do more to stop the conflict demonstrations are planned in south korea against the number of yemenis arriving there to seek asylum more than five hundred yemenis have flown to judge you island since december friday the government held an emergency meeting to deal with the crisis regulus and travel to jeju to meet the refugees. the kitchen is the last place adnan imagines himself working. didn't choose this job but i'm in the immigration and they own of this place because me and it turned out that it was a restaurant so. a qualified health and safety officer he worked for
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a petroleum company in yemen but was forced to flee the war after he was threatened and tortured by sympathizers of the rebels and then fled to malaysia on a tourist visa but soon ran out of money. in december opened a new route to jeju island offering adnan and other yemenis the chance to intercept the career through the island's visa free status the sudden influx of yemenis has overwhelmed the local community and the government is acting to stem the flow in april south korea's justice ministry banned yemenis on j.g. from traveling to other parts of the country and earlier this month excluded yemen from the island's visa waiver program for more than four hundred eighty yemenis still here and they are stuck until the government decides what to do with them. the percentage of successful asylum seekers in south korea is around just four percent could. take the time to board if you look at just twenty seventeen it's
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just one percent so the number of applicants are rising with the rate of acceptance is dropping. many refugees now live in cramped conditions up to twenty min in this underground shelter charity and aid a largely grassroots. there is a negative sentiment towards islam and public opinion so that's something that we need to consider in the long term. more than half a million people have signed a petition urging the government to revise its refugee law. the local government is hoping some including adnan to find jobs. council restaurants are asked if we could hire some of their given our labor shortage at first they didn't even occur to me they were refugees or that there was a civil war raging in yemen it was outside my scope of interest the refugees we spoke to said that brother be at home in yemen and stuck on what they regard as an
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expensive holiday resort island because of we have this in yemen so there we go back to yemen because you have to live in your country where you grew up in new music or where you have no friends where you have lived. it is expected it will take up to eight months to process the refugee applications craig leeson al-jazeera j g u r l and south korea. gaza's health minister says two people including a thirteen year old boy of being killed by israeli gunfire the boy was reportedly shot in the head during friday protests on the border with israel more than three hundred palestinians were injured have been weekly protest at the border since march against israeli land confiscation many demonstrators keep going back this quite their injuries. still ahead on al-jazeera the photojournalist who is facing the death penalty for doing his job during a military crackdown in egypt plus. all
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the explaining how roads a transforming the white like. a rescuing people at sea. sponsored by. hello and welcome to international weather forecast snow across europe we have some pretty unsettled weather across eastern areas very active frontal system give you some storms central areas somewhat quiet and certainly out across more western areas we've got this low pressure system giving some heavy rain some showers across siberian peninsula but further towards the north the weather continues to be dominated by an area of high pressure which is giving fine weather so temperatures in london yesterday for instance up to about twenty eight twenty nine degrees in many places not quite as warm as that in the forecast twenty five but
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a few places look at significantly higher than that in a pretty warm day across much of france temperatures into the thirty's central areas not looking too bad but we're pulling cold air down for the north so temperatures around the baltic states are beginning to drop away and cool this cold air in as we head on through into sunday mince for instance just twelve degrees as a matter of more southeastern parts syrup there are still one of two storms around but jerry much quieter weather conditions very pleasant there rome at thirty two degrees celsius it's fine on the other side of the mediterranean sea in pretty hot cuteness there forty one karo somewhat lower thirty six degrees across central parts of africa remains very lively at the moment some heavy showers across west africa in particular we're looking at twenty eight is a high in. the weather sponsored by cattle. every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking story does happen it was in the truck didn't happen on the boy told through the eyes of the world journalists the images matter a lot in international politics. post as we turn the cameras on the media and focus
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on how they report on the stories that matter the most third if someone from the country who guides you to lead you to this story of the byline tells us who wrote the listening post on alt. you're watching out just zero time to recap the headlines now sporadic fighting has marred a temporary ceasefire in the syrian government's campaign to retake rebel controlled areas of the southern city of daraa the u.n. says the russian banks offensive has displaced one hundred sixty thousand people in the last five days rebels now say they're in negotiations with russian officers to
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reach a peace deal. it's now been a week since twelve young footballers and their coach went missing in a cave in northern thailand more than a thousand divers soldiers and border guards have joined the search a new opening to the underground cave complex was discovered on friday that's raised hopes the boys may still be found alive a ceasefire deal that hopes to end south sudan's civil war has come into force president salva kiir rebel leader and much are signed the agreement sudan's capital khartoum on wednesday previous cease fire agreements have been violated. a photojournalist in egypt could face the death penalty for taking pictures during the military crackdown five years ago a judge is expected to deliver his verdict on thirty year old mom or dad was a day on saturday danica team of four pts. mahmoud that was aide better known as show kind could be sentenced to death for simply doing his job and he gyptian judge
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is due to give his ruling in the case. was arrested along with two other nonny gyptian journalists who were later released while he was taking pictures during the post-coup unrest in egypt where in twenty thirteen. he was among hundreds of people detained when injection security forces ordered by general the has sisi now the president to end the six week sit in almost one thousand people died in the violence that followed human rights watch has said the egyptian military's crackdown is probably a crime against humanity according to court documents show khan is being charged with weapons possession illegal assembly murder and attempted murder. rights groups have called for his immediate release the egyptian embassy in paris refused to accept a petition with more than seventy thousand signatures in support of. amnesty international
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says his health is deteriorating more with. the shock and he demanded all charges against him are dropped we demand that the egyptian government stops the suppression of human rights defenders who are being silenced simply because they criticize egyptian authorities he's been diagnosed with malnutrition and niƱa and depression he's written a letter from his prison cell outlining the abuses he's faced and how journalism in egypt has become a crime there are thirteen journalists facing life imprisonment or the death sentence on saturday show khan will learn his fate diana kerim al-jazeera. more than one hundred refugees and migrants are missing feared drowned out of their boat capsized off libya's west coast should warn some viewers they may find the images disturbing the bodies of three young children have been recovered at least sixteen people survived
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a spanish rescue ship says it was told by italian officials to let the libyan coast guard respond to the distress call from the boat witnesses describe the vessel as an old and overloaded boat. but then. there were one hundred twenty people on board on their way the front part broke a wooden piece pierced it and then the boat started sinking and the water started to rise everyone died women children elderly people mean all of them died. and first over surprised with this boat because i was told it was eight meters and could hold twenty people when i tried to leave they beat me and. i was forced to get on board families with children were in miserable conditions it was full of about one hundred twenty to one hundred fifty people it was very crowded and the conductor could not even see in front of them. hundreds of people were arrested in the u.s. capitol during a protest against the president's policy of separating migrant families the
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government says it's trying to reunite children with their parents more demonstrations against all trumps immigration policies are expected across the country when you are follow reports from washington d.c. . oh yeah dozens of signs and posters are being prepared for something big a protest bringing together more than one hundred different groups all opposed to u.s. president donald trump's zero tolerance policy on migrants but some national day of action is not only here in washington d.c. but also across the country the message is simple and our demands are simple we want to see families reunited once again and we want an end to family separation and family the tension policies images of children locked away crying out for their parents after being forcibly separated from them have shocked many the u.s. government admits more than twenty three hundred children have been taken from their parents since may a federal court has ordered them to be reunited. a majority of them are fleeing
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violence in countries like honduras and el salvador or extreme poverty in the case of guatemala the outcry from those opposing the treatment of child migrants has led to calls for protests across the united states. in washington on thursday nearly six hundred people were arrested during a demonstration inside the united states senate among those led away by police from capitol hill was hollywood actor and activist susan sarandon and leave. again tonight. president from continues to call for a strengthening of the us mexico border to the construction of a wall something immigration experts say does nothing to address the root cause of migration extreme violence and poverty in central america the practice of separating migrant families has halted but the organizers behind the protests against president from zero tolerance policy insist that more demonstrations like the ones planned for saturday will continue until these families are reunited one
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resident of washington. uganda is shutting down hundreds of often edges that don't meet legal standards the government suspects being use for profits old child trafficking poll china john reports on a home in the northern city of trying to help the children nine year old appeals parents died from aids four years ago her grandmother took care of her until she passed away the little girl who has hiv was living at a now shuttered orphanage in the northern ugandan city of gulu a pos now cared for by her legal guardian jeffrey who has four kids of his own with a lot of pressure on prime. my throughout my family and china i think. valerie was the manager of one shelter that shut its doors the orphanage was home to children who lost their parents to aids and war the government of uganda.
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the children's home children. there and some of them. even their siblings many in uganda worry the closure of some six hundred orphanages will put children out on the streets without the basic skills for survival unicef says there are two and a half million orphans in uganda and hundred fifty three million worldwide the charity hope and home says children living in orphanages are forty times more likely to have a criminal record and five hundred times more likely to commit suicide researchers say children who grow up in orphanages suffer physically intellectually and emotionally the quality of life of orphans in uganda is what's worrying the commissioner for youthen children's affairs he's overseeing the closure of orphanages that don't meet the government's criteria we have also learnt that many of these often it is being used as a route across got children out of the country i'm suspecting parents just leave
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their children to be taken on by anybody under the guise of helping them and in the end. one of the licensed homes in gulu st jude it's home to more than ninety orphans. for children to grow up in but i defined for the children it was some of the children we. do have. while living with family is the ideal situation for orphans license shelters can help st jude says some of the children who've grown up in their home have turned out to be productive and successful people with university educations and fulfilling careers paul judge urging on al-jazeera every day in australia thirty people are rescued from drowning but that job is about to get easier this summer drones will be used to help rescue stranded swimmers and to spot shocks that might be getting
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a little too close for comfort under thomas reports from. a drone flies over the australians as well as the rough water films in the center of the shot to swim as we've been swept out and are in serious trouble but rather than just film them the drone drops help a self inflating float to which the swimmers cling on and used to get gradually swept by the waves back into shore. it was one of these drones which in january carried out the rescue of two sixteen year old boys mark phillips was at the controls lucky i got on video yes we didn't actually put it on our end because we were obviously busy but we did it from the video footage from the fly so we know from takeoff to them receiving a part with sixty seventy seconds a demonstration shows how it works the drone hovers above the person in trouble that is operate the times when to drop its load swimmers hold on until help arrives
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and traditional way in some cases drones are equipped with the loudspeakers too connected to lifeguard radios they act in a preventative capacity where being able to get above people and say i stopped there's a repair or you are about to get into trouble or you're about to be washed off its head back in with had that capability so we're having intervened probably close to one hundred times where we'll stop people getting into that situation before they've even got the last australian summer beaches down the east coast where patrolled by seventeen lifesaving drones by this november more than fifty rescue drugs will be operating the water today is home of them again but in a rough way that with waves rising can reach places that jet skis can and far in frightening like going from shore to drop in just twenty five seconds. other drones look for sharks computers have been taught to recognize different species
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we've trained with images this computer system and it can actually come back and actually give us accurate answers on the basis of the data we fit the computer can then alerts people to get them out of the water it is an excellent example where it had been used in not replacement things but as a system in getting the work done in a better way the shark spotting and life flow dropping drones have finished their trial periods they'll be patrolling australian beaches for real this summer and those behind them hope to sell their technology worldwide under thomas al jazeera liberal spend. this hour just here on these other top stories now sporadic fighting has marred a temporary ceasefire in the syrian government's campaign to retake rebel controlled areas of the southern city of daraa the u.n. says the russian backed offensive has displaced one hundred sixty thousand people
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in the last five days rebels say they're now in negotiations with russian officers to reach a peace deal the area is meant to be part of a deescalation zone negotiated by the u.s. and russia turkey's foreign minister says the two countries have a responsibility to end the fighting. the united states and russia have reached an agreement regarding the area in syria they reach an agreement for deescalation zones and according to the deal opposition forces would be deployed on one side while syrian regime forces would be on the other but the syrian regime forces launched an attack on the other side so who made this agreement with the united states and russia they both have responsibility and this needs to stop. meanwhile has been our secretary general says the group will help return some of the syrian refugees in lebanon to their country house in the stroller says he'll work with both the syrian and lebanese government to coordinate voluntary returns more than one million syrians have fled to neighboring lebanon to escape the violence it's
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now been a week since twelve young footballers and their coach went missing in a cave in northern thailand more than a thousand divers soldiers and border guards have joined the search a new opening to the underground cave complex was discovered on friday a cease fire deal that hopes to end south sudan's civil war has come into force president salva kiir and rebel leader react my charts signed the agreement in sudan's capital khartoum on wednesday the united nations envoy to yemen says both thawing parties in her data have agreed to allow the u.n. to have a role in managing the city's red seaport it follows more than two weeks of fighting since the saudi u.a.e. coalition launched a military operation to take the city from who the rebels are a photo journalist in egypt could face the death penalty for taking pictures during the military crackdown five years ago a judge is expected to deliver his verdict on thirty year old mahmoud i was eight
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on saturday the news continues here after the listening post stay with us here on al-jazeera. african heads of state and government will gather in mauritania for the thirty pows december leader of the african union ongoing conflicts in the fight against corruption will take center stage al-jazeera will bring you extensive coverage of the summit and its outcomes the african union summit on al-jazeera. president barack what is on june twenty fourth of march when you love watching god tell us. a. luxury. you're so. passionate executive. hello i'm richard gilbert and you're at the listening post here are some of the media stories we're covering this week turkey president party wins the election
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with more than a little help from their friends in the news business and the challenges and dangers that come with trying to cover political unrest in the democratic republic of the congo as elections approach in pakistan and certain news outlets are coming under pressure and it looks like it's from the military. and musical lament from iran for a social media platform the government has taken down. one turkish president red chip type delivered his reelection victory speech last week he spoke of one nation one flag one state he could have taken that a bit further and talked about one media and one voice his own because that's the way the campaign was covered the main state owned t.v. channel t r t acted as if it were state run for every minute of coverage it gave to one's main rival it gave the president ten and privately owned broadcasters were much better since coming to power in two thousand and three air to one has overseen
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a restructuring of turkey's media space media conglomerates that failed to support air to watch have been sold off to allies who will hundreds of journalists have been jailed. it's more media outlets have been shut down it used of terrorism a lot was riding on this election and as the victor heir to want to set to take up sweeping new powers that he says will help him put turkey's economy back on track its critics however say he now has kind of blown to further silence dissent or starting point this week is the capital on for. some time selections coverage can be difficult to assess when is coverage of a campaigning politician and fair coverage. so that what constitutes critical or forming data is easier to deal with doing the math the way opposition members were looking for turkey's broadcast regulator who took.
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according to them in the months prior to the election t.r.t. turkey's main state owned t.v. station devoted sixty seven hours of air time to president air two one while his main rival. got less than seven hours. we had the very symmetrical situation which means dominant government media up to ninety ninety three percent of the entire media sector was the hind end on a nice uk party. should. have gone turkish easy out if it was going to type. six says that. democrats saw fit to sit by t.r.t. being a state broadcaster issued day after day on propaganda of the beast if you're the
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president of a country not only a campaign you also running the country also holding meetings you're also talking to people you also. having a high level diplomats come in taught your presidents from other countries no one taught you so you are more in the news anyway hanuman's it was not much in the news before he became a candidate president aired on what's you know be done cornish that you have made us. look like not made on the george. i want you to hear them as young as a q some of the cult everybody loves shoe just put the blame on the media because in just set. the media has failed ok. it's show that also this is not news it didn't start with his candidacy it was like that for a long time and maybe opposition leaders should also ask them selves how did we get here. the process has been gradual the pattern unmistakable
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over the years to the one and his party have made headlines by arresting dozens of journalists and shutting down scores of news outlets an approach that hit its peak after the failed coup of two thousand and sixteen other developments such as the gradual transformation of the turkish media landscape through ownership changes have been less dramatic but just as consequential media companies deemed hostile by erda one have ended up selling their holdings to the government supporters the dolan group is just the latest example of that once the biggest media conglomerate in the country though one has been cut down to size over the years culminating in the sale of newspapers who the at and pasta and t.v. outlets can now day and c.n.n. turk just three months before the election between the arrests the shutdowns and the changes in ownership critical voices in turkey have fallen if not silent then
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by the way so. the purchase of the media group to fiercely pro-government in the family should be seen as a political move on media group was giving a lot of space to diversity of opinion somewhat large public discourse of different voices etc when its was gone to the other family turkish media seizure to my mind was complete this was a very very dramatic there was no more influential independent and free media left. i think don. media was a useful thing window and media was owned by i didn't do and by previous i know that there was military pressure behind it and we've seen how newspapers control go support by filling its off but pressure is gone and they fail hasn't come as
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a result of government pressure on the country i feel it's more the process of reestablishing a balance in the media space. more than a quarter of. media outlets feeling the heat in turkey would like to blame their problems on the government but they bear some responsibility themselves the president heir to one was still prime minister when his government started cracking down on kurdish media outlets a decade ago by two thousand and nine the go one group fell afoul of the one and suddenly found itself with a two point five billion dollar fine for back taxes when media group was being targeted large. turkish media sort of enjoyed this battle when the kurdish newspapers were closed down the other segments of the turkish media kept silent when someone group which is affiliated with good on the moment was brought down at the other is felt the same way this is what i call
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a sickness off the turkish journalist corps and it continues today to german. other journalists they thought oh ok it's time for them to go down this really failed to come together on the principle of press freedom and i think it had an effect on all of this don went down for financial reasons the money went down because it's a mouthpiece for the goodness cults i don't think any media outlets have been closed down for speaking out against speaking out against it being closed down because their means of terrorist propaganda whether it be. whether they're given this cult movement or any other. terrorist activities and. the larger question about president aired one one that goes beyond the way his treatment of the media is perceived is do most turks even care for all the criticism from abroad from n.g.o.s the european union and others he did take fifty
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two percent of the presidential vote whether the debate over aired one in the media even registers with turkish voters for millions of them even tens of millions it doesn't seem to not. some terms for the large majority such as freedom rights these are too abstract particularly middle and lower middle classes of turkey much more focused on the quality the pocket that's why freedom of media freedom of expression all of these issues are left only for us for journalists for the intellectuals and that's why we are suffering as a has created a strong belief that he is a strong leader that he is able. to lead to country and i believe this still has an effect on people his supporters believe maybe he alter it
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but who cares we are better out with it. is the turkish voting public really that indifferent to freedom of the press as the election results would seem to suggest or was tied care to one's victory just a natural byproduct of the dominant news narrative in turkey all the airtime the media give to the president at the expense of his opponents all the favorable coverage he gets from journalists many of whom now work conditions of feel that too is difficult to assess and if they are to one keeps having his way we will never really know. we're discussing other media stories that are on our radar this week with one of our producers will yong will starting in the us with the national security agency the n.s.a. became big news about five years ago over its surveillance programs now we've
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learned a little bit more about the physical infrastructure that enables the agency to spy on citizens and not just americans first of all where the story come from well the details come courtesy of an investigation by the news website the into set it published a report on how the n.s.a. works closely with one of the world's biggest telecoms companies eighty n.c. to tap into people's internet communications and the report identifies eight heavily secured eighteen t. buildings in major u.s. cities which function as hubs for an n.s.a. surveillance operation code named fairview fairview gives the n.s.a. direct access to rule dates of passing through the facilities which includes e-mails browsing data and other online activity and remember it was n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden who revealed most of what we know about the agency's operations back in two thousand and thirteen snowden called the intercept report the most important surveillance story you will see for years and it's not just a t.n.t. as customers in the u.s.
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affected by this is it far from it according to the report eighteen c. processing centers also allow the n.s.a. access to traffic from eighteen t.'s partner companies who use their infrastructure for efficiency reasons including overseas palm such as door to telecom india's tata communications and telecom italia a spokesperson for the n.s.a. told the intercept it could neither confirm nor deny its role in alleged classified intelligence activities moving out of pakistan now and a news outlet that suddenly developed distribution problems shortly after publishing criticism of one of the country's most powerful institutions the military what's the story there it concerns dawn newspaper which is pakistan's oldest newspaper dohrn play. pakistan's military for blocking distribution confiscating copies of the paper and even threatening their vendors for the past month especially in military cantonment areas where the army has direct control over most aspects of daily life and we also know that many cable t.v.
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companies have dropped the door news channel from the services and what kind of explanations have been offered as to why this is happening now well dorn.


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