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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 2, 2018 12:00pm-12:33pm +03

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because it is such an international city they are very interested and that global perspective that al jazeera provides. a new era begins in mexico as andres manuel lopez obrador claims the presidency. has him speak of this is. also coming up syrian media say a key rebel held town has agreed to come back on the government rule. germany's interior minister offers to resign as tensions within the ruling coalition rise. and the white house backs away from claims the president convinced saudi arabia to step up oil production.
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on mexico has elected its first leftist president in more than thirty years and the nice man won lopez obrador is claiming a historic victory after his two main rivals both conceded all that's in america editor lucia newman reports now from mexico city. times of bridled violence and corruption mexicans have taken a leap of faith was a hero massacred nearly was we all want to be able to live and work in our country without being killed but lopez obrador we believe there will finally be real change was for the first time mexicans have chosen a left wing populist and this month. to lead them better known as he represents social change and the pope all honesty was.
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i will not let you down i will not disappoint you i am conscious of my historic responsibility i don't want to go down in history as a bad president. says he will begin by eradicating corruption which he says is the principal cause poverty and violence but just that through college tuition expects he would see his ambitious goals this mystery because he has been trying to be short on details about how he wants to implement what he calls a radical transformation of mexico. he has explained that he'll pay for ambitious social programs and subsidies to the poorest with an estimated twenty five billion dollars he says corrupt politicians steal and that he'll even sell the presidential plane to save money. in his opponents say he has a messiah complex and warned that he will undermine the democratic institutions and send investors flee but for millions who voted for. he represents the change this
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country desperately needs that the government cannot do it alone but the sea will say they cannot do it along either so we have to join forces in a vase is honesty in a vase is a real fight against corruption and in a basis. system to give justice for all. that of course is easier said than done and given the extraordinary expectations he's awoken of those job will be all the more daunting scene human i'll just see the mexico city. or duncan what is the director of the wilson center's mexico institute he says lopez obrador victory is highly significant. they see him as a man of the people they see it was somebody who's going to bring about real change in the country and change that will benefit them now one of the questions that where we need to find out the answer to is what kind of presidency if we about to
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see is this going to be a traditional mexican presidency where not a lot changes or is he really going to deliver on the promises that he made in the campaign not just this campaign but campaign since two thousand two thousand and six two thousand and twelve where he's really been trying to get a message across the mexican people they he can be he is the bringer of change that he's somebody who can actually make their lives better the mexican political system like the american system is actually built on the idea of checks and balances the congress has the legislative branch is supposed to check the power of the executive branch in this case it's not going to happen we're really going back now to the old style of mexican politics we're looking at how the dream used to govern from the ninety thirties through to two thousand when they had this kind of rubber stamp congress and this meant all of florida who governs by the force of his own personality is going to be able to convince congress very easily to approve the legislation that he needs. germany's interior minister has offered to resign rather than support chancellor angela merkel's new migration deal. has been discussing the
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agreement with his c.s.u. party in munich last week he threatened to turn asylum seekers away from germany merkel had hoped the brussels deal when the at the e.u. summit would tougher measures on immigration would have piece of the c.s.u. dominate cain has more from berlin. after a marathon session of talks in munich the c.s.u. meeting finally came to an end with no definitive statements about their way ahead we understand that having offered to resign as party chairman but also as interior minister horse they hope for is now staking his political future on the possibility of being able to make one final compromise with the c.d.u. allies that's the party of anglo-american remember all this revolves around the c.s.u. wanting better to control the borders of germany and to be able to turn migrants back from the borders angela merkel's party has said that it doesn't really want to do that unilaterally that it would be dangerous it would in danger the e.u.
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wide solution that angle america arrived at in brussels with other member states last week at a point here is the future of the coalition does the c.s.u. want to stay in government and accept most of what it wanted or does it want to pursue the philosophical purity of its position and risk falling out of government those are the questions that will need to be answered on monday in order for this scenario to play itself out to a final outcome. the palestinians are protesting in the occupied west bank against the us peace plan for the middle east what president donald trump has called the deal of the century our force it is live in ramallah for so harry just how significant are these protests. about maybe four hundred people. protests there just moving off from behind me where they had been rallying to proceed up one of the streets here in the center of ramallah as you say has been
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called in opposition to what the american administration calls the deal of the century its attempts to restart the peace process between israelis and the palestinians have to point out though that is very much called by the leadership of the fatah political faction the faction in charge of the palestinian authority here these were very much a yellow flag waving loyalist fatah members rather than a sort of a wider spread of people from the occupied west bank nonetheless what we've seen here is a very strong iteration of what the official p.a. line is against this i think they were stung by an op-ed and an interview given respectively by the u.s. envoy jason green and the son in law of donald trump jarrod cushiony when they were visiting the region last week in which they were pretty strong in their criticism of the current leadership of the palestinian authority the p.a. saw that very much as an attempt to sort of bypass its role appeal to the
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palestinian public about issues like the economic prospects that might be available under us less u.s. led peace initiative and so the fatah leadership has decided to call this public protest to really cement its opposition to that line we've also had the words of the p.a. president mahmoud abbas read out by his foreign is foreign minister maliki on a on a trip just just recently in which again he said the united states had in declaring jerusalem the capital of israel had lost its political and moral suitability to be a broker in the peace process. all right harry force a life for us there in iraq by west bank thanks howard. syrian state media reporting rebels in another town in the southern province have surrendered to president bashar assad's forces but there are conflicting reports from opposition groups whether that's true reports to the talks to restore peace have failed. joins
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us now from beirut zain what is it exactly we know about this at this point. well a short while ago the rebel factions issued a statement saying that they're pulling out to the negotiations all together that they will not be attending talks which were scheduled to take place later today with the russian military talks that have been mediated by jordan they have been holding a number of rounds of negotiations over recent days in there is statement the rebel factions saying that the conditions that the russian military is demanding of us are really humiliating we cannot accept that this specially after all the sacrifices that we have made over the years but in this statement they didn't mention what those conditions are but in recent days the rebel negotiators have made it clear that what the russian military is asking of them is
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a complete surrender or leave accept the return of state rule or leave what the rebels have been asking for is some sort of guarantee for the safety of civilians and at the same time for rebels not tapped and not having to leave the area but for the syrian army and the police not to enter those areas that's the civilian state institutions can be restored in but not the army and police so the opposition saying it doesn't want to sit with the russian military anymore which means only one thing the military option is the way forward and the government has been intensifying its airstrikes every time we've seen negotiations fail they step up their airstrikes so we're just going to see more and more suffering really for the people who are trapped in this war zone and would this be. further indication then that the tide is really turning against the rebels in syria right now. well they're in a very weak position their allies have abandoned them and they've said this
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publicly the united states telling them to not expect us to provide you with any military support jordan another ally of the rebels in southern syria they've closed the border not just to refugees but to weapons and any military assistance the rebels could need or want and so their allies have abandoned them they're in a very weak position the regime used to control thirty percent of it now controls sixty percent of there are so only forty percent of that province remains under rebel control and like i mentioned there's an escalation especially in the western country side in the eastern countryside so the situation does not look good for them it's not clear what they're betting on when they actually say we're pulling out of negotiations and only you mentioned there the continued suffering of people there what do we know at this point about efforts about the humanitarian efforts there. well yes the united nations says one hundred sixty thousand people have been uprooted from their homes operation as began on june nineteenth
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but more people are on the move so that number is expected to grow we just saw video from people in trucks in their cars with whatever belongings they have heading towards the border areas the border areas in the or jordan and near the occupied golan heights because they believe that they are safe in those areas that airstrikes will not target those areas because there's really close to the border there receiving some aid the united nations has reached a few thousand people jordan is sending aid to syria they're not allowing refugees to cross into jordan but they're sending aid in and even the israelis are providing help to people stuck on the border but they're living out in the open and the situation is dire there's no running water and we have to remember in military operations like this we've seen it in eastern aleppo residential areas are targeted the civilians are punished simply because they live in this rebel controlled territory. u.s.
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president donald trump has accused the oil cartel opec of manipulating markets the u.s. is not part of the fifteen member group of president trump is pressuring its ally and producer saudi arabia to increase its own in an interview on fox television in the u.s. trump said. manipulation of the market because the u.s. was protecting many of the members castro has more from washington. president donald trump increased his pressure on saudi arabia by appearing on fox news and saying that he was one hundred per cent sure that opec is manipulating the oil market he went on to say that quote they better stop it because we're protecting those countries many of those countries and it is no secret that the country he is referring to there is saudi arabia trance appearance on fox news comes on the heels of a tweet he issued yesterday in which he claimed that the king of saudi arabia king
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solomon had promised him during a call or had agreed rather to increase saudi arabian oil production by as much as two million barrels a day the white house though quickly back pedaled on that assertion following trump's tweet with a clarifying statement saying that saudi arabia had only indicated that it can raise or production is needed further contrast being trumps claim is saudi arabia statement itself which made no mention of any increase in production amount but the fact that trump is still increasing the public pressure on saudi arabia u.s. ally to increase its oil production is a sign that he will continue with this strong man strategy as trump feels the pressure from of the american voters to lower gas prices at home the u.s. envoy to the philippines has met north korean officials in the demilitarized zone that's according to south korean media he's laying the groundwork for an upcoming
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visit to the north by u.s. secretary of state michael last month the united states and north korea agreed to pursue the denuclearization of the korean peninsula president trump says north korea is serious about the plan but his national security advisor appears more cautious. we're very well aware of north korea's patterns of behavior over decades of negotiating with the united states we know exactly what the risks are of them using negotiations to drag out the length of time they have to continue their nuclear chemical biological weapons programs and ballistic missiles the president would like to see these discussions move properly to get a resolution this is been the advice that china's leaders ping has given us as well so we're going to try and proceed to implement what the two leaders agreed to in singapore but rather than have a series of reports that things are going better things are not going well they're
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concealing this they're not concealing that really it doesn't serve the purpose of advancing the negotiations but there's not any any starry eyed feeling among the group doing this that we're well well well aware of what the north koreans have done in the past. still ahead on al-jazeera the u.n. secretary general visits bangladesh for a firsthand look at the range of prices. a rallying call by teachers across the u.s. as they demand better pay and conditions. welcome back we'll look at weather conditions across southeastern parts of asia first of all you see a massive cloud across the island of borneo more heavy showers are expected in the forecast but further south java seeing return to dry weather conditions so fine
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weather set up here for some time up through the malay flintshire we have got the risk of the chair maybe of singapore but further north it should be a largely find one for kuala lumpur and northward through towards the gulf of thailand or the could be the old shower bangkok a shower from time to time but generally weather conditions not looking too bad at the moment so let's head down into a straight here weather conditions here for the most part looking fine across many areas being see this massive cloud out across southwestern parts of the frontal system which is pushing through bringing the threat of least a few showers in through perth and a pretty windy conditions to go with it as well further towards the southeast the threat of one of two showers on the gulf coast otherwise is looking generally fine artist there twenty five degrees twenty six ahead on through into wednesday meanwhile across in new zealand well in like few days will be some very heavy rain working its way across the country particularly south on and but for the time being weather conditions are looking dry and fine for both on and so this should be plenty sunshine around and in oakland you can expect tonight from temperature of
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twelve degrees. in this case. each one. wants to be seen. to be. demonstrative. with. the human.
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stories. of the. possible see. held. germany's interior minister. measure. a u.n. secretary general antonio is in bangladesh for his first visit to camps hosting
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about one million refugees from neighboring me and mom the bangladeshi government is pushing for more support for the tens of thousands of refugees whose camps are a risk of being washed away in the monsoon season how many jim jhoom has more from the camps in cox is bizarre. so this visit by the u.n. secretary general is really meant to highlight to the international community just how dire conditions still remain for the remainder refugee population here in cox's as are this is a population nearly a million people that is already extremely vulnerable and they're only becoming more vulnerable now because of conditions like the weather just today while we've been reporting on what's going on there been touring chill down worries and that really highlights the fact that for many of the indirect you g.'s who live in areas of the camp this makeshift sprawling camp like this one who took along many of them live on hillsides on muddy hillsides devoid of vegetation and so when it rains that
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really makes the landscape prone for landslides there have already been landslides this year and the aid workers that we've been speaking with say that they expect that there will be more that is why many of them are describing the situation here as an emergency within an emergency now the secretary general has been touring a part of the camp in which they have been building new facilities new housing facilities new huts more secure hides for tens of thousands of for his the refugees from the areas of the camp where they were most prone to having difficulties dealing with the elements he is also going to be speaking a little bit later in the day with a refugee community leaders and we expect that to be a very interesting discussion because there has been growing concern amongst the religious community members here about what exactly the stance of the u.n. is when it comes to the issue of their citizenship there has been a memo of understanding that's been signed between the united nations and the mean more government that's trying to lay the groundwork for at some point in the future
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or hinder refugees possibly returning to me and more there is concern that the u.n. is not doing enough to ensure that we're going to refugees would be able to get citizenship. scuba dive as swimming into a flooded the cave system in northern thailand hoping to find a football team missing for nine days. thousand ties of joy in the search operation for the twelve teenagers and their coach more heavy equipment's been flown in by helicopters navy divers aiming to reach a chamber where the players may have sought safety scott hyla has more from chiang rai. the focus on monday our dive teams now we know overnight from sunday to monday the dive teams led by the tide navy seals were able to get within five hundred meters a potty of each section of the cave system now that's a section a cavern if you will named after a famous speech here in thailand that's where they believe the boys and their coats are so all the focus has been on getting the dive teams closer and closer and
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closer now we know that the pumps just operating so hopefully that water level is still decreasing there was no rain overnight there's no rain so far yet on monday so the hope is that they can get those dive teams further in you can hear that engine behind me that's where the dive teams are headquartered they're filling those tanks as quickly as they can those air tanks so soon as teams come out they can replenish the air and get them back in or new team members come in and then they can give them air and get straight in so that's where the focus is today now also up on the top of the hill they're trying to get in three days separate areas u.s. military personnel are helping rescue officials through and get in there even using a backhoe up there to try to get into the cave from that way now as far as the family members go you know the boys have been missing now ten days this operation in all its intensity is going on for nine days now we just saw a mother of one of the boys who we spoke with a couple days ago she walked up to give us kind of the signal that she's staying strong we know that a lot of these family members have kind of come together and are feeding off each
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other strength after the first couple of days where they're very distraught and kind of into themselves now they're really kind of holding things together but again today on monday all focus all focus on these dive teams getting closer to the party of each section of this cave system. a massive manhunt is underway in france for the tourist criminal who escaped from a prison in a helicopter ride one of five was lifted by three gunmen and the pilot they taken hostage was freed on honde off to the aircraft was found abandoned near paris made was serving a twenty five year sentence for police was murder an armed robbery it's his second jailbreak in five years last time he. as dynamite to blow his way out after taking guards hostage. a private company in japan is investigating what caused a rocket to explode seconds after lift off the ten metre craft developed by start up firm interstellar technologies hit the ground shortly after taking off the
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company's been aiming to provide affordable commercial space flights it's their second failure in two years ten soldiers have been killed and four are missing after an attack by boko haram in egypt it happened in the south east near the border with nigeria the armed group has killed at least twenty thousand people since it took up arms in nigeria in two thousand and nine. more than forty african leaders are in mauritania to talk about ways to tackle corruption and extremism the african union is struggling to solve conflicts in south sudan somalia and libya these are live pictures right now from shots where the opening session got underway a few minutes ago. has more now from the mauritanian capital. the african union is under-funded and beset by divisions meeting in the mauritanian capitan watch they say they are willing to make tough decisions to
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restore stability across the continent. but thousands of kilometers away in south sudan a cease fire that was agreed just days ago has collapsed praising concerns of further violence in the country will see divonne. we must beat up the pace of institutional reform with our union reform as an existing condition of our union is significant progress has been made especially on the financial side of the reform and we need to build on this momentum south sudan isn't the only conflict leaders here are trying to deal with libya divided so malia still faces attacks from. and the political deadlock in western sahara has taken longer than expected. but there were hopes and wash or it would be the place where if the opium and iraq tree and leaders would meet face to face and start talks about it border
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dispute one of the oldest in africa both leaders didn't show up at the summit but as president is size of one a key sent a delegation to addis ababa reviving hopes of a lasting peace between the neighboring countries. we are one. on the ice breaker stage where in a fantastic state the developments have been done i think the future so i very quickly got where you know any country to country that come up to create troops will stay here internationally accepted procedure of the african union was established to promote peace help local economies and provide stability it now wants to establish a single currency a central bank and perhaps an african parliament shaping the future of a continent of law that one billion people african leaders face mounting pressure
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to implement genuine political reforms and conflicts and provide jobs for millions of people across the continent but without addressing the issues of corruption poverty and instability and it talks of prosperity and political unity might be difficult to achieve. short. teachers from across the united states are about to meet to decide their next move as they demand better pay and conditions thousands of them taking part in state wide strikes in recent months and he has more. it began in february with thousands of teachers in west virginia took to the streets in every public school in the state closed teachers here are among the lowest paid in the nation but their actions and success in getting more pay inspired others to follow suit. the following weeks similar strike action was seen in several more states including arizona and oklahoma across the u.s.
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teachers a calling for better pay more funding for schools and a reduction in class sizes i think teachers are by nature caring people and they do whatever it takes but we're tired of it and we're getting ready to. where we are so you must actually oklahoma arizona. west virginia we are now starting a new. she was interviewed by. many of the states where strike action took place are controlled by republicans that have seen deep cuts in education funding success in having their demands met has been mixed but many teachers say they've taken second jobs to make ends meet we don't pour the money into it people always say find a better paying job that is not the solution we're doing this because we love it we love teaching kids in june a supremes court dealt a potential blow to the collective bargaining power of unions ruling that government workers can no longer be required to pay jews. that could cripple the
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financial and political power of teachers unions but many have found to fight on here in florida where teachers are among the lowest paid state records show forty percent leave their profession within the first five years that say unions is reason why teachers concerns should be met and why education should be a higher priority and the gallacher al-jazeera miami florida. this is al jazeera it's got a round up of our top stories mexico's leftist leader under arrest manwell lopez obrador has claimed victory in the presidential election is about to banish corruption and said the only way to end violence in mexico is to fight poverty electoral officials say early results give lopez obrador about fifty three percent of the vote. totals but he cannot i call on all mexicans to reconcile and to place above personal interests no matter how legitimate they are the greater good
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of the nation is first the free syrian army says it's withdrawing from talks with russia over a possible cease fire deal with the government in the southern province of there around the follow state media force president bashar al assad's forces have retaken the rebel held town on basra a sham. and overnight towns near syria's border with jordan were targeted in airstrikes that continued until monday morning jordan's newly appointed prime minister went to one of the border crossings with syria to inspect a deliveries the latest attacks are likely to force more civilians to flee to jordan. germany's interior minister has threatened to resign or rather than back down from his stance on chancellor angela merkel's migration policy horse desire hoffa is unhappy with the e.u. migration deal agreed in brussels on friday the u.n. secretary general is in bangladesh for his first visit to camps hosting about one
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million refugees from me and mine bangladeshi government is looking for more support for the refugees whose camps are at risk of being washed away in the monsoon the u.n. has relocated some refugees living in areas at risk of landslide and flooding. experts scuba divers are swimming deeper into a flooded cave system in northern thailand hoping to find a football team missing for nine days thousand thais have joined a search operation for the twelve teenagers and their coach more heavy equipment's been flown in by helicopters navy divers are aiming to reach a chamber where the players may have sore safety those are the headlines witnesses next. on counting the cost the european union is trying to change we'll look at the reasons why the economic cost of violence in mexico plus the timber companies are accused of in danger in the world's second largest rainforest. counting the cost on al-jazeera.
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