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headquarters in. jordan says no to accepting tens of thousands of syrian war. despite a united nations appeal to open the border the jordanian foreign minister is flying to moscow for talks syrian government forces try to retake. the border where tens of thousands cross also on the grid and other agonizing wait. they've been found after disappearing ten days ago but the twelve teenagers. tave get out safely some of. hundreds of
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billions of dollars the former prime minister is expected to be charged within the next twenty four hours. of political vengeance against the. official twitter account to troll. dot com thanks for joining us at least two hundred seventy thousand syrians almost half of them children have fled their homes in the southwestern province of death and some have turned up at the border with jordan it's been their only way to escape the government's offensive there the united nations urging jordan to let them. but the kingdom which already houses thousands of refugees including syrians
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says it can't open the border but is sending food and aid supplies instead and jordan's foreign minister is heading to moscow in an effort to reach a cease fire meanwhile the rebels have started a new round of talks with the russian military zana hold that has the details from beirut and neighboring lebanon. jordan israel. and their towns are battlegrounds these people are trapped in the syrian government offensive and that our province now into its third week has displaced more than a quarter of a million people according to the united nations some are living in makeshift tents many others out in the open they have little food water or medicine or protection from the heat there is a humanitarian crisis and the united nations is calling on jordan and neighboring countries to open their borders to allow refugees in we recognize that jordan
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lebanon and turkey have long hosted a large number of refugees particularly from syria since the beginning of the syrian conflict it's been heartening to see many people in these countries doing what they can to call on their governments to keep the border open and to gather food and water for syrian refugees. we call on the jordanian government keep its border open for other countries in the region to step up and receive the fleeing civilians jordan's leaders say they can't cope with more refugees instead they say aid is being delivered to them across the border in syria and they say it's up to the u.n. to obtain approval from government leaders into masochists to allow in supplies to reach our province jordan's foreign minister says the focus should be on preventing more devastation i'll be meeting with the russian foreign minister lover of for a discussion on how we can work towards a ceasefire and create conditions of the ground under which people would feel safe and also discuss the facilitation of the provision of supplies to syria and their
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country on their land indeed our syrian government troops are advancing with the help of russian airstrikes troops have seized towns and villages under rebel control and through so-called reconciliation deals that involve a return of president bashar assad's rule sixty percent of daraa is now under government control and the offensive is continuing to pressure the remaining rebel held areas to surrender. russia has been negotiating on behalf of the syrian government with rebel factions the opposition says russia is only offering one option they're describing it as a humiliating demand to surrender it involves rebels handing over their weapons and accepting state control opposition activists have told us russia is not offering them the possibility to move to the rebel controlled province of. several rebel commanders fighters and opposition leaders are refusing to reconcile with the state
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and. they also refused to stay without international security karen t's rebels are hoping for a deal that would make jordan a guarantee of the safety of the civilians negotiations are difficult there. so as we're saying nearly a quarter of a million people on the move if you take a look at this map by the united nations and if you look at the bottom middle of your screen that is the. crossing on the syrian border or what's known as the crossing on the jordanian border where there are tens of thousands of people who are fleeing there from that are province and bernard smith is in fact at that border crossing this abit of crossing on the jordanian side and the border we're in it as we're saying close to refugees but how much humanitarian aid is being sent from jordan to syria. certainly during the day aid has been getting through the jordanian military what
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you can see behind me is the sort of military checkpoint stay staging area before anything is taken across the border colleagues of mine have been a go over there to day i'm not a has been getting through is nothing like as much as they need of course there is nothing on the other side no tents no sanitation awards and no food and it's getting hot and it's getting hot and they really are in desperate need over that as if i needed a reminder of how close we are to a battlefield just in the last ten minutes waiting to speak to you we saw a couple of air strikes hit targets probably and certainly no more than about ten kilometers from where i'm standing now so not far at all from where people are trying to flee from so this is clearly a very active battlefield area and people clearly in a lot of danger during that bernard judy on facebook telling us in relation to this story that people around the globe want to help king abdullah that is going on down the jordan of course has to simply allow it calling on him to open the border and
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we've heard that call from the united nations as well as not putting any pressure on the jordanian government. so for the so far the jordanian government is sticking firm it is saying that he's not going to allow anybody else into jordan it says he hosts already six hundred fifty thousand syrian refugees and the big concerns about how that number of syrians already has affected the stability of jordan so jordan in no mood to let anybody through it would have to be offered enormous amounts of money i think to consider taking in those syrian refugees of syrians for the for the time being it's as with the israelis as well it would rather it wants to keep them on the other side of the border so the jordanians really wanting to get involved in the negotiations with the russians to try and bring a halt to the bombardment of this area so that it's and we can hear actually
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fighter jets go overhead at the moment they want to bring an end to these bombardments so that the people can be taken to safety without them having to be brought into jordan jordan just does not want that to happen during all right bring us meant giving us the updates from the job at a border crossing jordan thank you on the on the home page of al-jazeera you'll find it syria's war tab and if you click on it it will bring it to this page where you'll find all syria related news. and we're also on facebook a face with the dot com slash al-jazeera we're on twitter our handle is at a.g. inglis use the hash tag news grid you can also send us a whatsapp or telegram plus one seven four five zero triple one one four nine lots of comments coming to us on syria on the via facebook saying seems like the meeting with netanyahu that's the israeli prime minister is showing which direction jordan should be heading that is one point of view and we have people watching us as well from the united kingdom somalia australia and south africa i am being told so do
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send us your comments and your questions to the news grid now yemen's security forces or blocking people fleeing conflict in the north from getting into aden that's in the south dozens of families are stuck at the security checkpoint prompting a the from the prime minister for them to be allowed in many have left for data where the saudi image ought to coalition is fighting to retake the city and that's crucial support from the rebels the un's envoy for yemen is in sanaa the capital trying to broker a deal to end the fighting or the who with these have released a video showing a launch of a survey allowance aircraft to monitor saudi backed forces they say they've used the technology to carry out ten operations during the battle for the data. well the twelve boys and their football coach found alive in a tie cave could be there for months they're being supplied with food as the army
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decides how to get them out while waters remain high the boys were found late monday by british divers after being trapped for nine days there let's go to wayne hey he's been covering the story for us in china or i weigh in so what's the latest on the rescue operation and. well there are really two areas of focus at the moment for the search and rescue workers the local administration here in chiang rai province which is being leading the operation when it was a search and rescue operation now of course i risk you mission and those two areas of priority really ensuring that the scene inside the cave get well enough get fit enough get healthy enough to be able to get out of the caves safely and the other issue of course especially for the local administration again which is in charge of this operation is ensuring that the water level inside the cave can be brought down
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significantly we know that the water level is dropping by about one centimeter per hour they're saying but still there are several areas between with the the and the exit the entrance to the cave which is not far from where i'm standing now there are several submerged parts of the cave still that the boys and the coach would have to dive through if they were to start leaving immediately the chiang rai i spoke a few hours ago and said that they could start moving them out of there immediately but they will not do that and they say they can guarantee that it is safe and they say guarantee that the boys or their football coach that they moving at the time at that they are trying to rescue out of the cave are fit enough to be able to make what will be still a very dangerous journey so regarding the water they. still trying to pump the water out of there trying to take advantage really of the fact that we haven't seen any significant rainfall for the past few days and i'm sure the families are hugely
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relieved obviously at the news of the boys having been found but for them it's pretty much a waiting game from now on. yes it is and many of them in fact most of them continue to be camped out here and what is a makeshift village really that sprung up at the entrance to the cave they've been here really many of them since the alarm was first raised on june twenty third that when one of them didn't return from that football match from the trip into the cave when his mother raised the alarm so it's been a roller coaster of emotions for them really ever since then and they continue to wait to before that until they see the boys and their football coach come out of the cave one thing that is happening they believe in the next few hours is that they may be able to have direct contact with the teen in the case because the authorities are laying a communication cable right through the network of tunnels through the caves to the
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area where the thirteen located and that will enable them to make phone calls between the family members on the outside and those on the inside so that will be certainly a significant and no doubt emotional time for for everyone concerned all right when haven giving us an update from chiang rai thank you many people on facebook feed sending prayers to the boys as well as their families as were saying feelings of relief have now been met with anxiety those working tirelessly around the clock to find the boy still have a difficult path ahead as wayne was saying in every sense of the word so let's just give you an idea on where the boys actually are there trapped one kilometer below ground sheltering on a rock deep within the pitch black belly of the mountain the passageways leading to them are extremely narrow flooding here. there is blocking them from returning towards where that scene susan bags were found and down here is the entrance to the cave complex it's about two kilometers from where the boys are right now and let's
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speak to gary mitchell he's an assistant chair of british cave rescue council joining us via skype from clinical ois that's in wales thanks very much for speaking to us so one of the message one of the methods excuse me is when was saying under consideration right now for the boys is to teach them how to dive but that is said to be a very difficult way forward do you agree and why is that it's. yes absolutely it's really quite a risky operation and sort of almost a last resort but it may well be the last resort of the most favorable option to get in the boys out clearly the biggest risks are the fact that as you report too young lots of been underground for nine days they will be slightly weak it will take a little while to build up not only that physical strength but also that mental stamina we need to know and domestic make the fact that it so round about an hour and
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a half's long die it's through that presently one kilometer of slotted passages that that's a huge undertaking for any competent diver let alone youngsters that have never died before and speaking of the flooded passageways their whole also been suggestions that drilling could be another way to get the boys out and to help them out of that cave but we are hearing that more rainfall is forecast in the weather set there are so that's going to be hugely challenging as well isn't it. yeah absolutely i mean we need to try and imagine as you said that there are almost a kilometer below solid rock there in a very small sort of location at the moment it's on a on a bit of a ledge above such flowing water and if you were to attempt drilling certainly to their location you would have to have an exact point of contact and that's the real difficulty a kilometer below ground if you missed them by a matter of meters then you've got sort of no no results on the recalls you could
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potentially drill into another chamber and get that young lots in the coach out to another chamber and go from there but it's not going to be a quick up ration drilling all diving to be honest so what is the way forward then in your opinion and when you see what the two bridges divers were able to do and how they managed to reach the boys as well as their teacher how did they do that. well just determination skill physical sort of challenges overcome mental challenges things like that i mean these guys are some of the best in the world and that sort of showed through and they sort of paved the way all of the tight resources now to sort of follow on behind them get essential supplies into that the youngsters food water medical supplies that ship morale of being able to see somebody see fresh light see some fresh faces here some accidents will be hugely lifting for the boys and their morality quite high at the moment but if if things drag on over
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a an amount of time then clearly that's an issue to work with as well. it's not an easy situation whichever option might be explored they've been in that cave as were saying for nine days nine days without food how much is health a serious concern right now. but actually the reports we got pretty quickly yesterday afternoon once they've been discovered and actually that video footage was released actually they were in remarkably good spirits they were all relatively well considering the old deal they've been through you heard them sort of chanting and talking in english back to the divers and things like that and that that's a huge boost to the families to the rescuers and obviously for the children themselves so at the moment that house is looking pretty good that an hour and a half stifled for anyone is a huge undertaking so they've got to have the right physical stamina and certainly the right mental attitude to even be able to contemplate that all right we will be
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watching the situation how it unfolds and thank you very much gary mitchell for speaking to us from wales there is lots of interest as you can imagine surrounding this story online this article has been the top trending on al jazeera dot com and if you scroll all the way down right here you can watch the video posted by the navy seals and when they found the boys it's been viewed millions of times so far. malaysia's anti-corruption taskforce has arrested the former prime minister najib razak he's been under investigation since his election loss in may charges including embezzlement and bribery using government money are expected to be handed down on wednesday is accused of pocketing seven hundred million dollars from state department development fund one m d b his wife is also under investigation and his stepson has been brought in by police for questioning has consistently denied any
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wrongdoing florence lou has more from the end to corruption agency headquarters. formal malaysian prime minister najib razak is going to be spending the night here at the headquarters of the anti corruption agency now he was arrested on tuesday afternoon and will be brought to court on wednesday morning where he will be charged is not yet known what the charges against him will be but they could include criminal breach of trust corruption abuse of power and even obstruction of justice now not just had been questioned for two days in may by anti corruption officials in relation to a company known as s r c international it's alleged that he had received ten million dollars deposited into his personal bank account from this company a form a subsidiary of the scandal ridden state investment fund one m d b now s.r.c. international was then put on to the finance ministry of which not chip was in charge because when he was prime minister of this country he was also its finance minister and the amount of ten million dollars it's
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a really is ready just the tip of the iceberg when compared to the four and a half billion dollars that not jim and his associates to have misappropriated from the state investment fund one m d b has denied any wrongdoing and says the investigation against him is a political witch hunt but this really is very much an investigation that is still ongoing and seems to be gathering pace anticorruption agency officials are today questioning riza oz's stepson who owns a production company in hollywood and is alleged to have used some of the misappropriated funds to bankroll some of his some of his projects always son was the political secretary in the office from two thousand and nine to two thousand and eleven he spoke earlier about his time working with the former leader. that home i knew off because i was somebody who was very technical toward unquote namely
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he likes to read a lot of graphs a lot of charts to see how the country's economy was growing and so on but of course the allegations now come out. apparently another side to the g eight but unfortunately i well fortunately i was not privy to a debt side of his dealings in the malaysian political system we had a sort of a one party rule for more than half a century so for example the civil service was very much caught off by the government other day which was a ruling government for well half a century so very often even you had darts about certain dealings at the highest levels very often the civil servants or those who work for the government link companies they would turn a blind eyes to that because you were expect that the government will continue for
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a long time and if you are wise are you become sort of whistleblower eddie and other day you may be getting into trouble so a lot of people just keep their mouth shut. and chapelle is here to tell us more of what people in malaysia are saying about the story under thanks tureen well in malaysia the conversation online generally falls under one of these three hashtags justice for malaysia arrested and of course one in d.b. and we looked at what people are saying on twitter and we found four tweets that we think sum up the conversation that people are having so that the first year saying imagine someone telling you a year ago that mahathir would be pm on war would be pardoned and would be heading for the slammer well with the recent developments many people are using their tweets to highlight this unusual turn of events in malaysian politics another post here saying that before the ink dried that's referring to the ink that people dip their fingers into when they vote and as she was arrested and this user concludes
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by saying what a time to be alive another tweet expressing surprise there and another user here reminds people that was arrested on a tuesday on the third anniversary of the day that the one story also broke which was on a tuesday followed by an image with the caption ding dong the witch is dead watch out for big news in malaysia on tuesdays i guess so lastly many people are also wondering about response or that's why wondering where she is and discussing her possible fate this user decided to share an image of some of the luxury handbags and jewelry that was confiscated by police from several of the couple's properties which most lawyer says were gifts from her friends so if you're a malaysian we want to hear from you and hear what you think you can connect with us using the hash tag age and use grid or message me directly i mean or chapell. andrew thank you well a philippine mayor has been shot dead in a town north of the capital manila in the second killing of fits kind in two days
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for tonight on both was targeted by gunmen on motorbikes in cabinets one city police say they're investigating the murder on monday the mayor antonio levy was sought while attending a flag raising ceremony south of manila president rodriguez the territory. of being an illegal drug kingpin just a reminder we're on facebook at facebook dot com slash al-jazeera we're on twitter use the handle a.j. english use the hash tag news grid send us a whatsapp or a telegram a plus nine seven four five votes ripple one one four nine for i mean any comments or questions you may have throughout this so you're watching the news grid and if you're watching us on facebook live in fact we've got a story for you coming up from our a.j. plus team it's about a palestinian raising funds to help hospitals in gaza by running marathons and coming up a little later iran's president is in europe to save the nuclear deal but president trump is piling on the pressure demanding countries stop buying iranian oil about
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stories coming up right after the break. hello there the weather is generally quite quiet across many parts of the middle east at the moment quiet but very hot particularly in the western part of our map baghdad forty seven degrees before the east you can see a keen wind working down from the north that's picking up a little bit of haze at times it's not quite as hot here is it might be and then you can see some showers still over the northeastern parts of our stretching out into kazakstan and those showers are likely to stick around as we head through the next few days before the south or for the arabian peninsula plenty of sunshine as you might expect but a little bit more cloud now some cloud over parts of saudi arabia and also a few bits and pieces over yemen as well probably not bringing us any weather but just hiding that very hot sunshine for us here in doha our temperatures are
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expected to get to around forty one forty two degrees over the next few days and here it will also be a bit more humid now as we head down towards the southern parts of africa you saw that area of cloud that made its way towards the east it didn't bring us rain though for many of us it brought us an awful lot of snow so plenty of wintery weather these pictures from cherry farm in serres showing just how much snow we saw there a good amount of snow szeged blanket of it looks like that's the last of it the temperature in cape town back up to sixteen degrees sixty one in fahrenheit and plenty of sunshine. captaining a leading youth team at sixteen years old takes determination. to the staying on top of your game at school. the whole family bands together and shares the sacrifices necessary for a son to have a shocked at becoming
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a professional footballer. my tunisia home game on a just. we have here as if data we know the products of from buying everything that you're doing that's really where the power of the all powerful internet is both a tool for democracy and the threat believe that any of your companies have a den of fide the full scope of russian active measures on your platform in the echo chamber world of fake news and cyberspace the rules of the game left changed there are no precedents people in power investigates this information and democracy just leave of.
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this is what's trending right now on our websites. the top story of the time i see . boy stuck in cave complex we've been covering the story for you here on al-jazeera and on the newsgroup so you can read more about the updates there by heading to al-jazeera. president says he'll respect the nuclear deal as long as his country's interests are preserved has
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a rouhani is in switzerland for diplomatic talks as he tries to save the deal by getting europe on his side the u.s. withdrew from the agreement in may and president trump has urged countries not to buy iranian oil rouhani has warned that the u.s. will never be able to and i quote zero iran's oil exports. as to how awful the battle after the g.c. p.o. way we should very clearly that whatever promises we make we stand by living up to the promises that we make is the basis of competence and trust among nations we are committed to the promises we made in terms of nonproliferation and we will continue or cooperation with international organizations including the i.a.e.a. iran is looking to have just legal peaceful and stable relations with the world so the u.s. is putting pressure on iran's previous economic partners new sanctions on iran's oil exports are due to resume in august iran will be barred from carrying out transactions in u.s. dollars then as of november it will be cut off from international payment systems
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while the us president donald trump might have shut the door on iran it remains defiant to knowing the u.s. can't stop the rest of the world from buying its or oil that's despite the administration spelling out a campaign of maximum economic and diplomatic pressure in an attempt to push iran towards renegotiating that nuclear deal well france germany the u.k. and russia have all opposed the u.s. calls to boycott iranian oil iran has plenty of customers it ships most of its oil to asia turkey and here of china is its biggest customer followed by india korea korea nuclear deal and during the last sanctions on iran asian buyers were able to skirt around the u.s. financial system by paying for their all purchases in currencies other than the u.s. dollar let's discuss iran speak for he's
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a visiting fellow at the brookings doha center joining us from zurich in switzerland thanks for speaking to us and we know that's a highly himself was in switzerland just today and what he said there was that so long as iran's interests are preserved in the nuclear deal then to one will respect the pax he has said that before though but surely he must be looking for guarantees from the europeans that iran's interests are going to be preserved or will he be getting those guarantees from the europeans. well it's an extremely difficult mission that the iranians have now embarked on today as you sat in switzerland and tomorrow the iranian delegation will have to austria which has the rotating presidency of the european union and it is there where the e.u. package for iran will be presented and it shall be seen if there is a good enough economic dividends for the iranians to convince them to remain committed to their j.c. obligations when it comes to switzerland we have to understand that switzerland
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plays an important role because it's the intermediary basically between the united states and iran because there is no there are no diplomatic relations between the two sides so the swiss have assumed this important role so i think the major issue that going to that has been discussed yesterday and today in switzerland has been iran u.s. relations in question whether there are ways of engaging in some kind of talks between the two sides but tomorrow the. focus will lie on the e.u. package on iran and there we also heard that the a trump administration is asking international partners for a full holt's oil imports from iran by a november the fourth really wants to reduce attack iran's crude oil sales to zero one can safely assume that this is not something that is going to be accepted by
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iran but what will they do. well it remains to be seen in how far the major oil buyers from iran china and india will react to the prospect of the reimposition of u.s. sanctions china buys one third of iranian oil exports when we had the quickly crippling sanctions regime against iran during the bush and obama administrations we have seen that iran was giving to china at dumping prices and so the same might happen also this time around also ves of the iranian oil exports to india india has been more pliant to us demands as china because also of the very close security military relationships than the indian the united states have enjoyed so that but nevertheless both india and also south korea the third
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largest importer of iranian oil have quite significantly reduced their imports from iran already so iran will face. despite the fact that there might be ways to you know circumvent or to balance out the severity of those of this oil blockade base of this oil sanctions will have will face immensely more economic difficulties and this is very important to understand because iran now faces over the last few weeks with protests in the country because of the very massive economic crisis and the fall of the reality has already is already facing a lot of economic problems but those will only meant and at the end of the day the romney administration that is now on this european trip is in immense pressure at home as well by hardline opponents to try to. abuse this kind of economic crisis.
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to try to impeach the government and to to to basically kill the administration ok we thank you very much side of what hollande is out for speaking to us from zurich. now you may recall that the u.s. president donald trump earlier this week asked saudi arabia's king sell him on to increase oil output maybe up to two million barrels and this article is trending right now on our websites of the kingdom is reportedly prepared to utilize that spare production capacity to deal with the changes in the levels of supply and demand and they have the cabinet the saudi cabinet that is has endorsed the kingdom's right in us to pump more oil as a result of that request so you can read more about that on al-jazeera dot com well as germany's coalition crisis over it remains to be seen for now that's as
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a political standoff between germany's chancellor and the interior minister is over angela merkel has managed to save her governing coalition after reaching a compromise on migration it's a dramatic turnaround from three years ago when her government welcomed migrants and refugees by opening the borders to the mass influx of following a coalition backlash merkel was forced to do a u. turn knowing it could spell the end of her the coalition of this new agreement would see so-called transit camps set up along the border with austria refugees son migrants would be screened at these centers to see if they've already applied for asylum in a different e.u. country if it's found to be the case they'll be returned to the place where they first registered but member states would have to agree to this austria has already signaled the opposition saying it's prepared to take measures to protect its southern borders dominic kane with the latest from berlin. the route of
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a migration is the crisis that just won't go away frank and a medical soon and she agreed to deal with her variant conservative allies a compromise solution which will set up centers that migrants will be processed in and indeed detained in for some time before being deported if that's what their fate will be then she has to persuade the social democrats to the center left in parliament that this is a good idea tough task given that a few years ago the social democrats rule that idea or at completely they say the social democrats say that there are many questions that need to be answered before they can agree to this compromise solution throw into the equation also the austrian government saying that it needs urgent clarification from the german government about what exactly this proposal a full read on will take and they say also that they're going to strengthen their borders to the south to the east specifically with the civilians and with the italians so what they see means is that we have the dilemma of the german
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government trying to work out whether it can go ahead with this only while the numbers we're talking about not that high nowhere near the sorts of numbers some of twenty fifteen yet still this issue will not go away. our program counting the cost takes a big picture a look at the european union's efforts to address the migration challenge you're going to al-jazeera dot com click on shows and there you'll find counting the costs the u.n. secretary general is trying to shine some world attention on another refugee crisis this time in bangladesh and one of the terrorists has visited camps where more than a million muslims are sheltering after fleeing from violence in neighboring me and mar the world bank has announced a five hundred million dollars grant to help bangladesh provide the basics but conditions remain very poor muhammadan june has more from the camps and cox is bizarre. the un has been trying to highlight just how vulnerable the population of
6:39 pm
or hinder refugees here in cox's bizarre bangladesh remains and where we are here including the long can this really just highlights it highlights just how dangerous things are for the refugees it's monsoon season cyclons have not begun but look all around us this is what accumulated rainwater does these steep hills behind the steep muddy hills that most of them lacking vegetation well these huts are built on them when rain waters come means that this landscape is prone for natural disasters for landslides for flooding it's one of the reasons why people are so concerned and i spoke about that concern earlier with united nations high commissioner for refugees the legal grounding he talked about specifically the kind of trauma that there has a refugee population has already encountered i came here last time in september just after they had just the right the last group of seven hundred thousand and i found the camp in the deep trauma people wouldn't speak children would nice my women with recount the most horrifying stories of rape and violence i must say that
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people are more confident now nine ten months of relative stability people are telling us at least you know we can sleep have given them a bit more confidence he's no less chilling. the stories that now we hear even more details are still very very frightening stories of abuse which means two things one is that we really need to. address it's trauma with psychosocial interventions into that we need to address the root causes of these speak through and find solutions back in their homes that have to be thinking fundamental for these people to go back to the world bank has announced that they are going to give around five hundred million dollars to the government of bangladesh to assist through him to refugees but the aid workers that i've been speaking with well they say that that's really just a drop in the bucket that this crisis is going to continue to unfold that it is severely underfunded and that the range of population is going to need
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a lot more help. there is an active debate happening online in the united states about civility that says hostility towards the trump administration's immigration policies continues to grow and is back with that story thanks to civility or the lack thereof has become a hot topic on twitter in the united states making the term one of the top trending searches on dictionary dot com this week it means if you don't know courtesy or politeness traits that u.s. president trump is not exactly known for when dealing with his political opponents well the debate over the term heated up after the white house press secretary called for civility after she was kicked out of a restaurant in virginia last month because she works for the trumpet ministration so then this congresswoman maxine waters from california encouraged other people across the country especially in d.c. who are critics of trump's immigration policies to confront cabinet officials and
6:42 pm
restaurants stores gas stations wherever they go until immigrant children at the center of this controversy are reunited with their parents she calls it a form of nonviolent civil disobedience the white house and some members of her party condemned that call in the congresswoman says that she had to cancel several events over the weekend because of death threats waters did end up speaking at this event you see here the families belong together rally in los angeles that was on saturday and had this to say about those threats. thank you renee yeah yeah ok. so adding to the conversation about civility the president's we did a short while ago calling her crazy and saying that her ranting and raving is
6:43 pm
making people flee the democratic party waters is one of several female democratic lawmakers in the rhetorical firing line over their opposition to the administration's now abandoned policy of separating hundreds of immigrant families from their children the next senator you're going to see here california senator campbell harris spoke at the same rally in l.a. she's called on congress to critically reexamine the immigration and customs enforcement agency also known as ice and the work that it's doing now other people know ice rather has been around for about fifteen years it was created in the years after nine eleven to focus on immigration enforcement as a way to fight terrorism and over the past few weeks this movement you see some activists here saying that ice needs to be abolished the bite the abolished ice movement has moved from liberal activist twitter to mainstream democratic politics now senator elizabeth warren for one you may know her name she says that ice needs
6:44 pm
to be replaced completely with something that quote reflects our values several other democratic politicians and candidates who are running in the midterm elections coming up in a few months are now saying the same thing so the white house decided to take another approach from its official twitter account tweeting her asking her why she's supporting criminals moving weapons drugs and victims across our nation's borders and to senator harris the white house accounts also used. wronger language here asking why she's supporting the animals of m.s. thirteen and the president tweeted today that parts of the country were quote infested with members of this organization imus thirteen is a gang that was started in los angeles by salvadoran refugees who fled the civil war in the eighty's and critics are saying the top administration focuses on him as thirteenth just to stir up these unfounded fears about immigrants and also to typecast all refugees and immigrants as potential security threats using as we just
6:45 pm
heard because i just said it's some very humanizing language so this is a very interesting conversation to watch that's all over twitter and cable news in the u.s. and as the vox co-founder matt yglesias put it this seesawing between what we need more civility and we need less political correctness is really something to behold so let us know what you think about this debate and about civility and political discussions if you have something similar happening in your country also let us know we're interested you can tweet us your views using the hash tag to news grid or message me a major chapelle well still in the united states there's been a show of support in idaho where a three year old girl was stabbed to death at her birthday party at least fifteen hundred people gathered for a vigil in boys to honor the refugee families targeted in the attack five other children were stabbed and three adults were injured while trying to protect them police have charged a timmy kinner with murder and battery he'd recently been evicted from the housing
6:46 pm
complex where refugee families from syria iraq and ethiopia currently live thousands of kenyans are still living in camps for displaced people two months after floods destroyed their homes nearly two hundred people died when heavy rains left more than half a million people homeless catherine soy reports in the town a river on the kenyan coast. it's hard to imagine now but a few months ago this place was full of holmes farms and villages swept away by flags the west seen for years in kenya areas along the kenyan coast are most affected. is one of more than sixty thousand people in this region love lost their home since april he shows us what is left of the house he shared with his wife and eight children who would like to return and rebuild but fears that the nearby river may break its banks again during maureen's due at the end of the year . it's a big drain now but even if
6:47 pm
a rebuilt only trains will be flooded again and the river has no barrier so he stays in this camp for displaced people one of a hundred and eight shelters across the region but there's not enough help for everyone but the other challenges the areas accessibility to these some of these areas and we would want to leave it in a kenyan suffered because of floods saw one hundred grave and then use abort and then walk number of kilometers or even used at some point. many villages that are hard to reach remain so marched communities are already struggling to recover from a drought last year this is a dollar village one of the most affected areas in town and revived now the water you actually needed at the height of the floods we're told it was up to here some people are beginning to come back to their homes to try and rough it out but it's also fear of water borne diseases. dad agreed to has just returned from a comp for the displaced she's staying with
6:48 pm
a neighbor on the edge of her submerged village i just got it on and you took one of the companies can just imagine so far from here in the bush lands at least here i can fend for myself aid workers a doing their best to help that not only dealing with the floods emergency but also trying to prevent an outbreak of waterborne diseases such as cholera and malaria when on the same time preparing for another potential disaster when the rain falls again catherine soy al-jazeera tanna riva on the kenyan coast if you're watching on facebook live you're about to see the story of a texas style restaurant in mexico city helping mexican deportees resettle in their home country that's coming up for our for our for our colleagues at a.j. plus and after the break in england fans there to dream of a first world cup quarter final in twelve years but tantalum via spoil the party will be here with the sports that's coming up in just a few moments right after a look at the world weather.
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we're jealous here with all the sports news on the world cup update still absolutely
6:51 pm
darian yes thank you the final two places in the quarterfinals of the world cup for up for grabs in russia today and at the moment sweden are heading for one of the minutes into injury time in the last sixteen passions and petersburg with switzerland and sweden lead one nil am in full spoke with the goal in fact they've just got a penalty as well if it stays this way then it will be the swedes who go through to play either england or colombia in the last eight andy richardson is at the spa tech stadium in moscow where that late game is happening and the on thing a bit nervous for england what kind of chances they got. well they've got a good chance of being outnumbered in the stands all set up for starters there are thousands of colombian fans who have not seen too many england fans i think the team this is a slight danger they put themselves on rep it it's like a logical pressure with all the shenanigans in that final group game against
6:52 pm
belgium we went into that game with both england and belgium already through to the last sixteen but a lot of jostling for who was going to finish second rather than first in the group it looked as though finishing second would give you a slightly easier half of the draw now england ended up losing that game they made a changes to the belgian made knowing changes both teams seem to be going out of the way to try and not score and it just means that england come into this game ok they are in a side of the draw now that doesn't have any other world cup champions in it apart from for themselves but they they risk losing two straight games again in a world cup if it goes wrong tonight against colombia now you have to say there are this england team for one there is a major tool and appear to have some sort of tactical plan which isn't often something you can say about an england team gareth southgate in charge of them almost by accident really came in as an interim coach to replace our dyson is creating a good mood around this quarter often england squad can divide corrosive play along club lines into little clique doesn't appear to have happened if
6:53 pm
a young team it's full of pace it's quite exciting they have a planet set pieces which again is not something we would normally associate with england south got to spend time in north america with n.b.a. and n.f.l. coaches coaches who used to choreographing situations from that situation and you start with england and it's apparently shoes and they look dangerous from it and they've got harry came with five goals so far in this tournament the somebody who is respected and feared throughout the world now they're all weaknesses in the thing defensively they've conceded in every game so far there's inexperience in the goal and with raheem sterling who's lucky to play tonight you got a player who is well liked. and is well respected but only got two goals in force against england and none now in the twenty two games and let's not forget england have not worn a knockout game in a major tournament for twelve years yet let's not even get into the subject of penalty has there been so many it's call it we definitely don't want to be talking about that with england uncle on the subject of colombia you know there was so
6:54 pm
exciting to watch in two thousand and fourteen minutes for three guests have we seen the same kind of columbia at this tournament. i don't think any surprise that the times they've got their best is when thomas has been on the pitch he was injured in the first game when they lost to japan he was instrumental in that three nil defeat over poland in game two and was playing well when he went off injured in the final game and then senegal they went on to win the game one nil but he was it was noticeable that the standard of play slipped when he left the pitch is one of those plays that makes everyone around him play better winning of course the golden boot four years ago right amount falcao up front he's another player with a point to prove perhaps against the english opposition he was injured four years ago i missed that tournament with a serious knee injury he scored goals at the highest level all over the world one place it didn't quite work was in england he was coming back from that manger he had signed with chelsea and manchester united and it didn't go well for him so he'd
6:55 pm
love to score some goals tonight and then at center but we've got a really nice pairing of gerry meena and diamonds and shan shares who is played well all tournament sanchez plays his club football at tottenham so if anybody knows how to stop hurricanes it is him equally if it came out last week sports franchises weaknesses they will find that out tonight but colombia know they come into this game with a great chance of repeating what they did four years ago that is their best ever performance reaching the quarterfinals equally though they've never beaten england in a game and they met once in the world cup twenty years ago england won that night to nail david beckham among school refinance. and just really briefly mentioned at the very beginning there columbia not sort of support are they in moscow. they really are this i think the south american supporting one of the speeches here peruvians at the store had to spoil the country after so many years away in there are thousands of colombians it was like thousands of chinese fans here. even though
6:56 pm
that country hasn't qualified for football is exploding in popularity there and here in numbers i mean you talk to some muscovites here and they just being so overwhelmed by how the atmosphere on the streets of moscow has changed and how liberal the policing is being and i think a lot of them suggesting that satellite was fantastic at the moment this is a hint of how moscow couldn't perhaps should be but there where that perhaps when the world cup right charlies then things will get back to normal all right andy in moscow thank you well they have been so many stories from this world cup that have captured the attention on social media here all favorites of the last twenty four hours even after the team was sensationally knocked out of the world cup by belgium in their last minute of the game japan fans stayed to clean up the stadium as i have every game so follow the team did the same despite that heartbreaking loss they left the changing game absolutely immaculate and with a hundred no as well in russian that said thank you and while they go home one belgian fans all the half is in for an extended break from my husband.
6:57 pm
all right well i. really believe that if we come back in but i think that you must listen to my wife i come back and know i got the guys. my wife i'm so sorry i think i love rochelle. his wife not quite peace he's not coming home all right well that is the old school for now and it's back to daryn so thank you for that on that note that will do it for this news grid thanks for watching you can keep in touch with us on social media as ever just use the house a day news you can connect with us on twitter on facebook and our what's up number is right there we will see you back here in studio fourteen steen g.m.t. on wednesday thanks for watching.
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volcano kill way erupted explosively last thing boiling clouds of steam and ash and
6:59 pm
rock high into the atmosphere scientists say it's not unusual for eruptions to stop and start up again later as for kill way it has been spilling lubbock continually for more than thirty years native hawaiian spiritual beliefs say eruptions reflect the mood so of the goddess. as native hawaiians family is always nice to us whether he thinks our home or not we accept this type of event. with over forty thousand people killed under his roof it took twenty five years to bring him to a court of law but why for so long was such a brutal dictator considered an ally of the west who are reporting to the congress that the press there were gauged to. al-jazeera unravels the history of chad's notorious former president he's saying had three dictator on trial on
7:00 pm
al-jazeera. the u.n. is jordan to open its border to syrians trying to escape the government's offensive in terror programs. and i mean this is live from london also coming up in the program fear is that heavy rain will delay efforts to get twelve tight schoolboys on a coach out of the cave system that trapped in. two months after his shock election defeat for the prime minister najib razak is arrested in the missing state money. and she struck a new deal to save the german government but will angela merkel center left coalition partners accept it.


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