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or first of all it's because the congress to ratify so i don't think that's a realistic prospect i think with your brain leaders meet again they need to do their homework not just of china but obviously for their own sake and also importantly for strategic patience because if they feed i didn't bet on defense spending they will address a major come so far every u.s. administration since i received the eighties the obama administration for example was very vocal about its concern about the lack of spending in iraq and even people to the specific allies like the united kingdom so a few days was only sure that was there before it's not going to go to a new level of tension but it will still be there after china and the europeans need to they're not part of the old sect but also about the future of their religion any u.s. and mr galbraith are the europeans doing their homework are they prepared and you
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know as we mentioned earlier russia is building up its military capabilities not just in the black sea but also in the arctic and the eastern flank does that pose an existential threat to nato and is nato prepared to face that threat. no i don't think it poses an existential threat i don't see the you know the the successor to the red army rolling across the plains of poland and into germany and france i mean that those those days are over. and you know i'm not i'm not even sure that the europe that security will be gamed if europe increases its defense spending i think the issue for the europeans is is whether finally after seventy years they're going to be doing everything that the americans order them to do even when it comes from such an erratic and frankly unfit
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president as donald trump or whether they are going to have to stick up for their own agenda and what are the elements of their own agenda well certainly includes the european union it includes maintaining international agreements like the paris accords and the iran agreement you know it and these are things that are vital to european security so it really is a telling moment as to whether europe is going to continue to be a you know take its orders from washington or whether europe is going to actually develop into the kind of political force that it already is economically and mr middleton what are we looking at now intends. you know nations purpose and its activities if it's not you know it's not the cold war anymore the balkans war is on . so has and so is the war in afghanistan but it is still involved there.
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sure but the cold war is over as is said in a way perhaps yes it is today a different way what we see how russia is. acting towards nato or western countries definitely there are a lot of hybrid elements meddling into the elections or trying to destroy a unity among allies. in europe all across atlantic. so we have to stay vigilant and in the main purpose of one alliance needs to defend members of the alliance and also members of the law and should take seriously and build up their commitments to these i'm not sure of at all well today's more safer than it was early ninety's already zeroes in contrary actually as i said there are
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a number of very serious perhaps somehow even existential threats an existential threat i call it. really prepared to give up nato. and security architecture which has our citizens so many years as though it was fifty years occupied during the period than existed and for our people that support these very high to be members of nato and to see in fifteen supportive allies but also we are not only the consumers of security and defense but also we from ourselves are very seriously investing into it mr post here what do you see as the role of nato in today's world and not just for us but also countries across the world that it's involved in. yeah and to respond to that afaik it's your previous
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question that i agree it would be to her that they snow a direct immediate security threat posed by russia but to rush at dulles was a significant one to go threat to the alliance unity to also own elections integrity and this is what clinton going to achieve he knows he cannot wean our system entry will and he knows he can sort out in confusion you know him a crisis and this is why i agree with the previous speaker that it's a it's key to maintain some sense of creation inside myanmar it's an inside europe and union. however i think we have to be also clear that nato and that's to answer your question is not fit for purpose to deal with these type of hybrid scenarios how do you have said how do you make it fit for purpose was to go to some more time to try to have more our intelligence and that he has bought any choose to be but not enough and look at the sort of very attack
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a chemical agent that's acting b e ok there was not major will be spots about it's called a joint statement and i think after four years of high briefings warrant this being raised by russia the phone call is a you know lions spot nurse it is kind of mind blowing that yes to him scrambling to put the facts together are and some i was similar honest answer which clearly put some sign or response which would enable the demonstration of for example. units to come to the recipient of the of the british forces and i think we have he seems to know that front so he is giving us the impression he wants to will have to have is stirring up a part of what's in fact is we are getting these two out of practice on the he made twenty year already. mr galbraith i now come back to you about guns down because you were the former u.n.
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envoy to it you know what role did nato play there and what good would you say it did. i let me before i answer that question i'd just like to add a point here about these this asymmetric. warfare that or approach that russia has now taking i think it's important to emphasize that they've succeeded at it they interfere in the american elections it's very likely that the interference made the difference between donald trump who lost the popular vote by three million or more votes and hillary clinton whom they despised becoming president and what has trumped done he has so confusion he's undermined western leadership he's even threatens the existence of nato it's a huge success for russia and frankly the europeans have no response to this now that's what they need one obviously you can't expect it from an american administration but in fact is likely in office because of russia ok now turning to
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afghanistan it's important this was the one time the first time that article five was. in an act that the your european allies participated very significantly in the efforts in afghanistan yes there are different command structures there are different rules of engagement it's far from a perfect process but there was significant cooperation and it would have been something that would have been much more expensive and difficult if the u.s. it had stay under taken alone but let's look at the balkans bosnia and kosovo and in those cases the europeans provided two thirds and three quarters of the forces and of the money so it has been in terms of of some critical security issues it's been a very important institution it has. a continuing role assuming we make it through
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the next few years and we would have said we will be watching very closely to see what happens at the. nato summit in brussels next week but i'm afraid we have run out of time in this discussion but i want to thank all of our guests peter galbraith in vermont marco mickelson and talent and fabrice sports here and santander and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion to go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter handle is at a.j. inside story from elizabeth for on them and the whole team here by fanatics.
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thank you. south america australia pretty. solid. i imagine folded to me seized a mosquito and that was probably a good day when the stream flows clear that space because the makes sense to say it's close to the coolest. thing in. the. street. just as.
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you. plug. the most memorable moments with al-jazeera was when i was on air as opposed to. the crowds in tahrir square. if something happens anywhere in the world how does iraq is in place we're able to cover news like no other news organizations. were able to do it properly. that is our strength. when they're on line is the chief. of the. society
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today or if you join the sunset criminal justice system is dysfunctional right now this is a dialogue what does it feel like to go back for the first time everyone has a voice and allow refugees to. change join the conversation announces iraq. look at the headlines here and al-jazeera now the commander of iran's revolutionary guard is welcome comments from the country's president warning iran could prevent oil from being exported by countries in the gulf. the measures could be taken if iran is prevented from selling oil on global markets saudi arabia and the u.a.e. regional rivals of iran have said they could increase capacity to help stabilize
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the market reining in exports could be shot down by u.s. sanctions bring you more on this as we get it. the jordanian foreign minister says dozens of trucks loaded with humanitarian aid are waiting for the go ahead to pass into syria russian and jordan's foreign ministers of this gas the situation in the dara province both admitting there is cause for serious concern the area and dies part of a so-called deescalation zone deal it's supposed to prevent fighting near the jordan and the israeli border meanwhile both israel and jordan are fusing to open their borders to assist the refugees fleeing southern syria the un now says as many as two hundred seventy thousand people have been forced from their homes by the fighting to recapture that our province char stratford is in the israeli occupied golan heights the kind of reports that we're hearing are that tens of thousands of people are living in pretty appalling conditions desperate situation there very
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little shelter many of them obviously without tents the israeli government's position here is very specific prime minister netanyahu has said that as you say the borders will not be opened here but as you know i was also said that the israelis will continue to deliver humanitarian assistance where they can and there's also been a large troop deployment in this area reinforcement of israeli troops that are in this area anyway and have been here for decades but it really foresman of the two hundred tense division new videos been released showing a junior thai football team in good health despite their eleven day ordeal below ground food and medical supplies have reached the twelve boys and their coach scott report from chiang rai new video of the stranded thirteen shows a tiny baby seal emblem drawn on the cave ledge where the teenagers sought safety eleven days ago the words say move past thirteen lives referring to the name of
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their youth football club meaning wild boar. personnel from the navy seals are staying with the boys at all times were reported to be in good health after treatment for minor injuries rescuers are under intense pressure to get the twelve boys and their coach out quickly there has been a pause in the monsoon season rain but it's expected to start falling again in the next few days keeping water levels in the cave system down is critical for the rescue one option is to train them on the basics of scuba diving something one diving expert at the cave thinks will work if they use a full face mask. and it won't take long it is basically just a cave fix a saw as you do it them sit. on the sand you put the mosque on they get a feel for it they get an understanding. use a through water column so they understand that they have a common occasion they can talk to the diver who guides and if there is any problem
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they can calm him down the governor of chiang mai province says that the trapped thirteen might not all come out at the same time they were evaluate each one and bring them out only when they're ready the u.s. is one of at least six countries assisting the rescue will getting them out is the goal providing food and supplies is critical the assistance portion in the resupply and able to provide supplies the shoulder and you know it's a very very relevant to the operations that are being conducted and how we're able to support our thai partners in anticipation of that moment everyone at the cave entrance is waiting for rehearsals are being held and when it's not a thai soldier playing a role it's a member of the teenagers move football club it's got harder al-jazeera chiang rai . counter-terrorism police are investigating the poisoning of two people in a village in southwest england a man and woman are in critical condition hospital after being found unconscious in the ngs very close to where a russian former spy and his daughter were attacked with a nerve agent in march as
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a headline stay with us.
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next door we cannot a true to sympathize with them as if we teased because if you're in the ward we suffered a lot here in southern france a syrian army is ok basin of human and. my feeling is in north and met in moved between. because failure and the tortoise with. this are our houses and this hers were occupied by the syrian army they used to bombard us and target us by those less productive launchers. countless people died homes were burnt down and families forced to seek refuge where. our village was a demarkation line between taliban u.s. army and the syrian army where vicious battles took place on several occasions we had to leave our homes because of the bombing and run away at night
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once we had to leave our homes for three years the place was no longer safe for us to live in. but here is seven years old why we weren't having any think the door was heard as a syrian neighbor she said you're greeted me every time she saw me and would say hide everything how are you i like your yellow card. and so over time she had something in you to say each time she saw me when she decided that i would become her friend.
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when i see shahid as father i love i think a boat whether he fought here was a syrian army so syrian army entered lebanon in one nine hundred seventy six and you're treated in two thousand and five that's means it's possible a lot served in lebanon maybe that or his father or brother did these sots always cross my mind whenever i see him or any syrian. i have. and i think. i love him is. in fact in a tone m m it's been a. hot of this share of his forty one visit is what the heart of. how to. love god if i'm judged mobo on a new piece of video she must. know i just. have them stuck on the gun couldn't
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have done all the show me i'm a show i'm done off. them it's been a name on the most of them full. value of all of them but have not had them and if you had them but have none. of me it's not a. love that i live. in i'm not a flight been my main yemenite of. the so. away footage i should nato. band aid. to kill us. i think the less chance and plow ahead there that.
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yes you. get hit a lot of things i think. thought . that i should. from my handled woman commission but then you can talk among them and i'm even thank you one of them because freedom on the theism is going to mean will don't because what are you hurt by not lumping on the one hundred on the republican field i'm not that much money in about the one to be in mind they can choose to launch a sob i don't know if you have been will have the debates of on full time jobs a lot of it all i'm a what you want to have my mom and dad are some the been homeless then some call the show them the night benson but i can also the and i'm on
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a ton of beat up man but what is most of. the presence of syrian man i wrote out. every single day we see strange men. and susa scares us and makes us feel insecure for ourselves and our children. we thieves are going to buy syrians in every direction it's a full p.t. . perhaps source code to use a fork a thousand fold of the sheer number of just. in time upset that bit of an inside yetta eggplant came from have to look up silly
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who manage that agent and nat she had a will that. if they're headed west now. does that get is it can. never have national in love with nafi we thought of reaction and love to. buy milk and that the law book that. while. a man.
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go on. i don't. know. i spoke to him not once. but. told me that he would take it into consideration we haven't.


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