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as southern russia ramp up their offensive to catch a serious southwest the un says three quarters of a million lives risk. and this is al jazeera live from london also coming up. it is now time that the russian state comes forward and explains exactly what has gone on the u.k. or just russia to give details of a number check attack on former spy service cripple as place investigates how two more people were poisoned by then the agent ty rescue as race to pump water out of the cave twelve boys on their coach are trapped and if more heavy rain hits the
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area. people are challenging manslaughter in kenya following a down collapse that killed forty seven as the think tim's families call for justice. syrian and russian forces have been pressing on with their offensive to capture a southwest syria launching hundreds of ass strikes on rebel held areas in out of nations says the lives of an estimated three quarters of a million civilians are in danger from the financing around three hundred twenty thousand people have now been displaced since syria and russia began their offensive in daraa and connector province sixty thousand displaced people. border crossing south into jordan and thousands more are along the western border with the israeli occupied golan heights where jordan says it's managed to get syrian rebel negotiators back to the table with russian officials vis off the talks
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collapsed on wednesday prompting the syrians to restart their offensive. from beirut. rebels and province say they are ready to fight to the death but at the same time they say they are ready to return to the negotiating table several rounds of talks to end the fighting and restore government rule in the southern province peacefully failed jordanian mediation has yet again succeeded in bringing the warring sides together earlier the opposition said the terms demanded by the russian military negotiating on behalf of the syrian government are unacceptable and humiliating to this. didn't even begin the negotiations and the russians were not even ready to listen to our demands the russian side insisted on their own terms and left the meeting during that meeting we insisted on guarantees before we give up our weapons because how can we give up our weapons without an international guarantees. the relative lull in the fighting has been shattered the military
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offensive resumed in full force. civilians yet again the victims activists say there were hundreds of airstrikes in the few hours following the breakdown of talks missiles and barrel bombs battered what's left of opposition controlled territory. the rebel held areas have shrunk since the almost three week long russian backed syrian government offensive began government troops continued to take ground moving closer to the jordanian border with the capture of the town of site it came at a cost dozens of soldiers were reportedly killed in the opposition says it will continue to defend the remaining south of the villages in the province under its control. the revolutionaries managed to prevent assad's forces from advancing into toughest on salmon for the fifth consecutive day this will be the graveyard for the regime and the russians we tell bashar al assad that the revolution started here and his end will be here. there is defiance but there
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is also a reality the opposition is surrounded. by its allies people are afraid. what happens. when people are afraid of returning to their homes if the regime is president they're afraid of being forced to join the army in a risk to join the opposition rusher in the regime accuse them of terrorism there's a lot of fear the offensive has created a humanitarian crisis hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced the number is growing with the escalation in the fighting the opposition says it is afraid to hand over their heavy weapons without security guarantees from a third party they fear reprisals from syrian government troops if they enter their towns and villages those who don't want to live under president bashar assad's rule are demanding safe passage to rebel held areas in the north and opposition to go she does want the u.s. and involved in talks about the fate of southern syria all those requests were rejected. the intensity of the bombardment is being described as the heaviest since
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the offensive began just like in previous military campaigns the pro-government camp is hoping to bomb the opposition into submission. beirut. has more from a military field hospital crossing jordan syrian border. there has been a steady stream of syrians fleeing dara coming here for treatment with a wide variety of injuries many of them conflict related and the jordanian military set up three separate tents in what are extremely challenging environment it's hot and it's dusty and it's very difficult for people to work there are a lot of frightened people here frightened children man frightened women. this five year old girl clearly in a lot of pain just fell over as she was running away from the fighting and she's being given stitches by the doctors but you can see the very difficult conditions
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that working in and you can see that this is very frightening indeed most of the injuries here we deal is cut worn. bare bones. and describe the environment in which your working out challenging is this environment and why it's hot sun sand. some. something this is said before any people who want to do in his life. the jordanian military says it's treated hundreds of syrians here in the last few days for a wide variety of injuries and illnesses two women unfortunately who were pregnant tried to make it here for treatment lost their babies because of the great distance they had to travel an indication really the very stream dangers the syrians are facing as they try and flee the bombardments of the province now while jordan is not opening its borders to refugees to allow refugees in it will give treatment to
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any who need it and then they will be sent back into syria. precious home secretary has called on russia to explain itself after man and woman handle the rights and contaminated with a nerve agent in southern england a couple fellow l. close to salisbury are a former russian spy and his daughter were targeted with the same substance and attack the british government blamed on russia he just shot reports from salisbury . the couple remain in a critical condition at seoul's priest district hospital but police and counterterrorism officers investigating the second poisoning say it's unlikely they were deliberately targeted but were caught up in the fallout from the previous attack the couple dawn sturgis and charlie rally both in their forty's collapse in
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a house of a mystery twelve kilometers from salt break officials at porton down who had it done to fight the nerve agent as novacek say it's designed to be highly persistent five sites are now cordoned off as they trace the couple's movements before they succumb to the poison. apoc pharmacy house and church are still being searched for any trace of the nerve agent police urging people who also visited these areas to wash their clothes and take precautions britain's counter terror chief warned that there still remains a low level risk to the general public but through it all the people of soulsby remain surprisingly upbeat i don't think it's fair in to anybody that it's always we still buzzing as you can see is a shame that it's happened who is it will is it does anybody really know it's just unfortunate soulsby just picking itself up again and now it looks as though we're back to square one the british government has always held russia responsible for
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the attack on the script and the interior secretary has asked them to come forward and explain what exactly happened the eyes of the world are currently in russia not least because of the world cup. it is now time that the russian state comes forward and explains exactly what has gone on there is speculation here that those responsible for the march attack may have dumped chemicals on their way through a mystery to be the quickest route to the motorway to shop al-jazeera in salzburg. at least nineteen people have been killed in a series of fireworks explosions near mexico city aid agency red cross says the victims include file i find says police and paramedics who were attending one blast when a second explosion happened nearby and these thirty one others were injured off or where houses were destroyed. at least forty nine people are missing after a cherished boat overturned off the coast of southern thailand the governor of pink
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head says the search has been suspended because of strong winds and rough seas he says people have been rescued the boat was carrying chinese tourists as well as its high crew. rescuers in northern thailand say they are in a race against time to extract a football team from a flooded caniff monsoon rains are just days away and pipes and pumps have been brought in to siphon out millions of liters of water and the twelve boys on the coach being taught the basics of scuba diving scott's highway reports from the rescue site. and uncommon yet welcome sight for this time of year no non the mountain reveals itself during the rainy season the top peaks of the rains containing the town long cave network is usually completely hidden by clouds underground rescuers work quickly during the break in rain installing more pipes and pops is to try to lower the water level in the flooded caves divers also
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continue to supply the twelve boys in the football coach with food and water ferrying supplies nearly five kilometers into the cave where they have sought refuge for twelve days it takes the divers six hours to reach them. the group is being trained by expert divers from the top navy seals on the basics of diving with scuba equipment they'll stay with the boys and till they are out what the. now not ready how do we stop that what the inside and read it at that low rate well. we bring it all day all now all top but there's a weather deadline the monsoon rains are expected to return on sunday which is the biggest issue right now is it getting that water level down or training the boys. to get it. to get it one hundred thirty million liters of water have already been pumped out of the massive cave system now the water level not to be down to
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a level where the boys can walk all the way out any time soon by getting it is lowest possible helps reduce risk when they do finally leave. as well as much activity underground rescuers are searching above the cave looking for a possible altered it escape route. we are calculating the position of the children on the corresponding position on the surface we also mobilizing our teams to survey the jungle and about twenty to thirty teams of convergence having to survey for homes that may be of use to our plan. the governor says if the risk assessment of bringing them out is ninety percent success they will go for as with the weather forecast it looks like that number will only get smaller al-jazeera. still to come this half hour prime minister calls for calm after a second night of violence in the city unknown to over a fatal police shooting plus. and i'm lauren frayer the border between northern and
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southern ireland the place the issue that could be rail brecht states and could also break the british conservative party. hello again remains very warm across many parts of europe but also with the risk of some really quite severe thunderstorms there's a lot of potential energy in the atmosphere at the moment and it's going to be realized across parts of eastern france through switzerland really all the way across the alps and through into central parts of europe so also a frontal system pushes where across more easterners introducing slightly cooler weather meanwhile out across the western mains very warm across the u.k. the finest summer since one thousand nine hundred six i would suggest a few showers down across france and into appear in print so it's looking pretty warm temperatures there in the mid thirty's but time to get through to saturday
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states then we still it is warm across most parts of europe but as we head into southeastern there is that we're going to see the bulk of the showers developing sure in the course of saturday for north africa where the conditions are looking fine we probably have some lifted dust around parts of southern algeria through mauritania and into western sahara but otherwise hot and sunny much as you would expect let's head into central parts of africa where it's pretty sherie as you would expect some big storms with the gulf of guinea west africa seen some heavy downpours i think we'll see some big storms affecting kinny guinea-bissau liberia further north in mali should be largely dry there with bamako coming in with highs of thirty one degrees. with over forty thousand people killed under his rule it took twenty five years to bring him to a court of law but why for so long was such a brutal dictator considered an ally of the west who were reporting to the congress
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that the press were engaged to. al jazeera unravels the history of tragic notorious former president is saying hybrid dictator on trial on al-jazeera. welcome back reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera syrian and russian forces have ramped up their offensive to capture southwest syria launching hundreds of astronauts on rebel held areas person has called on russia to explain itself after a man and a woman collapsed from poisoning by the now be chopped nerve agent near
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a city where a former russian spy was attacked and rescuers in northern thailand say they're in a race against time to extract a young football team from a flooded cave heavy rain is expected to hunt efforts in the coming days. the end of the dam in kenya and another director have been charged with manslaughter after forty seven people were killed when the down collapsed in may they were also charged with failing prepare an environment impact assessment report for the facility seven other people have been challenged in absentia catherine so it is in seoul life for us. more than two hundred families or leave here have since moved to different parts of this area some of the ones we talked to are still very traumatized some of them decided to bury their loved ones right here to serve as a remembrance of what happened in things this week has progressed very quickly it started with what a cabinet minister saying that the dumb that collapse causing flooding all this
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area was illegal and had not been inspected for yaz then the director of public prosecutions ordered their arrest of nine people including the owner of as well as government officials there will be charged with manslaughter some of them already in court people here are saying that these are good developments are happy with what is happening the one justice but they also say that they want a better compensation package they say they've been given some money by the owners off but that's not enough and they also told us that they were duped into signing forms. five seen a few open prison officials have been fired for alleged torture and other abuses of their tourist jail a sponsor of a reform program undertaken by the new prime minister when they took power in april here rights watch says inmates in the prison in judging known as jail are going to wear beams for years among those tortured when members of three opposition groups the been put on a list of so-called terrorist organizations know how to do as more. the
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removal of these three groups from the terrorism organizations list shows the difference title of leadership of prime minister but also signal that the days when nixon dissent against the government was classified as terrorism all government official say that these groups that are gotten much non-aggression from the points for the rights of the somali people of your korea as well as the overall more liberal from strong but that been for a long time fighting for the suppression of the only a region from the rest of this year between many grievances as well as in box seven a group whose political leaders hop in exile following what they say is prosecution by the government now all these groups could according to government officials soon be hovering talks with the government and in case of any agreement with the government could be tom into political parties that could put speight in the
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theaters next election in two thousand and twenty. france's prime minister has called for calm after a second a nicer violence in the western city of norwich dozens of cars shocks and a library were torched following the shooting of a driver injuring a change stopped by police the officer has been taken into custody for questioning natasha butler has. young people set fire to cars buildings and shoot with riot police while dozens of firefighters battled blazes the second night. violence unarmed was sparked by the killing of a twenty two year old man by police on tuesday france's prime minister condemned the unrest and said an investigation has started to see the cases in the hands of the justice system and it will do its work thorley and with full transparency because everyone wants to know exactly what happened and i will make sure this is the case the man killed was driving in this neighborhood when police stopped his
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car for a check police said he gave a fake identity than a properly reversed as if fleeing prompting another officer to open fire ridiculous the fact that this individual has been judged jackson's june two thousand and seventeen off and their arrest warrant issued by the credit court for organized robbery was a group of criminals and maybe this would explain the logic behind the driver's attempt to flee. the. people here say tensions often run high between police and young people but the fatal shooting has shocked many. for a so-called routine traffic stop because it can happen to anyone to be pulled over and asked for his papers in the car it should be simple maybe a search or something but i don't think there's a need for weapons the victim was from a paris suburb where nearly two hundred people have marched in protest against what they call police violence the concern for french authorities now is whether the arrest in norm's will spread to the capital and to other cities it's actually
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butler al jazeera. versus ruling conservative party will meet on friday to discuss internal differences over rex it and britain's future trading relationship with the e.u. one of their disagreements and volves the face of the land border between northern ireland and the republic fears the return of checkpoints and close roads which would be disastrous for its economy lois lane reports from the town of dundalk. who could imagine that the future of the economy of the british isles could rest on what to do with road junctions but the places like this where trucks with u.k. northern irish and southern irish markings all rumble by it is was everything has come down to. for the european union sorting out what to do with the irish border is now b. single most important issue in trying to break the deadlock with the u.k. over breakfast and yet for so-called hard brick sitters the border transports economics are almost dismissed as an irritating thing fail another powerfully
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flippant british attitude is in century the people living on the irish side of the border. in the very beginning our business has always been focused on our customers this expensive video was produced by a company which turned fifty this year but to use its position on the border to turn a family company and so on which stores and ships goods all over the world the fact that the british government seems to have no rational plan for the border fills them with i have major concerns for what the future is going to bring. plus it's customs and the implications going to be quite a vicious staff to me but the cost something cation i mean there is going to be a cost to absorb stash as if to manufacture as a transport company or as a consumer. the irish economy has rebounded after years of trouble caused by the banking crisis now every projection says it will set it back again putting a hard border back to allow the u.k.
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a clean break from europe is the worst of all scenarios businesses are really concerned because they're putting in place plans and some are acting now you know if you're a financial services company facing potential next year the regulators are going to insist that you have those plans in place so companies are already making decisions making investment decisions and it's having a bearing i suppose already on the economy. need a long memory to understand the fuel already on the border when it was close. marched in protest of the social and economic damage nine hundred sixty s. and seventy's the border town of dundalk was not only economically depressed but harbored enormous anti british political sentiments now the open border has vastly improved things but here the perception of british attitudes to on and assists you don't trust the british government no not much i mean you can go to palestine you can look at what was promised under the balfour declaration of one thousand eight hundred both sides were promised the same day you can look here and see what was promised here you can look at the sectarianism that was allowed to be tolerated for
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over fifty years until they were forced to address the issue of. some of the most fervent breaks it has of even suggested the way around all this is for oil and to leave the european union as well as the u.k. not only is that viewed as enormously patronize ing it's clear that all ireland sees a chance for once to stand up to the british seen from here opposition to the whole border has much to do with writing historical wrongs as well as protecting the economy mostly of zero dundalk. governments as a to hear nationwide state of emergency lifted on monday but a new decree will allow some of some of those emergency measures to remain in place president chip time one improves the state of emergency after the failed military twenty sixteen he was elected for another five years term last month and will have expanded powers that were not really approved in the referendum last year. is in istanbul for us. a circus president so far gone takes his oath as the president
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of the new system in turkey on monday july ninth he will be announcing the new cabinet as well which will mean the parliamentarians system will be literally abolished and today we don't leo whose name to be the last prime minister premier of turkey and he confirmed that the state of emergency will be lifted as well it was not on the agenda before the l a. since it was not on the ruling party's alex oral program but a few days before the election president pledged that he will be lifting the state of emergency which has been since two thousand nine thousand six hundred and it has been highly criticized by the human rights organization. by the international public opinion as well as the markets and turkey with the soaring turkish lira needs the state of emergency to be lifted which is a sign that the new government's new cabinet will be trying to deal well with the
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international markets. the u.s. government is using d.n.a. testing on migrant children separated from their families at the mexican border to help reunite them out as they respond to a brazilian asylum seeker who hasn't seen his son since he was taken away at the mexican border and the problem president trunk zero tolerance policy gabriel elizondo reports she is so scared she would only speak to us by telephone she came to us with her nine year old son seeking asylum in her native brazil in an interview said husband who threatened to kill her when she crossed the border into america her nightmare began border guards pride her son away from her grasp listen closely to what she says only regret their non-truth started crying they're not holding on to money from work or they got to me to work or grind in the hours that can work happening one cell was full of mothers the other packed with children both
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cells with a thick glass wall faced each other their majority don't think you're going to run screaming and grinding on the ground. trying to get to the front where their parents are across their own. you wouldn't know were there when to thirty women but there weren't any regard bearing the. ninety nine zero years. after two days her nightmare became even worse there were many to be found and then on average found one in there walking with my son thanking him wait that was five weeks ago it was the last time she saw her son after more than three weeks in detention she was finally released but her son was not she is now living with relatives in the u.s. and lawyers working on her behalf have filed a lawsuit against the federal government to force immigration officials to reunite
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her with her son so far that hasn't happened the same immigration officials say that asylum seekers that are detained are treated well but that wasn't her experience you know you were were treated really bad because there was no one right here that crazy or not race that we prayed for a parent maybe it would member. remembrance now or if there were no working people or anything like that there were one recurrent victim who are over the mouth because they were packing their things she's been able to phone her son only a couple times the last time she was allowed three minutes or no one night he was crying. when he then you want i don't want to comment coming against him. gabriel is on to. new york. a strenuous climate council says time is running out to
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save the great barrier reef and to a warming is the main culprit its latest report says coral bleaching could happen every two years by twenty thirty for you to rising sea temperatures the council says that rate of bleaching will continuously set back recovery of the coral that makes up the reef global warming has led to more frequent and longer heat waves in the world's oceans ecologist saying damage to the reef may be irreversible they've noticed a drop in the diversity of fish species and the number of young fish settling on the reef martin rice is acting chief executive at the climate console he says the bleaching is a very worrying. one nine hundred eighty s. with siri turned coral bleaching it create twenty years because of a change in climate an intensification of climate change warming at sea surface temperatures we're seeing that return every six years now so with the great barrier
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reef it's future unless we urgently. use a greenhouse gas pollution levels we could actually see it turn up leaching every two years that's effectively going to sign. these reefs at large. this is a reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera jordan says it's convents to syrian rebel negotiators to resume talks with russian officials insolvent there are province syrian government forces stepped up their offensive after talks collapsed a wednesday and lost hundreds of estimates on rebel held areas the u.n. says allies of an estimated three quarters of a million civilians are in danger from the fighting around three hundred twenty thousand people have been displaced. britain's home secretary has called on russia to explain itself after
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a man and woman were exposed to the nerve agent navi chalk in southern england their fellow after handling a con tom a native item this solsbury where a former russian double agent and his daughter were poisoned with the same substance and attack the british government blamed on russia i know that many of you who question whether this incident is linked to the one that is clearly the main line of inquiry we have already seen multiple explanations from state sponsored russian media regarding this latest incident we can anticipate further disinclination from the kremlin as we saw following the sols reattack the eyes of the world are currently in russia not least because of the world cup it is now time that the russian state comes forward and explains exactly what has gone on at least forty nine people are missing after a tourist boat overturned off the coast of southern thailand the governor for cat says the search has been suspended because of strong winds and rough seas he says
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forty eight people have been rescued in and general manager of a dam in kenya that collapsed killing forty seven people have been charged with manslaughter and also charged with failing to prepare an environment impact assessment report for the satellite down facility france's prime minister has visited the city of no two a twelve people were arrested during a second straight night of anti police riots the own mess figure on tuesday when an officer shot dead a twenty two year old driver he was trying to avoid a police checkpoint dozens of shops cars and buildings have been torched and damaged those are the top stories stay with us here on al-jazeera the stream is coming up next.
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m.l.k. and your industry we are live right now on al-jazeera and you choose today we explore three stories making headlines around the world in denmark new laws mandating so-called ghetto children to be trained in danish values has critics accusing the government of promoting xena phobia a mosel look at the state of iraq's second biggest city almost one year after i saw it was defeated but first there were huge oh tens of thousands of refugees living in camps on the borders of myanmar and bangle dash off threatened by flooding and monsoon rains just a one hundred jam june is in cops is bizarre.


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