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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 6, 2018 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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and. prepare for the global ripples donald trump imposes huge tariff some goods from china but beijing strikes back within hours. hello i'm down in jordan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up a tragic turn of events in the thailand cave rescue with the death of a former navy diver. more than twenty years after a deadly nerve gas attack on japan subway a cult leader is executed. and how a fight of a fertile land has killed hundreds of people we take you to central nigeria.
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a trade war between two of the world's largest economies has officially begun with the u.s. and china imposing tariffs on each other's major industries chinese tires some thirty four billion dollars worth of u.s. goods went into effect a short time ago they would retaliate to u.s. imposed levies on the same amount of chinese products but donald trump is threatening to increase the tariffs on china to half a trillion dollars in money down which we said many times that no one will benefit from the trade war but the two sides need to meet each other halfway in threat they will lead to nowhere position has remained consistent and is very clear where robert broad joins us live now from beijing so rob not surprisingly china has already responded. it certainly has daryn that this was expected it came just a few hours after the imposition of the tariffs from the u.s.
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we've had the response now from china they've always said that they would not be the first to fire the shots in any trade war but they would certainly respond in kind and it seems they are as good as their word so this was expected they did promise this action when you look at the actual amount of tariffs on the amount of goods it's thirty four billion dollars on each side which sounds a lot but in terms when you compare it to the sizes of these two of the world's biggest economies it isn't actually that bigger stuff what concerns people though is that both sides seem to be headed into more dangerous territory locked into a deepening trade war that's what worries people and is driving down sentiment here not only in china but of course in the wider asia area given the fact that all of these economies are so interconnected it has been driving down sentiment having said that the shanghai stock exchange actually ended slight the up on the end of
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business today but this is an exchange that has been driven down. in a downward direction pretty much consistently over the past few weeks because of this fear of a trade war and now we are getting into a trade war it seems what concerns people here is what happens next if there is going to be another round of trade tariffs if this things does get more serious then that is what concerns people. china has always promised it will match exactly u.s. tariffs with its own list thirty four billion dollars worth of goods will be affected from farm products to automobiles chemicals and medical equipment as those u.s. products become more expensive china has been looking for other countries to supply them. china has been trying their hardest to diversify suppliers of energy of
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agricultural products especially when all the heat focused on saudi being on china has been boosted his investment in a lot of other unconventional countries for soybean exports such as russia in so doing say critics of the u.s. policy beijing has been forging deeper trade links with u.s. competitors there will be no winners the question is will there be something lose more than anybody else right now though it looks like the united states is doing the opposite of what it intended it is in essence rallied the entire world against it and u.s. tariffs could ultimately hurt u.s. firms as well as chinese that's because far from being a straightforward take for tat easily winnable trade war it's complicated for example some of the chinese semiconductors the u.s. is putting tariffs on use microchips that are designed and made in the u.s. so those companies will also be hits what's more some of the chinese firms targeted
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are actually foreign owned including by some u.s. companies who bore me the u.s. measures are attacking global supply in the value chains to put it simply not us he's opening fire on the entire world including itself china suspects this is about far more than trade and that the u.s. is trying to thwart its ambitions of becoming a high tech manufacturer to challenge one day the dominance of the united states. also what's thought to be behind this is the u.s. wanting to punish china for bad trade practices for the stealing of intellectual property well in answer to those allegations leaker chang the chinese premier has now weighed into the round he has been attending a conference in eastern europe in bulgaria where he has said that all foreign companies are welcome to do business in china that their intellectual property will
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be respected and their rights will be defended just he says as any other chinese company would also have the same rights to her right to rob a bribe then beijing rob thank you now the u.s. state might pompei or as arrived in north korea to discuss the country's plans to dismantle its nuclear program its first visit to pyongyang since the historic summit last month between president trump and the north korean leader kim jong hoon one pair will also discuss the remains of u.s. troops missing from the korean war on his two day visit the future of the twenty fifteen iran nuclear deals being discussed at a meeting of five major world powers in vienna foreign ministers from britain france china germany and russia are joined by john serif of iran it's the first time they have come together since the u.s. controversially pulled out of the agreement earlier this year european leaders are hoping an economic package will persuade iran to stick to the deal despite u.s. sanctions rescue teams are pushing on in their attempt to rescue
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a football team trapped in a tight cage this is the scene in chiang rai right now where they are continuing preparations to try and bring the boys out ahead of expected monsoon rains but the efforts been dealt a blow with the death of a diver helping with the effort scott hyder reports from the rescue site in china. so mancow don was a retired navy seal diver who was brought back to help with the operation to rescue the stranded football team and their coach he was part of the seal team with the british divers who found the boys' early friday morning he was ferrying air tanks deep in the cave he passed out under water a fellow diver pulled him out and attempted to resuscitate him he died from lack of oxygen his death underlines just how risky the conditions are it takes six hours to reach the boys and their coach and involves a series of complicated dives the effort to find another way to get them out is
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picking up pace by the drilling is ongoing on the western side of the mountain and aiming to east the location where the boys were found we can't yet to pinpoint exactly cation using global positioning systems otherwise we could drill into the caves and bring them out but another team is specifically focused on finding their location above ground using technology and equipment that can detect fault lines underground. to send and receive life signals we can gather information that can be used to find the boys like cation in the cave from above the ground even with all the technology being deployed and the hundreds of rescuers working around the clock the biggest threat remains to be something that nobody has any control over the weather one heavy rainfall could undo days of work and the families continue their wait at the mouth of the cave hoping for a communication line with the boys and their coach to be completed it was supposed to be up and running days ago got harder al-jazeera. escalating ethnic violence in
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central nigeria has left more than two hundred people dead over the past week hundreds have been forced to flee their homes as fighting for land between indigenous farmers and cattle herders continues al-jazeera is a common address reports from. own state. orphaned by a conflict she knows nothing about this toddler fighting for her life was brought to hospital with broken limbs in standpoint our parents didn't survive the are they old villages and travelers who are all affected by a conflict that many years old was over after three year break it came by the very real shock to me that this same community will visit. attacks again and was will lead to these number of killings in blood is that there must be total investigation on us the root cause of this case it may be beyond what was the
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government responded by deploying more troops but that hasn't stopped the flow of refugees. the only kid areas has been was a casualty he didn't leave when others fled she's in causal level. neurons will burn in labor i feel powerless without him knowing when i don't know what will happen to me or the kids who are in school i don't know but people do this is a grave of the only victim of the attack on cockroach fish witnesses say when the religious sense then they moved us in from the kitchen protected by the security forces but many vulnerable villages once are lucky only say eighty four people were killed in the attacks that lasted days but community leaders insist the total is more than two hundred. curiously the crisis in the central state of plateau is between two ethnic groups the bureau who are mostly farmers and the flooding had
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been blame each other for the night in the conflict the full unease came behind the church with a number more than one hundred people in block over block and they came. from last august to two did we lost over two hundred fifty possums sickened at legal is some under wrote some in the reordering field and so mazel votes were counted all it was even does killings and killings and killings the government just blamed for its failure to protect the weak either for political expediency or the failure of the security apparatus to deal with the violence like in most nigerian states affected by killings this year the conflict center mainly on land resources the population has grown so has the demand for food and with the effects of climate change becoming more real the fight over land and water has intensified. again you
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also say that with nigeria's campaign season. politicians i exported the situation to their advantage. al-jazeera central nigeria time for a short break here now to zero when we come back a ruling is expected any moment now in the corruption case against former pakistani prime minister nawaz sharif will be life in a more lasting. welcome back as we look at weather conditions across asia in northeastern areas we've lost the impact of the tropical storm proper ring that's clear in the pacific where he still is very slow moving frontal system which is given some large amounts and it's been know a very wet day in asika and i still think there's another day or so of rain to come so there i was right in the heart of another pulse of rain coming up tokyo not too
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bad probably draw it times but sendai looks like being friday much for kaido should be in the clear and it's fine weather across the korean pincher we have got this cold front pushing in towards beijing later in the day so the could be some storms developing later on as i move the forecast through twenty four hours that frontal system is still there does weaken at that stage much the rain will have fallen out of the system so some dry weather but still potential for some decent rainfall accumulations that front then clear suit beijing so they should day of storms further towards assayas we've got some heavy rain across parts of southeastern china hong kong looks wet food very wet indeed some showers likely for parts of vietnam and indeed across the border into the far south of china meanwhile for laos a scattering of showers for me amar looks as though again it's going to be quite wet it ties more showers coming off of bear bangle highs of thirty degrees and the wet young gone.
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welcome back a quick recap of the top stories here this hour china has responded with retaliates
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retiring after the trump of ministration imposed duties on thirty four billion dollars of chinese imports beijing as accused washington of launching what it calls the largest trade war in economic history. the future of the twenty fifteen iran nuclear deals being discussed at a meeting of five world powers in vienna four ministers from britain france china germany and russia joined by other iran the first time they've come together since the u.s. controversially pulled out of the deal. and in time one of the divers helping with the rescue of a boy's football team trapped in a cave has died former navy seal lost consciousness and a lack of oxygen on his way out of the cave he'd been delivering oxygen tanks to the top boys. of the. top story now the tariffs imposed by the u.s. and china let's talk to a tank and he advises the chinese government on economic development issues he joins us now from beijing and a good to have you back on al-jazeera many observers thought that both sides could have negotiated their way out of this dispute but this trade war is now clearly
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escalating why is this. well i mean you have to start looking at the aims this is a unilateral action that's been taken by trump he says he has a reason about ip and things like that but the reality is he's taking a very sharp blow trying to take china out of the global supply chain and essence or diminish its ability there and start looking at the tariffs that he's imposed almost ninety percent of them are capital or intermediate goods these are all things that are aimed at as i said taking china's role at the center of this and moving it elsewhere it won't move to the u.s. and the chinese president xi jinping has warned he won't back down but i mean can the chinese afford to go toe to toe with washington you know this is a not a win scenario this is a lose lose scenario the issue with china is they understand that trump is trying
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to use this both politically at home as a way of sucking the oxygen out of the air and also in furtherance of his economic idea that china has to be held down if the u.s. supremacy is going to be maintained so no china is not going to back down in terms of how it can be fought by china remember there's three hundred fifty billion dollars worth of goods sold by american firms who are based in china and that is always an alternative as well as the one point two trillion dollars in reserves and actually has quite a bit few tools at its reckoning but right now it seems to be opening things up and trying to counter this idea of unilateralism with support of multilateralism w.h.o. etc and it is interesting isn't it because the us federal reserve american business group some farmers of all warned that a trade war with china will have a negative impact for the u.s.
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economy is this a point which is lost on donald trump do you think. no i don't think it's lost on him he and his advisors are trying to calculate in terms of time when these how much this is going to hurt and when it's going to hit they have just like nafta he said i'm not going to make any decision about nafta until after the midterm elections i think they're trying to delay the pain till afterwards it's a pretty narrow time level let's see if they're successful if he's not successful he could lose the midterm elections but interestingly you know people are beginning to think he's in a no lose political situation if he's able to keep republicans in power he will have a bully pulpit and that means to get things done and if the democrats are elected he will be able to blame them for anything that is going wrong so it's not clear that he has any kind of long term strategy short term definitely not just
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a final thought from you away from the politics how does an escalating trade war between the u.s. and china impact on all of us globally. it's not going to be good years you're going to start to see global downgrades of global growth there's going to be severe disruption when you start trying to talk about rejigging the global supply chain there's going to be a lot of economic pain it's going to be felt by a number of people remember china is a conduit for a lot of southeast asian and asian nations we're talking about korea japan singapore everywhere things are going through there it also in almost sixty percent of the goods that are coming out of china are either mean produced or have some part in american products owned by american companies in china so this is going to have a profound impact as i said it's it's mostly political a little bit less economic on
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a tongan thank you very much for your time. now a pakistani court is about to hand down a ruling in a corruption case against the ousted prime minister nawaz sharif he and his daughter could face jail time for allegedly buying luxury of properties in london with undeclared income the sixty seven year old was removed from office by the supreme court last year of other corruption allegations and banned from politics for a life that he and his ruling pakistan muslim league have repeatedly denied any wrongdoing let's talk to our correspondent kemal ida he joins us live now from the capital islamabad so come out what are the options for the courts and could a guilty verdict what what could that mean for the was and his party. well as far as the coldish concerned that their trial cordin as you mentioned it was back in july seventeenth. before disqualified and the country's prime minister . named him and his family for holding off shore accounts
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spent their property that they own and the united kingdom that probe of course now and then the trial court which had been going on for over nine months and twenty two days to be exact and today the court of course saying that the. word again. means and therefore that it could carry a maximum sentence of up to fourteen years here to clear whether that word indeed applied to both now watch and he and his daughter to a fish are already declared that. it did indeed going to be a landmark judgment by the accountability court and if it did going to be deferred against mr sharif it may even open the door for accountability against the politician but at the moment all i glued on the accountability court
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security forces personnel including the police read write good. have been deployed and all roads leading to this particular fertility have been barricaded so we are all waiting for that. word from the national. coal. as we wait for this verdict does this accountability process only apply to sharif or all the politicians likely to get caught up in this. day has been some criticism. however in recent days the accountability courts have also are directed bureaucrats. party members. now and expectation that it should go beyond mr no why should leave there should be across the board accountability in our country and now we are just heading i can break it to you we are heading indeed now why should he have had been given.
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ten years we do not know about the fate of him but of course qualified then she too will not be able to contest the election we are told there are seven near. the door to all four now why should leave who are still getting help bartie as. a major setback now watch today if the former prime minister of pakistan. has been qualified by the. court and ten to ten years in prison for no why should he have seven years in prison for the watch that did the new coming out of the national committee go ahead it's. all right to come out in islam about other accountability caught there with that live update come all thank you very much. well catalans amir is in paris for talks with a french president emanuel mark wrong the gulf crisis is among
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a number of issues that are expected to be discussed between the two leaders joins us live now from paris has them so what are the qataris hope to achieve in france during both leaders are definitely going to talk about the g.c.c. quizes and ways to consolidate military financial and political cooperation between france and the state of qatar this is very crucial the visit by the emir of qatar because since the start of the gulf crisis the emir of qatar has multiplied his overseas trips to europe the united states of america with the aim of sending a strong message that qatar is breaking that blockade and that it is committed to consolidating east ties particularly with key allies like france last december qatar and friends signed a multi-billion arms deal which includes the put chase of there are foreign fighter
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jets and also other vehicles yesterday with the start of the visit the emir of qatar towards a military base in southwestern france where he was presented with different bit to give particularly the rough on fighter jets i have to also say that some qatari military officers are being trained here in france so it is definitely going to be a trip about consolidating political economic and military cooperation between the two countries i have shown you touched on the gulf crisis there is it likely to be contained any time soon. france is a country which has established traditional ties with the main gulf countries saudi arabia the united arab emirates in particular with arms dealers and also they are some of the key clients are. expecting the emir of qatar to arrive any time soon now of the to meet with background so i think the french with their traditional
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ties with those countries are hoping to be able to step in to try to negotiate a political settlement the americans have tried in the past but you know we're talking against the backdrop of an escalation the has been going on particularly saudi arabia which has reportedly warned it might take action if qatar goes ahead with the purchase of the a russian made as four hundred and cross systems we're talking about mounting tension in the region remains to be seen whether the french would be able to step in and succeed where the americans have failed but this crisis is an ongoing concern for the international community the americans have said that there is absolutely no way that can defeat i sell or restore stability in the middle east unless the crisis is resolved thank you. now the former leader of a doomsday cult that carried out a sarin gas attack in japan in one thousand nine hundred ninety five has been executed so across a haro was the first to be hanged for the tokyo subway attack japanese media say
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six of his followers i've also been executed thirteen people were killed and more than six thousand injured when cult members released the gas and five coordinated attacks in the cities metro lines who did i know. in the house. these criminal acts were planned and conducted a systematically they were unprecedented at the same time extremely violent and should never be repeated in the future they put people in extreme fear and shock not only japan but people all over the world also they used chemical weapons such as star and felix gas in these criminal acts and they targeted citizens and conducted indiscriminate acts of terrorism that shocked the world. britain's home secretary is demanding answers from russia after a man and woman were exposed to the nerve agent novacek police believe it don't sturgis and charlie rally collapsed after they handle a contaminated item in the small town of amesbury last near the city of seoul very where russian double agents and his daughter junia were touched with the same
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chemical samples are being analyzed at the u.k. military's porton down research to badri located halfway between m. p to shop reports. the couple remain in a critical condition at seoul's priest district hospital but police and counterterrorism office is investigating the second poisoning say it's unlikely they were deliberately targeted but were caught up in the fallout from the previous attack the couple don't sturgis and charlie rally both in their forty's collapse in a house in a mystery twelve kilometers from salt break officials at porton down who had it done to fight the nerve agent as novacek say it's designed to be highly persistent five sites are now cordoned off as they trace the couple's movements before they succumb to the poison. a park pharmacy house and church are still being searched for any trace of the nerve agent police urging people who also visited these areas to wash their clothes and take precautions britain's counter-terror chief warned
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that there still remains a low level risk to the general public but through it all the people of soulsby remain surprisingly upbeat i don't think it's fair into anybody that it's always very still buzzing as you can see is a shame that it's happened who is it what is it does anybody really know it's just unfortunate soulsby just picking itself up again and now it looks as though we're back to square one the british government has always held russia responsible for the attack on the script and the interior secretary has asked them to come forward and explain what exactly happened the eyes of the world are currently in russia not least because of the world cup. it is now time that the russian state comes forward and explains exactly what has gone on there is speculation here that those responsible for the march attack may have dumped chemicals on their way through
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a mystery to be the quickest route to the motorway. al-jazeera in salzburg. and you can catch up on all the news in our website there it is on your screen all the latest on the us china trade terrorist address al jazeera dot com that's not a zero dot com. let's get a quick check them on the headlines a pakistani court assist given a ten year jail sentence to ousted prime minister nawaz sharif in a corruption case he and his daughter were under investigation for buying luxury homes in london with undeclared income a sixty seven year old was removed from office last year over other corruption allegations and banned from politics for life both he and his ruling pakistan muslim league have repeatedly denied any wrongdoing china has responded with retaliatory tariffs after the trump administration imposed duties on thirty four billion dollars of chinese imports beijing as accuse washington of launching what
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it calls the largest trade war in economic history china also called the united states a trade bully in money down which we said many times that no one will benefit from the trade war but the two sides need to meet each other half way through it will lead to nowhere our position is remain consistent and is very clear the future of the twenty fifteen iran nuclear deals being discussed at a meeting of five major world powers in the austrian capital foreign ministers from britain france china germany and russia are joined by jove adds a reef of iran it's the first time they've come together since the u.s. controversially pulled out of the agreement only this year. in thailand one of the divers helping with the rescue of a boys' football team trapped in a cave has died the former navy seal lost consciousness from a lack of oxygen on his way out of the cave he'd been delivering oxygen tanks to the twelve boys and their coach the u.s.
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secretary of state mike pump aoe as arrived in north korea to discuss the country's plans to dismantle its nuclear program its first visit to pyongyang since the historic summit last month between president donald trump of the north korean leader kim jong il and pompei i will also discuss the remains of u.s. servicemen missing from the korean war on his two day visit the former leader of a doomsday cult that carried out a sarin gas attack in japan in one thousand nine hundred five has been executed show cause sorrow was the first to be hanged for the tokyo subway attack japanese media say six of his followers have also been executed thirteen people were killed and more than six thousand injured and cult members released the gas in five coordinated attacks on the city's metro lines well those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after inside story structure that's a lodger. will
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the world's supply of oil continue to flow out of the gulf donald trump ultimatum to importers stop iranian shipments by november or face u.s. sanctions iran hits back by volume to block the straits of hormuz as the rhetoric heats up over a crude what's the cost this is inside story. welcome to the program. donald trump's nuclear reaction is threatening to turn off the taps in the world's major oil supply the white house is threatening countries which
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imports in.


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