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yes from new zealand thank you. now the united states as we confirm that north korea has committed to complete denuclearization in a news conference following talks with japan and south korea the secretary of state might pompei indicated that pyongyang had to promise to work towards a verifiable denuclearization but warned that the road ahead would be difficult following talks in pyongyang north korea had accused the americans of making what it called gangster like demands. to pin down some of the details of when and how korea would give up its nuclear weapons the road ahead will be difficult and challenging and we know critics will try to minimize the work that we've achieved but our allies like the republic of korea and japan president and i believe that peace is worth the effort and that's something that we all want as allies we share and are committed to the same goal the fully verified final denuclearization north
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korea has agreed to by chairman kim jong il. today we were able to reaffirm our neighboring commitment to continue strengthening of our trying not to corporation tours the common goal of knows careers complete verifiable and irreversible dismantlement all weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missiles of all ranges. correspondent for the soul and there was that news conference joins me now live from tokyo very clear confirmation from mike that as far as the u.s. is concerned talks with north korea are on track. yes in the cold war we had like many reports just the day before when the water life the volcano ball. went to the least and other documents been published on the
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center and visions of the north korean central news agency that these folks i can't stand like to get out of so today's videos i should have these folks out on is very important especially if you mentioned during this conference today. we're going. to have a new state to verify. what u.s. commitment towards this funding it's you can get on the. ground this is a very important state it's destroying its. site what do you say that you ask for the north korean side for this they mentioned that they're going to do it in the new port and five which he commented followed up by telling them that he hopes it would be soon so this is a very concrete step that he can check and within that few weeks this new these talks are really going ahead or they're just wasting your time as some of the fish
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of the state about that of course south korea and japan have had to allow the united states to take the lead in talks with pyongyang but from your observations in that press conference what do you assess the relationship to be warm was it antagonistic was it. difficult because the south koreans and the japanese have very different positions politically when it comes to dealing with north korea. yes that's right. they have a very different issue hanging for the kids now we know which is now being both companies national citizens and many citizens in the seventy's and eighty's by north korean agents this issue has been raised by you but i'm going to have a nice prime minister shinzo have it by one of mr but it went off and they got
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a committee and comments from members and also from what i'm going to tell us but i'm going to have embryos that this issue will be solved. with issues related to the nuclear side programs of not so we don't see any progress on this issue we're not going to see a major breakthrough with with the north korean issue and today actually said one by. its counterparts they mention that north korea that this issue was raised during the talks between going video and the north koreans during his two days. with delta shows and going young but they declined on comments you know commenting on that is all told these talks this doesn't give a very going to stick a picture to what we can see from that one. on the other hand for south korea they seem very very stiff on their reputation that they need to see concrete
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steps to address the inequality station of north korean nuclear program but we'll leave it there for the continue to follow vents with the there from turkey thirty seven our correspondent in tokyo thank you. still ahead although there are dozens dead and missing in japan after drenching rain tree just flooding and landslides. and the sand is growing but when. the weather sponsored by qatar airways hello there we've got a good deal of cloud is drifting its way across the caspian sea at the moment you can see it on the satellite picture it's here gradually edging its way eastwards and that it does say it's bringing us a few showers will see a few of those around georgia there on sunday and pop a few in the northern parts of iran as well but elsewhere across the middle east is
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just pretty hot at the moment as you'd expect at this time of year so for baghdad will be up around forty six degrees over the next few days so not as hot as it has been but certainly very warm here in doha things are going to change and they're going to get hotter and that's because the air is going to get a little bit dry up so forty four degrees will be our maximum on sunday then the winds really begin to pick up on monday so a blustery day and a hot one as well with draw iraq temperatures will make it to around forty five or forty six degrees or pretty sticky one here but there's always the west a lot of cloud over parts ever try and it looks like we're going to see some pretty heavy showers here down towards the southern parts of africa plenty of dry weather to be found but not quite for all of us have these winds coming in off the sea and as they do so they're going to pick up a lot of moisture so a fair amount of cloud and a few showers around many of the coasts particularly around parts of mozambique and madagascar with the plenty of showers here and generally speaking the further west you go the brighter the weather becomes on time and a review should be dry. the weather sponsored by can time waster.
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a new series of rewind i can bring your people back to life and brand new updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries the struggle continues. to. use distance rewind continues with the return of the lizard king steve child and one east upwards of two hundred species are going extinct every twenty four hours and a lot of that is attributed to wildlife trafficking rewind on al-jazeera. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera i'm so hole rob a reminder of our top stories rescuers in thailand have begun the operation to free
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a trapped football team from a flooded cave the head of the mission says the twelve boys under coach are very ready for the operation they've been trapped underground for more than two weeks also the u.s. secretary of state has reaffirmed that north korea is committed to complete denuclearization by pompei also said that pyongyang has agreed to talks in july to discuss repatriating the remains of u.s. soldiers who died during the korean war. japan's prime minister shinzo obvious as rescuers are working around the clock to help victims of floods and landslides at least sixty one people have died and dozens of others are missing after days of downpours more than one a half million people have been ordered to leave homes with the worst flooding recorded in the city of character to japan's southern tip alexia brown reports. across half the nation
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a sea of muddy water flooding has ripped japan and to with central and southern regions largely submerged. the death toll has steadily climbed an elderly man was swept into a swollen river and hiroshima homes have collapsed and landslides have buried at least ten people. east to west from kyoto south dozens of people are missing whenever a night out of an i offer my deepest condolences to the victims and my sympathies to all people who have been affected. in central and southern regions one point six million people have been handed evacuation orders another three million have been advised to leave the heavy rain is forecast until monday. heavy rain will continue in the area from western to eastern japan and it will be historic during fall which could be the heaviest rain ever recorded nearly fifty thousand police firefighters and civil defense personnel have been deployed kyoto's
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riverside promenade a major tourist spot was shot when the cow more river burst its banks roads and bridges a shot to the hundreds of kilometers warnings have been issued for landslide prone areas this rainfall is hitting basically everywhere at once so there's no it's difficult for the emergency services to prioritize where they should go first because there are so many things happening all at once and obviously if a road is washed out or bridges destroyed even if you have a nice fire engine or ambulance you can't get to some of the places that you need to go to and responders have experience rural areas of japan struggle with flooding at this time every year but this year they were special circumstances typhoon preparation into the sea of japan on choose day high winds taunting japan southern islands before it moved north dropping unprecedented rainfall the typhoon has
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passed a move that means little to those navigating its wrath alexy o'brien al-jazeera. dolls foreign minister says south sudan's warring leaders have agreed to a power sharing deal reinstating rebel leader rifles show as vice president regional leaders have been mediating talks in uganda to end the civil war and its ability overside in twenty fifteen that it fell apart again later the war has killed tens of thousands of people and displaced millions since twenty thirteen. it's agreed in principle that. his excellency salva kiir will work. together with his brother the thirty which are for the sake of peace and stability of south sudan it's agreed that we will be having. the vice presidential. debate with the idea company president of continual. excellently dr e. as much as you in the position of first vice president like that haiti has suspended a proposal to raise fuel prices after three people died in violent protests people
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say they called ford steep increases of up to fifty percent cut here lopez had doing reports. the outrage was immediate fires set roads blocked protesters say they can't afford haiti's new fuel prices with chaos out on the street at the capital port of france several people decided to spend the night at work many businesses close their doors this is that your backyard when looked at my wife was going to deliver a baby she needs a syrian and every hospital we go to we can't find a doctor because of the protests i don't know what to do the government announced an increase of up to fifty percent for diesel gasoline and kerosene in a country were about eighty percent of workers earn less than two dollars a day the news wasn't received well you know moved to we're speaking up against the president he hasn't delivered on the promises he made during his campaign from food
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to job creation we haven't seen anything since he came into power. what you're not seeing now. didn't jovan eloise took office last year promising to improve the economy the government says that this move is part of that process. in february haiti's government agreed to reduce fuel subsidies in exchange for aid from the international monetary fund. but hotels to say they are tired of empty promises they fear more prices will go up while their wages stay the same. this other young al-jazeera syrian troops have been celebrating the recapture of the main border crossing with jordan that rebels had held for three years then a c. border crossing is in there a province it's under a cease fire after a deal was reached between the government and rebels on friday now the troops raised syrian flags as they took up positions along the border the cease fire deal means rebels have to give up their arms and leave the area they remain tense a two week offensive by the government backed by russia and thousands of people
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displaced by the fighting in daraa have returned home about three hundred thirty thousand people were forced to flee since the bombing campaign started in june said south asian i work funerals have been held for three protesters killed when security forces in indian administered kashmir opened fire on demonstrators five others were critically wounded the demonstration was in response to an army search operation for suspected rebels the region is preparing to mark two years since the death of a rebel leader. that is so hard work contract they call it modern slavery. every day.
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very fascinating country but very difficult to understand from the outside and because i've been living here for sixty very well and i go out there and the whole country and even. gives the opportunity for a journalist to be real journalists. running
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out. people used more than fifty liters of water per person per day. about a third of the city's residents live in informal settlements like this one. again you can see him about four percent of the water with the generations they've already been collecting it and communal taps also as you say the city will reach day zero on the ninth of july that's when they'll turn off the water in the homes to have it be the communal council stay on. the city's taps of fed by reservoirs this is one of the largest. because they'll gallop where four years ago
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they would have been on the twenty five meters of water since then the provinces suffered the worst drought on record. water saving measures have already postponed a zero bytes three months everyone here is hoping the winter will soon bring enough rainfall to make sure the days erode never come. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to you. al-jazeera. and this is different not whether someone is going for some of the spirits we think it's how you approach a vigil and that it is a certain way to contest. mean
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why. why why. why .
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where every. hello and welcome again to rewind. since the launch of al-jazeera english back in two thousand and six will build up a library of award winning films and here on rewind we're very visiting some of the
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best of them today we're reminded to two thousand and thirteen when we went undercover on a wildlife smuggling trail stretching from madagascar off the southeast coast of africa across asia to malaysia on the trail of a man known as the pablo escobar of reptile smuggling or global wildlife trafficking is estimated to be worth billions of dollars every year almost as lucrative as the trade and illegal drugs and arms a key destination for wildlife trafficking madagascar over ninety percent of the country's animals aren't found anywhere else making them a prize catch for smugglers including answered wong the man nicknamed the lizard king was jailed after a sting operation in one thousand nine hundred eight he was soon back in business before being arrested again in malaysia and two thousand and ten at an al-jazeera and best occasion in two thousand and thirteen that those arrests and subsequent convictions did not put an end to his smuggling korea from the one.
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there is one place the. coast of africa. it's home to the world. that distinction makes them target number one. members of a conservation group spearheading the fight to save the species. rubber. radio receivers to track the ones they've managed to tag it's estimated there are only four hundred adults left in the wild. the ploughshare are made
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especially vulnerable because they're only found in this small area of sand bamboo and scrubland. right there the first we come upon it's a tiny one turns out to be just a few months old. and. some of those who've worked with ants and wong in the past tell us that because a rare species he collects goodies plusher tortoise is perhaps the most valuable of all goodies when this guy or girl grows up to be an adult he or she could be worth tens of thousands of u.s. dollars and if it was back. to real says smugglers including wong started coming to these shores in the one nine hundred eighty s. just as the group was publishing reports over how endangered the species had become . endangered means high profits for poachers and the rule believes has made
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millions selling plowshares off to be legal pet trade. their beautiful shells make it easy to see why they are considered the jewel in the crown of the reptile world . so when you hear about people like ants and long making lots of money from these polisher tortoises. what is that doing your mind or is that to your heart you know. it's it's not. but i want to take a gun and kill him. you feel that strongly about a. nearby breeding and rescue center we find pens full of shares that were saved from poachers. the rate of smuggling is so high his sheer madagascar's government for bid the group from releasing any back into the wild. in the lab there is a photo warning workers to be on the lookout for this man. it's anson was. that
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photograph is there in terms of you know if this man turns up be be careful. in one nine hundred ninety six seventy two plow shares are still going from this center in the most brazen reptile robbery in history while no one was ever caught one was later found trying to sell a number of them. he's almost public enemy number one for us in terms of his reputation even if half the stories are true then the scale of operation this man has been operating around the world and this and in madagascar is in his mind born . it was a shipment of plow shares to the u.s. among some other exotic animals that led to the lizard king's first arrest in one thousand nine hundred eight. it followed a five year undercover sting where wildlife officers posed as dealers to lure one a malaysian citizen to america. in court officers testified one promised them he
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could get anything from anywhere. in the end he pled guilty to forty counts of illegally importing endangered species and was sentenced to almost six years in prison. is or i'm going to market our army. or a reckless you know walker. who doesn't. this man who we'll call x worked with wong for years and describes what drives him is more more. order country. besides the ploughshare madagascar is also home to many other unique species. ninety percent of the country's animals are found nowhere else in the world. an irresistible draw for the lizard king.
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and so is in madagascar as capital we begin gaining access to his network and tracking down a man who seems to have learned to be far more lucid and. we're off to meet someone who's promised to take us to some smugglers and his job is to pack the tortoise's before shipment we told him that we're interested buyers he believes that he's taking some customers to meet his bosses. give them a. reason not appearing nervous the man guides us through the crowded streets to a factory. i know next year and head mario introduces himself as a businessman. using hitting cameras we film his operation which he says exploits seafood and reptiles. we also learn he's the son of
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a presidential candidate well. i'm going to. hold her in his office mario is the first to mention the man we're after. ok ok you know i know you know him then. and. mario offers to put us in touch with one of his associates. the next evening we meet that associate in a hotel room where he presents us with samples. per. their radiated tortoises the second most endangered in madagascar according to international law exploiting them from the country is illegal or. steal the deal of promise is not only a steady supply but hundreds for shipment a big eater. he also says his contacts at the airport will ensure they get through
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security checks. are. you. prepared to. hear. it confirm something extort us earlier. one of our customs in all these countries or. their paid off. goods on the ground. what you can do. but they're supposed to be enforcing. your forces or girls will corrupt us both x. and the dealer explained the typical route for smuggling same carriers or mules checking the tortoise's in suitcases in madagascar. from there he says the bags transit through a number of other cities by darussalam and to bar before entering asia. shipments we're told end up in his home country of malaysia where they are then sold on to
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buyers around the world. of india. sirus a honda resort says she was once an unwitting participant in long criminal dealings a student from madagascar desperate for money she says she agreed to meet him at this hotel. back in twenty ten sara says she and another woman were taken to a room and offered four hundred dollars each to carry shipments for wong to malaysia the cases she says were packed without her involvement. subtlety tooley only knew it was animals i didn't ask the details as to which kind of any laws were inside. while their first trip in two thousand and ten proved uneventful sarah says it was her second trip to malaysia a few weeks later that things went wrong. soon after touching down customs officials singled her out. in the before we could take away the luggage it was
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picked by suspection and they saw it was not simple luggage but was full of anyone else. among the cash authorities found three hundred radiated tortoises and a number of ploughshare. sarah was convicted of smuggling and was jailed for eight months. the same year the sarah was arrested the lizard king himself ran afoul of the law. in a separate incident was caught with dozens of snakes on a plane for which he had no license for. a raid of his properties uncovered even more. a malaysian judge gave him a five year sentence but he served just seventeen months. according to sources one of the liberal kings biggest customers lives in indonesia bustling capital. we arrive just of the city is hosting a reptile exhibit. which. despite this being
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a government sanctioned event it doesn't take long for us to find illegal animals for sale. yet to reach including tortoises from madagascar. still undercover as a dealer we head for one of the biggest booths. but we sit down for a meeting you know with daniel and you would judge or you know as and how you know us and all. of you not only does daniel readily admit that to work together but we notice he's also wearing a shirt from madagascar and doesn't go on her so i still do still doing our there there then something that surprises even us daniel admits the two thousand and ten shipment of snakes which landed anson in prison was destined for his shock even her
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hero. yeah he's my. wife playing. if you think i pay you if they go. pick your biggest all manly men like they were your snakes. i read about that online. daniel also claims that after his last conviction as wife is increasingly taking over the operations he way we were always right our sales are at out ok it works out it's time to get a little closer. our first stop is one's rural property in penang back hills. we need to see whether he's returned to his life of crime as some say or leading a reform life. twenty ten when law enforcement officers busted into this place he found two things tigers as well as a crocodile a question now it's his that sort of thing still going on for. an hour later after
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hiking through the hills we stumble on a number of cages. and then we spot an enclosure. there's a tortoise inside. evidence that one is at least keeping animals. for the wrong we find a row of new or enclosures it's hard to make out what they are so we creep closer. the animals have distinctive ears we show our photos later to experts who tell us these are servile cats from north africa. following his twenty ten conviction malaysia's government banned wong and his wife . from holding business and wildlife trading permits. yet
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someone in government did knowingly sign off on new licenses are such a public record is found that both anson and his wife have had several business permits renewed from the book kid jumble reptile sanctuary. to errol flynn. to c.b.s. wildlife. posing as customers we visit the penang address listed for the company. where we find anson's wife chip being she almost immediately she confirms she and her husband are still trading for a router wherever. there. are documents search also in covers another company grow no wildlife. it was formed after one's twenty ten conviction listed owner is a name we don't recognize. but trading permits show it exports the same animals as anson did to the same us customers he had before his arrest. i think it dormant
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near open so. rose address is listed on the upper floor of a commercial strip in the name of somebody nearer shore. from the street we can make out aquariums and cages leading us to believe animals are being kept there. and there. we find a worker or i have got horror now where. whatever that was more than happy to show off his current stars. there are many albino pythons some thirty feet long all of them require permits. and then we confirm the real person behind. your boss is mr. mr wall. and. we show our findings to and surrendering a lawyer an opposition member of parliament in malaysia the fact that is being done
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in open again indicates corruption for years surrendering has publicly raised the need to investigate the country's wildlife department. accusing them of aiding and abetting one so he seems to be able to operate above the law and beyond the law in malaysia how is that possible it is impossible without the complicity of all the parties throughout our year long investigation which involved lengthy stakeouts in several countries we never caught sight of the lizard king this despite frequent reports from sources that he was in the area. finally we tracked him down in the name mr long steep challenge from the program when he's terry you would love to ask you a question if we can know are you still involved in the trade. to talk to you sir can you tell us. what role no wal-mart fears. and why it's why are there albino i thought i'd run
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a wildlife and according to the government you're not supposed to be trading in wildlife the loss of the woman. are you admitting ask the government are you saying you're doing nothing wrong. and i have no comment. off of the jumble as well as at your company. company. several companies to me including rona wildlife do you call it. sir are you still involved in the trade directing an endangered species. concept. you understand one of his workers along with his wife and tries to stop us from filming out there so you've served time in jail sir while grows increasingly aggressive obligations while we're on public property search because you're behind you're on public property don't push us are there on public property. or we're on the property. just as quickly go back to song sir and can you tell us what this box is
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for. sir these are serious questions we understand that you have served time for a number of these crimes and the question is are you still involved in the trade of endangered species it's the most we'll get from here sir but not once did long denied he was back in the reptile trade. some questions left unanswered is whether his dealings would be possible without the help of authorities and wide. spite her obvious involvement his wife has never been brought up on charges so you are the official owner of the no run a wild life. you know. why is that man. what is clear is that the lizard king and his associates continue to operate just as they have for decades. trading and selling off the world's most endangered
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creatures at will. but that was return of the lizard king from one of one east back in two thousand and thirteen little is known today of ants and was whereabouts but he seems to have lost his standing as the kingpin of wildlife trafficking joining us now from kuala lumpur is steve child followed one for a year and steve you went undercover over the course of the year following wall why was it so important for you to make this film and take the risks that you took while elizabeth we were hearing from a lot of environmental groups around the world about how serious the wildlife trafficking situation was becoming many people were linking the wildlife trafficking trade to other major crimes like the trafficking of arms and the trafficking of drugs and saying that it was on the same level and that organized crime syndicates were getting involved that was sort of the impetus for us to start looking at this and then when we're trying to sort of target or pinpoint people who
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are involved in the trade and since we're and someone's name kept coming up so we decided to try to infiltrate his network and find out what was going on whether he is still involved in wildlife trafficking we simply do not know what we do know is that after we ran our film malaysian authorities did charge the director of a company that answered long was affiliated or linked to as well as they did also charge his former wife for possession of endangered animals after several years of delays in the courts that malaysian. director of that company pled guilty to possession and willingly agreed to pay a fine of ten thousand u.s. dollars plus of the prosecution however dropped the charges against and ones former wife so the film did have some impact but of course not the kind of impact that's need and where do things stand and malaysia now stephen where does that figure and global wildlife trafficking malaysia still remains
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a key transit hub for even legal wildlife being trafficked the way it works we understand is that poachers there are poaching wildlife from africa or other parts of asia are shipping it through malaysia as well as other countries in southeast asia on to destination points in terms of places where buyers are are acquiring this so malaysia still remains a problem country there has been a lot of work done by the un and others to train customs officers here and to create more of a diligence if you will to keep tabs on customs officers so that they aren't on the take however that is a challenge we understand throughout much of the world especially in southeast asia so what we're seeing is that a lot of the cultures there are trafficking their goods through these places and once authorities seize some of the shipments then that is switched to another countries some of the key countries are seeing you know the continually popping up are malaysia thailand laos vietnam and these are just some of them that are key problem cities countries if you will and steve who is driving the market.
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well that's a very good question it is extremely varied depending on the wildlife and the type of wildlife we're talking about if we're talking about wildlife use for the descent all purposes such as pangolin scales or rhino horns that are rubbed down into medicine the key markets are vietnam and china predominately as well as other parts of asia if we're talking about the trafficking of pets you know pets illegally taken from places that that then that becomes much more global so we're talking about you know interest out of collectors in the middle east collectors in europe the u.s. and also in parts of asia as well in terms of how much this illicit trade is worth annually we are dealing with a tsunami the numbers are staggering we're talking about upwards of two hundred species of flora and fauna that are going extinct every twenty four hours that's about one thousand times the natural progression if you will of any extinction that
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we've seen on the planet and a lot of that is attributed to wildlife trafficking we know what more can be done about it you know the key people say is corruption corruption corruption is the main problem if you know customs officials if the government officials in various countries you know stop you know taking in the bribes if they actually you know stop the shipments then perhaps we can put an end to this but at this moment it's not happening richard lewis you know we spent some time with him in madagascar for this film and when we were out in the jungles with him you know we we looked at the ploughshare tortoise one of these very wanted you know animals and at the time of filming there were about four hundred ploughshare tortoises left in the wild only four hundred but as of now we understand that number is down to fifty and that species is on the brink of extinction and that's the heartbreaking part thank you very much steve and that's it from us but do join us again next week and check out
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the rewind page at al-jazeera dot com for more films from the series but for now thanks for joining us and see you again seven. a new series of rewind a care bring your people back to life and bring you updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries the struggle continues book from. a distance one continues with the silver friends we're going back to a poor south african neighborhood where music and tradition come together in an annual competition of the people. we want on al-jazeera. this idea. that when they're on line it's undoubtedly chief. of opinion equality in our society today or if you join
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a sunset criminal justice system is dysfunctional right now this is a dialogue what does it feel like to go back for the first time everyone has a voice about refugees to people speakers for change joining the conversation. the.
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rescuers begin the operation to free a trapped football team from a flooded cave network in thailand. the woman you're watching officer headquarters here in doha also coming up the united states reconfirms a north korean commitment to complete denuclearization to pyongyang had poured scorn on washington's negotiations. north korea also reaffirmed its earlier
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commitment to destroy its missile engine test site which will make the region and the world safer. haiti's prime minister gives in to pressure from protesters angry about plans to raise fuel prices. i jubilation for croatia. and heartbreak for russia as the world cup hosts bow out after a dramatic penalty shoot out. into the program rescuers in thailand have begun an operation to free a trapped football team from a flooded cave the head of the mission says the twelve boys on their coach are very ready they've been trapped underground for more than two weeks emergency crews have
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been worried about weather conditions hampering the rescue operation let's get straight over to scott haidar who's in chiang rai that rescue operation has only just begun scott what more do we know about it. oh yeah it's only really been going on for about two hours and that same head that you just referred to he wants referred to what's going on here as mission impossible now it's a mission in action we know it started about two hours ago it involves. a series of divers there are thirteen international and five navy seal divers involved in this process we're being told there's a two to one ratio with the boys who are being brought out two divers per each boy and then we know based on previous plans that the air tank will be carried by one of those two divers with each boy now it's expected this whole process to take about ten hours so it's going to take it's going to go into the evening hours probably about nine pm local time when we possibly will see the first boy emerge
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from the cave the same way they went in just over two weeks ago since the beginning of this emergency skulk we will continually told it's a race against time it's a race against time the weather is another issue and it has been a continuing issue. in the last few i was. absolutely i know the way it was dubbed yesterday and that's what we really start to feel that this was going to be an eminent rescue operation is that the head of the mission said that this is the perfect weather to carry out this mission they were just making sure that they could get everything in place to make it the safest mission possible obviously with all that it came together just about two hours ago and they started the process of bringing those boys out and it is getting worse though now you know because we had several days without rain it is the monsoon season here but we had several days without rain they're able to lower the water level a fair amount not all the way down but it has started raining again today this is forecasted sunday two three four days ago we knew that there was going to be more
1:52 pm
rain coming in so they were kind of planning for this so it is making things more difficult now even though this process has started and again it's going to take a long time we don't really know how many boys will be coming out at each stretch are they going to be staggered are they going to be right behind each other we don't really know and we won't really know until they start coming out of the cave exit now one thing to also keep in mind when you look at the rainfall here yes and we are just the book behind me over my shoulder is the cave entrance you know it is about rain falling here but it's also rain falling in the in the area it's a massive cave network and this is a big mountain range so water can travel to the cave from distances so it's not a fact of it just raining here if there's any rain in the area feeds into that cave system and we know a couple days ago when there was no rain they stopped the pumps to take a reading and the water level is still going up slightly even without any rainfall so obviously even more concern continue with this process continue with this mission now that they have started just two hours ago leading up to the position
1:53 pm
that we're in now you will witness to the way the authorities were preparing for the rescue operation and. in fact the media has been removed from the immediate location so that the emergency services can really do what they need to do. absolutely and we were all really kind of camped out and we had been camped out almost two weeks right by the mouth of the cave and that's where the operations there was a set center for where the families were being tended to there was where the divers were there was continually growing the entire time that we were there and then there were different rescue operations heads kind of peppered throughout this kind of area in front of the mouth of the cave in of course that's where the media ended up filling in earlier today the official said enough and they kicked all the media out obviously it was to it was timed because of what we've been seeing over the last couple of hours but also because they want as much room space to carry out
1:54 pm
these operations to get the boys out because how it's going to work when they come out of the cave they'll be an ambulance waiting they'll go straight into the ambulance police motorcycle escort will bring them over to how a pad that's just kind of near where we are the caves here they'll go that way get in a police helicopter fly to the provincial capital of chiang rai and go to a hospital there the most of his good hospital in the region so there are a lot of moving parts to that they wanted us the media out so they had the space to do their job is as efficiently as possible so and we saw several rehearsals of all this so it was important for them to get us out of the way and they have done so but we're still getting briefed by the media we're expecting maybe toward the end of the day sunday the head of mission will again give us an update but you know it's still at least now eight hours before we could possibly see the first boy emerge from the cave after more than two weeks of course is a story that's changing by the i will come back to school to monitor events through the day thank you also all the ballasts takes a look at what's proposed full that rescue. the tome one cave is in northern
1:55 pm
thailand in the chiang rai province near the border with me and ma and laos it is one of the longest caves in the country stretching ten kilometers through the door mounts range the boys are stuck just past a coven known as putting a beach now looking inside the mountain one point five kilometers from the main entrance navy seal team says sit up a base and have an unknown as trying to three three kilometers in a semi and junction it forks off to an exit but that's flooded the cave widens to large cabins and narrows to passages so small that rescuers need to crew to get through the passageway climbs and drops which means when it rains water builds up in these steps for kilometers then is passing a bitch the boys are about four hundred metres after the spot and eight hundred to a thousand meters below the surface to get the boys out through the flooded patches rescuers have attached a guideline and daughters emergency oxygen tanks every twenty five to fifty metres
1:56 pm
the plan is that as they swim one navy diver will be beside them another one behind keep in mind some boys don't know how to swim there are strong currents and the water is dark and muddy they're being given wet suits boots helmets and a scuba mask but no tank the proposal being they'll get all from the dive buddy supply now don't take at least five hours to get each boy out so i know it may take a couple of days to complete the risk you know little bit from the new zealand diving says preventing the boys from panicking will be crucial. trying other prior to this point really focused on the. one that we were because of that one the lawyer in the now it's really about being with you know thing rather. that's never going to happen that it's right in your situation you would have
1:57 pm
experienced professionals not know negroes you really don't know someone who's simply not this leading towards people that like you can't swim in the rue back to his throne to keep that element out of the why because that's where we're going to see that someone in the province come for the rescuers is that probably go over the next year we have danger to the rescue as much as. the united states has reconfirmed that north korea has committed to complete denuclearization a news conference following talks with japan and south korea the secretary of state mike pompei indicated that pyongyang had promised to work towards verifiable denuclearization but warned that the road ahead would be difficult following talks in pyongyang north korea had accused the americans of making what it called gangster like demands visited pyongyang to pin down some of the details of when and how north korea would give up its nuclear weapons the road ahead will be difficult
1:58 pm
and challenging and we know critics will try to minimize the work that we've achieved but our allies like the republic of korea and japan president trump and i believe that peace is worth the effort and that's something that we all want as allies we share and are committed to the same goal fully verified final denuclearization north korea has agreed to by chairman kim jong il. today we were able to reaffirm our commitment to continue strengthening of our trying not to corporation tours the common goal of north careers complete very far and irreversible dismantlement all weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missiles of all ranges that speak to our correspondent sara clark who's monitoring events for us from the south korean capital seoul just picking up all a few points i mean what was the u.s.
1:59 pm
reaction to north korean accusations that it's sort of been using gangster like demands for denuclearization also in the message we got out of that press conference this morning was that talks were on track or the tactics of the accusations that north korea had made against the u.s. in the way to engaged the north korean delegation in the talks that down he suggested that they had gotten open lengthy discussions with north korea about complete. across iran ainge of weapons and he stated if a broad it's a broad definition and the north korean officials understood that now an interesting sort of grab a quote he said if those requests were gangster like the world is a gangster because there was a unanimous decision at the u.n. security council about what needs to be achieved so as mentioned the north korean other accusation suggested the talks were aggressive bull and the relations were in danger. it was quick to to remind everyone to look for that one particular line in
2:00 pm
that transcript or the the foreign ministry message stating that from north korea we still cherish a good faith in president trump so they're hanging on to that particular message suggesting that all is still ok with regards to the next round of talks between north korea and the united states to get the same sort of indication though. felt that the talks were still on track despite this criticism. yes we did i mean there's suggesting even at the moment they're suggesting me july and for the next meeting one suggestion suggestion has been july twelfth he said north korea reaffirmed its commitment and they're discussing already discussing details of the next step so clearly it's posturing from from north korean side but if you got the message.


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