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is in place we're able to cover this like no other news organization. were able to do it properly. that is our strength. here is a very important force of information for many people around the world when all the cameras are gone i'm still here go into areas that nobody else is going to talk to people that nobody else is talking to and bringing that story to the forefront. and. he's politically active in two countries i was. on the power peaceful transition when they're much part of the world some people think you are stupid the crazy if you do that mikhail saakashvili former president of georgia governor of
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the odessa region in ukraine talk to al-jazeera. millions of iranians are bracing for the impact of u.s. sanctions following the trumpet ministrations recent decision to abandon the iran nuclear deal. and your industry right now on al-jazeera and each will ask our panel what lies in store for iran's people and its leadership when the sanctions begin to bite send your comments via twitter facebook or the you tube live chat. living under sanctions has long been a fact of life in iran with the u.s. holding restrictions in place since the islamic republic was founded in one thousand nine hundred seventy nine but some are only instead to dream of a better future when many of those restrictions were lifted as part of a deal with major world powers on limiting iran's nuclear program but just three
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years after that agreement was signed the same sions are due to snap back into place after president donald trump pulled washington out of the accord the first package of sanctions is due in early august here's a look at what will be targeted over the coming months. i. i q part of our strategy is accused of maximum economic and diplomatic pressure our focus is on getting as many countries importing iranian crude down to zero as soon as possible. iran's president has sound rouhani has called the u.s. plan to stop iran exporting oil fantasy now three key hinted that iran could respond by stopping all time because from other countries passing through the strait of hormuz a regional gateway for imports and exports his government nonetheless faces a tough job to stop iran's economy from shrinking as the u.s.
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sanctions take hold many iranians are already desperate for relief from ongoing economic problems in june traders and to her grand bazaar went on strike to make clear their concerns the collapse of the reality on the foreign exchange market is making imports more expensive and pushing up inflation meanwhile the government has blocked the import of hundreds of items in an effort to support domestic producers so what effect will the forthcoming sanctions have an how kind of raw navigate a way through them to discuss this we are joined in our studio by now. she is washington correspondent for iran international. how it was obvious the politics professor at the university after ron he joins us today from the iranian capital also and we have to say said she is a ph d. candidate at the university of the her on and we also has said that the zeba column he is a political science professor he joins us from good to have you everybody professor i guess i'm going to give you one word to describe the mood of the people around
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the people that you know in iran professor. what words would you chase professor set that a. lot of moderate. would you get warts anxiety anxiety because because. many iranians. are i'm not saying the are worried what i'm saying they are. deeply comes. out their fact of calming sanctions which which everyone expects. cool to to warn to start november so that it would be all one word to describe the people around this informal poll so we get a sense of what life is like. anxious
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but helpful ok because because because the situation is really stressing in it's putting a lot of pressure on the you know general mood of the people but still this is not the first time that the really people have to wait for. the u.s. or other countries to decide whether or not they're going to cause a new series of sanctions on iran right. i would say concerned but at the same time perhaps stronger and maybe even defiant i think there's a lot of anger directed at the trumpet ministration i mean iran has been upholding its side of the new cream and even after the united states the left has left the we meant so i think perhaps there is anger in the way donald trump is reacting. i want to be in anger or uncertainty. around is it seemed like people are on shore
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what's going to happen because they have lived through and it's been so difficult it's just bracing for impact it's interesting looking to the psyche as far as the guests are concerned what iranians are going through right now is interesting that you mentioned when you speak to iranians who are there of course because you do that so often we actually got a couple of comments from people that you spoke to in farsi and translate them here is just one person who sent us some comments of you know what's up with a small business owner and says the most important effect of sanctions on the life of iranians is the lack of financial stability and confidence in every day life there is little opportunity to travel eighty million people in this corner of the globe are hopeless took nine years to get my business running and now because of supply shortages and high prices we can't make our products she goes on to say we're trying our best with minimal resources but we haven't got back any of the
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money we've invested so far so can you talk to us about what's behind that purple you and other people like her who are business owners small business owners and are facing even more challenges and obstacles char's so this is just an example of a group of youths who came together art and design to produce products and were running this business not very high profit but were running business with a small business with some employees but just like she says. devaluation of the current c in just a fluctuation in the market has created such a small space specially for these types of businesses that at some point people just give up and they can't continue going on a lot of young people are also using on line tools the cyberspace for the purpose of their business but that is still not enough when you look at the overall state of the economy and what the up. coming sanctions uncertainty that she signs on is
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just going to get worse understanding one thing financially how people are managing and professor all people even beginning to think ok i need to change my money from cash money into another form of car and same basic honesty or something developing right now well. basically what has been happening using the policy few months that. because of the psychological. effect of sanctions. many iranians who have cash. means thinking that cash we would be on their values. within the next. few moments so why don't we buy. gold why don't we buy property
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some better off side you don't why don't we buy the foreign cotton see. this pretty. high meek as likes it and the zionist. about the future actually has compound. problems even though even though we know that the sanctions have actually been started yet nevertheless you you come to any any main cities in iran and rawness on she thought all the. large cities you see day anxiety in the form of as i said iranian religious have been on the value increasingly during the pause four or five months i'm. some events of course are blaming government rahni
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sadler ministration for not doing. not taking proper decision although some argue and say that. this is not something that government could do something about it it's beyond stray ssion but there was these discussions. going far amongst the iranian as i said the foreign cars and the keeps going up and people because more and more i'm sure about the future. started you didn't mention hope i'm just wondering how you are planning for the sanctions what preps do you need to make this is not the first time. in a long time around the ins has been facing sanctions they know how to deal with
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sanctions how you prepping for them. i think of them because of the experience that we have had since the one nine hundred seventy nine revolution all sort of sorts of sanctions being imposed against iran the country is not in a situation of some kind of very unexpected. would you call after massive the sanctions but the sanctions on iran's. oil. export may affect general economy in a very strong way still we have stats like the horse trade or. many other partners that we still are doing trades with that we are. doing are one source of hope for the iranian people also i think this foreign. exchange especially u.s. dollar going high against real real. value dropping against
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dollar. affects a large amount of investors and businessmen but when you go into every day life of the people it's the effect of that is not as tangible but in the long run it may have. a lot of you know i mean it may create an aftermath which will make it very difficult for people to create their business but what i see whole and this situation like whatever we had sanctions or whenever we had to rely on ourselves there came a time when ukrainian began to domestically grow and learn how to not anymore longer of rely on foreign powers. so where you see whoa i want to share this with from someone who sees it as well and
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perhaps another form this is age she flora says says europe could save the iran deal only if they're willing to accept being same by the us given the possible trade war between the us and the e.u. europe might be willing to suffer the loss as a way to protect u.s. tariffs if europe here is to sink since the deal is a law so there's a lot there that to unpack of course if the u.s. was going to pull out of this deal was the talk of the town here at least and of course i'm sure iran for a long time and then it happened and i don't think you had so much surprise as more of a resignation that people saw this coming but people are still seeming to pin their hopes on europe where do you fall and. what i think first of all the point here is that sanctions heard ordinary iranians the ultimate goal of the trumpet ministration is perhaps we will.
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let's go live to again cell phone back now nato secretary general. the summit today and tomorrow is so particular importance because we are faced with unprecedented the security challenges and threats and at the same time we see. differences disagreements between allies so it is sir very important at this summit shows start nato delivers that we are able to do more together all twenty nine allies north america and europe and i'm confident that the spite discussions disagreements we will decide and we will deliver meaning that we will deliver. on how to strengthen our collective defense with high you read this over troops we will deliver on the stepping up there for us to fight
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terrorism with a new training mission in iraq and more support for the afghan security forces and we will also deliver when it comes to making sure that the nato all of us is fit for purpose by modernizing our command structure establishing two new commands sworn in norfolk virginia and one in germany but perhaps most important we will also deliver when the comes to burden sharing the fence spending because of the decades where allies were cutting the fence budgets. by hundreds of billions of. dollars on euro's we have seen that they're adding billions of. euros to they are. adding to their defense budgets. so we see that last year we had the biggest
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increase in our defense spending across europe and canada in a generation we see that all started to increase defense spending. and based on the national plans we agreed to develop last year and we estimate the . european allies in kind of our will. add two hundred sixty six billion us dollars to the defense budgets from now on to twenty in twenty four so we are moving in there at that action under nato stronger nato is important for europe but there's also important for the united states and therefore it is important we showed at this summit the spike the differences on different issues he's able to agree and deliver on. strengthening nato as a cornerstone of tons of them thinking.
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of ok so i think. it was a meeting where president trump annoying addressed the topics we will discuss during our summit today of course a prison term possibly to direct language a message on the defense spending but fundamentally all agreed all of us agree that we need a fair burden sharing in the alliance and that's exactly why it all allies agreed that those who are spending less than two percent have to spend more and that's exactly what we have started to do because we have turned a corner of the years of cutting defense budgets all our allies are now started to increase and we had the biggest increase in the fence spending across you know bank on the last year and more allies spent two percent of g.d.p. on defense so i expect open and frank discussions about the fence spending during i was summit but i also expect. you won't recommit. to that allies have to
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spend more and also that we've all recognize the progress we have started to make on the phone spending. bloomberg. will. see here. as i ask it i expect all front and frank discussions and there are disagreements on different issues. some of them not directly related to nato like trade or climate change but also some of them related to nato like for instance defense spending but the spite those disagreements i expect that we will agree. on the fundamentals that we are stronger together on the part that nato has to be strong to protect us and that we will deliver on strengthening our collective defense meaning that u.s.
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troops canadian troops european troops are going to do more together. and that we are going to deliver for instance on stepping up the fight against terrorism with a new training mission in iraq so when it comes to substance when it comes to the decisions we're going to make i'm confident it will make good decisions showing that nato is the living. force all in germany there are different views on the north stream pipeline. that's well known it's not for nato to decide this is a national decision but nato is house of course addressed also energy security because we understand that is the relationship between energy and on security
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matters we have are allowed to do important so that vision diversification of the supplies to make sure that our energy. system more resilient and i think also investments in renewables is actually decreasing the the pen's on imported energy. but on the north stream issue there are different views and i don't think it's not for nato to to sold out the issue it's something that. is outside the nato from of two addresses. well i met the president several times and we are used to having open and frank. and good and constructive discussions on a. i think that's important for the lines that we can meet discuss and address a lot of different issues. so i fall over.
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i think that representing twenty nine nations i will not. pick or any specific team i will like to see in my own home country in norway i didn't qualify it so. that's not a big challenge for me to say to to decide which country i will support since always don't. present that. the message should tell the boehm is start we will stay we will continue to provide support for the afghan national security forces we are not in afghanistan any longer in a combat mission we are there in a mission to train assist and advise the afghan forces because we strongly believe
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that the best way to stabilize afghanistan is to enable the afghans themselves to stabilize their own country and to fight terrorism themselves and therefore we continue to provide support training and also of funding for the afghan national security forces and the message to the taliban is that they will not to win on the battlefield we will continue to support the afghan security forces they have to sit down at the negotiating table and the message is that. they will not we're not about to fill therefore that they will obtain more sitting down and negotiating with the guy on the goldman and we welcome the initiative they've got they've all meant to unconditioned. peace talks are welcome also the ceasefire we saw some weeks ago. you know.
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we have increased our military presence in the baltic countries on poland already we have four battle groups in each of the baltic countries and one in poland that is also some by luck to all presence of the u.s. so this shows that nato is adopting that nato is responding we have for about the groups but we also have. increased our ability to reinforce so natal deterrence and nato defense is of course partly based on the forces we have all the did there the national forces a multinational of nato forces but also on our ability to quickly moving more forces if needed and that's exactly what we're doing what you are addressing at this summit we are increasing the readiness of forces with what we call their readiness initiative thirteen new battalions thirteen new air squadrons thirteen. bottle ships ready to move within thirty days or less or to be used within thirty
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days or or or less military mobility and also the trip in the size of the nato response force all of that is about our ability to move forces quickly across europe if needed you're right. it is as i look forward to meeting a promise to all ball then he will come to the summit and also to me and he will meet up at the meeting on the global solution to the field isis which will be on the margins of over summit and i expect that heads of state thank so much will agree to launch a training mission for iraq a nato training mission for. uk where their plan is to. train their forces but also to establish military schools to enable the iraq is to make sure that dosh
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isis is not able to conduct a story with. it well i don't know what kind of geisha he is bringing with him but the but the thing is that he will call hair. and he will meet nato leaders from across the global coalition to the feet to isis. well the hope for the south will be declared fully operational under the whole base important to because it creates a platform for us to assess and to the laws and to follow on to work and address the challenges we see emanating from the south and i'm grateful for for italy hosting not only the command we have in naples to join for six months on a moment also to hope for some.
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more. on. our. i expect leaders to recommit to our commitment to increase the fence spending and the good news is that that's exactly what we have started to do all of us have started to increase and more allies spend two percent of g.d.p. on defense. this year we expect eight allies to spend two percent of g.d.p. on defense back in twenty fourteen it was only three allies and the majority of allies have put forward plans on how to reach two percent within
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a decade. burden sharing is about money cash but it's also about contributions and capabilities and the good thing is that increase defense spending is. a good use investing in new equipment but also in new and strengthening nato contributions on operations for instance in fighting terrorism. well. nato continue to work with when are we provide support for sense of organized partner nation but i don't expect allies to make decision now exactly on when to actuate the membership action plan. thank you. it is just before
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nine hours greenwich mean time that's just before eleven am in brussels where we are covering the extraordinary summit taking place in the nato headquarters as you've just seen actually general u.n. social addressing the gathered media well earlier the u.s. president arrived in town had a breakfast with the and pretty much lambasted nato allies for their trade relations with russia it was a heated exchange with the end so mr trump said it was unfair that europe relied on the u.s. for defense the borders center g. from russia mr sultan but as you see there's just been speaking and he said that he expects more open and frank discussions the president had already criticized for they were saying they aren't paying enough for their defense we've got dominic kane who is standing by in munich to discuss how this will go down in berlin we got rory chalons in moscow but first this hour that diplomatic has its.


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