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eruptions reflect the mood of the goddess. us as native hawaiians to perry is always nice to us whether she takes our home or not we accept this type of event. we have to do so even if we're going to put up with your put up with. it what a way to begin donald trump attacks germany as a captive of russia as he sits down with the nato chief ahead of his big summit with leaders. hello welcome to al-jazeera live from doha i'm martine denis also coming up. nato in trouble already set to cache the spending what will this mean for the summit that's yet to even start. let the oil flow again the libyan war in the world agrees
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to hand control of keep coal. to schoolmates of thailand's rescue boys celebrate outside the hospital where doctors say all are in good health plus. well it will supposed to be the meeting that threw russia's out differences with allies but the nato summit in brussels is already looking rocky a breakfast meeting between u.s. president trump and nato secretary general yen stoltenberg descended into a trump let all this before the formal talks even begin within the past half hour or so leaders from nato countries have begin have begun to arrive at the summit and including mr trump who arrived here maybe five ten minutes ago. we got three correspondents and. cross this story we have got. in brussels watching these
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arrivals with this diplomatic it is a james space and in a little while we'll go to germany kane our correspondent who's in munich and we've also got rory chalons our correspondent in moscow but james starting off with you this rather unfortunate start to the day between this this as you say we're calling it we calling it a bit of a lecture but it was donald trump really setting out his stool wasn't it in very plain direct almost aggressive terms to. yes and criticizing his closest allies and focusing on one ally in particular germany it seems to me to have been particularly well to be deliberate almost an ambush because what happened was the reporters were invited in as they always are for these meetings to see the handshake and the opening comments while the
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reporters were allowed to stay they were taught should out by the white house press minders i'm allowed to watch the exchange on the very angry comments from president trump. now could you look at it germany is a captive for a ship because they supply they get rid of their coal to get rid of the nuclear they getting so much of the oil and gas from russia i think it's something that they are asked to look at i think it's very appropriate for you and i think we did it appropriate i don't know what you can do about it but it certainly doesn't seem to make sense that they pay billions of dollars to russia and now we have to defend them against russia. not make a stand on still trying to find nations there are sometimes differences on the different views and also some disagreements on the gas. from russia to germany small issues because of these three but the sinful nature is the despite these
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differences we have all been able to unite to romo for poles good to protect on the show the people from the sound of your story together that. you got through world war from the cold war for the last going to go or. how are you going to get what a country is getting its energy from the person you want protection against or simply because from the start of the one we stand together also when dealing with russia we are stronger i think what we have seen is no you just think you russia rich or well the deal with russia making the rich richer. you know even all the war made vosper trading with russia of the owner of the in this remains a vote on trade agreements we should certainly trade is wonderful i think energy is a whole different story. energy is a much different story than normal trade and you have a country like poland or accept yes you take
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a look at something that is they don't want to be captive to rush for germany as far as i'm concerned just kept it to russia as it's getting so much energy for. so listen for suggestions getting their energy from russia explained to me. as you. so james really. settling beginning. at this nato summit will it be rail what can the rest of the members actually want to achieve and that is among other things they want to really affirm their commitment to spending for instance increasing their spending to minimum of two percent of g.d.p. . yes and they say they have a plan to do this over a period of twenty fourteen from twenty fourteen sorry twenty twenty four of all nato allies by that stage spending two percent of their g.d.p.
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we're going to watch this play out some of it live on television important events in the next hour because soon we're going to see all twenty nine leaders we're going to see chancellor merkel with president trump. in the next hour they'll be there for what's known as the family photograph but this is a family with a feud a very open a feud now they're also going to watch a fly past by helicopters in the next hour and importantly after that in just over two hours time we're told by the white house that there will be a meeting between chancellor. and president trump a very interesting meeting we're told this time the cameras will not be present to be a fly on the wall for that meeting and just before we move on james just tell us a little bit better about the upcoming likely meeting between donald trump and justin trudeau of course he was the leader that he attacked and insulted. on air
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force one after the g. seven. absolutely he called him a weak leader as soon as the g seven had come up with their prepared declaration on air force one he said he wasn't going to sign it and the turks the canadian leader they have had quite good relations previously what will the interaction be like at this summit we'll have to watch to see if there is another clash between those two but of course it's possible that this president might choose to pick on another of the nato leaders all right for now james thank you very much james there is a diplomatic editor at the brussels nato summit. we can now go live to munich in germany and speak to our correspondent there dominic cain now dominick they've long had a rather uncomfortable relationship haven't they mrs merkel and president trump but this time he has been completely uncompromising in terms of fingering her for being
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the rascal in the room if you like the person or the country that is most at odds with his view of the world. yes and a captive of russia to boot martino's were his words compare those words with the force of his language but with a more measured tones than your merkel has given to reporters on her arrival at this nato summit in brussels saying that she recalled growing up in east germany communist east germany which was dominated by the soviet union and how glad she is germany now to reunite. if the federal republic of germany is able to supply its own course to supply its own path to be to rejoice in freedom of being united and she also said the germany plays a large role in the case that germany has many troops in afghanistan but germany has a role beyond its own borders there are german troops in some of the baltic states
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for example pointing out in her measured way how she feels that the analysis that president trump is following is wrong about her country and there are many of course of us remember that picture from the g seven where no matter what the facts were just step here it is angle americal was leading the rest of the g seven leaders against donald trump as he sat there with his arms folded looking rather petulant so this is not going to do anything for their other fraught relationship. well the funny thing is that that idea is conveyed by the image you're talking about that not seen is an idea that that's going around in media circles and and elsewhere in germany for some considerable time this idea that angle americal as it were has become almost a de facto leader of the free world it's not a title that she would seek for herself but it's if you want a demonstration of the view that many people in germany have indeed some across
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western europe have that the president in the white house is not quite what doesn't have the same role as his predecessor for example did in western europe certainly there are those in high government circles in germany who are increasingly concerned about the pronouncements of president trump and you can see that the the world relationships that angle america is trying to encourage now specifically for example with china the premier of china nico chang was here in germany just a few days ago and went to the news conference and before the news conference there was a whole slew of deals being signed. in the full glare of the press courage photographers to photograph the people signing the deals that sort of thing a clear sign as it were of how many countries not just germany china but others to believe that the way to conduct diplomacy is through this the existing system of rules and that's something the angle america might well try to impress on president
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trump in that private meeting james is referring to that takes place in a few hours dominate came live you mean it thank you now let's go to our correspondent rory chalons who's in moscow and it was on the surface of it do you think the people in the kremlin will be rubbing their hands together with glee this discord that's being said and among nato pretty much similar to that that was saying among the g seven. i think they'll certainly be looking aspects of this positively they'll be looking at the trump wrecking ball in action and as you say rubbing their hands with glee to a certain extent because of course the view in russia the view in the kremlin is that nato is an organization that masquerades as a sort of collective security. organization bartz that actually what it really is is an imperial projects run from washington d.c.
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that basically has the constraining of russia as its core its core focus so anything that can be stabilized nato is a good thing and this is one of the reasons of course why the russians were so keen on donald trump winning the two thousand and sixteen election and hillary clinton losing it because donald trump is obviously not a transatlantic system and hillary clinton definitely was watt's they will not like certain aspects of this in moscow and the aspects they won't like is the fact that donald trump is using russia as the bogeyman here basically saying that the germans are being hypocritical by asking the united states to defend them at the same time as being held captive by russia because of buying lots of russian gas the other thing that will worry those in the kremlin is that this is attacking
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a key plank of russia's economic security and foreign policy security energy exports is pretty much the main way that russia has to be years both supported itself economically and also maintained a foreign policy presence outside its borders because of all these gas exports particularly into western europe so anything that weakens that donald trump does seem to be weakening that. weakening or trying to weaken at least that western european purchasing of russian gas will worry those in the kremlin there is something else to talk about here though and that is the view that is how old it here in russia but also in other parts of europe particularly in germany has to be said that there's something else going on here there's something else behind this american opposition to russian gas exports into europe and that is essentially that america it's believed wants to get in on the energy market place in western
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europe that if it can force russia out that basically gives an in for the united states and its liquidnet natural gas exports because for as long as russia is there with its cheaper pipelines american l.n.g. is not going to get much of a look and so if it can force russia out than that obviously gives donald trump's mercantile transactional foreign policy perspective these days much more potential thank you very much roy hallums there live in moscow that china is accusing us of bullying and rule and it would hit back at any further trade terrorists imposed by washington on wednesday the u.s. escalated a tit for tat tariff or more by threatening new charges on two hundred billion dollars worth of new chinese goods beijing called the move other acceptable to more and it would impose countermeasures if the u.s.
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goes ahead last week president trump slapped thirty four billion dollars worth of tires on chinese goods which beijing immediately counted as china correspondent adrian brown has more from beijing. well more angry words from china's commerce ministry on wednesday a spokesman saying that the latest u.s. action was unacceptable and that china was shocked saying that the united states was accelerating and escalating the trade dispute with china he warned that china would take countermeasures but didn't specify what those would be but it's got many firms u.s. firms here in china worrying that perhaps the chinese government might start harassing u.s. firms here now china has also said it's going to sue the united states at the world trade organization we've heard very little from the w t o's so far remember this was the organization set up to deal with disputes just like this meanwhile stock markets here in asia have not been reacting well the hang seng in that struct more
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than two percent on wednesday morning the nikkei index in tokyo dropped also by one percent the markets are worried about inflation and about economic growth china meanwhile is taking measures to try to insulate its economy it's reaching out to other countries that have fallen out with the united states over trade germany in particular the chinese premier has been in germany earlier this week he talked up the prospect of new trade deals between the two countries and next week china will be hosting e.u. leaders at a summit here in beijing where the theme is going to be free trade over protectionism . there's a lot more to come here at al-jazeera including a lengthy legal saga and is its end in germany as the last survivor of a german underground nazi cell is found guilty very involved in a series of murders. the child had ministrations struggles to explain why i can't
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reuse night the parents and children is separated at the u.s. border. hello and welcome back well after the incredible amounts of rain we've seen across central and southern parts of japan it is looking somewhat dry fact the heaviest rain the moment is associated with this weather system which is moving into northeastern parts of china we will have had some heavy rain across north korea extending just south of the border too so as you look at the forecast we've got this weather system moving in serve lot of i'll start will see some torrential rain during the course of thursday but for much of japan weather conditions looking ok the odd showers around but generally dry elsewhere would like to see some rain going through beijing so that could be some pretty nasty showers there for
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a time before we get clear weather coming on through and then as the forecast of friday that rain moves in across northern parts of china the south again largely dry brighter conditions across the korean peninsula still the risk of showers though for beijing further say shanghai is looking generally dry and fine but this is a circulation associated with this typhoon maria and that is going to be some very heavy rain from this still drifting around over the next twenty four to forty hours of the could well be some localized flooding pushes far inland as we hand further south with some heavy rain developing for hong kong and across indochina it's looking pretty wet loss' very wet of the moment vietnam to hanoi probably seeing some showers highs here of thirty three. on july fourteenth. two thousand and sixteen. an attack on the city a day in nice change people's lives. to be easy
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has killed at least sixty people. to years on al-jazeera world meets the french muslim families who lost their loved ones. truck attack a nice an al-jazeera. tarvaris taken over the top stories here at al-jazeera nato is actually general yen so often try to play down differences between member countries after president trump lambasted allies for their trade relations with russia in a heated exchange with missiles of the message from said it was unfair that europe relied on the u.s.
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for defense but bought energy from russia china says it stands on the right side of history in defending multilateralism as it warned it would retaliate against any further u.s. terrorists accuse washington the bullying as washington announce a possible ten percent charge on another two hundred billion dollars worth of goods from china beijing called the move unacceptable award it will be forced to retaliate. the libyan warlord khalifa haftar has agreed to return control of major oil polls to the internationally recognized government following appeals by regional powers as well as the us france italy and britain have to as forces started an offensive last month against a rival armed group for control of export terminals the fighting in the se gold oil crescent prevented tankers from docking and cacio depended economy almost a billion dollars. our correspondent mark would up to one hundred has more from the
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living capital tripoli. after three weeks of blockade finally warlords hefted has its pounded to the international pressure by international players and he has decided to hand over the oil terminals in the east of the country to the internationally recognized the tripoli based national oil corporation now according to the n.o.c. the national oil corporation their oil exporting operations are going to be resumed in the oil terminals after three weeks of blockade we understand that the meeting that was held in room on tuesday was held by the united states representatives and also representatives from italy the u.k. and france and that pressure that was put on the eastern rivals especially. the hefted and the presidency of the top of based parliament and that message according to informant sources was meant to isolate the oil sector away from any
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conflict in the east of the country according to the national oil corporation there too to loss of the three weeks of blockade by hefted forces has cost the libyan budget around one billion dollars since the beginning of the conflict on the fourteenth of last june now the end of the conflict or the hand over of the oil terminals to the national oil corporation does not mean the end of the conflict in the east of the country we understand that have had plans to hand over the oil terminals to their parallel corporation to the rival and to see the evil oil corporation which is elia to the top of the government now we understand that the. handover of the oil terminals to the tripoli national oil corporation does not mean the end of the conflict as have that its forces are still based in the oil
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terminals and they are trying to put themselves as the guardian of the oil terminals. suicide bombing gun battle in eastern afghanistan has killed at least ten people. three of the attackers blew themselves up at education department offices in jalalabad the capital of nanga hard province afghan social forces arrived to confront the attackers before the battle ended no group is claiming responsibility but both eisel and the taliban have carried out raids in the past where. russia says it will expel greek diplomats in response to athens decision to do the same greek media is reporting the decision to expel russian diplomats came after suspicions of moscow's involvement in undermining an agreement with neighboring macedonia the government in athens has so far not confirmed those ripples but says it won't tolerate any behavior that violates international law the
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greek prime minister alexis tsipras is known to have close ties with the kremlin. a five year long multiple murder trial in germany has ended with a life sentence for the last remaining member of a neo nazi group beata shop was found guilty of ten murders and bomb attacks targeting turkish immigrants eight were killed along with a greek and a german policewoman during a seven year campaign the forty three year old member of the national socialist underground terrorist group is planning to appeal. the wife of the chinese dissident a nobel peace prize winner lucia bow who died last year has now arrived in germany after being freed from eight years of house arrest lose jar flew from beijing to berlin via helsinki china had imposed severe restrictions on loose movement since twenty ten her husband died whilst serving an eleven year jail sentence for inciting subversion. the world health organization says yemen's port city of her
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data has now registered the highest number of cholera cases in the country the saudi iraqi coalition is backing a government offensive against who theory rebels for control of the red sea port since april last year about fourteen percent of more than a million registered cholera cases in yemen came from her data the world health organization says the conditions and who did that even before the escalation of the conflict has been some of the direst in yemen where data has registered the highest incidence of suspected choleric uses around forty percent of reported cases countrywide since the start of the epidemic in april two thousand and seventeen and diptheria two hundred nine suspected cases in addition there have been two hundred fifty two suspected cases of measles in just a few hours from now politicians in ireland will vote on a landmark bill that would ban all goods and services from illegal israeli settlements in palestine the bill's going to the upper house the house of
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parliament first the government's expected to oppose the motion but three major opposition parties including shem fein say they're in favor israel is building settlements in occupied palestinian territories that are considered illegal under international law. they've been celebrations in thailand after the dramatic underwater cave rescue mission succeeded in saving the lives of twelve boys and their football coach. people have been gathering outside the hospital to find the elite team of thailand foreign divers who conducted the dangerous mission over three days the boys and their coach are now recovering in hospital after having spent seventeen days underground. when most of the boys were placed in the beginning we had a high white blood cell count because of infections so we gave me antibiotics we're planning to scale back on provided the predication were still giving medicine those who have lung infections for the next seven days this is the period of time when we
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will need to take care of them. japan's prime minister has visited areas hit hard by the worst flooding in decades and promised to help the return of new life as quickly as possible. to survivors sheltering in an evacuation center in the western city of could russia more than forty of the one hundred seventy six people who died in the floods and landslides lives there and dozens remain missing a huge cleanup is underway throughout central and western japan. to say was the court ordered deadline for the trumpet ministration to reunite parents and children under the age of five who were separated at the mexican border by immigration authorities the white house admitted only a fraction of the families will be placed back together and the federal judge who ordered the reunions isn't at all happy she have returned from washington d.c. . at least one reunification of a father and his young child by tuesday's federally ordered deadline was captured
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on camera but the u.s. government admitted it would fail to reunite all migrant children under five with the parents it took away the government says of the some one hundred children in its custody just over a third of that number would definitely be reunited with parents by the end of tuesday officials said some parents haven't passed background checks to ensure the child safety d.n.a. testing to confirm the relationship of parent and child wasn't complete in some cases and some parents have been released into the us or deported making it logistically difficult for families to be re-united but the federal judge who mandated the reunions was not impressed judge danish ordered that sixty three children be reunited by the end of tuesday he ordered that the process of matching parents and children be streamlined expedited d.n.a. testing used only if no supporting documentation could be provided by parents and for the eight children whose parents had been released into the us to be reunited
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immediately and an important consideration to keep in mind here is which of these screening procedures the government is undertaking are really necessary and legitimate here and which ones of visa procedures are really delaying tactics the judge said that if the trumpet ministration failed to meet his tuesday deadline it would have to specify reasons to the american civil liberties union by thursday the a.c.l.u. could then contest those reasons in court on friday with the possibility of a penalty being levied against the government if it was found to have acted in bad faith back in washington president trump seemed untroubled by the chaos has zero tolerance immigration policy is unleashed on legal asylum seekers and their children have a solution tell people not to come to our country illegally this was supposed to be the comparatively easy a deadline for the government to meet but it failed the next deadline is july twenty sixth all some three thousand migrant children over the age of four in u.s.
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custody are to be reunited with their parents by then she. and i'm sure you haven't forgotten but remember there is always a website al jazeera dot com that's where you can keep right up to date with all the day's big stories. to take a look at the top stories here it is here u.s. president donald trump as our arrive for the annual nato summit being held in brussels the nato secretary general yen solve those been trying to play down differences between the member countries after mr trump bassett is allies for their trade relations with russia china says it stands on the right side of history in defending multilateralism and is accusing united states of bullying it said it would retaliate against any further u.s. tyrus washington has announced a possible ten percent charge on two hundred billion dollars worth of new girls
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from china beijing called the move unacceptable and warned it would be false to retaliate retaliate no more war sounds i would like to stress that the united states behavior is typical trade bullying china will definitely make the necessary counter-attack and firmly protect our legitimate rights and interests i would also like to say this is a fight between unilateralism and multilateralism protectionism and free trade might and rule china stand in line with the international community on the correct side of history to protect the rules of the multilateral trade order together libya more load after has agreed to return control of major all oil ports to the internationally recognized government following appeals by regional powers as well as the u.s. france italy and britain after us forces started an offensive last month against a rival armed group for control of export terminals the fighting in the se gold oil
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crescent prevented tankers from docking cacio dependent economy around a billion dollars. celebrations in thailand after a dramatic underwater cave rescue mission succeeded in saving the lives of twelve boys and their football coach. people including the schoolmates of the boys have been gathering outside the hospital to thank the elite team of tying for and divers who conducted the dangerous mission over a period of three days the boys in their coach and now recovering in hospital in chiang rai right after having spent seventeen days underground or a state that is the very latest headlines from us here at al-jazeera the news continues in about half an hour after inside story.
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judging the u.s. supreme court democrats are along the donald trump's choice of justice to join the highest court in america they say brett kavanaugh is a public loyalist he's too conservative. so can he win an expected space confirmation battle in the senate this is inside story. of the welcome to the program. the latest political battleground in the u.s. senate as soon set become donald trump's choice for supreme court judge the
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president's nomination a republican brett kavanaugh is opposed by democrats they say trumps trying to tilt the nine justices in the highest.


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