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tv   Truck Attack In Nice  Al Jazeera  July 11, 2018 3:00pm-3:56pm +03

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her change join the global conversation on our own does iraq i really felt liberated as a journalist was. getting to the truth as i would that's what this job. and all of the problem in doha with the headlines on al-jazeera you as president donald trump has now arrived for the ad your nato summit being held in brussels nato secretary-general again stoltenberg has tried to play down differences between member countries after trump lambasted allies for their trade relations with russia in a hatred exchange with stoltenberg trump said it was unfair that europe relied on the u.s. for defense but forty energy from russia. germany as far as i'm concerned is captive to russia as it's going to charge all the energy from russia so listen for
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suggestions for getting their energy from russia explained to me. why he and stoltenberg says the alliance is what enables the u.s. to be a global military power. a strong they don't it's good for europe and good for not to states to roll wars and a cold war fought also that we are stronger together than apart. the us military presence on the presence of canada in europe is good for north america it's good for europe but it's also good for america and especially for the not the states because it helps to united states to be a global power. the u.s. military presence in europe is about protecting europeans but it's also about projecting u.s. military power into asia the middle east and africa. but other news china has
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accused the u.s. of bullying and warned that it will hit back at any further trade tariffs imposed by washington on wednesday the u.s. escalated the tit for tat tat war by threatening new charges of two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese goods beijing called the move unacceptable last week president trump slapped thirty four billion dollars worth of tariffs on chinese goods which beijing immediately counted them a war sound i would like to stress that the united states behavior is typical trade bullying china will definitely make the necessary counterattack and firmly protect our legitimate rights and interests i would also like to say this is a fight between unilateralism and multilateralism protectionism and free trade might and rule china stands in line with the international community on the correct side of history to protect the rules of the multilateral trade order together libyan warlord helly for half the has agreed to return control of major oil ports
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to the internationally recognized government following appeals by regional powers as well as the u.s. from italy and britain after us forces started an offensive last month against a rival armed group for control of export terminals the fighting in the so-called oil crescent prevented tankers from docking and cost the oil dependent economy nearly a billion dollars. a british man who was exposed to the deadly nova chalk on the agent ten days ago is no longer in a critical condition charlie valley regained consciousness on tuesday and has spoken briefly with detectives solve three hospital officials say the forty five year old made further progress overnight but as part of the dorm sturgis died on sunday police say that at this time there are no forensic links between this incident and the attack on former russian spy service screw pollard's daughter in march. japan's prime minister has visited the areas hard hit by the worst flooding in decades and promised to help residents return to normal life as soon as possible
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since i spoke to spoke to survivors sheltering in an evacuation center in the western city of quite a shaky more than forty of the one hundred seventy six people who died in the floods and landslides there doesn't remain missing a huge cleanup operations underway throughout central and western japan. now there have been celebrations in thailand after a dramatic underwater cave rescue mission succeeded in saving the lives of twelve boys and their football coach people have been gathering outside the hospital to thank the elite team of top i and foreign divers who conducted the dangerous mission of three days the boys and their coach are now recovering in hospital in chiang rai those are the headlines on al-jazeera do stay with us al-jazeera world is coming up next thank you for watching.
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we are just getting initial word of breaking news coming out of nice in france. the attack in the south of france in nice which has killed at least sixty people will see that it could be the new video put it bluntly many to feel guilty for not keeping it will kill. some thirty six hours later after the attack it seems that islamic state has said yes it was awesome responsibility and that there was no apparent pledge of allegiance saw i still find the changes in that talk. to me like
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i think that's a little thank you i think. this is i think let's say well you saw lola such a lawyer thank you what she said was a lot of it's a lot yes that's what she thought she or oh well that's a beautiful i thought i thought. well last year for today was she also saw it here oh thank you she was a lot yes thank you neal she was she was yes thank you i think you you owe
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work on. that but the clear. that it up with your mother said well you would think. they would like them and give you up they don't want. it to. develop you don't know about you all of them really anybody. really know all. the other with the crackdown on media and political opposition cambodia is getting ready for this national imagine when one is investigating how for example his ruling party will go to consolidate its power one of an effect on how does era. we understand the differences
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on the similarities of cultures across the wound. so enormous and why you call her . odyssey international bringing the news and current of science that matter to. al-jazeera. when diplomacy fields and fear sweep then borders are wide open wide open to drugs terrorists we've proven the barriers are built to impose division to sixty's instead of being an obstacle. it became another obstacle to peace in a four part series al jazeera revisits the reasons for divisions in different parts of the world and the impact they have on both sides was of shame on al-jazeera. of opinion and we can take that view it is no point to make an argument that i have no basis in fact for knowledge and esteem chamber of debate in every important meeting an examination of the ideas the thinkers the theorists who lead to
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a lot of people see them as victories for me to win from having these victories for anybody six or so continued a new series of head to head coming soon on which is iraq. and all of the problem in the headlines on al-jazeera us president donald trump has now arrived for the annual nato summit being held in brussels nato secretary-general jens stoltenberg has tried to play down differences between member countries off to trump the best of allies for their trade relations with russia in a heated exchange with trump said it was unfair that europe relied on the u.s. for defense but bought energy from russia germany as far as i'm concerned just to russia because it's going to show budget energy for. the basics really
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getting their energy from first explain that and it really works. well stolzenberg said the alliance is what enables the u.s. to be a global military power a strong they don't. it's good for europe and good for not the states to roll wars and the cold war we are stronger together on the porch. the u.s. military presence on the presses of canada in europe is good for north america it's good for europe but it's also good for america and especially for the not the states because it helps to united states to be a global power the u.s. military presence in europe is about protecting europeans but it's also about projecting u.s. military power into asia the middle east and africa and other news libya and
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wallowed any for half the has agreed to return control of major oil ports to the internationally recognized government following appeals by regional policy as well as the u.s. from sicily and britain have to also started an offensive last month against a rival group for control of export to those. there have been celebrations in thailand after a dramatic underwater cave rescue mission succeeded in saving the lives of twelve boys and their football coach. who could have been gathering outside the hospital to thank the elite team of thai and foreign doctors who conducted the dangerous mission over three days the boys and their coaching are recovering in hospital and after having spent seventeen days on the ground those are the headlines al-jazeera world continues next.
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stick it kind of question might have meant to say it is almost as if he says that when you know enough. to want to. own up to some muslim to kill someone with a room with you. she must stop going up with a list of. all. kinds of music and. we were discussing this with me to. the forums because i wanted to say this it is up to us was to get a look at. russia.
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keep on line guns knives and guns at the merely commented the diff dissolve formed by killers the big day. today doesn't depend they are. shipped a long corridor judgment call to. say . doesn't give this early form of further up the defense bill and service to. spend that's another. source to fund his remarks because since sliced says it done as much of an office in cuba they caused by losing.
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i am. hundred hospice care on not just this i mean some fed live in the really shocking new pictures is so budget contrabass often have extreme right etc just our leverage
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to them what is your air with somebody like that somebody who is rich russian resentment. on religion lawn care i didn't. lend so i'm sort of different on bikes if it's more like there's only so much i won't spoil here goes on religious history only to spy on a tuesday on march with them on it just remains or don't say don't disapprove book bush books the pre-book wanted to search your home only one time and it's going to swear. it's the memory during saddam's about five world of traffic to make when he testified in the center of everyone.
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egypt is now china's but biggest trading partner in africa more than ten thousand chinese are living in cairo i wanted to see the permits and september one thousand nine hundred five i came with my friends to egypt many started a small trade as but i'm now successful in business shit jail and i began to do business in two thousand and three or two thousand and four at a time it was small but then it began to expand it al-jazeera well meets the growing chinese community in egypt egypt made in china on al-jazeera.
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