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tv   Disinformation And Democracy P2  Al Jazeera  July 12, 2018 12:32pm-1:01pm +03

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the west bank king hussein effectively renounced his kingdom's historic claim to the west back paving the way for the area to be part of a palestinian state if ever israeli occupation were to end there. and then i lend. our demo soup you know to have a shabby infamous t.v. feed that could be a must see it. to be he walked by me be a man feel gallica have all who feel that you don't let the healy villa's the media till. i've looked at arctic in my to. be accessible when i may. well have. mopey for the levees and of the loom of them as seek you know. and you will help it i shall i will for just in you. and. somethin be machine. gun but of all the tough i had. to do was in the hope
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that a little i would that was to hear that. because for them that we had had enough and done everything possible we supported the p.l.o. but in the end we concluded that the p.l.o. had to be independent of us the palestinians were jubilant but king hussein's decision was opposed by some senior jordanian officials left out of the left and what it might have been like that a sane had concluded that he could no longer hope to regain the whole of the west bank and therefore he had to put an end to any not understanding if concessions were required then the palestinians make them jordan it was. how it. it was an attempt to give priority to draw dainian matters and step away from the historic burden of responsibility for the
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west bank i disagree with the decision which wasn't an easy one for his majesty to make in november the palestine national council met in algiers went on a fact made the historic announcement y.b.'s miss shaaban not begun to display that they are. not done yet that's just the thing with the with. i think i the form of the federation of the palestinian state was to find. the palestinians understood that establishing a state requires more than the p.l.o. had no control over anything or. hold that. they said that. that they
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didn't want the same thing as i'm getting by my this up going to. start up facing the way out of. the oil that's a sad thing almost. to engage my base if sold as a. richard to something less. palestinians also understood that america's backing was imperative if the dream of honesty in statehood was to be put there and they began to realize that their long time on the soviet union was no longer a dependable friend. or is the man i go to which i fight and i met with a good batch of i felt we had no common ground with him that he didn't see our viewpoint we told him the palestinian people had a very high literacy rate and he said sure there's really is fear then that he was
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no friend of ours and i did not set foot in the silver to union afterwards that's a declaration implicitly recognize the state of israel so this was never explicitly stated it was enough for us secretary of state george shultz to ask a swedish counterpart stan anderson to convey a letter to the p.l.o. . the message was that if you yasser arafat declared the following points in public. chief among just which was the don't see issue of terrorism then the united states would be prepared to recognize the palestinian liberation organization and establish a dialogue with it. the general assembly of the united nations was preparing to convene in new york yasser arafat was scheduled to give a speech what he did not count on was america's refusal to grant him an entry visa . in an unprecedented move the general assembly moved its meeting to its
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headquarters in switzerland. on a thought delivered his speech and waited to reap the diplomatic rewards he believed that by implicitly recognizing israel and renouncing armed struggle he had met america's conditions to open a dialogue with the p.l.o. or i don't know when eight by once more declare. and nineteen that i can get it was yes get it in its full. but the americans did not hear the terminology they required about the renunciation of terrorism and not all palestinians believe the price was worth paying. for the whole club and then and. i said what do you get for renouncing terrorism meaning that i had to launch military operations i was against making this concession. i said let's await the
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reaction to his speech and then we'll see an s. but i was overruled about artifacts mind was made up desperate for american recognition the next day he held a press conference and uttered the magic words. and absolutely they know it's all the forum is already done it is. the u.s. announced that it was now ready to begin a dialogue with the p.l.o. several sessions of talks were held between p.l.o. officials and washington's ambassador to tunisia robert pelletreau the talks failed to satisfy artifacts aspirations as it was the dialogue did not last long yet another palestinian faction was about to make world headlines through violence the palestine liberation front headed by best had first come to prominence back in one thousand nine hundred eighty five with the hijacking of the italian cruise liner that killed a lot of. the operation quickly fell apart and the palestinian gunmen gained infamy
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when they killed and threw overboard a wheelchair bound american. and now in june one thousand nine hundred the palestine liberation front struck again. a unit of its commandos landed on a television beach intending to kill israelis the attack was quickly forty. years later the group's leader admitted the operation was aimed at the railing the negotiations. any. one of the political goals of the operation was to stop the palestinian american dialogue which we felt was an insult to the palestinian evolution and tell us to nias in general. the americans wanted the p.l.f. punished out of fact refuse. truck. out of forty five's the american requests because he felt that the palestinians had gained nothing from the dialogue with america which wasn't supposed to be about the
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a.b.c.'s of the palestinian issue but about something more substantial his message to the americans was if you want me to hold military operations then you have to move on the political level. i told our father that if punishing us would help restore the national rights of the palestinian people then he should go ahead and do it he refused and said he wasn't going to be blackmailed and the dialogue was severed. any hope of a resumption of dialogue was soon overshadowed by another tumultuous event in the middle east in august one thousand nine hundred iraqi forces invaded kuwait changing the political face of the region. out of fact failed to unequivocally condemn the iraqi occupation and announced he was seeking an arab solution to the issue a position supported by the palestinians of the occupied territories.
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and. we would see can and out of brazil you should into the crisis. and try to preclude any outside involvement. to solve it among arabs at that gate we had gone for fishel initiative to get iraq to withdraw from kuwait. that quick. told me i don't want to talk to the iraqis it's hopeless i interviewed arafat of the time and begged him if i told him saddam was going to lose and advised arafat not to support him if he was hesitant especially towards the end but he couldn't break away from saddam hussein. on a facts position was criticized within the p.l.o.
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. also known as the who was now recognize design in fact second in command distrusted saddam hussein from the outset the last time i saw him was just before. hussein started making his move on kuwait it was just after after the oval abbas affair and i was in tunis and met our yard and he said you know this is saddam's doing this job abbas affair and he's it's he's courting other far he's trying to get out a fight to move the headquarters to baghdad and he said he has something in mind i don't know what it is but i'm trying to figure it out because he wants the palestinians and he wants the palestinians in his corner when it happens and we have to figure out what he's up to because it's going to be bad news for us you know whenever an arab regime tries to get its hands on us we know there is trouble and so he said. it's very important for us that the u.s.
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p.l.o. dialogue not be ended because that's what it's why saddam did this he wants to force an end to it because he doesn't want us to be. dealing with you. and will be adds opposition to artifacts alliance with saddam proved his death sentence . in one thousand nine hundred one a few days before the air campaign to liberate kuwait was launched a movie ad was gunned down in to us. the perpetrator was artifacts old nemesis abu nidal who was once again iraq's gun for hire. ironically had had in the past turned down the opportunity to have a bone adult killed and. can only wear on camera. makin a better home than without now the i were you idea to tell me that he couldn't hold their head when he died because he had broken bread with him at his home and he
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said he couldn't kill him for the sake of his children so what happened i wanted our assassinated him i swear more than once i told out of five and i will yet that i'd have been adult killed in baghdad. if his iraqi friends got upset then i'd fix things with them but i don't fart and i would turn down my offer nasmyth that we had with us with you have it in and get on with syrian people like yet and i was he had had an influence on arafat's this is and the policies he adopted or with. by taking them out out of fatah was left with no effective people around him many with ultimately this have a negative effect in the years to come. by the end of february saddam hussein's army had been ejected from kuwait his regime almost shattered. but had. only do a lot to be a cut out half after the gulf who all arabs will so much they lost everything
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completion of queta by the iraqis was a stain on our own. there's absolutely no excuse for it that can no let me attack of no proof and then you shake your old. did not openly and clearly condemn their capacious of kuwait. at the same time he didn't openly and clearly supportive. he tried in his own way to simultaneous to play both sides and his position was interpreted as supporting the iraqis his calculations were wrong and we paid a tremendous price for them. on a fathead hold the international community would link an iraqi withdrawal from kuwait to israeli concessions in the occupied territories. but the palestinian leader miscalculated about. the dreams of statehood and recognition he had harbored not too long ago not only is.
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the promise of peace in the middle east not. enough but a new dilemma after the death of the man at the center palestinian struggle. now more than forty years after its status how far as the p.l.o. come to achieving its hopes and dreams concluding the turbulent story of the struggle for palestinian home. history of a revolution on al-jazeera. with
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a crackdown on media and political opposition cambodia is getting ready for its national election was one of one east investigates how far is moving party will go to consolidate its power. on al-jazeera everyone has different accent whether someone's telling whole someone's favorite doesn't have any truth i think it's how
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you approach an influential enough that it is a certain way of doing it you can just buy a story and fly out. the i.m.f. said riyadh's a breakeven oil price for twenty eighteen is likely to be around eighty eight dollars a barrel why is argentina again turning to the i.m.f. for help now we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera. afghanistan and ukraine in focus is nice the leaders meet for day two of their summit in brussels. come on peter w. watching al-jazeera live from doha also coming up. we made them relaxed and calm
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and slowly moved them out first details emerge of twelve children and their coach were rescued from a flooded cave. croatia beat england in a nail biting world cup semifinal they'll now face france in the final on sunday. and a new book offers a window into nelson mandela as he is in prison. it's the second day of the nato summit in brussels where member countries will try to turn the page from donald trump's demands for higher defense spending yesterday today will focus on ending the conflict in afghanistan and look at security worries in ukraine mr trump ramped up the tensions within hours of the summit opening diplomatic editor james bays was there. never has the u.s.
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commitment to its nato allies look to the shaky is this even before the summit had started president trump used his breakfast with nato secretary general to attack his allies focusing on one in particular germany is totally controlled by russia because they were getting from sixty to seventy percent of their energy from russia and a new pipeline and you tell me of that's appropriate because i think it's not and i think it's a very bad thing for nato and i don't think it should have happened and i think we have to talk to germany about it the secretary general look taken aback maybe the lowrance will try to bite me but the president kept up his extraordinary attack but germany as far as i'm concerned is captive to russia because it's getting so much energy from russia so we're supposed to protect germany's. energy from russia chancellor merkel who's just survived a bruising political battle at home had this response to this fresh assault.
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and tired though it's months i have myself witnessed that parts of germany were controlled by the soviet union and i am very happy that today we are unified in freedom as the federal republic of germany and that's why we can say that we make our own policies and we make our own decisions. despite that comment she looked as though the ferocity of trump's words had affected her she was hardly smiling as she interacted with the others. the president and the chancellor of boarded each other out walking at different ends of the procession then what's known as the family photo at a time of family feud as helicopters flew overhead the tension was high the leaders clearly aware the current divisions are among the most serious this alliance has faced in its almost seventy years of existence. finally when chancellor merkel and president trump actually met the language was much more conciliatory than earlier.
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versions. perhaps the president decided to back down he's been known in the past to avoid confrontation in face to face meetings or the two decided to declare a truce for now either way damage has been done to us germany relations and to the image of unity they wanted to reject james bays al-jazeera at nato headquarters in brussels there has been a mixed reaction to mr trump's comments back home with some democrats calling the president an embarrassment as a white house correspondent can really help it. as president donald trump chastise u.s. allies in brussels over trade policy and defense spending u.s. lawmakers here in the united states are underscoring their support for the transatlantic alliance in the republican controlled senate as well as the house of representatives the lawmakers there have approved
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a non-binding measure that affirms support for nato but democrats in both chambers are going a step further you can donald trump for criticizing allies putting relationships at risk i said drive to the view that we should not be criticizing our president was overseas but let me say a couple of things nato is indispensable i'm very concerned that we have iraq to meet with nato. and then some kind of civil authority maybe. and it works against our people anderson this statement would be. foster sleety laughable if it were not so serious that germany has stood by our side. given lines and sacrificed resources for us in. wars that we continue to fight. this kind of reference
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absolutely despicable now many members of congress believe that president trump is right to point out that some of nato members are not hearing to their security commitments but at the same time it is the rhetoric that is concerning both democrats and republicans particularly when there is a singling out of a key u.s. ally like germany in fact some democratic members of congress saying that the u.s. president is not only embarrassing the united states but calling his behavior a disgrace. the u.s. government says all eligible migrant children under the age of five will be returned to their parents by thursday they were separated on the u.s. mexican border under president trump zero tolerance immigration policy now a federal judge has given the government until july the tenth to reunite the families and warned that there will be penalties for missing that deadline many migrant parents and children have been traumatized by their ordeal and they know the answer but then i never imagined they would separate us when i came in they
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took my biometrics and they told me the president changed a couple of laws and the kids were going to be separated from us they had told me that someone might have adopted him and that i would not be able to see him again divers in thailand who helped bring twelve school boys and their football coach to safety from a flooded cave called the rescue a miracle now the first pictures have emerged of the boy's recovering in hospital as well as more details of the dramatic rescue from chiang rai step vasant as the story. they're looking surprisingly healthy considering their ordeal they rescued boys have been isolated from their parents to reduce the risk of infection in hospital. john gave his son a big thumbs up when he saw him he was one of the first to stop looking for his son who when he disappeared almost three weeks ago. i didn't feel confident that my
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boy can do this even though he knows how to swim but i'm not sure if he's a good swimmer he only got basic swimming lessons at school but i'm very happy and proud he came out safely he can't wait to hold his son but understands it might take a few more days. the first thing i want to do is hug him all parents have the same feeling i want to see the face of my child and embrace him and ask him how he feels and how he's doing the five hour long hazardous journey out of the narrow flood gates system has taken its toll on the children and their coach the commander of the time navy seal divers who played a vital role in the rescue says they were very called mast. the boys got special full face masks with oxygen circulating all the time the divers carried them out and they were wearing wet suits to keep them warm we made them relaxed and calm and slowly moved them out but they were very cold. the complexity of the rescue operation became clear when trucks full of equipment drove away hours after the
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last cave rescue was completed twenty tons of oxygen tanks ropes lights and food supplies have been fairly underground cleanup has started after a rescue operation unprecedented for its scale and complexity has been called an extraordinary example of human strength and resilience family one cape and the rescue of the wild boars soccer team will now go down in history of the moment where the impossible was made possible. was while their families school friends and everyone else in thailand celebrated their safe return to footballers will have to stay in hospital for at least a week to recover hoping that the first talk with their parents will be sooner than that that fast and al-jazeera. thailand.
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croatia. somebody like. my name is just six. hours born in the from and you never left i did it. because of. my money but it was still everybody else. so that's how i came to ban. but he had to go bust city center at least to get ahead begin for not
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just walking. that's. the. last. bit up in fact it would be tempting to me is just sad. sometimes they succeed and my friend is not in some poor soul i want to show them. in. poor little bit people. it. is a very big. plan changed the team.
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al-jazeera. where every year. when the news breaks. on the wall that city and the story builds to be forced to leave it would just be all when people need to be heard women and girls are being bought and given away in refugee camps al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you the award winning documentaries and live news and out of it i got to commend you on hearing it.


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