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tv   Siham Ben Aissa The Thread  Al Jazeera  July 12, 2018 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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i don't like this are more fist number out there now it's a commitment a real commitment i think he's going to see that there's great unity great spirit great speech a core and i think we're going to have a good meeting regardless of that i think we're going to have a good meeting but this was a fantastic two days this was a really fantastic it all came together at the end and yes it was a little tough for a little while but ultimately you could ask anybody at that meeting they're really liking what happened over the last two days there's a great great spirit leaving that room yes sir go ahead place. and be or from b.b.c. i just want to you think you're going to get along with president bush you can just tell us why do you think that is something you admire about him and the second question because you're just about to go to the well he's a competitor he's been very nice to be the times i've met him i've been nice to him he's a competitor you know somebody was saying is you an enemy is that my enemy is he a friend no i don't know him well enough but the couple of times that i've gotten
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to made him we got along very well you saw that. i hope we get along well i think we get along well but ultimately he's a competitor he's representing russia i'm representing the united states so in a sense we're competitors not a question of friends or enemies not my enemy and hopefully some day maybe he'll be a friend it could happen but i don't i just don't know him very well i bet him a couple of times and when i did meet him oh so you people were there yes. because you are going to the u.k. what will be your message on break that. well bracks it is you know i've been reading a lot about bricks and over the last couple of days and it seems to be turning a little bit differently where they're getting at least partially involved back with the european union i have no message it's not for me to say i own a lot of property there we're going to scotland while i wait for the meeting i have
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turnberry in scotland which is a magical place one of my favorite places i'm going there for two days while i wait for the monday meeting. but it's not for me to say what they should be doing in the u.k. i have great friendships my mother was born in scotland i have great friendships over there we have a wonderful ambassador woody johnson and student by the way what he's doing a great job but it's not for me to say i'd like to see him be able to work it out so it could go quickly whatever they work out. is it heartbreaking. oh hard. i thought you said it was heartbreaking oh yeah like i said that might be going a little bit too far heartbreak is it hard breaking a lot of these are heart breaking now i would i would say that you know that is breakfast it's not like i guess when you use the term hard bricks and i assume that's what you meant the people voted. to break it up so i would imagine that's
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what they'll do but maybe that take it a little bit of a different route so i don't know that's what they voted for i just want the people to be happy and they're great people and i do think i have sure they'll be protests because they're always protest but i think there were there were protests the night of the election both ways but in the end we got to you know two hundred six electoral three hundred six electoral votes and one states that you know is interesting one of the states we won wisconsin i didn't even realize this until fairly recently that was the one state that ronald reagan didn't win when he ran the board his second time he didn't win wisconsin and we won wisconsin so you know we had a we had a great night protests there there might be protests but i believe that the people in the u.k. scotland ireland as you know i have property in ireland and property all over i think that those people they like me a lot and they agree with me on immigration and i think that's why you have bricks
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in the first place because of immigration yes ma'am yes go ahead. from finland what would be the best deal with poor thing when you come to helsinki and don't you think that your house diplomacy that you are playing in the same cold to the same goal that putin with your hostile towards e.u. and nato. well i don't you know i can tell you what would be the ultimate what would be the ultimate well let's see no more nuclear weapons anywhere in the world would be the ultimate ok no more wars no more problems no more conflict let's find a cure to every disease known to mankind or woman guide that would be my ultimate ok and we'll start from there ok yeah got me. a must you must have been nosy from afghan service in b.b.c. world service so i would like to ask you mr president that the afghan president is going to be here right now yes or no is here and are you going to meet him and what
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is not to say to him and when the war is going to end in afghanistan because people are fed up now and they want to know i agree with that i very much it's been going on for a long time and we've made a lot of progress but it's been going on for a long time we've made a lot of progress in afghanistan and i will say yes your president is here right now in fact he's in the room when i'm finished with this i'm going right back into that room. please please judge in public because the mr president can you tell us what do you think about the future membership of georgia in nato place whether certain point they'll have a chance not right now they just left the room but a certain point they'll have a chance yes or. no reporter focus on twenty four you're going to continue to support the court this forces in iraq thank you i think the kurds are great people they're incredible fighters they're wonderful warm intelligent. allies
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in many cases as you know different groups of people but they're great people i really do i believe they're great people yes the hapless. mr president marcus price working with eddie german t.v. yes you said putin is. isn't an enemy isn't a friend is just a competitor competitor who you consider him as a security threat for europe or to the u.s. thank you. hey i don't want to be and that's i guess why we have nato and that's why we have a united states that just had the largest military budget ever seven hundred billion approved seven hundred sixteen billion next year. no i hope that we'll be able to get along i five i've said from day one whether it's china or russia you know working on trade with china right now and i don't say that's an easy situation because that's been years of abuse of the united states by presidents frankly that allowed that to happen so i've taken over
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a lot of bad hands and i'm fixing each one of them and i'm fixing well but china. is going to be i think very successfully ultimately taken care of i have a great respect for their president as you know president xi spent two days there was a monk the most magical two days i've ever lived and i think we're going to end up doing something very good with china right now we're in a pretty nasty trade battle but i think ultimately that will work out i really think we have a big advantage you know we picked up eight trillion dollars in value and worth since i became president and we're close to two times the size of china a lot of people don't know that and you know we're going to negotiate a fair deal if that's possible ok and russia russia i think getting along with russia also would be a very good thing yes go ahead. german without me from b.b.c. persian t.v. we have seen escalation of tension between you and the iranians what is your exit
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plan the supply would say that my heart escalation between us and the iranians actually are threatening by the way they're treating us with much more respect right now than they did in the past and i think i know there have been a lot of problems and their economy is collapsing but i will tell you this at a certain point they're going to call me and they're going to say let's make a deal and we'll make a deal but they aren't they're feeling a lot of pain right now yes go ahead go ahead go ahead ahead go. mr president do we expect the rise of the russian influence in macedonia following the starting of negotiation process like we've seen in montenegro with coop and what will nato and united states do to counter that russian influence in the western balkans we never talk about our future plans yes go ahead ma'am go ahead thank you very much mr president thank you very much my name is the from the t.v. from couldst on iraq my question is about the government of iraq and you know after
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two months election the government in iraq has not been formit what the role from you as a and you want to speak talk about syria in in it was president putin m k i have any information about could in syria thank you very much so i hope we get along well with iraq we've certainly spent a great fortune in iraq and many many lives thousands and hundreds of thousands of lives if you think on both sides which i always think about both sides not just us and they had an election and i hope we're going to be able to get along and we'll see how that goes we've already been talking to the people that won the election i was not in favor of that war i was very much against that war i never thought it was a good thing but that's another deck of cards that i inherited and we'll do the best we can whether i think. the election was pretty conclusive and again we've
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spoken to them we'll see what happens yes or go ahead to the next and then we have time for one more question that i see i toss from a subway newspaper in tunisia i come from a very. far country a small country you know if in africa tunisia may question mr president you are the maya what's we're doing in north africa and really wish and hope that something again would be done in the middle east to avoid people more wars and more blood and more killings. in the middle east the just peace process that gives everyone it's we're looking for peace and africa as you know it's. so on our very strong list but we're looking for peace we want peace all over we want to solve problems we're looking for peace is africa right down has got problems like few people would even understand they have things going on there that nobody could believe in this room if you saw some of the things that i see through intelligence what's going on in africa it is so sad and so vicious and violent and we want
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peace we want peace for africa we want peace all over the world that's my number one goal peace all over the world and we're building up a tremendous military because i really believe through strength feud to get you get peace but we are going have a military like we've never had before we've given our orders for you know the best fighter jets in the world the best ships the best everything but. hopefully we'll never have to use them that would be a dream to buy the best stuff to have the best stuff to have the best equipment in the world and to never have to use it would be a really great part of my dream thank you very much everybody thank you i'm going to be going out leaving in about half an hour thank you. ladies and gentlemen please remain in your while well that was a quite a long session wasn't it with the president of the united states donald trump addressing almost every question you can imagine in the world other matter get into
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james bays is there you listen to it all with me haven't you james is quite extraordinary is that the amount of energy and enthusiasm with which he seems to want to address almost every issue in the world. yes not in great depth on some of the issues but i think we need to look back at the main issue of the day first and that's the issue of spending on nato an issue that nato members thought was settled at this summit earlier on they'd come up with a communique thought it was sold and then at the session the smalling here in brussels president trump sat down at a meeting a nato meeting with ukraine and georgia and started raising the spending issue again the secretary of general of nato had to kick out those two countries ukraine and georgia and they continued an extraordinary session behind closed doors the
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president according to some reports said if there wasn't an increase in spending then the u.s. would have to go its own way so president trump created for the second day a crisis on spending nothing it seems in that closed door meeting was actually resolved and yet he came into the news conference and declared a victory and said that all of the nato allies were going to substantially increase their spending it was a little willy's some of his figures because he was confusing the amount that countries pay towards the organization of nato which is pretty small amount and the amounts that they pay for their individual defense budgets nato countries had said that they would buy twenty twenty four get to two percent of their g.d.p. will he now says that's going to happen much much faster but we're certainly not hearing any clear commitment from him to that.
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it is it is interesting that other allies are not don't seem to be backing the claims he's made that they've made some great concession right and so did we hear from him ultimately i mean after this round of self-congratulation that we have come to expect from donald trump did we hear ultimately a result in re commitment a reaffirmation of the united states' commitment to nato. well i think what we saw was a crisis that was all the making of president trump and then president trump at the end of that crisis declaring a victory without very much changing it's interesting that among the many subjects he discussed was north korea and of course in that summit with chairman kim he came out with a joint statement which he said was a great victory but it's pretty simple pretty it's pretty similar i think that the way he's handled these two issues all right for now thank you very much indeed
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james bass is our diplomatic editor here we're taking you through all of the developments because there's still a lot more to discuss at that nato summit to stay with us here at al-jazeera. morales was just ten years old when a devastating earthquake struck mexico city in one thousand nine hundred five the quake damaged her family's apartment and the government moved them to distant shack around seventy families who lost their homes in that earthquake still live in this camp so. the government raised our hopes and then abandoned us politicians have
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promised that they won't allow a repeat of what happened after the earthquake in one thousand eight hundred five but the cost complexity of hundreds of people living in camps is a major task and one that many people here think the government failed. discomfort them disunity among nato allies as member states discussed defense spending. hello i'm down jordan this is. also coming up disappearances torture and death i'm just international says what happened in yemeni prisons under control should be investigated as more crimes. the future of the roms oil economy evidence that the
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international markets. following u.s. pressure to fund. the suspense. i and then celebrations croatian football fans erupt reaches the world cup final for the first time at the. u.s. president donald trump says he's still committed to nato despite fierce criticisms of allies over their defense spending commitments he spoke to reporters after an emergency session to discuss his proposal that members spending be doubled to four percent of g.d.p. well donald trump says nato country will raise their spending to two percent of g.d.p. and he hopes they'll go higher once that's achieved. the united states'. commitment to nato is very strong remains very strong but primarily because everyone the spirit they have the amount of money they're willing to spend and the additional
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money that they will be putting up has been really really amazing to see it to see the level of spirit in that room is incredible and i hope that we're going to be able to get along with russia i think that we probably will be able to the people in the room think so but they nevertheless they really stepped up their commitment and stepped it up like they never had before that's applied to discuss. this is why the discussion just now was important because there was a clear commitment by old nato members that they accept this new security environment and react by strengthening and modernizing their troops germany does that as well but i also made it clear that we at the second largest provider of troops with a nice and we haven't gauged in afghanistan for d.s. this mission is a mission according to ask all five of nato which the united states was forced to ask because they experienced something terrible at the beginning of the century and
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this statement straits the strength of the saliva it's we help each other and we stronger to give. a let's go back live now to that nato summit in brussels the french president emmanuel mccraw is now addressing reporters there so these are live pictures coming to us from brussels. or i want to probably get to james bays joins us live now from brussels james quite an extraordinary press conference donald trump addressing every single issue in the world but we did it in saying that nato members have now committed to increase defense spending was this trump declaring a victory. yes i think we have seen trump declare a victory after trump creating a crisis in the last couple of hours a really quite serious crisis by some reports threatening that the u.s. might go its own way with regard to nato it's an issue that nato allies thought had
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been settled they had come up with a final communique sticking with their plan to increase creased defense spending up until twenty twenty four trumps figures in the news conference really were a little confused as they have been throughout this confusing the amount that people pay to nato is budget that's a relatively small amount with the amount that individual nato nations pay into their own defense budgets for their own militaries but what happened is that there was a meeting on ukraine in georgia so all the nato allies and ukraine in georgia were in the room then brought up nato spending again very angrily the six general of nato yet stoltenberg had to say to ukraine and georgia you must leave the room now because we need to discuss this again and then there was a long extended we understand heated meeting because of president trump's comments but no one seems to have made any new commitments in that meeting despite that we
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have president trump saying that they have committed to fresh spending but we're not hearing any specific commitments from any of those allies it's interesting they also brought up north korea where in singapore he said there'd been a great breakthrough but of course there was a statement as well with some ideas but not really any firm undertakings and yet he said that was a victory so that there is i think a similar a similar thing that's going on here and in both cases he seems to be basing it on trust of course this meeting has ended up i think showing that this the disunity of nato something that russia will great. really appreciate and of course in three days' time president trump is going to see president putin and he was not prepared in this meeting in this press conference at any stage to say russia needs to leave crimea he was given a number of chances and he dodged it and james did we see a slightly different tone from donald trump today perhaps toning down the rhetoric
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saying america is heavily committed to nato that's in contrast to his rather prickly comments yesterday wasn't it. yes that's certainly true when he came out and declared victory a very different very positive tone about nato put in the room today apparently he was much tougher than the even was when he made those first comments i tell you nato leaders are not convinced it's going to stay like this they're pretty certain he might get back in the coming hours back on twitter criticizing james a final thought from you what about german defense spending and trumps comments about germany being reliant on russian energy one of the german chancellor have to say about that. well she's not been happy at all but she i think has decided as most other allies have decided the alliance is more important ego so yes she was criticized directly by president bush she has not
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criticized him back and certainly he didn't he didn't raise that point about the gas pipeline again in the news conference but the result of this is is a vision of disunity of nato and certainly worsening relations with many nato allies and the u.s. particularly germany at the end of the summit. in brussels james thank you for that . well russia has no right to do some of donald trump's comments about its energy deals with germany really chalons joins us live now from moscow. the kremlin's been responding to donald trump's comments at the nato summit what more have the russians been saying that. you know well we've had two days haven't we of hand grenades being thrown around the place by donald trump and the kremlin has just responded to donald trump's hand grenades from yesterday it is yet to respond to the ones he has just pulled the pin out of and thrown into the the nato summit
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regarding what donald trump was saying yesterday specifically calling germany captive to russia because of the nord stream to gas pipeline project and the wider energy market that russia and western europe have together this is what the kremlin has responded to he says that this is it good to be true peskov the the kremlin spokesperson says that all of this stuff from trump is unlikely to affect the helsinki summit coming up between trump and putin which is always always going to be difficult anyway the current says the europeans should be allowed to choose where they get their gas from it should be up to the united states decide that he says that germany is not a captive of russia or that russia and germany are actually codependent on each other from an energy perspective and that actually what this looks like from from russian eyes is the u.s. trying to enforce unfair competition essentially by getting itself into
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the european market being able to sell its own gas and energy there and you go on to say that russia is essentially a reliable energy partner for europe and is competitively priced and therefore they should carry on doing business together and really just briefly made some interesting comments about crimea in his address didn't it. yeah crimea but not just crime we're also nato military exercises well this was you know in response to questions that he was being asked in this press conference will you recognize the russian annexation of crimea he said well he'd be alluded to the fact that russia has built lots of infrastructure in crimea the bridge that opened once or so ago linking the russian mainland with crimea but said that the annexation actually happened on a bomber's watch that he wouldn't have let it happen as to whether he will recognize russia's annexation of crimea he said well i can't really say i can't
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really tell you what's going to happen in crimea from now on he certainly didn't deny that he would do that that would be music to the years of the kremlin but because of course the official position in both in western europe and in washington d.c. is that this was an illegal an exception and there are sanctions that have been put on russia because of it he also was asked about nato exercises in the baltics and whether he would be open to i suppose persuasion from vladimir putin that these should be called off as a kind of trust building measure he says perhaps we'll talk about that again leaving this possibility open and regarding electoral interference of course which has been a burning issue in the united states for since before the election and of course it's still going strong with the robot murder investigation he says that yes he will ask vladimir putin again about about the interference alleged interference and
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how to see what ultimately thinset so he's basically not committing to anything here is keeping everything open all of these red lines that would like washington d.c. and other capitals in western europe would like to have drawn he seems to be wavering all over them all right thank you. well evidence of prisoners being killed tortured and disappearing from secret jails in southern yemen has been published by amnesty international the rights group says what's happening there could amount to war crimes the u.a.e. has denied previous allegations. al-jazeera obtained a voice recording late last year of a man who said he'd been held prisoner in southern yemen operated by so which is from the united arab emirates. there are various methods such as the use of electric shock waterboarding as well as forcing detainees to strip naked this is how they torture us in different prisons they use different methods amnesty
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international says evidence from more than seventy families government workers and prisoners all show crew on unlawful practices in prisons run by amorality and yemeni forces some of these detention facilities are not actually official. what we and others. in our investigations is that there is a network of secret detention. the most egregious violations are actually. a coalition of countries led by saudi arabia and the united arab emirates has been fighting heathy rebels for more than three years to back the government of president added rebel mansour hadi the who has created a humanitarian crisis and pushed millions of yemenis to the brink of starvation secret to knowing you even detention centers in five governorates in southern yemen are detailed by the report says they say there are credible allegations of deaths in custody of missing detainees of torture and what's described.


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