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i would just go to the park and i still have to come down. and i quickly supposed to get out i was traced with a blank piece of card. and a million one crime committed and i thought where do i start so all of this sets the scene for a day of action on friday that we demonstrations in different towns and cities across the country but the largest demonstration by far is expected in central london with crowds possibly reaching hundreds of thousands earlier on thursday the british government released a strategy document outlining its latest plan for approximate goes with the e.u. the so-called white paper was presented to parliament by the new prime minister and chief and go shater rob it proposes that the u.k. follow e.u. rules on the trade of goods but set its own terms when it comes to financial services but it says the right phrase citizens to live and work visa free in the u.k. should and the u. has always said it won't agree to any deal that her vents the free movement of
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people now we set forward a proposal that protects people's jobs protects people's livelihoods delivers on our commitment for the hard no hard border and. on and crucially delivers on the votes of people to take back control of our money and. aren't sleigh is in london. well the significance of course of this publication of the documents is that eventually the european union has a position from the u.k. side which it can negotiate with after more than two years since the vote because only about five weeks left in the go stating time before they have to come to an agreement or the u.k. crashes out and so having done this now next week the u.k. politicians will run over to brussels and to see what they can or can't agree with with the european union over this but it's not only the e.u. that the government has a problem with if the politicians inside their own party because some of them on the really really hard core anti european side is so incensed at the idea that the
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u.k. mights keep a very small trading agreement going with the european union that they've started calling to reason made the prime minister a traitor and comparing her to neville chamberlain who before the second world war tried to appease the nazis that's the sort of psychology that the government in this country has to deal with with politicians inside his own party let alone the european union. on the news hour including torture and secret jails and yemen amnesty international says i'm ready for says running and they have committed war crimes disturbing video goes viral and launches the murder investigation of two women and two children in cameroon and then sports when a lance faces or a wild entitled tells coming up later. arriving in the present tense nato summit in brussels the first threatened to pull
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out of nato then declared victory and his goal of forcing other member nations to increase their financial contributions are diplomatic. at the summit. president alone and isolated well that's at least how he wanted to be seen at the start of the day's proceedings even chewing away in assistant nato will not forget this day the day a still looking u.s. president came here with a clear narrative in his mind he created a crisis even hinting he might pull out of the alliance for declaring a victory tremendous progress has been made everyone's agreed to substantially up their commitment they're going to up it at levels that they've never thought of before prior to last year where i attended my first meeting it was going down the amount of money being spent by countries was going down and down very substantially . earlier trump was late for a meeting between nato allies and partner countries ukraine and georgia the cameras
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were no longer in the room by the time the president once again brought up nato defense spending an issue everyone else thought of being settled nato secretary general young stoltenberg had to ask you crane in georgia to leave as nato went into emergency session. while trump insists they may. new much increased spending commitments its allies later tonight that nothing new had been agreed there is a familiar pattern here trump is still declaring his diplomacy with north korea is going well even though the country itself which has made no firm commitments for what has just called recent talks troubling that was an amazing really an amazing meeting i thought and i really think that we establish very good relationships you will see were all ends but there have been no missile tests there have been no research where there's been they have blown up a site i hear they're blowing up another site missile say so what actually was
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achieved at this nato summit virtually nothing and expose the divisions within the alliance the person that is going to benefit is russian president vladimir putin who president trump meets at the beginning of next week the u.s. president was asked about that meeting he was positive he was asked to about russian omics ation of crimea he was once again positive about putin and at no point called for russia to withdraw from crimea the next few days will continue to be worrying ones for nato allies james pays out zero at nato headquarters in brussels marks mccoskey nonresident senior fellow at the atlantic council who joins us now from washington d.c. we appreciate your time as always so as james fay's reported president seems to have a pattern of creating a crisis where there really is nine and then presenting it as if he solve the crisis and often at the expense of u.s.
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allies what effect do you think that that is currently having or could potentially have on the relationship with u.s. allies say for example germany or france. so obviously president shrum set the table for crisis and i agree with you it's an artificial self-inflicted crisis he was very frustrated with burden sharing very frustrated with syrian balances and within forty eight hours went from frustration to seemingly taking credit and victory for ensuring that allies increased spending he could have easily done that at the beginning of the summit nothing changed in the forty eight hours that were there that communique that came out clearly laid out a two percent threshold not a four percent as he said and it's going to have real damage to relationships and also have real damage on the alliance and its credibility so i think president trump has done a dual body blow to the nato alliance in terms of whether or not allies believe they can trust and rely on the united states as
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a critical member of nato and also of course the bilateral relationships have suffered because all the leaders in europe now question the ability of president trump to have a fair assessment of their bilateral ition ships in the nato alliance but i think that's a president trump wants so that was exactly my question is that an intended consequence . to that effect of the choices that he makes or is that just whatever happens happens you think this is a somewhat of a a strategy on his part. absolutely i think present trump has been pretty clear and purposeful starting with the g. seven and even going back further of his questioning international institutions and questioning the unity of those instant international satou sions traditionally play he previewed that he was going to express frustrations over burden sharing before his trip he previewed that he's frustrated over trade imbalances so in many ways i think his visit to brussels was an opening salvo in what will likely also be
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a third front in a trade war the first being a trade war against a chinese the second being about north american neighbors with the mexicans in the canadians and i think president trump is going to build on that and try to seek a negotiated path and maybe another trade war with the europeans and the nato visit was part of that opening frustration to showcase how much displeasure he has with the alliance but again in the end there actually were real deliverables who benefit from this tension and nato absolutely nato's adversaries and primarily the man sitting in moscow who is waiting to meet with president putin president trump mr putin in helsinki on july sixteenth benefits the most because he sees a nato divided he sees a president not committed to the alliance and he sees a president also who may not actually respond in time of a crisis because of that skepticism toward nato i gotta ask you for let you go that
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sounds ominous and a lot of ways it by being so magic there you know it's ominous because in times of a crisis. pausing in response is what essentially could undermine the alliance so yes i think it is ominous but the positive aspect of brussels is despite president rome's rhetoric there were some really concrete deliverables that were agreed upon that actually will help nato secure and defend itself from russian aggression or other threats and that again wasn't stopped by president trump he agreed to sign the communique and so in many ways the europeans are issuing a sigh of relief because there's a lot of things that they got out of this summit in terms of concrete deliverables that will strengthen nato mark so mccloskey thank you very much for your insight we appreciate it and the issue of north korea's to nuclearization was sidelined at the nato meeting overshadowed by president trump's remarks on the alliance's military
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spending at the same time the north koreans failed to attend a meeting with u.s. officials at the g. militarized zone to discuss the return of remains of u.s. soldiers killed in the korean war but trump tweeted a letter sent to him by north korean leader kim jong un trump said it was a very nice note from chairman kim and that great progress was being made between the united states and north korea that have the ministration says it is reunited over half of the children under the age of five separated from their parents at the mexico border but it was meant to reunite all of them by tuesday that's what a judge said all the government will now have to convince a judge that logistical difficulties and concerns about child welfare affect the process or face punishment more now from shopper tante. the trumpet ministration missed the tuesday deadline for reunifying children under five who were separated from their parents but early on thursday it said it had now reunited fifty seven of the one hundred three under five in its care with
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a parent however that still short of the sixty three children mandated to be reunified judge the american civil liberties union is unimpressed it said make no mistake about it our government missed the deadline even for these fifty seven children accordingly by the end of the day we will decide what remedies to recommend to the court for the noncompliance i marry and. i am myriad the a.c.l.u. has released this video of our actions reading out the account of a home during mother who was separated from a eighteen month old some of the u.s. immigration officers then told me that they were taking my son from me both the a.c.l.u. and the courts have accepted the government's argument that in some cases reunification is impossible some parents have a serious criminal history that could endanger the child for example however the judge has not accepted that the government has no responsibility to reunite children with parents who've been deported the government maintains deported parents want their children to remain in the u.s. but has provided no evidence to back up that claim the next deadline is july the
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twenty six the government has been ordered to reunite all children separated from parents by them in a conference call with the media the government said it was confident it would meet that deadline as quite efficiently as it had met his days deadline but of course the government missed tuesday's deadline schipper times the al-jazeera washington. sixty seven migrants are stranded on an italian coast guard ship and sicily terry minister mikhail sylvania says he won't let the migrants off the boat he says he wants more clarity over what happened when an italian tugboat rescued then waters off libya over the weekend and says the migrants who allegedly threatened their rescue crew are criminals so. the ship austria and germany are looking for ways to work together along their shared border to stop hundreds of thousands of undocumented migrants from getting at the us to find a way around the agreement which ensures
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a border free travel within the european union it's a heated issue in both countries and early split germany's coalition government earlier this month i mean ok it has more from the area. mention migration of meetings of e.u. leaders these days and many assume they're talking about stricter rules and allowing fewer people in certainly that's true for these three men the interior ministers of austria italy and germany. i think the three of us agree that we want to restore order in an area where for much too long disorder reigned from here we want to send a clear message to the world and especially to people smugglers that in future it will no longer be possible to reach european soil without the right to protection. his german counterpart wants to see much more of this sort of thing police controls on main routes into and out of southern germany offices here say they've stopped around fifteen hundred illegal immigrants so far this year there are three such
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control areas in operation along the border with austria which meanders for more than eight hundred kilometers across rivers mountains and valleys alike with lots of road and rail connections and is that makes clear there are many border crossings like this one where it's quite possible to walk or to drive from austria into the federal republic of germany without showing any identity documents without being controlled which means effectively that the german interior ministry will have no idea who's coming into their country. yet that is the price of the german government's apparently continuing commitment to the e use schengen zone creating a contradiction between wanting tougher border controls on the one hand and border free travel on the other with. the internet we only want internal border checks as long as shang isn't working in the right manner i am not in favor of border controls within europe and in the long term the route from the italian coast to the
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bavarian border was one of the main routes many migrants used to travel to germany over the past few years now it's increasingly clear the government's concerned wanted closed as soon as possible dominant cane al-jazeera in bavaria as countries around the world get tough on immigration the united nations is set to outline a new non-binding policy for global migration announcement is expected friday migration is a positive global phenomenon many aging developed countries these migrants too few crucial gaps in labor markets and climate change and other factors including simple human escalation will continue to lead people to seek opportunity far from there all the time navy seals who rescued twelve schoolboys and their football coach from a cave have returned home to a hero's welcome the seals were mobbed by family and friends after touching down at their base near the capital bangkok received awards for their part of their
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dangerous mission to rescue the boys from a deep underground cave complex their commanding officer says the rescued boys could go on to a force for good in thai society. still ahead on al-jazeera when for activists israel supreme court spares this bedouin settlement in the occupied west bank from a militia and the pressure starting to tell india slashes its oil imports as u.s. intensifies its bid to isolate iran and the creation government is a bit distracted at the moment so you can guess why far as all the details and support of. welcome back to take a look at weather conditions across the americas and in north america you just see hurrican chris just heading a way past newfoundland tonight in theory one takes only calls and
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a great problems we have got some showers across parts of the upper midwest some showers down in parts of the southeast to georgia down into florida potentially may see all share across parts of texas dallas included and some showers for the desert southwest but north western areas looking dry and fine seattle twenty seven degrees and looking good and not a great deal of changes ahead on through into saturday either so let's head down into the caribbean looking a bit disturbed here certainly across parts of the bahamas and even cuba could see some showers were wise yon's jerry not fairing too badly up through central america heavy showers from panama through costa rica and the cure i go further north weather conditions gerri looking good better not as wet as it has been indeed as your head on through into saturday it should be a relatively dry picture just a chance of a shower from a sicko city for south america we have heavy showers from french guiana across towards columbia but as you come south which is looking fine and now we're getting the north of the wind is certainly warming up in point as aries temperatures were struggling to reach ten degrees a few days ago but as we head on through to start the weekend temperatures may well
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be pushing twenty degrees in buenos aires highs of twenty six likely in riyadh. in two thousand and fourteen israel inflicted a devastating attack on gaza. filmmaker mohamad jabaliya captures the destruction of his holy city through the struggle of those he saved lives for a living. witness ambulance on al-jazeera. when the news breaks. on the mailman city and the story builds to be forced to leave the room just me out when people need to be heard to women and girls are being bought and given away in refugee camps al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you the winning
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documentaries and. on al-jazeera i got to commend you all i'm hearing is good journalism. and. watching al-jazeera let's pick out the top stories for you now syria's army has raised the national flag and tera the birthplace of the two thousand and eleven revolution rebels have agreed to surrender and withdraw to rebel held and live the army launched a major offensive for the southern province on the nineteenth of june displacing more than a quarter of a million people. as president donald trump has told britain's the sun newspaper
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that is so call soft press that is what killed chances for a trade deal between the u.k. and the u.s. times comments come on day one of his first official visit to the u.k. sixty seven. migrants were stranded on an italian coast guard ship in sicily please determinist for material sodini says he won't let the migrants all vote so he says he wants more clarity over what happened when an italian tugboat rescued them off the waters of libya he says the migrants hijacked the ship. holding a general strike on friday as part of a three day protest against president and your take the demonstrators have already march through the capital managua two hundred sixty four people have been killed in three months of unrest that was first triggered by anger over pension reforms around the santos as more. this is the beginning of three days are long road to here in the now whether people believe me got out walk the our lion's the a civic alliance a group made up of businessmen students farmers civil society they are
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marching against a president to say other world would pressuring their government some of them want the government to hold early elections not in two thousand and twenty one but in two thousand and nineteen but many others want president miller think up to resign immediately. the entire american commission for human rights on wednesday said to washington but they demand that the mikado one government allows these protesters to march in peace the united nations secretary general and the new diverse has said that he said very worried about the increasing the escalation of violence here in the got out of people have been protesting in you got i was getting a little off first up because of pension reform spots as the mons the weeks of the months hot gone by people are demanding the president to resign a president that you know there has been in the presidency for three consecutive
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terms and that many people here say that he has installed a dictatorship and he got out of this by the president being his wife your your movie. however the people here say that the miles it's mostly perpetrated by pro-government gangs and that's why many people here say that it's time for all to pay up to leave cameron's president has ordered an investigation after a video emerged that appears to show government forces killing two women and two children ever reportedly shot dead when they were accused of being members of the armed group local herat and a warning some of this video is disturbing reports. two women and a go marched along the path by men in uniform said to be similar to those worn by some serving in cameroon's militarily one of the women is carrying a baby on her back then in a clearing the group is blindfolded and forced to sit down
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a man can be heard saying you a book in her room you are going to die before the men point their weapons at the group and then gunshots. camarines governments dismissive video as being what it described as fake news it said the release of the video was a desperate attempt by its enemies to discredit the government's efforts to combat book or her disease and instance. grows recent information we're. fucked. noting to do the work over the difference in security forces within the framework of the mission in place to do that it's not the first time cameron has been forced to defend soldiers against accusations of human rights violations earlier this year amnesty international said government
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forces had tortured people it suspected of belonging to buckle her ram it went on to say that security forces continued to arbitrary arrest individuals accused of supporting book or her arm often with little or no evidence and sometimes using unnecessary or excessive force there's arrested were frequently detained in inhumane life threatening conditions the military rejected the findings and said its members respected human rights cameroon strips are fighting groups on two fronts for the last two years they've been battling english speaking separatists operating in the west of the country. and the north dhaka her arm fighters have in the last four years mounted suicide attacks and kidnappings the emergence of the video isn't going to help the government fight or improve its structure taishan in or outside cameroon barbara and al-jazeera south sudan's parliament has voted to
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extend president salva kara's term in office along with other leading officials parliament's approval of a constitutional amendment means care will now stay on as president until twenty twenty one the ruling is likely to undermine peace talks aimed at ending the four and a half year civil war of all groups led by here is former vice president riek machar have already said they are strongly opposed to that low. a german court has ruled that carol when his former president carl's can be extradited to spain on charges of misappropriation of public funds but rejected a request to send him back to spain on more serious charges of rebellion the court decision is yet to be approved by the prosecutor's office which was arrested at the german danish border following an european arrest warrant in march the accusations relate to last year's an authorized referendum on carolinian independence. the former pakistani prime minister nabil i sharif is set to return to lahore where
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he's likely to be taken into custody at the airport he was ousted by the supreme court in july two thousand and seventeen and last week he was sentenced to ten years in prison on corruption charges related to the purchase of luxury apartments in london trip has been based in london where his wife is critically ill in the hospital the former prime minister and his daughter miriam announced they will land in pakistan friday morning where they are both expected to be arrested at the airport and the international is published what it calls evidence of prisoners being killed tortured and disappearing secret run jails in southern yemen the rights group says what's happening there could amount to war crimes the u.a.e. has denied previous allegations where chaudhry has more. al-jazeera obtained a voice recording late last year of a man who said he'd been held prisoner in southern yemen operated by so which is from the united arab emirates. there are various methods such as the use of electric shock waterboarding as well as forcing detainees to strip naked this is
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how they torture us in different prisons they use different methods amnesty international says evidence from more than seventy families government workers and prisoners all show crew on unlawful practices in prisons run by amorality and yemeni forces some of these detention facilities are not actually official. what we and others have in our investigations is that there is a network of secret detention. the most egregious violations are actually. a coalition of countries led by saudi arabia and the united arab emirates has been fighting heathy rebels for more than three years to back the government of president added rebel months are hearty the who has created a humanitarian crisis and pushed millions of yemenis to the brink of starvation secret to knowing you even detention centers in five governorates in southern yemen are detailed by the report says they say there are credible allegations of deaths
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in custody of missing detainees of torture and what's described as egregious detention related violations which cannot be justified under any circumstances other rights groups have made similar allegations and all of the warring sides are accused of human rights abuses. saudi arabia has just announced pardons for troops disciplined for their conduct in yemen saudi state media didn't specify their crimes amnesty is calling for suspected criminals to be put on trial and for the united states to suspend cooperation with the u.a.e. including ending weapon sales america choudhry al-jazeera. the homes of a bedouin community in the occupied west bank are safe from demolition for now after it was temporarily blocked by the israeli supreme court or was said to be clear despite it being there since before israel's occupation of the area more than fifty years ago some of the world's biggest buyers of iranian oil appear to be
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succumbing to u.s. pressure after withdrawing from the two thousand and fifteen nuclear deal president donald trump has been urging importers of iranian oil to find alternatives and there are now signs many are cutting back on reports. iran exported little more than a million barrels of oil a day before the nuclear deal and its top four customers were in asia nucleus sanctions were lifted iranian exports have now more than doubled but these four asian nations still consume a big share that goes some way to explaining the significance of reports that india japan and even south korea are hating the u.s. demand to stop importing iranian oil and why iran is now threatening to block the strait of hormuz the vital seaway for the world's number one or oil exporter saudi arabia as well as around other oil producing rivals in the gulf. donald trump
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with the truth from the iran nuclear deal two months ago we will not allow regime the chance death to america to gain access to the most deadly weapons on earth he warned countries to halt iranian oil imports by november when new sanctions start and threatened u.s. financial restrictions that could make accessing crude oil even more difficult u.s. allies in asia and heaven to consider their close ties with the u.s. against the need for a reliable flow of oil financial experts reuters and bloomberg was civis is quote shipping and industry sources who say asian countries are being swayed by trump's thrifts the sources report india's oil imports from iran slowed by almost sixteen percent in june some oil refineries in india and in japan have began scouting alternative supply is and september oil cargos from iran to japan could be the last
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. south korea has already made cuts of thirty percent but iran's a number one customer china is locked in in trade with the us china says it won't comply with u.s. sanctions on iran but others will be looking for a new supply is an opiate riza lucian last month championed by u.s. allies saudi arabia allows oil producing nations to boost production ensuring countries in the middle east at least a ready to make up the iranian oil shortfall which brings us back to iran and its threats to block the strait of hormuz it could account for an apparent softening of the u.s. stance on iran this week speaking from the united arab emirates secretary of state mike pompei or signaled the possibility of sanctions exemptions saying the u.s. is open to requests for the tough u.s. midges due to start in november to be waived and australia
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a state police chief has issued a rare apology for causing them decades heavy measurable pain and suffering western australia's top policeman christophe's and said he was deeply sorry for the wrongful acts of the force in the past they included the forced removal of children from aboriginal and torres strait islanders what he called unconscious bias among officers second tributed to a traumatic history and fuelled fear and distrust which remains just justice department says it will appeal the federal approval of the eighty five billion dollar eighty acquisition of media giant time warner the deal closed in june after the court rejected a justice lawsuit to stop the mega merger the judge in the case said then that the government failed to show the deal violates antitrust law the case is now headed to the federal appeals court. u.s. court has awarded five hundred fifty million dollars in damages to women who say it's best to send johnson and johnson's talcum products cause them to develop
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a varying cancer twenty two plaintiffs including six who sued on behalf of relatives who died or save an average twenty five million dollars each the company's lawyers have rejected claims of the specificity its products and insists they are safe especially as a mineral that has been linked to mesothelioma that's a type of lung cancer johnson and johnson has been sued by more than nine thousand women so head on al-jazeera all the sports and gloating boxer manny pacquiao has his sights set on the coming a world champion again.


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