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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 14, 2018 6:00am-6:34am +03

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trade snow in the andes on al-jazeera. there should be no one on one meeting between this president and mr putin there needs to be other americans in the room. the u.s. government says the trump putin summit will go ahead despite the indictment of twelve russians for allegedly hacking the u.s. election in twenty sixteen. hello and welcome i'm peter w. watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters here in doha also coming up. i thought i was going to spreads in iraq over a lack of jobs and rising costs raising questions of stability after a failed election.
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over one hundred killed two suicide attacks in pakistan on the day the former prime minister nawaz sharif returned to the country he was arrested on sight also. the sound of a child crying while separated from the parents on the u.s. mexican border went viral but family is finally back together again. our top story beginning with the indictment of twelve russian hackers as part of the ongoing probe into potential collusion involving the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential election that announcement has led to calls for the immediate cancellation of next week's planned meeting between donald trump and the russian president vladimir putin she has her tansey reports not from washington. the deputy attorney general said the twelve alleged russian intelligence officers hacked into
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the clinton presidential campaign and disseminated stolen information the goal of the conspirators was have an impact on the elections in addition the department of justice alleges state election boards were hacked and the details of five hundred thousand voters stolen among those subsequently in touch with what the d.o.j. says was an online persona created by the russians to help spread the information was someone in touch with the trump campaign that person according to the indictment didn't seem very impressed with the information provided and there's no evidence that the person knew they were speaking to alleged russian spies there's not a geisha in this indictment that any american citizen committed a crime there's no allegation that the conspiracy changed the folk count or affected any election result. that was seized upon by the trumpet ministration would release a statement that said today's charges include no allegations of knowing involvement by anyone on the campaign and new allegations that the alleged hacking affected the
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election result this is consistent with what we have been saying all along earlier in the day donald trump and said he would ask about the allegations and i don't think you'll have any gee i did it i did it you got me there will be a perry mason here i don't think but you never know what happens right but i will absolutely firmly ask the question and the allegations are allegations possibly never to be proven the accused russians are highly unlikely to appear before a u.s. grand jury to defend themselves over some democrats say the summit should possibly be called off there should be no one on one meeting between this president and mr putin there needs to be other americans in the room secondly the president and his team are not willing to make the facts of this indictment a top priority of the meeting in helsinki and the summit should be cancelled but deputy attorney general suggested these indictments were to come as a surprise to all from as he took team with the queen rode rosenstein said get briefed the president earlier this week before his trip to europe she had her
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chance the al-jazeera washington. well mr trump says ties with the u.k. are at the quotes highest level of special just a day after he stirred up controversy in an interview with the sun newspaper in the u.k. in it he suggested plans for bricks that were too soft and if they stand the u.k. should not expect a trade deal with the united states but fast forward twenty four hours mr trump dismissed the report as fake news his description for a taped interview he had just given a whole has more now from winsor. a day that ended for donald trump in the company of queen elizabeth the second had begun under a cloud of official british dismay at the u.s. president's comments in a newspaper interview for two countries that supposedly enjoy a special relationship this was no way to treat a friend donald trump a told the rightwing sun newspaper that the reason may's plan for leaving the
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european union was a bad one and that a trade deal between the u.s. and the u.k. was off the table he also said to reason may's nemesis boris johnson would make a great prime minister johnson resigned this week as foreign secretary overheard new breaks its strategy. and with that the pin was pulled on a diplomatic hand grenade looked like a deliberate attack on may's already fragile leadership and then a massive about turn in face to face meetings to resume a we're told had a chance to explain her plans more fully to donald trump it must all have made sense once the breck said process is concluded. and perhaps the u.k. has left the e.u. i don't know what they're going to do but whatever you do is ok with me that's your decision whatever you're going to do is ok with us just make sure we can trade together that's all that matters if to resume a was relieved she didn't show it will be no limit to the possibility of us doing trade deals around the rest of the world once we leave the european union on the
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basis of the agreement that was made here at checkers in that i put forward to the european union and off the trumps went to meet the queen. by the time they arrived here at windsor castle for tea with the queen it seemed a whole few rory had a visiting u.s. president had gone from issuing unprecedented insults to a british prime minister to having it all swept away in a little over twelve hours mr trump simply dismissed an official on the record british newspaper interview as fake news. not the tea with the queen wasn't itself a potential protocol mind field. but the band played on and the event appears to have passed without incident a big fan of the british monarch this perhaps the highlight of trump's visit so far for the queen who's met a dozen u.s. presidents the occasion perhaps less unforgettable join
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a whole al-jazeera winsor. well a giant blimp depicting the u.s. president as a baby has been flying in the skies over london during protests against his visit tens of thousands of people demonstrated against mr trump on issues such as immigration race relations and climate change surveys by british polling organization you gov fun to see britain's believe trump is a poor or terrible president holding trump to account where highlighting the fact that his toxic hate fuels politics and his policies that having a devastating impact on people not just in the u.s. and in the u.k. and all over the world especially in the global south and opposed to trying to racism his homophobia is wrong. and i want him out of office i've joined protests in the states and i happened to be here today so i wanted to join and so that he does not represent us he really was staying with that story for the next second or
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so the opposition leader the labor leader jeremy corbyn in the u.k. joined the protest voicing his disapproval of mr trump's visit fundamentally the next he said goes out today from london that is to get them here in london that you remember this country on this issue on a visit here is we are united in our hope for a load of justice don't division for you guys you know how to win racism is a look today where you know i do hope for zero zero on the earth day moving on some of the top stories for you the iraqi government held an emergency meeting of the demonstrations that began in the southern oil rich city of basra spread to other areas including the capital baghdad there is anger at high unemployment and a lack of basic services the prime minister about he went to bounce for on friday hoping to calm the tensions mohammed el d.c. has this report. it's nearly fifty degrees celsius in iraq's southern city of basra
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and people have been feeling the heat. the city's unstable electricity grid and dwindling infrastructure fuelled angry protests over the past week. how they know more than a german general here. g.'s protests of the oppressed people of we are asking for what is rightfully ours the government should provide clean water. electricity and basic infrastructure these basic needs is the responsibility of the prime minister and the company. demonstrators use burning tires blocking roads as they marched on government installations even attempting to storm a bus or oil facility protests escalated after thirteen year old sad was killed when security forces opened fire on crowds. prime minister hyderabadi flew to busser and met with the city's governor as well as security officials to try and ease tensions bussau is iraq's richest oil province but despite the city's wealth
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and natural resources unemployment rates have skyrocketed and that's mainly due to most of the jobs in the oil industry being filled by foreign workers rising living costs contaminated water supplies and lack of basic services in the city aggravated frustrations with the government. there are presented of grand ayatollah ali al sistani expressed his support for the demands of the shia majority city. all we can do is show our solidarity with these people in their righteous cause we feel their suffering we are concerned about their difficult living conditions and it's all due to the incompetence of former and current officials the prime minister has vowed to revive the economy which has been ravaged by years of conflict. abedi is keen to compress as a rock struggles to build a new government two months after parliamentary elections that have been marred by controversy committed by d.c.
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al jazeera. well as we mentioned those protests of now spread to other cities in iraq as well flights at the international airports in the job for suspended after people stormed the terminal building but security forces later managed to push back the protesters james dorsey is a senior fellow at the s. rajaratnam school of international studies he joins us on skype from singapore james dorsey why has the government apparently failed to deliver on its promises to the people of basra i think the primary problem is twofold one to put roughly why. we well known in the war as well as mismanagement of the quality and to be compared with iraq this is something that you're seeing across the belief where you see. them going that way and certainly in the last year. against iraq and against it but i think one of the family. does a prime minister flying into the city for
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a few hours solve the problems will make it worse well it doesn't make it worse but it well the problem obviously the prime minister's trying to. but the key to it was going to be go through form where we formed that god against. him and that was. the bush economic manager and. opic you need the government to be a bigger problem there would be a good. in place without that we're going to be going to vote could it be perhaps that the central government simply kind of forgets about us much as bad as far as driving distance to the kuwaiti border it's closer to kuwait city than it is to baghdad. that's true. well. the waterway can't afford to ignore nor.
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simply a problem. but there's a problem of coffee and when you. go when you talk about structural changes you're talking about obviously structural changes as opposed to some sort of took on a stick trickle down of this oil wealth because the oil wealth must be going someplace else by definition i mean there are deals in contracts in play with international oil suppliers oil producers the oil industry in general absolutely. well. not really but. frankly you look at good growth well you. probably have. both been. right where we've all got worried whether or not down what we have down
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more than. it's. going to be accountability. thank you mike thank you still to come here. hearing for the. protests. hello there it's still hot for many of us in north america at the moment we've also got quite a bit of severe weather out of this weather system here that was slowly sinking its way southwards but it could still give us some damaging gusts of wind and some very
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heavy downpours as we head through the day on saturday eventually on sunday it will continue its journey southwards but it is breaking up as it does so even as that works its way across us it's not turning a great deal cooler toronto still up at twenty nine degrees and for d.c. we're up at thirty three further west at last a fine weather to be found here hot to inforce in seattle because see plenty of showers there working down towards the rockies and across towards l.a. and some of these showers are likely to be pretty heavy bit further towards the south and we'll be watching one area from the storms be working its way westward that's beginning to break up now but there's just more showers forming to the south so for some of us in costa rica and up to nicaragua it does look pretty wet there on saturday and it's still looking pretty soggy for much of the day on sunday for the east more in the way of drawing weather here in just a handful of showers if you're unlucky in havana if this was the south of course in one of the areas it's getting warmer nineteen degrees will be the warmest it be for about two weeks doesn't stay warm for long though the winds change once more and
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fifteen is our maximum on sunday. with a crackdown on media and political opposition cambodia is getting ready for its national election when east investigates how far his ruling party will go to consolidate its power. on al-jazeera. on counting the cost why china wants an expanded economic role in the middle east look at which countries are leading the way in innovation plus say for parents of course one of the world's most profitable and widely used leave killers goes on trial counting the cost.
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ok welcome back let's just recap the top stories for you so far today twelve alleged russian hackers have been indicted as part of the. investigation is potential collusion between the trump campaign and russia during the twenty sixteen election the announcement comes just days before mr trump is to meet the russian president vladimir putin in helsinki the finnish capital u.s. president has arrived in scotland into the press to port for the final private leg of his four day visit to the u.k. earlier he met the british prime minister tourism a and queen elizabeth hailing ties as the highest level of special his words the comments came after trump gave a scathing interview but later dismissed that as fake news. the iraqi government seldom emergency meeting after demonstrations that began in the southern oil rich city of basra spread to other areas including the capital baghdad there is anger over high unemployment and a lack of basic services. turning our attention now to pakistan where there is political chaos just weeks before the general election there more than one hundred
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twenty people have been killed at a campaign rally in the southwest the attacks happened on the same day that the former prime minister nawaz sharif arrived back in the country he was arrested on site al-jazeera jordan with the latest. even before nala story arrived in lahore on a flight from london to face justice police were responding to two attacks on political rallies on friday in which more than one hundred people were killed and many more were injured one happened in mastan in southwestern balochistan province where islamic state says it killed a political candidate at a rally the other attack was at a rally in bonn news in the country's northwest the candidate there was not physically hurt but he was angry. they say there is a threat to our current iranian i want to ask this television channel that if you have such an information you should tell us how do you get this information and
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where these people come from in the middle of the violence the former pakistani prime minister flew first class to law or where federal police were waiting to take him and his daughter marianna to a prison in roll pending an anti corruption court convicted the sharifs on july seventh stealing money from the treasury to pay for a luxury lifestyle corruption first revealed in the release of the panama papers now us jury has said he will appeal his conviction and ten year prison term sharif has been banned from politics for life the judiciary is set on rooting out corruption in pakistani politics but neither fact may mean anything to pakistanis who want their government to work for them and are dying to make that happen. in jordan al jazeera. journalist being a saw says now is sure if is determined to clear his name. absolutely he's making a point i mean he could have stayed back in london as you say but he had i think
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he's come a long way since he was a protege of general zia the earlier reporter pointed out general zia was a mage military dictator as you and your viewers must know and the marshallese was his strategy and his beginnings his political beginning were not part of what what i would say focus on democratic political polity but he has really come a long way since then and i think part of that was he was schooled by be interviewed by the late benazir bhutto in the last elections before she died he was going to boycott those calls under the ventry military dictator general pervez musharraf and benazir bhutto prevailed upon him not to boycott the elections because her stand was if you boycott then what you have to have that engagement with the political process and so he understood that he say with it so the show is i think all the great political death to benazir bhutto who was once his great political rival and i think is coming back to pakistan is in
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a way kind of to make its own don't mean for his boss mr misdeed towards her when he was in power and she was out of power there was that history is that the six year old migrants recorded begging for her family at a u.s. detention center has been reunited with her mother. for your to. the police got it right the cries of allison the dritte pleading with border agents in the macallan detention center drew worldwide attention to donald trump's administration zero tolerance policy when it came to illegal immigration the reunification follows a u.s. court order for the authorities to reunite old forcibly separated micron's families the family and i waiting for a date to be set for the asylum hearing. mexico's outgoing president has told the visiting u.s. secretary of states that washington must quickly reunite families that were
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separated on the u.s. mexican border immigration top the agenda of a meeting between mike pompei and ricky penn and yet to compare late cements mexico's president elect and his manuel lopez obrador here's our latin america editor. outside angry demonstrators protested against the u.s. administration's deportation of mexican migrants and the separation of children from their parents but inside the office of mexico's president elect and that it's money over have a lot of it was handshakes all around just two weeks after his election what top u.s. officials including u.s. secretary of state mike baum pale and president trump son in law jared had dropped by actually on the initiative of the white house it was a priority for me and our team to come to mexico soon after the election to begin building our relationship with him and his team we share nearly a two thousand mile border the united states is committed to making measurable
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progress in the security on both sides of the border the meeting was unprecedented breaking a sixty year tradition in which the mexican president elect visits washington first to meet and greet his u.s. counterpart at the invite of themselves if they can come back to the states with. with good news about the future of key issues such as nafta gratian. well that deafened be will matter a lot for the meter installations. it's too soon to announce good news but that left wing president elect did hand pump ale a letter for president trump outlining mexican initiatives for future bilateral ties based on four key issues of common interest trade migration security and development. we are going to wait for president. before revealing the contents to the mexican people and we hope that we will. respond within the next
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few weeks he added that. reasonable optimism finding common ground with washington. given the deep rift between both neighbors since president donald trump took. the meeting last. for the military. in the background. the images were streamed live on facebook showing the students taking cover and loved ones before the. opposition activists called for three days of
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anti-government protests. two hundred sixty four protesters have been killed since the. sanchez joins us now from the capital. is the situation still. peter i have lost you can you repeat please is the situation as we're reporting at the moment still happening. yes apparently there are still some students that are still under siege it's been very the information is still very sketchy but what i can tell you is what happened is that today there was a day of a national strike hold by the opposition and also a huge caravan thousands of or biggest supporters of president the new law they just porters going towards the city of messiah celebrating some important. commemorating some important things that happened in during the revolution. is
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thirty nine years ago so what happened is at one point members of the caravan and some students apparently clashed and that's when the shooting started that was earlier on today and now as you have said we've seen on one end members of students on the receiving end actually. pleading for their lives but we've also seen seen video of. apparently paramilitary who were on the other side of the barricades armed with high caliber rifles they have flags because they were masked they were shooting towards the area of the university a place that we know that there were students based there and they're protesting from there for four four four weeks now so what we know is that there have been
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at least ten students wounded is a member of the inter-american commission for human rights verification group told just a few minutes ago that they were there they were not allowed to go in that members of. the united nations were not allowed to go in and that an ambulance of the red cross was not allowed to go in the students have taken refuge in a church and six of them have been. ported who are hospital one of them is in critical condition and there are still others who are apparently still in this church unable to go out to get medical help that's what we know that what's going on now peter mariana do we know if these students that we are broadcasting their facebook pictures now do we know briefly please do we know if they were actually involved in the protests and the authorities are therefore going
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after them because of what they allegedly did or are they just collateral damage are they just literally are they literally being caught in the crossfire you know these are students that have been protesting in the university they have been they set up barricades they've been there for weeks and apparently when these a caravan got close to the area there was some clashes and that's when the shooting started but what we've seen we've been able to see in that video is that these students were unarmed and on the other hand we've seen these armed heavily armed gunmen who were in plain clothes with all the looks of paramilitary shooting towards the area that i know that i've been there and that is the area where students were taken refuge at least until the day before yesterday mariana thanks very much. to europe now a police officer in france has been arrested and suspended after
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a video was released showing him beating a prisoner the footage published on a magazine website shows the officer dragging the handcuffed inmates into a cell in a courthouse in paris before repeatedly kicking and punching him the attack continues even after more officers arrive the french interior minister has condemned the incident and a judicial investigation is now underway eight critically endangered black rhinos have died in kenya after we moved to a national park the ministry of tourism and wildlife says early investigations point to salt poisoning as the royals try to adapt to the more sailing water in the park the surviving rhinos are being closely watched and further relocations have been suspended eritrea will reopen its embassy in the ethiopian capital addis ababa on sunday in the latest sign of improving relations between the two countries the embassy has been closed since one nine hundred ninety eight over a border dispute but will open in time for a three day visit by the eritrean president. which begins in
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a few hours time for the first time in twenty years ethiopian airlines will resume daily passenger flights to eritrea as capital on tuesday reconciliation could transform the economies. this is al-jazeera these are your headlines so far twelve russian hackers have been indicted as part of a robert muller's investigation into potential collusion between the campaign and russia during the twenty sixteen presidential election the announcement comes just days before donald trump meets glad to be a putin in helsinki. the u.s. president is now in scotland for the final part of the private leg of his four day visit to the u.k. earlier he met britain's prime minister and the queen hailing toys as the highest level of special the comments come after mr trump gave a scathing interview but later dismissed that as fake news
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a joint blimp depicting the us president as a baby carrying a mobile phone has been flying over london during protests against his visit tens of thousands of people demonstrated against the u.s. president on issues like immigration risk relations and climate change where holding trump to account where highlighting the fact that his toxic hate fuels politics and his policies that are having a devastating impact on people not just in the u.s. . but in the u.k. and all over the world especially in the global south. to try races. and i want him out of office i've joined protests in the states and i happened to be here today so i want to join and so that he does not represent us really videos emerged on social media of students or nicaragua or pleading for their lives as military gunfire can be heard in the background. i don't
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know mary. well that spirit or christ on facebook the feet of pictures quite quickly came to and you can see that the students taking cover and pleading to loved ones before those images that somebody was pulling the plug on the opposition activists called for three days of anti-government protests on the state the iraqi government has held an emergency meeting after demonstrations that began in the southern oil rich city of basra and spread to other areas including the capital baghdad as anger over high unemployment and a lack of basic services those are you developing stories so far today from al-jazeera up next one to one east i will see you very soon. there is a very important force of information for many people around the world when all the cameras are gone i'm still here go into areas that nobody else is going to talk to people that nobody else is talking to and bringing that story to the forefront.
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ranked as the most southeast asian country cambodia is about an election. but with the main opposition party banned from participating it's being widely touted as a sham. not that you'll read in the local press the country's head of taxation has been accused of forcing the closure of independent media but what has he got to hide i don't want to talk about. i'm steve on this episode when he sed investigates cambodia's brutal crackdown in the lead up to the national election. it's monday morning in the cambodian people's party headquarters in.


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