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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 14, 2018 10:00am-10:34am +03

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securing the peace ethiopia rolls out a welcome to eritrea as the old enemies lay aside twenty years of calm. this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. the seven fire in nicaragua more than two hundred seventy people have died in continuing on to government protests. the u.s. president arrives in scotland as angry demonstrators continue to protest his working trip to the u.k. . and hung out to dry the west bank's once lucrative tobacco industry is no longer a money spinner the palestinians.
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president is making an historic visit to neighboring ethiopia the latest step towards a lasting peace between the long time rivals last weekend the leaders signed a pact to normalize ties ending a twenty year military standoff reports. theys optimism for change in the horn of africa rapid progress is being made after a few o.p.'s prime minister of the mohammad and expectedly made peace with their retreat and president their way key. was given a humorous welcome when he visited the capital asmara last sunday thousands of their retreat and lined the streets flags flew side by side. these were once bitter rivals whose three year war from one thousand nine hundred eight to two thousand led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people i both countries have since been in a state of what's described as no war but no peace during their summit in asmara
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the leaders agreed to normalize relations by fast reopening embassies restoring flights allowing direct phone calls and easing economic ties now president up there where his visit to ethiopia is cementing the throwing of frosty relations the sudden change to restore ties is surprising observers and is expected to have far reaching consequences for millions of their retreat and ethiopians who share close cultural and linguistic ties but who've been separated for many years. well if you're happy and they're a train had been fighting in one of africa's longest running and most bitter conflicts it's killed about seventy thousand people and displaced tens of thousands more where the war began in one thousand nine hundred eight near the border town of bad me a disputed area under ethiopia's control after two years both sides fought along their one thousand kilometer boundary well the fighting ended in december two thousand with the signing of the algiers agreement
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a border commission was set up as part of that peace deal in two thousand and two a un backed ruling granted contested territories to eritrea including bad me but if european refused to withdraw its troops well that was until prime minister ahmed came to power in april this year he agreed to fully accept the terms of the algiers agreement and normalize relations will catherine sawyer joins us live now from nairobi in neighboring kenya catherine clearly an historic meeting between the leaders of both countries what are they expecting to happen here today. very story daryn and we expect president after work to be landing in the capital addis ababa within this hour he's going to be received by a prime minister ahmed then going to go for a private lunch at the presidential palace the president is then going to get told to travel to an area in the south called what this is an industrial city.
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and tomorrow sunday richard president is expected to open an embassy as well as address a public forum to town hall a millennium of all now this is a fast to visit as we mentioned very historic first visit by president after work you too if you know pia in twenty years and things peter things daryn have progressed very quickly lot of observers have been by surprise it all started when prime minister be reached out to the rich and president back in april and then very and agreed to abide by this you when ruling on the disputed territories that had been the course of this twenty year conflict and then president after walky quickly send a delegation to the suburbs and last sunday prime minister bay went to his marrow where he was received by thousands of it retreat and it was a humorous welcome he had this they had this two. day summit lots of had
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and smiles and they agreed declared the end of the war and normalize relations and this visit by iraqi derren really cementing this knowing of relations a lot of people very early in the xpect a lot of the europeans toward receive the president very good news all around daryn catherine as you say things have moved along very quickly how significant is this development to the rest of the region. well i mean it's still very early days daryn to tell how this is all going to play out in the future when it comes to lasting peace but it's such an elite hugely significant for stability in the region these are two countries for starters who have been highly militarized partly because of this mistrust they have for each other we are talking about countries that have
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been alleged to have been participating in this proxy wars both have accused each other of using militias to destabilize their that we expect to deescalate when we when it comes to the economy of both countries expected to benefit open trade between each other for example if your pia is going to start using the port of a retreat i feel pia is a landlocked country and this twenty year war daryn really had tore our pact families and communities who shared the same language who shared the same cultures now those communities are going to come together freely so it's good news for the region but even more importantly for millions of very triana and if you are peons who have been watching this and who have been saying that this is what we want we want peace in the region this should have happened a long time ago daryn all right to a conference or there in nairobi catherine thank you. now a video has emerged of students pleading for their lives as pro-government forces
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storm a university nicaragua's company. footage stream live on facebook so the students taking cover and pleading to loved ones as gunshots were heard in the background protests and strikes continue across the country calling on president done you know take it to resign more than two hundred sixty protesters have been killed since the unrest begun in april my own assumptions as more now from the capital managua. well the red cross ambulance was able to finally go inside the premises of the university to bring out some of the wounded the students wounded in there apparently to journalists as well were able to leave members of the clergy mid negotiated with paramilitary to allow these people to leave however and not everyone has been able to leave. the university there are students feel taken refuge inside that church that is inside
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the premises of the university and it's still surrounded by paramilitary of course many of these students are terrified that something will happen to them during that night also today earlier today in members of the police. unit in uniform heavily armed even with the r.p.g. is a rocket propelled grenade shooting in the streets of amman in bull which is a neighborhood in the city of of of my now a capital there too apparently two people were killed there the policeman if they did there an apparently. when they precedented that they headed there today with his wife the vice president of honeymoon and thousands of followers in this caravan that they took all the way to mass the president there . talking about. peace however that's not what was happening here at the
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university in the in the center of my now i work the students who were unarmed were pleading for their lives with their. paramilitary shooting from another from the other end of the barricades directly at these students twelve russian hackers have been indicted as part of the investigation into alleged interference in the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential election the announcement has led to calls for next week's planned meeting between donald trump and vladimir putin to a council jabatan see reports from washington d.c. the deputy attorney general said the twelve alleged russian intelligence officers hacked into the clinton presidential campaign and disseminated stolen information the goal of the conspirators was never in fact an election in addition the department of justice alleges state election boards were hacked and the details of five hundred thousand voters stolen among those subsequently in touch with what the d.o.j. says was an online persona created by the russians to help spread the information
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was someone in touch with the trump campaign that person according to the indictment didn't seem very impressed with the information provided and there's no evidence that the person knew they were speaking to alleged russian spies there's no allegation in this indictment that any american citizen committed a crime there's no allegation that the conspiracy changed the font count or affected any election result. that was seized upon by the trumpet ministration would release a statement that said today's charges include no allegations of knowing involvement by anyone on the campaign and new allegations that the alleged hacking affected the election result this is consistent with what we have been saying all along earlier in the day donald trump it said he would ask about the allegations and i don't think you'll have any gee i did it i did it you got me there will be a perry mason here i don't think but you never know what happens right but i will absolutely firmly ask the question and the allegations are allegations possibly
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never to be proven the accused russians are highly unlikely to appear before a u.s. grand jury to defend themselves over some democrats say the summit should possibly be called off there should be no one on one meeting between this president and mr putin there needs to be other americans in the room secondly the president and his team are not willing to make the facts of this indictment a top priority of the meeting in helsinki and the summit should be cancelled but deputy attorney general suggested these indictments were to come as a surprise to all from as he took tea with the queen roadracing steinfeld briefed the president earlier this week before his trip to europe she ever chancy al-jazeera washington you know u.s. president donald trump's expected to face more protests in scotland where he's on the third and final leg of his u.k. trip tens of thousands of people turned out in cities across the u.k. on friday to voice their disapproval trump has no official engagements in scotland downs are expected to spend time playing golf at
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a resort that he owns the has more. well this demonstration in gaza go started even before the u.s. president landed in scotland of press week airport not far away from here and in friday morning in fact the scotsman newspaper published a searing editorial calling the u.s. president a racist a serial liar and either a sexual abuser or someone who falsely brags about being one and those are things which a lot of the crowd here would agree with they've also highlighted his anti migrant rhetoric and something that's got a lot of them very angry is the recent policy of separating migrant children from their parents on the us mexico border and i am from the states originally. so just this this is been a really big one that's really kind of broken me in recent days they take it take. the children and just maybe just feel safe really just going as a point you kick up and she just said we don't we don't stand with you on any of
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your policies you're not you're not welcome in this country you know you know democratic and we believe climate change is happening and we need to do what together those reading it from a state visit to a known state was no enough simply a symbolic gesture no one saturday there's a very big demonstration planned in the scottish capital edinburgh a carnival of resistance all sorts of groups gathering to register their protest against the u.s. president but he won't be anywhere near that we're expecting him to be playing golf and he's turned very private resort some protesters might head they've been denied permission to fly the baby blimp the balloon of the president has a baby above the skies near the golf course but it could still put an appearance somewhere else but on friday a giant blimp depicting the u.s. president as a baby flew in the london as part of massive protests against his trip and he bought the reports from westminster. dole trumpet being told to avoid the center of
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the british capital because if this. crowd's a so-called carnival of resistance marched against the world's most powerful leader that moscow a giant helium filled blimp of donald trump as a baby clutching a mobile phone. so many demonstrators believe he has an infant all grasp of politics they see him as a wrecking ball for race relations women's rights climate change and peace behind humor is a very serious message and that is. holding trump to account where highlighting the fact that his toxic hate fuels politics and his policies that having a devastating impact on people not just in the u.s. . but in the u.k. and all over the well especially in the global south. as breaks it looms many also fear the british government will full british values in
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the interests of u.s. trade deals maybe even a. lot of the american people about president trump right on the missile genny his contempt for democracies is embracing to take on these incredibly low volume allegedly did not find him alone i think that he found people yeah about. here today because i am deeply concerned about the direction of the united states and i opposed to trump's racism his homophobia as long. as i want him out of office i've joined protests in the states and i happened to be here today so i want to join and show that he does not represent us really. this isn't the first controversial leaders of is a guy who is the first. protests but they've really hasn't been anything quite like
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this is very much a response to donald trump's unique and arguably divisive politics people here in the u.k. also questioning the health and the nature of the so-called special relationship between the u.s. and the u.k. people here wonder whether it's time to review that relationship now that donald trump's in the white house. few more vocally than the mayor of london who sanctioned the march and the blame one of the things that americans love of our city are the rights we have here the right to protest the right to have free speech the right to freedom of assembly and the idea that we would tell those rights because it may cause offense to president trump or somebody else i think americans would find objectionable why because their own constitution has the rights to freedom of speech freedom to protest freedom to assembly. president trump visit has been carefully choreographed to avoid his opponents choosing to fly around southern england by helicopter rather than risk of road journey they like me
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a lot of the u.k. said before his visit these people beg to differ. leave. london . mexico's outgoing president is urging the u.s. to quickly reunite families separated at the us mexico border immigration top the agenda of a meeting between the. and u.s. secretary of state mike pompei oh he's leading a delegation that includes donald trump's son in law and white house advisor. pompei later met mexico's president elect and that as lopez obrador the united states is committed to making measurable progress that ensures the security on both sides of the border americans must be able to see improvements to better protect our national sovereignty and the safety of our local communities. i respectfully reinforce the importance of the border issue in each of their conversations today don't force or break you're not just here when we come back iraq is brave the intense summer heat and protests against unemployment and poor services and find
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out why an attempt to save them danger violence and kenya ended up in design stuff more of that stay with us. hello there the rain is continuing to fall across eastern parts of europe particularly in the northeast so this does larry of low pressure here now is not necessarily bad news because some places here are reporting a drought including aafia where we've had below average rainfall during may and june so we do need this rain but it is making things rather gray a little bit miserable as well so plenty more wet weather here as we head through the day on saturday for sunday to mean well for the western parts of europe far more sunshine here and the insight feeling quite warm london up to thirty degrees by sunday much in the temperature that we're expecting in paris there is the risk
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of one or two thunderstorms there particularly over the alps and if you catch one you know about is pretty heavy a maybe with some hail and thunder to now across the other side of the mediterranean largely fine unsettled for us here you see the winds working down from the north so not too hot across the north coast of egypt but for the west it's a lot warmer than it might be chuen is there up at thirty seven degrees a very warm day for us and the temperatures are climbing force in outages as well thirty three degrees on sunday for the central belt of africa also showers here as you'd expect on ruffling their way towards the west you can see from the dark colors we're expecting some particularly heavy ones and quite a cluster of them around the coast of nigeria.
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welcome back a quick reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera eritrea's president doesn't work is making a historic visit today when ethiopia is the latest step towards reconciliation and peace between the longtime rivals last weekend the leaders signed a pact to normalize ties ending a twenty year military standoff. some students are reportedly trapped in
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a university in nicaragua's capital managua with pro-government forces surrounding the area that's been part of protests calling for president daniel ortega to resign more than two hundred sixty people have died in the unrest. and us president donald trump is expected to face more protests in scotland where he's on the final leg of his u.k. visit tens of thousands of people turned out in cities across the u.k. on friday to voice the disapproval. now at least one hundred twenty people have been killed in southwest pakistan that a campaign rally just weeks before a general election their tanks took place in the same day that the former prime minister nawaz sharif arrived back in the country and was arrested on site al-jazeera is also in jordan as more. even before nala story arrived in lahore on a flight from london to face justice police were responding to two attacks on political rallies on friday in which more than one hundred people were killed and many more were injured one happened in mastan in southwestern balochistan province
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where islamic state says it killed a political candidate at around the other attack was at a rally in bonn news in the country's north west the candidate there was not physically hurt but he was angry. they say there is a threat to our current iranian i want to ask this television channel that if you have such an information you should tell us how do you get this information and where these people come from in the middle of the violence the former pakistani prime minister flew first class to law or where federal police were waiting to take him and his daughter mari him to a prison in roll pending an anti corruption court convicted the sharifs on july seventh stealing money from the treasury to pay for a luxury lifestyle corruption first revealed in the release of the panama papers now us to read has said he will appeal his conviction and ten year prison term sharif has been banned from politics for lunch the judiciary is set on rooting out corruption in pakistani politics but neither fact may mean anything to pakistanis
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who want their government to work for them and are dying to make that happen. in jordan al jazeera. iraqi government has held an emergency meeting of the demonstrations spread to the capital baghdad protests began in the southern city of basra a high unemployment and a lack of basic services promise to hide out of body visited basra on friday hoping to calm tensions spreading throughout iraq. has this report. it's nearly fifty degrees celsius in iraq's southern city of basra and people have been feeling the heat. the city's unstable electricity grid and dwindling infrastructure fuelled angry protests over the past week. they know more than a german general here. geez protests of the oppressed people of we are asking for what is rightfully ours the government should provide clean water. electricity and basic infrastructure these basic needs is the responsibility of the prime minister
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and the company. demonstrators use burning tires blocking roads as they marched on government installations even attempting to storm a bus or oil facility. protests escalated after thirteen year old sad was killed when security forces opened fire on crowds. prime minister hyderabad the flew to buster and met with the city's governor as well as security officials to try and ease tensions bussau is iraq's richest oil province but despite the city's wealth and natural resources unemployment rates have skyrocketed and that's mainly due to most of the jobs in the oil industry being filled by foreign workers rising living costs contaminated water supplies and lack of basic services in the city aggravated frustrations with the government. there are presented of grand ayatollah ali al sistani expressed his support for the demands of the shia majority city. all we
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can do is show our solidarity with these people in their righteous cause we feel their suffering we are concerned about their difficult living conditions and it's all due to the incompetence of former and current officials the prime minister has vowed to revive the economy which has been ravaged by years of conflict. abedi is keen to calm frustrations as iraq struggles to build a new government two months after parliamentary elections that have been marred by controversy. al jazeera. how masses fired more than a dozen rockets toward southern israel amid continuing tensions along the gaza border israel says its iron dome system intercepted several of the rockets were fired shortly after israeli jets targeted several sites along the gaza strip unless leaders of the rockets were meant to deter israel from further action by palestinian farmers a growing tobacco for generations but as jobs of dried up more and more people have turned to working in the unregulated industry the palestinian authority says it's
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missing out on tens of millions of tax revenue dollars every month. in the israeli occupied west bank. the also but down there helps his nephews pick the families tobacco crop in the north of the occupied west bank he worked in israel for more than two decades but israeli government restrictions on freedom of movement for palestinians forced him to quit his job five years ago the palestinian authority says the local tobacco industry has to be regulated because farmers aren't paying taxes but it's easy money when there are so few jobs around and. the palestinian authority finds other work then most people would stop growing tobacco they should make jobs for the young generation the university graduates who helped to back up the twenty to thirty dollars a day they studied science and finance and they have to do this to back oh needs very little water to thrive palestinians have grown in this area for generations
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but not on this scale they say israel's control of water inland resources means they have little choice but to grow it wherever they can. the palestinian authority says unemployment in the occupied west bank has almost doubled to around nineteen percent in the last twenty years feels like this one used to be used to grow crops like wheat and barley but not anymore before israel started building the separation wall in two thousand and two many people in this area used to work in israel but now there are villages in this area where virtually every family is in some way involved in the business. this is one of many small tobacco processing plants in the area pharma cell they draw and leaves to trade is just over ten dollars a kilo. we were afraid the p.a. could confiscate his tobacco says this worker but others say the p.a. usually ignores them because it knows so many people depend only on regulated
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industry for their livelihood demand but tobacco is high. on cigarettes of five times more expensive than those locally produced but it's estimated the p.a. is missing out on tens of millions of dollars in tax revenue a year from the local tobacco industry. if we're to calculate how much of the deficit the tobacco industry would cover i'd say somewhere between twenty to thirty percent if we control the smuggled and locally produced tobacco. says he and thousands of other people have no choice but to keep growing tobacco a plant that kills those who use it but one which many palestinians depend upon to survive at al-jazeera joubert in the occupied west bank. critically endangered black rhino have died in kenya after being moved to a national park the ministry of tourism and wildlife says any investigations point
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to some boys named as the rhinos tribe to adapt to the more sail on water in the park the surviving rhinos of being closely watched and further indications have been suspended. i mean fantino says the will cup in russia has been the best and he's promising a special final on sunday when france take on croatia. each sunday. we are seeing these funds used to go to france to push. but it's also shows a little of the old. line this whole swirl of the. creation of the team was teams. going to the east coast road system school players but before that though there is the play off a third place between england and belgium the belgians beat england one in the group stages win on saturday will give them the best result of the we'll come up with the
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players admit it will be a difficult game to play. parts off a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera as president desirous of working is making an historic visit to neighboring ethiopia is the latest step towards reconciliation and peace between the longtime rivals last weekend the leaders signed a pact to normalize ties ending a twenty year military standoff. some students are reportedly trying to university and nicaragua's capital managua with pro-government forces surrounding the area. have been part of protests calling for president don you know taker to resign. more than two hundred sixty people have died so far and the honest sanchez has more from the not. the latest we've heard is that to the sea ambulance the
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international committee of the red. able to finally go inside the premises of the campus where these students were under siege and they have been able to leave with. two journalists and apparently three wounded. u.s. president donald trump is expected to face more protests in scotland where he's on the final leg of his u.k. visit tens of thousands of people turned out in cities across the u.k. on friday to voice their disapproval trump has no official engagements in scotland and is expected to spend time playing golf at a resort that he owns twelve russian hackers have been indicted as part of the investigation into alleged interference in the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential election they were accused of stealing and distributing information from hillary clinton's campaign announced one has led to calls for next week's planned meeting between donald trump and button if putin to be cancelled. promises fired more than a dozen rockets towards southern israel. israel says its island system intercepted
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several of them were fired shortly after israeli jets targeted several sites along the gaza strip and as leaders said the rockets are meant to deter israel from further action. and eight critically endangered black rhino have died in kenya after being removed to a national park the wallet ministry says early investigations point to salt poisoning as the rhinos try to adapt to the more sail on water in the park the surviving rhinos are being watched closely and further relocations have been suspended. all right those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after inside story stage of them so watching by fidel. the question is will the fifteen thousand people posing an imminent threat to israel use knives as they were. told each may need to come. to your garage no no they're saying they're going to die on the day are sending them to die it's a contradiction when they come and attack us it's
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a war he was attacking maybe his son goes head to head with. what israel is doing is deliberately choosing to slaughter house. what are the so-called special relationship donald trump visits britain for the first time as president and the insults prime minister. he says her arrival will make a better leader and she ignored his advice on brad pitt and migration how damaging is all that for the transatlantic allies this is inside story. the welcome to the program. in the ritual which is prime minister theresa may might wonder whether this was really the best week.


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