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because official term expired in our part of the world some people think you are stupid and crazy if you do that mikhail saakashvili former president of georgia and ex governor of the odessa region in ukraine talks to al-jazeera. this is al jazeera and live from studio fourteen year old is there a headquarters in doha santa maria welcome to the news straight to the cycle begins again israel has launched its biggest attack on gaza since the twenty forty war targeting the infrastructure of hamas while rockets have been fired out of the strip towards israel but a live update from our correspondent in gaza coming up inform the great another step to peace eritrea is president decides not to like he has been welcomed in ethiopia as the two countries try to put decades of war behind them this is just
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a week after signing an unexpected peace deal with an already endangered species takes another hit eight black rhinos have died in kenya after an attempt to move into a newly created national park tragic loss for the species and it may have simply come down to their drinking. and it's been eighty seven days since the protests in nicaragua started and now university students find themselves in the middle of the latest round of violence we have their story as told by them online i'm leah harding connected us with a hash tag in jane's. with the news grid live on air and streaming online through you tube facebook lyman abound as they were a dot com and not since the war back in twenty fourteen has the gaza strip seen a daylight attack quite this large is ready jets have been hitting hamas targets this saturday targeting several neighborhoods specifically how mass positions and
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how mass infrastructure they some of the first pictures which we saw coming out of the strip the smoke seen rising above gaza city israeli army itself says it struck dozens of amass targets meanwhile amasses fired more than seventy rockets into southern israel israel's iron dome defense system intercepted some of them one though exploded near an israeli border. community there are no injuries were reported hamas says the attack was meant to stop israeli escalation here is bernard smithies live in gaza city for us on the newsgroup hi bernard why don't you talk us through what's happened when we say hamas targets and hamas infrastructure what does that mean well israel's put out a statement in the last hour or so saying specifically what it was targeting those hamas training camps in the main now israel tries to make them sound like some sort of major military power that it's targeting hamas is not a military a major military power because it does have weapons and it does have training
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facilities but these are scattered across gaza often large field or sandy areas walled off sandy areas with some hearts in the manual see some sort of training ground where people go running through building this training facilities this seems to be a particularly large one israel says its target is another ones as well it's important to note that while we've just heard an airstrike go in the last few minutes just before you cross to me but it's important to note that so far it seems israel has specifically targeted open areas there's been no reports so far of anybody being killed if these were big major facilities that israel are targeted there would have been people in them but israel hasn't it seems killed anybody so there's a this is like a warning from israel essentially it's frustrated with these burning kites that hamas but protests have been standing over the border in recent weeks this is what i was going to ask you actually does he get the sort of all minutes feeling when this thing starts to happen in gaza but what had led to it and had it been flagged
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up by israel you mentioned the kites there is part of it as well. yeah you see on this occasion israel says that the the burning kites and the burning balloons that have been floating over the border over the last few weeks some of them landing in these israeli fields and burning crops have been launched from here and israel wants them to stop benyamin netanyahu has been a lot of domestic pressure for failing to stop these particularly from border communities so israel says it's doing this because houses not stopped those cuts and so that's where we're at the moment we do know that there are when these things flare up there are always mediation efforts underway in the climb lot and off the regional mediates along with egypt are in talks the moment we understand them some rumors only rumors on local media that some sort of cease fire agreement is not far off then and smith an update from gaza city thank you bernard we're bringing in lee in austin early on this one because i think actually those first pictures we saw were u.g.c.
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as we say user generated content a lot of this coming off line at the moment it is that people in gaza are sharing footage like the one we just saw that cost talking about the israeli strikes and they're also using the hash tag gaza and gaza under fire they say most of the strikes hit an empty military training bases belonging to various armed groups now although there have not been official figures released yet this user from gaza is reporting that at least one person was wounded in the attacks now the israeli military says that the airstrikes are in response to dozens of rockets being fired from gaza against israeli targets overnight its official twitter account posted this video showing its rocket alert system that warns people of imminent attacks at red alert saying this is what cell phones looked like during the night hours we spoke to a man in gaza who had this to say about the ongoing situation. if you could make guns at the thought of a zones are falling everywhere in the gaza strip f.
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sixteen warplanes and surveillance planes have not left the skies for a single minute today on top of that the artillery keeps firing at us we are under siege water is dirty our shores are all sewage there are no jobs there is no life in gaza our team on the ground spoke to the qatari ambassador in gaza who says these attacks are a pressure tactic on him us i think there's a way that he wants to change the equation between the hamas. and them because they want to retaliate. for the call it and belongs they don't want to just. keep it going on so they want to put pressure on hamas to stop the caught on belongs. on the border. we see both sides fighting for the narrative on line too.
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israel evacuated two thousand and despite ceaseless terror attacks emanating from gaza seems there is room never stop assisting the citizens of got free gaza from. we're seeing a lot of positive israeli sentiment around this too like this video that was posted by a pro israeli group saying hamas is ultimately to blame now do let us know what you think of the latest supply block on gaza and what's going on there you can write us with our hash tag a janie's get. and you can get in touch with us on all our platforms as well as leaders as hashtags i.j. news good reminder we use the a.j. english twitter handle for this show we put a tweet out just before the show you can reply to the thread in the psalms looking for your replies today at facebook dot com slash al-jazeera plenty of you watching there using common amongst yourselves send us a comment as well if you like while you're there poznan seven four five zero one triple one four nine will cover you on whatsapp and one telegram if you using either of those messaging apps get in touch with us directly comments questions and
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actually any video or audio you can send to help us tell the stories of the fantastic as well in the meantime we will move on scuse me to iraq where prime minister hater of the body has put security forces on high alert after antigovernment protests spread to the capital baghdad the demonstrations began in the southern city of basra where people are fed up with high unemployment and a lack of basic services mohamed el baradei has this report. it's nearly fifty degrees celsius in iraq's southern city of basra and people have been feeling the heat. the city's unstable electricity grid and dwindling infrastructure fuelled angry protests over the past week. they know more than a german general here. geez protests of the oppressed people of we are asking for what is rightfully ours the government should provide clean water. electricity and basic infrastructure these basic needs is the responsibility of the prime minister and the company. demonstrated you burning tires blocking roads as they marched on
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government installations even attempting to storm a bus or oil facility to protest escalated after thirty year old sad was killed when security forces opened fire on crowds. prime minister hyderabadi flew to buster and met with the city's governor as well as security officials to try and ease tensions buswell is iraq's richest oil province but despite the city's wealth and natural resources unemployment rates have skyrocketed and that's mainly due to most of the jobs in the oil industry being filled by foreign workers rising living costs contaminated water supplies and lack of basic services in the city aggravated frustrations with the government. there are presented of grand ayatollah ali al sistani expressed his support for the demands of the shia majority city. all we can do is show our solidarity with these people in their righteous cause we feel
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their suffering we are concerned about their difficult living conditions and it's all due to the incompetence of former and current officials the prime minister has vowed to revive the economy which has been ravaged by years of conflict. abedi scheme to conference as a rock struggles to build a new government two months after parliamentary elections have been marred by controversy amid the al-jazeera. in london for us now for is a visiting fellow at the center for conflict security and terrorism at nottingham university we thank you for your time do you think hyderabadi has done the right thing here by putting security forces on high alert i just sometimes wonder if that doesn't make people feel more nervous about the situation i think it will make people feel nervous i think it will probably even in extremis provoke the demonstrations so i can understand that he needs to strengthen the security to prevent the sort of damage to his party headquarters that's taken place from the
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damage also to some aircraft alleged iranian aircraft to some of the airports but the point is that rather than reacting to the actions of the demonstrators what i think he needs to do much more importantly is to react to the underlying grievances of the demonstrators now the elections of may two year two months ago were a protest for a change in the economic situation both about through a change in government and two months on there hasn't been a change in government and when there is a change in government it will take months again for the change in the economic situation even if the government is successful in delivering enormous change so the suffering and the difficulties you described will continue for quite some time and the people are understandably frustrated what is it that's gone wrong particularly in bastareaud what has led to these unemployment problems the cost of living going
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up so much. well i'm not sure that it is passerby or the problem becomes a cutie in basra because the the wealth is so visible there the oil infrastructure the ports and so on out there so there is really no reason why. the standards of living should drop except that deals have been done which allow foreign companies to reestablish the oil infrastructure but the biggest problem i think is the lack of a national plan for employment because even if the jobs that the oil industry the gas industry. go to the iraqis they only represent about one percent of jobs that are available what hasn't been done it appears is look at employment as across the board and agriculture is probably
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one of the best areas of employment to invest in because the investment needed for employment in agriculture is very low it employs a higher proportion of people so in the wider areas of governance economic and indeed even defense because we know from two thousand and fourteen that even the army that this government had installed had put into place its leadership which crumbled under pressure all of these things show that the current regime is not competent it hasn't adopted a national strategy it is behaved according to the kurds according to the a sudanese and now according to the shia majority in a very partisan way not in a nationalist way and this is why you're getting a resurgence of sheer nationalism and hopefully this will combine with other
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sections of iraq. the kurds and the sunnis to change the governance structure what remains to be seen is if any new government can deliver on these aspirations joining us from london we're talking iraq thank you so much for your time now eritrea's president has been welcomed on a visit to ethiopia and that is not a sentence anyone in the horn of africa would have believed if they'd heard it even a month ago but here he is assess authority landing in at a stop above at is up about i'm sorry being met by his ethiopian counterpart just a week since the two countries signed an unexpected and historic peace agreement after a twenty year military standoff and it looks like just the beginning with embassies and flight paths being opened up and trade links growing as well it is going to put it on the map for you because it's the border a very specific part of the border between eritrea and ethiopia where this conflict
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stems from it began in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight near the border town of bad may a disputed area on the ethiopians control now it ended technically two years later with the signing of analogy is agreement but even though a un backed ruling granted the contested territories including but made to eritrea ethiopia refused its troops you can see if i just zoom out a little bit more that's where the border is but may and so many other areas along this particularly straight part of the border between eritrea and ethiopia catherine saw and now with some more background to this conflict. theys optimism for change in the horn of africa rapid progress is being made after a few o.p.'s prime minister of the mohammad and expectedly made peace with their retreat and president dies as a fairway keep at bay was given a humorous welcome when he visited the capital asmara last sunday thousands of their retreat and lined the streets flags flew side by side. these were once bitter
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rivals whose three year war from one thousand nine hundred eight to two thousand led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people. both countries have since been in a state of what's described as no war but no peace during their summit in asmara the leaders agreed to normalize relations by fast reopening embassies restoring flights allowing direct phone calls and easing economic ties now president up there where his visit to ethiopia is cementing the throwing of frosty relations the sudden change to restore ties is surprising observers and is expected to have far reaching consequences for millions of their retreat and ethiopians who share close cultural and linguistic ties but who've been separated for many years catteries saw al-jazeera nairobi and we have had strong reactions to this story online from you
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here is what one of our viewers from eritrea. that is no doubt what is have been in between editor and school if you can turn of events drop political blocks one but emotionally i'm sober because i think of the hefty cost are we paid in terms of life in terms of resources and in terms of squandered opportunities so i feel this is the peace time though we pose and think about the process that lead us into the two two decades and thinking we have still one thousand and one problems an editor so i prefer to blame my celebration until such time that the government starts to seriously work on democratization of the army releasing political prisoners i've been in the political space and they call me his mama during our reporting live from ethiopia's capital addis ababa and i'm wondering what the the feeling and reaction is like there mohamed because as we pointed out this is all happened so fast and it's all been positive news.
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and did come all though the general sense of the light meant here if your p.r. out the fluff piece of events on how quick the two sides are getting closer together with many people think it fires up or acute the visit to is europea are all sorts of a one have all that really evolving what is one of want to cause more problems conflicts for two decades now i mean do the people of these two countries have been afraid that they cannot even make calls to each other families have been separated . we were looking at last week to two brothers one of them ended up editing another here one of the journalist working for the media on both sides of the border and. i mean abortive and call each other m m and talk
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to each other up on the issues now is science support of his visit. on sunday when he's going to the op and the embassy which calls for the past decades of looking progress thousands of the europeans a speech that will be televised across the country want to go into a vision for peace between at a threat if you're in the future what about the concrete steps after that mama because you've got the peace still you've got these reciprocal visits you've got embassies as you said i'm wondering about more concrete things to really improve relations and and trade in the light between the countries where they look so husband achieve both where do you with the resumption of the telephone lines and also the last flight by if you're up an ally and supposed to land in us tomorrow or when the stadium to hold so much of your own has been covered but the nitty gritty of the world with this cause from here on in by
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technocrats from all sides for example the democratization of the border where some of the disputes that land on the border that where there are war must be gotten awarded for what will happen to the people who live there. called bottoming which you have to say is this really about two and a friend were the people of london to be one hundred on the together with the land they live on two at a trailer or with a few people. you know part and parcel of ethiopia remember this that is two countries that you are one country just two that came back you know to three have been a province of ethiopia so a lot of discussions will entail and it of that will hinge on them thank you mohamed it's in. so ken ethiopia and eritrea be friends pretty central question isn't it and one which the inside story team posed just
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a few days ago an expert panel moderated by laura collett is there and you can watch that for yourself and out as they were a dot com in the show's section you can also always join in with their conversation online inside story on twitter and facebook. and actually hearing from on facebook is happy about what's happening say finally they'll be able to concentrate on economic development and providing food for people in eritrea and ethiopia just getting back to the absolute basics after twenty years we're looking at haiti now moment of truth now for the prime minister there because parliament is meeting to decide on towns fate he has been under pressure to step down off of plans to raise fuel prices the proposal and get haitians and force thousands out onto the streets and that the government eventually suspended the price hike it didn't stop the demonstrations now approaches to simply say they want the home turn outs gabriel elizondo live in port au prince at the parliament hi gabriel talk us through what's
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happening today. a very good morning to come all from port au prince haiti where it's a little after eleven fifteen in the morning here local time parliament is where we're at right now and we're in a parliamentarians are starting to trickle in here to prepare for this very critical vote against the prime minister this vote probably is still about two hours away maybe even more than that but i can tell you there is a lot of anticipation about this this is a very unpopular prime minister that parliament will be voting on voting no confidence or confidence on not only an unpopular on a much of the street as we've been reporting all week but also from other politicians as well we just spoke to gary bodo the vice president of the national assembly one of most powerful politicians in all of haiti his message very clear the prime minister must step down and must step down immediately so that gives you an idea of what politicians are thinking here on the streets we are hearing that
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protesters are starting to gather throughout the capital of port au prince area high alert here the security forces there's already riot police right outside of the parliament where we are now anticipating big protests later today this is a country very much in deep political crisis. lingering scars in a city amid deep political turmoil broken windows at a bank from rocks thrown from protesters the charred remains of a cell phone store set ablaze has been restored to the streets but the anger still burns and it's directed at prime minister jack the time he is feeling pressure from all sides to step down. after his botched plan to raise fuel prices caused widespread rioting and looting on saturday parliament will discuss the prime minister's future a no confidence vote could mean he's gone but so far he's been defiant haiti's president. is also under pressure to intervene and on friday he spoke. person said
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the president is analyzing all his options to end the crisis. at this point yes president has a lot of respect for the prime minister but he's also talking to everybody and thinking about what he can do and the president is prepared to take any difficult decision and listen to all sectors in order to halt the violent street protests from a week ago the government temporarily suspended the rate increase on gasoline he were temporarily that rate increase through this country into political chaos we asked the government if they plan to re-impose. this right now it is not the time to hike the gas price again we are focused on the political crisis the people have spoken we have listened. to have everyone back to work and back to normal but it's uncertainty about what happens next that has an opposition making threats to take
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to the streets again and there. was what happened last week was a warning to the president there will be more in the coming weeks it could be a defining weekend for a country where signs of unrest are evident everywhere there and i was on the reporting there from port au prince in haiti this is the news good if you're with us on facebook first of all an extra story coming your way now with all eyes on the world cup in russia we're going to meet the afghan footballer is making a name for herself on the field after fleeing the taliban and then a tragic accident in kenya the national wildlife service was relocating a number of black rhinos to save them from poachers but eight died during the murders are going to try to find out what went wrong.
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hello once again let's look at weather conditions across the levant and western parts of asia so these the regions all looking fine tashkent and especially stand pushing the forty degree mark around the cusp in cities all looking fine the main area of interest is really some parts of turkey and through the caucuses there will be some really heavy showers a thing for georgia in particular as about possibly armenia to a lesser extent but georgia will see some serious flooding i suspect over the next forty eight hours generally ceasar the med it's all looking fine there beirut sunshine and highs of thirty one into the arabian peninsula and for the eastern side so looking much expect temperatures around about the forty forty one mark meanwhile here in the gulf states we've got more of a breeze picking up from the north which could be in for quite a few days know so the humidity will drop but it also means the temperature will rise so as we head on through into monday forecasts of forty six degrees here in tow now let's head across into southern parts of africa where weather conditions
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are looking pretty breezy on the eastern cape johannesburg looking at temperatures just eleven degrees wanted to share as possible across parts of namibia in the course of sunday but respecting cape tend to be largely dry with a maximum temperature of seventeen degrees celsius. on july fourteenth. two thousand and sixteen. an attack on the same day in east would change people's lives. in violence has killed at least sixty people. two years on zero world meets the french muslim families who lost their loved ones. truck attack a nice an al-jazeera.
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with bureaus spawning six continents across the globe. to. al-jazeera has correspondents live in green the stories they tell. us about it. al-jazeera fluent in world news.
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headlines from all three were dot com and what's trending as well the lighting coming out of the latest on sorry coming out of dallas or is it number one there and. ethiopia eritrea as well the problem with mail there minutes sounds like an interesting late at number four there are plenty of you looking at these stories the latest on don't trump as well he is in scotland today the protests carrying on that's what's trending adult is there a dot com this saturday. was supposed to be a calm peaceful protest in nicaragua as capital but hours into it and students found themselves cowering under fire in a church pleading for help through social media the latest eruption of violence in
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over three months of demonstrations against the government led by president daniel ortega well with leah in a moment first my amazon shows on what's been happening in managua. i know how much students behind barricades at me that i was national university. unarmed and terrified don't know me this student lisa recorded message from her mother. because it was on this day of national strike they were now to defend the country but if our where and i mean and now they think they're going to die and. just a few hours before government supporters followed the love they got in a caravan commemorating a day in the sun east of evolution thirty nine years ago that helped topple dictator and especially for most of that when they just spoke about peace you know . it took so much for most of nicaragua to find reconciliation and now there's
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a group of nicaraguans who don't accept it and that's because in sought of them they carry the poison of hatred. or they go supporters say he's done a lot for he got out it came out of them out he's given most poor nicaraguans a guarantee for their rights to food education entertainment and freedom of expression. but as the caravan left the city of the size uniformed police armed with rifles an r.p.g. opened fire in the neighborhood of moneyball leaving two people dead. more than two hundred fifty people have died in almost three months of civil unrest pension reform protests turned into opposition calls for this risk nation. but on friday thousands of new guy once showed the president their support his cabinet is the answer was yes right x. our government supporters and the punishments mash up their strength in crisis
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off the main highway the capital menow and most of the country remained mostly shut down streets empty gas stations banks shopping malls. most businesses closed. but at the immigration offices queue of people maybe fearing for their safety. getting passports for her two sons we could get home until they could be kidnapped just because these students and i want to protect them. three months of bloody protests and no we did site with. the cross fire than one hundred twenty people who disappeared. among them some of the students trapped under the gun they say of police and paramilitary but in a sense just one to see domino. the protests have been going on in nicaragua now for eighty seven days and the students you saw in mariano's piece continue to plead for their lives on social media and to denounce what they say as excessive force
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used against them hashtags like s.o.s. nicaragua have dominated the conversation since the unrest began and they've been used to share videos of the students inside the church where they've been trapped with priests and journalists for almost twenty hours now joshua partlow a washington post journalist was among them but managed to leave he even shared this image showing what he says to be the large caliber bullets used against the protests more than one hundred fifty people are still trapped in the church and there are reports that police have turned off electricity in the area that's why this next video is mostly dark it was broadcast live on facebook and you can hear people screaming while they get shot at you can see a little bit of lights there now much of what's happened happening has been shared live on facebook on instagram and on snap chat students say they'll continue to document their protest until the president resigns that some of the people we've
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been talking to in nicaragua asked us not to name them but this is what some of you had to say. here in this innocent of the money that is are being attacked with weapons of war we are medics and we're trying to help those injured were able to have i quit some but not others among them a doctor who was shot in the leg we need help from the international community to stop this genocide. but these please listen to your hearts you don't act this way you are being guided by the wrong people your heart and your mind should not tolerate this this is not fair it is not fair to attack defenseless young people you cannot be like this because this is not human as police you made a pledge to protect civilians. that they were trying to evacuate the students in the church but police were let us there are more than twenty injured inside pleading out and in danger of dying people and mothers are begging police on the
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knees to let us evacuate the students but some police even lawford us. if you're in nicaragua we do want to hear from you can share your thoughts especially if you're in managua in the capital you can get in touch with me directly at least a hearty a.j. or whether hash tag a.j. . yemen's civil authorities are now back in control of the local airport until recently the airport near yemen's border with amman was supervised by sounding their forces it's in a pretty remote part of yemen actually which makes an airport pretty important as we zoom right in just have a look here we're going to well it looks like nothing really but there's al qaeda presence there and if i just stop the animation and zoom in you might just be able to see an airport there. and that is what has been taken back there and what's interesting is that this change in control of this airport in rural yemen if you like appears to be aspiring protests in other parts of the country this from
6:36 pm
charleville us. a success in negotiations roughly one year after taking over the airport and southeast in yemen the saudi u.a.e. coalition has agreed to give up control it will now hand it back to local civil authorities it's the first such move in yemen civil war and the decision follows months of protests from local tribes. who were given control of the airport of friday morning the public all the way in all the civil aviation gates this is a positive step from saudi. having control of the airport is one of the six demands issued by protesters any student yemen this victory is inspiring other communities to take action. in the city of tire is people are calling attention to other problems with local governments from corruption to lack of security. three years into the war thousands have been killed entire communities displaced the fight
6:37 pm
between who the rebels and government forces backed by the saudi u.a.e. coalition continues in other parts of the country getting control of our guidance airport is important for those who live in the area and the. one who we pray this will be the end of the crisis and the end of the protests we also hope that our brothers in saudi arabia will appreciate the demands of microbe residents and not repeat these actions. but some political analysts believe the gesture is mainly symbolic and will have little impact on the ground there needs to be serious steps to force us to hand over. the last. promise and all the airports in yemen rather than just giving one airports and expecting it to be a success story despite handing over supervision of the year port the saudi coalition still controls most of mara province. province of a leading to the entire south of yemen that is currently under control the
6:38 pm
coalition a seemingly small get significant move in a battle with a long road to hate ballasts al-jazeera. now from governor who is a yemeni blogger and freelance journalist it's nice to see you today or for the guest in our report there was talking about this just being largely symbolic and it is just one small airport in a remote part of yemen that said do you think it's important do you think it is the start of something to take back key installations i guess infrastructure like this . i think this is one episode of a chain or other situation in which yemeni. protested the control of the saudi led coalition or where the frontier arteries so you. starting from so cut there are two tires and had and now i'm ahead are people really a protest saying the disrespect problem the saudi the question controlling used to
6:39 pm
rotary i think the the main. it's symbolic. achievement but the main issue is that there is a power struggle between what the people want and what the saudi that question wants on the ground so each wants to control their or their land but the missing hours think him and hear what is the yemeni government is doing so most i mean it's obviously that the people they don't feel represented by their yemeni government and that's why they're protesting and demanding their own security and even the governor governor of rightly said we we we thank and we wish that the saudi led coalition would respect i would say when the so where is the yemeni government why they're not you know listening to the demands
6:40 pm
of the people it's not far this area i noted on our map before it's not far from the border with amman and that's not a side of the yemen conflict i think we hear much about is that secured on that side of me our money border or is there is there potential threats there. i mean i do understand that there are a lot of concerns about. weapon being smuggled and that's one of the reasons for the prolonged prolonging prolonging the war that there are groups that are profiting from the war and smuggling weapons especially through. that part of yemen. and in the mud and how the award and other southern parts so i do understand this but i think it's also are very important to find and to have to lose them to this problem and that is to find a political solution to end the war and not really to take control of one part and
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another always comes down to that political solution doesn't it our friend also joining us from gothenburg we thank you for your time. a complete disaster is what conservationists a calling an attempt to move a group of critically endangered black rhinos in kenya ace of them died on their journey from nairobi to the newly created samba east national park and though it's not confirmed why there is a suggestion that drinking water was too salty they died from cylon poisoning even though it's on the ice with them this is really a big blow to the species the number of black rhino to fail globally ninety eight percent between one thousand nine hundred ninety five that brought numbers down to if you see about two and a half thousand black rhino is still considered threatened thanks to conservation programs there are now about five thousand of them alive the two main threats to them poaching of course and loss of habitat they now make up less than twenty percent of the wild population in africa we going to live for more on this when the
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hero of the kenyan media for one they've called it a journey of death and there have been a bit of a blame game playing out online with people trying to figure out who exactly is at fault for the death of these rhinos people are tweeting about their anger and sadness with the hash tag sabo national park where the rhinos were being taken some say the government was not careful enough others speculate that the eight killed were being poached for their ivory and that it was an inside job others just want more answers from the government now in a statement posted online can be as ministry of tourism and wildlife said will make the investigation results public as soon as we receive them disciplinary action will definitely be taken if the findings point towards negligence or unprofessional misconduct on the part of any kenya wildlife service officers the c.e.o. of the u.k. based charity save the rhinos said we need to learn from this this this disaster
6:43 pm
and make sure we never repeat it now black rhino populations are increasing globally however the number killed in south africa. for the most part is on the decline though we did have a bit of an uptick there for a little bit now from the kill in africa to this sale in asia the rhino horn can be worth more than gold and platinum our colleagues that al-jazeera is an investigative unit looked into the illegal ivory trade in an undercover mission you can watch the entire documentary there's a clip of it playing out for you if you just search search for poaching pipeline on our website now if you've posted about this online do tag us in your comments or if you post a new and let us know what you have to say as always just be sure to add our hash tag a.j. news grid thank you layer as well as the pipeline investigative unit page which i just showed you i suggest having a look at this to an episode of al-jazeera correspondent by jonah how he travels through africa and parts of asia examining the poaching industry and the
6:44 pm
devastating effect it has this was back in two thousand and ten when the football world cup was there which is why you're seeing those pictures and there's jonah the last rhino is what you search for in the documentary section at al-jazeera dot com i would also be interested in your thoughts if you know otherwise if the plural of rhino is in fact rhinos or rhino because i'm seeing different things today in my research is so. well i don't know my direct to sally says it's rhinos and i should listen to her probably hashtag a.j. news good for those of you who want to get in touch with us just really quickly on yemen where was the comment i saw. on that one if i can find it it was a question is sort of good to put to to get the christian on this airport in yemen will it actually help the yemeni people food and medicines being brought in through and that was the issue with the day that wasn't the major port which brought in aid that is what people wanted to know about whether it was going to affect the aid the
6:45 pm
food which got through to people in yemen hash tag for any correspondence to us for those of you watching us on facebook live here off to china now to find out what the future of one point. or of music is in jeopardy and then santa is here with sports we're off to russia of course it runs gearing up for sunday's world cup final first a quick look at some global weather. on counting the cost why china wants an expanded economic role in the middle east
6:46 pm
we'll look at which countries are leading the way in innovation plus a full pensacola's think one of the world's most profitable and widely used killers goes on trial counting the cost on a. volcano kill way erupted explosively last thing boiling clouds of steam and ash and rock high into the atmosphere scientists say it's not unusual for eruptions to stop and start up again later as for kill away it has been spilling lubbock continually for more than thirty years native hawaiian spiritual beliefs a eruptions reflect the mood of the goddess pale a. native hawaiians to the family is always nice to us whether she thinks our home or not we accept this type of event.
6:47 pm
sun is here to talk sport now before the world cup final we have the match which no one wants to play but. i do want to say that for you it is a true well the third place there between england and belgium is about to conclude and send pieces bow bells in my looking at the best ever well cup finish holding it to nellie that would just minutes remaining well for more on that let's go to andy richardson who is live for us in moscow and the first of all it looks like the bronze doesn't even want to come home i mean does anyone care about this matter as everyone just looking forward to tomorrow's final or you think that but the both coaches picked very strong seems belgium when you made
6:48 pm
a couple of changes from the side that lost to france for england hurricane was starting i think he was trying to confirm his position at the top of the goal scoring chances i think will happen anyway it's belgium been a very open game often these games are quite and sustaining and and high scoring and for belgium it will be their best ever finish in one thousand nine hundred six they got the semi's in and lost to france in the third fourth place play off so it's important for them for england it's given their fans there's a deluge of fans that came in since moscow for the semifinals they were hoping for a final as well as it is they've had to diversify and peter spoke but a lot of them have gone up there for this game and if you look now at england's campaign even though they got to the semifinals they've won three drawn one and lost three as well so still plenty to work on figure out south gate and not young england. and then let's talk about the buildup for tomorrow's big day. yeah it's beginning to happen we've just come from the center of town where are
6:49 pm
some corroboration and french fans are starting to congregate in the center of moscow and one of the features of the of this world cup really has been this not being that many european founds a relatively speaking compared to south american fans that being tens of thousands of south american fans most of them have now gone beyond my means all of them i still expect to see brazilians and mexicans at the final on sunday to morrow as far as i game goes well i mean france are getting used to this this is their third final appearance in the last six world cups and for croatia what a story such a small country just over four million people back in the back into the old out of stages that's one of the tough to reaching the semi's in one nine hundred ninety eight that was their first world cup after independence now with this sense has the generation of players but a generation of players led by a moderate you realistically this is their last chance at a world cup and they've never beaten fronts before and if you have a president jenny in france you know says this is the best well cup ever and obviously you've covered
6:50 pm
a few yourself if it should. it's something that fifa presidents tend to say it's certainly been variance we've had a lot of upsets remember germany going out in the group stages we've had some unexpected runs but sixty from the host nation russia no one thought they were going to do anything and i think really the whole atmosphere around this world cup changed when they will not i mean game five nil i think what we're hoping for now is it is a good final the last couple of finals have been pretty disappointing just single goals deciding them after extra science or i think we're really hoping now is the crisis in france and do something special enough on sunday. decided that it's a good idea to include forty eight teams in the world cup study from twenty twenty six so they believe that there is a merit in it come about have put the proposal forward for one reason or the other they must feel that it's beneficial for south american football confederation so
6:51 pm
i'm not frustrated as much as i feel that we need to basically be careful and look at the feasibility understand what the implications are before any decision is taken and we you know we were glad that he first taken the decision to wait until a physical two studies done but right now you're preparing for thirty two teams and all our preparations since they won't have been for thirty two team world cup and they continue to be for thirty two team world cup talking to the locals here they said the police have had a kind of an unusually liberal approach to sort of looking after the world cup fans they perhaps sort of let people drink on the streets congregate on the streets in a white that normally wouldn't happen. a similar policy taking place and cats aren't for us but i think when a country is hosting a huge event it's an unusual circumstance and you can't compare it to the usual day to day life in any given country now as long as laws are. not broken
6:52 pm
as long as people are abiding to acceptable norms i think we won't have any issues i think a lot of people change that perceptions about russia jihad that perhaps preconceptions people have about cats or in the middle east will change when it comes to well well if there are people out there who have misconceptions i'm sure that when they visit qatar for the first time they'll change their their minds and. there's a lot of people that have visited the middle east so know what the middle east is about for us it's important is that it's very intimate that football is celebrated cultural cultures are celebrated our similarities and our differences are are celebrated and that people just have a really good time and people learn something. and he was just being watching your interview with nasa. from the twenty two supreme committee do you think it's possible that qatar will expand it to forty eight teams in four years time. is something that some south american countries once made something that the
6:53 pm
speaker presidency join in fancy now he said these are considered i think logistically it's very difficult cuts are in eight years experience what's construction projects building a stadium site you're preparing for a thirty two team well they bid for in two thousand and seven of the suddenly have sixteen extra teams it's very difficult to bear in mind the qualifiers for the next well couple starts and early twenty nine seems whatever happens with this feasibility study in these ongoing negotiations has to be a decision in the very near future. and they would sit in live from moscow thank you very much for that. back now to sunday's final and that takes a look at the stadium which will host the deciding game between france and croatia . moskos there's nicky stadium is the home of the russian national team and it is also the main venue for this year's world cup it's already held six matches and on sunday it will host the two thousand and eighteen world cup decider now was
6:54 pm
originally built in one thousand nine hundred fifty six and it took just four hundred fifty days to complete back then it was known as the lenin central stadium and it could hold one hundred thousand spectators who crammed inside to watch the soviet union's matches since then it's been largely rebuilt in fact in two thousand and thirteen most of this stadium was demolished keeping only the facade for its architectural value if we take the roof off that was put in in that prefer basement and look inside the stadium you will see that it now seems eighty thousand spectators making it the largest venue in russia i don't so one of the largest stadiums in europe as well now the usually key stadium and the sports complex surrounding it no strangers to holding big sporting events in fact in one nine hundred eighty it was one of the main venue for the summer olympics it's since held the way for cup final and the champions league final as well on sunday it will hold
6:55 pm
the cup decider adding another historic chapter to this sporting icon of a venue. from a far away back with more of eighteen jim to vote for now and you've got to come up thank you santa. well fronts playing in the final soon and what better way to get in the mood for the world cup final than a national day pride running high in france on what is best suited for today's they remember a landmark moment in the french revolution in tulsa but there has been out about in paris. well this is a huge weekend of celebration here in france starting of course with the july fourth past year day parade the annual tradition of military parade going down the shelves and you say paris is most famous avenue the french president tomorrow marks inspecting the troops it is a day full of problems and ceremony full of national symbolism and later this evening of course people are coming out for fireworks displays across the country but the policy you know it's and then because of course on sunday from the world
6:56 pm
cup final they face croatia they haven't been in a world cup final since two thousand and six and i can tell you people have been preparing for it for the last few days ever since from and went through greasing belgium in that semifinal earlier this week and we spoke to some people here in the parade in this you can imagine national pride and excitement is running high on that we've been watching the well kept on t.v. and decided to travel to paris to take part in the celebrations. i hope that everyone in front keeps settle dispensed of spirit we should always be united like this and happy. most french people this is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate but of course for french authorities it is a security has i cannot see why the french interior minister has said that they'll be one hundred thousand police officers deployed across the country more than forty thousand firefighters meanwhile say as you can imagine everyone in france wants to see their team win france hasn't won since one thousand nine hundred ninety eight and back to the crowns right here on the shuttle is
6:57 pm
a after that when the people who came to celebrate more than a million people so perhaps we might see a repeat of that in france when this final and we've had an update from russia are on the third place playoff two nil to belgium that means belgium is officially placed third in this world cup england is placed. what did you get in touch with us hashtag a j newsgroup on twitter facebook and what's said thank you to johan in south africa and to me a script editor in the newsroom has confirmed yes rhino's is the plural for some reason i had it in my head that you would just say eight hundred rhino left. and someone's asked me what about rhinoceros as well let's not get into that we frankly don't have time for it but twitter facebook and what's up and a reminder about what's up so if you use that number if you using the telegram message or not you can communicate with us maybe you can also subscribe to our telegram channel where we're pushing out. what's coming up on the show and other videos that have been tried out so do join us. and we'll see you right back here in
6:58 pm
studio fourteen at out this year at fifteen hundred hours g.m.t. tomorrow something. to. stop. the flow of the united states i learned that the first amendment is really key to being a freedom the challenge is going to be on men and women for the resources that
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are available but it's an al-jazeera story is that we just don't tell you what the subject of the story wants to know the government is not going to do the one thing the demonstrators want to apologize for that's what al-jazeera does we ask the questions so that we can get closer to the truth about fifty thousand people were arrested under a policing strategy known as stop and frisk the car got a ball here there was a guy coming behind me and kicking him on the back how many children gotten caught in this trap i have seven sons and six of them have been arrested for drug charges so me against the wall maybe take a loss think is one thoughts down for you to the atmosphere the police was the bad guy exploring the dark side of american justice the system with job on al-jazeera. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world
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so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you al jazeera. two teenagers killed by a wave of israeli airstrikes on gaza rockets are fired across the border into israel. and say to us and this is a news out live from london also coming up iraq has placed a security forces on high alert as i'm with protests continue in the south of the country. rich areas president promises to resolve his country's dispute with ethiopia as he begins a three day visit to add a. zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero i'm protected
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from the protests against his u.k. visit president trump practices his swing on his skull.


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