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they had to go all the way to much the president there talking about recalculation and peace however is that not what was happening here at the university in the in the center of my now where these students who were unarmed were pleading for their lives with a. paramilitary shooting from another in a perm the other end of the barricade directly at these students for mccoy is a political science professor at georgia state university she says after months of violence the government now seems to be taking back control. i think that the turning point actually is that the government the piers to have taken back most of the areas that had been held by protesters and dismantled barricades throughout the country in other cities and now the university the main university campus in managua had been one of the last strongholds and so for the moment at least it looks like the government has reasserted its control and by using the gang
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paramilitaries or gangs that they called to oppose in nicaragua so the question is is what will happen next and obviously the catholic church has been a mediator has led a dialogue and will continue i think to try to mediate and the question is what the people will do will they turn out in stronger protest after this horrible siege of the university or will they be cowed in fact and stay home from intimidation because of this violence well in the long issue is that then you are to go along with is why i have been in power now since two thousand and six and so the last dozen years and they have concentrated power in their own hands over that time period in prevented opposition parties opposition candidates in some cases from even contesting elections their. ports of election fraud so
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demands changed from an economic demand to one about politics about restoring a more open transparent government and asking for dinner to get to resign he is obviously resisting that call and so that's the standoff that we're seeing in the country right now putting our head in the news our hand clearing talking straight from high alert to protest the report living conditions continue to spread. so russia's well copy is coming to an end it's been a month long party of football and new friendships m original ends in moscow and keep watching to find out what russia and the world have learned about each other and some good news for charmin fans undulate her burst stands serena williams won her first wimbledon title.
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as president all trampled apart u.k. later on sunday apply to helsinki for a landmark summit with his russian counterpart vladimir putin the two men will hold talks on monday and says he'll meet with alone but that's warring diplomats more from our diplomatic editor change space. helsinki a city that joining the cold war was used as one of the few places where western allies and the soviet union could talk some believe relations are almost at a cold war level again yet one leader keeps talking up the positive and i said putin may be the easiest of them all you never know the biggest blow to relations was russia's seizure of crimea from ukraine the first time a part of one country had been stolen by another in europe since world war two at the time it was condemned by the us nato and the u. . however in recent days at two news conferences in belgium and the u.k.
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president trump was asked if russia should give back crimea and each time he dodged the question what will happen with crimea from this point on that i can't tell you well we'll have to see what happens far from here the syrian war seems to be entering its final phases the assad regime would support from its allies iran and russia has the upper hand the u.s. and israel want to reduce iranian presence in the country and its influence in the region could there be a grand bargain in the works. only days ago israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu was in moscow putin could perhaps persuade a sad to ask you rahm to leave his country trump could lift objections to russia's control of crimea far fetched perhaps but just listen to the way the ukrainian ambassador to the u.n. is clinging to previous statements by members of the u.s. administration on crimea i think that. that will come from several times by but by
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many many other u.s. officials from. mr bolton to the the the the spokesman for the white house and and many other. officials who come from the principal ball those who do yes wolf they've assumed that the illegal exceptional crummy about russia should never be recognized remarkably for part of this summit in finland's presidential palace trump is likely to meet putin alone just as he did in singapore with kim jong un in june the u.s. is closest allies are worried what this most unpredictable president might agree to behind these walls james plays al-jazeera helsinki president donald trump says he intends to run for reelection in two thousand and twenty and an interview with the british newspaper the daily mail trump said well i fully intend to it seems like everybody wants me to and the goes on to talk about what he says his lack of
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competition from the democrats saying i don't see anybody i know them all and i don't see anybody over ten thousand people have protested against donald trump in scotland as the u.s. president spends the weekend playing golf in his luxury resort a stopover in term areas caused anger despite it being a private trip that there was some support for trump in london while several hundred people called on the u.k. to adopt his anti immigration policies sonny gago has more. i know. president trump may try to wave off all the disapproval. encountered in his trip that a round of golf at his very own club didn't completely avoid encounter but testers less than delighted with his visit. nevertheless he persisted with his primary form of exercise as he tweeted earlier in the day as the never trumpeters continued and scotland. in london it was a completely different crowd a throng of far right activists cheering the u.s.
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president's visit to the u.k. yet president trump we understand could i will give you both personally and in the role of the president of the most profit and one of the greatest countries on the face of the earth so you want to live here so it's americans we are your friends that donal's not coming here as a personal holiday is coming here to represent the american people so to snub him because of all of the american people because he's a democratically elected i was here in the mt stromlo demonstration on the right a there are certainly a few thousand in the numbers say one thing is michelle and president chavez being a was acting was sold to the ultra right in this country was things i but the crowd here wasn't just meeting in praise of the u.s. president there was also support for the founder of the english defense league stephen yaxley lennon also known as tommy robinson currently in jail for contempt
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of court a man who has organized violent protests against muslim immigrants and of whom one of trump's diplomats lobbied the british ambassador in washington for his release the poster boy of the english far right turned into a rallying cry for their cause to take pride in the visit of a president they believe affirms their reality with or without facts so new diagonal al-jazeera london the spanish coast guard has rescued three hundred forty refugees and migrants in the strait of gibraltar. they were found and twelve dinghies and among them were one hundred children around nineteen thousand people had arrived in spain from northern africa since the start of the share almost as many as arrived in the country in two thousand and seventeen security forces are on high alert across cities in iraq's southern provinces as anger spreads over unemployment and corruption protester store in the provincial government building in the holy city of karbala on saturday our bank open reports broken.
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this is the damage after protesters stormed the airport and the ruling party's headquarters at natura just a day before there were scenes of chaos security forces have been put on alert across the country to prevent further disruption and there has been about how much more what happened yesterday is that a group of vandals into the airport or a group of infiltrators with the protesters in to be a port and they smash the computers and the x. ray scanners that are used for security inspections and they smash the counters and a lot of the important technical equipment and. protesters say there's no reason why they should be living in poverty in an oil rich region i. mean this is not a protest it's a revolution by the youth of not just the iraqi people have had enough nobody should tell you that this protest is linked to any political party or anyone controlling or giving instructions these are the people of not just youth and
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tribal men. critics of iraq's government say economic problems have accumulated over many years and the government has done little to make life of its people easier and to add to growing grievances regional proxy wars may be playing a role in the deteriorating living conditions of many ordinary iraqis. iran is playing a major role in the because suz has been sanctions by by the united states put a corner going to mccully they are cutting all look there is a supplies and water supplies to iraq which were normally going going smoothly this is also creating a problem for. the audience who want to tell the americans that if you create the problems to somewhere else we've got combat you over we're in southern iraq including match after protesters are increasingly fed up with waiting for things to
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get better that's frustration that two months have to relax since there's still no new government that can bring about change barbara and al jazeera funerals have been held in pakistan for some of the one hundred twenty eight victims have a suicide bombing during an election rally among those later s. was a candidate for prevention office more than three hundred people were entered in friday's blast caretaker prime minister nasr almost has announced a nationwide day of mourning on sunday five people including four attackers have been killed in two car bombings close to somalia's presidential palace police say one blast happened just after a gunfight between security forces and armed men at a checkpoint in the capital mogadishu a second bomb detonated nearby just moments later the army says it carried out that attack. president has made his first visit to neighboring ethiopia in more than two decades it's a way to step towards reconciliation after the two sides agree to restore ties and put an end to twenty years of hostility mohamed el reports from addis ababa. a
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few weeks ago ethiopian that its hand will be tough and it is as they have been for the past two decades now they're behaving as if they're the best of friends and a tramp president decide to suffer work and i've been a disciple bones said today to dun sing i'm loud jesus. sawzall condyle to noticeable bump up tight security to welcome his visit the latest the in and then a little militaristic. i thank the people of addie saba but for this wonderful reception for the eritrean president and we made this in the goodness in the one i'm very happy to be here these two people are now one people. ethiopia's new prime minister ahmed made a similar visit to the tryst couple last weekend where he was welcomed by a forward with a hug some loft the forty two year old a b.
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broke the ice last month playfully embracing the peace to love and did in one thousand nine hundred to two thousand board a war that's killed tens of thousands on left from lists of praised. says that at a prayer a few of the police told the story and from things on to that in life before missile been supported by the disputes there will be open embassies flight routes and direct telephone lines. the sudden change in relations is surprising many but it's just the beginning of what could be a long peace process both sides will also need to follow through on their commitments this week if you pissed submitted a request to the united nations to lift sanctions on not a traitor in a show of good faith. or to somebody. and as a barrister human rights activists who works for the release of people who have been unjustly imprisoned in eritrea just the eritrean government no longer has a reason to impose authoritarian rule. if you look at situation in eritrea you see
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that everything that's happened since the end of the war in two thousand has been justified by this war the unjust imprisonment of several journalists politicians does it and voices the creation of national service program the last indefinitely the fact that the constitution hasn't been implemented has all been done in the name of this war so the fact that the war now is over is course good news because that means that the excuse that they're trying governess used for their oppression is gone but that does not necessarily mean that the oppression and if you look at what's happened with the peace deal that has been a single mention of the you might have been happening in the name of this war even dr obvious comments of remarks about as i spoke has been very romantic sizing and there's been a kind of neglect of the human cost of this war on the eritrean side of it there are people have been suffering immensely for the past seventeen years in the name of a war that has not been proportionate to the effect that they have been on the people the fact that it's been a standoff on the border cannot justify the fact that people have been unjustly
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imprisoned for seventeen years that young people are forced to work for a national service almost a free indefinitely it is completely disproportionate and this hasn't been addressed neither by the. president prime minister nor by their team president so i'm not i am obviously happy about this peace deal because it's such a big change. in politics nothing has happened for the past seventeen years but i'm not domestic because no one has even addressed these very very crucial issues. still ahead on al-jazeera. i'd like to thank all the navy seals who came in to help us and thank everyone for their moral support till today words of gratitude. rescued from that pain speak out for the first time. on out to dry how the occupied west bank so once lucrative tobacco industry is no longer a money spinner for palestinian. sport another epic semifinal of details coming up .
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and that's. the weather sponsored by. welcome back we have some heavy rain to contend with for hong kong over the next twenty four hours circulation of low pressure really looking very wet across much of indo china to vietnam through laos towards me i'm all likely to see some heavy downpours as of once the forecasts are to monday not a great deal of change the saracens still looking very wet once you get north of hong kong towards food shanghai weather conditions gerry not too bad and you can also see that flows generally bringing a lot of rain into northern parts of the philippines so expect very wet weather in the lower but as you get into central and southern areas it's a different picture brighter conditions indeed say for the two showers in the far north of borneo the south the region is generally looking final word down to java bali on broken sunshine temperatures low thirty's very nice indeed cherry looking
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fine up through so much. and then once again to thailand then again we pick up on that heavy rain and that continues across cambodia and into central southern parts of vietnam so it's looking live in most areas and see across western areas down through the western ghats the circulation in the east is also going to bring some very heavy rain till calcutta still some heavy showers in parts of nepal and the chance of wanted to have a damp. as in new delhi the weather sponsored by cattle as always. the pressure is on the fifteen thousand people posing an imminent threat to israel use one of those who work for a family member told israeli diplomats must people most palestinians will get a right to moan over there is the same thing that up in the bay are sending them to die it's a cause job actions area when they come in to talk to us it's a little he wasn't talking maybe his son goes head to head with daddy and what israel is doing is deliberately choosing to slaughter houses and al-jazeera and
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monday put it on. us and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to full dry riverbed like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the you're. watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories right now there's ailing military says it's another site in chaos after
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a rocket attack on the palestinian territory this comes after hamas said that a cease fire had been agreed to earlier on that saturday's row carried out a dozen of the airstrikes and causing the biggest wave of their strike since the two thousand and fourteen war that says it was in response to border violence and rocket fire haiti's prime minister shot gale off entente has resigned following days of violent protests part by a now abandoned plan. to raise fuel prices as government had initially proposed to remove subsidies which would have hiked prices by fifty percent at least seven people had been killed during three days of unrest petraeus president is making a landmark visit to neighboring ethiopia it is the latest step towards reconciliation and peace between the long war and rivals last weekend the leader signed a pact ending a twenty year military standoff. yemen civil aviation authorities are back in control of a local airport until recently the. airport near yemen's border with oman was
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supervised by forces but the change in control appears to be inspiring protests in other parts of yemen charlie bell us reports a success in negotiations roughly one year after taking over the airport and southeast in yemen the saudi u.a.e. coalition has agreed to give up control it will not hand it back to local civil authorities it's the first such move in yemen civil war and the decision follows months of protests from local tribes. who were given control of the airport friday morning a public old runway in all the civil aviation gates this is opposed to step from soldiers motor forces. having control of the airport is one of the six demands issued by protesters any student yemen this victory is inspiring other communities to take action. in the city of tire as people are calling attention to other problems with local governments from corruption to lack of security. three years
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into the war thousands have been killed and entire communities displaced the fight between who the rebels and government forces backed by the saudi u.a.e. coalition continues in other parts of the country getting control of our guidance airport is important for those who live in the area and the. one who we pray this will be the end of the crisis and the end of the protests we also hope that our brothers in saudi arabia will appreciate the demands of microbe residents and not repeat these actions. but some political analysts believe the gesture is mainly symbolic and will have little impact on the ground there needs to be serious steps to force us to hand over. the last. promise and all the airports in yemen rather than just give you one airports and expect you to be a success story. despite handing over supervision of the year port the coalition
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still controls most of mara province. province of mazar leading to the entire south of yemen that is currently under control the coalition a seemingly small get significant move in a battle with the long road to hate us al jazeera after nasr is a year many blogger and freelance journalist she says have any her protesting to regain more control back from the saudi led coalition. this is one episode of a chain or other situation in which yemeni. protest the control of the saudi led coalition or where the frontier arteries so you. are starting from so qatar are too tired and hard and now. people really are protesting the disrespect from the saudi liquidation controlling used to rotary i think the main. it's symbolic. achievement but the
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main issue is that there is a power struggle between what the people want and what the saudi that question wants on the ground so each wants to control their or their land but the misting think imminent here what is the yemeni government is doing so most i mean it's obviously that the people they don't feel represented by their yemeni government and that's why they're protesting and demanding their own civilians and even the governor a governor of the right he said we we we thank and we wish that the saudi led coalition would respect our disagreement so where is the yemeni government why they're not you know listening to the demands of the people we sensually have raided offices of the catholic archbishop into cities as part of investigations until sexual abuse by
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a clergyman officers question staff and sees documents and to mcallen via reka high priests in those areas are accused of crimes dating back eighteen years and another priest has appeared in court charged with raping seven children ask the minister later who held senior roles in the capital santiago is accused of participating in a network of abuse. palestinian. generation jobs have dried up more and more people have turned to working in the regulated industry the palestinian authority says it's missing out on millions of dollars of tax. bank. down there helps his nephews pick the family's tobacco crop in the north of the occupied west bank he worked in israel for more than two decades but israeli government restrictions on freedom of movement for palestinians forced him to quit his job five years ago part a single source he says the local tobacco industry has to be regulated because
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farmers pay taxes but it's easy money when there are so few jobs around and. the palestinian authority finds other work then most people would stop growing tobacco they should make jobs for the young generation the university graduates who helped to back up the twenty to thirty dollars a day they studied science and finance and they have to do this to back oh needs very little water to thrive palestinians have groceries in this area for generations but not on this scale they say israel's control of water and land resources means they have little choice but to grow it wherever they can the palestinian authority says unemployment in the occupied west bank has almost doubled to around nine hundred percent in the last twenty years feels like this one used to be used to grow crops like wheat and barley but not anymore. before israel started building the separation wall in two thousand and two many people in this
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area used to work in israel but now there are villages in this area where virtually every family is in some way involved in the business. this is one of many small tobacco processing plants in the area fama sell they dried leaves to traders but just over ten dollars a kilo. we were afraid the p.a. could confiscate his tobacco says this worker but others say the p.a. usually ignores them because it knows so many people depend only on regulated industry for their livelihood demand put a back is high on cigarettes of five times more expensive than those locally produced but it's estimated the p.a. is missing out on tens of millions of dollars in tax revenue a year from the local industry has some not and if we're to calculate how much of the deficit the tobacco industry would cover i'd say somewhere between twenty to
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thirty percent if we control the smuggled and locally produced tobacco. says he and sounds of other people have no choice but to keep growing tobacco a plant that kills those who use it but one which many palestinians depend upon to survive. in the occupied west bank the tall boys rescued from that flooded cave in thailand will be discharged from the hospital on thursday health minister says the footballers and their coach are recovering well divers cotham out a back cave earlier this week they'd been trapped in there for more than two weeks and a video released sunday some of the saturday that is some of the boys expressed gratitude . wouldn't even want thank you for worrying about me and thank you for going into the cave to help me out don't worry about me now i'm safe call home. but like to thank all the navy seals who came in to help us and thank everyone for their moral support until today thailand's public health minister says the health of the boys
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takes top priority. no from now on the work continues to make sure they're all healthy both physically and mentally and for them to grow up as good people in the future both sides must work together. i want to be australian divers has been speaking about his role in that rescue operation pretty amazing experience for so sweet being involved with this rescue. some moments of. significant fear i have to say and then a great result and some really joyous moments to finish my cancer true friends and colleagues you know and your colleagues and acquaintances over there with an amazing bunch of people to work with during the rescue from by the strike here and overseas the melting iceberg and greenland is causing fear of a tsunami several residents near the danger zone in the village of and are sewage have been moved to higher ground the government and police have been put on high
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alert as it's thought the melting iceberg could swap the entire settlement of a remote village on the western coast of greenland is home to about one hundred seventy pay paul. a drought in ireland has dried out many crop fields and reveal traces of an ancient monument hidden of years until it the kenja appears as a perfect circle etched in the color of the crops discovered efforts hog refer who flew a drone over the point valley and has her ancient instructions that include burial sites and religious structures are into local media the hands may have been around the bend built around five hundred years after a nearby unesco heritage site which dates back to three thousand b.c. hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world who don't mind getting dirty are converging and south korea for the annual festival taking place for twenty one years in the western coastal city of or young the attractions usually had a blood pool mudslides went skiing in a bad prison more than five million people attended last year. france has ended
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its national day celebrations with fireworks display over the eiffel tower. like fourteenth marks the storing of the best presidents have an eighty nine in the beginning of the french revolution this year's celebrations took place on the eve of the french football team facing croatia in sunday's world cup final in russia. so head on al-jazeera and the right spirit have finished for feel their beer can make a difference in the trump summit and belgium in it to salvage something out of their world cup campaign details in sport. where were you when this idea. whether online which i'm going to be. cool. to go to you know decide today or if you join the sunset criminal justice
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system is dysfunctional right now this is a dialogue what does it feel like to go back for the first time everyone has a. voice and allow refugees to be the speakers for change join the conversation on out to zero. zero zero. zero you. know some of the like.
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al-jazeera. where every year. when the news breaks. on the mailman city and the story builds to be forced to leave it would just be all when people need to be heard to women and girls are being bought and given away in refugee camps al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring the award winning documentaries and naive news on al-jazeera i've got to commend you all i'm hearing is good journalism on on and.
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