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control of crimea far fetched perhaps but just listen to the way the ukrainian ambassador to the u.n. is clinging to previous statements by members of the u.s. administration on crimea i think that. that will come from several times by but but by many many other u.s. officials from. mr bolton will be the be the spokesman for the white house and and many other. officials who come from the principal ballers who yes wolf they've assumed that the illegally fish no crimea but i should never be recognized remarkably for part of this summit in finland's presidential palace trump is likely to meet putin alone just as he did in singapore with kim jong un in june the u.s. is closest allies are worried what this most unpredictable president might agree to behind these walls james pays al-jazeera helsinki. all right still ahead on
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al-jazeera the world really. safe for now students walk free from a scene in nicaragua but there's no end in sight to months of unrest. plus fears many nigerians were god hungry as floods washed away crops and farmland. hello once again look at the weather across southeastern parts of asia you see a lot of clouds across northern areas manila's had a fairly wet day i think the more to come but once you get to borneo southwards towards java and bali weather conditions are looking pretty good at the moment and should stay that way so should have lots of sunshine jakarta's dry again those for the northern part of the philippines seen some very heavy rain but it's fine up through much of them in a plane and then once you get to the gulf of thailand is like to be quite wet with
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bangkok scenes and heavy rain indeed across much of thailand it's likely to stay pretty wet over the following forty eight hours slopes head down into a strait here for most it's a dry fine picture we have got one or two fronts just working their way through the bite so the chance of a few showers associated with that system particular for tasmania to smear still looking fairly wet and windy and melbourne looking on the chilly side there thirteen degrees not too bad in sydney or eighteen across western australia we could see a lot of pushing for perth for a time but it should be brighter on choose day to brighter weather is looking much better across new zealand this frontal system which case some very heavy rain is clearing away brighter conditions falling into in the course of monday by choose day system moves away should be sunny in oakland with highs of fifteen. it's been a long journey from home in haiti to school in the dominican republic crossing
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national borders on cultural barriers to tennis on. the town and. discovering filmmaking talent from around the viewfinder latin america follows a young man who will stop at nothing to secure an education. the crossing on al-jazeera. again you're watching i just hear all manner of our top stories this hour curfew has been imposed in the iraqi city of basra that's after police use water cannon and tear gas on protesters who tried to storm
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a government building people have been demonstrating over the past week against living costs and a lack of basic services. israel has reportedly accepted an egyptian brokered cease fire with ham last often escalation of violence in gaza on saturday israel targeted the group with what it says words most powerful daytime asterix says the twenty fourteen gaza war at least two palestinian teenagers were killed. haiti's prime minister has resigned after days of violent protests against a plan to remove fuel subsidies. step down despite abandoning the proposal as part of an agreement with the international monetary fund. a two hundred university students in nicaragua have been freed after a siege at a church where they had taken refuge they were among a group of people who were occupying a university campus as part of a months long anti-government protest but on a sanchez reports from managua. after more than fifteen hours under suit
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students at new get i was national antonymous university were freed. the cardinal. negotiated the release with gunmen. who pleaded for her life during the siege came out and live. we fought back with stones and mortars but they shot at us with high caliber weapons a k forty seven and i don't know what the priest has come out with a white flag to the ceasefire. this student says they all thought they would be killed. at some point we didn't have any more mortars or molotov cocktails to. i didn't think we'd come out alive. for hours families sang and prayed the access near the church was blocked by police while heavily armed gunmen shot at the students. it was a desperate wait to see their children florida says she's also afraid because her
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home has been under attack these past days. and see what the barrier their last hours have been tragic we haven't slept or eaten but we were at on a grateful to god our children only wanted which forms. the government calls protesters terrorists and coup plotters it blames them for the deaths of policemen and three months of bloody confrontations around the country but rights groups say the majority of attacks are perpetrated by government forces the seed has left many got one families devastated but the question is whether the government will continue with the use of force or will sit at the negotiating table this week. cardinal brain is said despite the curry has also been targeted they want to resume peace talks between protesters and the government on tuesday however they are worried about the safety of the students and their families. we will also
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continue to conduct negotiations with the government so the lives of the students and that of their families are respected. but the lives of these students and their families may continue to be a risk for protesters say they will continue to fight to topple precedent that they guy. and while government forces do nothing to arrest the gunman in plain clothes and heavily armed shoot in plain daylight with impunity. i guess sanchez i just see them and now when he got out. jennifer mccoy is a political science professor at georgia state university she says off the months of august the government now seems to be taking back control i think that the turning point actually is that the government the piers to have taken back most of the areas that had been held by protesters and dismantled barricades throughout the country and in other cities and now the university the main university campus in managua had been you know one of the last strongholds and so for the moment at
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least it looks like the government has reasserted its control and by using these games these paramilitaries are gangs that they call to it as in nicaragua so the question is is what will happen next and obviously the catholic church has been a mediator has led dialogues and will continue i think to try to mediate and the question is what the people will do will they turn out in stronger protest after this horrible siege of the university or will they be cowed in fact and stay home from intimidation because of this violence well in the long issue is that daniel ortega along with his wife have been in power now since two thousand and six and so the last dozen years and they have concentrated power in their own hands over that time period in prevented opposition parties opposition candidates in some cases
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from even contesting elections there. courts of election fraud so demands changed from. konami demand to one about politics about restoring a more open transparent government and asking for dinner or take it to resign he is obviously resisting that call and so that's the standoff that we're seeing in the country right now. a cube or look set to reshape its government and create a new constitution with the aim of boosting its economy in the form of the one thousand nine hundred six charter would split the roles of the head of government and head of state changes are set to recognize the free market and private property the national assembly are expected to approve the plans next week before a referendum later this year. our new era of friendship has begun be between once rival neighbors in the horn of africa
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a trace president where he has made his first visit to ethiopia in more than two decades it's another step towards reconciliation after the two leaders agreed to restore diplomatic ties how about a reports from added. a few weeks ago ethiopian that a chair will be tough and it is as they have been for the past two decades now they're behaving as if they're the best of friends and a tramp president decide to suffer work arrived in a disciplined boneset today to dancing and loud cheers. smiles and stand out in a disciple a tight security to welcome his visit the latest the in and being alone militaristic . i thank the people of at least for this wonderful reception for the eritrean president and we made this in the goodness in the one i'm very happy to be here these two people are now one people.
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ethiopia's new prime minister ahmed made a similar visit to the tryst capital last weekend where he was welcomed by a forward with a hug some laughter the forty two year old a b broke the ice last month playfully embracing a peace deal not ended in one thousand nine hundred to two thousand bored a war that killed tens of thousands on the left from lists upright says then at a threat if you have a view to dish full diplomatic trade and fuss with us from things until the delightful fondness of been supported by the disputes that will be often embassies fly through and direct telephone lines. the sudden change in relations is surprising many but it's just the beginning of what could be a long peace process both sides will also need to follow through on their commitments this week if you pissed submitted our request to the united nations to lift sanctions on a trail in a show of good faith mohammed at all just a disciple both you peter. a flooding and heavy rains are affecting many parts of
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nigeria dozens of people have been killed and as advantaged reese reports now crops have been lost raising fears of a food shortage mordred cheese a community in mourning sixteen people from this village recently died in a boat accident that was caused by two racial rains model worker survived the accident but the death of his brother means he will have to take on the additional responsibility of looking after the large family he left behind two wives and sixteen children or danger krugman are going to for ten years we've witnessed floods but this year's is the most tragic we lost a brother most of us can find many more even if you wanted to all of the victims are buried in the cemetery near the village this is the spot where thirty nine farmers were killed just a few days ago there were troubling in an all well ordered wooden board like this
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one when it sank and many are still missing locals here say the floods and death. that are also affecting agriculture production despite the devastating loss mahamudra nicky say story back at work after losing a large chunk of his farm in the flooding he really has no time to mourn the loss of three family members. we've lost twenty hectares of farmland including the crops the losses are huge i can't afford to take a break. his priority is to grow food for the family now he would have to replant his crops if he is to harvest enough many farmers the actually depend on rain to help produce crops. the situation in what i choose repeated in many farming communities throughout nigeria and experts are warning that more heavy rains are in the forecast the consequence is what it will have effect on agricultural productivity and the quantity of profit that will be produced farming is only means
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of survival of these people and if we continue yet in year out with out me to get in the members of this flood in definitely be pushed curity situation will deteriorate as a rain speak in a few weeks time many farming communities living in. the sins are bracing for more losses why did implications on the country's agricultural output i meant it greece algis it or more dutch. melting iceberg in greenland is causing fears of a tsunami people near the danger zone in the village of in our suite have been moved to higher ground the government believes the entire settlement could be flooded and the number of civilians killed in afghanistan has hit a record high that's according to the united nations around one thousand seven hundred people have been killed so far this year one percent more than last year attacks like the one in jalalabad last week have accounted for most of the
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casualties and been three attacks there this month alone the capital kabul has also seen several major bombings this year targeting security forces and hotels. funerals have been held in pakistan for some of the one hundred twenty eight victims killed in a suicide bombing join election rally they included a candidate for provincial office more than three hundred people were injured in friday's blogs the army says it will deploy more than three hundred seventy thousand troops to polling stations across the country for the general election in two weeks. thanks. i now walk up began a month ago with thirty two teams now off to sixty three matches in eleven cities just to remain and on sunday it comes down to ninety minutes here at the luzhniki
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stadium in moscow france and croatia will face off to decide who goes home with sport's biggest prize and the rich that has been out among the fans. french friends in moscow are experiencing a familiar feeling for the third time in the last six world cups. in the final. question fans and football is going where no croatians has gone before the croatian seem may not be looking quite as fresh faced as they were for their pre-tournament photographs all three of the knockout games have gone to extra time so they've affectively played an extra game when compared to france croatia strength is their ability to dominate possession in midfield with players like luka moderates and even rockets each and the danger posed by their white players even parasitical be able to exploit the inexperience of french fullback benjamin many of their key players including moderates all the wrong side of thirty this is their one chance
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to win football's biggest prize the senate. me the most important thing is to never give up and believe in yourself and just push forward no matter what is in your way there are ups and there are downs but whatever happens you need to continue to believe in yourself and that field. france have a generation of players arguably more talented than the school that won the title in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight much has been said about the impact of teenage striker killing and back pay but this is a team built on a strong defensive corps goalkeeper and captain hugo reese has excelled rafael wiranto has stood tall in the defense and the work of holding midfielder and goa can say allows him bappi and co to run three this is also a side determined to heal the score of losing the european championship final on home soil two years ago you know my search for santa old enough to keep good with the inner strength of our team from the beginning of the tournaments which has guided us this will help us to overcome any challenge this is certainly the most
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important match of our career superstition my also have a role to play in deciding which set of fans are celebrating on sunday night in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight on the way to winning the cup french defender laurent blanc used to catch the ball for his goalkeeper fabien barthez before every game twenty years on and the players are taking to stroking the considerable facial hair of their defender of all rummy before every game on the richardson al-jazeera moscow. hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world are gathering in south korea for the annual mud festival this week long event takes place in the western city of bor young the attractions include a mud pool mud slides and a mud skiing. this is al-jazeera get a round up of the top stories a curfew has been imposed in the iraqi city of basra that's after police used water cannon tear gas on protesters who tried to storm
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a government building people have been demonstrating of the past week against high living costs lack of basic services it appears many phone lines have been cut and the government to shut down internet across the country security forces are on high alert as demonstrations spread to the capital baghdad in the holy city. of karbala what you don't know. judy is to provide security for all iraqis and also to listen to all the demands and salute all the protesters the peaceful and the civilized to state their demands in a civilized manner reflecting the nobility of iraqis and their country but those who assault the institutions of the state and the security forces and its investments disrupt the aspirations of the people and should be held to account israel has reportedly accepted an egyptian brokered cease fire with hamas following an escalation of violence in gaza on saturday israel targeted the armed group with what it says world's most powerful daytime airstrikes since the twenty fourteen gaza war at least two palestinian teenagers died haiti's prime minister has
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resigned after days of violent protests against the plan to remove fuel subsidies jack thomas stepped down even though he abandoned the proposal a two hundred university students in nicaragua have been freed after a siege in a church they took refuge there after occupying a university campus part of anti-government demonstrations u.s. president donald trump will fly to finland on sunday ahead of a summit with the russian leader vladimir putin he's wrapped up a visit to the u.k. that was marked by protests across the country of the spanish coast guard has rescued three hundred forty refugees and migrants from the strait of gibraltar one hundred children were among those found on twelve days around nine hundred thousand people arrived in spain from north africa since the start of this year. a melting iceberg in greenland is causing fears of a tsunami people near the danger zone in the village of an os we have been moved to
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higher ground the government there believes the entire settlement could be flooded . those are the headlines viewfinder latin america's next. al-jazeera. where ever your. view finder fresh perspectives through the lens of local filmmakers around the globe.
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me believe that this to me then it had to. yeah you. the love of chess. after years behind us he has to be strategic to stay out of prison with his friend and chess master he's planning his next move to give back to society and share the gate that saved his life discovering new filmmaking talent from around the globe if you find latin american jazz private lessons on the houses it. was like one of our biggest strengths is that we talk to normal
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everyday people we get them to tell their stories and doing that really reveals the truth people are still gathered outside these gates waiting for any information most of them don't know whether their loved ones are alive or dead or miami really is a place worth two worlds me we can get to washington d.c. in two hours we can get so on jurists in the rest of central bankers about the same time but more importantly is where those two cultures north and south america meet of to teach very important points found there was a big. building a new life on an entirely beach living off the sea and the last. a dream shared by so many but so few make it a reality. of family business led by a remarkable woman with a flair for cooking and disaster than if. i didn't catch it on al-jazeera. when the news breaks. on the
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mailman city and the story builds to be forced to leave the room just. when people need to be heard women and girls are being bought and given away in refugee camps al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring new award winning documentaries and live news and out of iraq i got to commend you all i'm hearing is good journalism on air and on mine. this is al jazeera. hello i'm adrian for again and this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. iraqi security forces fire in the
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air and used tear gas as anti-government protests spread to several cities. an eerie calm israel agrees to a cease fire in gaza after it launched the most intense rather airstrikes since the twenty fourteen war. haiti's former prime minister a sudden resignation after violent protests against fuel price rises. and on sana hamas with all the sports lead spectating high end both france and croatia as the countdown continues to the well cup final. a curfew has been imposed in the iraqi city of basra that's after police they used water cannon and tear gas on protesters who tried to storm a government building police people rather have been demonstrating over the past week against high living costs at a lack of basic services it appears that many phone lines have been cut and
6:50 pm
internet service has been disrupted across the country the government is blaming sabotage a spokesman says that normal services are expected to return in a few hours what you will. see is to provide security for all iraqis and also to listen to all the demands and salute all the protesters the peaceful and the civilized to state their demands in a civilized manner reflecting the nobility of iraqis and their country but those who assault the institutions of the state and the security forces and its investments disrupt the aspirations of the people and should be held to account earlier we spoke to were ahmed rushdie an advisor to the iraqi parliament. hold on demonstrations that actually happened because of the narco. dr patricia tonight before church special insulting governments and many in bus i'm on nothing yet and mega think you're going to be most important in this time and it's not only
6:51 pm
targeting governments it's also targeting people it's going to books which seems that iraq has actually sells them looking forward to have some sort of a change happen by the political blocs not only do they are going to be goes no actually the iraqi people want to travel to know that. the political blocs actually they have influence and inside the iraqi government so there is no way that you can only talk to the iraqi government also to make a pressure on both the political blocs is no parliament and the constitution actually allowed the prime minister and most of the major to stake its according to could be put to should it's legal it's going to to show. it can happen to during his a journalist based in the role of an iraqi city of a bail she joins us now via skype from athens tonight good side here with us as
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we've been reporting these protests have spread beyond basra now to all the towns and cities across iraq including the capital baghdad how do you think this is going to play out will the government have to introduce a state of emergency. well it's very nice of them to work to prime minister howard he at the moment is doing really a carrot and stick on the one hand he sends in troops and and even the best troops that he has on them that are really. trained to fight isis and on the other hand he's promising to ten thousands of jobs and three the mill a billion dollars of aid to basra. what is really going on in iraq at the moment is this really about the standard of living lack of opportunity. and yes it is for big parts and discuss been happening for i think about eight or nine years every summer because in that area in basra it's about fifty degrees it
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goes over fifty degrees and every summer again there's nothing left enough an interest in tea if you don't have money you don't have a generator i have a soup people really suffer. and then this is de an area of iraq where all the income comes from ninety five percent of the iraqi income comes from the oil from us from so people are saying why don't we have jobs it's all foreigners working there so give us the chops and as for the electricity we also see a role of iran in these iran has been providing electricity and water for the past a years on and off. but this summer and it has caught they say because it has not been date but it seems that there might be a relation to the problems there are between iraq and sorry iran and washington over the nuclear deal it could be that iran is trying to make. a signal
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to america look if you are not working with us if you leave us hanging like this. we can do a lot of problems. in the region all right so what does the government need to do to put a lid on all of this we talked about the possible imposition of a state of emergency that's not going to fix it but it's not going to make people any happier there what does it have to do in the medium to long term. well the interesting point here really is that if you see who have has been targeted it's all the shiite groups although she had militias out all the parties their buildings have been put on fire so it's the people that are really angry with politics now so it isn't the government that's going to solve this it's going to be much more it has to be the shiite leaders all of them together now have to find a solution. they are religious and a leader ayatollah sistani he has already said what is happening here it's
6:55 pm
a shame because this is very much area people are not getting what they should get so he's giving up the signal do something about it now jobs is going to be very difficult because government has only has so many jobs that they can give out most of the international oil companies do not have space for all of these iraqis that often are not well educated. it's a very big problem but it is really all starts and ends with electricity with the services so put back india electricity and very important also put back in internet's cutting internet makes people feel we're back in the dark ages where back in saddam's time where any time you spoke out you your head would be pushed back on the descent so this is the main things i would say judith good to talk to many thanks indeed for being with us. and israel has reportedly accepted an
6:56 pm
egyptian brokered cease fire with hamas off of the latest round of violence in gaza the agreement came after israel launched what it says were the most powerful daytime airstrikes since the twenty four teen girls award two palestinian teenagers were killed they've been three months of protests near gaza's border fence with israel at least one hundred thirty eight palestinians have been shot dead by israeli forces and israel has closed the only crossing point for goods and supplies into the territory israel's security cabinet is holding an emergency meeting to discuss the escalating situation prime minister benjamin netanyahu has been under pressure to deal with the crisis al-jazeera is bernard smith reports now from gaza . the cease fire holds but it papers over major widening cracks in the relationship between the israeli authorities and how much that runs garza the fundamental problem is that gaza has been under siege for around twelve years now
6:57 pm
under an israeli blockade and there's no relief in sight even after three and a half months of protests along the fence when the palestinians in gaza hoped that would persuade the israelis to give them some relief from this blockade there's been nothing and if anything israel has tighten the screw by closing the main crossing into guarded the guards of that brings in industrial goods so this flare up while israel says in response to the incendiary balloons floating from gaza into israel and setting fire to crops the palestinians will say well we've not got any relief any relief from this siege so unless there is over the coming days weeks or months some concrete attempt to try and relieve the situation for people in gaza this flare up the biggest one has been since twenty fourteen risks provoking another flare up and that risks of an all out confrontation and possibly a war between the offices in gaza and israel u.s. president donald trump is expected to fly to finland plater on sunday out of
6:58 pm
a landmark summit ahead of the russian with the russian leader vladimir putin trump insists that he'll meet putin alone and that's worrying diplomats more from our diplomatic editor james pace. helsinki a city that joining the cold war was used as one of the few places where western allies and the soviet union could talk some believe relations are almost at a cold war level again yet one leader keeps talking up the positive and i said putin may be the easiest of them all you never know the biggest blow to relations was russia's seizure of crimea from ukraine the first time a part of one country had been stolen by another in europe since world war two at the time it was condemned by the us nato and the e.u. . however in recent days at two news conferences in belgium and the u.k. president trump was asked if russia should give back crimea and each time he dodged
6:59 pm
the question what will happen with crimea from this point on that i can't tell you well we'll have to see what happens far from here the syrian war seems to be entering its final phases the assad regime would support from its allies iran and russia has the upper hand the u.s. and israel want to reduce iranian presence in the country and its influence in the region could there be a grand bargain in the works. only days ago israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu was in moscow putin could perhaps persuade a sad to ask iran to leave his country trump could lift objections to russia's control of crimea far fetched perhaps but just listen to the way the ukrainian ambassador to the u.n. is clinging to previous statements by members of the u.s. administration on crimea i think that. that will come from several times by boat by many many other u.s.
7:00 pm
officials from. mr bolton to the the the the spokesman for the white house and and many other. officials who come from the principal ballers who yes wolf they've assumed that the illegal fish know crimea but actual should never be recognized remarkably for part of this summit in finland's presidential palace trump is likely to meet putin alone just as he did in singapore with kim jong un in june the u.s. is closest allies are worried what this most unpredictable president might agree to behind these walls james pays al-jazeera helsinki britain's prime minister to resign may has revealed a piece of advice that the us president gave on briggs it and that was to soothe the european union and not go into negotiations donald trump criticized mase plan for braggs it in a newspaper interview it was published during his u.k. visit he said that he.


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