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tv   Truck Attack In Nice  Al Jazeera  July 16, 2018 4:00am-4:58am +03

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it's just like the french and they're still at it now and it's a marvelous thing to watch this they stay sitting in unison all the south croatia and so on some of them going right back to early independence when they split from from yugoslavia in the early ninety's there they're just a very patriotic nation a small nation of just four million people and so for them to have seen their team make the fight oh i can still the odds which were stuck to get they they've had the screen scandalized by corruption they haven't had the huge amounts of investment in the game here over the years they don't even have a national stadium and yet there they were in the final that people told me before this match that whatever the outcome was they would you should be proud of that croatian team and they are very beloved. by far now off to this game with this celebration set to continue in zagreb it's so happy that this took place they don't
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care that it's a bust but of course they catch but they just happy to be here and see history made with croatia this tiny nation making it to the well cup final and not doing too badly there with two goals against the french. robin forced to walk away with the latest in the creation capital zagreb thank you. at least two people have been killed and dozens injured in violent clashes across iraq's southern provinces thousands demonstrated in bastrop where a curfew was imposed after hundreds of people tried to storm a government building it's the second week of protests over high living costs and a lack of basic services security forces have been put on high alert and internet services have been shut off across the nation catalogue this hotel yan has more. frustration poisoned. in the streets of iraq demonstrators say they've had enough
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no jobs and limited services have reached the breaking point beyond the people in cattle evacuate we have to inject was still lying in the streets and two of those who were taken away. in the oil rich city of basra like across the country security forces are on high alert they've used water cannon and tear gas blocking protesters from storming the main provincial government building. with growing protests people have recorded an internet shut down and disconnected telephone lines without going to see those who assault the institutions of the state and the security forces and its investments disrupt the aspirations of the people he should be held to account . unrest has been simmering over the past week against a backdrop of political instability following maze contested an unresolved election results protesters have blocked roads and burned tires. and in the city of najaf
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they stormed the airport and the ruling party's headquarters security concerns led at least two major airlines to suspend all fly so that city. the acting government says violence will not be tolerated responding to the protests iraq's prime minister hided all a body has promised to invest three billion dollars in jobs housing and services. but the people of iraq are whose impatience with the country's pressured politics the government is not totally enclosed of this situation that. is the militias of the other which are fighting between each other the racks government is calling on people to be patient but many on the street say their patience is wearing flame was pattillo posada yarn al-jazeera. much more to come on the program including four hundred fifty syrian rebels and family members leave their raw and. as government forces continue their offensive
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to regain the southwest every trance president visits ethiopia is the decades long rivals pursue a new era of french. hello there rain is pushing its way into the western parts of europe now to be a bit of a shock for some of us because it's been hot and dry for a while now but here's that area of cloud as it gradually edges its way eastwards and as it does so it will bring a drop to the temperatures but not too much for london there will still get to around twenty four degrees on shoes day for the south it will still be warm for many other parts of western europe but we'll also see one or two thunderstorms some of them over the alps could be rather violent and bring you some hail and some damaging gusts of wind those thunderstorms also extend down across the coast of the adriatic as well and for the eastern parts of year it's
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a bit different here we've got an area of low pressure in charge so it's cloudy it's wet it's also not that hot and that's the way it's going to stay as we head through the next few days and no major change for us across the other side of the mediterranean you can see the winds feeding down from the north so for the north coast of egypt the temperatures on that high that go inland and the temperatures quickly begin to jump up further west it's already pretty hot forcing chewed it up but nine degrees does change there was we had to choose they were going to change in wind direction and then our maximum would just be thirty four for the central belt of africa more showers say they have brought us a little bit of flooding in places that we more lively showers on monday. about fifty thousand people were arrested under a policing strategy known as stop and frisk the car got a ball here it was a guy coming behind me and picking him up back how many of your children gotten
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caught in this trap i have seven sons and six of them have been arrested for drug charges so me against the wall maybe take a loss think is what thoughts down for you to the atmosphere that the police was the bad guy exploring the dockside of american justice system with job on al-jazeera. welcome back here's a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera france have won the two thousand and eighteen football world cup after a match in the russian capital they claimed victory against croatia with four goals to two one of them a controversial penalty decision hundreds of thousands of french fans celebrated
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wildly in the streets of paris they still are celebrating it's their second world cup title after winning at home in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight. but for croatian fans in zagreb it's hard to their time lost the spy dominating for much of the game the small nation of four million people were underdogs ahead of the game they fought back bravely in the second half but were punished by france's counter attacks in other news to more people have died in violent protests in the oil rich south of the rock a curfew has been imposed in the city of bastrop and the internet has been blocked across the country protesters are demanding better public services and job opportunities. and egyptian brokered cease fire between israel and hamas appears to be holding after the latest flare up of violence in gaza two palestinian teenagers were killed in what israel says was the most powerful daylight attack on hamas since two thousand and fourteen the u.n.
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says an all out war was only narrowly avoided burnitz has more from gaza. america why weren't fighters or even protesters the teenage friends were just playing outside in a park in central gaza when an israeli missile smashed into a deserted building next to them. the boys were killed another dozen people in israel says the building was a hamas urban training facility now it's become another reminder of israel's power over gaza. israel says the target was hamas in. response to rocket attacks and israel has warned repeatedly of a hotshot military response if hamas which runs gaza did not stop protestors from sending burning kites and balloons into israel and setting fire to crops all they can do just send balloons send flying kites and we've seen that no israelis were killed no one was into a wall in the palestinian side one hundred more than one hundred thirty five people killed where you have barely and below and that responds to it you'll.
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guard sites and kill people kill their children so i don't think it's up of equation beilin land does not equal to. life. after twenty four hours of israeli airstrikes and hamas approved rocket fire egyptian mediators managed to broker a cease fire the u.n. special envoy to the region says all out war was narrowly averted the frustration that people here in gaza feel is completely understandable it is boiling over but it has been boiling over for months before the protests started. i think people felt that they had lost hope in any other alternative on the ground but i worry very much that it is not just a humanitarian crisis it is also a political crisis and a security crisis and that is why any approach to moving forward needs to address
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these three factors not just one of them. was the special envoys referring to the failed reconciliation of hamas in gaza and fatah in the occupied west bank while israel's blockade is seen as the root of gaza's problems the palestinian political crisis is making things worse hamas and other armed groups have much larger rockets disposal but they haven't used any of them an indication perhaps of the desire to avoid an escalation into an all out war but gaza is still under siege and the frustration to do something about that grows stronger and stronger every day burnitz with al-jazeera gaza well israel says burning kites being flown across the gaza border by palestinian protesters are increasing tensions between the two sides the kind seven calls than the deaths that have burned thousands of acres of israeli land so much in which it is being said that israel has agreed to
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a cease fire that would allow the continuation of terrorism by insincerity cuts and balloons this is incorrect we are not prepared to accept any attacks against us and we will respond appropriately to syrian rebels say government forces are widening their offensive in the south west government and russian allied jets fired more than eight hundred missiles at a stretch of opposition land in the countryside of quneitra which is four kilometers from the israeli occupied golan heights government forces are also said to have advanced on a village there the rebels have reportedly fought back killing several soldiers. meanwhile the first rebels and their families have been moved from their a province in southern syria they were given safe passage to leave after russia brokered a ceasefire between the government and opposition fighters eight days ago syrian forces are now in control of most of the rock a convoy of humanitarian aid has read several towns and there are a province more than three thousand food parcels were delivered to the towns of the
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seabed and then near the border with jordan hundreds of thousands of people in the splay stood by the government's offensive on the province which began in june. the us president donald trump has arrived in the finnish capital helsinki after spending two days in the united kingdom on monday he'll meet with the russian president at a summit but says he has low expectations for the historic james bays reports now from helsinki arriving in helsinki on air force one ahead of his day long summit with blood in me. donald trump probably some cell phone being the master negotiator at this meeting though when it comes to the experience of international diplomacy he is the novice he's been in office for just eighteen months his russian counterpart has served as prime minister or president for eighteen years putin seen here with the french president emmanuel mccraw hours
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before his country's victory in the world cup will be hoping once again to take center stage on the world's political arena his country was kicked out of the g eight after the am exception of crimea it placed sanctions for that and widespread condemnation for election meddling and for its involvement in syria. what does trump want out of the summit some officials close to him say the president is beginning to enjoy his role on the world stage causing disruption in recent days at nato and on a trip to the u.k. . reportedly he bragged that there were more cameras in singapore for his meeting with the north korean leader kim jong un than for the oscars in a u.s. t.v. interview he said he believes his face to face diplomacy can achieve results i think it's a good thing for to meet i do believe in meetings i look i believe that having
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a meeting with chairman kim was a good thing i think having meetings with the president of china was a very good thing i believe it's really good so having meetings with russia china and north korea i believe in it i don't think baird's going to come out of it and maybe some good will come out there is no formal agenda for these talks president trump says he wants a loose meeting and he said at one point he may beat his russian counterpart one on one that i can tell you worries some of the u.s. his closest allies who are concerned what he might agree to jamesburg. helsinki concert has been how they need to celebrate the end of hostilities with their a trainer the president all very trey's on his first visit to ethiopian more than two decades he praised the theo p s new prime minister whose actions led to the sudden thaw in relations mohamed atta has more now from the south. it's
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a new era of normalization of relationships between a train and if you appeal to countries that have been bitter enemies just weeks ago the visit by the tram president. is feeding only his general sense of exile and within the ethiopian public that. peace is possible between at a tree and if you appear not been achieved already the two leaders have agreed on that a connection will form lines that have been used for the past twenty years the reopening of embassies in both couples and also the first flight from above but for the first time in two decades later this week. what many people are waiting for is when these two countries start discussing the nitty gritty of what actually is talked about war in one thousand nine hundred eighteen which tens of thousands were killed where will the border pass which village that is disputed
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will go to eritrea or would come to ethiopia but they are saying they're willing to compromise for the sake of peace between the two countries. but the official world cup handover ceremony has already been held in moscow ahead of the final earlier russia's president and the emir of qatar put on a show of unity as fief as president janeen fantino presided over the symbolic change in host status catherine will stage the tournament in late twenty two. well catheters a mere says he hopes that twenty twenty two games will have a unifying effect on the middle east. as i said the twenty twenty two world cup championship will be a championship for all arabs the arab region is going through a difficult time but it's a great nation and god well you know will overcome all disagreements well just trafford has more now for the world cup fans in. you'd be forgiven for thinking
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that the world cup has already started hearing because of this crowd representative of the old and fifty different nationalities that live in this country it doesn't matter who you speak to everybody will tell you how excited they are about the world cup coming to cut off on the middle east for the first time today and second the amazing. amazing in many possible ways to say to me the basement of captivity. soviet humans existed. and why why we had to wait before us he said don't you think when you get on and on that somehow doesn't think it was going to. go so soon the world cup in qatar such a small body exceptionally wealthy countries not without major challenges and they stole the gate the cost to space the saudi ladies land air and sea blockade the
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whole of the year now the cultural siller jesus saying that's made very little dates on the progress that they make in building the infrastructure necessary to host the civilians and suddenly tonight the sense of excitement you gave the school is an indication of just how proud casa reason the many different people who live here are about hosting what will be arguably the largest school to give aid to this region has ever seen. well it is going to be another four years before the world cup goes the catheter if you want to relive parts of the once that says finished do go to our web site al jazeera dot com with you know all the news of the games and also some blogs and features. that's take a look back at the main headlines on al-jazeera france says that featured croatia to win the two thousand and eighteen football world cup after a thrilling match in the russian capital they claimed victory with four goals to
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two one of them a controversial penalty decision that went france's way while hundreds of thousands of french fans have unsurprisingly been celebrating in paris it's their second world cup title after winning at home in nineteen here. you know the news violent protests in the oil rich province of bass right in iraq have resulted in today dozens of others have been injured in clashes across iraq southern provinces the internet has been blocked in the region and the curfew imposed in the city of basra the protesters are demanding better public services and job opportunities. and egyptian brokered cease fire between israel and hamas appears to be holding after the latest flare up of violence in gaza on saturday israel launched what it says were the most powerful daytime airstrikes since the two thousand and fourteen or at least two palestinian teenagers were killed israel says the strikes were in
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response to border protests and rocket fire from hamas. well the israeli government has also warned palestinians against flying burning kites across the gaza border the cards have burned thousands of acres of israeli land. so much of it is being said that israel has agreed to a cease fire that would allow the continuation of terrorism by insincerity cuts and balloons this is incorrect we are not prepared to accept any attacks against us and we will respond appropriately to syrian rebels say government forces are widely their offensive in the southwest the government and russian ally the jets of fired more than eight hundred missiles at a stretch of opposition lines in the countryside of quneitra four kilometers from the israeli occupied golan heights government forces are also said to have advanced on a village there the rebels have reportedly fought back killing several soldiers and the first rebels and their families have been given safe passage from neighboring
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province russia brokered cease fire between the government opposition fighters eight days ago. that said an interview with george as former president next. to me and i was going to. war is. good to see. from president eating his time in the midst of a war to getting dragged off a roof because saakashvili was once widely recognized as an advocate for reform and democracy. a friend of the west and enemy of russia saakashvili became president of georgia in january two thousand and four his popularity got him reelected four
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years later despite accusations of electoral fraud but georgia's constitution prevented him from running for a third term in two thousand and thirteen saakashvili he was defeated at the polls and he left georgia for ukraine shortly afterwards where he supported the two thousand and fourteen revolution he gained ukrainian citizenship although it meant losing his georgian passport craigs president petro poroshenko offered to the governor of the desa profits but he resigned in november two thousand and sixteen accusing kardashian co of corruption a few days later us across from the announced plans to create a new political force in ukraine but that didn't happen the government revoked his ukrainian citizenship in july last year. stateless circus really was first sent to poland then to the netherlands where he now lives under temporary asylum status meanwhile a court in georgia found him guilty of abuse of power in connection with the two thousand and six murder case he was sentenced to three years in prison absentee
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here. in ukraine a prosecutor accused of having connections with a suspected criminal gang led by ukraine's former president viktor yanukovych. so where does all of this leave the man who was once hailed as a champion of democracy. i'm sami's a down in the dutch capital i've come to amsterdam to discuss with mr saakashvili his rise and fall and how he plans to continue his political career former georgian president mikheil saakashvili talks to algiers the. former president of georgia a former governor of a desk in ukraine thanks so much for talking to al-jazeera thank you for inviting me so you're now here in the netherlands but on a for the third you spoke about how you want to return to georgia when will that happen well be or entire region are we going to change the the present artificial situation when all garcia running the show sidelining the people sidelining
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democracy just making fun of the whole idea of the political process it's very artificial and there you can't return until that changes or else you would probably buy the rights except you also bolster to change i keep your eye on the only politician maybe well maybe in the world at least part in two different countries i have a party which i lead in ukraine and i hope party which i live in georgia and then put in permanent contact with them indeed. i did some of the campaigns there now we . came up with some initiatives so i'm not standing still i'm i'm not just waiting for the moment to come i'm trying to bring a moment closer to how how do you remove all the guards from power in places like georgia places like ukraine from here in the netherlands it just can not last it is not sustainable these guys are going to collapse is going to be very. difficult transition nothing is going to be bumpy but you know you just cannot keep going
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like this happens if there is a collapse in ukraine or georgia i mean your personal ambitions do you want to return to power and if so whether because like you said you're running political parties in two countries at the same time i would not really compare myself to symbol of our but i have to remind you that in other historical for context that historic figure will lead five latin american countries now different situation not that kind of an bishan but countries are similar challenges are similar like it used to be in the times of simone boulevard why we need to live live up to that expectation but how would you respond to those who might say you're not simone believe are you lost power twice in two different countries those who say are you able to make sound political calculations for your apps of the right are not simple of our but i'm someone who is different from what's happening in the region indeed
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i was i had two terms of successful presidency i finished it all and i go criticize and look at the countries around us look at armenia look at other neighbors look at belarus look at you know just wherever you look this leaders extend their terms they find other ways not to create i was the only one who had full extent of power and first of all quit had transpersonal transition when the constitutional term expired that's quite unique which comes natural to another place in the world in our part of the world some people think you're stupid and crazy if you do that and second i mean you're more crazy according to this cry tears because you know i left without any riches about any at stealing anything and that's also unfortunately very unusual in our part of the world and in ukraine i left from the governorship when i felt that when we're no longer in business. reforming the country rather we were staying there would be just trying to whitewash something that cannot be
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justified by how your corruption early garcon cruel in your second term as georgian president the world criticisms of your tactics accusations that you tried suppress opposition protest that you acted in a heavy handed way do you think any of those criticisms or accusations now in hindsight are justified that you would have done things that look look the georgia was a failed country you cannot make from a failed country just enough rule scandinavian methods over night something looking like sweden norway georgia has under my watch georgia's economy has quadrupled the you know georgia went from hundred twenty seventh place of the to doing business in the actual world bank to being the ninth place the best place in the world to do business that is to say we are educated corruption we became the safest country in europe and one of the safest in the world from being one of the criminal countries to think you fight criminal you know totally criminalized
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country making to transform it into the safest country in europe just not doing anything and just being forced to switch to the criminals and then the version of the you know torvald my rule of law should abide by the head trial of law that's the rule of law but rule of law applied zero tolerance towards crime and that's that's hearts is the opposition opposition ultimately won the elections and we handed over the power we ga still has. media it always enjoyed on them on my rule and don't forget some of the propaganda against us there of course there were shortcomings but it also was imposed by a very strong presence of russian propaganda that absolutely hated me that now we know that paul munna ford was hired by their pascal in two thousand and five to write articles against us specifically on democracy and or so-called absence of democracy starting from two thousand and five. so we were running against
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a propaganda machine now we're not perfect and of course we had our mistakes but when you have the nastiest machine specifically focused on killing the idea of a georgia success case not to give this soft power to the small nation that would transform the entire region then you should always understand why some of the treaties were what if the maffia the oligarchs are still in power in georgia in ukraine especially in georgia where you serve this two terms as president why should voters believe you now when you say support my party or make sure this time will unseat the oligarchs and the mafia my reform survives my presidency i think the biggest task for the reformers is that when you quit whether these figures sustainable most of it is still there so from that standpoint of public services you know absence of corruption safety i left a good legacy a legacy still intact from that standpoint you know we we come back
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basically we come back. we do all the experience of successes know whether you know people in georgia have trusts have seen what the success looks like that's the difference with ukraine in ukraine no government since independence has demonstrated any success whatsoever i wonder if we can go back in time a little bit and talk about some of the highlights i guess this year two thousand and eighteen is the tenth anniversary of the war between georgia and russia do you reflect back on it at all and say maybe i made a mistake in starting that war with russia well i didn't start war with russia in first place or that was the e.u. report for two thousand and nine lowth a wrong look apps of if somebody into president report they're like this this is flat wrong look this is a quote from other report found that you'd started the war because of quote a penchant for acting in the heat of the moment look there is only one choice when your country gets attacked by
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a hundred times bigger. neighbor either to surrender or to fight and we chose not to surrender so hang on then the e.u. was wrong when they said again quote in that report of september the thirtieth there was no ongoing armed attack by russia before the start of the georgian i know your report said that russian troops were already inside our territory and if you don't call it armed that happened what the hell is the armed attack ok you know there was no armed attack in crimea after that russia just came in i think they're referring to maybe the presence of russia in the south the center everyone has known but they were saying they were not an aggression are not inside the territory just exactly the same way they were in crimea except that ukraine chose not to react and not to fight and georgia chose to fight so they were so high on your tell me of a city the west was playing politics with your situation when they said again in the quote of the report georgian claims of a large scale presence of russian armed forces in south the set here prior to the georgian offensive could not be substantially pro with
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a pretending like they know it can be such an egyptian state the only thing that they were turning a blind eye on then because they fought this situation will not continue now we have situation when every time they have three of the problem is the lack of leadership you know great leaders like europe had for instance like when mr was their teacher was there you know and monitors was there look was there is gone we have just tacticians in europe we have leftover leadership in europe nobody wants regime rest want to build as a result putin was playing them out it's not putting about putting being so strong it's about this kind of leaders being so weak you know there's still you are there is no leadership in europe of today it's so bleak and it's you know we see you know having ajman semyon gauge and now fortunately at least to resume reacted and she mobilized everybody else to react but back in two thousand and eight that was exactly the opposite back in two thousand and eight they would just they didn't want to hear anything about upcoming frets and you know now. as for who is crazy
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and who is not i think they were crazy when they didn't listen to me and then when they fought i was crazy and you know and the russians were playing into that look at this case actually no history single all this stupid claims and who made stupid claims now everything i warned about happened and i hate to because sandra but if europeans continue to be as weak as this we are not going to always big war in europe because russian that right now even i was at the munich security conference this time generals the same generals that were downplaying the russians being intervals eight are saying well russia has really become dangerous that's skip forward in two thousand and thirteen you decided to go to ukraine you accepted ukrainian possible a move which you knew would mean you lose your georgian citizenship i'm wondering why if as you said for the third of two thousand and eighteen that you were committed to quote not leaving the georgian people in despair and you want to end the routine because georgia's fate was also decided by what happens in ukraine i
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went to the region of that which is extremely important strategic region do you think you could change georgia though by being the governor of the death of this if all that's a waterfall but have you for that i would have fallen george it would have been finished off because or their face on the black sea fallen from whom the time rush resident it was when i went there it was very on the brink of being fall into the fold of the russians it's also obvious it's a very it's a region with very strong separatist presence we did where we government power but that's moment very precarious security situation to the point where nobody really wanted to get to go into that business of becoming so that said governor well i well i wanted to go there after several high profile ukrainians declined that office and because they foresaw that i would fall why does president petro poroshenko ask you do you think and give you citizenship was it down to a personal relationship with no i think because russian called before running for ukraine president he said that his role. a model for reforms who are two countries
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singapore and georgia on their might rule and he thought that by bringing me into crane he would. bolster his reformers credentials in the eyes of the west and in the eyes of the frame public now he did it all went wrong because he was not serious about their force because ultimately he had to make a choice whether to get into ukraine historic textbooks or to become higher to be able higher on the list of forbes billionaires list he decided to get into billionaires list rather than the tax the textbooks i'm wondering how you personally feel though now looking at the time actually because this is the man who brought you to your he'd given you citizenship made you a governor and then you say felt at some point that he wasn't living up to the reformist ideals did you feel conflicted any point in turning against the man who runs i think it took from him quite some time to make that decision it is
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a hard decision to make not because of personal loyalty but just admitting that you know our expectations were high and with we just failed to basically they failed to materialize it's hard to imagine it's hard to live through it because you know the it's not i never create i don't believe in personal loyalties of that sort in the you know i never brought my family members or my classmates or anybody for that purpose in ukraine or georgia to to power that was never my goal the io i believe in matter talk received believe in recruiting new people. and i never had my client tried to pressure him to maybe saw me as part of his clan and obviously that was a big be misreading of what i stand for and that certain moment when he told me let's just like go and fundraise that's was he scored with the ukrainian local businesses fundraise that's to say that bribes how would you respond to those as you know there are allegations against you being you've mentioned some of them
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involved in. criminal activities in ukraine those charges against you in georgia are for misspending public money ordering the break up of protests ordering the beating up of an opposition lawmaker is even a conviction for you related to a murder klux look any truth to any of those allegations look first of all freedom house just published a report saying that this is a pure political but that and that's what it is even georgian the government that basically hired best retired western investigator to look for my offshore accounts properties viewers whatever couldn't find anything it came up with the ridiculous charges that every penny i spent as a president on presidential on for former presidential functions were money misspent when georgia's economy quadrupled in the basically or you know my former defense minister whom i fired for corruption testified that i ordered him to beat up somewhat because the and the guy said beforehand i'll just give any testimony
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gates are really because i hate him and that's the only witness so that's why traditional going to say shoes are not taking this is that's why i'm freely moving around the world let's get forward to december two thousand and seventeen when we had those very dramatic pictures of you on the rooftop of your home. it's not often that you have an axe president standing on a rooftop threatening to jump take us through the minutes in the hours that led up to that moment something like six in the morning one hundred something of heavily armed security troops broke into my apartment. and obviously they could have or estimate anywhere else i'm over there i would without guards you know just walk into public affairs and just arrest me or or so why do you think they're trying to move on that's what you're intimidation to show everybody who supported us that if they could go even after me they could go out to everyone so and then when they did it i needed to in time and you went to where you really going to jump from none of
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that absolute to know that i'm not suicidal i've never been suicidal that what happened is that. i was i told them it was a threat no what i told them if they approach me would bowl fall because it was basically a slippery roof with but by the way i went there because they generally telephone and we need we need time to mobilize and so i went to the roof where i could from which i could text my messages. i text my message for support of thousands of people mobilized but it took them time to get there and in the end they freed me from police cars were you surprised some people opened a police van and managed to i wasn't because people knew the whole arrest was unjust later the local judge went against the system and she ruled and she suffered she was reprimanded after that for that that it was pure kidnapping we've managed to upset a lot of authorities in georgia ukraine's lied to me at putin do you ever think that your personal safety might be an issue look like they were put in promise to
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hang me by a softer parts of my body. as we know this guy always when i last met him he told me your best friends give you lots of nice promises they never deliver i don't promise you anything nice but remember i always deliver i remember these words coupled with his friend to kill me but on the other sunlight i mean to have you directly absolutely and then he said publicly when it was this that was there february of two thousand and eight. our last meeting with him and actually. and that was this is a guy who likes to do the labor and he was there you understand from that did you feel like you're being i thought i think we know that according to when we came out . i was less worried about personal threats towards me i thought i told my people this is his menacing us with war and war happened a few months later and though i told the western flood you are putting medicines with war and he says well you know he just menace is now the same people that say
4:41 am
he's just manatee he's just you know if that's his way of cajoling words have to you know have to resign themselves to the realities that i was right and they were wrong about warning about putin put in always create new red lines cross' them and then create new ones now having said that it's not about me that doesn't make you a personal target as you said from that lie to me who to absolute saying holding to an advisor to the french president two thousand and eighty. he will hang you by the janet taylor yet and i think that they want to and then i when i was asked by a car a journalist what i felt about it i thought i joked that you know. he he's not tall enough to get to me but but that's obviously not a nice thing to joke about when you hear of cases like sergei script in the u.k. does that not make you stop and think look i can i ride around cinnamon a bike i don't have any body guards i was asked by dutch police with their i needed
4:42 am
special protection and i told them no i declined it look i believe that whatever happens you know we made my impact on the history of this region for sure nobody can dispute that putin wants to physically get me i don't think any bodyguards can protect it anyway you know every time i would board presidential plane in georgia after twelve eight every time we would be on the like target list of russian air defense system and it would show in our system so when it happened first time. you know i my father had of my bodyguard said what are we doing are we just dry because you know if we. succumb to their fret they're going to paralyze us we fly even if we we're one button pusher push away from being down and then they were pushed a button so you know i'm still around you so it could have been a real possibility absolutely because putin you know look at what's happened to a present of pollens whatever you say but many people including myself believe that
4:43 am
it's connected with his support of georgia during the war with him coming to the police in two follows a august of two thousand and eight so it catchin ski or as many poles believe. died because of that you can imagine that he came to support me and of course the russians no doubt would deny that and wondering how do you respond to the allegation that would come from the other side that says you are simply a tool of change on the part of the west look i think that's overblown i think what we have two different forces here we have. on the one hand we have russia that export chaos in the entire region you know i'm sure that they're well first of all they generated scholars in our case in our part of the world they generated chaos in syria because they want syrian refugees to go to europe and that stabilize europe footedness calculated this very shrewdly at did you ever receive
4:44 am
support as they say from. all the other hand i don't know non-governmental organization on the one hand we have russia that has a very clear policy of exporting chaos and implementing on the other hand we have rather chaotic policy on the part of the west so russia is exporting chaos and western very very young colored to clean and very diligently and the west is responding in a very chaotic way do you think any of these friends in the west today support you making a political comeback. or not that i've been i've been asking for instruction for anybody i've been uncomfortable for many people precisely for the reasons that i'm not a look for instance like obama administration wanted me to agree was to agree to rushed to membership and we've been refusing for almost two years president obama called me sent me a letter my friend hillary pushed very hard and i said wait a minute you are a big country you solve their issues where
4:45 am
a small country you have small the issues but until they are solved even if the president of the united states keeps me calling every day i'm not going to do it because that's legitimate that these are legitimate claims and in the end you know what has happened. they had russians had to give in and so from that standpoint i have not been comfortable even for the france now i wouldn't equate those two from my wear loose my wear loose with here where you know where whatever. the western world peace exists but on the other hand you know we'll i would always stand up for my national interests and that it's not just easy person to be around we even for big players you know once henry kissinger told. sarah paling saakashvili is like a very. uncomfortable player coming to poker player coming to players table all the time without cards in his pocket well that's his wish and it's not about games it's
4:46 am
no they're both carts it's about your heart where it lies and it lays lies with justice and with my own national interest in this case two nations interest ukraine in georgia georgia and ukraine thank you very much thank you the time seconds really talking to all things are so much i . the promise of peace in the middle east is not. enough but
4:47 am
a new dilemma after the death of the man at the center of palestinian struggle. now more than forty years after to status how far has the p.l.o. come to achieving its hopes and dreams concluding the turbulent story of the struggle for palestinian homes p.l.o. history of a revolution on al-jazeera. the nature news as it breaks although thousands of women have reported rape and other sexual atrocities in falsehood and sewer rats are going to say that figure is likely much higher with detailed coverage nearly fifty schools took part in the drive each one responsible have her laughing at different aida schools of bias clothing from around the world to settle for whole is still very new here but the players are very confident they won't be able to leave gaza made evil warned by all the international study. a new series of rewind a can bring your people back to life i'm sorry and brand new updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries the struggle continually from. these
4:48 am
distance continues with the silver friends we're going back to a poor south african neighborhood where music and tradition come together in an annual competition of the people. we want on al-jazeera. hello there i'm barbara starr in london these are the top stories on al-jazeera hundreds of thousands of football fans are celebrating in paris stopped in france won the world cup beating croatia an action packed final in moscow's new sneaky stadium they ended croatia's dreams of the first ever title with
4:49 am
a four two victory in some of this final and the richardson was in moscow for the match. or what has been a really good world cup needed a great final and that is exactly what happened to her friends who finished the highest scoring final since one thousand nine hundred sixty six france winning the title for a second sign the first time since one thousand nine hundred ninety eight d.d.a. de sean's becoming just the third man to win this trophy as both a college as a player a finalist person many ways a first appearance for croatia a first ever on goal scored rather unfortunate by gracious man zucker's like a france their opening goal in the first time the video assistant referee was in place to influence the outcome it came in a really crucial time in the game it was bounced one want the referee consulted the pitch saw the monitor and decided a humble by even parasites had been deliberate and it's interesting that a system designed to remove clear and obvious errors has now started to debate that
4:50 am
will continue for years to come from a christian perspective definitely not a deliberate ball from a french perspective clearly a penalty as it was and so on griezmann stepped up and made the school to want the second half really belong to france's teenage striker killian and his break created a chance for paul to make it three one and about by himself scored a fourth his fourth of that sort of in a tournament which is propelled him to a new level of global recognition and his team to a second world title. well the final was briefly interrupted by a protest play was held up from us the minute when four protesters addressed this police invaded the pitch with one exchanging a high five with france's star player and in posts on social media the feminist group pussy riot claimed responsibility for the protest. well the official world cup handover ceremony was held in moscow ahead of sunday's final russia's president
4:51 am
and the emir of qatar made a show of unity as fief as president john in front deano presided over the symbolic change of home status qatar will host the tournament in late twenty twenty two that is a mere says he hopes the games will unify the arab world. as i said the twenty twenty two world cup championship will be a championship for all arabs the arab region is going through a difficult time but it's a great mission and god willing i will overcome all disagreements. you know the news violent protests in the oil rich province of basra in iraq have resulted in two deaths dozens of others have been injured in clashes across iraq's southern provinces the internet has been blocked in the region and a curfew imposed in the city of pass from the protesters are demanding better public services and job opportunities and egyptian brokered cease fire between israel and hamas appears to be holding after the latest flare up of violence in
4:52 am
gaza on saturday israel launched what it says were the most powerful daytime airstrikes since the two thousand and fourteen gaza war at least two palestinian teenagers were killed israel says the strikes were in response to border protests and rocket fire from hamas. syrian rebels say government forces are widening their offensive in the south west government and russian allied jets fired more than eight hundred missiles at a stretch of opposition land in the countryside of quneitra that's four kilometers from the israeli occupied golan heights government forces are also said to have advanced on a village there the rebels have reportedly fought back killing several soldiers. well the first rebels and their families have been given safe passage from neighboring there are province russia brokered a cease fire between the government and opposition fighters eight days ago syrian forces are now in control of most of the rock following an intense bombing campaign
4:53 am
that rebels will be taken to opposition held areas in northern syria those are the main stories i'm going to have more news for you in half an hour coming up next it's the system. i wouldn't blow it up. and. if. so it kind of forced me to become a man of a young age it was kind of like either you become a body streets all the streets became a body streets so finally i was introduced to the fast money when i say fast money's no selling drugs that i will know by being you know the old me to stop and you know they say you're innocent until proven guilty as well as your proven innocent. since. the american criminal justice system enforces our
4:54 am
laws and keeps watch over a person. who is watching the system. used my camera for twenty years to knock down doors and pursue the truth just now we're going inside the american criminal justice system on the charge from law enforcement to elected officials the court system the corrections to find out if justice is being served. here in new york city heading over to the bronx to meet a guy named michael torres who was arrested over two years ago for criminal possession of a small amount of marijuana and the reason this is important is that he is just one of about fifty thousand people who were arrested that year on similar marijuana charges under a policing strategy know this stop and frisk. in new york police have been
4:55 am
stopping and frisking suspects for as long as there has been a police force but during the late one nine hundred ninety s. the giuliani administration made the tactic a central part of its aggressive policing. strategy we were allowing small things to get worse rather than the dealing with the earliest possible stage stop question and frisk is an application of the broken windows theory a crime fighting strategy which argues that if a police force can cut down on petty crimes like vandalism and panhandling then bigger crimes like robbery and murder will be reduced there is just no question that stop question frisk has saved countless lives as recently as one thousand nine hundred new york city average more than six murders a day today we've driven that down to less than one murder a day but the policy ignited controversy and scandal and put the police department on the defensive protesters agree aggressive policing has reduced violent crime but they complain it has also brought an increase in police brutality. the majority of
4:56 am
these stop and frisks occurred in high crime neighborhoods including certain precincts in the bronx like a man on the ground ok. in september two thousand and eleven michael torres was stopped by the police on the way to a job interview. so tell me what happened yeah like i was saying i was coming down fordo solis one ninety seven and they kind of turned a corner there this way and as soon as they saw me. writing for and we they came from both ends of the call. didn't show me their bad. can i help you and he was a police officer i asked why did they stop and he just said oh we just saw you walking too fast and we saw that was suspicious he said come here and they grabbed me dragged me over here so me against the wall and the da my pockets made me take the last name is well thought somebody while belt should not pass so check my paperwork that's what i'm going to an interview. with then my sweater and shook it
4:57 am
. back my sleeve my dollar. we i asked him am i going to be the best to fight and he said what do you think. it sounds like an open and shut case but the marijuana possession law in new york mandates that the drugs must be in plain view it's my understanding that you didn't actually have the marijuana out by not only was it a small amount but it was it wasn't open and it was you know open it was in my hands it was in my pockets so you just agree with that charge yes i do and. so the marijuana arrests project began in the summer of two thousand and eleven scott levy is an attorney for the bronx defender's office and represents michael torres he says the circumstances surrounding torres's arrest fit a familiar profile we essentially did a survey of every person charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession in
4:58 am
a particular courtroom in the bronx for six months and we saw that really in a huge number of these cases the police were manufacturing crime.


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