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here they met years that the austerity measures. will generate more poverty and unemployment but christine legarde who came to attend the g. twenty summit showed strong support with what is trying to do there has been significant progress in terms of monetary policy as well where clearly the measures that have been taken by the bank have restored and managed a much better situation with less volatility more transparency. protest because of policy suggested by the i.m.f. are not unique to argentina there has been strong opposition in countries like jordan and haiti international n.g.o.s like oxfam and others have suggested at the i.m.f. should rethink its standard recipes that take away power from labor unions do not help lower unemployment and demand action of government spending which leaves in
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most cases to an increase in poverty levels. the essence of the i.m.f. is the same it is to prioritize the physical deficit per tries austerity measures it's the same old i.m.f. with a change in discourse look at what's happening in other parts of the world like jordan and haiti and that's why many here are distrustful of the current government's economic policies because they believe it will only deteriorate the lives of those who need government help the most. pakistan is in campaign mode ahead of wednesday's general election. as the head of the pakistan people's party has been holding a rally in the southern city of karachi was also the son of former leader benazir bhutto who was assassinated in two thousand and seven. but the vote is widely seen
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as a two way race between the parties a former cricket star in the long con and former prime minister nawaz sharif who is now in jail but his brother is a candidate or the three hundred seventy one thousand soldiers have been deployed to guard polling stations imran khan's promising to stamp out corruption if he wins the leader of the party addressed a rally in islamabad which is seen as a stronghold for his party he told the crowds he would hold ministers accountable for any wrongdoing young models are we can form a government in pakistan where a minister will be afraid of corruption but a national accountability bureau will catch a prime minister and ministers as it happens in europe. well among cons corruption message is a hits with voters in the city of lahore from there are some a binge of aids reports. behind me is the back to the much talked about group of performance of the by the standards of the law of the party which was in power in the previous assembly that is the development that many political parties in their
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respective areas that talking about right now who voted think that this is what they have achieved in kenya and that's why people vote for them the biggest question is off her up and down hard thanks to him run con is woken up the masses and sent a top corrupt man to jail. to corrupt the account don't just argue one individual. this is the quintessential drink in the city of lahore home to about twenty million people people in the months come out and drink this drink and like that question of whether to have it with or without ice people in the hall or are divided on whether to vote for nobody sharif which is who is the leader of the pakistan in the is going to be behind or the war for iran fun promising change. my vote is for imran khan because it's time for a new generation to take. walter if not my vote is only from the wilds sharif
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because he's done a tremendous job including the china pakistan corridor which no one else could bring to pakistan activists and human rights would have raised concerns about the curbs on media and the rise of the right wing from the first time many religious parties that used to be on the fringe of the political spectrum are now involved in the political process people are expecting that this is going to be one of the more actively participated elections in pakistan's history a battle for votes as began in the german state of bavaria which could have an effect on anglo merkel's coalition one of our partners the c.s.u. party has moved further to the right it wants to stop people voting for the anti immigration a.f.d. government came reports. on a warm summer evening for many bavarians the beer garden is a must certainly that's true in galle schools and tonight accompanying the salads
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and schnitzels there's also political chat because the local m.p. has dropped in to hear people's concerns as this is election year the christian social union is taking no chances this is not really fit once we're here to speak for the voters so we're going to persuade them that ours is the right way as a genuine people's party we can govern bavaria that we can keep our society pulling together not apart and so our economy prospers and agriculture. but that's the problem for his party. traditionally this parliament has been a stronghold for the c.s.u. in election after election since world war two it seemed to have a stranglehold both on parliament and politics here and yet if the opinion polls are accurate that grip may be slipping where once the c.s. you could count on winning almost half the votes now that's fallen below forty percent the nearest rivals. our the center left green party with the social
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democrats a few points back in third place and the far right anti immigrant close behind some people blame this man for the c.s. use present predicament horsed zero of federal interior minister and long time party leader his plan for tougher border controls and an accelerated program of deporting failed asylum seekers pleases the far right but it's also galvanized the left and center left in opposition and some analysts say some of his ideas seem to be a serious threat to civil liberties it is a very slippery slope in that sense that you gradually have a degree of of the rule of law and of human rights because if you look for instance at the. media coverage of migrants and especially here more right wing media you see that you have they don't see migrants as humans anymore they see them as an issue such thoughts seem quite distant and sunny guess often the c.s.u.
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insists instead it's based on humanitarian pragmatic policies but as october's election draws nearer perhaps that pragmatism may well be tested dominant cane al-jazeera in bavaria. the mascots for the twenty twenty alone picks and paralympic games in tokyo futuristic superheroes meet top so mighty blue ones name it means future while the pink one's name comes from a popular cherry blossom millions of school students across japan had voted on mascots should look like. this is al-jazeera these are the top stories the truce appears to be holding on both sides of the israeli gaza divide funerals have been held for hamas fighters killed by israeli arabs. reich's in gaza on friday an israeli soldier was also
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killed mohammad jump jim has more from western something. really official speaking with are not calling it a ceasefire they are saying in fact that calm has been restored on israel's border with gaza they are saying that activities are returned to normal but they are not calling it a cease fire now hamas also wasn't going to cease fire when they were talking about this cease fire for all intents and purposes that's what it is but it is a very shaky truce at this point for boats loaded with aid and now on their way to gaza from the italian port of the freedom flotilla coalition campaign says its goal is to peacefully end the israeli blockade of the palestinian territory it's expected to take just over a week to reach israeli waters they'll then hand over one boat to gaza fishermen. francis sending fifty tons of medical aid to the government controlled the area of eastern huta in syria russia has agreed to to use one of its planes to make the
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delivery the government forces read to the east and go to from rebels in april after a siege which lasted several years. protesters have returned to the streets of nicaragua's capital managua those months of political unrest pick up more momentum anti-government demonstrators are demanding president daniel ortega steps down i'm calls fresh elections dozens of wildfires are raging across sweden which is experiencing its worst drought for seventy four years it comes after months of high temperatures and it's prompted an appeal for help to other european nations. as another ring of fire in the waters off why aim streams of lava flowing into the ocean from the kilauea volcano it first erupted eleven weeks ago it created a smoke spectacle known as a laser love a haze more than seven hundred homes have been destroyed by the volcanic eruptions . india's scratchings taxes on the sanitary pads and what's being hailed as
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a major boost for girls' education they were previously taxed at twelve percent sparking protests when they were imposed last year those are the headlines now in algeria its people in power by phone are. the world's primary could change producing nation. is at the forefront of the war on drugs we're talking about serious organized crime as a country where reaching a critical point while some have made fortunes many others have suffered at the hands of this multi-billion dollar industry growth of this business will go on forever it will not change only as global policies do who are the winners and losers of this illicit trade snow of the andes on al-jazeera. iran's water supplies are under threat its reserves to plea to waste and inefficiency once fertile lands drained and barren innovative solutions are at last
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being applied with will it be enough we sent recall to gallery to robbie from al-jazeera earthrise series to find out. it's hard to imagine life without water but in the middle east that's an increasingly troubling prospect in this fragile region water shortages have been linked to mass migration drought food shortages and political instability here in iran years of stifling international sanctions have put pressure on an already to
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cheer raiding water management system but as iranians watch their precious bodies of water disappear and international restrictions ease there's a new understanding that in order to survive change needs to happen. as for the cultural heartbeat of central iran i'm here to meet global water expert dr call of a mad any he's asked me to meet him along the xi'an to root out the river which gave birth to this ancient city. i don't care madame if this is not at all what i was expecting what happened to the famous life giver and the rude oh for the past few years we have been seeing you like this once of the flu every year and the rest
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is what it's all for your good river. these massive cracks that we're seeing in this once flowing thousand year old river this is a manmade problem. unfortunately yes i'm not i'm not saying that nature had no effect on this we have exhausted the water upstream and this is what we're left with what is the water upstream been used for mostly agriculture. nationally we use more than ninety percent of the water in the x. factor. that's common in the dry areas of the world where you want to produce food wherever you are gates and you run out of water and that's a general rule this is really a symbol of what is happening at a larger scale at a national scale in this country and what is happening right now rivers and lakes going dry after one after another losing what we're losing wetlands. we are seeing land subsidence very same deserts of vacation and declining groundwater levels
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which is really sad we have been determined to maximise the water used to extract water from any source possible move water from one location to another and this is what we see as a result this is what i called water bankruptcy. do you see that this wrinkle yeah . that's a problem this is the mentality is that we don't we don't get it like look look at this like all round the river beds are green and we have a river which is going. to pull up the meat. the. the the heavy lifting the person so you and the rich chafey for the. bottom have the cream of the michelin range about a year and the world i live. in
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the. show why it's the best as that's because that's a should be to. the heart of what this multinational oil. what is here that i can imagine when this is full of water people this is just left it exactly is just so sad. so what would you say are the real causes of this crisis how do we get to this place i generally think there are three main. causes one being the rapid population growth in less than two decades the population of your own double the second cause is the inefficient agricultural sector and has been very important for us over the years of war with iraq and after that we're hearing the sanctions it was natural to be really warned about food self-sufficiency and food availability in this country and the third cause being you know mismanagement of water is also linked to so many other things in
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a list with understand and appreciate these linkages this complexity we can all solve the problems. while many iranians are grieving the loss of desire and a river there is a greater and more invisible crisis underground. i'm traveling into iran's farming heartland to meet geoscientist mattie m.d.s. ani she's investigating iran's groundwater crisis over the past fifty years iran has extracted seventy percent of its ground water supplies mainly to support farming the arid south west province of seared john which relies heavily on pistachio farming is now running on empty but you have here this is the city of stair churn and you can see here the area which rules the substance so these are the groundwater depletion hotspots is that correct exactly what exactly is such that in. all her heart it's from courtroom. after shit
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effective as a compact should we be worried right now about the groundwater levels and thier john yeah the author first rules there's a cup of tea to capture the water so we have run off we have fraud and sinkholes kind of down there the role of the infrastructure so should we go find yourself and think the off course does it all collapse all at once or is it over time it's call ups want to say oh really sinkholes unless of sidon there are indicators on the ground of a much deeper problem you know you can see the farmlands because it's hard out there are connected so when you extract the ground water from one point the ground water level drops people are over exploiting the water and not paying attention to the the awkward for a new. in the past decade fifteen percent of this
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region's to stash two trees have died forcing farmers to abandon their lands and homes at this rate more than half of iran's provinces could become uninhabitable within fifteen years displacing millions. five years ago everything was green and it all dried up in such a short time yeah is this region is it able to support pistachio farms anymore i think they can't because there's no more votes with. the farms so what happens now what do you tell the farmer and the family like these people over there his super home what do you tell them when when the water runs out it's impossible they can't do anything for four days aerials where do you think it's somebody who lives. that are.
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it's good for thirty four and i think. as it is tonsil it and you're going to improve this i think the fear for my am is that this is just the beginning of this entire iconic region might become uninhabitable. just disappear. until very recently the stashes were iran's main export after crude oil and the province which sere john sits in was one of the largest producers in the world contributing to a billion dollar industry. but now farmers that remain are struggling to survive without water i have left dr danny to meet a family still trying to eke out a living. she watches so they could to go to the press economy when the whole got a send them upon yourself to charge a quarter of all the kidneys often traditional. owners and that you want more structured. more yogurt you're more richard's in the give a corner
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a moment you're not often shot to shot. some of the enemy on the middle falling. on her. of the some of the water is completely contaminated because they've been digging so much into the opera for they've had salt water leaks in from the nearby lake bed it's not just lack of water it's salt water entering the fresh water that they use for farming. the orlando on the road to give. her a bash at. the first then very. serious present you are there most of them to give up for now john for. ten years ago they had a nice diversity of crops but as the trade in pistachios started really bringing in money it was very profitable everybody one invested in pistachio farming and now
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the future is completely bleak because they've invested in only one crop. they need the same young again i and a new dawn came come time i had. a moment you know you got your quarter to quarter to quarter guys because i'm not sure what. you would draw on your mortgage or gary are going to do and. then it. i mean here i go when i was each each fixed each test i. thought oh yeah and then each gets eaten into. a budget does on. this the deserve the of now the fruits of the.
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iran is clearly facing a huge and unprecedented crisis and without the government support it's hard to see any hope of resolution i'm in town to meet mushroomy at the car the country's vice president and head of environmental protection. would you say that iran is currently facing a water crisis yes iran like many other countries in the region is currently facing water scarcity we need to change the current water management water consumption patterns in order to be able to deal with this currently the x. factor uses ninety percent of the water in this country how are you planning to reform this industry we actually started a project working with farmers educating them training them about three hundred villages are directly involved how much do you feel that international sanctions
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have added to the escalation of the crisis that we face today we have a lot of pressure on our economy there was a lot of pressure on producing more crops we need to take off the pressure i think from our national. environment and eco systems for a while. the lifting of sanctions could help us in that regard many people were expecting big changes after the sanctions environmentally but dust storms air pollution water scarcity issues are still all too common why haven't results come sooner one of the reasons that we haven't been seeing those results coming very. quickly has been the hurdles that we still have in the particularly in the banking system of seems that the united states is not playing its role about fulfilling its responsibilities that it has in the grim and political conflicts shouldn't
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overshadow in. cooperation. although farming takes the lion's share of water in the country iran's tap water use is still seventy percent above the global average years of heavily subsidized water rates mean people haven't been brought up with a conservation mindset in a country where half the population is under thirty five the government and n.g.o.s are tapping into social media to get the word out but is it working so that. the other fellow that. well they must suffer. yeah application that's right that's what campaign. i mean have. often found. unsurprisingly those who really understood the power of social media and the image
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in this crisis were photographers so i must bear jani and may sam mears and a dell or two young photojournalist who helped bring global attention to one of the crisis is greatest victims blake were mia. once the middle east largest salt water lake it has now shrunk to ten percent its former size located in the northwest of the country it was a popular holiday haven today it has been reduced to a few patches of incredibly salty water this hyper salinity has triggered an algae and bacterial bloom that has transformed the once turquoise waters to crimson like and landed on another. avenue in barco why did the. cable. of the danger. from the four as you do if we need. to remember.
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it's a form of. she was quite a x. i show much agree in most suitable or tell cat ever more him tara cared about about here ted all you would care all she had was a matter don't you find it on the rich at the following quote about my dad nat let me do this that you know me well sol how you hope op cam has suffered you bocconi him and how your. own accident has to go ball that is finished and with a quote in x. or should my official who do not the mag ok. name only drop. the gun in the. us to secure it you choose if you will if you had to. you know. a guy. who told you know to talk to short only. need to ask
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this all right here which appears so innocent can absolutely destroy the farming industry around this land if it gets into the soil it completely dries it out and it isn't good for people's health so you can understand why this lake needs to be full of water so that this soul doesn't start traveling around in the wind. so much grew up around the lake and knows firsthand the impact of water scarcity her family used to run a popular guest house and red kettle but their lives were closely tied to the lake . area challenger meaning to horse sure there are valuable you're there to mia it has scared. as much as you desire among others if someone applies nationally she. was champ of the. below and does just about the truth. just units and does just as they're called luck with. all the luck that's. what they are just back. on the. case for why even
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more so when our best in any year with the format will start shy about as a muscle and basso prime soiling to be in a couple will start a year is assured to get us. sure we should rather think we cared in the more surface where their family should just go with me really lucky you choose the two of them to as that's now the name we do need care. issues she will do tomorrow i don't need to burn. and think of us i'm not sure now. have yet to doubt her or them a good shot and can never happen. again and sure.
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that you. know it's a dream jealous or does too and i'm sure mr and sometimes. as in bastion the cat without my course you know all. commenting on my letter more dig your heart out to as being daft than not enjoy it as i wish i was as i said. i guess she's a hit i'm going a better show of a for me this chilled me an irish accent i may not have granted this was. twenty dostana. here on his c.r.t. as enjoy getting. a shot command my side and back a see al of a mind of a sham. full access a mad official walk in one hour to share that activists of a leonardo dicaprio to have a passion instagram ish as having europe would now sunday at home enjoy has to stay
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in jail with economic cold war. to what have i sure didn't sound. the best people in x. row but how many do in your past cat hand vomit and dust on a diet you don't. get bored or johnny paid a cad by you holding or said oh yeah you to the dog ask him back please tell us in cat who should own a better son you. like so much his family many people living around lake or mia depend on it for their livelihood an estimated five million farmers live in its vicinity and that's why the government has pledged five billion dollars to restore lake or mia over the next ten years i've met up with a smile on hand getty a community field worker who is embedded himself in these farming communities he's been working on a pilot project funded by the government and new n.d.p. promoting farming techniques that help conserve water. gotten that into your
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recession i'm all about money honey make you know the. danger you had you dirty body has started going to be a case that having been the case national gun to me it's ok to do such and you need to make a gigantic but it can do and can do more than those you can have all the contacts mess and you can have your on the money on who'll be a minute to that as casual as leave them take make a sure thing to say that i've asked can i watch a lot better idea they all same a couple i was going to such over after boy has never done it. to invent other shows or whatever. he shows the time he did a mission rendition remaining today our last tag on suspicion lot of that if i don't buy into that and thought of that i attended a mission and i then asked what did it was that i don't got when i was in the joint i mean joe hoeffel katrina some mesquite all the corn because it's off topic is
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that all the top pitamakan has off and i don't even. think this is the end of the message i feel if it is my defining as now doesn't it so damn has me. get a little hole in. my head is that a line there. the new water conserving farming techniques take the pressure off the farmers from drilling deeper and deeper for fresh water this allows the offer time to replenish naturally and safeguards the groundwater for the future and i. don't want in a. zombie national system abroad and have it kind. of had that premature hiding we should not rely on it is written in stone. and all of us said he has. a better show why would he not it was less than pro that
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you know. there's. a button on there must now have. all the systems at the farmers have implemented here are helping to save water if these systems were rolled out nationwide it could really make a difference. in. saudi has nash. morris born on. the project here in lake or mia may seem like a small step but it's an important start iran has finally acknowledged the scale of
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the crisis on its hands and it is beginning to tackle it but if these hopeful starts don't lead to more action on the ground and soon the entire region will face the prospect of even more loss and instability one thing is for certain this is a critical time.


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