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tv   newsgrid  Al Jazeera  July 22, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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yes we have the knowledge that the court of power to me orca the captain of the three ideas for negligence and for reckless homicide and we're going to do the same with the captain of the libyan patrol which is a member of the libyan coast guard for negligence and for homicide on saturday the rescue boat arrived in the spanish island of new york with the now hospitalized my one woman and the two lifeless bodies they say politics came before she minutes hereon assistance the rescue group says it was denied proper help which made their four day journey across the mediterranean wander the need. both italy and monitor refused to let us disembark the corpses on the ground they only wanted to take charge of medical evaluation but they did not accept the bodies the libyan coast guard denies the accusations it says it rescued one hundred sixty five migrants in that same area last week without leaving anyone on board but the rescue team in this case has broader political implications spins out it's unthinkable for
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a country of the european union for my country to finance a libyan coast guard which we can testify leaves people alive in the middle of the sea and is responsible for homicide a desperate journey with a tragic end that's claimed the lives of so many migrants now call for political action when humanitarian help alone is not enough katia llopis of the young al-jazeera. we'll get a weather update next here on i was zero then the. protests and intimidation rallies in support of nicaragua's president on his opponents go into hiding. plus political parties in germany shift that tactics to cool voters away from the far right.
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as a lot of rain around in a show at the moment but mostly it is philippines cross the southeast asia and to the north which means from borneo sas was to scotching a showers and i'm always in about a week's worth of pretty dry weather throughout java and bali insular ways occasional showers are showing up then now in the forecast we might see them in kuala lumpur or singapore with mostly more sunshine than showers the rain concentrated to the north where the monsoon is all the custom in ma and where the tropical depressions are for me into storms around the philippines and to the north but with jumping socks and winter showing itself with even more bites at least in the southeast corner throughout the gulf you've got various frontal systems at least two lives in there which means dragging active weather through person recently and showers are still just about possible but he's nineteen degrees to complain about that sixteen hour late as the rain comes in only twelve in melbourne again cold mornings but
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maybe i was cold as they were and tasmania itself i think will see some fairly wet weather the next day or so but it's not necessarily getting across the tasman sea to new zealand just yet the forecast on monday a fairly cloudy want a bit of snow promised the far side of course the mountains otherwise it's relatively far. that a lot of chess. after years behind bars he has to be strategic to stay out of prison with his friend and chess master he's planning his next move to get back to society and share the gate that saved his life discovering new filmmaking talent from around the globe if you find latin american jazz private lessons on the houses in.
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again the top stories this hour on al-jazeera some white helmets rescuers have been moved out of syria southwest through israel at the request of the united nations the u.n. says that it will resettle around eight hundred of the volunteers and the families in western countries. israel's defense minister has suggested that restrictions on gaza could be lifted if the truce holds the ceasefire was brokered following violent confrontations on friday funerals have been held for hamas fighters killed by israeli airstrikes in gaza. at a group that rescues migrants from the mediterranean sea is planning to file a manslaughter complaint against libya's coast guard pro active open says that
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a woman and child died when they were left stranded and that boat deliberately destroyed. supporters and opponents of nicaragua's president have resumed protests in the capital when i was anti-government demonstrators want to study law take up to resign but he accuses them of plotting a coup with help from the catholic church and the us. such as reports now from what i what many protesters of gone into hiding. and say. the word student they were criminals that's how supporters of the got one preceded that. needs to the government. they see students and other protesters are responsible for the deaths of police and confrontations in the past weeks. and they see government opponents have committed atrocities to prevent officials say anti-government protesters said the body of a policeman and fire. body we are here for all the fallen policeman for all of them
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who have been tortured. by these demonstrators say they want justice for pro-government supporters in these past three months. i'll buy less but they say the government must continue its security policy to bring peace to the country. that policy for many government opponents means persecution. c.d.'s a psychologist who spoke from an undisclosed location for her safety says security forces are on a which. we are terrified because we now have to live like criminals they are killing us out there they are walking freely and those of us who are fighting for freedom and our country must hide. she says many students and other protesters are in safe houses and many parents don't know where their children are at this human rights organization parents say they too are being
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harassed. here's their mosque in a former police vehicles and very well and that's why i'm terrified. the government officials say opponents are lying were subject to mountains of false nose students who had so students who had been arrested have been turned over to the church repeatedly as you can report also repeatedly turned over to the church i think we have to get out of this we have to get into responsibilities of the case by case analysis of who is responsible for. if found guilty on terrorism charges protesters could face twenty years in prison and around new law. at this human rights organisation to police officers handed in their weapons and uniforms and asked for protection not wanting to fight anti-government demonstrators they too went into hiding. the innocent to sell just menow when he got out.
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the head of the international monetary fund and finance ministers from the g twenty in argentina and that's brought thousands onto the street. they're not happy at the government's decision to take a fifty billion dollars loan from the i.m.f. from. reports. of left wing groups who gathered to protest against the international monetary fund in one aside is on saturday. last month the i.m.f. stepped in to shore up the argentinean economy with a fifty billion loan agreement but people like the murray boy believe it won't help improve people's lives. we already had the i.m.f. on a crisis we know what happened in greece they will fire state employees they will reduce salaries and take away workers right what is today want. argentina's economy has been struggling in recent months due to a drop in investor confidence in emerging economies the currency lost over forty
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percent of its value and inflation has continued to rise this people are protesting just a few blocks away from where the g twenty finance ministers and central bank governors are meeting by they were prevented from getting closer by security forces this people that you can see here i hope we are the director of the i.m.f. side of me here at m.f. it beers that the austerity measures implemented by the government. will generate more poverty and unemployment but christine legarde who came to attend the g. twenty summit showed strong support with what is trying to do there has been significant progress in terms of monetary policy as well where clearly the measures that have been taken by the bank of restored and managed a much better situation with less volatility more transparency of.
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protest because of policy suggested by the i.m.f. are not unique to argentina there has been strong opposition in countries like jordan. and haiti international n.g.o.s like oxfam and others have suggested at the i.m.f. should rethink its standard recipes that take away power from labor unions do not help lower unemployment and demand of government spending which leaves in most cases to an increase in poverty levels. for me the essence of the i.m.f. is the same it is to prioritise the physical deficit per ties of storage images it's the same old i.m.f. with a change in discourse look at what's happening in other parts of the world like jordan . and that's why many here are distrustful of the current government's economic policies because they believe it will only deteriorate the lives of those who need government help the most. at least eleven people have died in
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a heat wave in japan temperatures reached forty degrees celsius in some areas thousands of people been taken to hospital health workers are urging people to drink more water to turn on air conditioners and to avoid being outside to prevent heat stroke. for work today i have to be outside the whole day and i'm not used to this heat i knew it would be hot today but i didn't think it would be this hot so i am a little worried. this year is way too hot i can't stop using a wet towel all day and i froze this bottle of water so that i can take something cold with three. philippines president rodriguez is expected to sign a new law that could end the forty year war for independence it would give the muslim minority on the island of mindanao their own regional government is home to the motto islamic liberation front more than one hundred thousand people have died in the conflict reports now from the base in kosovo so.
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who was born blind says playing the palin dad is an escape from the violence of daily life. he fled the villa. of mama soprano played by fighting between on groups is my is one of the millions of moral muslims who remain hopeful they will be able to return to their birthplace. more islamic liberation front commander gothics added appeals that may happen soon for him to the rebel who's been fighting philippine government forces for more than thirty years says he's finally ready to lay down his weapons. with the chance to live in peace in our own homeland most of the filipinos never saw us as one of them and in their eyes we are enemies our parents didn't have a choice we didn't have a choice but to fight back these fighters say they fear
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a repeat of atrocities committed against their people. except that this is more than just a job that we talk a struggle it may take a lifetime but we are ready for. the m.i.l.f. is the largest armed group in southeast asia that has been fighting for greater autonomy for more than forty years at least one hundred thousand filipinos died in the rebellion and millions lost their homes after many rounds of peace talks with previews administrations both sides finally reached an agreement that congress in manila has approved a lasting peace is finally a possibility. the bangsamoro basic law will establish a more substantially athon the most territory for the predominantly muslim moro people they will have their own government their own parliament and the justice system incorporating islamic law the regional government will get seventy five percent of the territory's revenue and five percent of the annual revenue of the
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philippines however government leaders in manila will retain control over the territories police and armed forces and rebel forces will gradually be decommissioned to reduce the risk of further rebellions. implementation of the peace agreement is the most critical part disbanding and compensating more than thirty thousand fighters is expected to be complicated in the region rife with on. previous peace agreements with other rebel groups here have failed resulting in the free nation of splinter groups and even more violence. the previous failures are cause for the m.i.l.f. fighters to be weary a referendum and that you lost due to be held before the end of the year. many here are cautiously optimistic that peace has finally arrived. in al-jazeera
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the city said the. women's rights campaigners have welcomed india's decision to scrap taxes on sanitary pads women in poor rural areas couldn't afford the ice and water twelve percent tax was imposed last year girls often skipped school during their periods to avoid facing stigma the parents are now officially listed as an essential item. a battle vote has begun in the german state of bavaria which could have an effect on chancellor angela merkel's coalition one of her partners the c.s.u. has moved further to the right it wants to stop people voting for an anti immigration party that has made gains in the last few years dominic came reports from but they are. almost warm summer evening for many bavarians the beer garden is a must certainly that's true in galle school and tonight accompanying the salads and schnitzels there's also a political challenge because the local m.p. has dropped in to hear those concerns as this is election year the christian social
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union is taking no chances this is not really what. we're here to speak to the voters to persuade them that ours is the right way as a genuine people's party we can govern bavaria that we can keep our society pulling together not apart and so our economy prospers and. but that's the problem for his party. traditionally this parliament has been a stronghold for the c.s.u. in election after election since world war two it seemed to have a stranglehold both on parliament and politics here and yet if the opinion polls are accurate that grip may be slipping where once the c.s. you could count on winning almost half the votes now that's fallen below forty percent the nearest rivals are the center left green party with the social democrats a few points back in third place and the far right anti immigrant a.f.d.
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close behind some people blame this man for the c.s. use present predicament horsed zero of federal interior minister and long time party leader his plan for tougher border controls and an accelerated program of deporting failed asylum seekers pleases the far right but it's also galvanized the left and center left in opposition and some analysts say some of his ideas seem to be a serious threat to civil liberties it is a very slippery slope in that sense that you gradually have a degree de sion of of the rule of law and of human rights because if you look for instance at their. media coverage of migrants and especially hear more right wing media you see that you have they don't see migrants as humans anymore they see them as an issue such thoughts seem quite distant and sunny guess often the c.s.u. insists instead it's based on humanitarian pragmatic policies but as october's
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election draws nearer perhaps that pragmatism may well be tested dominant cane al-jazeera in bavaria. nearly two and a half thousand swimmers have braved the cold water and strong currents in one of the most extreme open water races in the world the annual boss for a swim in istanbul starts on the asian side of the strait at ends in europe the wood has emerged from the water. fifty minutes. goods every with us hello adrian for good here in doha the top stories and i was there are some wise helmets rescuers have been moved out of syria southwest of israel at the request of the u.n. the united nations says that it will resettle around eight hundred volunteers and their families in western countries half of them have now arrived in jordan by one couple on from the doha institute explains the significance of the evacuation. it
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seems to me that this is the last of the armed conflict in south western syria it's part of a deal that has been struck between days not ease the russians and the americans might have been involved also in this which actually allows the syrian regime to regain control of these areas and evacuation of the white helmet from from the area is part of their deal i think this is an admission maybe by that is that eased by the americans and the russians have won in syria and that of bashar assad would remain and empower militias loyal to iran have stopped a group of fifty five buses taking syrian rebels and their families to the country's north fighters wearing military style uniforms surrounded the convoy near the city of homs they left could extra as part of an agreement between the opposition and the syrian government to surrender areas in the south of france is sending fifty tons of medical aid to the government controlled area of eastern
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ghouta in syria the aid is being sent on a russian plane the first time that a western country has sent but tiriel to government controlled areas with moscow's help government forces retook eastern goose or in april after a siege that's lasted several years israel's defense minister says the main commercial crossing into gaza will reopen and fishing zones expanded if a cease fire with hamas holds funerals have been held for hamas fighters who were killed by israeli airstrikes on friday dozens of harassed positions were targeted after an israeli soldier was killed at least four palestinians died. a group that rescues migrants from the mediterranean sea is planning to file a manslaughter complaint against libya's coast guard pro active open arms so that a woman of the child died when they were still left stranded and the boat was deliberately destroyed those the headlines on al-jazeera of the viewfinder last of america next.
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we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to you al-jazeera. viewfinder fresh perspectives through the lens of local filmmakers around the globe.
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the deprived villages of northern argentina there's one man with a solution to every problem. for engineers says proclaimed inventor ferdinando and he's dressed in ninety four to seven ford truck no job and just a small village too far in his latest mission he constructs a much needed refrigerator the drums and fire board you find a lot in america driving change or not just. the nature news as it breaks although i have reported. much higher with detailed coverage nearly fifty schools took part in the drive each one
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responsible for the collecting at different schools of clients clothing from around the world. still very few players are very confident they won't be able to leave maybe one day. but. the first.
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and. entry. this is al jazeera. hello i'm sami say that this is the news hour live from doha coming up the next sixty minutes leaving syria through israel eight hundred members of the white helmets and their families flee across the occupied golan heights plus.
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protests and intimidation rallies in support of my god was president want his opponents to go into hiding. we'll look at the political choices on offer as voters prepare for pakistan's general election. and. have all the day's sporting cutting formula one the world championship be the sebastian vettel puts his ferarri on pole position at home. the white helmets volunteer groups have been crucial in syria's years long war they've saved countless victims and provided to the injured now four hundred volunteers along with their families have been allowed to reach jordan. through the israeli occupied golan heights the u.s. britain and calendar spearheaded the evacuation planning has been happening for weeks but it seems it was escalated after last week's nato summit in brussels we
6:50 pm
operate began in the southwestern region of call nato from where the white helmets and their families crossed into the occupied golan heights israel accepted a request from the u.s. and europe to allow them to transit through or from there they'll be taken to transit camps in neighboring jordan the united nations will be responsible for them . eventually settle in western countries including germany the united kingdom canada and the netherlands she has other four reports as night fell hundreds of white helmet volunteers and their families made their way across the israeli occupied golan heights to jordan the plan is for the united nations to help resettle them in canada the u.k. and germany rebels in syria southwest region reached a deal with the government to leave the area on friday buses have been leaving from panetta many believe recent steps from the west point to a shift in approach toward syria's government increasingly the international powers
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are accepting the fact that assad has won and they're beginning to look for ways to help refugees return the west desire to squeeze syria is really counterproductive. the white helmets were founded in twenty fourteen to rescue civilians injured in attacks on rebel held territory the nonprofit volunteer risky group operated in opposition held areas and has been backed by the u.s. and other western countries for many of the volunteers who left this is the first time in years they won't be confronted with casualties of war. so here's i've got food al-jazeera. officially established in two thousand and fourteen the white helmets or syrian civil defense work to rescue and assist people who've been injured in attacks. only operate in opposition held areas as a nonprofit volunteer group backed by the u.s.
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and other western nations for years just last month the u.s. state department gave about six and a half million dollars to keep the group operating until the end of the year the syrian regime along with its ally russia has repeatedly accused the white helmet of staging chemical attacks in opposition areas to get the west to intervene militarily in syria and joining me here in the studio is marwan couple on the directory director rather of policy analysis at the arab center for research and policy studies good to have you with us it's impressive i guess to finally see some kind of international action to save people in syria was prompted this action particularly from the west and i think now we have it what we are seeing actually in my opinion is part of the enjoyments would have been agreed between then and international powers in order to clear. the area from any presence that is not that might not be happy with i think. binyamin netanyahu the israeli
6:53 pm
prime minister he was in moscow last week and there was an agreement between. russia to react to the disengagement agreement of nine hundred seventy four. according to this at least will be allowed in the syrian regime to take control full control in fact of this of the. of the part of the golan heights which is under which was under the control of the city and of the sea and the regime in exchange for not allowing elements from iran backed militia from actually. taking control of these particular areas. to return to what for. veiled before the syrian uprising yeah i think it think very much so i think president also president. from the u.s. president and russian president vladimir putin at the helsinki summit the talked about the activity in the one nine hundred seventy four disengagement agreement
6:54 pm
between syria and israel. and that means in principle along with the syrian regime to go back to where it was actually before the two thousand and eleven crisis saw the evacuation of the white house but i think part of the thing that we actually want to see and they put to sea and what about others who fear the syrian regime's reprisals in that area well i think. the russians are trying to give assurances right now that something of that sort will not be taking place because the show really trust those assurances also arrives of course what the russian military military police will be actually in charge of these of these of these areas the syrian regime will not be allowed into towns cities and villages and to dispose of the country. the russian the russian and also parts of the syrian opposition groups will also allow to be mean because we know that. on and was the
6:55 pm
so-called golan nights which has bought the syrian opposition the group will remain in parts of these villages and towns and trying actually to. provide security and order and other than allowing the city illusion forces to go back there it's always good to have your thoughts on this thanks so much for coming in marwan. more than a thousand jewish settlers have entered the compound in occupied east jerusalem triggering a standoff with muslim worshippers marking the holiday which commemorates the destruction of the ancient jewish temples in jerusalem small confrontations have broken out in the last few hours leading to several arrests on both sides a mosque is islam's third holiest site while jews believe the compound is where its biblical temples once stood it's been the most contested piece of territory since israel occupied east jerusalem in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven israel's
6:56 pm
defense minister has suggested that restrictions on gaza could be lifted if the cease fire with hamas holds lieberman says the main commercial crossing into gaza may reopen and fishing zones expanded on tuesday the truce was brokered between israel and hamas following violent confrontations on friday stephanie decker reports. how mass is military wing because some brigades are burying their dead through their members were killed on friday afternoon israel struck various ham ass monitoring posts along the border soon after an israeli soldier was shot from gaza he later died of his with sixty sites belonging to have mass were attacked by israeli forces late into the night a few rockets were fired from gaza in response and a ceasefire was announced hours later it's the second ceasefire in a week i don't think this would last for a long time i think it's better for us. unfortunately we will
6:57 pm
have just. through this or. after that we'll have this story because many problems over. the pattern of escalation ceasefire as elation ceasefire between israel and hamas will only continue unless the long term plan to levy a the situation for the people here almost two million people are living under this blockade and everyone says the same thing how impossible life has become here. i can't afford anything to work as a tailor in israel before they will kill i made around a thousand three hundred dollars a month at the moment i can't even make three hundred dollars a month exchanging money and work two shifts a day morning and night mother is the meaning of humanity is missing and most people are educating the confines of work people have to straight on to prest people are willing to die those who are married cannot feed their children patients
6:58 pm
can't get medication and there is no electricity this is really painful and sad. palestinians here have little power to influence the political decisions made either in gaza or israel no one wants another war but as one woman asked us what do we need to do to be able to live like everyone else stephanie decker al-jazeera gaza. four boats loaded with a they are on their way to gaza from the italian port of. the freedom flotilla coalition says it wants to bring a peaceful end to the israeli blockade of the palestinian territory it expects to take just over a week to reach israeli waters and to gaza fisherman. spoke to one of the organizers. here at. the port of italy and behind me you can see. both sides and how they now make means return
6:59 pm
return to gaza return to palestine this is the main boat of the freedom flotilla which is about to be sail into what's it's basically a fishing boat from norway that's been transformed for this trip and the people of the coalition of the freedom flotilla coalition they are aiming to reach gaza and give this fishing boat as a gift to deficient men in gaza with me here is. the representative of the coalition on the boat so far i know you have been involved in the coalition for many many years and this is the first time you are traveling on the boat tours of gaza what can you tell me about your feelings well you know we're doing this to . send a message of solidarity and hope with the palestinians in gaza but our aim is actually to lift the blockade so we have made the way we stopped in many ports and our object is to raise awareness and to make people put pressure on their
7:00 pm
governments to stop being complexes with the crimes that israel commits against humanity so basically the you keep doing this trips even though the final destination is not guaranteed why you keep trying. exactly the same thing that i just said because we want to lift the blockade the blockade will not be lifted by just one boat getting to gaza blockade will be lifted if enough international pressure enough sanctions. to change its policy all right one last question on a personal note i know that you are an israeli citizen and you are taking this trip . with the palestinian people in the wake of the palestinian especially the palestinian people in the gaza strip do you have a message to your fellow israelis yes we know that israel has just passed a new. national. i don't know.


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