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who have voted calmly and serenely this vote will have demonstrated our democratic maturity and our status as a great people that optimistic view is being eco the across the political spectrum in focus your money with ali has to hold a million people have to work so that the country can through the world have a more credible government because we have spent five years in different than you know five years later mali is seen as a country adrift with problems of corruption and government which has led us where we are today and we have to turn to page one hundred twenty nine that is what i hope tonight we came here for peace we came here for mali that's what many voters here tell us and there is a consensus among them that for any democracy to be meaningful it has to bring stability and security to the nation but election day did not pass in total peace ballot boxes were reportedly confiscated in the area of timbuktu there was a mortar attack on a u.n. base in the northern town of i could hug with one shell landing near
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a polling station armed groups affiliated to al qaeda in the islamic magreb have repeatedly warned they would disrupt the election opponents of president it brought him back akita blame him for the failure to defeat armed groups and and ethnic violence his main rival so myla says it has gained tremendous support from those who say they are unhappy with the stats quote opinion polls have shown the two in a tight race close enough but on the election might be on the horizon hunted fun does iraq. and on al-jazeera dot com that's our website we profile the top two contenders so this profile is on ibrahim hooper car kate so you can read more about the seventy three year old on al-jazeera dot com and as well as his main challenger so my list. now for some other news in the battle for syria has taken
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a significant turn in recent months and now a new round of talks to end the war are getting underway they're being brokered by russia turkey and iran the talks are happening in the russian city of sochi instead of kazakhstan's capital istana where most previous meetings were held representatives from syria's government and opposition as well as the u.n. special envoy all expected to attend cambodia's ruling party says it's won all the seats in sunday's election one that the main opposition party was banned from the election committee has revealed that there were more spoiled ballots than votes cast for the party that came second the opposition is describing the election as a sham and the lead investigator into the disappearance of malaysia airlines flight m h three seventy says he can't rule out foul play the boeing triple seven with two hundred thirty nine people on board went missing on its way from kuala lumpur to beijing more than four years ago a long awaited independent report said it was probably diverted deliberately and
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flown for more than seven hours after communication was cut but investigators say they still can't determine because the parents in china have held a rare protest outside the health ministry there to demand action on fake vaccines they're angry that the medicine may have been given to hundreds of thousands of children it was revealed last week that the drug maker forged data and sold sub standard vaccines police are expected to arrest the company's chairwoman and seventeen other employees as well. now millions of people in the indian state have effectively been stripped off their citizenship government leaders are trying to calm fears of deportation among people not listed in the newly updated citizens' registry assam as part of a northeaster an outcrop of india surrounded by bangladesh butan me and maher and china as you can see on that map and now security is being stepped up to prevent
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violence against the newly dubbed foreigners. reports. forty five year old munawar a big boom is battling cancer and india's national registry of citizens she has appeared at the foreigners tribunals six times to prove she's an indian citizen four million of the thirty two million people who live in the northern state now have to do the same. i'm extremely upset my health is getting worse and if i don't get justice my children will be treated as citizens of india if my name doesn't appear in the n.r.c. list then their names will not appear either critics of the national registry of citizens say a movement by the minority as a means to protect their culture has turned into zino phobia during his two thousand and sixteen election campaign and awesome state then candidate during dr modi promised his hindu nationalist party would take action against undocumented
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muslims who fled to india during the one nine hundred seventy one war between bangladesh and pakistan. there to foreigners tribunals has been done to fight many such people whose name will not be appearing in on our seat this exercise has left so many genuine indian citizens in trouble after being questioned by the tribunals nearly a thousand people were deemed to be foreigners and sent to detention camps. human rights activists say under international law it is illegal to detain foreigners in prisons one independent observer who visited two of the six camps in us some state calls them hellish to prison in a prison and you need to because you don't have that i can tell the. people it's ok for they're not allowed a finger to spread on. india's interior minister has increased security ahead of
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the release of the updated registry on monday. singh says there's no reason for anyone to panic and he has ruled out further detentions the government of the tea growing and oil rich awesome state denies accusations it's targeting poor and educated muslims it here there are more than fifty seven percent thems in some they are mostly living below the poverty line these people are illiterate and no education system exists in their villages. despite the government's assurances many whose names are not on the new list here detention and expulsion but they may have nowhere to go the federal government says undocumented immigrants can apply for indian citizenship but it hasn't said how they can do that paul chatterjee on al-jazeera well predict ahead is the state coordinator of the national register of citizens in a state he says accusations of political motivations are baseless he says the law
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requires citizens or their parents to show proof they were in india before the bangladesh declaration of independence in one thousand nine hundred eighty one. the apprehension that a particular community for example muslims are said are being targeted at absolutely this list because our laws are broadly beside it not all muslims and it is only thing that we have to see is that the topic of twenty fourth march think it's a. result of a complete drop have come in and you would see a very large number of muslims that find their names on the be included in the list so there is no question of targeting any particular section of population believe toward religion or any other criteria and into a plan of the question of will people concerned also there is no question of being poor people because it's not about what we're all rich it's about. what we do
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feature some of the personal stories of those in limbo on al-jazeera dot com so had their to read their stories. and send us any comments or questions you may have to us at the news grid we're on facebook facebook dot com slash al-jazeera our twitter handle is outage english use the hash tag news grid and you can send us a whatsapp or telegram plus one seven four five zero triple one one four nine well eight people have now died as wildfires sweep right across the u.s. state of california among them two children and their great grandmother the blazes have been described. by some as flaming tornadoes more than eighty thirty eight excuse me thousand people are under evacuation orders and on saturday president donald trump declared a state of from urgency in parts of northern california affected areas will qualify
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for immediate financial assistance from the federal government's gabriel is also following the story he's at the fires in california one of the hardest hit areas gabriel as we can see right behind you but can you tell us if there's any sign of improvement adol. at least at this fire yes there is some improvement they say that they're starting to kind of get the upper hand on this fire after several days of just playing as they say defense on this fire now the firefighters say and there's more than three thousand firefighters just on this fire they're saying they're going to often it's now they're going to try to try to get full containment on this fire in the coming days but what this has been one of the worst fires that has hit northern california in decades you can see how hot and how fast this fire just blew through this community here in shasta county where we are at now and it just gives you an idea of how fast
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how furious this fire came through here and residents when they were told to evacuate this area they literally had just minutes to get out of here to save their lives as as one firefighter told us he said this was a fire was burning so hot and so fast because it was being pushed by really strong winds in this area this was someone's home here you can see it is totally gone and now i got to tell you that this is just one of about seventeen fires that's burned the state of california right now so the lot of the resources that are out this fire once they get it contained and controlled they're going to be moving to the other fires i want to show you another issue they're having here we're going to look off at the skyline here look how gray the sky is that is because and i'll say it's a little after eight thirty in the morning here local time in california the sun is out but you can't even see it because there is so much smoke hanging in the air
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that someone from this fire from but other fires here in the northern california area a lot of health officials saying it's really bad to breathe this air so it's not only the fire that they're dealing with but now it's the the lingering smoke over mecha northern california right now that is causing all sorts of issues there's a little bit of ash that's still coming down. this fire's out i'll say over on the hills just a few kilometers over those hills over there there are still the fires still burning again this has been a major disaster here in northern california but there are fires throughout the entire state yet gabriel well we know also that thousands of people have been evacuated already do we expect more evacuations to take place and for those that have had to flee what kind of assistance is being offered to them and where they go . yeah we're just outside in a rural community right now and you'll see the highway off in the distance right
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over there that's the main highway so when people were evacuating or were evacuating they've all been evacuated from this area they go down this highway here to the nearest nearest city town i should say they are having they have about a half dozen shelters set up there we've asked to go in to talk to some people but they're really protecting their privacy they're not letting us inside those shelters but basically there are shelters set up for people that need it at least in one shelter there more than five hundred people at shasta community college beyond that people are getting help from the national red cross the military is also here the national guard i salute should say a helping out as well but this is a pretty tight knit community here in northern california so a lot of people are moving in with friends relatives a lot of people because of the bad weather conditions here with all of the smoke there just leaving and going to other parts of california to just get away from this area because you know even though the fire is gone here lots of problems with the smoke still lingering all right so we'll leave it there gabriel thank you so as
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you can see very dramatic images from northern california and if you had to al-jazeera dot com and click on the in picture is tab which you'll find on the home page you'll come to this and it's updated regularly with all the latest news from california. you're watching the news if you're joining us on facebook live. to see a story from us about a hindu woman from a traditionally persecuted task that is running for election in pakistan just a moment's growing concern over the sides of brazil we'll take a look at why some. residents fear. from politicians we're back in just a moment. welcome back let's look at weather conditions across the levant and western parts of asia
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fine picture for most and a pretty hot on the temps there fourteen tehran forty four in baghdad bit of a breeze as well i think lifted thus a bit of an issue otherwise we're still seeing one or two shows around the caucuses fine conditions though for much of turkey and fine around the mediterranean coastline so we're looking at twenty nine in the sunshine in beirut here in the arabian peninsula it's a fine picture forty seems to be the order of the day across the western side of the peninsula we've got forty two though here in doha but the humidity is fairly low the wind is quite brisk at the most below that for some time will stay like that so humidity not too much of an issue we've got one or two showers in the gulf of aden and cooler cloudy conditions are along the coast of oman and that continues as we head on through into wednesday so let's head down into southern parts of africa a fine picture for the most part but breezy there for cape town with a chance of wanted to share is fine conditions around the eastern cape and looking great across much as zimbabwe and into zambia twenty eight the high moussaka for
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central parts of africa are seeing the old shower pushing across chad for instance and further towards the west so west africa seen some heavy rain at times you may see one or two showers affect in bamako in mali. the coca plant has long been a pillar of bolivia's traditions but its use in illegal drugs today is threatening the nation's culture not my own and most notorious jews are involved because they received kickbacks while some have made fortunes many others have suffered at the hands of this multi-billion dollar industry malady my mother was strangled with the cable and brutally coupled with a poll it was a huge news crime who are the winners and losers of this illicit trade snow of the andes on al-jazeera we head into jerusalem bureau covered israeli palestinian affairs we cover the story with a lot of intimate knowledge we covered it with that we don't dip in and out of this
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story we have a presence here all the time apart from being a cameraman it's also very important to be a journalist to know the story very well before going into the fields covering the united nations and global the policy for al-jazeera english is pretty incredible this is where talks happen and what happens there matters.
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most of the headlines knowledge is iraq and these are the most read articles on our website al jazeera dot com you see them on the right side off the. more screen in the top story we've been covering it for you from the new spirit it is on in just a head to al jazeera dot com to read more on that story as well as the day's other top stories. like sark using pro-government forces in nicaragua of kidnapping and murder they say president daniel ortega government is inciting fear in places where protesters are demanding new elections nearly four hundred fifty people have been killed since demonstrations began in april or latin america editor the c.n.n. has more. of the nicaraguan city that put up the fiercest
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resistance during three months of anti-government protests looks almost empty. the only large group on this normally overcrowded street is part of the latest funeral procession it's been nine days since thirty one year old buy out of the had again was buried a baker with two small children and a third one on the way who was taken from his home during with the government called the cleanup campaign. the best all three man with beauty shirts olive green pants and black masks kicked down the door they grabbed him and said you're coming with us his wife cried out he hasn't done anything he hasn't done anything. this is the only family member who did speak to us on condition of anonymity the grass in this empty lot has just been cut but it's here that the highly decomposed body of buy you out of the hide again was found hidden among the tall brush three
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days after he disappeared the body was taken to the morgue in the capital where the coroner confirmed that he had been killed shortly after he had been taken from his home. when we got the call that they had. characteristics. when we went to. the doctor said it in the head here and here. heavily armed paramilitary operatives continued to comb the streets of the neighborhood relatives of scores of civilians allegedly killed by pro-government forces say they've been threatened with reprisals if they speak out many have left the country hundreds of activists who manned trenches wanted to oust populus president daniel ortega have gone underground alex had none this is one of them. the lists have been distributed to the paramilitaries we train
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safe houses every night but it's only temporary they don't understand is that the more they try to intimidate us the more people they killed disappear or imprison the angrier and more determined we become. perhaps but there's also a great deal of fear into american commission of human rights warns that a third phase of repression is now under way with selective arrests disappearances and the criminalize ation of those who oppose a president whom they see as a dictator. those allegations from the human rights commission to nicaragua's minister for national policies here's what he said. how did you justify the presence of irregular forces operating with the police the way the looting was stopped was when the citizenry came out the organized citizenry is also been very important and helping to lift up the barricades community policing is an important part of the policing percept community policing in trucks in vehicles
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without plates you have violence on both sides there's no doubt about that in a democratic state you can't have people going around on it with high caliber weapons masked in vehicles that i don't have to meet operating with the police there's they're operating as terrorists they're operating as agents of the coup and that has to be counteracted so for the police to protect the police have to have a presence in the national territory and they need to establish that with the support of the citizenry when all is said and done in this case by case analysis comes out we're going to find that there were demonstrators who were killed there were police who have been killed her son in east since who have been killed there are people who were caught in the crossfire of these battles who've been killed and
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that's probably not and considerable group there are journalists who have been killed also and the only way we're going to know this is through that case by case analysis. and now we'll cross over to. our latin america editor she's joining us from. the dialogue lucio that was being boarded by the catholic church has been suspended is there any sign at all that the government is willing to restart the talks. what we're not seeing any sign yet everything seems to be on standby right now my sense is that president daniel ortega is now concentrating on a public relations offensive he is trying as you just heard to tell the world that he is the victim he is the victim of of a cool plot and of terrorists rather than he being the aggressor and also the paramilitary groups that we have just reported on being the ones who are attacking
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ordinary citizens it's not clear right now what the fallout is going to be the organization of american states has been pressuring the government it's also been talking about the possibility of wood drawing international aid especially from the inter merican development bank to nicaragua unless there is significant progress made on the human rights front but so far while the church says that it is willing to go back to the table of dialogue to these talks we also know that too is calling for that to happen the government has not responded ok. reporting from nicaragua thank you well on an earlier episode of inside story how his guests delve into what's behind the protests in nicaragua and what's next for the country so head to al jazeera dot com click on shows the inside story and you can watch this particular episode. you can follow a fly you can pretty much fly that is anywhere in the world within
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a day but one man's taking his travel to the stream i'm not going anywhere near an airports we are hard in caught up with him. by car bus train and container ship. peterson from denmark he goes by the name foreigner and has one of the best passports in the world his go visit every country without getting on a plane but i was born too late that all the great things have already been done which is not quite true but it does feel like that sometimes so to hear that no one's going to have a country or world without flying i sort of felt like i could take that challenge upon myself and do it not knowing exactly how hard it was going to be. the passport and x. rinks the danish passport third in the world only behind singapore and germany if gore were from afghanistan or iraq or pakistan his journey would be nearly impossible after four years on the road he has one hundred fifty two countries down
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fifty one to go now it looks like i'll be completing twenty twenty which means it's turned out to be a six year project just to put things in context if you spend a month in every country in the world then it's not four years of your life then it's sixteen years of your life so you have to be really careful with time in each country when you're working on such a large scale navigating around wars political disputes and visa regulations can be a headache. on his last legs or travelled from the u.a.e. to oman then into yemen and then back into amman he even got on a container ship and sailed into the gulf to qatar there would have been a much easier way for thor to get to qatar by land the only problem is of course there's only one land border here at abousamra and saudi arabia closed it in june twenty seventh teen when the blockade of qatar began and now the next step is how am i going to get away trying to thor's next hurdle is getting into saudi arabia to
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make that happen he has to board another container ship he's hoping to get off at a port in the u.a.e. but if not he will have to sail to india and then head back towards behaving that is if he can get a visa it's a political and logistical nightmare but he says being an explorer and meeting people is what makes the journey worth it is really a mindset in relation to how we're going to meet people around the world on the other side of the border on the other side of the planet different skin color a different ideology how are you going to approach those people and i truly do believe that a stranger is a friend you've never met before but it's really up to you instead of souvenirs thora collects selfies now he has one from qatar to add to his list with only fifty one more countries to go. interesting story leah tell us how you found out about his journey yeah well we actually first featured thor on news grid in january of last year and he told me that he would write me when he was getting close to guitar
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and he did he has three rules though on his journey he has to spend at least twenty four hours in each country he cannot take an airplane and he cannot return home before he's finished he's an upbeat character but says being away from friends and family is for sure the hardest part so i promise you i feel lonely on this project although a lot of the time together with a lot of people i guess you would say it's the same kind of loneliness that you feel when you go to a party he got engaged on his journey on top of mount kenya and has been away from his fiance for years she joins him on some of his trips that she though uses airplanes to get to him going to every country also means going into war zones he's been to syria and yemen but as he told me even in conflict zones people fall in love get married and try to move on with their life now you can follow along with thor's journey as i was saying his fifty one countries left to go you can see if he gets into saudi arabia and how he'll get there his twitter facebook and instagram
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handle are all once upon a saga you can use also our hash tag to tweet him questions that's at hash tag a.j. newsgroup during a thank you for the brazilian government commission has recommended easing restrictions on the use of pesticides it says the move would help aid the agricultural industry but families and rural areas say pesticides are already contaminating the air food and water causing death and disease. the reports from the northeastern states of cheraw. the residents of the north chain northeastern brazil live by agriculture but many of them are also killed by it these widows and their families have been fighting for years for compensation for recognition they say that their husbands died from diseases contracted pesticides with inadequate protection only many years hostin joins a die twelve years ago. he asked me not to give up that i should keep fighting for
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justice that was his last request brazil uses twenty percent of the pesticides produced markets it's difficult to avoid seeping into this local reservoir from neighboring soya fields it may look at illich but extensive fumigation has poisoned this air that i'm breathing the water that the people here drink and the food that they grow a way of life poisoned by the big agricultural companies quest for short term profits for the tempest the sides most commonly used in brazil abandon europe university studies found cancer rates here forty percent higher than the national average for we get worried hearing that so many people feel but what can i do i need to keep working to pay my bills but cancer is not the only problem and tony is daughter suffers a congenital disease which doctors believe was caused by pesticides. even if we
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plan to vegetables or fruits in our yard we can't be sure that air or water aren't contaminated according to the studies it seems everything is contaminated here many others here including his daughter sophia suffer similar diseases. but doctors from c.r. university did research here they identified a chemical substance in my daughter's blood that was banned in the one nine hundred ninety s. . however a government commission is recommending a relaxation of existing regulations to allow the powerful agribusiness industry to spray more this is one of the best proposals for brazilian society we want to make sure the farmers provide the best food for the population this bill is for food safety. campaigners say laws of flouted monitoring is poor and what they're trying to do is to to remove or limit they'll florrie to offer health and environmental in the process of reza pesticides and we think that's very dangerous that we don't
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think that this is the means to modernize the system and you would take. back justice here slowly down the bureaucracy that we find to be heard the response of the powerful agri businesses in the distant government goes on. their zero to zero state brazil let's now speak to richard pearce house he is the associate environment and human rights director of human rights watch on the author off the report he's joining us from geneva thanks very much for speaking to us in your reports you're recommending this that brazil should impose a moratorium on aerial spraying and create a buffer zone for ground spraying near a sensitive sites yet we know from the report we just watched that brazil has very powerful agri industries so how likely is it that more forceful safeguards will actually be implemented. i think that depends on the response
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of the brazilian authorities we've made a very clear call that there are media steps they can take to keep people safe and that one of those would be a buffer zone on the ground spraying between where pesticides are applied and sites like rural schools or or where people are living the response from the ministry of agriculture on that particular point was positive which is obviously a good thing and that would be an immediate improvement on to people's lives but more generally our concern is with the pesticides bill that was mentioned and the fact that that will further we can regulate across the board on pesticides and make particularly hazardous pesticides easier to prove in brazil and to be used in rural areas well based on your report you say that members of the five of the seven rural communities that you visited that you interviewed people there they said they received death threats and were afraid of retaliation if they were to speak out if that were to be the case then what options do the people there have.
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you know i mean that was one of the particularly shocking findings from the report for me personally was the level of fear that grips many rural communities around the issue of acute pesticide poisoning people are very very fearful of large landowners who are wealthy and politically powerful and there was a fear that's across the country and one of the reasons why there's so much silence around around this issue i think there are steps of the brazilian authorities can take and should take to try and address these issues you know brazil needs to be treating people who denounce pesticide issues with the same severity as it treats other human rights defenders in the country there are programs that would help keep those people safe they're not perfect but it would be something rather than nothing but perhaps most importantly brazil needs to address impunity for those reprisals
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and for those threats so in the northeast where the where the introductory segment was based there was a pistol site activist who was shot and killed in two thousand and ten and now eight years later the still be nobody investigated or tried for that particular crime so until brazil addresses impunity for those those threats and sometimes killings people are going to remain fearful and that will continue to drive the silence around these issues and finally let me ask you about what you saw in terms of the short term as well as long term effects on people who are exposed to these kinds of pesticides. yeah i mean across rural brazil ordinary people going about their everyday lives are being acutely poisoned by pesticides sprayed on large plantations nearby so these are students in rural schools they are their villages in their own backyards they're indigenous people in communities beside large plantations and all of the sites that we've visited across
6:35 pm
the country across all five geographical regions of brazil we've documented acute pesticide poisoning so that's that's dizziness that's north of vomiting irritation of the eyes numbness of the the lips and the fingers these sorts of symptoms and that was happening on a on a frequent basis so they were one off poisonings they were happening particularly when when crops are being planted all when they're being harvested and in those periods of intense pesticide use then people are being poisoned on a daily or sometimes a weekly basis that's obviously of of concern those cases are being dismissed by health authorities as a virus but from what we could see there was a there was acute exposure to pesticides across rural brazil and obviously the long term health effects the sort of health effects that come from routine exposure day after day week after week those are of more serious concerns so those are
6:36 pm
developmental problems they're fetal development issues and sometimes cancer and we've we've seen that though in some of those key illnesses they are becoming more and more common in rural areas of brazil particularly in the areas where pesticides are most intensively used which again speaks to the issue of the bill and the need to further strengthen regulation around highly hazardous pesticides in brazil and not weaken it here the house we thank you very much for joining us from geneva thank you. well once again for the crew on facebook live you'll see a story in just a moment about how a farmer is using a drone to herd his sheep coming up right after the break. following his long battle with. the road ahead. in just a moment. so
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tell us here with all the sports news and an update on the murray to tell absolutely thank you very much terrain form a while number one andy murray will make his return to competitive tennis for the first time since pulling out of wimbledon the scot has been handed
6:39 pm
a wild card to compete absent or event in washington is that the one year old will face american mckenzie macdonald fast op injury problems have forced him to miss playing for the most part of a year and he's fallen to eight hundred thirty two in the wild ranking a hip injury meant mari it missed the rest of last season following last year's wimbledon which was his last grand slam he had sat on his hip in january he's played in two tournament since then but he pulled out of wimbledon saying it was too soon so five set matches he is now aiming to be at the u.s. open which he won in two thousand and twelve yet it is a mystery and some say no where i would want to be ranking wise but. you know the good thing is that when you're up it's off the game aside it's not easy just to move out one spot like now like if i win a couple of matches you can about three hundred four hundred spots in a week which is which is nice so hopefully over there i can get back out there
6:40 pm
quickly but it yes sort of feels like i'm kind of starting from she again. one joining us now is neil hamann former tennis correspondent at the times and daily mail mail thank you for joining us do you think mari can get back to his best. well he's very very best was right up there with the greatest wasn't it it's very difficult i think for him to be right back where he was when he won the u.s. open the first u.s. open in two thousand and twelve and then followed up obviously with two to wimbledon titles and getting to number one in the world as you say eight hundred thirty is a long way from one but and he was quite right and if he does well in these next two or three. torments leading up to the u.s. open then he could actually get back to it to a fine level but whether he can actually ever go back to the andy murray of three or four years ago i tend to worry a little bit about that there was there were murmurings at wimbledon time as to
6:41 pm
whether he would he would ever play again let alone be able to compete at the highest level well he's clearly he's playing again as you say he's got a wildcard into washington but it's a long long way back for him to be able to challenge the likes of djokovic in the dollar at the very top of the game well speaking all of djokovic and in dallas been a while since the big four and the marina dowd djokovic and federer have all been fit and playing at a grand slam together how badly have fans missed that. well i think whenever you take the very best out of any competition you're going to you're going to struggle in the the supporters won't believe they are seeing the very best in the game that said djokovic has performance that wimbledon i think showed that he is in a more than three quarters of the way back to the the great joke of it of a couple of years ago and he was coached by boris becker was winning grand slams for fun in the dollops he won paris for the eleventh time six weeks ago so he's
6:42 pm
he's he's right there and that's something fine with talk of it at wimbledon was was absolutely two players at their prime federer while he was very close at wimbledon again but just came up a little short i'm ari back as you say if those four can be at the top of the game if they can challenge together and i still think we've got three or four years of great tennis out of potentially out of all of them at the same time the men's game needs new faces and that's what we're looking for next we want to see the new challenges coming through at mari's one to three grand slams two and then pick gold medals now has the underachieved on i wouldn't say he's under achieved i think if you see if you say to anyone at the start of their career they'll take one grand slam you could argue that he's overachieved i think three in this day and age against the quality of the players that he's found himself up against and let's be fair this is the greatest strength in depth i think at the top that we've seen across all the generations that know underachievement definitely not as i say
6:43 pm
perhaps you could say he's overachieved and you know and he's a great fights and he's a great professional he's good he'll give himself the best chance he has but he's been making very sensible decisions about his fitness and i don't expect to see him back playing in a grand slam and to leave a briley believes he could win it because otherwise what's the point of entering a new final question who's your pick for the u.s. open and why. well it's back to backs a tough but i think djokovic she's proved himself on the courts i think with the momentum that he's gained he was right back on the practice court again no doubt after winning wimbledon if i had a few pennies to invest invest of on top of it thank you very much neal. as always get in touch with us using the hash tag janie is going to take me out i am tatiana daryn back to you the town of thank you very much for that sports update
6:44 pm
and that'll do it for this news grid we thank you for watching you can keep in touch with us on social media let me just remind you of how to do so first of all use the hostile a.j. news grid and all the other ways that are to connect are right here you can contact us on twitter or on facebook and that is our what's up number we thank you very much for watching we'll see you back here in studio fourteen fifteen g.m.t. tomorrow. travel often. by trying to use the forests broadly.
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ochs of. the. valleys and scott and i. think she. discovered. this far only places close to. going since to get these cats i always. where were you when this idea popped into it whether online it's undoubtedly chief cool. of opinion equality you know but today or if you join us on sat criminal justice system is dysfunctional right now this is a dialogue what does it feel like when you have to go back for the first time everyone has a voice at allow refugees to plead to speakers for change join michael o'boyle conversation on out to zero.
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every armed attack in europe creates fear and division amongst its citizens with stories of loss no one told. the sweeping association of islam with the violence leaves european muslims facing the stark reality of being ostracized by the very communities in which they live love and moon the tragic loss of life. on al-jazeera. a mixed reception for robert mugabe as he cost his votes in zimbabwe's first election in decades where he is not a candidate turnout is high for looks to be a close race between the current president and his much younger rival nelson
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chamisa. a low i maryam namazie and london you're with al-jazeera also coming up four million people are left off a citizens' list in india is asked am state leaving them in fear of being detained or deported. fresh from making up with ethiopia eritrea as president agrees to mend relations with some law.


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