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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 2, 2018 6:00am-6:33am +03

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the main opposition leader nelson chamisa has won this election. refusing to leave in protest. by long presidential results have to be announced by saturday most anxious about what could happen if they leave that doesn't accept defeat. al jazeera. turkey has condemned the u.s. decision to impose sanctions on two of its senior ministers it's the latest effort by the trumpet administration to get ankara to release an american pastor brunson is accused of helping a group which the turkish government says was behind a failed coup attempt. democratic republic of congo's health ministry has confirmed four cases of ebola in the northeastern city of goma the ministry says there's no evidence linking these cases to the recent outbreak that killed thirty three people . the u.s. is planning to impose even higher tariffs on chinese imports upping the ante from ten percent to twenty five percent the proposed able cover two hundred billion
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dollars worth of goods tariffs have already been imposed on thirty four billion dollars worth of chinese imports president trump accuses china of unfair trade practices and is putting pressure on beijing to reform the remains of what north korea claims are more than fifty u.s. soldiers who died during the korean war six decades ago how arrived back on american soil a ceremony has been held in the u.s. state of hawaii to mark the arrival of north korean leader kim jong un promised to return the remains during his meeting with president trump in june. california's governor is pledging to spend whatever it takes to contain the wildfires sweeping the u.s. state eight people have been killed in the past week and tens of thousands have lost their homes those are the headlines now and al-jazeera. the world. the. it's.
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because. it's. sad than was born in algeria but has lived in friends all his working life including seventeen years teaching arabic language and literature at the university of paris. from there he's taking groups of students to spain every year to the region his ass sisters came from and for which he has a driving passion and. today is the region covering southern spain but for nearly eight centuries it was the most western part of the arab muslim world. and endless occupied most of present day portugal and spain and
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beyond from seven eleven to fourteen ninety two of. it was a place where there was relatively peaceful coexistence between muslims christians and jews were science thrived a cultural bridge between the east and the west been bad bally believes and endless was the only peace to europe when muslims jews and christians have lived harmoniously together and shared a common culture and that the period and the place has powerful lessons for today's fractured world was. when your will is your love and you have those of. us been as well. don't you we. even our b. oh well it will be good and before you know when the philistines will whom you need
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only. to insinuate that they were whom you'll even harder be was a twelfth century city scholar and the loss of for a vital spiritual thinker and symbol of light tolerance and compassion a real. man up costs. a woman in a. field. of vision was that in general. i did get really mean. in a word. mature green but under those. had to but he had it and it was the how that could work over the book to have a wooden wish and then to see you know who did it and then just and it can look to
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who he is did. even before that one of us might be and as did he i don't mean and deduce we're looking at one thing and if you. read the. evidence and indeed couldn't be in kenya to put that in book the army at the flynn it would tease a man of how to. and that was. by the. brain from the taliban i have been is that we would. have about all there would. be if you will feed to. the words of the song are by who it's from but. there is a more spiritual approach to islam and was practiced in medieval and the us. so
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if it comes for that also a long time. that it did because our to our. look at why to me i've not compounds i've asked it's it was awful of it all. saw it as i faced the results of the system i mean i was a classic example. many do some. don't take it because then it. doesn't mean that it was the. music that was not somehow don't do this.
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and then the seeing music often uses words taken from medieval poetry and is a fusion of the different cultures which came together in and the. similar cause employers will have to truly hope to see into to completely. to show it to defeat if they don't come in check good enough to get thing may actually go to where your shipment. should minister of meat. and there goes the old boy. and a bit that not only. do we have dinner
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and there's a live fossil hope. been badly originally came from a remote village in central algeria but his origins are probably and in the sea and the. food out milford's just me needles and pretty does. tend. to snow minorcan don't if you love most up it too has been the valley you want to live they've been bad and. i know a lot of nothing when about another. i know what the b. we both know about. the only just all me but no mood when baba ramdev. jesus trips to see a spiritual journey is so they attract followers from different religious and
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cultural backgrounds. come on the staff who all know you also don't all set. so then you all must. be close cookin zone in. the. cities well said so definitely. also in your mo if you're going to sit on the set the savoy. the cement to knowledge and me. coming with you believe it all but they were just good after all don't put off about it that i don't accept any cost that it almost never would have been but that you did the very traditional you know. put up with. that move up with little bit of accent on the whole berseba. will us
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wish your love. on me a how b. b. . this not. only. when few most. feel his only friend overcoming the last you'll call celestial even close to last you'll still be king paul still us will do good thing. was the. sense of are you. with us of a much about the same as. cousin. does it clear to. all that was that he did. see. dave came on board the ship. and is italian a roman catholic who was first
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a language student but then went to paris to study islam. so that's just discussion. but that is about an image. that a donkey could no longer. produce a simple pleasure. tonight to know when to give us on the. big shows going to miss out on baptizing. good people well yeah it's going to start on fair game to do your duty should you buy your way out of the party when are you sort of where you're at this woman must work. because you could you had to show off a lot of pictures and after she actually died down there the stuff you meant to produce that you could do or do or say no to see you push to do it that should be given to see that music and everything. like
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a big bad. season ended us as a potent symbol of interfaith coexistence despite obvious differences cockatoos rock dare you it was sure he'd go on the host the thing is still on clinical military he should sift them all. and then if he said that shit down mon dieu beast . and see that didn't comply and i guess the book will do called let me give you the best saw and that was you know. the order that the self. management for creating. i'm going to have to have. in a minute simeon was the man who would join me. in woodstock. to mean we're. no. longer who's the
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the. bully. part of the point of the journey is that the participants also get to understand one another better a cultural fusion like and didn't see. eye to the detail on also cab all of it on the last point is any better than only when it was far more about what you don't. want us going to see us wondering about the. music they. should be who offered on the road. and that was kind of forethought that. would remove your. would instead yet. feel he has the. best to me sad i did
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and did. and it was a death in the last. shift of steam. so you don't call dish and math on the love boat did. this on. the. hill candidate who. did that song called. yes. this is when you have to my muscular produce all set a certain way you. could put a. take on our own specific thread that may spit well the press could should tell candle savak the best so no don't think i don't have him on tail or hit us on. the editing the. sudoku used up
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but it it be can dominate box that good you money for me double give a little you know top but so did you money to for me double. here because this weekend was a listing british law. school. definition that also saw software. that. you don't he did doesn't it depend of course. the group is included push ups. for the head and deduce so the you know what to do so deep so not so about what i'm seeing you how you. do much work though you know you're busy you know you've got the. big bad bodies talk of maybe ads and how about friends refers to the caliph the muslim leaders following the death of the prophet
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muhammad in the seventh century. he had caliphates from damascus to concord north africa and iberian peninsula where they removed and others from cordoba. along with. another and thinker was it drenched also known as the vero from. new year.
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and you. know. the manner and the lack of their you can do to shift couldn't have. any. credit try and do my part in a new meaning for out you know just going to be a gem of the morning no one should be there when we should. cut the tree trunk cause you're pretty cool. cool pulled one second she said good luck on you for that very sure do ok. yeah i would love to see as we've been there three months you should like edgy because you're going to operate on
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a class put up on your floor. i should move my feet. so you do the slow us look pretty to be a different. me going to experience so good luck with all of our hope you don't pull the war could push will do for me dubs to this initial cause you. deserve this for us because the rest of us it took us all. day long that we seem. to sit. down. by the excuse. of folks. donald clark conditionals song.
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asian unpatched top or technical for the motor the hospice to say. that. the fast. can. do more on the demand placed in our she said along the place that on. the road we are also. working here love really is a very to let involve. really member a tree a lot of people who told.


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