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turkey shouldn't tolerate such threats by any other country but for now the first reaction came from turkish foreign ministry with a written statement saying that turkey strongly protest this decision by or do you not to this decision doesn't comply comply with the estate seriousness and it is them edging the constructive efforts between two countries in it for bettering their relations also turkey sees that as an intervention of its judicial system and its to do survey which is an independent entity and turkish foreign minister said last night a united states should go back on the strong decision and turkey if not turkey will respond in the same way in an equivalence way but for now also political parties have a joint statement showing solidarity there they said we say no to us threats and also the justice ministers. had a tweet to last night but of course to morrow foreign minister is going to meet with my pump aoe it is also binding indeed of course the world the diplomatic
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fallout continues that in the fallout on the currency markets is affecting turkey as well yes turkish fear has suffered a lot since the near turkish lira loss about at least thirty percent against u.s. dollars since the new year and one dollar equal to five turkish lira was it was stated as a psychological benchmark and turkish lira hit one dollar hits five turkish lira last night after this decision it is also a critical thing to watch for turkish economy authorities of course will fall over with you through the days of the moments of sort of our correspondent there in istanbul thank you. well still ahead here on al-jazeera. back among his people complete opposition leader jump airbender returns home after a decade at the international criminal court. i'm adrian brown in the heart of china soy country where local farmers say they've got
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a lot to thank president trump for find out why here on al-jazeera. hello and welcome to international weather forecast apart from stockholm in the north and i'm correct in the south and moscow in the east it's thirty degrees plus across the whole of europe in our chart for thursday and indeed can interfere in potential it's in excess of forty degrees with every prospect of temperatures over the weekend rising to between forty five and forty eight degrees celsius across southwestern parts of spain and on into portugal so basically very hot situation across many parts of europe but also with some isolated but quite severe thunderstorms across the alps stone through the balkans lead up towards the baltic
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states who could see one or two storms developing so heading down into north africa the weather here is looking fine and fairly quiet at the moment temperatures much you'd expect at this time of year thirty seven in cairo and then heading on into friday conditions remain cheery fine tunis looking at my some of thirty six degrees into central parts of africa we've got some heavy showers across the ethiopian highlands across parts of sudan and south sudan and then particular towards the gulf of guinea and indeed further north chutney shower also picking up some significant shower i seventy that's expected to continue on into friday bamako mali could see some heavy showers with highs of twenty nine.
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right. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories the u.n. chief is calling on zimbabwe's political leaders to exercise restraint following wednesday's post-election violence at least three people are being killed up the soldiers opened fire on opposition protesters the rulings are new p.f. party has won two thirds of the seats in parliament but the result of the presidential vote is not yet known also israel has blocked fuel and gas shipments
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to the gaza strip it's a move that will make it even harder for palestinians already battling a power crisis israel's defense minister says the measure is in response to garza's protesters sending in century kites and balloons across the border. and turkey is threatening to retaliate against the u.s. for imposing sanctions on two of its senior ministers it's the latest effort by the trumpet ministration to get encouraged to release an american pastor and to bronson's accuse of being involved in the twenty sixteen failed coup in turkey. now the u.s. is planning to impose even higher tariffs on chinese imports upping the ante from ten percent to twenty five percent the proposed levy will cover two hundred billion dollars worth of goods or high profile casualties american soybeans which are crucial in the chinese diet are china correspondent adrian brown reports from hay long province where most of the crop is harvested
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farmland is precious in china only fifteen percent of the country is arable that makes the lush and fertile province of hay long giang very important especially now . close to the border with russia this is soybean country. china is the world's largest consumer of soybeans but it can't grow enough and so is reliant on imports to meet demand that means the decision to impose a twenty five percent levy on u.s. soil beans creates risk yet in this province the trade fight appears to be having a welcome impact. farmers like mn foundling are being urged by the local government to switch their fields to soil from corn offering subsidies as an incentive that'll raise incomes moon says he has a lot to thank president trump for for one when you know when china stops importing
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from the united states is possible what the price of domestic soybeans welcome and that means we'll make more money. soybeans may flourish in this province but only around ten percent of those consumed in china are domestically grown the instruction to local farmers to grow more soybeans was a political priority but the reality is this china is a long way from ever being self-sufficient in soybeans which means it's going to be reliant on imports for years to come hi everybody i am a soybean in this cartoon video much china appears to be targeting u.s. farmers it's been airing on the international service of state t.v. and has a clear message in china can buy soybeans from other countries if that happens soybean farmers in the u.s. could take an even greater hit. and the soybean plays an essential role in the
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chinese diet used in cooking oil source tofu as well as animal feed the government's now taking action to ensure there's no shortage of wild out the door the government is offering more subsidies to soybean farmers so i believe the government. it's been very supportive of me the whole soybean in the three in the past cheap soybean imports hurt chinese growers but the tariff war with the united states could secure their future adrian brown al-jazeera in a long jiang province northeast china putting long is the managing director of the whole kong based research consultancy a journalistic and she says even if there's still room for talks over tariffs china may not be willing to meet u.s. demands i think trying to will come to the table it is the united states the trump administration that has been pushing for this tariff fight china does not want a trade war and it will do everything that it can to stop it you know shut down.
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you know giving up anti country as it were so yes china would want to talk the problem is what is the true and ministration demanded of china and whether china is willing to give that the point there is that it isn't whether china should open its markets or whether americans have a right to demand that china does it every government does what it's best for its own people regardless of the abstract moral issue and run our. china fuse that it can do a lot of things that in trade and in other areas because it's got this huge trump card one point four billion people a market of one point four billion people and everybody wants a slice of that market. the former egyptian minister says he's being detained by
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police in italy and fears he'll be deported mohamed the most tweeted that he's been detained on egypt's request he was the minister of parliamentary affairs in former president have a government pursue busy in an opposition figure and has been living in exile in europe since the military coup that forced warsi from power in twenty thirteen. qatar stock index closed at its highest level in fourteen months on wednesday recovering all losses since the blockade was imposed by four arab nations it's overtaken saudi arabia as the top performing index in the gulf region saudi the united arab emirates as well as bahrain and egypt cut economic and diplomatic ties last june accusing doha of funding terrorism qatar rejects the allegations. from prison to the polls that's the plan vocalise former rebel leader who soon expected to launch his bid for the presidency he's home of spending ten years behind bars for war crimes before winning an appeal at the hague conference oir was
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with the chairing crowns in the company. the pair bambara marched from the airport in the democratic republic of congo's capital kinshasa thousands of his supporters went into a frenzy oh my god it was the current many of them say they never thought to be back home any time soon. i have a contingent of police escorted his convoy who was not allowed to make any stops to address the many people who lined the streets to catch a glimpse of him his first order of business was a meeting at his party headquarters he's expected to submit his documents to the electoral commission in the coming days so he can run for the presidency john the ambac you are the window of his party headquarters in waving hundred of them here and think that in feet he's brave and fake that he'll be all you want who can provide a change of the leadership of the country or even bring the opposition together to
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support one candidate. was arrested in belgium for crimes against humanity a decade ago he was sentenced to eighteen years in prison by the international criminal court in twenty sixteen the judges held him criminally responsible for his former rebel group convicting him of political killing raping and pillaging in the neighboring central african republic but in two thousand and two and two thousand and three he appealed and in june the conviction was overturned his supporters say the trial was politically instigated. unhappy because ben has been vindicated by the same court that convicted him now he's here and we're just glad to see him was . we are suffering in this country children are not going to school things are not moving his return gives us hope faces some had told him his bid for presidency low
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ses a candidate has to be in the country. before contesting an election the fact that there has been away for ten years and still has a pending witness tampering case at the international criminal court could hartis chances katz was on al-jazeera kinshasa while staying in the region the democratic republic of congo's health ministry has confirmed for cases of a bowler in the northeastern city of goma there's concern that fighting in the region could make it harder to battle a virus the ministry says there's no evidence linking these cases to the recent outbreak that killed thirty three people in the northwest that outbreak was declared over a week ago dr ali khan is dean of the college of public health at the university of nebraska and he says rural communities need better education to understand how a bowler is transmitted. what we saw in the last outbreak we hope to see in this outbreak which is a really active response vaccination of contacts and hopefully hopefully shut the outbreak down very quickly unfortunately this outbreak is in an active conflict
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zone on the water rwanda and uganda which is very different from the location of the last outbreak and that's going to pose a challenge itself in the response so there's no lack of information from a scientific standpoint we know exactly what happens the disease is natural in bats and people get infected directly from bats or from eating infected bushmeat and then if there is going to be a large amount of person to person spread during a funeral or potentially during a how key are in a health care setting so we know the science of ebola but what's missing is the education of communities to help them understand that sometimes in the midst of all these people who have fever and getting sick and dying there's potentially cases of a bolo that are very contagious and can infect others within the community so that's where the education needs to happen and to make sure that such individuals are quickly moved to health care centers to ensure that there aren't these funerals
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where you keep touching people and infecting others and within how care settings to ensure there's good infection control practices the u.s. president has the north korea's kim jong un for returning the remains of u.s. soldiers who died during the korean war six decades ago donald trump tweeted shortly after the rains arrived in the u.s. state of hawaii the repatriation was part of the agreement reached between trump and kim during the historic summit in june. a ban on face coverings including islamic veils has come into force in denmark hundreds of protesters took to the streets wearing masks to show their opposition to the law first time offenders risk a fine of over one hundred fifty dollars while repeat offenders could face higher fines or up to possibly six months in jail now the law was proposed by denmark center right coalition who have also pushed to tighten asylum and immigration rules . the french assembly has approved a new immigration law that gives refugees only six months to claim asylum instead
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of the current eleven months it's aimed at speeding up the deportation of those denied asylum and the processing of those who are accepted david chaytor reports. the number of refugees in the suburbs of paris may be as high as four hundred thousand according to a parliamentary report the city authorities are struggling to cope the conditions in the parks and streets are becoming intolerable in the middle of the heat wave raids by riot police have cleared the large tented camps where many of them found temporary refuge but the tough new laws just passed by the national assembly will cut the time period during which they can claim asylum the claim is rejected that only have fifteen days to lodge an appeal and the time they can be kept in detention waiting for deportation has been doubled to ninety days not via a sale voted against the bill she believes fran should take in more refugees and be
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less scared influx but once people have left their home there it's a whole deal and we cannot just send them back i believe we have to look at the situation differently you can't just say we don't want that it's a way of closing your eyes that is meaningless it's a way to deny reality their original here. charity workers have described the situation as explosive the refugees are being forced to share the streets with drug addicts and dealers in crack cocaine public baths are being closed and fights are breaking out to find supplies of water it's been estimated a total of five hundred refugees are arriving in paris every week the government say the new reforms i'm meant to make a much more efficient system for asylum seekers through to actually try and sift out those who are genuine refugees and those who are economic migrants. we found william and his wife begging for food they have a four year old child they escaped violence in ivory coast but never applied for
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asylum here they now face deportation the police are constantly moving them on. zeph to follow them you must understand them attribute an alkie figure would. start sleep on the streets everywhere sometimes i don't know where to sleep i sit on a bench i just my little wife by my side i hope we pray and we keep all the deputies of the national assembly will not have heard of the new he has a master of arts and philosophy he's passionate about french culture and literature but it's no life for him on the streets here and he's already lost everything in his homeland there are tens of thousands more like you did he change al-jazeera house. your geologist their arms the whole rubble a reminder of our top news stories the u.n. chief is calling on zimbabwe's political leaders to exercise restraint following
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wednesday's post election violence at least three people have been killed after soldiers opened fire on opposition protesters the rulings are new party has won two thirds of the seats in parliament but the result of the presidential vote is not yet known zimbabwe's home minister says the government will keep the military deployed to. the command of the police. forces but remain to lloyd. across the country to maintain law and order the government of zimbabwe. is full responsibility. for the very loose destruction or property. in loss of flow on the us israel has blocked fuel and gas shipments to the gaza strip defense minister dawn lieberman says the measure is in response to garza's fighters sending in century kites across the border palestinians in the gaza strip already suffer frequent
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power cuts particularly debilitating for hospitals in the region. turkey is threatening to retaliate against the u.s. for imposing sanctions on two of its senior ministers it's the latest effort by the trumpet ministration to get angry to release an american pastor and brunson is accused of being involved in the twenty sixteen failed coup in turkey the us is planning to impose even higher tariffs on chinese imports upping the ante from ten percent to twenty five percent the proposed levy will cover two hundred billion dollars worth of goods terrorists have already been imposed on thirty four billion dollars worth of chinese goods president trump accused china of unfair trade practices and is putting pressure on beijing to reform the democratic republic of congo's health ministry has confirmed four cases of a bowler in the north eastern city of goma there's concern that fighting in the region could make it harder to battle a virus the ministry says there is no evidence linking these cases to the recent outbreak that killed thirty three people in the northwest that outbreak was
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declared over last week those were the headlines i'll be back with more news in half an hour next it's inside story do stay with us. china is keen to win friends and influence in the oil rich middle east business spark the wrong china the security resources for the future. as a whole now is expected to grow we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera. marching against violence women in south africa protest against a long running problem of. the peace so what can be done to stop violence against women not just in africa but around the world this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program today with me thousands of women have marched across south africa against gender based violence the demonstrations were organized by a campaign called total shut down south africa has one of the highest rates of violence against women last year alone around seventy thousand women both victims of sexual assault now protesters are calling on the government to take action across generational action if young men are to understand how to behave before we bring in our guests malcolm webb sets up our discussion today from johannesburg. you know land that yankee had just started a degree at rhodes university in south africa when she says she was raped she went for a drink with friends she doesn't remember anything else the following day other people told her that two different men had sex with her it's just really made me angry. really angry and through killing i mean it has affected my relationships with him
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in their eyes. obviously the encounter after that i had my trust in people in general. and i guess i just was a become a prison's really and gets to say. you landers met many other students who tried of their universities and police not acting on reports of sexual assault. on the exchange students marched in broad university in twenty sixteen as part of their campaign they published a list of students and university staff on social media they said were responsible for sexual assault students have also protested here the university has run into an iceberg and since the student movement began thousands more south africans have taken to social media to express their anger at the lack of justice for women who have been raped or killed when carol mcqueen i was found murdered in johannesburg last year it prompted hundreds of thousands of tweets activists say the pressure pushed all thirty's to act her boyfriend was found guilty of the murder earlier
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this year ten james one a study the movement she says the social media activism and the naming of suspected rapists may not always bring justice but it breaks the silence because of the of help quickly hashtags pick up your able to call out your rapist and there's a bunch of people who say i believe you this is your first interaction been going to the police and saying this is happened to me and the police saying well what we were where were you what time was it south africa's some of the highest rates of sexual violence in the world activists say less than one in ten. supported rapes result in conviction we asked the state prosecutor what she thinks about frustrated victims receiving justice on social media instead confidential. there are a few dishes. i think of where extremely well where the burden of proof is under q.'s or at least as a prosecutor i know i can sleep soundly at night because i know if i had convinced
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the court that someone is guilty that person really figure you'll understand rapists have never been held to account this is the authorities failed her no justice has been done malcolm webb al-jazeera johannesburg. ok there we are here we go let's bring in our guests joining us today in pretoria where ato more toying and activist has just joined the shut down movement in new york will be joined by person she is the u.n. women's director of policy and from nairobi we have safer according program manager for sites a place in ngo educating and engaging youth on how politics affects society welcome to you all coming to you first how far away is south africa from complete and total gender equality. wow. that's a hard question to answer. i don't know it could be anything from then is two
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hundred years it really just depends on the entire society coming together and deciding that it's had enough of gender based violence i don't think we're working on timelines i think we're just working on at this point conscious sizing people around gender based violence and getting to a point where is saying that patriarchy is killing women daily and we just wanted to stop i can give you a timeline because people have been fighting the three years in a sense if this is caused by a certain going on for decades if not more in this country understood put in a sense if this is caused by a certain intersectional aspect of different parts coming together warsaw they are . well if i may just add to what your last interview he said there that states all states have made a commitment to end all violence by twenty thirty so when you ask how far away is the country from achieving true equality one indicator of that is ending violence
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and that they have promised to do by twenty thirty so there's an imperative now to speed up everything that's been down intersectionality is the ways in which different aspects of inequality come together to shape particular people's experiences whether that's race and gender or that's disability and gender sexual orientation and gender and that complicates how people understand and experience different expressions of inequality so it makes it harder to talk about all women in the same way it means we have to pay attention to the different ways in which racism and sexism cooperate and intersect with each other to make any closer to real for different people and i think we haven't done enough to recognize those inequalities whether it's women in rural areas where we disability surely to have that reflected in our approaches with the job of work to do all of us and ship of be in what ways is masculinity or the expression of masculinity a key toxic components in this. i mean the whole idea of my skill than it in
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self needs to be and packed and it should be put in its right place where it belongs which is in the peach yaquis because when we kind of then have conversations about how masculinity and meant to live in like they have the ability or they're allowed to express suddenly motions will set in feelings and not at there is terribly terribly wrong in society because it's manic in our society now men are not express anger anger which fuels violence violence which has been meant to the women and women's bodies for eternity is problematic in so many ways so even just starting conversations like what there actually is doing with women in south africa basically is that is a great start in just understanding that masculinity is not about a man being allowed to get away to violence and it's not just physical most of the time it's emotional and to a point where now man gets to put their hands on a woman it's just going overboard and the fact that we're not even allowed to talk
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about these things will happen he and in the way that they should be talked about as being violent and being a crank is terrible and set in them african culture as well plays a big dynamic in this and then the fact that there's no knowledge and no safe place is a safe spaces for women to express all this on this all is criminal activity is is terrible because the bodies of women have become a political playground of what is that women have become a playground for people to just do what they can do and walk away with it's heartbreaking dream that we talk about violence against women today as if it's something that we don't know exists and it is something that we cannot fix what's selves and it's paralyzing it's i'm not in the right so your new nodding there as she thought corey is taking us through how to recognize the discrepancies and she's talking about african culture where you are in south africa does that african culture exist in a sense above the law of the land i would decide. in south africa equality is
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enshrined in the last surely. i think we also have to take into context into consideration that violence is embedded in south africa's history right violence comes from we have a long history of violence in this country and to talk about african culture as if this doesn't happen within a context where this country with. this country was while most black people in this country where exposed to white violence and how that into things with masculinity particularly hyper masculinity with poverty and all those things so i don't know how to talk about african cultures of african culture exists on its own it exists within a system that exists within patriarchy and even though we do have all the. north that opposed to ensure equality this is not happening on the streets people need to be taught that you're not allowed to grab
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a woman while she's walking on the street you're not allowed to force a woman to have six which is called rape because you feel entitled to have fighting . you were not in there as well tennyson in new york a recent un report talked about this issue is is generates it's it's in a cocktail of it being systemic institutional and structural those are big heavy issues to address which is the easiest issue for your organization to unpack and deal with. i think it would be a little. not terribly helpful for us to pick out a simple issue because there isn't one the very set of issues that your previous speakers have mentioned you know from economic arrangements to political arrangements to failure to implement laws they're all interwoven they support each other through the structural arrangement that pertains everywhere and has particular manifestations depending on history now speaks of talked about
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colonialism in south africa and of course the laws that most countries of inherited article in unison our laws of those those countries that work on your rulers and there are over one hundred fifty countries in the world which still have to speculate or laws on the books many of those and heritage laws it's up to those states now to get rid of them but we also need to have women able to have a role in making decisions that impact upon their lives whether that's in politics whether that's an economic life or whether that's in simple straightforward things at home what should be straightforward what they eat when they eat whether they go out when they go out whether on who they have children with etc and these are all interwoven is absolutely important that those laws are there you mentioned the wonderful south african constitution it's imperative that those laws are there because that gives a signal from the state as to what's acceptable and what's not but the task goes beyond that in terms of implementing and it goes beyond laws and implementation because you can pass
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a law for example that men should take but can take paternity leave from work but if the social acceptance for men being active and engaged fathers isn't there then men are going to take that lead so you have to embed those those legal and political and economic measures in the bigger agenda of cultural change and you're only speakers mentioning masculinity and how that shapes and is allowed to run pretty much riots on on the bodies of women is is a much bigger more complicated project and if we don't understand the linkages between those different era. we're not actually going to deliver the quality we've all been promised and women have a right to expect she thought what's the reaction you get when an ngo such as yours goes to employers politicians prime ministers big business when you say look we have a massive issue here south africa was known at one point as the rape capital of the world so when n.g.o.s goes to the relevant government or the employment ministry
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and you say we've got a problem here what's the kind of reaction you get to that. i mean for the moment is understanding that you come into these spaces as a female that's myself and then you're coming to this space talking about power because peter he's about power and it is about power that it's been restored to one gender these are the other gender so you can imagine if i walk in which i always do walk into these spaces i'm talking about these issues and say hey we need to discuss how the power dynamic that is leading to let's find the milk genda above the female gender is really in so many problems even and it comes to products when it comes to resources when it comes to equalization because now there's a myth around it occasionally being a little lazy but it is not feminism is the only two peachy because beauty actually humanizes both men and women and it's just that we don't allow men to talk to it and they're not allowed to talk about it and they feel like if they spoke about them be beneficiaries of the petri our court system then it kind of makes them this
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enemy yes it is the least because when you talk about happy jackie disabused resources and how even opens up opportunities and locks out women just because you're a woman and a qualified woman and up work in political space and social space in educating people about consciousness democratic rights institutionalizing feminism but then you will find that people are always against that kind of conversation because it still has the power and it gives the park back to the people who are always had it all who deserve it more because of the what they've been doing and they've been sadly. because now you realize that more women have been put behind the scenes so it doesn't matter how qualified you are when you get to these positions they are discussing issues with government with energy always with dourness there's a question of where does the power and that is very problematic because it ends up being that the check or conversation that was under the cup it and is the conversation that risks my life because when i talk about these things i am automatically the enemy because i'm the one who's trying to bring back the power
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yet we can all exist is enough to for all of us to be powerful and for all of us to grow and for all of us to feel safe but it doesn't happen and being in political space as well it has exposed me to a lot of attack a lot of me such an estate compliments a lot of bubble you know a lot of bibles which are online and offline as well where people just feel like you're taking too much yet there is enough for all of us so it's a huge conversation and it requires meant to be allies so that they can also understand that that benefited from a system that has dehumanize them as well because bitchy ikea laus meant to believe that their only contribution to add anything building institutions building homes doing families building relationships is about who can provide but then if that is now more happening or if that is now being malice then what else do they have and then you find that men like this tend to violence because now they don't know what else to do in order to acquit him or to control that women in that which is
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terrible there's a whole conversation around this that i love that that has really ignited and that is the fact that very many people need to discuss how the benefit get from peachy actually especially the men and how women have constantly been say we cannot breed we cannot hear ourselves we need to grieve we need a space for us to feel safe because we can't live in a world where all of your plans and telling women go out and be safe we're been safe we've been doing everything to be ok but when we have numbers like sixty three women debt in thirty days seriously this is so much to be done. the rights of you want the south african government to adopt a national action plan at the center of that are you also implicitly telling men in south africa how they have failed women what we're expecting what we want them to do is hold themselves accountable we want men to be accountable for their violence
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you want men to acknowledge that they are violent or you want men to acknowledge that they've been violent we're not just asking the government to adopt this plan we're asking men across a five here across the continent across the country to be the kind of people want to be the kind of people that make it safe for women to breathe. we're asking individuals we're asking organizations were asking everyone involved in fighting through stop gender based violence. how do you make sure that some women are not left behind with this because it occurs to me if you've got a vibrant go ahead city like say johannesburg you can get to those women who are high achievers you can get to the start up tech women that are making inroads into a male dominated industry but if you go north into some of those rural areas those women literally cannot get out of the household because they are kept under the thumb and they are we're told regularly abused. yes and it ph i think that the
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challenge of ensuring that all women are touched and made free and and live more joyous lives through the work we're all doing is a is a live challenge and what we have yet to meet probably earlier this year there was a global meeting held in new york on possibilities for challenges faced by women in rural areas and it's very clear and very unambiguous messages from the women from rural areas who are part of those conversations saying you have left us behind you have not heard our voices and you really need to change what you do so i think the onus is on us as i can to change how we operate to make sure that we don't rely on only say as social media as a form of communication that we do have on the ground community work in all areas of the country let me at this point pay tribute absolute tribute to women across the world today is the march in south africa and the month of women's rights
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activities coming up but women across the world who have put this issue on the agenda who have come together in amazing global solidarity to say no more to say me too to say time is up they are saying all of them to all of us are involved in the struggle all of us have been. denied our rights and dignity and our ability to have control over our lackluster lives and we have a great deal more to do to honor the calls that they have made and i say we not just as women across the world and as activists but also we inside the u.n. have a job of work to do to ensure that this work for equality reaches inside our own organization. if i may just say the issue isn't just and as has been mentioned before of men who have been left without resources or employment that's absolutely true that men who have been alienated in that way have particular issues in front of them that they have to deal with but it's also a question of men in positions of power of authority who are wealthy. the who have
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all sorts of privileges who also benefit from this culture that says men are entitled they have an assumed in title meant to treat women as they please to be sexually entitle to the bodies of women however they please without consequence and without accountability and those are issues that really really must rise to the top of our agenda and yes national actions and everywhere would be absolutely crucial because it says from a government we take this issue seriously we are making concrete activities actions to address them and what's needed in the plan that has value is a budget attached to it so that women's groups know they have predictable unnerve of funding and the government departments get the money if they are working effectively to promote the rights of women and women's organizations the key in making that assessment and there was also ensure there's ongoing political will to prioritise this issue to put into place practical actions i'm going to interrupt
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you there which i apologise if you want to go to show for a lot so one more time before the clock beats us schieffer do you also have to talk to as well as those middle aged high achieving men across the continent you have to talk to those ordinary young men in their twenty's because they have to realise where they've gone wrong can i suggest to you and they have to when they have a baby boy they have to bring that baby boy up in a culture in a household where there are distinct lines in the sand when it comes to how you treat your mother your sister the girl in the playground because that in coal kate's the right kind of behavior for when that baby boy is getting married. yes absolutely absolutely i mean it's a collective conversation lecture cress everybody and to request every everybody to be involved beyond social strata because at the end of the day you will find that are abilities that are created in the structural and the ways and one abilities like properties of the winner ability because you find
4:43 pm
a quote women want to be by only a point to be physically or domestically abused than women who have privileges like money and access to spaces where they can actually trent take action but end at the end of the day we all need everybody on board to start having this conversation that it is conversations about how only that we're boys and how we resolve occurrence and it's a conversation about what we think is a gender or what is not a gender role it is a conversation about the principles and the models that could be still upon women and then we don't be slow to simpkins the point men it is a conversation about how we felt were meant to be a little bit less aggressive a little bit less ambitious because there's not enough room for them to be ambitious well or that will so involved it's a conversation about even the games we are girls to play but again if we allow our boys to play because we are now boys of new we toys that are creative and innovative but then we teach girls to just play around who can toys and painting and looking pretty it's a collective conversation and must be holistic and it must be candid and honest and
4:44 pm
last time i'm going to use welsh if extending as a point to liberate so much going in pretoria rates or have you come across any examples of best practice where a company a government department is totally aware of this and is pushing the country in the right direction no. not it. what i have found is that increasingly feminist movements have been demanding based practices just not just from men on the ground but from the states as well especially with regards to how the interest gender based violence and reports of gender based violence because gender based violence is not just at the point where the violence happens but there's also an entire system that frustrates women who want to go to the states or once you go to the produce station to reports rape or all that all these kinds of other gender based violence and they're frustrated by a system from the police station all with all the way to the courts half the thai
4:45 pm
women shop the cases they don't even go to the police station to reports the fact that they've been abused or the fact that they've been raped because they know that they'll get to the police station and find a man who is going to blame them for being raped or being abused in us then why what are you wearing so it's an it's highest system that is at fault it's an entire system that is supporting patriarchy it's an entire system that's making it difficult for women to even come out and say this is what i'm going through so there hasn't been a face practice we have to work on base practices which i think should not just be at a state level but at a societal level at most understood ladies thank you ladies thank you so much for your company thanks to all our guests so much going on and shift corey and thank you to you see if your company can see the program again on the website i want to see her go call months of the discussion facebook at facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also toast on twitter at a.j. inside story or tweet me at the top don't be one for me peace it will be and the
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teen here from syria thanks for watching season. the middle east's most religiously diverse country you still have the right to just communities you don't have one vision for the future you have ninety nine divided along sectarian lines the confessional system in lebanon has destroyed the only good. and heavily influenced by regional allegiances and i was one preventing the other you have civil war so it's always this balance that's a week out following its first parliamentary elections and nine years people in power investigates the state of lebanon just zero zero controversal a french i am not an idealogue let me be absolutely clear to democracy and international development the old road doesn't cut inequality in fact the increase i was from a bestselling author and distinguished global economist you don't know because
4:47 pm
agreed i should do i should do many from just one having read my book yet how many men might know me i guess maybe his son goes head to head we've done the same way i have been accused of being crazy i'm not in fact pointing it on al-jazeera. no. no. no no no. no no no when diplomacy fails and fear sweeps in our borders are wide open wide open to drugs terrorists we've proven the barriers are built to impose division and it's not to sixty's instead of being an obstacle or doorway into became another obstacle to peace in a four part series al jazeera revisits the reasons for divisions in different parts of the world and the impact they have on both sides walls of shame on al-jazeera. once considered a war criminal now an aspiring presidential candidate in the democratic republic of
4:48 pm
congo. after his conviction was overturned by the international criminal court in the hague jumpier bamberg talks down to zero. al-jazeera where every year. the united nations calls for restraint in zimbabwe as three people are killed in post-election violence. when you're watching al-jazeera live my headquarters here in doha also coming up
4:49 pm
israel blocks fueling dash shipments through the mainland crossing into the gaza strip. also turkey react shopping after the u.s. imposes sanctions on two of its most senior ministers. plus private property owners in the qur'an accuse the government of organizing land seizures to punish opponents . welcome to the program the un chief is calling on zimbabwe's political leaders to exercise restraint a day after post-election violence at least three people were killed when soldiers opened fire on opposition protesters on wednesday the party of president emerson has won two thirds of the seats in parliament but the result of the presidential vote is not yet known how to toss reports from the capital. opposition supporters say they vote they are demanding transparency from the electoral commission
4:50 pm
official results show the readings on a pay particular has won a majority in parliament these people are convinced the results already. got yet right the police moved in to disperse them but when that failed the army took over those who tried to resist but dealt. with the. president innocent and gaga has warned the opposition against causing trouble. and its leadership has forthwith to remove its violent supporters from the streets so peace returns to work and you know asking them to trick business that is their government is simply reminding them of their duties as the responsible will it go play as. citizens the main opposition alliance say the
4:51 pm
army used unnecessary force three people have been killed. and this or that may be dealt with five a place. crying. out for give up trying to kill during war. we have seriously mapped one what this means are we in war are civilians the enemy of. the e.u. election observer mission says presidential election results should be released as soon as possible to avoid more violence but the longer it lasts to count the more. lack of credibility comes up with something real before therefore it's needed that it must be a trace abilities of the road down to the police station level. but opposition supporters say if they can is it now such an isa doesn't when they want to accept it the result center is over they opposition supporters have been trying to get in but the police have been pushing them back so they've been burning tires
4:52 pm
a poet is they insist that their candidate the main opposition leader nelson chamisa has won this election there they are over there they are refusing to leave in protest. by law presidential results have to be announced by saturday most of our brains are anxious about what could happen if the elisa doesn't accept defeat. of our boys home minister says the government will keep the military on the streets. to. be command of the police. forces. remain deployed. across the country to maintain law and order the government of zimbabwe. places full responsibility. for the. destruction or property. of life on the. to the middle east now where israel has blocked fuel and gas
4:53 pm
shipments to the gaza strip defense minister of indoor lieberman says the measure is in response to protesters sending in century kites across the border palestinians in gaza already suffer frequent power cuts hospitals in particular struggle with a lack of resources stephanie decker is our correspondent correspondent monitoring events for us in gaza and joins me there right now stephanie this is a vital lifeline and it's again closed and gardens rely on this obviously for the very supplies. yes particularly you know the cooking gas what they use to cook obviously fuel for cars it's a political move sale that is you know really aimed at tightening the noose and putting more pressure on the leadership here to stop as you mentioned those into century kites and balloons or been significantly less over the last couple of weeks is as we've seen an escalation in tension between israel and hamas but yesterday at least one thousand fires were reported from the israeli prime minister's office
4:54 pm
from the section that deals with fires so i think this is a response to that giving a very clear message here to the leadership that they need to do more to contain it interesting developments as well we have a senior hamas delegation of leaders that are not they don't live here in gaza say hell they live outside they are coming from cairo where instead extensive talks have been underway with egyptian intelligence and the united nations all about the cease fire fragile cease fire we have to say between israel and hamas in all these different political tracks to deal with political palestinian reconciliation such a work spect in them to arrive here in the next couple of hours interesting to see what they will put on the table to the leadership here a lot of diplomatic talks going on sale to try and resolve all the issues going on and of course you know you talk about the sort of the machinations of the politicians within the occupied west bank in egypt it's all about the moving parts on the political front as to whether the situation on the ground. can be stable.
4:55 pm
absolutely i mean it really does depend on that you have had extensive mediation by the u.n. special envoy to the middle east he was really i think we can call it fire fighting when things really escalated between israel and hamas at one point coming in twice in one day here just trying to keep things calm because you have this severe escalation and it does really boil down to these balloons and kites incendiary kites their makeshift rag so hail it really doesn't look like much but what it's doing is burning acres of thousands of acres of land on the other side this is why we are where we are so very briefly it's a complicated situation what's on the table where there's a long term cease fire on the table between the two sides but attached to that is palestinian reconciliation between that i'm a libertarian here that's difficult fatah and hamas have no trust among some selves in the most important thing here is the too many million people remain under
4:56 pm
a suffocating blockade we've been here on and off for years it is never been as bad as it is now and really as you say their future really does depend on the politicians the diplomats the two sides palestinians themselves agreeing to something that can move forward so let's see what's on the table let's see what's going to be discussed but you know a healthy dose of skepticism because we know just how difficult those kinds of deals are really with of course events with you through the day thanks to such a turk you know the countries threatening to retaliate against retaliate against the u.s. for imposing sanctions on to that senior ministers is the latest efforts by the trumpet ministration to getting through to release an american pastor hundred brunson was detained and twenty sixteen accused of helping a turkish group. a group that the turkish government blames for a failed coup alan fischer reports from washington d.c. . angry words have been exchanged between the u.s.
4:57 pm
and turkey over possible sanctions no the u.s. has decided to act at the president's direction the department of treasury is sanctioning turkey's minister of justice and minister of interior both of whom played a leading roles in the arrest and detention of pastor brunson the two ministers targeted a senior figures in the turkish government still a man so i loue is the interior minister abdul hamid gul is the justice minister the u.s. says they are involved in organizations responsible for the continued detention of this month american pastor andrew bronson the taxi he's a spy who was involved in the field twenty sixteen coup in turkey the americans insist he is simply a christian pastor who has been targeted because he met many people from different communities while in the country the u.s. sanctions says that any property or share in property the two men may have in the united states is no blocked and it says that any u.s. citizen business or entity should no longer carry or any transactions with the two
4:58 pm
government ministers from talking president donald trump has tweeted his support for the pastor well vice president might pence has repeatedly called for his release the president to one and the turkish government i have a message on behalf of the president of the united states of america. release pastor andrew bronson now or be prepared to face the consequences. pastor bronson was recently released from prison is me if it remains under house arrest. has yet been sick for his trial. i'll just you know at the white house. well before the sanctions were imposed his present recipe or the one to diplomatic ties with the us had been told that. these threatening remarks against us will not benefit anyone we showed the best solidarity with the united states in nato we have acted together with them in korea together we put up many fights such
4:59 pm
a threat against turkey a country that still fights together with the united states side by side and shows topknot solidarity in nato is not fitting for them and excuse us but we do not give credit for such threatening language. possible from istanbul. the first reaction came from turkey's foreign ministry with a written statement saying that it turkey strongly protests the us the situation to sanction turkish officials also it turkish foreign minister said the decision doesn't comply with state seriousness and it's an intervention in turkish judiciary system which is an independent entity also turkish foreign ministry recall mend that you're not to this should go back on the strong the situation as it damages the constructive efforts and bettering the by later relations if not turkey would respond in an equal and way as far as we know turkish officials are now working on a sanction list in case also today we heard that turkish officials will also be
5:00 pm
talking to nato leaders and european leaders because this is the first time that the united states is threatening a nato ally in is such a strong way especially while the relations have have come to a better status but one thing is important yesterday the turkish foreign minister had a phone talk with my pump aoe upon his request and to morrow in singapore during the asean meeting turkish foreign minister and my pumper will come together have a face to face meeting which can also be binding about isn't the tensions between two countries still ahead here on al-jazeera students in bangladesh take to the streets in dhaka calling for justice following the death of two college fellows. i'm adrian brown in the heart of trying to saw a country where local farmers say they've got a lot to sign president trump for find out why on al-jazeera.
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by the springtime flowers of a mounting lead. to the first snowfall on the winter.


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