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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 2, 2018 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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there is a limitations on press freedom there's a lot of a draconian law like the information technology law etc put on. journalists have been complaining that there is not much room or space to put a dissenting opinion all put together there is a pent up frustration within the general population if you get down in the strode the police are very heavy handed there are student demonstration by the doctor university and all the big universities for reforming the court system there were very heavily dealt with the government student as well as the police so all put together it's not just just the accident i think it's a pent up frustration which is you see for five days the students were able to literally capitalize the city and virtually take it into their home the police put out restrain them not anywhere to be seen near the student because that would backfire and the government is obviously nervous with the election so nearby they don't want to see that public opinion is descending against them and we thank you
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very much for that. with the latest live in dhaka thank you. but we have plenty more ahead on the news hour including turkey reaction to the u.s. imposes sanctions on two of its most senior ministers. wiring days ahead in spain finest sweeps through a national park as temperatures crank two hundred fifty degrees celsius threatens force i don't have started having fun again and as the post when that era rumbles on. now a new squeeze is being put on life in gaza with israel announcing it's blocking human gas supplies into the gaza strip defense minister on the don't leave them and says fuel trucks want to be allowed through the obvious. it's in response to incendiary comments being flown across the border palestinians and die. already suffer
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frequent and rely on fuel to power generation as well as go to our correspondent stephanie decker she is joining us live from gaza. so. israel crushing all emergency fuel supply is adding even more pressure as we've mentioned to people living in gaza. this is really an attempt by israel to put more pressure on the political leadership here to as you mentioned earlier stop those and century from going across the border the effect on the people absolutely is significant because this is the main goods crossing so what's being stopped now and we have to say this is the second time in two weeks that this decision is happening it was stopped opened again last tuesday but now it's closed again cooking oil is something that stopped and fuel so from what we understand gaza has about two days of supply left so people are in panicking at the moment there's no queues at the gas stations but
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certainly if this goes on for a long time it will have a significant effect it goes to show that the cease fire that's in place here between israel and hamas is fragile that there are still major sticking points we are expecting a senior delegation of how mass leaders do not reside inside gaza coming to visit today from cairo perhaps bringing something on the table more details particularly with this cease fire will supposed to keep perhaps palestinian reconciliation or which is having a major impact on the life of the people here until there's any movement on that you won't see an improvement and move also ahead the u.n. envoy stephanie trying to mediate has anything come of that and do all of these officials you know the do they really understand the sort of living conditions that people in gaza facing because of these restrictions. efforts are all part of that what he was doing substantially over the last couple of weeks is almost fire. trying to prevent a full on into
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a war here but i think it's very important to bring it back to the people two million people here under their lives have never been as bad as they are now that is what everyone tells us that is what we see the economy is dire this is not only because of israel because of sanctioned sanctions put on here by the palestinian authority by the palestinian president mahmoud abbas because if so it is a desperate situation we try to try and move away from the politics and show our viewers what normal life is like so we went to talk to some of gaza's life guards something you never really hear about but even then life on the beach is affected by the occupation. he is arguably the best known lifeguard in gaza also known as the teacher or the swimmer fifty five year old ayman is a veteran on these beaches. when children come to the beach you feel like they are releasing the depression they have been. when they enjoy the water you feel like
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they need it it's like a mental really. be forgiven to think that this is a beach just like anywhere else in the world and even though it offers some sense of the state for the people of israel cedes remains ever present just a few kilometers off the coast israeli navy patrols the waters imposing its years long naval blockade and israeli navy vessel lies in the background we noticed it using a water cannon just before we started filming what we can only assume was a palestinian fishing boat perhaps getting too close to the israeli imposed invisible border penned in even at sea. the blockade is also limited mohamad champion long distance swimmer he says he hasn't been able to fill his dream of competing abroad as he hasn't been allowed to leave a lifeguard for fifteen years he says they badly need equipment. me to quit because right now we have. we do everything by our hands we need boats life rafts the
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minimum is the rescue buoys we don't even have that so big number of people come on the weekend and it's really difficult to deal with so many people were told drowning is a problem many don't know how to swim. and for those who can afford it and wayman starts them off in the pool as seen parents the world will recognize but everything is different here forty five kilometers of sun kissed beaches but the waters are contaminated with rule of sewage the majority of gaza's two million people have never been allowed to leave the economy's never been worse most don't have enough money to blockaded palestinian infighting in summer when every time they say there will be a solution things just get worse it's difficult to do a story on life in gaza these days without mentioning the crippling effect of the siege despite these seemingly carefree moments everyone without fail says life is
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the worst it's ever been stephanie decker. took a sweat into retaliate against the u.s. for imposing sanctions on two of its senior ministers a fallacious effort by the trumpet ministration to secure the release of an american pastor and have been some with detained in twenty six stand accused of helping the growth of the turkish government blames for a failed code alan fischer reports from washington d.c. . angry words have been exchanged between the u.s. and turkey over possible sanctions no the u.s. has decided to act at the president's direction the department of treasury is sanctioning turkey's minister of justice and minister of interior both of whom played a leading roles in the arrest and detention of pastor brunson the two ministers targeted a senior figures in the turkish government still a man so i loue is the interior minister abdul hamid gul is the justice minister the u.s. says they are involved in organizations responsible for the continued detention of this month american pastor andrew bronson the taxi he's
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a spy who was involved in the field twenty sixteen coup in turkey the americans insist he is simply a christian pastor who's been targeted because he met many people from different communities while in the country the u.s. sanctions says that any property or share in property the two men may have in the united states is no blocked and it says that any u.s. citizen business or entity should no longer carry or any transactions with the government ministers from talking president donald trump has tweeted his support for the pastor well vice president might pence has repeatedly called for his release the president. and the turkish government i have a message on behalf of the president of the united states of america. release pastor andrew bronson now or be prepared to face the consequences. as the bronson was recently released from prison it is me if it remains under house
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arrest. has yet been sick for his trial i will fish or i'll just eat up at the white house. before the sanctions were imposed president. said diplomatic ties with the us helping tarnished. threatening remarks against us will not benefit anyone we showed the best solidarity with the united states and nato we have acted together with them in korea together we put up many fights such a threat against turkey a country that still fights together with the united states side by side and shows topknot solidarity in nato is not fitting for them and excuse us but we do not give credit for such threatening language asylum corsi owner has more from istanbul. the first reaction came from turkey's foreign ministry with a written statement saying that it turkey's strongly protest the u.s. decision to sanction turkish officials also turkish foreign ministry said the decision doesn't comply with state seriousness and it's an intervention in turkish
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judiciary system which is an independent entity also turkish foreign ministry recall mended that united states should go back on the strong decision as a damages the constructive efforts in bettering the by later relations if not turkey would respond in an equal and sway as far as we know turkish officials are now working on a sanction list in case also today we heard that turkish officials will also be talking to nato leaders and european leaders because this is the first time that the united states is threatening a nato ally in is such a strong way especially while the relations have have come to a better status but one thing is important yesterday a turkish foreign minister had a phone talk with my pump a zero on his request and to morrow in singapore during that is in meeting turkish foreign minister and my pumper will come together have a face to face meeting which can also be binding about is in the tensions between
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two countries an extreme temperature warnings in place and things swelled to towards records high and there's concern about what the next week could bring already more than one hundred firefighters are trying to contain a blaze that of that park and under the sea and the south the highest recorded temperature for spain is forty seven point three degrees celsius it's projected a could reach fifty this weekend and that would be the hottest on record and continental europe well the heat wave that's been hitting northern parts of europe as scores and more problems farmers in england and wales say they haven't seen much rain for more than two months and crops are being affected jonah hill reports. with an almost rain free july following the driest june since one thousand nine hundred twenty five britain is sweating its way through both the heat wave and drought at the moment the news we're hearing about the lack of rain for speculation about shortages it's not a local sort of northern european or british issue this time it's the whole of the
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northern hemisphere i'm reading hearing reports from the us canada russia sweden about long periods of high temperatures drought conditions and it's affecting harvests everywhere farmer robert lord takes me on a tour of his parched land wheat prices are way up that's good for farmers but bad of course for consumers he's worried about his livestock so your big concern now is is the grass that you have lost effectively that would mean feat. and it's got to the situation in the last few days that we've had. and bring it out of the field the national farmers union has called it a crisis we have our feet on our shelves twenty four seventh's and we often don't actually ever really think about where it comes from or indeed how it gets on the shelves so i think it's
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a wake up call in many areas and not least around the situation of market failure volatility. crucial component of the future of the cultural policy the long hot summer of two thousand and eighteen is a reminder says the national farmers union that britain shouldn't take its food production for granted and a timely one at that as concerns grow about the possibility of this country exiting the european union without a trade deal resulting in food shortages even stockpiling in the months ahead we cope with it whether we manage with whether the one thing is giving us is a lot of uncertainty a. why are you going forward and always saying as a politician's squabbling as the drought continues both briggs it and the challenging climate looks set to ensure challenging times ahead al-jazeera. well in a few moments we'll have the weather with steph but still ahead this news hour
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languishing problems for refugees seeking asylum in france how they're facing a new deadline. this time to waste. and charlie brown and franklin first headed off fifty years on look at the impact of the first black character in a popular cartoon strip at a sports arena williams concordia hanekom to progress is again the san jose. from a fresh coastal breeze. to watching the sunset on the australian outback. hello there it is still exceptionally hot across many parts of europe in finland in the far north there where we've just announced that for the month of july as a whole the average temperature was the hottest on record and now germany is also complaining about the hate here incredibly hot on wednesday eleven stations said
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that its maximum temperatures were either beaten or toyed during the day so still the heat there continues and now the heat is slowly on the move it is releasing from parts of germany thanks to this weather system here that's making its way across us it's giving us some very violent thunderstorms lots of heavy downpours lots of thunder and lightning in that as well so generally force in germany not quite as hot as it has been over the last day or so those thunderstorms moving their way east but if you look at the temperature chart force over the next few days we can see that the brightest red colors are definitely down towards the southwest with spain and portugal it is going to be fine. nominally hot as we head towards the weekend so what of the temperature is likely to be well they will be record breaking if they go to forty seven point three not the hottest we've ever got that was actually last year and for portugal forty seven point knowing is the maximum we have to be hey we're expecting those temperatures to be at least forty
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eight which would actually tie with the hottest ever recorded temperature in the entirety of europe where. the weather. is known for its history and food today a new generation a shaking things up. my everything. it's all different so. please. we're here to see. a tiki culture and. china is keen to win friends and influence you need oil rich middle east business
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spark the wrong line of china the security resources for the future. as a whole balance expect to grow we bring you the stories to the shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera. good to have you with us on the al-jazeera news hour these are our top stories for lection observers asking zimbabwe's electoral commission to release results of the presidential vote as soon as possible they've also denounced what they say was the excessive use of force by security services protests broke out on wednesday at least three people were killed. zimbabwe's current president is calling for an
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independent investigation into wednesday's violence and. says he's been talking to his opposition rival nelson chamisa to defuse the situation to meet his supporters accuse the rulings on a p.f. party of rigging monday's election and israel has blocked fuel and gas supplies being taken into the gaza strip it's a move that will make it even harder for palestinians already struggling with the lack of ballot tricity israel's defense minister says the measure is in response to protests in gaza sending incendiary kites and balloons across the border while the fuel helps keep the lights on for many palestinians they only have about five hours of electricity a day at this point with generators and needed for the other nineteen hours the u.n. has been sending in nearly a million liters of emergency fuel every month to help those generators as long as the bad is in place those shipments go through well gaza's health ministry says the
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hospitals alone need half of that u.n. supply tricity generators keep essential medical machines on like in cubase for baby use the rest of the fuel is needed to power the water supply as well as for cooking and of course keeping cars and trucks on the road we're going to get more joined by. the head of the united nations office for the cordon. ation of humanitarian affairs off in gaza and he's joining us live from there it's very good to have you with us on al-jazeera i think it's very important to remember at this point that the u.n. ascending that one million liters of fuel because emergency fuel because israel and egypt have not been providing that fuel to gaza this is what israel is doing by cutting these shipments is it even legal by international law. to go. mystical as can you hear me it's elizabeth for on of the presenter here yes
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i can i can hear it now so we are the situation now where israel is cutting off the emergency fuel is what israel is doing legal. i mean we you know the united nations has been. the blockade for for a while now and this is the situation that we have to. leave with so. as you rightly mentioned since today again there are no sanctions preventing the entry of fuel and gas. to gaza and of course this creates a lot of concern concern to us. that we have we are providing almost a million leader of fuel to try to go facilities i'm talking here about critical facilities so essential fifty five all speedo's and reza goes to. lots
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of sewage. treatment centers across the town so if we run out of fuel this would directly affect more than two thousand who are in intensive care and you know and that's all services. but that's one of the problems one of the problem is how we stop the fuel but also how do we continue the service even when fuel is available by by the end of all we are run out of funding. and we have called many times the international community to provide additional funding for the emergency so what needs to happen now because again we're at a situation now where we're talking critical i mean people's lives are at stake here so what is it going to take to get the fuel into gaza to keep people alive. in the these years. at least to. merge and see a few days imported by the united nations to come through so we can continue to
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provide those fuel to those critical facilities these new restriction. came today so we hope that in the coming in the coming days we will be able to to have a solution in and a low to import fuel to continue to provide these essential. services to the police pollution here in gaza and this occurs how do you make israel do that we have a hamas delegation who's arriving in gaza over the coming hours they're going to be holding talks with a number of different groups the u.n. envoy has been mediating so what is it going to take now. i think go on the humanitarian side we have of course with all parties and you know leadership to take on. i don't know what will be there are going discussions these are political discussion i'm focusing on them humanitarian side of the issues
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here about our political leadership is fully aware of the situation in brings. to all the interactions he has with the leadership and the rest of the international. community and we've talked about how this is obviously going to affect the people of dallas about what about your work the u.n. office work itself how will you be affected i mean will you be able to continue. looking in gaza without fuel and without funding and threats to funding that they're being. i mean the situation is critical not only for the un for all you mind your own organization here that your money turn appeal is only final for twenty five percent. only some specific sectors i will fund it so you also probably heard about. the cut of funding of all their organization
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here and here in gaza so this situation tree to go we need to adopt we need to. make sure that we are reaping revising our activities and ensure that we can stay in continue saving lives that's our priority not just the chorus thank you very much for your time on this that is the un's no sukkahs joining us live from gaza thank you very much. now relations between syria and jordan are beginning a new chapter after the defeat of rebels near the shared border damascus says planning to reopen the road to the frontier the closure of the unless of course again twenty eleven has affected the economies of syria and neighboring states they know how the reports from jordan's capital amman. jordan wanted exports to flow through what was once a lucrative trade route the syrian government's recaptures than a sea crossing from the opposition in early july was welcomed by officials here
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damascus says the road is now ready for use and is waiting for jordan to officially request the resumption of commercial activity it may be using this as leverage to define a new relationship. a syrian regime they have their own political agenda they will make demands and impose conditions on jordan the opening of the border won't happen right away from my experience with the regime jordan for something in return that could be an official recognition of syrian president bashar assad's legitimacy officially jordan was one of the few arab states that didn't cut diplomatic relations with damascus and kept the channel for military cooperation and intelligence sharing open but ties were affected in the early days of the conflict jordan's king abdullah called on assad to step down that approach later changed with the priority being the protection of national security interests it has been a difficult balancing act for jordan it likes to describe its policy toward the
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syrian crisis as it called for a political solution and it didn't call for regime change as a condition to end the crisis the kingdom to a certain extent followed an independent course from its allies who were supporting the opposition despite its cautious approach jordan along with the u.s. and saudi arabia did back the opposition in southern syria but when damascus was close to victory it convinced many rebels to surrender it is enough for them to reopen its embassy in damascus and this would be tantamount to acknowledge them and of the digits. bashar to stick but not the player. or definitely clearly in favor of the regime so russia is going to want there's no question about that. with that you have a neighbor like this you need to deal with that many jordanians accuse the assad government of crimes against humanity but public opinion seems ready to accept the reality because of the benefits to the struggling economy now it's
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a fact that would steer syria and everybody wants. to see that russia and if everybody. in the sea it's very good for our economy and our people. the neighboring countries are on the road toward restoring relations but jordan will first have to pay a political price for their a man. the u.s. is trying to impose even higher tariffs on chinese imports raising them from ten percent to twenty five the move will target two hundred billion dollars worth of goods one high profile casualty of the trade battle as american soybeans which are a crucial part of the chinese diet china correspondent adrian brown reports from hay long john province where most of the crop is harvested. farmland is precious in china only fifteen percent of the country is honorable that makes the
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last shouldn't fertile province of hay long giang very important especially now. close to the border with russia this is soybean country. china is the world's largest consumer of soybeans but it can't grow enough and so is reliant on imports to meet demand that means the decision to impose a twenty five percent levy on u.s. soil beans creates risk yet in this province the trade fight appears to be having a welcome impact. farmers like moon family of being urged by the local government to switch their fields to soit from corn offering subsidies as an incentive that'll raise incomes moon says he has a lot to thank president trump for for one when you know when china stops importing from the united states is possible where the price of domestic soybeans welcome up and that means we'll make more money. soybeans may flourish in this province but
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only around ten percent of those consumed in china are domestically grown the instruction to local farmers to grow more soybeans was a political priority but the reality is this china is a long way from ever being self-sufficient in soybeans which means it's going to be reliant on imports for years to come hi everybody i am a soybean in this cartoon video china appears to be targeting u.s. farmers it's been airing on the international service of state t.v. and has a clear message in china can buy soybeans from other countries but if that happens soybean farmers in the u.s. could take an even greater hit. and the soybean plays an essential role in the chinese diet used in cooking oil source tofu as well as animal feed the government's now taking action to ensure there's no shortage of what god the father
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with a garment is offering more subtleties to soybean farmers so i believe the garment. it's been very supportive in maine the whole soybean industry in the past cheap soybean imports hurt chinese growers but the tariff war with the united states could secure their future adrian brown al-jazeera in a long jiang province northeast china. poland of managing director of research consultancy asia and a letter and she says even if there are talks over tariffs china may not be willing to do want the us warm. i think china will come to the table it is the united states the trump administration that has been pushing for this tariff fight china does not want a trade war and it will do everything that it can to stop it you know shut down. you know giving up and tie country as it were so yes china would want to talk the
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problem is what is the true and ministration demanded of china and whether china is willing to give that the point there is that it is a china should open its markets or whether the americans have a right to demand that china does it every government does what it's best for its own people regardless of the abstract moral issue and run now up until now china fuz that it can do a lot of things that. because this. one for. a market. billion people and everybody wants a slice of that mark. to make it all the while our the largest private sector organization is accusing the ruling party of engineering land seizures all over the country it says the government is trying to pressure or punish suspected opponents
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after four hundred fifty people have died in more than three months of anti-government west and land on as a worried they're the next target they say in human reports from just outside the capital. squatters settlements like this one are sprouting up over much of nicaragua and arrived with his family just last week when he heard that this prime property on the outskirts of managua was pretty for the taking. but. we've been told it belongs to the government of the commander during or. at least one part of what he says is faults it's private property owners say that they were thrown out by the squatters when they showed up with their land title. with the then we have reported this to the police the public prosecutor the mayor but nothing so far. camera one of the squatters told me they're being rewarded by the government for their loyalty to president. owner of the settlement has been named.
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way to pressure and punish those who are viewed as adversaries such as the cohen group one of nicaragua's largest at least three of their properties in northwest and there have been invaded but not by poor squatters. these are heavily armed masked ropes of thirty forty or fifty people who are organized with clearly just to go preparation. security rings on the outlying roads to control anyone who approaches. the police he says refused to intervene the invasions came after executive manager and had publicly stated that nicaragua needed democratic reforms the largest business council accuses the government of organizing lang grabs to keep the private sector in line. some landowners as setting up flimsy quarrels to try to keep invaders out signs like this one read.


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