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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 3, 2018 6:00am-6:34am +03

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which has been going on for more than three years he said that is really the only way to try to stop the widespread suffering of the yemeni population and to love trying to prevent this part of the arabian peninsula from really just descending into outright chaos and while some of the language that he used some did i think overwhelmingly positive he said a solution is available and he talked about how much research had been going on in the background talking to various groups but but the reality is nonetheless that this is a protracted complex and it's a conflict and it's deeply complex. well this is certainly a summary of a number of reports that he's had to give to the security council in the past three months but one common thread throughout all of his reports to the security council has been that griffiths feels that all of the parties have been engaging with him in good faith and so he feels that there is political will between the central
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government among the members of the who the leadership and among those who support both sides namely the saudi coalition as well as ron which supports the who these that there might be an opportunity to try to stop this carnage once and for all and so he wants to seize this opportunity and really try to force both sides in this conflict to actually say we need to lay down our arms we need to figure out how to co-exist or how to restore the rule of law inside yemen simply put more than ten thousand people have been killed since the civil war started three years ago at least another forty thousand have been injured millions have been displaced as you noted there have been infrastructure problems there's the risk of cholera if there's another psych loan there is it the capacity of the central government to deal with the damage from that kind of storm there really needs to be
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an overall effort to try to stabilize yemen once and for all and martin griffith is cautiously optimistic that this is the moment to try to do that while some joy in their lives in the united nations miles thank you play watching them as they were news hour live from london and there's much more as a come on the program israel tightens its grip on gaza stopping all shipments of fuel and gas from entering the us. jumpier banda makes his presidential ambition officially known applying to be a candidate in december us election of former tennis world number one andy murray thinks and i'm a big step in his comeback from him. surgery date so we'll have that story later in sports. hundreds of iranians angry at the state of the economy have protested in at least five cities iran's official news agency says the demonstrations were in and have
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been broken up by place it was a name covered say that we al has hit record lows this week it's lost around half of its value this year same bus driver has more from the capital. but we're seeing these protests break out in the main cities about five or six different provinces the biggest demonstrations in the city of this fun and ensure rise now protests in iran have become relatively normal with the economic struggles of the country's been seeing for the past several months so dozens of people protesting in their cities in the towers in their villages is not something that generally makes the news bold what we have seen in the last forty eight hours is dozens of protesters in a few pockets around the country turning into hundreds in main cities in multiple provinces and that's really what is interesting here we also saw or have heard unconfirmed reports of small demonstrations yesterday and the day before in the capital but what is interesting is that about an hour outside of the capital in carriage there were a few dozen people to try to set fire to
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a mosque there were demonstrations there but the police sure did that attempt to burn down a mosque what we're seeing is the number of protesters are swelling people who came out protesting economic conditions those slogans are now turning into more political chants and to government protesters are also coming out not just people protesting the economy and what we're also seeing now is a government effort to try and quell that as soon as possible there is a very large police presence out on the street not just in the capital to han but in several places around the country and that's likely response to a call by several anti-government media organization. it's based outside the country would have called for another round of protests to take place later today democratic republic of congo opposition leader shown here ben has launched his application to be a candidate in december's presidential election the former rebel commander arrived home on wednesday after eleven years in exile ten years about spent in prison after
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force from the capital kinshasa. john pierre bemba arrives at the electoral commission offices to submit his candidacy for president the last twenty four hours have been a whirlwind for him has been heavily guarded by police party officials say his movement has been restricted he's not allowed to publicly address his supporters and the government has denied him access to a residential home in the suburb called in the capital city that. the police are telling us that have been two judges residence this is a violation of his words he's come home and should be able to freely move around and leave where he wants he. can shut his police commissioner is in charge of security arrangements he says all this is for his protection but they will not allow him to go to court which is also a presidential area so. security measures have to be taken he's holding is very
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close to the president today's event in two thousand and six he supporters crushed with the presidential guard and people we are trying to avoid anything like that happening again. at the electoral commission offices i had to first register as a voter before filing his candidacy he's been away at the hague for the last decade who is arrested in two thousand and eight in belgium for war crimes committed by his militia in central african republic between two thousand and two and two thousand and three he was then convicted to eighteen years in prison two years ago by the international criminal court that decision was overturned on appeal in june for the member has just finished a meeting each babies to the electoral commission is the last straw and to do this before a distraction this next week some of the posters have been here all afternoon cheering him on the now he's a little bit of that on the commissioner's only a doctor who would deny his candidacy. it took him hours to clear up with
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a commission and now he has to wait for a few more weeks to know for sure if he'll be on the ballot paper in december katherine soy al-jazeera kinshasa israel's brought feelin gas supplies from entering the gaza strip defense minister avigdor lieberman says the measures in response to protest a sending incendiary kites and balloons across the border suffers from a severe lack of electricity and relies on fuel power generators during outages that often last hours of a time already respond to knowlton's so chorus of the head of the un office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs office in gaza and he talked to us about the impact that fuel restrictions are having on palestinians living in the strip. we are providing almost a million leader of fuel two critical facilities i'm talking here about critical facilities so essential fifty five all sweet dogs and there is goes to. what
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the sewage. treatment centers across the town so if we run out of fuel this was directly affect more than two thousand and passions who are in intensive care and you and i thought services. but that's one of the problems one of the problem is how we stop the fuel but also how do we continue the service even when fuel is available by by the turn of august we were run out of funding and we have called to many times the international community to provide additional funding for the emergency few of. these new restriction. came today so we hope that in the coming in in the coming days we'll be able to to have a solution in and ilo to import fuel to continue to provide these essential. services to to the police were pollution here in gaza well the gaza strip has forty five kilometers of blue waters and sandy coast but not many people there can swim and that's where the lifeguards come in teaching the next generation of staff to
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echo reports even the beach is directly affected by the blockade. he is arguably the best known lifeguard in gaza also known as the teacher or the swimmer fifty five year old ayman is a veteran on these beaches. but. when children come to the beach you feel like they are releasing the depression they have inside because water is life when they enjoy the sound of water you feel like they need it it's like a mental really you know must be forgiven to think that this is a beach just like anywhere else in the world and even though it offers some sense of the state for the people of gaza israel cedes remains ever present just a few kilometers off the coast israeli navy patrols the waters imposing its years long naval blockade and israeli navy vessel lies in the background we noticed it using a water cannon just before we started filming a what we can only assume was a palestinian fishing boat perhaps getting too close to the israeli imposed
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invisible border penned in even at sea. the blockade is also limited mohamad champion long distance swimmer he says he hasn't been able to fill his dream of competing abroad as he hasn't been allowed to leave a lifeguard for fifteen years he says they badly need equipment. we originally meet equipment because right now we have to do everything by our hands we need boats life rafts the minimum is the rescue buoys we don't even have that so big number of people come on the weekend and it's really difficult to deal with so many people were told drowning is a problem many don't know how to swim. and for those who can afford it i blame and starts them off in the pool as seen parents the world will recognize but everything is different here forty five kilometers of sun kissed beaches but the waters are contaminated with rule of sewage the majority of gaza's two million people have never been allowed to leave the economy's never been worse most don't
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have enough money due to both the blockaded palestinian infighting in summer when every time they say there will be a solution things just get worse it's difficult to do a story on life in gaza these days without mentioning the crippling effect of the siege despite these seemingly carefree moments everyone without fail says life is the worst it's ever been stephanie decker or jazeera. tech giant apple's become the first company to hit a valuation of one trillion dollars on the u.s. stock market that's a million million dollars or one with twelve zeros came when apple's share price on wall street wenzel with two hundred seven dollars per share it's the second company worldwide to hit the trillion dollars oil company petro china did it very briefly eleven years ago and the shanghai exchanges kristen suddenly has more now from new york. there was some concern that apple a company known for its hardware had little room to grow given saturation of the
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cell phone market but its latest earnings report put that worry to rouse apple posted earnings of fifty three point three billion dollars in the third quarter an increase of seventeen percent over the same time last year and that is driven by strong demand for its most expensive phone the i phone x. but it's not just hardware behind the company's success the tech giant is also seeing growth in its services business which includes the app store apple music and apple pay sixty percent of the company's sales are international in every region except japan reported double digit growth this is the fourth quarter in a row of double digit growth for apple pushing it into trillion dollar territory at a time when other tech stocks like facebook and twitter have struggled up let a good quarter so they sold good again fifty million phones and if the phone sales were a little soft why unit number the average price rose because the axis was very high
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average selling price so apple continues to be the most profitable company in the world now apple may be the first trillion dollar company in the united states but others are hoping to follow suit including amazon and google zoner alphabet. hot air from africa has been a new heat wave prompting health warnings about some horrid desson dust and high temperatures forecasters say the all time temperature record in your code people can this weekend in spain and in portugal the current record is forty eight degrees celsius and that was set in athens in one nine hundred seventy seven farmers across the continent have been battling the effects of drought and wildfires well karl penhall has more now from one total in southwestern spain and the extreme he warnings that have been put out by the special spanish national weather office are expected to last right through to the weekend so more hot weather to come in those coming days the significance of this town montoro this is where the spanish record
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was set last year forty seven point three degrees and so today all eyes have been on the for the moment is to see if that record will be broken i don't think that is going to happen today from our measurements in the shade temperatures have been around forty two degrees standing out in the direct sun of course above and beyond fifty degrees very hot indeed but talking to some of the older generation in town they say the way to deal with these extreme temperatures is really to go back in time to the old methods the old methods of building houses with thick stone walls using natural fibers and also they point to this spanish air conditioning here both men and women use fans may not be good as good as normal air conditioning but it certainly will help you with your electricity bills talking to one of the oldest generation that i could find a ninety two year old olive farmer he said that he's been noticing year after year
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temperatures have been getting hotter and he said quite simply one of these days the world is just going to burst into flames stay with us on the news hour still to come. got the job cuts the chicago import the british police believe his insights and violence on the streets of london we take a closer look at the shelling of trail. i'm adrian brown in the heart of china soy country where local farmers say they've got a lot to thank president trump for find out why here on al-jazeera. and in sport on still be there london rivals chelsea to claim back in pre-season. hello and welcome to international weather forecast we'll start in europe where
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we've got high temperatures generally across much of the continent there's no surprise but across there are beer and pincher things are going to get really really hot over the course of the weekend temperature of forty madrid no big deal because once we get into the weekend across southwestern parts of spain and into portugal we're looking at temperatures of forty eight degrees celsius we could be pushing the all time european will record quite easily gere in the course of the weekend sunday could even be slightly hotter i think part of this will depend on the winds where they pick up where we get some drawing winds coming down and adding to the heat elsewhere plenty of thunderstorms around all these are blobs of blue that you see here are indicators of where the storms are likely to be and so the storms lovely fine weather conditions on the other side of the mediterranean sea it's looking fine breeze from the mediterranean so temperatures in cairo held about thirty seven degrees celsius know the showers though for parts of algeria and through into tunisia could be some heavy downpours here now as you move into
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central parts of africa here still some showers for sudan and south sudan for the gulf of guinea region some heavy showers some respect he wanted to have a downpours to affect bamako in mali. discover the world of al-jazeera. the best films from across on the network of channels for the london to i'll be good but i'm about to be fresh perspectives and new insights. to challenge and change the way we move from. al-jazeera this time on al-jazeera. every armed attack in europe creates fear and division amongst its citizens. stories of loss no one told. a sweeping association of islam with the violence easier
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in muslims facing the stock reality of being ostracized by the very communities in which they live love and moon the tragic loss of life. twice a victim and on al-jazeera. a reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera zimbabwe's electoral commission has released almost all the results from monday's election nine out of ten provinces have been declared with president emerson my god go ahead of the main opposition leader nelson chamisa united nations envoy for yemen says he'll invite
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the warring sides in the conflict there for talks in geneva in september monson gryphus told the un security council that a political solution to end the war is. a lousy address the cancelled the death toll from the side led airstrikes in the city of one day death continued to rise twenty six people and i confirmed dead after a fishing port and fish market were hit over who's to say the number is fifty five . the united states says it's taking extra measures to guard against potential foreign in severe and in the mid-term elections taking place in november in lunch briefing senior intelligence and law and order figures insisted that they're ready to deal with anyone trying to influence full just or attack election software from the white house alan fischer explains what happened in two shows the sixty's the new news the big piece of intelligence gathering and law enforcement in the u.s. in an unshakeable departments they arrived in the white house press briefing room to insist they were better prepared to call but for an interference in the upcoming
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u.s. midterm elections the president has specifically directed us to make the. matter of the election meddling in securing our election process a top priority just days ago facebook revealed it had removed fake profiles and pages from its platform and instagram which it also warns the head of the f.b.i. says this shows greater partnership we're sharing with them actionable intelligence in a way that wasn't happening before we understand better what they need they're sharing information back with us based on what they find this white house is particularly sensitive to reports of foreign interference given the ongoing investigation into alleged russian collusion with the trump campaign before the twenty sixteen presidential election and the growing number of intelligence assessments that say when it comes to interference the russians are at it again donald trump says he raised the issue during his summit with vladimir putin in finland he just said it's
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not russian but there is concern that this time around it might not just be the russians our democracy itself is in the crosshairs free and fair elections are the cornerstone of our democracy and it has become clear that they are the target of our adversaries all of those on the platform say they're not seeing the same level of attacks on the twenty eight thousand election that they witnessed two years ago but that election is still three months away alan fischer al jazeera at the white house a london rapper who was cleared of murder earlier this year has been stabbed to death by his stage name incognito the twenty three year will was part of the drill rap scene a style of music known for its violent lyrics in called mesa recently agreed to shauna was responsible for a rise in gang violence in the well till music originated on the streets of chicago side cites chris explain that for a rising gang violence with social media spats among rappers erupting ins and real
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life gun fights john hendren reports from the place where it all starts. to. matter. it's vivid and violent and proudly made in chicago. the drill raf took off in two thousand and twelve the year the f.b.i. named chinatown america's most dangerous city its founding fathers chief keef. question right. now from the windy city to london where you tube removed thirty videos at the request of metropolitan police who found the incited violence . this exploding musical genre is accused of sending violence spilling from the speakers to the street i've listened to enough. to buy a little sort of. redeeming value in terms of the narrative. as it is unfolding. the streets of america other than reflect the sort of
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wanton violence. solutions warts. and that solution will soften for many drill rappers life imitates art little jo-jo when j. loud were gunned down in two thousand and twelve king louis in two thousand and fifteen in the list goes on. here in the birthplace of drill rap where thirty five hundred people were shot and six hundred fifty killed last year even some fans say the music the fumes the fury on the street called. and they. will employ. somebody rapping like load up the block. and i get somebody who don't like me and i'll rattle around what. i'm going. kill and that boy lives. up here in chicago's south side where drill rap began
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people say the violence was here long before rappers started talking about it the reality is in chicago we have so many homeless every year and it's been this way for the last twenty or thirty years a lot of guys who roam the streets of chicago mainly to go that's their experience that's what happened here in chicago for critics of the city's latest export the key is letting the videos go viral and not the violence john hendren congress. so until really cool is this assistant editor once upon a grime that's an online publication that focuses on the u.k. music scene and he joins me now via skype and sneery warm welcome to the program thanks for being with us tell me a bit more about the difference between chicago and the u.k. london rap that we're talking about here. generally there isn't really much difference to the sound is just the main difference the limitations of presently
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the violin the same passion and you take this. and say why do you think this conversation is surfacing now this repeated linking that's in the music and the violence what's your take. i personally believe the government has been kind of going to things to push it onto the full truth that it was run music and music and it's not the kinds of music and then you had people claiming we that kind of thing or games it was so they just kind of ran out of options to play but that's not really my area should be so is it is if they were to say antony that this music is kind of more like a war cry is so it's a way to explain the experience of everyday life if i can put it like that the i definitely say so it kind of highlights what they're going through and a lot of us to them the days especially when they can the bigger the rep's institutes like country they will highlight what they've been through and it's the
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same sort of thing. in terms of removing the videos antony does that just make them to some degree watching the more comfortable i don't know what's the what's the sense behind that decision by the mets. i don't think there was too much since behind it i mean people don't want to watch the truth is you don't find another person in. the same. sense i don't think. men. pounding the news is going to really help anything this is very good it makes things worse actually because that now they can have a platform to produce music and potentially get out of the environment they're in and so and so they is that the way forward you think for this discussion between the authorities that don't sort of appear to understand what the drill music is in itself a voice and if that that doesn't have an outlet then actually your presents they just make in the problem itself more intense. yeah definitely they please the map
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but try to aid the community isn't actually going towards the place and try to help instead of just banning the only outlet that they have is the only that was the people in the town in my view generally have it's. just the two drunks in the room and music was one of the outlets for another to happen in there. and severely could there joining me live antony thanks very much. for the u.s. is increasing the pressure on china over trade by threatening even higher tariffs on chinese imports present charm for jesus china of unfair trade practices and is pushing putting pressure on beijing to reform china's retaliated with tariffs of its own that's affected china's supply of soybeans as our china correspondent jim buy reports from hay long cheng province. farmland is precious in china only fifteen percent of the country is arable that makes the russian fertile
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province of hay long jiang very important especially now. close to the border with russia this is soybean country. china is the world's largest consumer of soybeans but it can't grow enough and so is reliant on imports to meet demand that means the decision to impose a twenty five percent levy on u.s. soil beans creates risk yet in this province the trade fight appears to be having a welcome impact. damas like modern family being urged by the local government to switch their fields to soil from corn offering subsidies as an incentive that'll raise incomes moon says he has a lot to thank president trump for who won when you know how when china stops importing from the united states is possible what the price of domestic soybeans
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welcome and that means we will make more money. soybeans may flourish in this province but only around ten percent of those consumed in china are domestically grown the instruction to local farmers to grow more soybeans was a political priority but the reality is this china is a long way from ever being self-sufficient in soybeans which means it's going to be reliant on imports for years to come hi everybody i am a soybean in this cartoon video my china appears to be targeting u.s. farmers it's been airing on the international service of state t.v. and has a clear message in china can buy soybeans from other countries if that happens soybean farmers in the u.s. could take an even greater hit. and the soybean plays an essential role in the chinese diet used in cooking oil source tofu. as well as animal feed the government's now taking action to ensure there's no shortage of. the comedies
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offering more subsidies to soaring farmers so i believe the government's been very supportive of me and the whole soybean industry in the past cheap soybean imports hurt chinese growers but the tariff war with the united states could secure their future adrian brown al-jazeera in a long jiang province northeast china well we just have results in mali's presidential elections where neither of the main candidates has secured more than fifty percent of the vote which means it will proceed to a second round the electoral commission has just announced president abraham boubacar kates at one forty one percent his rival somalia to say got seventeen percent while his opposition candidates have slammed the vote saying it was rigged assault med's mohamed vall he joins me on the phone now from bamako so mohamed we've got the results what happens now. yes what happens is that what has been
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expected here basically is nobody actually has expected the president to buy a book. from the ground in the south on. the expectation is that now that your position have united its act just a day ago and decided to talk in one voice against the rigging and the manipulation that they say they accuse the government of didn't get action days expectations that some of them are pleased you know roughly behind it so might if you sit in the second seconds. which is on the twelve months if that happens on a mob scale and because he has ordered you to smoke mentum does the last several months. i mean some might if you think this could lead probably to a tight race than ever before between the sitting president and the opposition be
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the body of course let's say thirty three no president somebody has ever been moved by you know. in the democratic vote by a opposition leader and i think if this happens this time it will be assessed unprecedented money and. it's unlikely by many analyses but i'm so because of this . situation that i have to discard the opposition it's very unpopular with the status quo many of them off of course the output of i divided about the leadership of iran and look up to a toddler in the last five years but as i said it's the opposition decides to support one man probably there will present a very formidable challenge to. bring to the. whole involving joining me on the line from family karama thankee. nicaragua's largest private sector organization is accusing the ruling party of engineering land seizures all over the
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country says the government's trying to pressure or punish suspected opponents up to four hundred fifty people have died in more than three months of antigovernment protests this in human reports from asyut just cite the capital. squatters settlements like this one are sprouting up over much of nicaragua and we were bribed with his family just last week when he heard that this prime property on the outskirts of managua was pretty for the taking to get them more but. really in business with what we've been told it belongs to the government of the commander doing who are supporting us. at least one part of what he says is faults it's private property it's only say that they were thrown out by the squatters willis showed up with their land title. with the oil and then moved we have reported this to the police and the public prosecutor the mayor but nothing so far. off camera one of the squad.


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