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tv   Dambisa Moyo  Al Jazeera  August 3, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am +03

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we've had a couple of attacks on civilians and then. and there she put a few techs between the taliban and i so. this is attacks across the country and civilians really taking the hit and being in the crossfire on those attacks in recent months and of course. is really concerned about the suiting up to the elections to the point that he seems in the national army to going to. to take control from the police trying sure up security on civilians thank you very much for that shot about us live in kabul with the very latest from. we're going to take you back to zimbabwe now opposition leader nelson has just finished speaking. let's go to our correspondent harder to toss out who was listening to him declaring the election for illegitimate and saying that they will contest the results.
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it sounds like he's planning to go to courts which could be a slow. process and he said in the past that he doesn't trust the judges in the courts who he says are allied to the rulings on it so what next may be taking to the streets but often what we saw on wednesday when the army used live ammunition on protesters some of the bodies are saying that they are scared to do that so managed to say maybe to me so once the international community to intervene force for some kind of dialogue between president and himself maybe we could see some kind of power sharing government being set up when he gets some position in the government zanu p.f. supporters saying that's highly unlikely they are convinced that they won this election and election and insist that there was no rigging at all so what happens next in the next few days as. to pursue contesting.
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and the whole world watches. i think if it stays quiet we will get the inauguration ceremony we're hearing it could be as early as monday once that's done once president is sworn in the country will try to move forward the key thing of course is to watch and see and listen who's going to congratulate we've heard from south africa tanzania who else is going to endorse this election and if the international community does in dorset then maybe investors will come and invest in the country and that could create jobs and create jobs for many young people who are unemployed many of them who are frustrated who just want this political stalemate and. it will be interesting to see what kind of support. it's especially because just following the results watching the results coming in there were different groups of election observers in the country and they
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have differing verdicts on how free or fair the election was. exactly yes most of the all said this election was run much better than previous elections but there was some inconsistency as some of them say there was voter intimidation some people didn't trust the electoral commission a lot of things were not right to set up this election bikini thing now of course is when they give their final statements which will probably take two or three months then we'll know exactly how they felt about it but obviously the international community is watching to see how zimbabweans react going forward most people don't have an appetite for violence because that will affect the economy so what next i think a lot of zimbabweans are saying right now they need to see the president. appear together maybe shaking hands maybe trying to reassure the country that things will be fine until that happens you probably going to get a lot of opposition people suspicious about how is. one this election how do you
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thank you very much for that finale that. thank you. so ahead on the bulletin and unprecedented heatwave triggers health warnings across parts of europe. hello some of the heaviest rain rip reported at least in china recently has been at least this white port of cloud in sichuan and your non but the low mass you see there from shanghai is remains a jungle you're talking winds across japan were four or five days ago and has no more than the mass of heavy rain it'll appear is in hot showers probably this thing new otherwise showers yes the drifting around in southern china missing hong kong
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at least on saturday maybe not so much on sunday by which time sichuan it's dry as well the monsoon at its height now still producing day after day of rain or to pradesh. lesser in behind this general area and very recently as to flooding on the ground in this probably more to come this heavy rain in the poled to baton plateau in the northeast of india to an increasingly down that western coast again from mumbai and through to carolina he was carer loans so last week's rain otherwise a dry overseas to humid picture for the most of the rest of india and pakistan and that's true of amount to the hint maybe of a shower a shower or thunderstorm in the high ground the east of amman otherwise no surprise in the arabian peninsula except to somalia is dry breezy and dusty.
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every. once considered a war criminal now an aspiring presidential candidate in the democratic republic of congo. after use conviction was overturned by the international criminal court in the hague. is there. good to have you with us on al-jazeera and these are our top stories. lida is calling the election results fraudulent adding that he is ready to form a government nelson chamisa also accuse the ruling party of orchestrating violence
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in the country his news conference was delayed for nearly an hour after rod police entered the venue and told journalists to leave. the world health organization is calling for an immediate cease fire in northern yemen to vaccinate people from an expected to outbreak of cholera and says widespread value tradition could make a new wave of the disease even more deadly than previous outbreaks and two suicide bombers have burned themselves up during friday prayers and eastern afghanistan at least twenty five worshippers were killed and sixty injured at a mosque in god of this the capital of the a province is suspected of being behind the attack president bush says afghans will not be divided by sectarian attacks. now for the first friday and weeks things are fairly quiet at the border fence but for. israel and gaza a significant nation has taken place with one senior hamas member who survived in
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the gaza strip for the first time since being expelled and two thousand and ten or palestinian protests and small say at least one hundred and fifteen people killed as. stephanie deca she is joining us live from gaza so what is going on there today stephanie. what is the nineteenth week of protests it's more of the same really but there are far less people at the moment i do see them streaming in which is the usual after prayers because it's happens later now because of the heat but it's interesting that it is the numbers are lower why because as you mentioned there are significant talks underway here our senior hamas political leaders particularly saw that hooty who you mentioned who was wanted by israel by israel of being behind the kidnapping of three teenage israeli settlers in two thousand and fourteen and many people will say that the the consequence of events led to the war that and so there are guarantees we understand that he will not be touched he comes
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from cairo after meetings there with egyptian intelligence so we're expecting we know that something a deal is on the table most importantly talking about a long term cease fire with israel we've been hearing today from hamas senior hamas officials saying that these protests have borne fruit almost preparing the public here for some form of announcement but again these things are very complicated but the wider picture would be this would be a long term cease fire and then the most important thing of course easing the siege for the people here so that is something that you can see people sort of running around because there's an israeli drone just up in the sky that usually drops tear gas you can get it so this is so this is sort of what happens is really jordan will come back into the crowd. i do apologize we've lost our connection with our correspondent stephanie decker has lived. near the border fence with
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israel just talking us through the protests the friday protests that have been taking place so let's move on now another potential candidate for the democratic republic of congo's presidential election in december confronting problems exiled opposition leader has been blocked from entering the country at the zambia border it comes a day after a former rebel leader john pierre bemba submitted to join the race catherine so why has more. john pierre bemba arrives at the electoral commission offices to submit his candidacy for president the last twenty four hours have been a whirlwind for him has been heavily guarded by police officials say he's movement has been restricted he's not allowed to publicly address his supporters and the government has denied him access to a residential home in the suburb called in the capital city. the police are telling us that have been. deceived.
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will be able to freely move around and live where he wanted. his police commissioner is in charge of security arrangements he says all this is for his protection but they will not allow him to go to court which is also a presidential area. missions have to be taken he's holding very close to the president as he didn't in two thousand and six he supporters the presidential guard and people. about happening again. at the electoral commission offices i had to first register as a voter before filing his candidacy he's been away at the hague for the last decade was arrested in two thousand and eight in belgium for war crimes committed by his militia in central african republic between two thousand and two and two thousand and three he was then convicted to eighteen years in prison two years ago by the international criminal court that decision was over tonn on appeal in june but has
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just finished submitting. is a strong candidate to do this before it is traditional next week some of the voters have been here all afternoon sharing him on. the commissioner's office to. see. it took him hours to clear up with a commission and now he has to wait for a few more weeks to know for sure if he'll be on the ballot paper in december catherine soy al-jazeera kinshasa. turkey and the united states have agreed to discuss the recent tension between the two countries foreign minister. and secretary of state mike pompei i met on the sidelines of the summit in singapore have a shorter describe the meeting as constructive the u.s. imposed sanctions on two turkish government ministers and protest at the detention of a u.s.
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pastor accused of terrorism turkey has said the sanctions are unacceptable. that we have said from the start that the other side threatening language and sanctions will not get any result we repeated this today. might pompei or we discussed how to solve issues how to take steps together it was an extremely constructive meeting there may be tensions and differences of opinion between countries but turkey always wishes to solve problems through diplomacy and dialogue mutual understanding and agreements. a saying about this monk used of sexually harassing nuns in china is now being investigated by the government she shared churn as a political advisor to the government and head of china's bothers to association a ninety five page document and leaked by two former monks alleges he coerced the nuns she denies the allegations calling them distorted. has been downgraded to a tropical storm but it still causing major disruption in china one hundred thirty
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thousand people have been ordered into shelters around shanghai at least one hundred fifty flights have already been canceled along with high speed train services outdoor activities are suspended because of safety concerns. now forecasters say the temperature record for europe could be broken this weekend in spain and portugal the current record off forty eight degrees celsius in the greek capital athens forty one years ago or ten whole reports from one thought to and southern spain and how it's coping. by a bend in the river spain's hottest town. it's only mid-morning in the temperature in montoro is already above thirty celsius . ninety two year old olive farm appeared on moira sure that every year the summer months a getting hotter. if it carries on like this i think the earth could catch fire and
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the world would come to an end this corner of spain is on heat wave alert but the local police chief is confident they can handle it no no no. there's no alarm here people are smart the old folk have passed down the know how from generation to generation like a secret recipe. this is one of those recipes. traditional despatcher tomato olive oil vinegar and garlic. that was in here with. this is essential it has a lot of vitamins and when it's served fresh it revives your body. the pharmacy thermometer marks a high of forty one degrees well shy of last year's spanish record of forty seven point three celsius. down the street the rodriguez sisters sell air conditioning the higher the heat the bigger the fan i knew i mean there were only
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eleven equal in the past there was even a secret language with the fans depending on how woman moved her fan she would send a message. next door basket weaver. blames plastic and the younger generations for the demise of old fashioned natural fibers that he uses for everything from window blinds to food hampers. you don't need a fridge put your food is somewhere in here to keep them fresh just closed the lid . narrow streets white walls and cobbles all designed to keep montoro as cool as possible the spanish formula for staying safe seems quite simple stay off the street stay inside and take a siesta just a little response by the fountain as evening temperatures dip but the heat wave is set to continue culp in all al-jazeera spain. apple has become the
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first company in the u.s. to have a value of one trillion dollars the milestone was for each one apple's share price tipped over two hundred seven dollars at the second company worldwide to have a twenty in dollar value petro china did it briefly in shanghai eleven years ago kristen salumi has more. there was some concern that apple a company known for its hardware had little room to grow given saturation of the cell phone market but its latest earnings report put that worry to rouse apple posted earnings of fifty three point three billion dollars in the third quarter an increase of seventeen percent over the same time last year and that is driven by strong demand for its most expensive phone the i phone x. but it's not just hardware behind the company's success the tech giant is also seeing growth in its services business which includes the app store apple music and apple pay sixty percent of the company's sales are international in every region
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except japan reported double digit growth this is the fourth quarter in a row of double digit growth for apple pushing it into trillion dollar territory at a time when other tech stocks like facebook and twitter have struggled a lot of good quarter so they sold yet again fifty million phones of the phone sales were a little soft why unit number the average price rose because the. very high average selling price so apple continues to be the most profitable company in the world now apple may be the first trillion dollar company in the united states but others are hoping to follow suit including amazon and google zoner alphabet. and again i'm of the problem and with the headlines on al-jazeera zimbabwe's opposition leader is calling the election results for washington to adding that he is ready to form a government. also accuse the room and zanu p.f.
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of orchestrating violence in the country his news conference was delayed for nearly an hour after police and to the venue and told journalists to leave. there's been an attempt to try and link them decide to the disturbances that happened in the cities and we have nothing to do with that we deplore but and this is why we have encouraged citizens and we are encouraging citizens to make sure that you are come to make sure that i'm intending to this but to the many vigilant to protect your phones as far as we're concerned this election. there's a brazilian. fraudulent ligo. and got a. good ability and some. issues and all the news the world health organization is calling for an immediate cease fire in northern yemen so people can be vaccinated for an expected outbreak of cholera
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that's as widespread malnutrition could make a new wave of the disease even more deadly than previous outbreaks two suicide bombers have blown themselves up during friday prayers and extent of gonna stand at least twenty five worshippers were killed and sixty injured at the mosque in got this the capital of the a province i still suspected of being behind the attack president a shotgun he says afghans will not be divided by sectarian attacks. toughened john luddy has been downgraded to a tropical storm but it still causing major disruption in china one hundred thirty thousand people have been ordered into shelters around shanghai at least one hundred fifty flights have been canceled along with high speed train services and outdoor activities it's ended because of safety concerns and japan's government has condemned a top medical university for systematic discrimination against female students tokio medical university is accused of deliberately slashing the entrance scores of female applicants the stream is coming up next. on counting the
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cost pakistan's new leader is facing some tough financial questions we'll be taking a look at the economic and human cost of the stream he's events plus the u.s. . counting the cost. i mean ok your in the stream today the food lines between gun control the right to be looking at those and also the. great right now that all of the news is printed guns these things five k. we're talking about that in just a moment that's right imo it could be a lot of also speak to youth activists who are continuing their push for gun reform months after a march for our lives changed the conversation in the wake of the deadly parklane attack we want you to join the conversation on twitter and you too.
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should gun violence in the united states be treated as a public health issue for some people it seems like there should be and you say yes to that question but in the united states public funding for research into gun deaths and injuries has been severely curtailed so yes for more on this we're joined from northampton massachusetts by meghan ranee she is chief research officer at the american foundation for firearm injury reduction in medicine known as a firm it's one of the groups that wants more research into gun violence adam skaggs is chief counsel at the giffords lost in churches prevent gun violence he joins us from new york deluce is director of legislative and public affairs at the firearms and policy coalition which advocates for gun rights in the u.s. he joins us from sacramento california and here in the studio is lauren smith he is executive director of the national organization for change he's also co-founder of
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the upcoming national march on the n.r.a. the national rifle association and that rally goes ahead on saturday welcome all of you to the stream and i want to start with a member of our community who heard we were doing this topic and tweeted in this this is dan who says if something is dealt with as a public health issue that's not to say that it is just one more service that health professionals provide it is an approach to dealing with health issues public health approach and you'll see issues like seat belt use bike helmets tobacco use megan that all sounds rational and reasonable why then is gun control and gun use not on that list. that's a great question so the biggest reason that gun violence and gun injury is not on that list is because as you said earlier there just hasn't been funding to address it as
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a public health issue at its core gun injury is no different from any other type of injury like car crashes or pool drowning or poisoning right and we've dealt with all of those as public health issues over the last four or five decades we've developed a whole science behind preventing injury and we haven't done it for guns simply because there has not been funding to do the research and epidemiology and the intervention trials that we've done that have successfully decreased car crashes by over fifty percent that have decreased poisonings by carbon monoxide and so on out in the senate could have dickie amendment which if i don't put it up someone else will bring it out for a national audience explain what that means. sure the ticket amendment is a. a law that was passed that basically prevents several agencies like the centers for disease control from conducting gun research. these were passed in the one nine hundred ninety s. after. the c.d.c.
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began researching a number of different gun issues and looking at the causes and possible ways to prevent. gun injury in the united states and this was passed in one thousand nine hundred six senate essentially said that funding that was appropriated to the centers for disease control's couldn't be used to advocate for or against gun controls the practical effect and it was federal research stopped and we haven't seen any federal dollars of any research will now going to dedicated to studying this problem since the midnight psych so that the challenge there is he's already contradicting himself he said that it didn't allow for research when specifically he just restated the words of the amendment which mean it didn't eliminate the ability to do research what it said was you cannot advocate for gun control meaning you cannot advocate for implementing policy restricting the constitutional right to keep and bear arms then the problem is that the folks at the c.d.c.
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if they can't advocate for gun control than they do then for some reason they've chosen that's ok i got mine and i think any of their thought after that and then with path congress actually took away from thirty three the amount of money that they were spending on fire injury firearm injury research and anything any adult any young channel any any congress is any congress can decide to put those resources to put resources towards that and that doesn't even include the discretionary resources that they have amongst the hundreds of millions of dollars they have to do research so many i'm going to agree with and i think on the point that the congress could any congress could appropriate those dollars and allow the c.d.c. to begin doing this lifesaving research. i don't fortunately we haven't seen it done so there hasn't been any doubt about it and general dollars and i can give you that i don't why you haven't seen it done it's because congress is terrified of the n.r.a. the reason why is because the n.r.a. and gun manufacturers they have the ability to move voters so they are terrified of
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the n.r.a. and if the congress is to push for c.d.c. research for gun control. well i'm going to go and lawrence i'm going to just one thing in so research it's not a partisan issue right so we have successfully decrease deaths from car crashes without taking cars off the road we actually have no one cares on the road now than we had in the one nine hundred fifty s. and so good i mean by the way and find us ways don't let people who. don't want this right used with the idea that we should be doing research the problem is that when you go into research with the idea that guns are bad and we need to ban guns within your research is obviously going to be when was the last leg with michael research where we would all like to research what we would all like to see is research that is. does not advocate but is actually unbiased research and unfortunately for the groups that do do it it's anything but i suggest let me i'm on the side just want to get to community and i want to get this perspective you
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know taking into account what you all are saying here this is mike ph d. and he writes in in terms of funding for health and gun violence i think it's a couple of things politics has reduced available funding fear of being seen as political and awareness that there are fewer funds has prevented scientists from submitting relevant grant proposals but then he takes this and this next week to a more personal level an issue we've covered here in the stream but i think it's important to remind people he says that lack of awareness. suicide accounts for sixty percent of gun deaths and believes is incorrect ideas has lead people away from prioritizing projects looking at suicide and firearms and gives a stat that around half of all u.s. suicides result from firearms that's from the c.d.c. lawrence i want to go to you with that because that's bringing it down to a personal level and i know that you can relate to that yes. i went to a poor community i lived in a poor community i went to
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a poor school where our questions were and with like thirty plus kids i have seen students hide guns in their book bags. i have seen students high in their shorts and we had metal detectors and usually our school system they they talked to us about this they say hey we're going to have you know gun violence in your area when someone dies because we know not to expect a child to one of our friends to come to school there is literally no research for the african-american community where mental health is being around ramp it literally i walked in on my mother trying to kill herself i lost it on a lost him. so you know i don't want to see that happen to anyone i research will take that a long way it is sad that we are now seeing more gun violence and we are seeing car accident i lost three sisters in a car accident and bamber actually already actually most recently they discovered there are actually more people going to be a car accidents by gun violence but i agree let us research suicide and suicide
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prevention and there are groups like both the n.r.a. and the national shooting sports foundation that are working with suicide prevention organizations in order to help address the issue and i don't disagree but when we talk about gun violence we're forgetting that it is a violence issue when you are talking about when you're talking about gun suicides you're talking about a suicide issue we're focusing on what you want to focus on the tool and we're saying focus on the problem and i hear what you're saying though i think that that community member who tweeted and said it's. the fact that these things are readily available that makes that but i want to i don't i want to push on you just a little bit to a story that has been generating plenty of headlines over the last few days you all know it's three d. printed guns now u.s. federal judge on tuesday blocked a texas organization from publishing the schematics for such weapons that was just hours before they were about to go blind i would just as rob reynolds has more. in
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three d. printer technology machines extrude minuscule layers of clastic or resin that gradually build up three dimensional objects using patterns we asked professional three d. printer peterman adi to make one for us consumer printers are available for as low as three hundred dollars so anybody that has three hundred dollars can essentially print one three d. printer guns have no serial numbers so they're untraceable they don't require permits or background checks so anybody can have one and because they're plastic they can go through any metal detector. so you hear the the issue laid out there i want to play a comment that we got from the c.e.o. of a three d. printing company when we heard he but we were doing this story this is what he told to sarah opensource gun designs have been around for as long as i could remember before the internet you can get them by mail order by am at a gun show. and the tools to make guns have been around since well since the
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luddites fail to stop mechanisation. let's say we were successful at banning or stopping people from uploading publishing gun designs on the internet that really wouldn't do anything there are many ways to acquire and capture the data today there's low cost laser scanners and three d. digitizers that you can put any object under and it will capture that three d. data in a matter of minutes so really this whole conversation is pointless. it's pointless adam moved back and thought what do you think well look you know i think we're dealing with a situation as package that you just played demonstrated where putting making downloadable guns available to anybody anywhere means that somebody who can't go to a gun store and buy a gun because they'll fail a background check maybe their domestic use or they have a long criminal rap sheet whatever the reason somebody who is unable to pass
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a background check and buy a gun can just download one off the internet with a click of a mouse or as they have the three d. printer that's problem one as we heard these are untraceable so law enforcement can't trace them in any way that makes an illegal gun traffickers dream come true and because they're plastic they can be smuggled through traditional metal detector technology so you know this is a serious threat it's a problem that warrants a very strict sponsor and to just shrug your shoulders and suggest you know doesn't see here this doesn't matter at all i think really vastly understates the real risk presented here and craig i want to show something from your twitter threat because you tweeted out the president of united states he says i'm looking to free the past that guns bring sell to the public already spike the n.r.a. doesn't seem to make much sense you then get a sub tweet it's called free speech and the second amendment at real donald trump they make a perfect stance on pat that more. ok we understand what we're talking about here
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is not giving people is not giving people three d. printed guns it's providing information to resources to understand exactly what they are for example it is a by the way it is illegal to print or manufacture and detectable firearm so it's already against the law just like it's against the law to manufacture to create multiple cocktails but yet i can go get a copy of the anarchist's cookbook which includes information on how to create a how to create a molotov cocktail understand what we're talking about is free speech we're talking about the ability to communicate make and simply because we don't like the information simply because i don't like the arab nation have we think we can infringe on it that we have just yet like to push back on those restrictions except i would say we have prescriptions based on kind of the idea of public health and a lot of things that can potentially create problems for the wrong people so you
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know you can't buy things right before your certainly. and so why make it where we can i'm sure you know when talking about fundamental right smoking is not a fundamental right. free speech the right to keep and bear arms are both fundamental constitutional enumerated rights is always the problem when they were putting so much emphasis on the second amendment right but we do not put that much emphasis on our fifteenth amendment right the right to vote we have so many a lobbyist arguing and fighting for the second amendment right but we literally have no one out there fighting for the fifteenth amendment right and stereo can't be no guns aren't what i thought it looked just like a toy a reason why he like f.p.c. the reason we're going to look at foreign policy coalition the n.r.a. work it's not because of lobbyists and corporations it's because of the millions of individual voters who inform themselves and show up to the polls so young man i would have to disagree with you there well i'm going to disagree with you craig when it comes to the idea that this is a first amendment issue that is just like
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a book that gives you the instructions of how to make amounts of cocktail if you've got the book the anarchist cookbook a human being can read the printed page that written speech gives communicates a message to the person who can then choose to go out and build on top of cocktail or not what you're talking about with these downloadable guns it's not a bunch of ones and zeros that are communicating to a person who can decide to do with that message what they will or not this is a computer code that speaks not to the people but speaks to a printer and when you click the buy what comes out of that is a play i'm sorry to tell you that you are selling straight and i think you need another lack of understanding about of exactly what this is so i didn't mean that i guess you just are not allowed to know what a great weekend is i want to run their voice and the adults are just certain people now who is in our community a time when gen y. intended gallery test doesn't say ok it's a little bit so this is a socialist rifle association and they say as it had been three d. printed guns will not fire without necessary metallic parts such as the firing pen
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and ammunition they cannot pass through a metal detector undetected for this reason and they go on to say work to build a society where people don't feel the need to own guns start. addressing poverty racism police violence this way is harder but more beneficial i mean right so i guess we cannot have a gun control conversation without paying attention to the new wave of young activists who are influencing this debate so over the last couple of weeks the march for allies to you fred organization has been on its road to change tall for u.s. cities now it's part of their effort to change gun laws in a wake of the deadly hartland shooting of a look. stranger .
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could use small any why don't. you know that's something i would hesitate to say maybe about a year ago if we were going to have somebody of your age on a show like this you would be here as a victim telling your story not involved in what happens next i think in the last year this is changed yes it has changed dramatically especially at the park when shootings. the youth are getting pissed off basically they're mad they're frustrated they're upset that no one is listening to us we are we are literally screaming for help we are dying we are screaming for help and no one wants to help us because the guns are such a polarizing issue in america for some reason when it should be our right to vote because we get affected by it and the african-american community just like we get
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affected by balance in african-american communities our voices need to be heard so that's what we're doing we're standing wave of youth all across the world not just in the united states of america are standing up and it's been happening in europe and france well before parklane even happened and now today the united states you are standing up and the n.r.a. wants to push back against us by issuing threats like come on threat six thirty it's all right so at the park when shooting multiple times the n.r.a. released videos especially. caution we think of a name then or a spokeswoman video deanna louche and i had a name right she basically told the parkland students there was a direct threat like your time is gun activists to have been working for the past sixty fifty years the n.r.a. has just been pushing back against them for what reason like if we can sit at the table this is all what the youth want we want to sit at the table talk with the n.r.a. come up with a plan that works on both sides that push for to protect people second amendment
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right but also push for safer communities schools and sintered for students and young people because young people are out there dying i don't have i don't feel like i should have to worry about my brothers or sisters going to the store and not coming back or my mother walking to work and not coming back but gun activists out there like these are our guns and i just want to make the point clear you are not out here to take your guns were are here fighting for simple background checks. to repeal the dickie amendment two guys right here fighting for a lot of stuff. yes but i think our whole thing is what we want to do is we want to make a change we want our voices heard we want to tell people that just because of our age and you are killing us we are a part of this problem too so that's what i know as a physician. who has spoken out on behalf of the victims the hundreds of victims that i've taken care of for my fifteen year career as an emergency physician at taking care of the suicides the homicides the assaults and many of us have been
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trying for a decade plus to get folks to listen to the fact that exactly what you said this is not about gun control versus gun rights this is about public health and safety and i just want to thank you for bringing your voice. but public policy is all is always been about trying to take away trying to take away the big scary guns you want to talk about the real challenge with gun violence in this country eighty to ninety percent of it eighty ninety percent is either drug or gang related you can actually play a role that was not true at all and as i can show you if you take if you take out suicides eighty to ninety percent of it is drug related but you can't take. it was trying to make a point about vibe about violence particularly when you're talking. about is a so was there but then what you were talking about is the suicide problem and let's just take for example the country dacian of japan which is number two of industrial nations number six overall if you wish and they don't even have as we
11:42 pm
lead the nation in the guns and guns and we believe the nation and guns i mean we are failing education what kind i sense does that make it is something you know but if some talk about style and it's going to side in flailing. around and go on to live i don't know if you can and would have some i want to know that we're talking . i hear both your points i don't know that our audience does so i'm going to jump in there and use that as my chance to bring in this. viewer comment this is from john on twitter he says march for our lives he's talking about. movement i will let you finish i will pose this next thing to you but i want to push on just a little bit because i want to get our viewers' comments and john says the march for our lives has done a spectacular job of taking tragedy to manifest action towards opening up a conversation that's long overdue and i'm often inspired by the dedication of these young activists so when we talk about taking tragedy this hasn't just been about guns per se we got a video comment from
11:43 pm
a parkland student who talks about how he's taken that tragedy and channeled it into making an impact on the ground this is and this is what he said. we need to address the larger issue at hand we need to address mental health because our students are under a lot of stress and they don't know how to supplement their stress and all those negative emotions in the positive outcomes we need to teach students how to be their best selves and how to take negative emotions and reach positive outcomes that's something that we haven't really been focusing on as a society and so he is the founder of the societal reform porpora ation and he's all about mental health and making sure that young people have access to the house that they need to promise i'd let you finish but keep that in mind what do you make of that well here's the thing and i agree with the points that he's made when we talk about the issue that the gun is just the tool he's talking about why or why are people committing suicide why are young people and why is that why are young people going to schools from him and their shootings occurring in schools why is
11:44 pm
there gun violence in urban inner city communities let's look at the reasons why not necessarily focus on the tools but the other thing we need to do if we're going to have a conversation is we have everyone has to be able to be able to sit at the table what winds up happening is and you look at what happened in the c.n.n. debate or the c.n.n. discussion and all of these is the great house you generally have one person talk just. kind of just people start talking over them and start shouting them down like as i took as a one time it does explain what that c.n.n. debate was it was a huge big town of which cool people's attention it was just off the pot and shooting and it blew up in a big way and it was it was a huge big moment for the united states and the brew consing and having that conversation let me just wrap up now we could actually do this show every single day and still not be done with the debate type for me just for a moment actually for the show i'm going to be honest here for the show. there's
11:45 pm
a much coming up in a sentence tell us about the much alright so saturday saturday august for park and students will be joining forces with the founders of the march on entering who have been working so hard where we are taking over the streets of fairfax directly from the n.r.a. to our knowledge we looked at the research that had never been done before so. see on saturday right and the system marches around as well. if you're interested you can look at w w w march on n.r.a. dot org and in the interests of being fair balance firearms policy coalition go to their patients have a take action page and their time to take action is as passionate as you will take action. that is that great in the united states right now. with this tweet from a c.e.o. who says disarm today let the moms dads siblings and families who tragically lost a family member decide future weapon regulations megan and adam and craig annoyance
11:46 pm
thank you for joining us thank you for bringing your insights into the conversation about gun control gun violence gun rights and i will always see online thanks for watching. august on al-jazeera european muslims today are facing the consequences of having that faith linked to on the tax even though day two of victims of the bonds the largest multi-sport event on the continent asian games in jakarta i will host athletes competing in a mix of traditional and the limbic schools a vibrant new series of character led documentaries from immigrant neighborhoods across europe as a rainy and brace for u.s. sanctions due to get back in place on the six to bogost al-jazeera will have of the developments from town wrong in a three part series al-jazeera uncovers the motivations and impact of the brutal
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perspectives and new insights. to challenge and change the way we move the world. al-jazeera of this time on al-jazeera. on live from al-jazeera headquarters. to the news grid of lights camera crackdown zimbabwe riot police break up a media conference by the opposition leader nelson chamisa rejected the election results said it could go ahead but not backing down from his claims that president's. victory was stolen we'll go live to the capital also on the
11:49 pm
grid in yemen on the brink of a nother cholera epidemic it'll be even worse than before that is the warning from the world health organization which says only an immediate cease fire in the north to allow vaccinations will prevent many people from falling ill. protests and the raid shows few signs of fading young people are out on the roads of bangladesh in their thousands demanding safe first streets after two students were run over and killed will explore how social media platforms have been the backbone of these demonstrations. in japan after it's revealed women's entry schools were slashed to keep them out of medical. story.
11:50 pm
you're the news good real live on air we're streaming online through you tube facebook live and at al-jazeera dot com thanks for joining us we begin with what have been really extraordinary scenes in zimbabwe that. was declared the winner of the presidential election well his main rival the m.d.c. alliance leader nelson chamisa was gear. ring up for a media conference at a hotel in harare when riot police as you can see sewed up and they chased journalists away so lisa who's denounced the election results unverified and fake was later allowed to go ahead with that briefing here's some of what he had to say there's been an attempt to try and link them to the disturbances that happened in the cities and we have nothing to do with that we deplore violent this is why we have encouraged citizens and we are encouraging citizens to make sure that you are comb through make sure that you have been dating peace but today many vigilant to
11:51 pm
protect your voice is fine as we are concerned this election is a prisoner. is fraudulent illegal illegitimate and got ticked at our eyes very serious credibility gives and some serious legitimacy issues while tweeting not long ago the president said these scenes today of the bronx hotel have no place in our society and we are urgently investigating the matter to understand exactly what happened over the pos nine months we have protected freedom of speech of assembly and the right to criticize the government this is an indispensable part of the new zimbabwe it is non-negotiable and will not change we won the election freely and fairly and have nothing to hide or fear anyone is free to address the media at any time according to the president joining us from zimbabwe's cops to harare we're saying extraordinary scenes right outside the hotel with journalists
11:52 pm
and riot police how true but if we look at what jimmy said himself had to say when he was eventually there and speaking he said he rejects the results he will challenge them how will he do so. well the inauguration is on monday he could approach the courts to try and stop it from happening he could also call for protests but after the violence people saw on wednesday some say this to go out in the streets and protest you could also ask its national committee to come in and intervene perhaps have some kind of dialogue between president and jimmy so that remains to be seen we are at state house in a few minutes or so we expect the president to address the media address the nation will statement to react to what nelson chamisa said today maybe talk about the election results and what he really needs to do to try and calm down a divided country yet officially according to the results he won the presidential election but now didn't do too badly either urban areas he has a lot of support this is
11:53 pm
a divided nation what is he going to say to unite the people augustine on facebook that's one of our viewers. saying a world leader should monitor what is happening in zimbabwe before becomes another i suppose what's happening in the country is closely monitored by other neighboring countries as well as the international community. yes it is very very closely monitored and the scenes we saw earlier when riot police tried to disperse. what it used to be like when robert mugabe was in power it was the one that gaga has to convince all everyone here that he has changed still the same party but he's been telling people that he's going to be more democratic people will be allowed to express themselves or be more freedoms in the country the scenes today of course have some people questioning that so you really need to try and convince all zimbabweans that things will be different this time and. that perhaps there was some kind of miscommunication that happened today because when we called police
11:54 pm
officer he had no idea that riot police had been deployed to the hotel will suggest something is wrong some analysts say remember that when it was removed a lot of people who support him are still in government institutions this. touch a muslim and are all of this is speculation of course so he has a lot of things need to deal with it right now or people will wait to hear what he has to say can he unite a divided nation and for those that support those opposition supporters who are that we did see come out on to the streets all day previously this week excuse me how do we expect them to react going forward is there an appetite to continue to go out into the streets or do people just want to get on with it after the selection. it doesn't feel like people want to go to the streets after they saw people being shot and killed by soldiers it scared a lot of people and that's why i suppose you saw the day. that the votes and the
11:55 pm
results were announced the capital city was pretty quiet a lot of people stayed away shops and businesses were closed because people were scared about what is going to happen and generally people want to get on with their lives. this country has one of the highest unemployment rates of the world and young people want jobs for that to happen these elections need to be endorsed internationally to feel confident investing in the country and only then can money be poured into the country and businesses can be opened and jobs can be created ok . well countries in africa like zimbabwe are large recipients of foreign aid but the best selling author of. aid is corrosive to democracy in africa and it's also undermined african governments in this exclusive interview she also praises china's role on the continent you can watch the head to head debate tonight twenty g.m.t. or has missed it you can catch it online at al-jazeera dot com where it will be posted. and you can also get in touch with us here on the news grid we'd like to
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hear from you on this story any other stories we will present to you this evening you can tweet us at a.j. english we're also on facebook at facebook dot com slash a.j. news grid you can also send us a whatsapp message at plus nine seven four five zero one one four nine just a reminder to always use the a.j. news grid when you do connect with us now take a look at these live pictures there they are coming into us right now that's from the barrier fence between gaza and israel where large numbers of palestinians are once again protesting after friday prayers this has become a regular scene during the past four months as people demand the right to return to homes and land their families were expelled from seventy years ago since those protests began on march the thirtieth israeli forces have killed at least one hundred and fifty two palestinians meanwhile at the same time hamas has brought
11:57 pm
together exiled members if it's political bureau to meet in gaza for the first time the delegation included rudy he's a founder of hamas is a military wing and they're discussing a cease fire deal that's being brokered by egypt well the israeli prime minister has called a special cabinet meeting on sunday to monitor gaza developments his government has announced additional measures intended to stop flaming kites and balloons that have been sent across from gaza and they have sent into israel stephanie decker is right there joining us live from gaza to just tell us how this friday is panning out because these are the exact type of protests stephanie that israel is keen to put an end to. yeah this is on the table exactly as you mentioned these protests i'll get some need to pass on to show you the crowd as well this is sort of similar to what we've seen in the last couple of weeks what's been different today they released a whole bunch of balloons earlier durian they weren't inflammatory balloons of
11:58 pm
course the inflammatory ones putting huge pressure on israel they're burning tires this is what they do to cure sniper positions and i think there's actually a drone overhead now this is why you are seeing everyone run and the drone drops teargas so it hasn't done that yet but there is this is the fear of people but just to bring it back to what's different this time in terms of politics there's a significant change you have a delegation were arrived here last night senior hamas allegation with the saleh who you mentioned why is it significant while he is wanted by israel so his entrance here will have to have been established with the guarantees of israel that they wouldn't touch him he is probably bringing with them on the table things points that have been discussed and potentially agreed upon in egypt so he is bringing it here now to the leadership to discuss the bigger picture it's complicated but just to try and simplify it is a long term ceasefire with israel it will be improving hopefully the lives of the
11:59 pm
people here think by giving them what you and i enjoy electricity water power ease of movement opening the borders and also there is of course that have the at. reconciliation was always a very difficult one but as you mentioned cabinet meeting as well on sunday so there is a feeling in the air that something is brewing so when do we expect to find any more detail about these meetings that have been going on in gaza do expect some sort of imminent deal. i've lost. or right apologists. we seem to have lost the connection with stephanie decker stephanie giving us the update from the gaza border as you can see and you heard stephanie talk about the basic commodities that are lacking from there and they're effectively banned from entering the gaza strip those items from wedding dresses to soap to baby bottles and diapers are now on display at an exhibition in gaza city the display organizers say is to call
12:00 am
attention to israel's gaza seeds you can read more about that exhibit and see what's not allowed into the strip on al-jazeera dot com yemen already home to the worst cholera outbreak in recorded history it's on the brink of an even more severe epidemic that is the warning from the world health organization it's calling for an immediate cease fire in the north so it's crews can get in and vaccinate people we have requested as the u.n. three days is tranquility associated with the first color of vaccine campaign across fifty six in the north of the country you recall that we were able to start to see v.k. .


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