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in the process before the electorate here gets a vote in october what about the other potential candidates or anybody stand out but we're not really there's another twelve candidates of the twelve parties putting forward their candidates at conventions around brazil mostly in brasilia today among the front runners. the silver the former economy minister the new one that's getting most of the attention is a military man by the name of also not all very controversial figure but he does seem to attract huge crowds often says exactly what those crowds want want to hear often to contradict himself the following day so obviously many have likened him said to donald trump in the united states very controversial figure. but he does seem to be gaining in the polls although nobody in the opinion polls matches the rating of former president lula da silva he still leads the opinion polls although
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the fact he's not there he is serving those twelve years in prison has left a huge void in brazilian politics with his own party and the brazilian political system in general is struggling to fill. thank you very much. and his reign as government has started conducting a census of car owners which is says will help determine the most efficient way of using feel resources that mean protests against the census with many people worried it could lead to rationing fuel shortages are common in venezuela and five years of recession is that your steep fall in oil production in the opec nation. hundreds of bus drivers have held their own protest using their vehicles to block roads as well as protesting against the census their own happy about the cost and shortage of spare parts. the muslims and our what benefit. their sense of we are tired of them we've had seven of them already and guess what we're still here with the same problem we had before. donna's now for more on this is mark weisbrot he's
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the director of the center for economic and policy research in washington d.c. thanks for being with us so what's your interpretation of what the gummed is trying to do with the census well i don't really know what they're doing i mean if they are going to ration gasoline than they would be to know who has cars and i think rationing is if it is one alternative you're if you're not going to allow the price. to be set by the market and right now they're giving away gasoline for free. then the alternative to that is rationing to how i mean how dangerous would it be for the government to either rise raise the price of gasoline or or russian as you as you say. why i think there is a way to or raise the prize they could raise the price and then allocate the
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revenues simultaneously to other things that people need so for example they could put it on their food rationing you know they do give away food they're distributing food to something like half the population right now so they could use the money for that and so there would be a direct connection between the increase in the price of gasoline. to. other aid food aid to the majority of the population so i think that they will eventually have to do that i mean you know they have a two thousand mile two thousand kilometer border with a comb and so billions of dollars worth of gasoline have over the years gone across that border and if you give it to people for free and you have a place that close where you can sell it at the world in something like the world market price you're going to lose a lot of that gasoline so the current system is not sustainable they'll have to
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change it i mean one of the phases poses that is the fact that people might then it might be the tipping point for people who have been of all sorts of things that medicines and food and so on if suddenly. the past if a few were increased than is the suggestion that it might lead to riots so it historically there's not been a popular myth as it. you know and then that's why the government has always been afraid of it but this is reached the point where again they're it's literally just about free. the price is so low some fraction of a penny per gallon. you know you can fill up a whole gasoline cylindrical truck for the price of an egg so this is you know this is you can't have that governments losing a lot of revenue and you know there is you know we had rationing during world war two if they go that route it is possible and they're facing a situation that is worse than anything we faced in world war two in the country is
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at least domestically. and you know with hyperinflation and a long depression and and there is by the way you know an economic war when when the government talks about that that's actually true the united states is very openly trying to overthrow the venezuelan government by. ruining or the economy or preventing i should say the economy from recovering and it has illegal financial sanctions against the country they're illegal under the charter of the organization of american states and under various treaties that the united states has signed and they don't even have the you know any excuse like they could you know argue you can argue about russia or iran and what kind of security threat they might pose under certain assumptions but venezuela poses no never posed any security threat the united states and also it's a very aggressive. regime change operation that the trumpet ministration has
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again very openly followed is something that probably is has been done in the last fifty years by the u.s. government to do that kind of thing so openly so they are facing that and that makes it very difficult for the economy to recover without very serious changes not my spirit thank thank you for your thoughts thank you. dozens of students have been injured in fighting with police in bangladesh's capital dhaka the protesters are angry about poor road safety standards after two fellow students were killed by a speeding bus last week police deny witness reports that they used tear gas and rubber bullets to break up the crowd and lashes transport system is plagued by corruption and a lack of regulation. tens of thousands of women are for tested and sold against so-called spy cam poor in practice involves men hiding cameras in public toilets and changing rooms they secretly film women and then post the video on porn sites
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cam crimes are soaring in south korea six and a half thousand cases reported last year most offenders are merely fined or given a suspended sentence. much more to come this hour including denmark finds the first person under new norm banning a full face veil in public. why even the land of dikes and canals is suffering a water crisis as europe's heat wave goes on. and in sport the biggest name in mixed martial arts is stepping back into the office again after two here absence. had our showers been showing up in the caucasus again but. out of court a few and the coast of iran of course if you i've not seen much reporters hitting
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the ground sadly because it's still getting hot in the still a drought in both iraq and iran but there's the forecast that green don't suggest more showers north of tara which is south around about thirty nine forty mark otherwise the dry picture significant breeze on this is bringing the dust with it thirty in beirut and jerusalem suggests of the sea that side is cooler and the hot breeze it shifts direction a bit so we are seeing temperatures rise in rain possibly for the south as well as the cloud you see here is associated really with the monsoon one small just kept salalah cloudy and drizzle a but also suggests of greater chance of showers around mom otherwise hot dry dusty picture of course in southern africa significant rain has been reported recently on this rather of a cat that went through the western cape so we had a good info costa fifteen in cape town cloud here cloud to the east as well not a lot but some rough just thirty in botswana so by day it's quite warm by night of
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course you expect to get quite cold down to near freezing and even by day in cape town we're down to thirty. when diplomacy fails and fear sweeps in our borders are wide open wide open to drugs terrorists we've proven the barriers are built to impose division to sixty's instead of being an obstacle. into became another almost a quarter to peace in a four part series al-jazeera revisits the reasons for divisions in different parts of the world and the impact they have on both sides walls of shame on al-jazeera. every armed attack in europe creates fear and division amongst its citizens. stories of loss no one tome. a sweeping association of islam with the violence.
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in muslims facing the stock reality of being ostracized by the very communities in which they live love and moon the tragic loss of life. on al-jazeera. that are going to one of the top stories on altars there. is in yemen say they've launched a drone strike on base in southern saudi arabia they say they targeted a runway used by the saudi and iraqi led coalition to launch air strikes on yemen. more than twenty supporters of zimbabwe's main opposition party have been denied bail after appearing in court accused of inciting post-election violence. and
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thousands of israelis many of them from the minority druze community a protest against the controversial nation state law defines israel as a jewish state and downgrades the arabic language. the trying to ministration is making moves to declare millions of palestinians no longer refugees according to leaked e-mails obtained by foreign policy magazine the report says it's the next step after the u.s. cut aid earlier this year from the u.n. agency for palestinian refugees known as honor it's allegedly part of a so-called deal of the century to resolve the israeli palestinian conflict in january jared krishna son in law and senior advisor. to the president reportedly wrote an e-mail saying owner is corrupt inefficient and doesn't help peace and in june he allegedly pressed jordan to strip more than two million palestinians of their refugee status so that owner would no longer have to operate there the
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foreign policy report also mentions two bills in congress that try to redirect more funding away from owner and significantly reduce the number of palestinian refugees energical for u.s. aid more leisure speak to chris gunness he's the chief spokesman for the un's relief and works agency for palestinian refugees thanks very much indeed for being with us sir how concerned are you by that the suggestion that if it to be the traumatization is wants to dismantle owner. well first of all i will not engage in personal i used to for tat megaphone diplomacy through the media would any of the shills in any donor governments the us administration however has not formally in directly communicated to us a number about any specific concerns that is now being raised in certain quarters indeed their backs pressed satisfaction with our programs and indeed we remain grateful to the u.s. government and people for the sixty million they gave us this year they are one of our largest donor still but if they don't have credible reports of misuse of
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funding we will investigate and take action but let's not lose sight of the fact that the mandate of to provide emergency and human development services to palestine refugees is robustly backed by the international community through the un general assembly after it has done for nearly seventy years and that endorsement continues to be in place and why that is we will do our utmost to implement our mandate and provide services to some of the most disadvantaged people on the planet it's just to get back to the to the issue of how they're trying to do this one of the claims is that cyber cat has said that he's a palestinian chief negotiator he said in june that krishna delegation had said it was ready to stop funding or altogether and instead direct the money to wards jordan and other countries the palestinian refugees if that were the case what would the effect be. well look let's be very clear these are people they are human beings that they are individuals with the right and those rights have to be
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respected that individuals with needs and belmar abilities those needs will have to be addressed now they have to be addressed in the present this is something which is ongoing and if you look at a place like the gaza strip there are a million people who are on the food lines there are a million food insecure people we help produce something which is ongoing and if you look at a place like the gaza strip there are a million people who are on the food lines there are a million food insecure people we have programs in syria where there's a war raging the palestinians there as i say are human beings with needs and vulnerabilities somebody is going to have to look after them if there is in no one's interest to have five point three million dispossessed and hungry and ill and desperate people around the middle east but if the point where to to to give the responsibility to the country to host countries and to give them the money to to to help them would that not be a solution well we're very clear if you see the general assembly that set the
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mandate and set the parameters and the general assembly has given us a very robust indorsement of our mandate to continue providing human development and emergency services to the refugees if anything is going to change this have to come of course if it's about a mandate general assembly kristie we're going to thank you very much indeed for taking time to talk to soldiers or. families in gaza have held funerals for two palestinians who were killed by israeli forces on friday the fifteen year old and twenty five year old died during clashes along the gaza border which wounded two hundred twenty others palestinians have been staging weekly protests for more than four months now they're demanding better living conditions and a right to return one hundred fifty seven palestinians have been killed since the protests began gun control supporters in the u.s.
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would be marching on the headquarters of the national rifle association thousands of people from the march for our lives movement are calling for tighter legislation of firearms robin olds is live in fairfax virginia first of all what kind of turnout has there been for this rob. it's a pretty large crowd lauren i didn't i wasn't able to really counted we may get some estimates from the fairfax county virginia police later on but certainly as many as a thousand and most people have left now except for a small handful of folks on both sides the people you can see behind me here have been here for a while there i think maybe fifty to one hundred pro n.r.a. demonstrators who came to have kind of a counter protest they brought a lot of bull horns and shouted a lot of slogans at the march for our lives folks and as you can see the police officers have kept the two sides very separated so this is been
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a completely peaceful event as far as we've seen the march for lives demonstrators are calling for a ban on assault weapons they're calling for universal background checks including . for guns that are sold between private parties and at so-called gun shows they're also asking for an end to the tax exempt status of the national rifle association which they blame for killing much of the gun legislation restriction legislation that has died in car in the republican congress over the past several years they're also. mounting in full out on a campaign to register people to vote particularly young people you know in the united states eighteen year olds can vote in federal elections as an election here in the state of virginia for senate trying to sign up as many high school kids of
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eighteen and over as they can to get out there and to vote in that election and to make gun control and gun violence a major issue when they choose their politics and rob given what you mentioned about the power of the n.r.a. and also the way in the business. to push through gun control has been the last few years how like him or any of these demands to be met in the near future. in the near future i'd say the odds are extremely unlikely lauren it would take a change of parties in control of the us congress under the system of course there are two branches there are two houses of congress certainly both of them would have to be in the hands of the opposition democratic party in order for any meaningful gun legislation to be passed and that in itself is not a sure thing because many democrats also represent states where gun sports and gun
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rights are popular and then of course as long as president trump is in the white house he has brought a strongly come out in support of the second amendment that's the right to bear arms in the u.s. constitution so he would certainly the to any restrictive gun legislation but it will take a lot of political change in this country for the sway of the national rifle association and its membership to no longer be the deciding voice in the debate over gun violence. thank you very much. the spanish authorities say they've rescued two hundred twenty three refugees trying to cross the mediterranean for boats were found in spanish waters on saturday bringing the number of rescued miners to close to fifteen thousand since the end of may spain has become a preferred destination since italy shut its ports to aid groups and jane. a muslim woman in denmark has become the first person in the country to be charged with wearing a full face veil in public she came to police attention after
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a fight broke out between her and another woman to try to tear off her veil the woman wearing the veil covering over and covering has been fined one hundred fifty dollars a barrel a full face veil also known as the kneecap came into effect on wednesday. when an arson is the project director of the oslo coalition on freedom of religion or belief at the university of old oslo she says this law went to help with integration or peaceful coexistence and i believe that the law in general to legalize clothing. look productive at all to obtain. and wanted in any society if one you have already experienced you've got the country has forced people to. wear the job. has probably been there and now when europe we have the prohibition against him and i don't think there. will be
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octane in the productive aim of integration or peaceful coexistence or anything like that europe is buckling under a heat wave with near record temperatures forest fires and drought across the continent it's so hot in hamburg that the fish are dying the heat has raised the temperature of the city's ouster river to twenty seven and a half degrees that's reduced the water's oxygen levels in the rivers swarms could be next the oxygen for water means that botulism bacteria develops which can poison . another and spent most of its history shielding itself from water but right now it's facing a shortage because of that to heat wave in europe and that's causing problems for its important system of dykes and can ours as fairlands part explains. with more than half their country below sea level the dutch have spent centuries mastering the technique of keeping the water out this summer however they find themselves
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running dry the netherlands like most of northern europe is experiencing the heat wave. persistent high temperatures combined with a lack of rain have resulted in a record breaking drought but unlike other countries it's not a shortage of drinking water that worries people here the most important task in times of drought rests upon the shoulders of the local dike or flood barrier inspectors i was entering we were going to lie so we have the lowest point in the netherlands checking on the dikes which are vulnerable to drought. during a drought the dikes can dry out causing them to become weaker and less capable of holding back the water. holding although the soil is now so dry that a single shower won't do will really need two weeks of rainfall to bring the dikes
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back to strength. ward it may not be instantly obvious but this country success relies on a delicate water balance the rhine river originating in this race is crucial to fill up the lakes and push back to seawater preventing it from silting up the lens but as the river water level drops bombs have to be activated to help its branches flow in some provinces farmers are being told to stop irrigating their lands even if it means losing their crops this lake behind me is the reason that for now dutch people aren't too worried the iso mary is the key water reservoir in the netherlands in times of drought but even this huge water besson containing about three and a half million olympic swimming pools of fresh water could have critical levels if it doesn't start raining in the next few weeks. well the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events around the world are being attributed to climate change
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people in the netherlands now wonder if their driest summer on record could be just the start of things to come what we can expect is more summers like this in the future where it's really a big the roth problem we are very good to managing to watch water now we have to learn how we can manage the little water with the forecast showing no significant rains over the next two weeks the dutch are facing a real stress test for the future in a changing climate. your downspouts el jazeera amsterdam the netherlands so i had this news out rebuilding mosul after i so nine months on the city is still in ruins i meet a man who's taking matters into his own hands. and his sport football's governing body takes its day up and controls into the world of e-sports.
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august on al-jazeera european muslims today are facing the consequences of having their faith flicked on the tax even though day two of victims of the bombing it's the largest multi-sport event on the continent asian games in jakarta will host athletes competing in a mix of traditional and the limbic sports a vibrant new series of character led documentaries from immigrant neighborhoods across europe as a rainy and brace for u.s. sanctions due to get back in place on the six the buddhist al-jazeera will cover the developments from town wrong in a three part series al-jazeera uncovers the motivations and impact of the brutal human exploitation system then lay the foundation of today's global powers organist on al-jazeera. once considered a war criminal now an aspiring presidential candidate in the democratic republic of congo. after his conviction was overturned by the international criminal court in the hague jumpier bamba talks to al jazeera.
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a year off iraqi forces defeated are sold in mosul much of the northern city still lies in ruins frustration with the slow pace of rebuild. thing one man has taken matters into his own hands around car port. it's one shop that's reopened but this pizzeria is assigned the one day mosul's old city could return to its former glory if the government helps according to the city's business owners it's been a year since iraqi forces defeated eisel which took over the city iraq's second largest in two thousand and fourteen it was in october two thousand and sixteen that they mounted the operation to retake it eisel was holed up in this
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neighborhood known as the old city nine months later its fighters were defeated but much of the old city was destroyed mosul was liberated in june two thousand and seventeen people thought life would return to normal quickly there hasn't. frustrated with a year long wait jamaal saloon has opened his pizzeria and calls on other shop owners to get back in business. we are the first shop to open and then edge of the street and we call on the other shop owners to repair and reopen their shops we want life back to the street the street is vital and reflects our cultural identity also urged on the authorities to bring back basic services to the street including water and electricity in order to encourage people to reopen their last businesses . the government says is working hard to restore services and clear the rubble but it's not moving quickly enough for the residents of the old city. i used to be the
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owner of that shop over there since the ninety's so i want to reopen it i'm fed up and need to reopen i have a family to look after i've suffered a lot lost my house and shop we call on the government to help us with compensation our brothers shop was also bombed and burnt down on a just the street is our history it's been established for decades the streets must return to its glory in baghdad with the not the street is one of the oldest in the city during the u.s. led invasion occupation many pitched battles took place here in march two thousand and seven a massive car bomb ripped through this place killing thirty people and destroying much of the street but it was rebuilt and now it's busier than ever in two thousand and seven many here feared that this street was lost forever but businesses came back however the shopkeepers here say they had help from the authorities back in mosul residents and business owners filled have been abandoned by the government a charge the government annoys. but one year after the defeat of i saw this lone
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pizzeria is the only sign of development in wrong or does iraq baghdad. time for sport his poll. thanks lauren while african football champions cameroon have named clarence sayed off as the new coach the dutchman joins the indomitable lions with his former international team mate patrick clive that as assistant former real madrid on the ac milan start say golf will be tasked with leading cameroon in the defense of their africa cup of nations crown they are due to host the competition next june saidof has previously managed milan they pull t.v. . well site off arrives during a stormy period cameroon won the africa cup of nations last year but they then failed to qualify for the world cup in russia and their hosting of the continental championships next summer is in doubt after negative inspection reports palestine
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have suffered their first loss at home after being beaten three nil by a rock it was the first ever visit to the occupied west bank for the iraqis iraq have now kept palestine scoreless in ten of their fourteen much is england's cricketers of one test much number one thousand after beating india by thirty one runs in a rollercoaster contest india began the day needing just eighty four runs for victory with five wickets still in hand but james anderson struck in the opening over to give the hosts control throughout kohli added a fifty to his first inning century but when ben stokes trapped him in front there was to be no comeback for the visitors. five minutes of the game intense cricket in and in the communities on the wii or game. still trying to so so kill him but fabulous team performance this morning spoke about sharing their
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belief in design that we had done on the previous three days and if we stayed calm . and trusted all those all the areas that we've previously been bowl in then we get rewards and i think we did just. really proud of the group says the series it really nice thing. and you know looking forward to loads now it's along to see so you feel defeated or being in the seat is quite unfair or at the moment it's all about feeling that i'm being in order and i don't feel that bad as of now because i don't become we did really really mean more than google bugs and probably didn't close or the game in the shooter was a mistake but something that can happen when you're driving so i think there's a lot to be a bit about this game in one's ben stokes finished with four wickets in the second innings but he will miss the second test due to his trial over an alleged assault outside a nightclub last september twenty year old some current was named man of the match
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in just his second test his effort with both ball proving the difference serena williams has pulled out of the rogers cup due to undisclosed personal reasons it comes less than a week after she suffered her worst ever pro defeat and it's a second blow for tournament organizers after also withdrew from the events in montreal the scots making the decision after pulling out from the city open in washington saying he was too exhausted to continue the former world number one hits out to talk and eyes as after reaching the quarter finals in a much against romanian copy all finished at three am murray is making a lengthy recovery from his hip surgery. seven time grand slam champion venus williams has been knocked out of the silicon valley classic in san jose the thirty eight year old was beaten by greek maria cari in the quarterfinals came from a three love deficit in the first set to eventually take it six four she then
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wrapped up the second seven six. new zealand's total dominance of rugby union shows no sign of coming to an end on saturday the country's top club franchise the crusaders won that ninth super rugby title the thirty seven eighteen victory came against the lions of johannesburg and sealed a second successive trophy it was the first time in ten years the crusaders could play a final at home in christ church following the earthquake of twenty eleven new zealand also world champions in the men's and women's fifteen and seven a side games andrea also has sealed pole position for the czech moto g.p. the lead fellow talian valentino rossi by point two six seven seconds championship leader mark marquez will start sunday's race from third. who had been really happy because i didn't expect i feel good but not like this when i started there
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the last lap i feel really good support from the bike i was able to break a really hot we always remember it's in the street only person that can beat him and so. we're going to sit it making stupid mistakes and pressure is where. you live. does have to win every week and later used he was always trained. in the east is going to be to settle for second or third. in the championship. while he's in that regard it's really really. china's rising badminton star she u.k. he is in the final of the world championships after defeating two heavyweights of the chinese game she showed off his athleticism as he beat olympic champion chan long in front of a home crowd in one jing the twenty two year old she will face japan's kanto motor
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in sunday's final. connor mcgregor is returning to action in the ultimate fighting championship for the first time in two years the former to eight u.f.c. champion will take on a normal gold medal of for his lightweights title in october this will be macgregors first bout since pleading guilty to disorderly conduct a take us see media day the irishman was beaten by floyd mayweather jr in the boxing ring last year. football's governing body faith has extended its doping controls into the world of sports the best fee for gamers are in london for the world cup and being tested for performance enhancing substances fifa is concerned about the use of stimulants at the tournament but it brings in a bit more legitimacy to the same because you know people their doubts you know you don't know what people are doing all the really anti doping now is this massive to
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say to people that were using this to an advantage it will no longer be complete and hopefully so you know we don't want anyone doing that so as long as it's a fair playing field cross the whole board and that's what we're aiming for. i think it was time to year to put a little bit of structure around it i think anti doping you know gambling monitoring is important. we don't really treated differently from our other events you know it's exactly the same measures exactly the same processes so we just see it as a natural step. finally the irish women's hockey team is three for their first ever world cup final after beating spain three two in a shootout the our side is made up entirely of ahmet supply as you have to pay to represent their country they are now guaranteed at least a silver in sunday's final. and i'll back to lauren and london full thanks very much indeed and that's it for me to ten if this news hour but maryanne demasi will be within a moment but if you run up the day's news thanks so much for watching.
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lead their lives that. it created the modern world. the slave trade always had language geography and the very fabric of human civilization upon it were built the great western palace and was constructed and hierarchy of races but how did it come about and what they came of it.
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the slavery is coming soon on al-jazeera a controversial approach i am not an idealogue let me be absolutely clear to democracy and international development the old ways doesn't cut inequality in fact the increase i was from a bestselling author and distinguished global economist you don't advocate for greed i should rely on it i sure do many times upon having read my book yet how many men might never get rid of it and maybe his son goes head to head we've done be somewhere i've been a kid the been crazy i'm not in fact going to be on al-jazeera. i'm. a survivor of the genocide there are people who beg me to kill them when they're suffering but it wouldn't have been hard to do who's dedicated his life to searching the woods for bones of the victims of the srebrenica massacre. in them here is that all. you know hope of finally
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laying the past to rest and giving peace to the victims' families doesn't it if i could just find a think about i could bury him. on al-jazeera. tens of thousands of people rally in tel aviv against a controversial nation state law that defines israel as a jewish state. hello i'm. in london and you're with al-jazeera also coming up yemen's hoofy rebels say they've used a drone to hit saudi arabia's king holiday the wrong way the kingdom uses to launch its fighter jets. a leaked report reveals pyongyang is.


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