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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  August 5, 2018 12:00am-1:00am +03

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zero. hello i'm maryam namazie this is the news hour live from london coming up unprecedented scenes in tel aviv tens of thousands rallied for a druze led protest against the controversial nation state lol yemen's hoofy rebels say they've used a drone to hit saudi arabia's king khalid targeting a runway the kingdom uses to launch its fighter jets. a leaked report reveals is forging ahead with its nuclear program and evading sanctions on a massive scale. on pole race with all the
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sports including a new boss for the african champions current site off takes over as coach of cameroon. we begin in israel where there's been a huge protest led by the druze community against the controversial nation state law which defines israel as a jewish state and downgrades the arabic language tens of thousands crammed into tel aviv rabin square on saturday waving druze flags and holding signs calling for the bill to be revote it's the first time in recent history that the druze who are considered fiercely loyal to the state have staged a large protest. this will not be changed should be changed over marigold as it isn't in israel because we cannot accept something else because we are citizen bit dark set of ottoman due to our duty year and we expect from the co of the government to look to us like everybody i'm an israeli jew i'm originally from the
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united states i'm proud to stand with my jewish brothers and sisters for equality because everyone deserves a fair chance and safety and opportunity our masses that is that we're all it cool ok so where are we want equal rights for everyone forgeries for jewish people for. the t.v. people for everyone. well israel's druze community feel deeply betrayed by the school that they say cost them as second class citizens druze are an arabic speaking group with their own distinct religious and cultural traditions they make up two percent of israel's population and found mainly in the northern galilee and carmel regions as israel's most integrated minority the druze take part in military service around six out of ten men have served in the israeli armed forces more now from under simmons who was at that protest. it's rare for the druze to protest in
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public at all and these are extraordinary numbers at one stage robin square was packed with people right now three hours a man there are still many people here and not all of them druze jewish people young people old people not only the labor and the other left wing parties trail represented here but ordinary folk coming in off the street have study to listen. as far as the jews are concerned they are adamant that this law has to be changed radically or ditched i travel to bache jang in northern galilee to find out what the people were saying on the ground. some azita i'm his from a minority excluded by israel in its nation state law she's a druze arab and her two sons were killed during military service for israel.
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she makes a promise. that if this law doesn't change i will get your bodies excluded from this military cemetery and bury you in your grandfather's land. back home is her youngest son yeah i mean his brother's fuad who was eighteen and twenty three year old sylar gave compulsory service in the military yamin became a prison officer in an israeli jail and he says that experience changed his perspective he became a human rights lawyer and activists for palestinians in the occupied west bank. i feel sad the plight of my brothers was shit and trying for a lie in an illusion they may have thought the military would give them rights but this law just proves that israel used them like mr aris. the druze are in all ranks for example major general comey will abu rukun is the new coordinator of operations in the occupied territories there is no public comment from him any
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soldier showing dissent is suspended. we ask the soldiers and officers not to get involved in this load and to depend on us to refund his delegation but given the promise of a new law giving benefits to minorities in the military but back in bates jan and elsewhere that isn't enough most feel nothing short of scrapping the nation state law will do you can still sense the anger here despite political developments and questions about loyalty continue to reverberate one of them whether young people will still feel the same way about joining the israeli army. this former soldiers loyalty is tested maj decal tb completed his military service before setting up a restaurant business now he doesn't want his son to become a soldier. it's up to him but now i say military service shouldn't be compulsory
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it's all a lie that we've been living for a long time and the nationality law made this very clear. bates jans dead soldiers make the feeling of betrayal here more potent more than sixty names written in hebrew and below what now becomes an unofficial language arabic one of many measures in what most people in this village believe is a racist lol. the question now is how much more pressure could be put on the government and will there be any change will it's highly unlikely that benjamin netanyahu will change his policies but then public pressure color us there are further protests not only proves you represent two percent of the population but also the israeli arabs who represent twenty percent and then of course the option of more possible demonstrations or were joining of demonstrations by jews
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is unclear no one knows really where this is going right now. well in our developments the trauma going to straighten is making moves to declare millions of palestinians no longer refugees according to leaked e-mails obtained by foreign policy magazine the report says it's the next step after the u.s. cut aid earlier this year from the u.n. agency for palestinian refugees known as arwa it's allegedly part of the so-called deal of the century to resolve these re the palestinian conflict in january jared cushion a son in law and senior advisor to the president reportedly wrote an e-mail saying and is corrupt inefficient and doesn't help peace and in june he allegedly pressed jordan district more than two million palestinians of their refugee status so the enroll would no longer have to operate their foreign policy report also mentions two bills in congress that try to redirect more funding away from manila and significantly reduce the number of palestinian refugees eligible for us as eight well chris gunness is the chief spokesperson for the un's relief and works agency
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for palestinian refugees he is saying that there's still widespread international indorsement for the work and what does. the u.s. administration however has not formally and directly communicated to us and under about any specific concerns that is now being raised in certain courses indeed that expressed satisfaction with our programs and indeed we remain grateful to the u.s. government and people for the sixty million they gave us this year they are one of our largest donor still but if any don't have credible reports of misuse of funding we will investigate and take action but let's not lose sight of the fact that the mandates of annorah to provide emergency and human development services to palestine refugees is robustly backed by the international community through the un general assembly and to have done so in the early seventy years and that indorsement continues to be in place and why that is we will do our utmost to implement our mandate and provide services to some of the most disadvantaged people
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on the planet we can now speak to phyllis bennis in washington she directs the new internationalism project and is itching for policy studies lacking is a right activist and analyst on the middle east and u.n. issue thank you very much for speaking to us we know that the united states has helped to fund our last since it was established in one nine hundred forty nine what would be the purpose then of altering that now. well i think it's very important to recognize that while on the one hand this is an expression of the incredible cruelty of this administration that they're prepared to simply wipe out the the basic needs food medical care basic education of this incredibly large and disempowered refugee community one of the largest refugee communities in the world palestine refugees but at the end of the day this is not just about this is not just about cutting the funding this is about eliminating the understanding that there are palestinian refugees who have the right to return to
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their homes under international law and specifically under u.n. resolution one thousand four and what the trumpet ministration is trying to do here i think is say that the possibility of return being the question of refugees and their right to return being one of the. final status issues that was understood by everyone to be a critical part of resolving this longstanding conflict is being taken off the table they took jerusalem off the table now they're taking refugees off the table i suppose next will be the other two settlements and borders the u.s. will declare what the solution should be and that will be that that will be the end of any sense of negotiations over this conflict and the issue will come back to what the israelis have asked for which the trumpet ministrations seems to be accepting that the goal is what they would call the end of the conflict not the end
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of occupation not the end of injustice not in not anything having to do with states but purely the end of resistance and the sense that if there is any resistance by anyone any expression of dissatisfaction that will be seen as an indication of extremism and will be absolutely dealt with as as an example of extremism this is a very dangerous indication here because this goes far beyond just cut. the budget for honora and the way the trumpet ministration is their approach to these issues that are meant to have been negotiated as part of a comprehensive peace pact. how pum in and of these decisions is any of this something that could be reversed by future administrations yes this could certainly be reversed by future administrations the question is you can't reverse the impact on children who will die because they can't get medical care you can't
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reverse the impact on students who will no longer be able to go to school and has yet to announce they're supposed to be announcing any day now whether school will begin at the end of august as it is supposed to because they don't have the money for it so you can't reverse those things you can reverse a decision going forward you can't reverse the past we're hearing just there earlier from chris gunness from and he was saying that it was putting on a brave face saying that the organization has robust support from the international community but is that enough to counter this sort of opposition from the united states. it may well be enough to counter the consequences of a a massive cut in in the budget the massive slashing of the u.s. aid budget for iraq it may be enough to do that there may be other countries prepared to step up what it can do is reverse the political point which is behind
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this attack on honor which is the attack on the legitimacy of palestinian refugee rights and if you don't have a solution based on justice based on one thousand four for those palestine refugees you're not going to have a peace agreement you're not going to have an end to the conflict you're going to have another version of a u.s. imposed. end to a certain phase but it is not going to go away when you ask the king of jordan who has sixty percent of his population already are palestinians and say we demand that you make them citizens meaning that the percentage of palestinians among his population would be far higher than that of jordanians themselves i think it's quite unlikely that the jordanian king is going to agree to that i think that in lebanon where there's been a great deal of concern about how normalizing the lives of palestine refugees who
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are very much oppressed in lebanon we should be clear they were excluded from numerous occupations etc if that were to be reversed the very delicate balance of the longstanding confessional system that holds lebanon together would very definitely be at risk so i don't think the lebanese government is going to be interested in this either this is something that is being imposed by the united states at the behest of israel and its u.s. supporters and at a moment when the young who is personally facing the possibility of being indicted his concern is not those the druze that we saw protesting other israelis who may protest this kind of a move his. concern is on his right his cabinet is made up of the right the far right the extreme right he is not so worried about those to his left he's worried about those to his right and in that context he's asking for more and more extreme demands and the trump administration jard question in particular seems completely
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willing to give in to those demands a number of underlying fact is that play here thank you for touching on some of them for us phyllis bennis there in washington thank you ines thank you now who's the rebels and yemen say they've attacked a king holiday base in southern saudi arabia using an armed cause if one drone hoofy say they targeted a runway used by the saudis a morality led coalition to launch as strikes on yemen the rebels unveiled a cost of one drone last year in a previously used it to attack a saudi aramco facility and an airport in saudi arabia i'm going to do has the latest from neighboring djibouti. a spokesman for the filthy fight to say that they are tucked out of runway on the king's college in the south of so that it be it which is mainly used by sodhi and u.a.e. fly to jets to carry out the tox on the positions all filthy fighters inside yemen
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he called the targets justified and said this is a wall and that they will fighting sodhi and you in the attempts to try and impose an unpopular government all the people off yemen it's not the force timed with the fight is have claimed to have cut it out the tox deep is so deep and you eat teddy teddy last week they claim to have a tucked them already defined body in the soda cup it's all reality on that one sixth of july they say that kind of out on a toc on international airport something that was quickly didn't buy buy you a officials if it is true that they've been cutting out these attacks it tells you that the who's to fight us up to the teeth on the so you equally should family believes that it's iran but is supplying the who fight us with these that weapons and one of the reasons why they're cutting out the toc on the city of they that and
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want the booth east kate saying it is a port which they have been using to rearm themselves. and with the news hour live from london much more still to tell you about riot police out in force in the u.s. this year and is a right wing rally and counter-rally get on the way. bail denied in zimbabwe for opposition members who appeared in court on charges critics say all politically motivated and in sport and then claim the ana is in their historic test match against india. a un report says north korea is still building nuclear weapons and engaging in illegal trade all in violation of international sanctions meanwhile the u.s. and north korea all sit all day over that disarmament deal also in jordan reports on more diplomatic tensions around pyongyang's nuclear ambitions north korea
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promised the u.s. in june that it was committed to ridding the peninsula of all nuclear weapons but experts monitoring north korea's disarmament efforts have just given the u.n. security council a report saying kim jong il is breaking his promise and violating other international sanctions in the process the expert's report says the north continues to build nuclear warheads and ballistic missiles and it's still illegally trading in oil coal textiles and weapons it's also making deals the report says with movie fighters in yemen the syrian government and libyan rebels at the all see on security forum in singapore u.s. secretary of state mike pompei you told reporters it's clear the north koreans are violating international sanctions including the complete shutdown of illegal ship to ship transfers of petroleum destined for north korea we have seen reports. that russia is allowing for joint ventures with north korean firms and granting new
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work permits to north korean guest workers pump ale and foreign minister re on hold greeting each other during the singapore meeting just as the u.s. was imposing new sanctions on to north koreans illegally doing business in russia later accused the u.s. of not acting in good faith. in order to build full confidence between the d.p. r. k. and the us it is essential for both sides to take similar taney its actions and phase steps to do what is possible one after another what is alarming however is the insistent moves manifest it within the us to go back to the old far from its leaders intention some critics of trump and camps singapore summit in june say the u.s. did not demand enough accountability from north korea and so this new u.n. report really is no surprise to many of us will be watching this very closely understand the nature of all behavior deception is part of its business model if
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you like and so you've been very skeptical all along about north korea in stepping up to its. spirit of its commitments that it has articulated over the last few months the expert's report on north korea has not been officially released but the linked report is raising new questions about whether people in yong is serious about giving up its nuclear weapons program and about whether the international community has the will and the ability to make it do so rosalyn jordan al-jazeera at the united nations. well now there's an extremely heavy police presence at a right wing rally taking place in portland in the u.s. state of oregon it's being organized by the patriot prayer group and is the third such demonstration in the city this summer each protest has met with counter rallies and ended in violence patriot prayer is accused of being a white supremacist group claims which the organization denies all my cameras
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following developments for us in washington and michael their concerns that we're going to see yet more violence at this protest or certainly there's been a very heavy police presence in the city throughout the day but there have been several incidents of violence we have two sets of protesters the patriot prayer group as it describes itself and also self described anti fesses groups who are carrying out a counter protest against these demonstrations now these were the groups that came together in previous rallies in portland in june and last month each of those ending in violence there has been some isolated incidents of violence in the course of the day one twitter stream showing the anti fasces demonstrators as they describe themselves attacking some of the marchers with baseball bats but a very heavy police presence police have warned that protesters will be arrested if
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they're carrying weapons of any kind and of course any form of firearm will lead to immediate imprisonment they say how is this patriot prayer group viewed in the u.s. . well it is a group that tends to go into blue states that is democrats supporting states with the intent it says of exercising its free speech rights its critics insists that it is attempting to ferment violence from men to unrest in these areas it is of course a supporter of president trump as well its leader very much a strong supporter of president trump so generally within the liberal leaning groups it's seen very much as a far right wing fascist organization with pro and not seeing leanings the group itself deny is all of this saying that what it is doing is exercising its right to free speech and it's not up to areas that are not right wing inclined to prevent
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them from doing so thank you very much from washington mike hanna. on out developments in zimbabwe where more than twenty opposition supporters have been denied bail after being arrested and charged with inciting public violence six people were killed on wednesday when soldiers opened fire at a protest against alleged folk rigging and monday's election al-jazeera is malcolm webb is in the capital harare but. police say these people were responsible for election violence in harare on wednesday the supporters of zimbabwe's main opposition party the movement for democratic change people have been charged with inciting violence and refused bail. and d.c. officials say the charges a politically motivated because the government's trying to prevent a legal challenge to the result of monday's election a muslim and i were lost the election and after losing the election he's away about
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a large majority of the people in this country don't support him and is afraid of them reacting to that you know order to manage the population he has to do to arrest us to fear in everyone's heart and mind president. the ruling zanu p.f. party has announced the winner the opposition say about four hundred thousand votes added to his count after the polls closed and their candidate nelson chamisa was the true winner the international observers yet to publish their final report the electoral commission and zanu p.f. denied rate rigging you don't invite observe us so that you are then should your people. i think a lot of people wanted to make sure that this clean free and fair election. on a military results were announced wednesday petitions supporters to speak to them protested
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the army was deployed in the city six people were shot dead most of them bystanders . cynthia my post there was one of them she was a fifty three year old mother of two eyewitnesses say she was shot in the back by a soldier while trying to run away. rights groups say this initially and post-mortem stated that she died of a sniper and until their lawyers pressured government doctors to correct it she died of a gunshot wound because if you talk limbs properly documenting the death of those killed by the army or the police this is something that hasn't changed since the days of former leader robert mugabe when he was deposed by the army in november a new zimbabwe was promised by his successor the people here hoped it would be better than this malcolm webb al-jazeera harare zimbabwe. protesters in iran have tried to attack
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a religious school in the northern province of course but they were stopped by police before they could do any significant damage the reason for the protest is not clear but video has emerged of sporadic demonstrations across the country in recent days over the state of the economy many are blaming the government in the city of mashhad on friday a cleric told a crowd of demonstrators that their representatives don't care about their problems now tens of thousands of women have taken to the streets of the south korean capital seoul to protest against spy cam porn women are becoming increasingly frustrated by this practice which involves mostly men hiding cameras in public toilets and changing rooms they secretly film the women and then post the video on porn sites spy cam crimes are soaring in south korea six and a half thousand cases were reported last year most offenders are merely fined or given a suspended sentence. so ahead for you in the news hour speeding up the
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asylum process or isolating refugees germany opens the doors of its new anchor sentence. why even the land of canal this suffering a water crisis is europe's heat wave grinds on. and the biggest name in mixed martial arts is stepping back into the up again after two yet absence. that you're well aware of the heat on the southwest of year from the general warm summer everywhere the nighttime temperatures maybe even mortality doesn't cool down in the daytime heat is really quite distressing and this is a maximum warm month twenty six in madrid same is true in pepin year and that
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compares is rather more typical figures danny rose to twenty seven so we're up in pretty high figures this is the lows to get so overnight so by day to get to forty odd you know this very very nasty and within this is very not not very much development of cloud we've seen up until recently thirty good showers but apart from this one mass here that's about it those streaks in the north are frontal systems and they will for a time for days produce wet and windy weather and the cooling trend but that cooling trend is only for some places we still pretty warm in spain portugal i would use the word hot probably or two to be honest with excess of forty down south with spain and portugal the showers are showing themselves around the alps and maybe a bit further east but the temperatures are dropping here barely in warsaw examples the same is true stocker back down to twenty two even moscow has been pretty hot recently is cooling down there are a few showers around in tunisia and libya but otherwise this too of course remain is dry.
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every armed attack in europe creates fear and division amongst its citizens. stories of loss no one told. the sweeping association of islam with the violence. in muslims facing the stock reality of being ostracized by the very communities in which they live love and moon the tragic loss of life. twice a victim on al-jazeera. full of struggles at the mouth and i mean on them while they're there without any seem to me full of pleasure let me go and make. me funny and it will last only have me an intimate look at life in cuba today if you go to london don't know where to get us a dozen movies gainey endlessly passes the latter without the new my leave. my cuba
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and i'll just sit. back a quick look at the top stories now tens of thousands have rallied in tel aviv for a protest led by the druze community against a controversial nation state law it's the first time in recent history that the druze who are considered loyal to the state have staged a large protest. the rebels in yemen say they've launched a drone strike on an air base in southern saudi arabia they say they targeted a runway used by the saudi an m.r.i. coalition to launch as strikes on yemen. north korea's foreign minister has
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criticized u.s. demands for full denuclearization before sanctions can be lifted meanwhile a leaked u.n. report suggested the north is continuing its missile and nuclear programs. let's get more on this now from adam out he is the director of the defense posture project which analyzes nuclear strategy joins us live now from washington thank you very much for speaking to us so just we've had reports about north korea's nuclear and missile program for the last couple of months can you clarify whether the north koreans have made any concessions since the june summit north korea have made concessions since the june summit but they're not necessarily the ones that the united states wants these are concessions to dismantle mostly test infrastructure at a space launch vehicle facility. you know that's not an unambiguous step towards
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nuclear disarmament but it is something that's helpful perhaps in restricting their space launch program so it's not nothing but it's not necessarily the steps that the u.s. administration was hoping for how difficult is it going to be to encourage or incentivize people to take those steps because this is a regime that sees itself as an established new camp. massively difficult that's exactly right north korea wants to be recognized as a legitimate nuclear power. kim jong il and a new year in his new years speech said that their test program is finished they have a sophisticated and capable nuclear arsenal they have no further need to test many of these systems and instead they're going to move towards mass production we now also have indications that there are internal communications within north korea where they have said look we're not going to disarm unilaterally and these
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negotiations are actually about something else so the u.s. administration is going to have to have realistic objectives if they want to seize this opportunity with negotiations it's still a critical opportunity to shape north korea's nuclear arsenal even if they won't succeed in eliminating it where is the off but unity in this. well the opportunity is that if north korea is going to be a nuclear arms state indefinitely then we have an interest in shaping that program so a rudimentary arsenal is far preferable than a very diverse sophisticated capable large nuclear arsenal there are actually just a couple of simple steps that we could take that could help in that regard a cost of finding this nuclear and missile test for use could help a great deal saying look you might be able to test very short range nuclear and miscues a very short range missile systems but the i.c.b.m.
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is the intermediate range ballistic missiles those are going to be off limits and then to get north korea's assent in agreement and signature on that that's something that was not done in singapore furthermore north korea is moving towards establishing a new standing up and starting up a new nuclear reactor in the young be a nuclear facility that would expand their ability to support a larger number of nuclear warheads that's something that shouldn't happen so these aren't complete disarmament deals that solve the problem in one shot but they're certainly in america's interest so these are some incremental steps that can be taken to at least. well toned down tensions that we have seen to italy since it was integrated between pyongyang and washington but ultimately from what we've seen of that behavior they are not going to give anything away without some movement from the u.s. particularly on sanctions. that's right they have
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a list of requests that they want from the united states they want security assurances sanctions relief would certainly be on that agenda item there are indications that they are interested in a declaration to end the korean war these are things that the united states will have to sequence very carefully and my concern is that the u.s. administration has been so focused on the nuclear question they are leaving aside north korea's wide range of destabilizing nuclear actions and not thinking very seriously about precisely how to implement it incentivizes limits on the nuclear program thank you very much appreciate your thoughts and analysis on this ad amount that joining us from washington thank you. gun control supporters in the u.s. have marched on the headquarters of the powerful lobby group the national rifle association
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a calling for tighter legislation of firearms is at the processed in fairfax virginia. a large group of people have gathered outside the headquarters of the national rifle association in suburban washington they are demanding changes in the nation's gun laws and here you can see that on the ground here are photographs of some of the people who have recently died as a result of gun violence this of course adding a great emotional punch to this event there are also a number of people here are issuing or expressing their support for the n.r.a. and disputing with some of the members of the crowd but the police have kept them at quite a distance from the main crowd so it's been an entirely peaceful event this is an outgrowth of the march for our lives movement that began after the slayings at
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marjorie stoneman douglas high school in florida earlier this year students from that group are supporting this rally they've also been traveling around the country in a bus caravan trying to get people organized to vote on issues of gun control what they would like to see among other things is a comprehensive. ban on assault weapons in the united states universal background checks of all people including people who sell guns privately or in so-called launch shows as well as an end to the issue that recently came to the fore of three d. principal guns all of these things that people here say are leading to mass carnage in the united states we had an opportunity to talk to a lady who's who lost her husband in the recent killings at a newspaper in an apple is my husband works in the sale in town where the men's to wear pink shorts and it was
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a bucolic lovely little town. and it happened there and had. and in elementary schools it happens in high schools happens in movie theaters there's nowhere doesn't happen anymore and so we can't afford to be complacent if we want to be safe we need to just to be sensible gun control and come out of our corners with our dukes down and find out where we agree because i think there's lots of room for agreement here. in addition to demanding stricter gun laws people here are mounting a strong drive to register people to vote and to vote on this issue including young people the age for voting in the united states is eighteen years old eighteen year olds do not have a strong a record of voting in great numbers but the people here who are organizing this and events like it hope to change that. spanish authorities are saying they've rescued two hundred twenty three refugees trying to cross the mediterranean sea four boats
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were found in spanish waters on saturday bringing the number of rescued migrants to close to fifteen thousand since the end of may spain has become a preferred destination for migrants off to italy shut its ports to aid groups in june well the german government started opening what it's calling centers for refugees a place to stay while their asylum applications of being processed minutes to say the shelters can speed up the asylum process but critics argue that they further isolate the refugees dominic came reports now from one of these new centers in bavaria. on a hot day in august people queue to enter the regensburg and care center right now this is their home inside a series of residential blocks makeshift children's play areas and offices kitchens with ample space to feed the hundreds of people expected there are classrooms where children will be encouraged to learn german all part of an effort to ease the
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worries of people who status remains undecided reverdy said was not what. you did but if they keep telling me to wait every week every day the police come to deport people to finland iraq syria sweden what is that everyone is afraid they'll get sick if they stay in here every day we're stressed about getting deported we don't need anything from here i just want to stay here in germany and work and make a good life for myself in fact this center has been housing migrants and refugees for some time meaning not much is really new here other than the name analysts say the principle of the scheme is to bring all the migrants in the agencies processing them into one manageable area the centers were sold as integration and some of these elements i think the centralization of different authorities in one place could be a good innovation but to what extent will it happen the next month have to show
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something the man who came up with the plan will be particularly keen to see. motive is. the point is to maintain order while preserving humanity we need to balance readiness to help with what is actually possible to achieve no country can take an unlimited number of refugees. the federal government clearly believes that institutions like this one and the of a six being set up are an answer to the migration crisis but still the question over civil liberties about the access people have in these institutions is something that's really playing on the minds of many people not least the families in this anchor center many of whom have been living with uncertainty for a long time dominick came out zero reagan's pork where europe is buckling under a heat wave with near record temperatures forest fires and drought across the
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continent it's so hot in hamburg that the fish are dying the heat is raise the temperature of the city's the river to twenty seven and a half degrees that's what jews the water is oxygen levels the rivers swarms could now be next the oxygen pool water means more bacteria which can poison these birds the netherlands has spent most of its history shielding itself from water right now it's facing a shortage ship because of this heat wave and this is causing problems for its important system of canals as fully explains with more than half their country below sea level the dutch have spent centuries mastering the technique of keeping the water out this summer however they find themselves running dry the netherlands like most of northern europe is experiencing the heat wave persistent high temperatures combined with a lack of rain have resulted in
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a record breaking drought but unlike other countries it's not a shortage of drinking water that worries people. here the most important task in times of droughts rests upon the shoulders of the local dike or flood barrier inspectors i was entering new we're going to go on the ice hole in the we have the lowest point in the netherlands checking on the dikes which are vulnerable to drought. during a drought the dikes can dry out causing them to become weaker and less capable of holding back the water. to hold it although the soil is now so dry that a single shower won't do it will really need two weeks of rainfall to bring the dikes back to strength. it may not be instantly obvious but this country success relies on a delicate water balance the rhine river originating in this race is crucial to
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fill up the lakes and push back to seawater preventing it from tilting up the lens but as the river water level drops bombs have to be activated to help its branches flow in some provinces farmers are being told to stop irrigating their lens even if it means losing their crops this lake behind me is the reason that for now dutch people aren't too worried the ice or mary is the key water reservoir in the netherlands in times of drought but even this huge water besson containing about three and a half million only lympics swimming pools of fresh water could hit critical levels if it doesn't start raining in the next few weeks well the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events around the world are being attributed to climate change people in the netherlands now wonder if their driest summer on record could be just the start of things to come what we can expect is more summers like this in the
12:45 am
future where it's really a big the roth problem we are very good to managing to watch water now we have to learn how we can manage through the water with the forecast showing no significant rains over the next two weeks the dutch are facing a real stress test for the future in a changing climate here announced both el jazeera amsterdam the netherlands still ahead. pender scored with the first shuttle discovery. i am a dream run continues for the irish and much as the hockey wild caught. and it rebuilding most so off to i still nine months on the city is an absolute rowan's one man taking matters into his own. capturing a moment in time snapshots of all the lives of the stories. providing
12:46 am
a glimpse into someone else's well. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers everybody's going to the well will be so cool for me. to go be so. old all. witness on al-jazeera. it's a story of survival. it's a story about how people learn to live in such remote land by but it's true to the way it would be to cheat and how that instinct help them recover from the financial crash i would continue as long as i can stand. this is a story about iceland. on al-jazeera.
12:47 am
time now falls. thank you mary i'm well we start with football and african champions cameroon have named clarence sayed off as their new coach the dutchman joins the indomitable lions with his former international team mate patrick clive as assistant former real madrid and they see milan star sede off will be tasked with leading cameroon in the defense of their africa cup of nations crown they are due to host the competition next june sado of how previously manage milan and they put their pool table laconia. well site off arrives during a stormy period cameroon won the africa cup of nations last year but they then
12:48 am
failed to qualify for the world cup in russia and their hosting of the continental championships next summer is in doubt after a negative inspection reports he had a good shot two years i'll be back to work is going on at the stadium of sixty thousand capacity and dollars of pomo with fifty thousand seats in the set of spec for the next half and simply consolidate the willingness of cameroon to succeed in organizing the cup of nations and twenty nine thousand. palestine have suffered their first loss at home after being beaten three nil by iraq it was the first of a visit to the occupied west bank for the lines of mesopotamia iraq have now kept palestine scoreless in ten of their fourteen matches. england's cricketers have won test match number one thousand after beating india by thirty one runs in a rollercoaster contest india began the day needing just eighty four runs for
12:49 am
victory with five wickets still in hand but james anderson struck in the opening over to give the hosts control of iraq kohli added a fifty to his first inning century but when ben stokes trapped him in front there was to be no comeback for the visitors with five minutes of the game in test cricket and anyone that can watch this on the. wall again. still trying to kill him but fabulous team performance this morning we spoke about sharing the belief in desire that we had been on the previous two days and if we stayed calm. and trusted all those all the areas that we've previously been bowl in then we get rewards and i think we did just. really proud of the group series it really nice. and you know looking forward to loads now. it's a long disease so to feel defeated or being in the seat is what unfair or at the
12:50 am
moment it's all about feeling that i'm being in order and i don't feel that bad as of now because i don't become we did really really mean more than to go bugs and probably didn't close or to be a mini shooter was a mistake something that can happen when you're really so i think there's a lot to be a bit about of this. for england's ben stark's finished with four wickets in the second innings but he will miss the second test due to his trial over an alleged assault outside a nightclub in september the twenty year old sam curran was named man of the match in just his second test his effort with both bats and ball proving the difference serena williams has pulled out of the rogers cup due to undisclosed personal reasons it comes less than a week after she suffered her worst ever pro defeat and it's a second blow for the tournament organizers after andy murray also withdrew from the events in montreal the scot making the decision after pulling out from the city open in washington saying he was too exhausted to continue the former world number
12:51 am
one hits out to talk and eyes as after reaching the quarter finals in a match against romanian copy all that much finishing at three am is making a lengthy recovery from hip surgery. seven time grand slam champion venus williams has been knocked out of the silicon valley classic in san jose the thirty eight year old was beaten by greek maria ressa cari in the quarter finals to carry came from a three love deficit in the first set to eventually take it six four she then wrapped up the second seven six. goal found justin thomas has pulled clear of midway co-leaders tommy fleetwood on the in poulter in the third round at the w.d.c. invitational in ohio the defending p.g.a. champion shot six birdies for a two shot lead midway through his round in poulter is in second one under through sixteen holes while tommy fleetwood has had a day to forget with a double bogey on the fourth and bogeys on the seventh and eighth taiwan's porn and
12:52 am
. has one round to go as she tries to hold on to her lead at the british open she was thirteen under after saturday's play but home favorites georgia haul is lurking just one shots behind. and. has sealed pole position for the czech moto g.p. the ducati rider has fellow italian valentino rossi by point two six seven seconds on the chip leader mark marquez will start sunday's race from third. who had been really happy because i didn't expect i feel good but not like this when i started the last lap i feel really good support from the bike was able to break a really hard. china's rising badminton star she you key is in the final of the world championships after defeating two heavyweights of the chinese game she showed off his athleticism as he beat elim pick champion chan long in front of
12:53 am
a home crowd in one ging the twenty two year old she will face japan's kanto motor in sunday's final. new zealand's total dominance of rugby union shows no sign of coming to an end on saturday the country's top franchise the crusaders won that ninth super rugby title the thirty seven eighteen victory came against the lions of you hunters burge and sealed a second successive trophy it was the first time in ten years their crusaders could play a final at home in christchurch following the earthquake there in twenty eleven connacht mcgregor is returning to action in the ultimate fighting championship for the first time in two years the former to wait u.f.c. champion will take on gomes of his lightweight title in october this will be macgregors first bout since pleading guilty to disorderly conduct at a u.f.c. media day football's governing body favre has extended its doping controls into the
12:54 am
world of e-sports the best fee for gamers are in london for the world cup and are being tested for performance enhancing substances fee for is concerned about the use of stimulants at the tournament and finally the irish women's hockey team is true to their first ever world cup final after beating spain three two in a shootout. pender scored the first shuffle thank you i was on the our side is made up entirely of homage to players who had to pay to represent their country the sixteenth ranked team now play well the more inside the netherlands in sunday's final after they beat australia the players showing their emotions as they interrupted the post much and the winning goal scorer julien. yeah we are really confident one of the ones we got one of the world's best goalkeepers in america radio. was. was.
12:55 am
and i'll back tomorrow and london of lee thank you very much paul a year off to iraqi forces defeated i still in mosul much of the northern city is still in ruins frustrated with the slow pace of rebuilding one man has taken matters into his own hands and ron khan has more from baghdad. it's one shop that's reopened but this pizzeria is a sign the one they mosul's old city could return to its former glory if the government helps according to the city's business owners it's been a year since iraqi forces defeated eisel which took over the city iraq's second largest in two thousand and fourteen it was in october two thousand and sixteen that they mounted the operation to retake it eisel was holed up in this neighborhood known as the old city nine months later its fighters were defeated but much of the old city was destroyed mosul was liberated in june two thousand and seventeen people thought life returned to normal quickly the house and. frustrated
12:56 am
with a year long wait also doing has opened his pizzeria and calls on other shop owners to get back in business. we are the first shop to open and then edge of the street and we call on the other shop owners to repair and reopen their shops we want life back to the street the street is vital and reflects our cultural identity also urged on the authorities to bring back basic services to the street including water and electricity in order to encourage people to reopen their last businesses. the government says is working hard to restore services and clear the rubble but it's not moving quickly enough for the residents of the old city. i used to be the owner of that shop over there since the ninety's so i want to reopen it i'm fed up and need to reopen i have a family to look after i've suffered a lot lost my house and shop we call on the government to help us with compensation
12:57 am
our brothers shop was also bombed and burnt down on a just the street is our history it's been established for decades the streets must return to its glory in baghdad with the not the street is one of the oldest in the city during the u.s. led invasion occupation many pitched battles took place here in march two thousand and seven a massive car bomb ripped through this place killing thirty people and destroying much of the street but it was rebuilt and now it's busier than ever in two thousand and seven many here feared that this street was lost forever the businesses came back however the shopkeepers here say they had help from the authorities back in mosul residents and business owners filled have been abandoned by the government a charge the government annoys. but one year after the defeat of i saw this lone pizzeria is the only sign of development iraq on baghdad. i have much more point a couple of minutes. once
12:58 am
considered a war criminal now an aspiring presidential candidate in the democratic republic of congo. after his conviction was overturned by the international criminal court in the hague jumpy talks to al-jazeera. the first batch of u.s. sanctions against iran go into effect on august sixth. as iranians brace for the impact will be into iraq. covering the story from their perspective looking at what sanctions mean for iran's economy and its people
12:59 am
a special coverage on al-jazeera. this was wrong to teach children away from their parents and heard them into a school against their will there was no mother no father figures they put is a big player and we sort of looked after so i don't remember the children's names but i'll never forget that kind of as doc secret on al-jazeera. challenge your perception ethiopia's economy has grown at a foster right than any other african country fearless journalist a look at sirens for her tears that gives indication of just how close the fighting it's groundbreaking documentary is debates and discussions just six months ago we were at the brink of a al-jazeera show board willing programs take you on a journey around the globe. on
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al-jazeera. unprecedented scenes in tel aviv tens of thousands rally for a druze led protest against israel's controversial nation state law. you know i maryam namazie in london you're with al-jazeera also coming up yemen to see rebels say they've used a drone to hit saudi arabia's king holiday targeting a runway the kingdom uses to launch its fighter jets.


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