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debates and discussion just six months ago we were at the brink of a. job with the programs to take you on the journey around the. league on al-jazeera. unprecedented scenes in tel aviv tens of thousands rally for a druze led protest against israel's controversial nation state law. and oh i maryam namazie in london you're with al-jazeera also coming up yemen to see rebels say they've used a drone to hit saudi arabia's king khalid abdalla targeting a runway the kingdom uses to launch its fighter jets. that leaked report reveals
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pyongyang is forging ahead with its nuclear program and evading sanctions on a massive scale. and bail is denied in zimbabwe fall position members charged with inciting post-election violence. we begin in israel where there's been a huge protest led by the druze community against the controversial nation state law which defines israel as a jewish state and downgrades the arabic language tens of thousands climbed into televisa are being square on saturday waving flags and holding signs calling for the bill to be revote it's the first time in recent history that the troops who are considered fiercely loyal to the state of staged a large protest. this will be cherished should be changed over the citizen is that i am. not to accept something else. because we are citizen bit doc said of
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army dude i want to do two year and we expect from the co the government will look to us like everybody i mean israeli jew i'm originally from the united states i'm trying to stand with my jewish brothers and sisters for equality because everyone deserves a fair chance and safety and opportunity our masses that is that we're all equal ok so where we want equal rights for everyone for drew is for jewish people for. the t.v. people for everyone. well israel's druze community feel deeply betrayed by the law that they say cost them a second class citizens the injuries are an arabic speaking group with their own distinct religious and cultural traditions they make up two percent of israel's population and found mainly in the northern galilee in carmel regions as israel's most integrated minority the druze take part in military service around six out of ten men have served in the israeli armed forces more now from andrew symonds who
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was at that protest. it's rare for the druze to protest in public at all and these are extraordinary numbers at one stage robin square was packed with people right now three hours in there are still many people here and not all of them groups jewish people young people old people not only the labor and the other left wing parties trail represented here but ordinary folk coming in off the street have the guts to listen. as far as the jews are concerned they are adamant that this law has to be changed radically or ditched i traveled to page john in northern galilee to find out what the people were saying on the ground. some of his from a minority excluded by israel in its nation state law she's a druze arab and her two sons were killed during military service is ruined.
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she makes a promise. that if this law doesn't change i will get your bodies exuma in this military cemetery and bury you in your grandfather's land. back home is her youngest son yeah i mean his brothers fouad who was eighteen and twenty three year old sylar gave compulsory service in the military yamin became a prison officer in an israeli jail and he says that experience changed his perspective he became a human rights lawyer and activists for palestinians in the occupied west bank. i feel sad in the blood of my brothers was cheered and crying for a lie in an illusion they may have thought the military would give them rights but this law just proves that israel used them like mysterious. the druze are in all ranks for example major general communal abu rukun is the new coordinator of
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operations in the occupied territories there is no public comment from him any soldier showing dissent is suspended. we ask the soldiers and officers not to get involved in this law and to depend on us to refund his delegation were given the promise of a new law giving benefits to minorities in the military but back in beit jan and elsewhere that isn't enough most feel nothing short of scrapping the nation state law will do you can still sense the anger here despite political developments and questions about loyalty continue to reverberate one of them whether young people will still feel the same way about joining the israeli army. this form a soldier's loyalty is tested maj decal tb completed his military service before setting up a restaurant business now he doesn't want his son to become
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a soldier. it's up to him but now i say military service shouldn't be compulsory it's all a lie that we've been living for a long time and the nationality law made this very clear. bates jans dead soldiers make the feeling of betrayal here more potent more than sixteen names written in hebrew and below what now becomes an unofficial language arabic one of many measures in what most people in this village believe is a racist lol. the question now is how much more pressure could be put on the government will there be any change will it's highly unlikely that benjamin netanyahu will change his policies but then public pressure. there are further protests not only proves you represent two percent of the population but also the israeli arabs who represent twenty percent and then of course the option of more
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possible demonstrations or the joining of demonstrations by jews is unclear no one knows really where this is going right now. when all the developments funerals have been held for two palestinians killed by israeli forces during protests on the gaza border on friday the. mourners carried the bodies of the fifteen year old and twenty five year old through gaza streets palestinians have been staging weekly border protest against israeli land confiscation for the past four months one hundred fifty seven palestinians have been killed in the protests. who see rebels in yemen as saying they've attacked the king holiday in southern saudi arabia using an armed drone heathy say they targeted a runway used by the saudi and emirate he led coalition to launch air strikes on
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yemen the rebels unveiled a cost if one drone last year and have previously used it to attack a saudi aramco facility and an airport in saudi arabia i'm going to doe has more from neighboring djibouti. a spokesman for the who fight to say that they are tucked out of runway on the king khalid airbase in the south of so that a b. which is mainly used by sodhi and. fly to jets to carry out the talks on the positions of filthy fighters inside yemen he called the targets justified and said this is a wall and that they were fighting so d. and u e attempts to try and impose and popular government all the people of yemen it's not the first time the who with the fighters have claimed to have cut it out of talks deep in saudi and you eat territory last week they claim total tucked up or defined to be in the saudi couple reality on that one sixth of july they say
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that kind of out on a toc or international airport something that was quickly didn't i buy you a officials if it is true that they've been cutting out these attacks it tells you that the who's the fight us up to the teeth and the so you equally should family believes that it's iran that is supplying the who fight us with these but weapons and one of the reasons why they're cutting out the talk on the city of they that and want the huth use to kate saying it is a port which they have been using to rearm themselves a u.n. report says north korea is still building nuclear weapons and engaging in illegal trade only in violation of international sanctions meanwhile the u.s. and north korea are still at odds over that disarmament deal in jordan reports on a more diplomatic tensions around in pyongyang's nuclear ambitions. north korea
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promised the u.s. in june that it was committed to ridding the peninsula of all nuclear weapons but experts monitoring north korea's disarmament efforts have just given the un security council a report saying kim jong own is breaking his promise and violating other international sanctions in the process the expert's report says the north continues to build nuclear warheads and ballistic missiles and it's still illegally trading in oil coal textiles and weapons it's also making deals the report says with who the fighters in yemen the syrian government and libyan rebels at the all see on security forum in singapore u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o told reporters it's clear the north koreans are violating international sanctions including the complete shutdown of illegal ship to ship transfers of petroleum destined for north korea we have seen reports that russia is allowing for joint ventures with north korean firms and granting new
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work permits to north korean guest workers pump aoe and foreign minister re on hold greeted each other during the singapore meeting just as the u.s. was imposing new sanctions on to north koreans illegally doing business in russia later accused the u.s. of not acting in good faith in order to build full confidence between the d.p. r. k. and the u.s. it is essential for both sides to take similar taney its actions and phase steps to do what is possible one after another what is alarming however is the insistent moves manifest it within the us to go back to the old far from its leaders intention. some critics of trump and singapore summit in june say the u.s. did not demand enough accountability from north korea and so this new u.n. report really is no surprise many of us will be watching this very closely on a standard mutual behavior deception is part of its business model if you like and
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so you've been very skeptical all along about north korea in stepping up to in. the spirit of its commitments that has articulated over the last few months the expert's report on north korea has not been officially released but the linked report is raising new questions about whether people in yong is serious about giving up its nuclear weapons program and about whether the international community has the will and the ability to make it do so rosalyn jordan al-jazeera at the united nations brazil's jailed formally to louise and asio minute to silver's been nominated as the candidate for his work as party in october's presidential election unless karr is having twelve years in prison for money laundering and corruption poll suggests he remains the most popular leader in brazil. has more from sao paolo . from the outside many might be surprised that the former president who is now
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saluted the sale of has been selected as the candidate by his workers' party the standing in october's elections they're convinced he is the man for the job he is the man to take brazil out of the current economic slump political problems that is suffering now have almost in some ways putting to one side the fact he is in prison in the southern city of course to cuba serving a twelve year prison sentence booker option the money laundering charges and even if he were allowed out even if they let him out on the writ of habeas corpus to continue the appeals against that sentence it's still not clear whether he would be eligible to stand any of that it would have to be decided by an electoral courts a lot of ifs buts and maybes. in this equation in the meantime the other parties the other candidates are putting their names forward ahead of sunday's deadline for the october elections most notably. the former environment minister in lula's in leaders government and also right wing the maverick candidate in many eyes are
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not all a figure who attracts a great deal of controversy but is gaining in the opinion polls the brazilian electorate feeling they don't have many options more than half it said not knowing who they're going to vote for going to move vote for none of the candidates or those voting is obligatory so it's a great deal of uncertainty in these two months and so the elections still are falling on the program riot police are out in force in the u.s. city of portland is a right wing rally and counter-rally gets underway. and it went building off to i still nine months on the city of mosul is in absolute rains seventy one man taking matters into his own hands.
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more warm winter right at least coming through australia the bar is producing some active frontal systems out ahead of it you drawdowns a relatively warm air so it gets a bit warm and then it gets colder wetter adelaide thirty degrees in the rain on sunday melbourne sixty warmish ahead the same is true of sydney roma still percy the dry day on sunday at fifteen degrees much the same tree house on monday by which time that rain is still pretty much in the adelaide area and has crossed through victoria still falling in tasmania and a good st through sydney sunlight could be sundry and that assumes see some heavy downpours anyway that persistence of type this thing here is a frontal system with tropical air in it has brought fall it's brought persistent rain you have to say just the eastern side of of new zealand is still there might bring us right into all current on sunday and rather than being replaces what's coming in from the west it seems to be sitting there so you've got the same sort of
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problem fifteen degrees as well all monday for oakland that is jumping also the draw is own to what is still heat wave territory still hot in home sure but at least in the north it's cooling down under the rain. people of argentina being marginalized and abroad to divert a culture for generations. using twenty first century. one mob of barge to reconnect to some heritage and share their culture with the next generation. viewfinder latin america discovers new filmmaking talent from around the globe. just.
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a quick reminder of the top stories this hour thousands of israelis many of them from the minority druze community are protesting against a controversial nation state it defines israel as a jewish state and downgrades the arabic language with the rebels in yemen say they've launched a drone strike on an air base in southern saudi arabia they say they targeted a runway used by the saudi and coalition to launch as strike song at. north korea's foreign minister has criticized us. before sanctions can be lifted meanwhile u.n. report suggested the north is continuing its nuclear and missile programs.
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now more than twenty opposition supporters in zimbabwe have been denied bail after being arrested and charged with inciting public violence six people were killed on wednesday when soldiers opened fire at a protest against alleged vote rigging in monday's election malcolm webb is in the capital harare. police say these people were responsible for election violence in harare on wednesday the supporters of zimbabwe's main opposition party the movement for democratic change people have been charged with inciting violence and refused bail. and d.c. officials say the charge is a politically motivated because the government's trying to prevent a legal challenge to the result of monday's election and wasn't lost the election and after losing the election he's aware that a large majority of the people in this country don't support him and he's afraid of them reacting to that. in order to manage the population he has
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to to to arrest us to draw fear in everyone's heart and mind president. the ruling zanu p.f. party was announced the winner the opposition say about four hundred thousand vote added to his count after the polls closed their candidate in the us and jimmy said it was the true winner the international observers yet to publish their final report the electoral commission and zanu p.f. denied rate rigging you don't invite observe us so that you are then should your people. i think there's been a lot of people wanted to make sure that this clean free and fair election. by. the military results were announced wednesday petitions supporters disputed them protested the army was deployed in the city six people were shot dead most of them bystanders. cynthia macos there was one of them she was
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a fifty three year old mother of two eyewitnesses say she was shot in the back by a soldier while trying to run away. rights groups say that initially her post mortem stated that she died of a sniper and until their lawyers pressured government doctors to correct it she died of a gunshot wound he said for years they've had problems properly documenting the death of those killed by the army or the police and this is something that hasn't changed since the days of former leader robert mugabe when he was deposed by the army in november a new zimbabwe was promised by his successor the people here hoped it would be better than this malcolm webb al-jazeera harare zimbabwe. now police are on high alert a right wing rally that's taking place in portland in the u.s. it's being organized by the patriot prayer group and is the third such demonstration in the city this summer each protest was met with counter-rally as an
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end in violence patriot prayer is accused of being a white supremacist group which the organization denies all my cameras following developments for us from washington mike how serious is the risk of violence at this rally. well there were several incidents of violence throughout the course of the day but what has happened now is that police have disperse the crowds both the protesters and the counter protesters after saying that bottles were hurled at some of the officers so everybody now out of the streets the rallies completely dispersed by the police but there were a number of incidents of violence heavy police presence in the area a lot of spam sniffer dogs around as well and the police insisting that no weapons could be publicly displayed however in at least one incident it was see that a baseball bat was used by the protesters or the counter protesters it would appear so once again this is the third time in recent months that the protesters and
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counter protesters have clashed in portland on the one side you have the right wing patriot prayer party on the other side and a mole game of groups including those who labeled themselves anti fastest it's been a recipe for clashes and once again in the course of this day it has been. what does the patchett prayer party advocate what do they stand for. well they believe that they are exercising the right to free speech that's their official position they do tend to go into areas that are democrats supporting blue areas as they are described in the pursuit of exercising as they put it their rights to free speech however the critics contend that basically they are seeking to ferment division for men trouble they also point to the fact that the group is
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highly supportive of president trump and that they're using what ever influence they can to advance president trumps agenda all right thank you very much mike hanna in washington. well now thousands of nicaraguans are crossing the border into neighboring costa rica to escape violence in their homeland about three hundred people have now been killed since large scale anti-government protests began in april many protests to say they're being harassed by pro-government groups latin america and italy see a new man has more. this is some horses lamanna said park and the people you see here are all nicaraguans thousands of thousands of people who've been fleeing the crisis back home and it is overwhelming the resources of the small central american country the united nations high commission for refugees is praising costa rica for keeping its doors open to nicaragua refugees and asylum seekers but it is asking the international community to provide support for this country and for other
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nations to also share in the burden of taking in the refugees. the closer we can immigration authorities tell us that they're processing some two hundred refugee request a day but the backlog is growing as the number of nicaraguans crossing over the porous border increased its. nicaraguan vice president gore side will deal is also the president's wife said on friday that quote progress is being made to consolidate peace after more than three months of anti-government protests and violent reprisals from paramilitary groups however the protests calling for president then yellow to take his resignation continue in nicaragua as do the number of people who say they've had to leave to save their lives. a helicopter has crashed in siberia killing eighteen people it's believed it hit call go which was being carried by another helicopter before crashing the second aircraft did land safely both helicopters black boxes have been recovered and will be sent to moscow
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for analysis kildall believed to be working for a subsidiary of the state owned oil company ross now after. eleven young footballers rescued from a cave in thailand have just completed ten days as novice buddhist monks the voice of the time in a temple as a gesture of thanks for the help they received during their three week ordeal at a ceremony people gave flowers food and money one of the rescued boys did not attend because he's christian a twenty five year old coach is expected to remain a monk for three more months. now tens of thousands of women have taken to the streets of the south korean capital seoul to protest against spy cam porn women are becoming increasingly frustrated by the practice which involves mostly men hiding cameras in public toilets and changing rooms they secretly film the women and then post the video on point sites spy cam crimes all soaring in south korea six and a half thousand cases reported last year most offend is merely final given
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a suspended sentence protesters in iran of try to attack a religious school in the northern province of our boys but they were stopped by police before they could do any significant damage the reason for the protest is not clear but video has emerged of sporadic demonstrations across the country in recent days over the state of the economy many up blaming the government and the city of mashhad on friday a cleric told a crowd of demonstrators that their representatives don't care about their problems . a year after a rocky forces defeated i still in mosul much of the northern city is still in ruins frustrated with the slow pace of rebuilding one man has taken matters into his own hands and ron khan has more from baghdad. it's one shop that's reopened but this pizzeria is a saw in the one day mosul's old city could return to its former glory if the
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government helps according to the city's business owners it's been a year since iraqi forces defeated eisel which took over the city iraq's second largest in two thousand and fourteen it was it october two thousand and sixteen that they mounted the operation to retake it was holed up in this neighborhood known as the old city nine months later its fighters were defeated but much of the old city was destroyed mosul was liberated in june two thousand and seventeen people thought life was return to normal quickly there hasn't. frustrated with a year long wait jamal saloon has opened his pizzeria and calls on other shop owners to get back in business. if we are the first shop to open and then edge of the street and we call on the other shop owners to repair and reopen their shops we want life back to the street the street is vital and reflects our cultural identity we also urge on the authorities to bring back basic services to the street including water and electricity in order to encourage people to reopen their last
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businesses. the government says it's working hard to restore services and clear the rubble but it's not moving quickly enough for the residents of the old city. i used to be the owner of that shop over there since the ninety's so i want to reopen it i'm fed up and need to reopen i have a family to look after i've suffered a lot lost my house and shop we call on the government to help us with compensation our brothers shop was also bombed and burnt down on a just the streets is our history has been established with decades the streets must return to its glory in baghdad with the not the street is one of the oldest in the city during the u.s. led invasion occupation many pitched battles took place here in march two thousand and seven a massive car bomb ripped through this place killing thirty people under storing much of the streets but it was rebuilt and now it's busier than ever in two thousand and seven many here feared that this street was lost forever but
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businesses came back however the shopkeepers here say they had help from the authorities back in mosul residents and business owners filled have been abandoned by the government a charge the government annoys. but one year after the defeat of i saw this lone pizzeria is the only sign of development iran cause or does iraq baghdad. a muslim woman in denmark has become the first person in the country to be charged with wearing a full face veil in public she came to police attention after a fight broke out between her and another woman who tried to tear off her veil the woman wearing the covering has been fined one hundred fifty dollars a ban on the full face veil also known as the niqab came into effect on wednesday. well now europe is buckling under a heat wave with near record temperatures forest fires and drought across the continent it's so hot in hamburg that the fish are dying the heat is raise the
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temperature of the city's ulster river to twenty seven and a half degrees that's reduced the water is all levels there of the swarms could be next the oxygen pool water means more fortune is a bacteria can poison those more in everything we're covering here including analysis that takes you behind the headlines stories of the day al-jazeera dot com. a quick recap of the top stories now tens of thousands of people have been protesting against israel's controversial nation state law which defines israel as a jewish state and downgrades the arabic language in tel aviv people wave both israeli and druze flags and jews are an arabic speaking group with their own distinct religious and cultural traditions critics say the new law discriminates against israel's jewish minorities. who the rebels in yemen is saying they've
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attacked the king holiday in southern saudi arabia using an armed drone they say they targeted a runway used by the saudi amorality led coalition to launch as strikes on yemen the rebels unveiled a cost of one drone last year in a previously used it to attack a saudi aramco facility and an airport in saudi arabia the spokesman told al-jazeera that defending themselves. how do you how to walk out of this is a war it's not our choice we haven't been given any time to discuss things together the u.a.e. and saudi arabia have to stop their aggression because we defend ourselves and the question is against us the american ambassador the saudi ambassador are trying to impose a government in yemen and this will not be accepted no matter the sacrifices because the yemeni people are now aware of the role of saudi arabia and other parties in yemen we are keen to restore our sovereignty in yemen north korea's foreign minister has described u.s. demands for full denuclearization of all sanctions are lifted as alarming u.s.
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secretary of state might on bio held what he called productive talks with north korean officials in singapore at the same time elite u.n. report suggested the north is continuing its nuclear and missile programs and evading u.n. sanctions by transferring oil from ship to ship while at sea. brazil's jailed formally to louisiana to silva has been nominated as the candidate for his work as party in october's presidential election lula is serving twelve years in prison for money laundering and corruption but polls suggest he remains the most popular leader in brazil he maintains his innocence and says he was convicted to prevent him from running for office again. the headlines coming up next it's of you find a latin america and then more news coming out from doha after that. august on al-jazeera european muslims today are facing the consequences of having
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their faith linked to on the attacks even though they too of victims of the bods the largest multi-sport event on the continent asian games in jakarta i will host athletes competing in a mix of traditional and the olympic sports a vibrant new series of character led documentaries from immigrant neighborhoods across europe as a rainy and brace for u.s. sanctions due to get back in place on the six the bogost al-jazeera will cover the developments from tehran in a three part series al-jazeera uncovers the motivations and impact of the brutal feelin exploitation system the laid the foundation of today's global powers organist on al-jazeera viewfinder fresh perspectives through the lens of local filmmakers around the globe.
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