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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 5, 2018 2:00pm-2:33pm +03

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where every. police fired tear gas as they struggle to contain nationwide anger protests ignited by road safety and for a second week in bangladesh. you're watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters here in doha also ahead rioting and looting and dozens of deaths in eastern you see opium as federal troops try to control the state someone joined with somalia plus. it's george state and the not the jewish we must be the government and the or the name but members of the knesset good deal lead he's still
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a crowd of protesters have spoken of the israeli cabinet meeting on the controversial nation state law. also this half hour a show of force russia's biggest rock festival is mixing music with military might . growing student protests in bangladesh are taking another dangerous in the past few hours the police of fired tear gas to try to break up student demonstrations in the capital dhaka activists say at least four people have been injured on what is now the eighth straight day of protests his pull to judge you. student protesters have blocked streets and boggle desh for the past week they're demanding government action to improve road safety to young students were knocked down and killed by a bus last week traffic accidents kill at least seven thousand bangladeshis every year and even though the net i'm going on what we've been protesting on the roads
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for a few days with some of that amounts with demanding justice for those students of the college killed by a bus and we want safe roads. over the weekend the peaceful protests became violent when police tried to break up the crowds rubber bullets and tear gas or fired at demonstrators the government ordered schools and bus services to shut down bus driver say they were attacked. we stopped running our buses the students attacked and damaged our vehicles we cannot go on the roads as students who don't drive was sort of a good move by the government trying to quell the violence by cutting internet services to cripple social media and censoring both bangladeshi and international media pro-government student groups are being accused of attacking protesters i'm not sitting on a subway i'm wondering what that's actually i mean all are feeling threatened yeah we wanted a peaceful protest we don't want any trouble occurring around here you can grab a bullet was shot on our brothers at mirco neighborhood they were dispersed we
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don't want all of us. demonstrators were further incensed by a government minister who questioned why there was uproar about two deaths and bangladesh and a lack of anger about thirty three dead in a bus crash in india the previous day government leaders say they're going to implement the strews demands for improved road safety but more protests are feared as both the ruling in opposition parties campaign for elections due in december paul chowder john al jazeera. correspondent time be a child three is live for us this hour in dhaka ten b. it does this feel seen as if it's going from bad to worse now. it appears to be i mean right now the streets are quiet you don't see hardly any traffic of course there's no public bus there boycotting the state this side their own security reasons there's been a lot of disturbance in different parts of the city especially an area called science laboratory where the huge procession of protester were coming towards shot
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back about less than a half a kilometer from here they were going to gather there but the police will not allow anybody we tried to move in that site we were not allowed by the police they said it's for your own safety you shouldn't go in that side they were confronted by the pro-government students and the police and were not allowed to come there was crime issues and different several people were injured and it lists four journalists or five journalists right beaten up by pro-government supporters one of them was an a.p. photo journalist the others were from a local newspaper that all of them were for the journalist that happened yesterday also this is becoming a concern for the media people here they said we're just trying to do our professional duties there's no reason to attack us because i guess some of the pro-government demonstrators doesn't want to show all this videos and photos going in social media as an interior that might be part of the reason but it is
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a major safety concern for the media people what was the beginning a very social movement against traffic safety is gradually turning into political and other students demanding is why we were attacked by pro-government demonstrators and police for no reason it was generally a peaceful demonstration it would have naturally died down gradually but now it seems like they're going to go for more protests because they were attacked last three days by the government police and pro-government demonstrators things are looking tense and the election your government is reprehensible and sensitive about any kind of demonstration they're trying to put the blame on the political opposition who say they are inciting this not student themselves in the public opposition is saying that this is something the government is very heavy handed with there was no reason to crack down on school children as young as thirteen to eighteen years of age thank you. unrest is continuing in eastern ethiopia where government forces moved in to arrest leaders in the state of somali federal troops
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took control of the capital after resistance from paramilitary forces loyal to the state government looting rioting and the burning of churches has been reported somali state has been plagued by violence for thirty years after to force a session from ethiopia to join neighboring somalia correspondent behind it as more from djibouti. there that has in the city of pick up a couple of the somali region of ethiopia federal troops continue to arrive some of them by plane and on friday residents of the city was surprised to see federal troops and walling into their city with hunger and at this point the local or special police exchanged fire with the federal troops and these created some confusion in which. began something that's so the entire market of
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hugo looted two charges and up to fifty people losing their lives the government in december by justifies why it sends the troops saying that there was a rift between the regional administration and the federal government and that there was a plan by the region session to announce a separation or secession from the rest of ethiopia something that course outrightly denied by the original president. a leading syrian scientist reportedly involved in missile development has been killed in an explosion. and his driver died in the blast sites in twenty twelve an armed group killed another senior scientist in damascus israel and western intelligence agencies were accused of being involved the islamic state of iraq and the levant has executed teenagers from the sciri. in village of shopkeeper that's according to local media reports it's in the western southwestern province of so
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wider mohammad abu amr was one of thirty six people mostly women and children kidnapped by a soul last month the nineteen year old was killed on thursday after negotiations to release the hostages failed the israeli prime minister has defended the new nation state law which defines israel as a jewish state and downgrades the arabic language benjamin netanyahu told the cabinet meeting the law is meant to protect israel's status israel's druze minority packed a square in tel aviv on saturday in protest at the new law. this is only about the moon. the state of israel is the nation state of the jewish people israel is a jewish and democratic state individual rights are anchored in many laws including the basic law of human freedom and dignity no one harmed and no one intends to harm these individual rights without the nation state law the future of israel as the jewish nation state cannot be ensured for generations to come. therefore we will
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establish today a special ministry a committee that will advance those ties and these commitments and in parallel will also recognize those who serve in the israeli military and security services from all religions and ethnicities and simmons following that story for us out of the bureau wester islam andrew clearly benjamin netanyahu is not given to rowing back on this where do you think this is heading next. well it's really every every aa is on the how this protest movement comes together evidently from that remark from netanyahu he's not shifting at all in that special committee you referred to was known about a few days back and it's already been dismissed by all concerned in the process movements as absolutely meaning nothing they there is a haze over exactly what's this special committee can offer some guarantee to those serving in the israeli army perhaps but that isn't enough it would seem when you
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look at the pictures of the size of that demonstration and work out that that was the druze demonstration which represents two percent of the population it's easy to work out that when we see demonstrations from palestinians who are citizens in israel which are jew in a week's time they represent twenty percent of the population it could be an even more dynamic picture in terms of protests but what does this mean in the knesset the parliament that passed this law well not a huge amount because the numbers are in favor of netanyahu pushing anything through however it is events that sometimes dictates politics and so it remains to be seen bear in mind that the knesset has been recalled from its summer recess at the insistence of arab list members of the parliament and that is on wednesday that is a session that won't lead to any voting because it's against the regulations
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however there's going to be more steam let off that it remains to be seen it's hard to call the cabinet is also discussing this idea of a hamas israel extended ceasefire specifically to do with garza but i mean the immediate backstory on. those demonstrations every friday on the border between gaza and israel so the timing seems a little unusual perhaps. no really i can see why you ask that question it's really quite a. hot it's a regular event the demonstrations but but what we have here is a serious attempt at getting some sort of cease fire long term cease fire deal between hamas and the israelis and nicholai not enough the u.n. special envoy who's been in egypt who are also involved in this the sponsors of this whole attempted a deal is has really completed
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a phase of work which is now on the table off the security cabinet which is a separate entity to the regular cabinet that's about to wrap up that the security cabinet will be discussing with intelligence officials high level generals right across the board security will be the primary issue and benjamin netanyahu has canceled an overseas trip because he knows that this situation is growing bigger we will see in the coming hours if the israelis have anything to say on the whole deal is it on is it off well wait and see it definitely isn't likely to have a firm conclusion on sunday but something is definitely going on whether it's positive or negative is unclear and thanks a lot. plenty more news still to come for you here on this half hour also including the story scrambling to protect their leader panic at a military parade in venezuela the president calling an attempted assassination.
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elsewhere flying solo playmakers rushed to deliver the aircraft to iran ahead of a u.n. u.s. sanctions deadline. welcome back heloc at the weather across asia in northeastern parts of asia we still have very warm air across much of japan but we have got what will be a significant typhoon edging up towards tokyo in the coming days and that's typhoon shann chance so we'll keep an arm out one but for the time being the heat is there more northern parts of honshu there will see more the way of cloud and temperatures so nice and difficult and lower for southern parts of japan it still looks very hot indeed there we get in the case of the slightly cooler air coming in as far as tokyo during the course of choose day for soccer still up into the thirty's hole
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conditions across the korean pinch a bit northeastern parts of china through into the far east of russia seen some pretty heavy rain now as we head down into more central and southern parts of china was sort of a scattering of showers around the hong kong germany doesn't look too bad still see a lot of heavy showers coming off the bay of bengal region into me a mind that's expected to continue to in the course of chews day than it is at least in parts of asia for central northern parts the philippines it's looking very wet at the moment when a little while see some flooding but across much of borneo weather conditions are generally looking dry and that dry weather extends across much of java barley thirty three the high into carter and it should be largely fine for kuala lumpur. discover the world of al-jazeera. the best films from across on the network of channels for the law on this if i'm allowed to do it but i'm about to be fresh
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perspectives and new insights. to challenge and change the way we move from. al-jazeera this time on a business. it with al-jazeera live from the heartless just truck through the headlines again the police in bangladesh fired tear gas at students on the eighth day of protests to demand road safety improvements the government's cut internet services to try to quell growing anger after two students were killed by
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a speeding bus. unrest is continuing at least in the field where government forces moved in to arrest regional leaders in somali state federal troops took control of the capital to go after the met resistance from paramilitary forces loyal to the local government. and israel's prime minister has defended the controversial nation state law when a cabinet meeting benjamin netanyahu said the law is meant to protect israel's status as a jewish state on saturday the truce minority rallied against the new ball that defines israel as a jewish state and also downgrades the arabic language. three soldiers serving with the nato force in afghanistan have been killed in a suicide attack one u.s. and two afghan soldiers were also injured the attackers struck in parwan province that's north of the capital city kabul shallop palace now from kabul. this attack has proved deadly for nato three nato soldiers killed one u.s. soldier injured and two afghan soldiers were going to just outside charring couch
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scapula power one province only about sixty kilometers north of kabul here it's the deadliest attack on nato soldiers since june last year during a firefight in provence it happened around six o'clock this morning taliban suicide bomber attacking a patrol with these nato soldiers and afghan soldiers patrolling for security around a village near cherry when the suicide attack approached and blew himself up as an excursion takes the taliban put out a statement this morning on this but they have put out a number of statements in the last forty eight hours claiming a lot of similar type of attacks saying that they were killing nato soldiers wounding nato soldiers and within herat province and in the province where this attack took place today paul wall and everytime we called on that resolute support which is the nato mission here in afghanistan so it's simply not true this is propaganda and we're not taking casualties however this incident this morning did prove to be true and three nato soldiers have died the location of the tech is
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significant it was within ten kilometers of the u.s. military's biggest banks in afghanistan on a spectrum the sixteen thousand nato soldiers in afghanistan despite conventions being wound down and twenty. but those sixteen thousand soldiers still regardless of where they are in a mentor and. decision helping afghan soldiers here they still suffering casualties with three nato soldiers died this year last time an attack on nato soldiers was this stately was june last year. in zimbabwe bill has been refused for twenty three opposition supporters who deny inciting violence a protest against a vote rigging six people were killed in the army opened fire during demonstrations on the street positions the charges are politically motivated the u.k. government describes the response by security forces disproportionate. the venezuelan president nicolas maduro is accusing colombia and a group of finances from america of trying to assassinate him mr mcdermott was
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speaking at a military parade in the capital caracas when explosions interrupted the event he was on hurt but seven security personnel were hurt as mike hanna. there's a live broadcast of the ceremony on national television the camera begins to shake and president maduro looks into the air as explosions sound before the feed is cut soldiers who had been on parade are seeing the in panic number reported to be injured in the blasts noise democracy only investigation as evidence that shows those that didn't in the constitution of the go are doing his will in the public. that a group calling itself the last day for and their last claimed responsibility in a series of tweets this one with the phrase time is running out a few hours after the attack president maduro addressed the nation saying right wing groups within the country were responsible but also accusing the colombian
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president on manual santos of involvement in looking for a mark and i have to inform you that some of those who carried out the attack against me today have already been apprehended and they are now being processed in nothing more than are they try to assassinate me and i have no doubt that everything points to the right the venezuelan ultra right in alliance with the colombian ultra right and that the name of one man well santos is behind this attempt of president maduro praying to victory in the elections earlier this year but his political opponents insisted the process was rigged many venezuelans hold him accountable for a major economic collapse that could see the inflation rate hit one million percent by the end of the year. mike hanna his era. rival rallies in nicaragua has shown how divided the country is thousands of people turned out for marches on saturday either in support for or against president daniel ortega human rights groups say
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more than three hundred people have been killed since april in clashes with pro-government forces mr taker has accused his critics of seeking a coup against him. the brazilian workers' party has endorsed the former president that we saw and i feel a lot of silver as a candidate for the elections in october but he remains in jail for corruption and money laundering daniel sleiman from sao paulo on why many want mr lula back. if he's popularly known will make brazil happy again that's the party slogan with his supporters believe despite him serving a twelve year prison sentence they say they'll keep backing him until all options to release him are exhausted he's a political. vision and right now because there is not you know a view of even values and looks at. defeating proofs for his guilt we think that the his judgment has
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a strong political tone and we consider that his not sure he's not guilty even if lula is allowed out and the actual court must decide if he's eligible to stand if lua seems like he does not run in october's elections he's going to be a difficult man to replace one of the other twelve candidates even comes close no them getting more than fifteen percent in the opinion polls and many of them far less than not. gaining support and attracting controversy is the military man jailed for not all he tells his audience what they want to hear all of that while others are outraged he's expressed his admiration for donald trump and some have compared him to the u.s. . you know there. are two schools. i know the discomfort i have caused to what we call the establishment or the machine the system we know that i am the ugly duckling in the story but i'm sure we will soon be beautiful. a key figure in that
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establishment is sure i'll do i'll claim while at the other end of the political spectrum and splitting the left wing vote for an ally of the jailed leader theodore gomez and the former environment minister in loose government but he. is the acting governor i'm running for the third time as a candidate in a very delicate situation i believe my political integrity will prevail and resilient people should no longer be left out of the traditional political structure. the finance minister in the current government and became a release hardly registers an indication of the deep unpopularity of president michelle tema that perhaps the greatest statement in a country where voting is obligatory is that more than half the electorate either doesn't know who it will vote for or even whether they'll vote at all than shwe and they'll just so powerful indian administered kashmir has come to a standstill the day before the supreme court considers a challenge to a constitutional provision giving the region special status article thirty five
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gives the area autonomy and prevents outsiders from settling their locals via the governing b.g.p. is seeking to undermine that autonomy and pave the way for mass migration separatist leaders of call for a two day shutdown across the state. european manufacturers are rushing to deliver aircraft to iran a day before u.s. sanctions imposed thirteen twenty eight planes bought from the franco it landed in iran iranian leaders say the sanctions are in danger in lives by blocking new aircraft as well as spare parts for its already aging fleet iran signed a five hundred thirty six million dollars deal with a.t.o. and boeing have already pulled out of iran during the ninety day period after the us president pulled out of the iran nuclear deal iran it was planning to buy thirty eight billion dollars worth of new planes from both those companies so in basra he
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has more now from tehran. well it has to be said any time something like this happens the delivery of new aircraft it is a positive thing it's a happy occasion in iran many officials were at the international airport to celebrate the arrival of five more new planes but let's look at the real numbers here in the grand scheme of things it's just a drop in the bucket these planes five of them each of them can carry between seventy and eighty people and they've got five they wanted to buy from airbus and boeing thirty nine billion dollars worth of planes that was approximately two hundred plus planes they were intending to buy over the next few years of those they've only taken delivery of three so while this is a positive step it's a very small one and they've got a long way to go to modernize what is effectively an aging air fleet traveling by air in iran can be a dangerous prospect hundreds of people have died in the air related incidents in accidents over the last few years and really the crux of this is that since one
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nine hundred seventy nine they've been unable to buy any new aircraft any aircraft with u.s. parts in it or developed or manufactured by the united states has effectively been unsellable to the iranian market one of the benefits that was going to be enjoyed of the. twenty fifty nuclear deal directly by the civilians was going to be air travel that was ten jubal that was visible it would have been something that would have directly affected people's lives and it was going to be a win win for civilian air travel within the country and outside of iran and it was going to be a win for the government who could say to their people look we made this deal and now we've got better plane safer planes for you to travel around in but that is not happening and that's another frustration that people here are feeling because of those u.s. sanctions. the chinese government has demolished the studio of the dissonant artist ai wei wei to be removed to hurry as the demolition began without any warning.
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critic of the government who claims they've been persecuting him for years and twenty eleven he was detained for eighty one days after being accused of tax evasion charges he says were politically motivated. music faster than russia has lots of heavy metal and it's not just on the stage tens of thousands of fans want to see their favorite bands and some of russia's latest weapons i mean is that. it's a summer staple for many russians here is the largest rock festival some also call it russia's woodstock a huge appointment with the finest of the country's music scene. which. has been missed for the past three seasons it's amazing. you can hear your favorite musicians all your favorite musicians in one place the festival started two decades ago after the fall of the soviet union but recently it also became an
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exhibit ground for the most unlikely of institutions the russian ministry of defense its presence felt from the air with the performance of the russian knights aerobatic team to do the light of myth. we think it's not just the pride the whole country the presence of the ministry of defense is not some kind of special. that's a story which came to life because people are interested in taking part in it by the ministry over the past five years the ministry expanded its presence from air shows to a full on display of power it might be surprising to have a military actor rock festival but these days in russia there's a great sense of national pride and ask. anyone here they will credit that feeling to the army some of the new is equipment and weapons are shown here like this armored personnel vehicle already in use by the infantry division here such piece
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of modern hardware has a different purpose but. also minimal and we want to show people young men in particular what kind of equipment we have and what our army is capable of when people want to see this up close patriotism increases when you see them you get some kind of pride for your country for your fatherland and you are confident in tomorrow some artist did pull out in protest but many big names like the. lead singer of men one of the most famous russian bands indorse the festival nothing like that happens at the european festivals but because because the russian society some of the tryst were so fond of victory parades and we can never escape it's so basically i decided for myself just accepted at this festival. it's not clear whether this marriage of music and military is a spontaneous one or it was in pose but it's
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a detail that many here don't seem to care about the depth of how many al jazeera. festival. welcome is just joining us you're watching live from doha these are your top stories this hour the police in bangladesh are five students on day eight of their protests to demand road safety improvements the government's cut internet services to try and quell growing anger after two students were killed by a speeding bus. unrest is continuing in eastern ethiopia where government forces moved in to arrest leaders in the state of somali federal troops took control of the capital jigga after resistance from paramilitary forces loyal to the state government looting rioting and the burning of churches has been reported somali state has been plagued by violence for thirty years forbid force a session from ethiopia to join neighboring somalia the israeli prime minister has
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defended the new nation state law which defines israel as a jewish state and downgrades the arabic language benjamin netanyahu told a cabinet meeting today the law is meant to protect israel's status israeli druze the minority there packed a square in tel aviv on saturday to protest against the law mr netanyahu has been trying to reassure the israeli community with you know this is only about the loan . the state of israel is the nation state of the jewish people israel is a jewish and democratic state individual rights are anchored in many laws including the basic law of human freedom and dignity no one harmed and no one intends to harm these individual rights without the nation state law the future of israel as the jewish nation state cannot be ensured for generations to come. therefore we will establish today a special ministry a committee that will advance those ties in these commitments and in parallel will also recognize those who serve in the israeli military and security services from
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all religions and ethnicities. even as whalen president is accusing neighboring colombia and finances in the united states of trying to assassinate him nicolas maduro wasn't hurt when explosions interrupted a military parade he was overseeing in caracas. separatist leaders in indian administered kashmir have called for a shutdown a day before the supreme court considers a challenge to the constitutional provision giving the region special status school thirty five a gives the area autonomy and prevents outside his from settling. has it will keep you company in the coming hours up next inside story i will see you very soon.
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why is it so hot a worldwide heat wave is setting new records and causing deaths and wildfires scorching temperatures show no sign of falling so apart from climate change what is the cause this is inside story. hello welcome to the program i'm richelle carey temperatures in europe are soaring close to their highest ever forty eight degrees celsius is the current record set in the great capital athens back in one nine hundred seventy seven this weekend's continental heat wave is expected to smash that all time high hot air from africa baking spain import.


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