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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 6, 2018 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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this time on. iran braces for the return of u.s. sanctions president has done ronny is due to outline plans for tackling them. hello i'm maryanne demasi this is al jazeera life from london also coming up the. rescue scramble to find survivors after sunday's deadly earthquake in indonesia ninety eight people are confirmed dead. daya warnings of disease flooding and landslides of bangladesh's overcrowded refugee camps unless conditions are improved for the remains of muslims living there. and we report on an initiative to turn the
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tide on london's plastic problem by bringing back water fountains. iran is bracing for the first round of u.s. sanctions to come into force following donald trump's withdrawal from the two thousand and fifteen u.k. deal but the timing couldn't be worse to her on is struggling to deal with a faltering economy the reale has lost half of its value since april inflation is high unemployment is getting worse and sporadic protests have been reported across the country and this is just the first round of sanctions access to u.s. banknotes will be blocks cause carpets and foodstuffs will no longer be imported into the u.s. iran will be blocked from buying and selling gold precious metals steel allen minium and cole and no more commercial planes boeing scramble to deliver an order if the new planes before monday's deadline round two of sanctions is jew in
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november now those sanctions will block iran's oil sales and they're expected to do even more damage. well joins us live now from to iran ready a number of challenges facing the iranian economy how much concern is there over the reimposition of these u.s. sanctions. well what many iranians regular working civilians as well as government officials will tell you is that this date going into august sixth and the reimplementation of snapback this is just a matter of bureaucracy it's just symbolic and that sanctions have already been in place in spirit if not in name what many iranians have complained about all the while is that even under the obama administration under president barack obama who helped negotiate the twenty fifty nuclear deal iranians never really got the chance
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to fully realize the potential of the merits of the nuclear deal they never really got to realize the benefits because either the implementation from this side of the signatories of the western countries they never really came all the way towards iran in terms of allowing them to access benefits and ever since trump donald trump the current american president was a candidate in the american elections he's been carrying on a sort of psychological economic warfare to scare off any sort of foreign direct investment or any sort of travel to iran or exports out of iran and so that's hit the economy hard already so it's difficult for people to imagine how much worse it could actually get we've seen the value of the currency drop drastically in less than a year it's have to value and we're seeing oil companies that were here conglomerates from europe multiple other places leave the country and take their investments with them as well as as as their foreign workforce now what it
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government officials here are hoping for is that european partners the other signatories to this deal sort of stand by their word and resist american sanctions unilateral ones against iran as well as secondary sanctions of the threat of secondary sanctions against people who deal with iran and there has been a sense of unease in the country this year with random protests breaking out in cities across the country what can we expect ahead then from president rouhani when he speaks. yes of course president hassan rouhani the iranian leader is expected to speak this hour and what his government has been trying to do is sort of win back some of the the public faith of their people this this nuclear deal falling apart has been an increase has made it an incredibly toxic policy in iran and has made president hassan rouhani and his government very unpopular because they really painted as the cure all for the country's economic troubles president rouhani will be speaking soon we're expecting him to mirror the tone that his foreign minister
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took earlier today a homage of odds are of speaking to journalists said the president could not be negotiated with but that iran was not alone and that there were still five other signatories to the nuclear deal and iran would continue to work with them here's some of what he had to say i get a kick out of clinical. no one believed that u.s. president donald trump was serious about dialogue negotiations with the rob all the threats and pressure had not succeeded in changing iran's policies yes the u.s. sanctions would cause some problems but we would successfully overcome them. now divided zarif in this in this address to journalist striking a very positive tone saying that this stage of crisis in terms of american sanctions against iran iran had already passed that by and things were going to get better and the fact is that many people in the country for instance the opposition protesters that have been taking to the streets to protest against the government's
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handling of the economy for the last six nights they disagree with him opposition officials would also disagree with his assessment of the situation would many people in iran want to see is a change at the federal cabinet level and that simply hasn't happened yet thank you very much with all the latest from tatiana zain bass ravi well can really help it has more on the reaction that we've had today from washington. the sanctions put in place by the united states had been previously lifted under the twenty fifteen j c p a way or iran nuclear agreement put in place by the united states iran and other world powers to limit iran's nuclear program the united states arguing though that since those sanctions were lifted that iran has enjoyed enormous profits but that those profits have not filtered down to the iranian people citing the wave of anti-government protests but instead the u.s. alleges that iran has been using that money to finance proxy militias and destabilize the broader middle east as a result the u.s.
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putting in place a wide range of sanctions that will begin on tuesday morning and will also take effect in the second wave in november the first wave targeting limiting the purchase of automobiles commercial aircraft limiting trade in gold graphite steel and aluminum even limiting the trade of carpets and food but it will be the crippling sanctions that will come in november that will have the most devastating a fact effect that is in fact when the united states will target iran's oil industry. rescuers only indonesian island of long still trying to assess the extent of the damage from sunday's powerful earthquake the second to strike there in a week at least ninety eight people are known to have died and a step vassar reports from long anymore might be trapped in the wreckage of their
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homes. from under the rubble of a mosque women's voices could still be heard three hours after the earthquake struck the disaster happened during prayer and the mosque was full neighbors heard women screaming but had no equipment to rescue them when rescue workers arrived twenty hours later this screaming had stopped. i'm sure people are still trapped here some of them we managed to pull out but they died a few hours later. islanders on loan book are still recovering from last week's powerful earthquake and the even bigger trauma happened many were too late to make it to safety as buildings collapsed around them the mother i'm hospital was also severely damaged injured had to be treated outdoors. and was going to pray and the mosque gate lapsed on top of him. and what we need us tens we have
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received some help from the government but we need more tense to be able to treat our patients. it's peak tourist season and nearly three thousand visitors were regulated from the gillie islands near lone book tourist panicked on the three small flat islands when a tsunami warning was issued some were injured trying to reach safety including a spanish tourist who fell from a tree most tourists want to leave as soon as possible we decided to leave the island but i don't really know when i don't know what we're saying without us what you should do or not so yeah and i just want to get away from lombok and get out of indonesia really. did tsunami. warning was quickly lifted but the quake damage will take a lot longer to repair in just a few minutes this two story mosque collapsed into rubble people in long book remain in shock after the second earthquake in a week left many homeless while help is on the way search and rescue workers are struggling with the extent of the damage. have you quitman needed to rescue or
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recover trapped worshippers has yet to arrive at the mosque some say they've heard we cries from the rubble but it may be too late step fossum al jazeera. from book now saudi arabia has ordered canada's ambassador out of the country in a rout over human rights it's also frozen all new trade investment in educational agreements the saudis accuse the canadian government of interference for the release of jail rights activists in ited arab emirates and bahrain are backing the saudi position. reports. canada's a bastard saudi arabia is on his way home the saudis say dennis is no longer welcome and they're accusing the canadian government of interfering in the kingdom's internal affairs as well as spreading misinformation at. the so diminished studio foreign affairs has expressed disbelief like this negative
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a phone dot com which was not based on any accurate or true information. the diplomatic dispute was triggered by the canadian embassy in riyadh tweeting its concern about the arrest of civil society and women's rights activist including summer but dolly the tweets urges saudi authorities to release them women's suffrage political activists some are but dolly was honored in two thousand and twelve by then u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton and first lady michelle obama but dolly was jailed after suing the kingdom for the right to choose her own husband freedom other person. free her brother rice but we was sentenced to ten years and one thousand lashes in two thousand and fourteen for insulting islam through a blogging website for public debate others arrested by saudi police have pressed for the rights of women and the rights of shia muslim minority another woman was taken into custody because she's married to an islamic law scholar is absolutely
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ridiculous that the saudi authorities can and no one had come through with some sun limited reforms like the left and the driving bad but on the other hand over rest of their e same women who helped to bring about this reform since may we've seen more than a dozen women's rights activists arrested in what is an unprecedented crack crackdown the kingdom has just allowed women to drive for the first time and to attend sporting events and cinemas have opened after being banned saudi arabia is a major trading partner supplying ten percent of canadian crude oil imports canada listed saudi arabia as the second largest buyer of canadian arms after the us the two countries signed a twelve billion dollar arms deal four years ago china that was through. or can't stand on their armor and also. is a source of revenue for a number of universities. and in
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universities for verification critics say canada. allies must help in taking a stand to pressure the kingdom to stop its crackdown on activists calling for change poll childre gian al-jazeera. ahead for you on the program bangladesh's government is pressured to get tough on transport as protests in the capital enter their ninth day and we meet the man him move from mexico's gang lands to the halls of congress as the president tries and new strategy to tackle organized crime. well again science is a hot weather conditions across the mountain west and parts of asia a generally fine picture there we still have the risk of some showers on the southern side of the caspian sea also some showers between the caspian sea in the
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black sea across the caucasus and eastern side of mediterranean generally looking dry and fine fine day in beirut there temperatures of thirty degrees celsius so you see the showers around the black sea still persisting is ahead on through into wednesday meanwhile further south patchy cloud across the reagan potential very fine temperatures in the low forty's for the most part here in doha we're looking at a high of forty three degrees they get enough breeze to keep the community values relatively low heading into wednesday not a great deal of change expected salada somewhat cooler highs of twenty seven and touchy low cloud crossed into southern parts of africa are largely fine picture chance a few showers for cape town for the press winds here but otherwise it's a largely fine pictures ahead on through into wednesday when took in the maybe of their sunshine highs of twenty eight for central parts of africa so the showers quite a long way north across parts of sudan chutney share and then further towards the west also looking quite sharing bamako mali could be quite wet you're in the course
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of tuesday but it should be dry in akron ghana on also in lagos nigeria. a new village committed to lisbon. and is grappling with the oddest tosca sustaining a community but the residents of this chinese village have grown in the patient and have one can stand inside. the reclamation of. democracy is complicated. to have a six part series five years. china's democracy experiment on al-jazeera.
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welcome back a quick reminder of the top stories now u.s. president donald trump has signed an executive order of reimposing a range of sanctions on iran the measures follow trumps withdrawal from the two thousand and fifteen nuclear pact at least ninety eight people are known to have died in thousands of been left homeless after sunday's earthquake on the indonesian island of lombok the search for survivors is continuing. in saudi arabia as expelled canada's ambassador and frozen trade agreements the saudis accuse canada of interference in the release of jailed rights activists. we now bangladesh's government is considering using the death penalty for fatal traffic accidents to students protest for a ninth day over the deaths of two teenagers who were killed by a speeding bus groups armed with wooden of attack students at east west university in dhaka activists say the groups are linked to the government and police in an
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attempt to crack down on the protests a security doors been imposed so police can arrest people and a group of more than four or the committee to protect journalists is calling for the release of anyone who's being held because of their coverage of the protests photographer and journalist was detained soon after this interview on al-jazeera on sunday at least five journalists were attacked during the protests now at least two people have been killed and dozens of others injured after two trucks collided on a motorway in the northern italian city of but manya the crash near the airport sent a huge ball of fire and bellows of black smoke into the air and caused a bridge along the motorway to collapse one of the trucks is believed to have been carrying flammable material firefighters are battling the flames and roads around the area have been closed off. more than a thousand firefighters attacking
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a major wildfire in southern portugal the fire broke out on saturday in the southern algarve region an area that's popular with terrorist fire fights are also battling a fire near portugal's border with spain record high temperatures and high winds have made it more difficult to get the fires under control now government leaders in northern iraq say i still sleeper cells remain a threat but they insist that a recent attack there is no sign of the group's revival it tacked on the kurdistan regional government headquarters two weeks ago resulted in the deaths of three gunmen and a hostage especially going to reports from erbil ahmed saleman isn't used to his five children seeing him in such a helpless state the police officer was a protector and sole provider for his family until two weeks ago he was guarding the governor at building the headquarters of the kurdistan regional government well
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a number of them though it was seven twenty two am there were kids wearing flip flops and i didn't think they would do anything all i remembered is bank. three men armed with guns and grenades shot silly and rushed inside they took three hostages and killed one before being shot dead after a four hour firefight with security forces unable to move his neck arm and leg salema must be fed dressed and carry. it's up to god i have to do physical therapy i hope i can get a couple of. the security forces chief says i saw is responsible. their target was the governor of erbil and to kill as many people as possible in the typically busy municipal building no more
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thief on the side nice to lose in the towns of care crook and mahmoud these are the places for sleeper cells now and where they have regrouped the security council of the kurdistan region says this recent attack is not a sign of an ice all revival rather it's part of a pattern of intermittent attacks there have been five in the last eleven years now that had he became governor shortly after his predecessor was killed along with eleven others in what was described as a terrorist attack fourteen years ago he says despite multiple attempts on his life he doesn't think i still will gain momentum in kurdistan does and i'm good but you see an agreement among the community from villages side from the enjoyment that we huff to project ideas that celine is dedicated to resuming his career he's been a policeman for almost half his life for now he knows he needs to concentrate on
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his recovery one finger and toe movement at a time natasha al-jazeera. some news from egypt where thirteen people have been injured in an explosion in the capital. the blast happened after a car and a minibus collided it's believed an electrical fault in one of the vehicles spread to the fuel tank and that caused the explosion. the bangladeshi government is being urged to quickly improve conditions for wranglers limbs and what's becoming the world's biggest refugee camp human rights watch is warning of disease violence flooding and landslides in massively overcrowded camps in cox's bizarre around three quarters of a million reindeer in temporary shelters there after escaping neon man last year's military offensive against them will take as the director of the refugee rights division of human rights watch he says pressure must continue to force me to
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implement reforms and give rights to the rango. there is a real risk of people dying in landslides there's a real risk of a cyclonic and certain simply the monsoon rains themselves on the part of free that we're talking about these these steep inclines people that i've spoken to living in huts that that their neighbors have already washed away and they're sitting there right on the precipice people do need to be evacuated they need to be brought even within the mega camp itself to safer locations and they certainly their work environment there's actually you know valiant efforts to try to shore up the conditions in the camp but the bangladesh authorities have insisted that the camp is temporary and that the solution is repatriation to my own mar while we agree in principle on the refugees themselves also on the right of return the immediate concern is preventing people from suffering and preventing loss of life here and
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now what's worry about repatriation as time goes on putting pressure on my own more to fundamentally reform to allow refugees to go home but in the meantime. there even though it may have the look of permanency to build proper schools and have proper education of the children shouldn't be left with no education and essentially that's what's happening now and the flimsy dwellings that they're living in that that can be washed away if by high winds and storms need to be shored up as well they need hard sheltered areas that can protect them and cyclons as well. brazil has launched a national vaccination campaign against measles forces have started ministering the vaccines in ten weeks across the country they say indigenous brazilians living close to the border with venezuela are at a greater risk of being of being affected by the virus the country's health
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ministry says more than a thousand people have been infected and five killed in a recent outbreak. now mexico's new president elect has promised a different way of dealing with organized crime under his money lopez obrador believes pulling people out of poverty will help curb the country's epidemic of violence former gang member who's now becoming a state congressman is an example of how the plan could work john home and went to san luis to meet him. the new local congressman from san luis mexico to meet his constituents is unlike any politician they've seen before a child will burn the street kids just like them make good. to some pedal is nicknamed the me he's is a blueprint for the incoming government on how they can rescue young people drawn to crime his buddies a patchwork of tattoos and knife cuts product of a life of violence and drug addiction until he hit bottom and graham my family my
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mother was sick with kidney failure they called me and i was drinking with my crew thinking tomorrow should be ok and she died and i didn't get to say goodbye and to kill the pain i jumped in front of cars i tried to hang myself from a tree in my garden i was taking cocaine all the time i was twenty four years old that was the turning point he sought help a christian mentor who gave him his first job he in turn says he gained a faith and a mission to help san luis is young and marginalized but when i realize there aren't public policies for the young and there are lots of them like me who didn't get to choose where they live children with dreams stops just like me i wanted to be an actor so i started to campaign for space for them to try and reduce the fights between gangs. formed an association an organized football tournament stances work programs hundreds of gang members turned up to broker peace deals between them. i see him as an example to follow that you can come from the barrio
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and still manage to become someone. now he's heading to the local congress not everyone's pleased many criticize his criminal past and doubt his reform. he says he's received threats but he says he can't let down those in the city's gangs know his approach chimes with the incoming president and that is manuel lopez obrador nationwide plans beilenson mexico's record level. and the incoming administration says the strategy has to change rather than just confronting those drawn to organized crime they say that young people need to be offered of the russians controversially that includes an amnesty for some low level going members only he supports the concert for his base seems to follow him but they have a warning they're not the most the newseum of them just don't lose sight of who you are remember it's better to be remembered as a good person than to have
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a street named after you thank you that's a taste for a me he's on the rest of the incoming government will they bring the social change they promise will succumb to their newfound political power john holdren so luis potosi people in europe have been told to stay hydrated as a record breaking heat wave sweeps across the continent here in london many residents are buying bottles of water to keep cool that's also led to a surge in plastic waste man con now wants to turn the tide on the british capital's plastic problem by bringing back orsa fountains afrin stansell explains. london may have been the city that pioneered the public drinking fountain but its popularity has dried up since this one was built in eight hundred fifty nine only a handful of water fountains exist in the capital today as more people reach for bottled water to quench their thirst now with the growing threat of plastics to the environment london wants to bring
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a new generation of water fountains to the british public. earlier this year mayor sidique khan announced a pilot scheme of twenty water stations to be built it's part of a nearly one million dollar project to reduce plastic waste in london over the next three years they're being installed in shopping districts and commuter hubs and if they prove successful the project may expand the scope for expanding the extent of a ability of water for london as is huge we need to make sure that people have access to water and then not having to pay for it but the of the other benefit that would come would actually be in reducing congestion if you move water in pipes then rather than in plastic bottles that have to be transported by lorry you reduce the number of lorries on the road you reduce the road danger and you make your city streets into healthier and better places to be every minute one million plastic drinking bottles are bought around the world in britain more than seven and
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a half billion single use water bottles are used every year london is the biggest consumer and the worst for recycling the average adult buys one hundred seventy five plastic water bottles a year less than half are recycled many of them end up here in britain's waterways . this small team of volunteers is working with the charity thames twenty one they're part of thousands of people who help clean and monitor the rubbish that flows through the river each year times twenty one so about ten percent of the rubbish they collect here is plastic half of a single use plastic bottles like this one and just a few months ago volunteers here in london collected more than four thousand single use bottles in just one day. the charity hopes the new fountains will make a difference one of the reasons that people are are blowing water is because they don't have access to drinking water when there are about the london drinking fountain fund is going to fund twenty new fountains that's
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a great start we certainly want to see move but we have very hopeful that people will start to use them and hopeful that more people will think of the environment and turn on the taps instead of turning to the bottle cap and stats on al-jazeera london. a quick look at the top stories now iran is bracing for the first round of u.s. sanctions to come into force following donald trump's withdrawal from the twenty fifteen nuclear pact access to us by blocks and cars comp it's in foodstuffs from iran will no longer be imported into the u.s. to has already struggling to deal with a faltering economy the reality lost half of its value since april tomorrow will see some financial. policy changes to try and salvage the value of the iranian currency go into effect but opposition political leaders and civilian protestors say that that's not enough we need changes at the federal level at the cabinet level to try and counter the impact of use u.s.
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sanctions in the sort of economic psychological warfare being carried out by the trumpet ministration on the iranian economy. well in our all the headlines at least ninety eight people on known to have died in an earthquake on the indonesian island of thousands of others were left homeless office on day six point nine magnitude quake the country's national disaster agency says the number of those killed is likely to rise as the search for those trapped under the rubble continues. saudi arabia has expelled canada's ambassador and frozen trade agreements the saudis accuse canada of interference for urging the release of jail rights activists the u.a.e. and bahrain are backing the saudi position. bangladesh's government says it's considering using the death penalty on those responsible for a fatal traffic accidents this is students protest for a ninth day over the death of two teenagers killed by
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a speeding bus meanwhile activists say armed groups linked to the government and the police have been attacking protesting students in dhaka in an attempt to quash the demonstrations and at least two people have been killed and dozens of others injured off to two trucks collided on a motorway in the northern italian city of bologna a crash sent a huge ball of fire and bellows of black smoke into the air and caused a bridge along the motorway to collapse one of the trucks is believed to have been carrying flammable material roads around the area have been closed well as the headlines inside stories coming up next and then the news hour after that in about twenty five minutes time do join me then bye for now.
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is peace possible in south sudan they fought for independence from sudan and when they got it the government forces the rival rebels bored with each other for years now another power sharing deal has been signed but will it hold this time this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program. the warring leaders in south sudan are giving peace another chance but is the agreement signed on sunday in sudan finally the one which will in five years of civil war many ceasefire deals have been signed then collapsed within hours and the fighting which has killed tens of thousands and up rooted millions didn't stop now a second power sharing.


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