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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 7, 2018 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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u.s. sanctions are back on life in iran is set to get a little harder but the e.u. says it's sticking to its word on the nuclear deal. hello and welcome i'm peter davi you're watching al-jazeera live from doha also coming up thousands of buildings in ruin and rescue teams still struggling to reach some villages after sunday's powerful earthquake in indonesia. the messenger's under fire journalists become the target as the bangladeshi government tries to end student protests. and another piece in the malaysian corruption scandal
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a c superyacht arrives as the former pm is summoned back to court. our top story a new u.s. attempt to squeeze iran's economy has now officially begun three months after donald trump pulled out of the nuclear deal and promised to punish the country sanctions came into force on monday night but they're only the first they target the iranian car industry food production and exports of carpets they're likely to further weaken the iranian currency which has been losing value since mr trump announced his decision to pull out of the deal in may the iranian president says there won't be any new talks unless things change circulate have them that's the person who was abandoned because the asians is trump in his government and he is doing something which is against the iranian people against the interests of iran if there was honesty iran would come to negotiation that. well the twenty fifteen
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deal was agreed by the u.s. iran china russia and the european powers in exchange for sanctions being lifted to iran agreed to curb its nuclear development other partners say they're sticking to the terms this from the e.u. that the uk has two parts iran gives ups their nuclear program and the international community opens up trade and economic relations with it on this second pillar has to be maintained if you want the first build up to be maintained and so far iran has been compliant fully with their look at months. well at the start of november more sanctions will kick in they'll specifically target the oil sector and foreign banks that do business with iran our correspondents in basra joins us live now from tehran saying mr rouhani was on t.v. there last night what was the central message. well president hassan rouhani
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spent the initial part of his television appearance talking about the united states about donald trump and really repeating what's already been said in this very longstanding stalemate between the two countries what was very interesting is that he spent the bulk of his time it was almost two hours discussing domestic issues and speaking directly to the iranian people now this nuclear deal as it's continued to fall apart has made president hassan rouhani is government incredibly unpopular the policy has become almost toxic in iran because rouhani really married himself to this deal negotiating it seeing it through and he sold it is the fix for all of the country's economic problems and when that didn't manifest when iranians weren't doing better than they were before the deal when donald trump started to whittle away at the deal and eventually try to break it down that made president hassan rouhani very unpopular for not seeing it coming so he spent this speech appealing to the iranian people saying he didn't care about his popularity at one point
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technology and that yes he does recognize the fact that he's become very unpopular among many. parts of iranian society and he said what was important was to deliver services to the people which is critics would say that that isn't happening he also appealed to iranians for a little more patience a little more calm and he said that only by standing together would they be able to offer and any of the economic pressure that the united states is putting on them and he said that he is introducing new fiscal policies new subsidies for those most vulnerable in the society and he said that things will get better he pointed to the european union and to their assistance and to continue trade with them and he said that there is going to be a light at the end of the tunnel and so many of the people many of much of his time was dedicated appealing directly to the iranian people one interesting part was that he thanked those who are struggling financially but not coming out to protest signaling his discontent with what we've seen is a week's worth of evening demonstrations or. against the government calling for
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a change to the government's economic team and more drastic measures to help the country's faltering economy does he feel slightly cornered by this and also does he feel cornered by the timeline because presumably his popularity might dip even more once the sanctions really kick in come november. absolutely i mean there was a squeeze leading up to today to the august deadline for sanctions there was a ticking clock and now yet another clock has been set looking forward to november and it is it is nothing small to say that yes the president of iran does feel cornered in the days leading up to this we had the head of the iranian revolutionary guard corps publicly making a statement saying to president hassan rouhani please do something more aggressive about the country's economic situation and the currency and when the head of the revolutionary guard corps says something it's no small thing we've also seen for the first time that this president has been summoned by members of parliament to appear in parliament and answer questions with regards to the economy now present
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when ronnie has appeared in parliament in the past voluntarily but this time he's been summoned and he talked about that yesterday saying that he wished that the timing were better he wished that parliamentarians were a little more friendly towards him so he's certainly not happy about having to go but he said he will and he will answer questions and it also happens that this parliament at the same time that they summoned him began impeachment proceedings against one of the members of rouhani federal cabinet the minister of labor and social welfare so certainly in between now and november rouhani president and rouhani has a lot of work to do not just to deal with what's happening on the international stage but to shore up support for his presidency here domestically zain thank you. well the strong point has called the iran nuclear deal horrible can really help it examines now how we got here. the united states says iran is
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a threat and it wants to punish the country's government by isolating it from the global financial system starting tuesday u.s. sanctions will be reimposed to target a range of sectors blocking iran from purchasing u.s. banknotes and trading in gold in metal like aluminum and steel it will also limit iran's access to software and. automotive sectors will blocking its ability to purchase commercial aircraft for trade in food and other goods this was a horrible one sided deal that should have never ever been made the snapback sanctions are part of a promise made by u.s. president donald trump when he withdrew the united states in may from the twenty fifteen agreement known as the j c p o a close u.s. ally like france's president emmanuel mccraw and germany's chancellor angela merkel remain committed to the agreement aimed at limiting tehran's nuclear program but the u.s. argues it didn't work as it didn't go far enough. the u.s.
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also argues the profits made from the lifting of sanctions is being used to purchase an export weapons in places like syria lebanon and gaza to support proxy militias and the state financing of terrorism the sanctions come as protests continue in iran against deteriorating economic conditions at the united states denies the sanctions are timed to force regime change instead it says it hopes to modify the iranian government's behavior despite longstanding u.s. policy of no formal diplomatic relations with iran president donald trump has even indicated he's willing to sit down for talks with iran's leaders no preconditions no they want to meet anytime they want heightening tensions top european foreign policy chiefs are implementing something called a blocking statute to protect
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a new firm still intent on doing business with iran in spite of the u.s. sanctions prompting this stern warning from a senior republican senator. under these sanctions you have to pick between the american economy and the iranian economy you can no longer do business with choose wisely this snapback sanctions are also just the beginning in ninety days and now the round of even more punishing sanctions targeting iran's massive oil industry will come in to effect can really help at al-jazeera the white house. an israeli airstrike on the gaza strip has killed two members of hamas and wounded of those those killed were reportedly members of the brigades the military wing of hamas the israeli army says it retaliated against gunfire aimed at its troops. rescue teams have yet to make it to some parts of the indonesian island of lombok as the search goes on for survivors from sunday's earthquake at least two hundred
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thousand people have had their homes destroyed or damaged the destruction of roads and bridges means it's proving difficult for emergency crews to get around the magnitude six point nine quake has killed nearly one hundred people but many more of it trapped under the rubble. we must still be in trauma after three to six months i don't think will be easy to return to normal life we need to do with slowly because we're all really traumatized within all sleep indorse what's our plan for the future we don't know. but there have been some stories of survival two people have been pulled out of the rubble a lot if one man was trapped under a mosque that collapsed on sunday he was found after rescue workers used heavy machinery to clear the debris start bussin has more from pema nung on lombok i looked. at his shop right now it's a brick store where the couple was a very odd that the rubble that the wife is already has it's on safer ground but
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let me show you what they're doing right now in ice you can see that the rescue workers don't really have that appropriate and what it meant to do is rescue mission for can see that they're basically taking with them bare hands they're using some kind of stick they're using a drill but they don't really have any like meaning here you're having a weapon that only barely make up that available on the island and if you're out where right now there's another a mosque where around twenty people seem to have been buried trapped under the rubble that's also where they have that man who was rescued yesterday that's where they have the equipment this ad right now but here it's just a manual basically and from the smile the location where i am now we can actually come close that probably not alive anymore human rights groups are demanding the release of journalists arrested for covering student protests in bangladesh photographer and journalist shahid will allow those detained after an interview with al-jazeera his family says he's being tortured human rights watch wants the
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government to investigate reports that he was beaten in jail students have been demonstrating for a million days for tougher traffic rules time via child rape is in dhaka. the capital city sense to be superficially calm the parties are in control right now there is no reports of new clashes compared to the bloody monday yesterday where at least forty students were injured today our around noon time in various places journalists made rallies and had a protest gathering over here we were standing there main demand was the government to bring those to justice who attacked them targeted only in recent days when they were covering the protests rallies they gave the government seventy two hours ultimatum to bring the people to justice and we also know a prominent photographer and social activist. was arrested and produced and quote yesterday he himself told the court that he was tortured while in david custody but instead of giving him bail or sending him to jail the court allowed the debate to
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take him back for a fight of their interrogation this is a major concern here for the media community generally has been harassed and attacked targeted lee as well as those who are in custody being tortured now the u.n. u.s. based human rights watch and amnesty international has hours of the government to release showed as quickly now we also know that situation called for either escalate in a very tense politically climate bangladesh which facing general election end of the year so the students could possibly come out again to protest not against traffic but against their fellow students in recent days ok still to come here on al-jazeera this is their opinion people these are. the talk show host who turns president trump is banned from several social media platforms. and sanctions in iran are they're bracing here in western afghanistan the weekend economy is pushing
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afghans home and thousands. with. hello there across the southeastern parts of asia there's plenty of showers with us at the moment some of the heaviest of them are in the northern part of our map from vietnam across towards the philippines further south there's more in the way of dry weather at the moment only really one or two showers across borneo i think we'll see more though as we head through the next few days so here are those showers then during the day on wednesday and then pushing a bit further southwards as we head into thursday system heavier downpours along the northern parts of borneo towards the west and also be one or two showers around here but for k.l. and singapore there will also be a good deal of dry weather around as well as we head further south there's been lots of what weather and a fair amount of snow for some of us in australia recently the latest system is
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moving away but there's another one that's working its way into the southeast at the moment so still more wet and windy weather as we head through into wednesday behind it well there's a bit of a break before the next system so person should get up to around eighteen degrees on wednesday but then the rain pushes into thursday and it looks pretty way during the day over towards new zealand and we're going to see some pretty stormy weather all men's day very very wet so maybe some damaging gusts of wind as well we do have warnings out in the western parts of the south island or all of that wet weather gradually pushes its way eastwards and it does look a good deal calmer for us as we head into thursday. with. of struggles that came out i mean not them where they are they are touting the same human guinea. full of pleasure me going make a blank i mean me in. an intimate look at life in cuba today if you
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don't mind i don't know what again as a present with a game president it would have been my leave. my cuba on al-jazeera. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera mining's peter double your headline so far this hour the e.u. is calling on its companies to increase trade with iran as new u.s. sanctions come into effect they target the iranian car industry food production and carpet exports are likely to further weaken the currency the real. rescue workers in indonesia facing difficulties which in some of the areas worst hit by sunday's six point nine earthquake two people have been pulled alive from the collapsed
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buildings there but many more obvious traps nearly one hundred people were killed at least two hundred thousand people are now homeless. human rights groups are demanding the release of reporters have been arrested for covering student protests in bangladesh photojournalist alarm as one of several being detained human rights watch wants the government to investigate reports that he was beaten whilst in jail . the position of sanctions on iran has led to almost half a million afghan migrant workers returning home and three million afghans live in iran but as the economy weakens many of them are losing jobs and they're being deported shelob ellis reports now from corrupt. in western afghanistan. this is the human cost of u.s. sanctions on iran these people are not iranian or american but afghan sixteen and her family have lived in iran for twenty five years were born there they were deported this week ending up in
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a un transit camp in wiston afghanistan. why was it that you know i was there on monday we left behind our house our furniture i locked the doors and now i am here they were beating us they were very cruel they kept saying get lost. in the past iranian officials have said that been proud to host an estimated three million afghans but as iran's economic situation worsens afghans one of the most vulnerable communities in iran are some of the first to feel the pinch. more than two hundred thousand have been deported since the start of the year only a few thousand have received un support. for their economy kept getting worse and everyone was shouting and screaming we kept saying we're refugees here but they kept saying if we cannot help iranians how can we help you another two hundred thousand afghans have returned home voluntarily after they couldn't find work in iran for decades afghans in the west of send their sons across the border to work
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and seen money harm or with the collapse of the nuclear deal in the currency in freefall those jobs have dried up remittances had propped up households across western afghanistan small tiny asli a mess of drought has devastated the region's main industry agriculture not only have the afghan people been affected by drought but they now have less ability to rely on family members who are working abroad and sending home of their paycheck in which case you know the number of people who may be forced to migrate based on a lack of resources in their own homes could rise exponentially in very short order the un needs international funding to support the returning they have nearly half a million unemployed mostly young men returning to a war zone the swiss and italians have donated the u.s. has not chela ballasts out zira herat. saudi arabia state airline has suspended
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flights to canada in an intensifying diplomatic dispute for as trade and investment deals on monday expelled the canadian ambassador it's in retaliation for canada's call to release human rights activists here's alexie o'brien. among those detained in saudi arabia is the sister of this man six years ago blogger by the way was sentenced to a thousand lashes to be administered over twenty weeks for criticizing saudi arabian clerics now his sister summer is among a number of women's rights activists who've been imprisoned sparking protests from the canadian government and which in turn was met with a shop and immediate saudi response via state controlled television of. the kingdom used the canadian position as an affront to the kingdom but requires a sharp response to prevent any party in from attempting to meddle with the south and serve until. the canadian foreign minister makes it clear they will be no backing down. to canada's commitment to putting human rights at the
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center of our foreign policy has drawn some attention in recent days. i'm referring of course to the expulsion of canada's ambassador to saudi arabia. and let me be very clear with everyone here and with the canadians who may be watching and listening canada will always stand up for human rights in canada and around the world and women's rights are human rights this new diplomatic meltdown comes on the heels of calls for the canadian government to suspend arms sales to saudi arabia opposition parties and human rights groups insist canadian military vehicles are being used to crush political the saint in the east of the kingdom the stakes are high saudi is the largest importer of canadian military hardware after the united states saudi air has now
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stopped all flights to canada and a planned visit by saudi students has been cancelled the message is clear keep out of what saudi says is its internal business or else alex o'brien al-jazeera. malaysia's anti corruption agency has summoned the former prime minister najib razak for more questioning a luxury cypriot at the heart of the country's biggest ever corruption scandal has also arrived back in the country after being seized in indonesian waters the two hundred fifty million dollars vessel was allegedly purchased with money stolen from a state fund set up in two thousand and nine florins louis joins us live this hour from kuala lumpur florence how does this cypriots kind of fold into the other questions being asked about all the money all the corruption the allegations to do with the apartment the stashes of cash the jewelry the luxury designer handbags. so this your that you mention the acronym ety now this is
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a two hundred fifty million dollars luxury your it is thought to be equipped with a swimming pool they saw in other luxury fittings you might expect a and expensive your to have now it is not just involved in this host scandal is also actually part of a u.s. department of justice civil for features suit this is a suit that the u.s. department of justice had filed to recover assets that they believe were bought with money stolen from one m. d. so it could very well be part of evidence should the authorities bring charges against who's thought to have misappropriated four and a half billion dollars together with his associates from the state investment fund known as one which he had set up when he was prime minister of malaysia. already faces charges in malaysia courts for breach of trust as well as abuse of power he's been called in for questioning it is very likely we're hearing that he will face additional charges of money laundering when he appears in court two more
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now he has been charged in relation to misappropriating ten million dollars from another state owned company known as s r c international a company that used to be a subsidiary company of one but he's thought to have stolen much more than that together with his associates now this your that we've talked about that has just arrived at a port not far from kuala lumpur with this your it is registered to. to a company registered in the cayman islands but its ultimate owner is believed to be mr joe a man known as joe lo or lo take joe now this man is a wanted man in the laser he's a fugitive there's already a warrant of arrest out for him his whereabouts are unknown but he's thought to be the ultimate mastermind in this complex sophisticated plan to steal money from the state investment fund on m.t.v. storage is also focusing on a so do you read. how that may be allegedly overlaps with the gray
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area questions being asked of mr nunn cheap. yes we're talking about this center known as the king solomon international peace center now this was a center that was launched last year just after the saudi arabian more knock had had visited malaysia this was meant to be an islamic center to combat extremism to promote tolerance although some critics have mentioned that saudi arabia perhaps is not the best partner for it considering its very strict and conservative interpretation of islam has been blamed for inspiring some of the islamic state ideology now the government hasn't given a reason as to why they've ordered the immediate closure of this center it's just said that this it will take effect immediately what the center has been doing will now be absorbed by another institute and the defense ministry but saudi arabia and the previous malaysian administration led by former prime minister not your brother is now facing corruption charges they had very very close ties now not yet but one
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point seven hundred million dollars deposited into his personal bank account he's denied any wrongdoing and the malaysian investigation has also said he wasn't guilty of anything not japan self has said that that money was a personal donation from saudi arabia and the saudi foreign minister had confirmed that back in two thousand and sixteen florence thank you if you abuse federal government's taken over the administration of the eastern somali region a move it says is to restore law and order the regional president resigned and agree to hand over power after fifty people were killed in the state capital on saturday the violence began after the federal government deployed forces leading to a standoff with local paramilitaries. the president of ivory coast allison watada has pardoned the wife of the former leader laurent gbagbo simone bug who was one of eight hundred people who had their records cleared during a state address three years ago she was convicted of offenses against the state
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during a brief twenty eleven civil war she was sentenced to twenty years in prison. the ex business partner of donald trump's former campaign manager paul man a fourth has testified that he committed crimes with him written gates as a miti t. helps man a four filed false tax returns the charges against man of forty include money laundering and making false statements about lobbying for a pro russian party in ukraine u.s. special counsel robert muller charged him as part of a probe into alleged russian meddling in the twenty sixteen u.s. election. some social media platforms in the states have banned a talk show host for promoting hate speech the info wars host has called onix jones has a huge online audience and pushes many conspiracy theories including a claim that the sandy hook school shooting in connecticut was staged from washington as an official. this is their plan people these are demons we has a national radio show more than two million you tube prescribers and
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a website called in for wars that made him a wealthy man but alex jones is facing an increasing number of platforms who will no longer publish his content in the last few days he's been removed from facebook i tunes and the also you chip with his video rants wreck up millions of hits first demonize him for wars lie about us build a straw man then sue us to add credibility to that then have a few fake strikes on you tube and facebook with nebulous terms like bullying children and islamophobia jones is a controversial figure he claims the sandy hook school massacre was staged by crisis actors as a way to change gun laws in the u.s. one of the families is now suing him for libel the first hearings in the case have been held near his texas base. he believes the nine eleven attacks were organized and carried out by the u.s. government and the government kills people by controlling the weather under president donald trump is a fan he appeared on his radio show saying his reputation was amazing and he
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wouldn't let him down on a pioneer i don't explore. i know human and on the one analyst projects the idea joins is removal of freedom of speech implications first amendment does not give you a right to have a presence on a website persimmon only limits governments from censoring you so what facebook and twitter are doing is not censorship it's private companies making decisions just like newspapers have always made decisions about who they will bring into their forms apple has dropped his podcasts as have other online streaming services facebook removed four pages linked to his in four wars website in a statement the company says upon review we've taken it down for glorifying violence and using dehumanizing language to describe people who are trying to gender muslims and immigrants which violates or hate speech policies in his recent
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child custody case joins us lawyer insisted he was simply playing a character and though he'd be doing that to a much smaller audience on fewer platforms. alan fischer al jazeera washington. updating our top stories for you so far today here on al-jazeera a new american sanctions on iran have come into force exactly three months after washington pulled out of the twenty fifteen nuclear deal with tehran they target the iranian car industry food production and confident exports are the likely to further weaken the currency but the e.u. which is also part of the twenty fifteen deal has called on its companies to increase trade with iran. we are encouraging small and medium enterprises and particular to increase business with in iran. as part of something that for us is a security priority i want to make this very clear because we're talking about
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trade and economic relations with iran because this is part integral part of the nuclear deal. in indonesia rescue workers are still facing difficulties to reach some of the areas worst hit by sunday's magnitude six point nine earthquake two people have been pulled out of the rubble alive but many feared trapped under collapsed buildings nearly one hundred people have been killed and at least two hundred thousand people are now homeless human rights groups are demanding the release of journalists arrested for covering student protests in bangladesh photographers and journalists alarm was detained after an interview with al-jazeera his family says he's been tortured human rights watch wants the government to investigate reports that he was beaten in jail students have been demonstrating for nine days now calling for tougher traffic legislation saudi arabia's state airline is suspending flights to the canadian city of toronto in an intensifying diplomatic
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row now on monday riyadh froze new trade and investment and expelled the canadian ambassador that was in retaliation for a canadian call to free saudi arabian activists who've recently been arrested the saudis accuse the canadian government of interfering in their affairs. well if he is anti corruption agency has some of the former prime minister najib razak for further questioning a few hours ago a luxury superyacht at the heart of the country's biggest ever corruption scandal arrived back in the country after being seized in indonesia the two hundred fifty million dollars kroft was allegedly bought with money stolen from the state fund more news on the website. next it's my cuba. during a moment in time. snapshots of. other stories. providing a glimpse into someone else's work. on al-jazeera. in
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the lead in. the ending on the way.


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