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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 7, 2018 8:00pm-8:33pm +03

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really how joins me now from washington d.c. perhaps for added emphasis donald trump tweeted an addition to the sanctions being imposed tweeted obviously to let it be known how he feels about it but also trying to get other countries on board as if to pick sides tell us more about it. yeah what this is done this reimposing of sanctions of the threat of more in november against iran's oil industry is it does put the united states at odds with some of its top allies i mean remember prior to the u.s. pulling out in may from the j.c. p.o. way we had in one week the french president as well as the german chancellor coming to the white house urging the president not to withdraw from the agreement he went ahead and now seems to be making the case not just publicly but on social media not just saying that these sanctions that are place of the most biting ever but also that they will be ratcheted up again and essentially mourning other countries not
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to do business with iran this could certainly complicate the relationship for the united states with its allies but also with russia where in fact it has been working to try and improve relations in fact coming out of russia in the last couple of hours has been a statement that the russians essentially challenging the united states saying is deeply disappointed with its decision to impose sanctions that believes that history shows that pressuring iran in its words never works and it's now taking full measures to defend trade and economic relations with iran so this is certainly complicating the position for the united states for the president the u.s. president and in many ways isolating it even further let's pivot to one other thing that is on the on the foreign policy. agenda today north korea obviously is another country that has been isolated by sanctions for quite some time but it is a country that president obviously has you know met with the leader kim jong il and apparently still trying to keep the door open there what are we hearing from his
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national security team. yeah there are some natural links between these two stories in terms of the effort and the pressure that the united states has put on both nations namely with with strict economic sanctions so you're right when it comes to north korea the national security advisor john bolton weighing in on both of those topics here in the united states in the last couple of hours not only is he suggesting in the case of iran that it wants to avoid sanctions should be negotiating but he's making the similar case when it comes to north korea as well saying in fact that despite the fact that the north korea has making the case that it believes that showing good faith in terms of its step to denuclearize these sanctions should be lifted the position of the united states is one and one only and that is that when it comes to north korea denuclearization should be complete verifiable irreversible in the eyes of the united states this has not happened yet
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so the u.s. believes that these to take further steps but having said that offering a little bit of an opportunity saying that the u.s. secretary of state but pump a zero would be willing to go back to north korea to meet with the north korean leader if this would further that goal towards the ultimate achievement that the u.s. is looking for and that is denuclearization ok for us in washington thank you. saudi arabia's diplomatic dispute with canada has intensified its state airline suspending flights to toronto pros trade and investment deals on monday and also expel the canadian ambassador it's all in retaliation for canada's call for saudi arabia to release human rights activists. on has more on the economic impact of this rift. canada and saudi arabia are not major trading partners but business between the two countries totaled four billion dollars last year at the top of the list as canada's export of military vehicles to saudi arabia the agreement signed
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in two thousand and fourteen is worth roughly fifteen billion dollars. saudi arabia would rank for instance twenty fourth or twenty fifth among our trading partners but now those economic ties however small are at risk saudi arabia expelled a canadian ambassador after his country raised concerns over the arrest of human rights activists and called for their immediate release among the jailed activists is the sister of this man six years ago blogger right he was sentenced to a thousand lashes for criticizing saudi clerics his sister some are is among a number of other imprisoned women rights activists the saudis say canada's comments are a violation of their sovereignty. the kingdom used the canadian position as an affront to the kingdom but requires a sharp response to prevent any party from attempting to meddle with the south and serve until. the saudi state airline has announced it will suspend all fly satoru
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until sort of on august thirteenth the saudi government is coming up with a plan to move thousands of saudi scholarship students out of canadian schools and into other countries the prospect of the saudis withdrawing fifteen thousand so the students from canadian universities is i would say having a major impact it's concerning people greatly we're talking about hundreds of millions of not more billion billion dollars of revenue that they stand to lose whether the move accounts to an economic hit or merely a dent canada says it will not back down canada will always stand up for human rights in canada and around the world and women's rights are human rights but saudi arabia's decision may hurt its own interests in the long run when we deal with the s. i mean the small and medium size and to prices these companies will think twice before going to saudi arabia. for now saudi arabia is sending
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a clear message to all foreign governments to stay out of the semester affairs but countries like canada insist will continue to push for human rights no matter the consequences. young al-jazeera malaysia's anti-corruption agency says former prime minister najib razak will be charged under the money laundering act when he appears in court on wednesday this comes as a luxury yacht at the heart of the country's biggest ever corruption scandal arrived back in the country after being seized in indonesia the two hundred fifty million dollars boat was allegedly bought with money stolen from a state set up in two thousand and nine points lower he has the latest from kuala lumpur. not your browser already faces several charges criminal breach of trust abuse of power for allegedly misappropriating ten million dollars from a state company s.r.c. international and he was questioned by anti corruption offices in relation to that
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and the anti corruption agency has said it will fall further charges on not ship including the anti money laundering act not your brother and his associates also alleged to have stolen four and a half billion dollars from a state investment fund one and that he had set up when he was prime minister now his questioning by anticorruption offices comes the same day that a luxury yacht known as equity arrived at a port just about an hour's drive outside of kuala lumpur and this luxury your it is part of a u.s. department of justice investigation and a civil action to recover assets allegedly bought with money stolen from one end now the ultimate owner of this your it is believed to be a malaysian citizen known as low take joe who is now a fugitive and believed to be the mostyn mind of this plan to steal billions of dollars from one m. d. b. and the new malaysian government that took power in may following a general election is scrutinizing and looking into this corruption scandal
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extremely rigorously and they've been looking at projects that are believed to be linked to one m. d. b. they've suspended contracts involving chinese companies because it's believed that some of that money may have been used to pay off some of one debts and the government also recently announced the closure of a cent test set up and backed by the saudi arabian government to combat extremism and the government did not give a reason for the closure but the previous administration led by not had very close ties with the saudi government and in fact when it was discovered that not to pay seven hundred million dollars deposit it into his bank account several years ago he said that money was a personal donation by the saudi royal family. rescue teams in indonesia have yet to make it to some parts of lombok island as the search goes on for survivors from sunday's earthquake at least twenty thousand people have had their homes destroyed or damaged and the destruction of roads and bridges well that's making it difficult
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for emergency crews to get around magnitude six point nine quake has killed nearly one hundred people but many more feared trapped under rubble so more from. on long island. here at this mosque nobody has been found alive today rescue workers are really really struggling to complaining they don't have the right equipment there's a very few big excavators but very very few most rescue workers are basically doing their work manually trying to pick with their bare hands they actually have left this mosque for the night the rescue operation has been suspended until the morning which basically also shows the pace of this rescue operation going on in lombok right now there's a lot of frustration they also complain that things are arriving too late the the villages of course are also complaining about it they just showed up here at the most you know where are the rescue workers we can actually smell
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a very bad smell of bad bodies here right now which means that of course a lot of people seem to be still buried here and what people do here is they all go up to the hills they have been spending the night up in the mountains for the last two nights because it's very very scared to come down and they asked for everything basically to ask for hands for blankets for food for medicine there's nothing there yet and it seems that so far the whole rescue operation and also to aid operation has been quite on coordinated so a lot of pockets have still yet to receive anything still ahead on al jazeera israeli tank fire in the gaza strip kills two increasing an already tense situation this is their plea and people these are. a talk show host accounts president donald trump as a fan is banned from several social media platforms. hello
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there for many of us in china is pretty hot at the moment these pictures are just from the northwest of shanghai showing people trying to cool down there it seems that everybody needs a rubber ring there it looks like we're going to have more hot weather over the next few days and not a great deal of wet weather across this region has told so force in shanghai should be drawing fire and with the temperatures up to around thirty five or thirty six degrees there will be a few showers but most of them require a long way towards the southwest meanwhile for the south and forth across the philippines incredibly wet at the moment and staying that way as we head through into thursday looks like the rain here will be very heavy and some of us are likely to see some flooding out towards the west there's also been some heavy rains here not only through india bangladesh and the poor but also some very heavy rains in the northern parts of pakistan as well in fact some places there are reporting as
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much as one hundred thirty two millimeters of rain that is easily enough to give us a problem with flooding more wet weather is expected over the next few days so there could be more in the way of flooding but i think the heavier rain as we head through wednesday and into thursday will be across the central region of india here the showers really do look quite poky and they gradually working their way towards the west and still giving us heavy falls as we head into thursday the west coast is also looking pretty soggy for thursday as well. when this idea popped into it when they're on line it's undoubtedly chief cole. over to an inequality in society today or if you join the sunset criminal justice system is dysfunctional right now this is a dialogue what does it feel like to go back for the first time everyone has a voice and allow refugees to plead the speakers for change join the conversation
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on our. rajiv al-jazeera let's recap the top stories for you this hour new u.s. sanctions on iran have come into force exactly three months after washington pulled out of the two thousand and fifteen nuclear deal with tehran they target the iranian car industry food production and carpet exports and are likely to further weaken its currency but the e.u. which is also part of that two thousand and fifteen deal has called on its companies to increase trade with iran. saudi arabia state airline is suspending flights to its wrong so in an intensifying diplomatic dispute with canada on monday riyadh froze new trade and investment and expel the canadian ambassador it was in
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retaliation for canada urging saudi arabia to for human rights activists malaysia's anti-corruption nation's he says former prime minister not be charged under the money laundering act when he appears in court on wednesday she has already been charged with abuse of power and criminal breach of trust he's accused of stealing millions of dollars from a state fund set up in two thousand and nine. israeli tank fire in the gaza strip has killed two members of hamas and wounded others those killed were reportedly members of the for gates the military wing of hamas that is the israeli army says it had retaliated against gunfire and that its troops interest cements is in gaza with more. military spokesman for israel has posted a video on twitter which shows he says fire coming from that watch tower in response a tank also opened fire and it was
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a direct hit and i says two of their fighters are dead two twenty three year olds and six people were injured now how mouse has made no reference to any preemptive action it has to be said but this does cause concern about possible retaliation from the hamas military wing there is a flurry of activity to activity politically right now because the talks over a long term cease fire at a critical stage with israel mentioning no would really about its response but clearly it seems amyas on not entirely happy they've said that they want a full lifting of the blockade of gaza and there has been no further word on that but too early to tell whether there is disruption of the talks at all there is always a question of posturing on both sides and it would appear that egypt will definitely be intervening right now to make sure there is no further action on either side they will certainly attempt to do so last time there was an attack there was
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a threat from hamas that they would retaliate that didn't happen it was clearly the egyptians who intervened to keep things calm rights groups are demanding the release of journalists arrested for covering certain protests in bangladesh that a journalist until alon is one of several detained human rights watch wants the government to investigate reports that he has been beaten in jail iran com reports . what started his protests in high schools has now gone to university students on the move in the capital dhaka police tried to stop the protests using tape gas and rubber coated bullets observers say the government of prime minister sharon is concerned the protests could become larger and he's using tactics it's used before . i just got back from bangladesh and my own person in. this government is behaving in a way that bangladeshi government are very used to behaving in terms of this and
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they just see people selling this and even though they're young and what they're protesting is way beyond any kind of party political issue they haven't been able to show anything are within the usual way or responding to this which has been a lot before. it all began ten days ago after a speeding bus trip to teenagers in late july student demonstrators took to the streets calling for tougher law enforcement of bangladeshi road traffic the government says it's going to introduce the death penalty to some road traffic accidents. human rights groups have weighed in as the government crackdown has spread to arresting journalists. a photographer that was arrested sunday after appearing on al-jazeera and criticizing the government even rights watch runs an investigation into allegations he was beaten in jail after these pictures emerged of him in court and also saying ruling party workers attacked protesters the government denied the allegations that its activists were involved bangladesh's
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government has been accused of arresting thousands of opposition activists in recent years there's widespread anger about that on the road deaths on social media the government has responded by restricting internet access. does a. lot of southern india's most well known politicians has passed away with a vile current on a d.d. died on tuesday at the age of ninety four or six decades he dominated the political scene in tamil nadu state he founded the. party serving as chief minister for five terms want to first election a decade after and gain independence from british rule. place twenty three children most of them young girls have been rescued from an alleged prostitution ring in northern india they were found at a privately run shelter in a tar pradesh state after one of the girls managed to escape and got her police and her thomas reports from new delhi. these are some of the girls rescued from or police say was forced prostitution their home in northern india had to be in
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a charitable shelter for children without stable families but last year its owners lost their license the shelter should have closed it didn't instead say police its owners kept girls captive renting them out for six. we conducted raids at three or four places in two hours in rescue nearly twenty four girls and we're still looking for fifteen more children. police found out about what was going on when one girl escaped she ran to a nearby police station and described how the woman running the home kept children captive she used to say that they would.


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