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tv   Twice A Victim  Al Jazeera  August 8, 2018 9:00am-10:01am +03

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the listening post on al-jazeera. i'm sam is a down in dar with a look at the headlines here in algeria and now iran is back under u.s. sanctions on sudan trump ruinate on the nuclear deal the president is warning the international community it to must sever ties with iran trump tweeted the sanctions were the most biting ever imposed and he adds anyone doing business with iran will not be doing business with the united states malaysia's former prime minister najib razak has been granted bail on new money laundering charges he denies allegations he transferred public money from a state investment fund into his personal account last month he pleaded not guilty to abuse of power charges. forms louis has more from kuala lumpur. not your
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president has been charged with three additional charges of receiving proceeds from illegal activities under an anti money laundering antiterrorism financing act this is in addition to charges for criminal breach of trust and abuse of power all in relation to him allegedly having received ten in the hof million dollars into his personal bank account between the months of december two thousand and fourteen and february two thousand and fifteen from a company called s r c international a former unit of the state investment fund one m d b that not yet had set up when he was prime minister of malaysia a nut job and his associates also alleged to have stolen a misappropriated four and a half billion dollars from this state investment fund and the new administration of malaysia that took power following a general election in may has moved very swiftly to uncover of its corruption scandal as one m.t.v. it's not only brought an action against. it's also done an audit on one m d b it's
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trying to recover assets that they believe were bought with money stolen from one end. i'll leave and do k. is being sworn in as colombia's new president he's the youngest leader to be elected there do k. is promising to revise the peace accords with fogge rebels defuse tensions with venezuela and curb the production of cocaine. today colombia confronts enormous challenges we receive a country in which more than three hundred social activists have been assassinated in the last two years illegal crops have expanded and they have done so exponentially criminal gangs increased their capacity yearly in various regions of the country and promises and commitments have been made with social organizations without making sure they are financed what colombians expect are solutions and not aggression i want to be the president that forges and achieves what was agreed upon and thinking about what colombia needs without falling into temptation of leading
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up laws venezuela's president is blaming two leading opposition figures forty calls an assassination attempt on saturday drones exploded in the air while nicolas maduro was speaking at a military parade in caracas but doura peered on television to demand the extradition of opposition leader julio bought heyse. rejected the accusation saying the attack was a farce the u.s. has announced the final list of chinese made products to be hit by sixteen billion dollars worth of new tariffs they'll take effect in fifteen days time a twenty five percent tariff will be applied to items from electronics to chemicals to railway equipment donald trump has now placed judi's on around fifty billion dollars worth of chinese goods in the growing trade war. a highly anticipated race for a seat in the u.s. congress is too close to call just under one percent of votes separate the democratic and republican candidates for the seat in ohio the election is seen as
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a test of donald trump's presidency as he won the district's resoundingly in two thousand and sixteen saudi arabia is working to transfer its citizens in canadian hospitals to be treated outside the country the saudi state airline has suspended flights to canada after the kingdom froze new trade and investment and expelled the canadian ambassador it was in retaliation for canada urging saudi arabia to free human rights activists rescuers in indonesia say the chance of pulling more survivors from the rubble is low because they don't have the heavy equipment they need. it's twice a victim now. each
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so called terror attack in europe has been followed by an out for ing off. unfortunately these armed attacks have stirred hatred. islamophobia in some the rise and fear of far muslim neighbors has grown. but in every attack there were also muslim victims. there by much. less consequence as do. the. mutiny show on the record that i missed. the part of the man less than eighty images from the doofus back to doing something
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to. all such constant guests and sean do. enjoy the film and it fit in to the fact that. on the eleventh of march two thousand and four commuter trains in the cities of madrid. spain were bombed the next day tens of thousands of people took to the streets in solidarity protesting against the violence. i was there shouting no to the senseless killings of the time we didn't know who was behind the
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bombings the basque separatist group e.t.a. or was it perhaps those who had been responsible for the nine eleven attacks in new york. our response was to march together and to call for peace. our role has changed since the two thousand and four madrid. in two thousand and seventeen farther attacks were carried out in barcelona and combatants a number of major european cities have also suffered similar violent attacks for many the source of these attacks it seems clear islamic terrorism but is this term correct. many people in europe on the cross the globe don't agree with this term they asked to their
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attackers distinguish between muslims and non muslims the fact is that in almost every attack we find a significant number of muslim victims. this lead me on a journey to uncover the stories of muslims who also lost loved ones in these horror. you know with mom as i have to with. a lot of a man they must think that doesn't mean. that i don't mean them other leaders in the social service mental cost of a lot of the team other than double the national c.s. that happened then it was you know your mother who you know that crazy and i mean the government and the law does a good. job i got a guy in. within the law says that the only thing to me as i mean. yeah. you put
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a lot of cheering going on all one dollar each day. so you have you know is. when i will tell you this is going to be honest with. the southern dallas. but if you don't park in madrid there is someone you meant to remember the more than one hundred and ninety of the two thousand four attacks i've never been here but mohammed insists on bringing. social workers like him who assisted during the aftermath of the attacks experienced extreme emotional distress a few months after the bombings mohammed realized he needed psychological assistance he says he comes here often to rest and to find himself. because of. probably. not about the muslims about us but the sudden us that until now formally out is the distance between a little is.
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maybe those people as i said i'm in no particular place we buy it out until. we get it out pretty much or can we get up and run the thing to them when they do us. from those parts. of one of us literally if there's a percent of those with money is coming down for you to feel normal be it to mother we must at least. should money is. not this internal sort of asking that of any of those. groups everything we would. still be too much. to me sort of facinelli support families that they need hardly say they need a little. bit to mother you must assume. inside at the station there is another memorial with the names of the victims among those
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muhammad tried to rescue he finds the names of osama. and ben salaam so now. we find the third name mohammad they. stories of muslims who were killed have rarely star first in the media. media then the nazi. then the famous. saying again. for some of. the lead people. they said there's a split second fiddle she said was with a in. the way i think is how he feels he could play a particular story here. giving pedro c. gas a. they may not have but the city media can move seriously
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upset of a mother to me i mean they look at things he look at the things become obese this kid was woman not him into this was the columbia was his family a woman could give him his help and if the cousin put a brother christine which i must gotta kill somebody else to those whose don't. even know that he will only cause his because he'll but again to the little things mean. well the of it feeling is not. having as a for the new not really feeling this team down a little they got a clip of one of personal. me that. i had no commercial musical but in this political thing we. know something about what i. said on board a bus up a new level nobody wants in on the t.v. . with all those heels you don't get it was once into them going to proceed was. it in that i could get them but i don't. believe that i used.
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one here after the new setback the town is completely blocked by produced a decent place on the promenade there's only. the truck into the crowds in eighty six people. almost a third of the victims were muslim today is a commemoration day for those who lost their lives. i've come to meet with. she's the daughter of the first victim killed in the attack her name was. she was a mother wife. french moroccan a muslim. she was wearing
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a hit job. the fact that she was wearing a huge job and was the first victim really shocked when i first heard about. the attacker knew she was killing someone from his own religion. one hundred percent but i can but she really just too far says images they do for the money donte i gave because you cross is it a bottle of wine. while the lazy as to not only is it. that. chuck camp acquired quite see that will join us up or down as i felt it. i am until he can exist on a society cell a city. he said but since you were demoted it
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would surely seem of cleavage unity betty if you know what when it comes down. to coaching to have such elected have you can push the membership would be swell. but if you don't have equal dog. dies all of them will mix it up by the vision. of home user manual approved personal cheery dismiss it you should read. only loving your boss for. hours on end. hockey local. he said it. validates of his kinsey bonded to. so far says he will talk. days and he defied me but when you give it a muscle kick
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a semi dick every as you tell him when you do love you but why and. after that he left without which. yes well. completely taunted bill then you never met. my best suited for whom you have felt you couldn't a sauce good to sit on the kind that will is you not one of the shelters. so that for sure is not bossy. it to me dish on me and even. a little don't belong because it is no. cuts when to them it's a. sort of permanent dissolve the want to come to self harm she's also a little twat that's with you and on what of course you have a clue. that it doesn't either but she does see that all my thomas. they move these sumber on these pesky day the commemoration of french independence
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. it's been a year since the attacks residents would like to continue as before. but much has changed in minutes even the cityscape has been reconstructed. its world famous from the now it would no longer be an open space like before. what scares me most is that we've also put barriers between people of different cultures who live in the same country. really did you believe and you can see more of those problem of a brother mona lisa. taza. enjoyed on the premiere firmly in the social hit by the i mean. what are folks who focus. as you fell for the can remember remember so here you see the machine running away and i suppose of just that nice to buy the stuff.
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or the woman for him said you ok you show the children this is the man. known only king george the precise overproduce we see in our street. and look change the tough times on the kid i got it it was out on the other side you sucked on loot looting the most peaceful course i knew was that biology but in the debate said. you know who. we. could. call. on nov thirteenth twenty fifteen parties was the scene of multiple attacks so to say that tucker struck the false the men opened fire on diners in one of the most
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multicultural areas of the french capital the eleventh on the small i have lived in this area for thirteen years so these attacks here close to home while people enjoy the concert at the back the theater. where massacre a small restaurant. they were celebrating a birthday when their lives and that in violence. many muslims died that day. but there is one story that has touched me particularly
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the heart of the restaurant i barely keep. that night on the terrace of this restaurant of tunisian origin were celebrating her birthday. she was born in paris. was her restaurant her sister joined with other friends to celebrate their brother khaled was also working as a waiter there. the attackers opened fire on the restaurant. died immediately for hours and all that in his arms she had been shot in the head and died later in hospital. i am going to meet with the brother of khalid and of their two sisters who died on the thirteenth of november.
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there is a huge need and message in jail. to plead to more often and it is no wonder he joins the b.b.c. in on this one thousand. plus functions you. know you all did it in a swap sheet if you read this i thought that if you've got a small book i'm going to call so there is a solution in this series and yet i want to do. like a quote in your sentiments so that i mean it. can i say in the scene sure she's a ship demitra at it or you'd have us all up in each other so i made to get in the presence of swat team mate in the city could. see. off on some machines from the city if they say it's possible confusion and fear junket he left us open whistle think the moment you know what you all had to go along with me going on this season i would lose your what michael moore
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softballs. commutable you. assume the come to terms of all to shut up or meet new heights if they are so i. don't know some. even more many of you like that. you simply don't get to see the usual approved sheep on the job because they feel it will. be on the new toys were upset when they saw it in the shit the other media heap open for can you have. a gun and shoot you . if you're using a.b.c. . defense and space. at all for whatever. motion engineer sets in the city just saw something a fake ship. and it. in a second and you're going to get more polish at this if you get more. picky
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washboards can take a look as you will this place all people soft and. for me it's sure you can visit it all. you do sure all sure hope. you're not with. this escalation of the population. because of the attacks and then a place or to commit these acts. just like the people of east all the usual. seven you've all sunk in just a dip in your opinion yeah evil katie. and sick and all that. to do is walk and. assess it so she must feel free to but also if an evil he knew something wanted to walk in the guy you're going to call charlie's a music the concert in the can. only.
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abdullah says that he's two sisters who are like the lead players in a football match in their family of eight brothers and sisters the other siblings looked up to holly and. they saw them as an example of integration. hard up had a successful day job at the same time she was running the ballet keep. both have a lot of friends who died or were injured while celebrating or this birthday. the people i've met suffered the traumatic loss of loved ones followed by racial and religious stereotyping. they are moroccan and spanish american and french.
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tunis and then french or french and. are they more from one country than the other that's a density matter when you're a victim they worked hard to integrate and suffered greatly only to be discriminated against and associated with the attackers. you know. with. many other like you don't even if i can mislead and i ended up clean up are synonymous. so the. only thing. the.
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simple now i'm heading to brussels to meet look nice has been mohammed look not dyed in the metro attack that followed the march twenty sixth of brussels airport mohamed was a metro driver but that day he was off work so he stayed at home with their younger son. no not have an appointment with a friend she never right. after. you know mosque in brussels mohammed called for a jihad of law. that is not the title of he spoke. for a lot. of
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the you know song the cradle of the poem so if you know. this is addressed this it said to you i don't know what but i'm a nobody here in our own lives up an idea i mean to me the regime neediest was a bit me at least. for the girl who could she could have kept at least that's what shitty person here. you also want to. do was she had other mean bomb they could pull up what they do have it preys on those your. mom or did your walk. it to their program or you know i could play a pivotal moment because on the one that. was
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awful. and the second is that i'll be in a despotic target a funded. so no such kind of solution is sought before the fucking difficult because i'm just for twice. full of struggles. you know them well they're. the same human to me. full of pleasure make. me funny and it was only having an intimate look at life in cuba today if you go to rome and i don't know what again is a person with a game you understood as a director what are the new my leave. cuba. just zero. the nature of news as it breaks the syrian government with the backing of iran and
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russia now controls sixty percent of syria after steadily recapturing territory with detailed coverage what was supposed to be a summit between the two most powerful leaders in the world is taking things to a new level from around the world the backdrop of course all of this is a gigantic power vacuum in northern irish politics with no functioning local government for eighteen months. it is when you are abducted and forced into sexual slavery by the japanese imperial army. for the so-called comfort women of the second world war decades have passed but the trauma lives on. whitney's on is the story of the women who campaigned with unwavering resolve for an official apology for this morning chapter in history. the apology on al-jazeera.
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i'm sam is a dam in doha with a look at the headlines here now just zero malaysia's former prime minister najib razak has been granted bail on new money laundering charges he denies allegations he transferred public money from a state investment fund into his personal account last month he pleaded not guilty to abuse of power charges his trial date will be decided on friday florence louis has more from kuala lumpur. not yet president has been charged with three additional charges of receiving proceeds from illegal activities under an anti money laundering anti terrorism financing act this is in addition to charges for criminal breach of trust and abuse of power all in relation to him allegedly having received ten and a half million dollars into his personal bank account between the months of
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december two thousand and fourteen and february two thousand and fifteen from a company called s r c international a former unit of the state investment fund one m d that not yet set up when he was prime minister of malaysia iran is back on the u.s. sanctions after dark trump renee go on the two thousand and fifteen nuclear deal the president is warning the international community it too must sever ties with her on trumped tweeted the sanctions were the most biting ever imposed and he adds anyone doing business with iran will not be doing business with the u.s. venezuela's president is blaming two leading opposition figures for their calls an assassination attempt on saturday drones exploded in the air while nicolas maduro was speaking at a military parade in caracas madeira appeared on television to demand the extradition of opposition leader julio bought heise however bought a house immediately rejected the accusations saying the attack was
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a farce it has been sworn in as colombia's new president he's promising to revise the peace accords with fark rebels defuse tension with venezuela and curb the production of cocaine the u.s. has announced the finalists of chinese made products to be hit by sixteen billion dollars worth of new tariffs will take effect in fifteen days time twenty five percent tariff will be applied to items from electronics to chemicals to railway equipment donald trump is now placed duties on around fifty billion dollars worth of chinese goods. twice a victim again. can . he do for.
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you for your opinion in the difficulty. in the metro attack that followed the march twenty sixth of brussels airport muhammad a metro driver but that day was off work so he stayed at home with their younger son. had an appointment with a friend she never write. in a despotic are going to fund it. so my such kind of thought is an awful future i saw before the fucking difficult because i'm just for trees. and i would mess up their. sticks come with. me from the.
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big. one to. a few more birds. recently and if i. wanted them to tore. in public but i get on the. ship when i'm woman i'm a place i'm. not serious. and i'm one of them he. said and i went down there. from the top of this car park in central brussels i have a clear view of the border between the city spots the side i'm on and. no man mohamed lived in moslem back a place the media have portrayed as a hotbed of so-called terrorists and.
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yet if that doesn't exist and stamped. in more money disappears into the whole point is to more dumb shared still most if this were to pull you over the nearest source the people going to promote the un jihad could put money on me and put it out of your nose. fall for it john the key to a fella for quite a little to. keep accepted to clear deformity. nationals choking in a secluded live human. children they really. do have to process. it off but then they will put it on the t. bone a move the body really missed. around nine am
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on march twenty second twenty sixth a little more than an hour after the airport attack another bomb that detonated at much station in the city center it was close to several european union buildings a three card metra train just left the station who did direction of. when the bomb exploded. how the meters all fall or you most certainly. is a clear. especially interesting this. record it's been doing to be also one of the. one of not was awful. for many people any.
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of us with a little need repeatedly don't. you might get streaming. mail. i mean most is able to watch this. when she has children could chew it develop as you why don't you just set a foot. of that up people to feel when you. at least themselves a couple. more so i could really really. committed more lobster. completely. but she will make money because. she's come here for. this for years surely see the point was taken like she was
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a few the. spy context on this bonkers session wish. she would keep him in a big. could you maybe do content by the book at. work i'm in the book the. if you buy the must have been but he. was reportedly but what i did with. their part i'm so sure i'm going to make it to communicate that because from the way you can little measure because it'll be little more than big media with a push book and a communicator can so-called arc of. the moment in big circle music on the radio or is it a community a put a mold of knowledgeable some but she does not yes this will do to prevent us from confronting. the more quiet on the decision when they would.
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live in brussels airport i am surprised to see that renovations to bolster security are still under way the tightening security reminds me of mohamed struggle after the attacks and how he's nearly always seen tyrell gate at passport control he believes it's because of his name and where he comes from. driving to report where all those implicated in the twenty seven thousand barcelona and cumbrous attacks came from i tried to review the facts in my head the media reports that they mom who had radicalized american jews to carry out the attacks was also implicated in the two thousand four hundred bombings and that he had traveled to brussels many times while preparing the barcelona. muslim communities
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are now paying the price of this cremation for the actions of a few people like him. he's a small container here in town far removed from the hustle and bustle of the region scuttle off and on. less than a month after the attacks this muslim community of nearly two hundred families in shock over a number of months their mum i've been baccy a society that secretly been brainwashing and radicalized
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a number of teenage boys. he's neighbors bring me to their apartment where he used to live. at least some of the planning for the nine eleven new york attacks can be traced to spanish operatives the new era we live in started that they on the eleventh of september two thousand and one today the muslim community in the scarf are blaming. and in some ways the spanish secret service we now know that in two thousand and three the spanish police detained an armed group in catalonia that had been poised to launch an attack. abdel baccy has said he was interrogated at that
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time and was. perspective of involvement in the two thousand for my treat attacks for the years later he was imprisoned for drug dealing when he was released in twenty twelve he moved to decent suspecting community in ripon where he began radicalizing youth of moroccan. the day before the barcelona congress attacks the media reports that the back is saturday and one of the boys died as they allegedly crumbled materials meant to be used in the outer banks. the next day spanish police shot and killed five of the young men in the resort town of cumbria. and ten or more suspected of terrorist. yeah you tell us tell us about well if they make it fully you feel about something called i want this i know this place us so that you
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know this. you should want to know the deal. because you look up that of those when you go see your comments. that you. in my investigation i wanted to hear from the parents of two of the boys mohamed and amare shot me brothers who had been killed in cumbria they were friends with they'll compare brothers who had been radicalized into the same group i lived in the same building. beard was later shot dead by spanish police.
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he showed me a loser. but it was. all one little piece now home to hedgers i'm a hundred. that's full of no no no i'm up in. a good. enough and good will and. illusion lit kept the new films eat. to hedge some saloon and. we. will consider them over luzhin little. you look at those your hard rock. lead that airy mishmash. of care we know dirty for defense or. an hour from now a new movie really. concerned her do more ahead.
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vietnam do the best if it has k.k. realm of their rights ok how to do nicely man do sure uk or shirted girl or sherrick for simi deal madrid. sherrick. had the wilkinson of the. foods. i've noted no noted no show but. for sure.
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that's a bad. boss but i still have that. number mother's father that was their mother some skin in the middle and can smell at the last one of us missed the top of the specimen from our cup that arny's and holmes have a cut that our news came she will mount fashionable mt my mom or holmes coleman home. when time is wonderful at the last i left to go home with it there is a lot that are. glad that. you can live here thoroughly up. to food from the from others can you have more should question most just love us love at the mom even as i am we are not among the selamat how do the girl you know me or said it to should either tell question that
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event is sick. gallio food and how to handle mine i have all had to limit my newest last so you ever did just until i git in the hull camp first concealment of any vessel out there for her affairs of pm so you could do is contra common never to just have clearly first had total flow fluid. not all a zero mass hotel not romney a car yet that full of power that are. the closer. the you know what the fin this america good of. a friend is to head to the way a cat. child. suffered head know who. they were sufferers are avatars when they have selema under those in the arm or outside when we have. had should wish to nor to suffer. how you
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must says she never saw anything strange in her two sons except that over the past year mohammed omar to not have much in the family finances. they also hardly prayed at the local mosque they told they had been travelling and were praying different mosques she had no reason not to trust her sons they'd always being good responsible boys. this. news isn't in the kids are played you get
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a pass on the. new one and. then also you're the mum just i think you begin with. your own tell me real or even tell you mom. it doesn't enough for you. to lie to. you know many. of them but i. know many a much less demanding system assessment she's fourteen million what does it give me a little you know you need. also one of the. president that i was i love this. respect let's get a's or not just that it was time goes on that they're looking at that. doesn't mean you're not in the us over the span. of just. putting all your what i think the sob in her left side been looking for to. look into space or something is doesn't mean you. know
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something. i mean did ok by listening is done all those little slum work is that i think you've got this don't just apply the record thing a lot of money is. lost squandered. on the going to miscue who says i don't know when i was limited school. would you like to prove said religion or if i didn't perceive what good is offered to. me it's pretty deep. but could you develop the middle east i think to slacken backyard pool in perth with a group on the squadron. we're going to finish. up radar showed them a lot of. fuel to immense this complex it's
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a. very buttoned up as an asset model as a response out. in like it simulated out especially if they've been coached other than. the case why do they just pencil us again welcome the new me. because he could you. can now the innocent one it gave us support and got to keep it as we said was some research on how the contest was going yes no we're not going to use them is a lot about either. because even though we. know d.n.a. has to because the only means of dealing with. think it. was he says cable the i would be the. mrs and weeping musbah allafi not said it will but who else.
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is in with a lot of galbi role. all ties between us can dana send their lack of interest. in you know i can't keep out of it a secret but then it was because of course in this case between whether they put us into battle among anna even the most could tell her but i question is was there. some belief that muslims should protest after each attack but many muslims believe these would falsely associate their region with the attackers. each place experiences a special kind of community in the aftermath from that fact but that unity vanishes and is soon replaced by division discrimination hatred and fear. on the i should say not then double the value in. that number the mutilation.
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be the. commission months haven't gone the novel for the chemist anything but i'm going to conclude at least they think of it as me as. if he just outlaw. icon that i will be seen in the new me no matter. how was it done ok the last meals no is the last me and. him you know the law thing it's all the i mean it can be real but i still don't see doing the will move out my hope. not a lot about this really. comes here down near. the bubble more. and more sure seems you mom. set up a common sense. even more than back to normal not enough was excessive i not known the twenty's or possible more and then. i got in the stadium i was
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a bit on the losing all of that range. and that was exciting assessment but good to . see a new person formulate issues in the dominion field the. medals won't suffer. giving me. the media on whose shoulders you don't trust us from their. very own could you do ideological. enough you know bt is not much really to the museum or just be of the look of you hope. and infamy in the economy show them to mention a lot. on the web. at google she told you. the most efficient owners will topple. the sooner make the bodies commit even more sure that you know older mccoy about our own little point don't even know about it just them computers but we get. the world. economy more come to was put us there to push to get out of.
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this kid very dim or. loony myth and if. the hostage and the second shots even know even the weekend teach it to tell you. what they did you can teach question will keep. who said don't buy logic that children and the list of uptempo dismissal of his us all going well i looked it up and he shipped her song p.s. to the front of her city buttons on video fit news although the perceptible. not to
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me over watch so i could have got the read dimensional defenestrate that in order day i met in city bus from that event they did in most of us for it to let them look less. than a foot up to she's just used to walking up to see. these fourteenth of july one year after the attacks in the news there have not been any fireworks instead fifty six projectors are shining beams of light skyward to honor the victims. standing together remembering and respecting each other has become our responsibility we all must. denied citizenship. health care and education. forced from their homes to live in camps. subject to devastating physical cruelty al-jazeera world investigates one of the most persecuted minorities in the
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world. silent abuse. to train and equip the opposition in syria so they can help push back these terrorists people in power investigate how the us supplies soviet style weapons to with our allies through private company to us government could wash their hands and say well we didn't know where it was coming from so weapon that was supplied by the us government may well end up being pointed at us soldiers yes absolutely we pick it up for some two months after the fact to america's secret pipeline to syria on al-jazeera. welcome back start by looking at whether across the levant and western parts of asia for the most part is fine we've got a few showers on the southern side of the caspian sea but i think should generally be quite sunny in tehran fairly brisk breeze blowing down through iraq and through
9:58 am
the gulf region so forty three in baghdad but further south looking hotter than not lifted dust around we've also got showers around the caucuses and those are going to continue as we head on through into thursday so some thunderstorms are likely we could see a few showers on the eastern side of the black sea generally but the eastern side of the mediterranean is all looking fine there with temperatures of thirty one expected in beirut is also looking fine across the arabian peninsula temperatures the most part in the low forty's are on the western side of the peninsula on the eastern side still of enough of a breeze to keep that humidity quite low but the humidity will begin to creep up on thursday as we start to lose the breeze also notice temperature twenty eight there's a lot no man with quite a bit of cloud running the chance of the old spot of drizzle as we head into southern portions of africa certainly for wednesday weather conditions looking much as you'd expect dry and fine but there's a convergence zone taking place across parts of south africa which could result in some heavy rain developing during the course of thursday and even across higher
9:59 am
parts of the sotto the chance of some snow. getting to the heart of the matter unless we have new generations growing up to understand better our relationship with the natural world then soon there will be nothing left facing reality or our friends and allies played a positive role and defend think and his condition for taking this hear their story and talk to al-jazeera. amidst a climate of violence and paranoia. there are those still willing to dream. in honduras dennis seeks a brighter future for his son and community. using art to reclaim the city. and transform the very symbol of past oppression. you find in latin america liberating a prison on al-jazeera. the
10:00 am
charges a piling up against malaysia's prime minister now accused of transferring millions to his own personal bank accounts. a welcome my name's peter w. watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters here in doha also coming up not enough homes to go around rescuers in indonesia say they don't have the equipment to speed up this quake survivors. banking on the u.s. dollars power donald trump wants other countries against trading with iran after he really imposed sanctions. and china prepares to strike back as the u.s. finalizes its long list of new tariffs against its trade rival.


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