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silent abuse. zero. shall carry this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes israel's parliament convenes a special session as anger grows over a so-called nation state law. turkey becomes the latest u.s. allies to reject washington's new sanctions on iran. protests in tbilisi is georgia marks the tenth anniversary of russia's invasion and in sport chelsea are on the verge of completing a world record transfer they've agreed to pay athletic bilbao ninety two million dollars for tap a reasonable making him the most expensive keeper of all time. israeli
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knesset is holding a special session on the law in controversial station nation state law pardon me the law formally affirms israel's jewish character and makes hebrew the country's sole official language a status previously shared by arabic it has provoked widespread protests stephanie decker has more now from us through some to stephanie what's supposed to happen today how do we anticipate this playing out. well they're currently inside the knesset that's the israeli parliament behind me richelle in a heated debate going on we've heard from various of the opposition members of knesset just quote you some of the lines one of the palestinian israeli members of knesset tb saying he says it only you know you voted for an apartheid law he said that these policies of not be new but now it's been made official he said that this little gave the rights the collective rights to one group only and that is
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a jewish the jewish population and he said that only a collective effort by jews and arabs coming together would be able to overturn it we also saw protesters inside the knesset waving the declaration of independence they have been removed by the knesset six security i just looked up the wording of the declaration of independence of the establishment of the state of israel and this is what it says it says the state of israel will uphold the social and political equality of all of its citizens without distinction of race creed or sex so this is what some of the opponents of this law are saying that this is what is under threat the democratic nature the equal quality nature of the state many will tell you that this is a policy that has been going on for decades when it comes to minorities in this country particularly the israeli palestinian population and that now it has become law and this is why people are so upset about it. they are upset stephanie they are should this type of reaction this type of motional reaction should it should it not
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have been anticipated. it's always been a controversial law it's not new it's been debated for years it wasn't passed during the previous obama administration many people will tell you it's because there was a lot of opposition and the feeling was that with this trump administration was far more favorable to to the government here it was time to do and of course it's also the israeli prime minister playing to his political base in fact we heard one of the the druze one of the druze army senior members of the israeli army in the protest last saturday in tel aviv saying that this was a move by the prime minister basically aiming at his political base at the expense of many many citizens of the state of israel we've seen tens of thousands of people take to the streets were shot last saturday in tel aviv rabin square packed with people with jews with israelis with others with the israeli left we are expecting a new protest again this saturday in tel aviv cold by the israeli palestinians we
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are expecting also druze to be there israeli citizens to be there so there is a growing call that this is not excepted the bottom line is nothing is going to change the law in there today it is a debate it is nonbinding and there is a petition with the israeli high court that's been filed by a legal and human rights group here and the only time in fact the high court has never overturned a basic law which is technically almost like the constitution of israel the only time it can do that is if it deems that did the democratic and equality nature of the state is under threat it's what opponents are saying this law does but we'll have to wait and see but what is clear certainly is a huge amount of controversy at his calls not just here in israel but also abroad all right stephanie decker live for us in most recent staff thank you. funerals have been held for two hamas members killed by israeli tank fire in the gaza strip that were part of the qassam brigades that's the military wing of hamas that released this video which appears to show the group being gaging in
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a military training exercise before being targeted israeli army says it was retaliating after its soldiers were fired upon the u.n. in egypt are trying to mediate a long term truce between israel and a mosque to end four months of violence along the israel gaza fence turkey has become the latest country to announce it will keep my natural gas from iran despite the new sanctions imposed by the u.s. u.k. is calling for talks between the u.s. and all trading partners over the sanctions president onil trump says anyone doing business with the wrong will not be allowed to do business with us. now from istanbul so was it expected that turkey would take this position. yes and show turkey has always been against any sanctions by the u.s. over over iran and it has officially stated this in many ways and that's why a court case in the united states is still under way over oil for gold for oil
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trade with iran so today turkey's foreign minister stated that turkey will continue to buy because turkey is dependent on imports and all of its energy resources and iran is one of the key suppliers of energy to turkey along with russia and as our bridge on and those energy. energy purchases with those countries are not based on one year contract but at least five year contracts and turkey always reminds that the sanctions that you as threatening iran with are only unilaterally so it's all of binds the united states not any other country in even the united nations and since yesterday we have been following that european leaders are saying the same thing and european countries have stated that they will be protecting their private countries who are doing business in iran or with iran so on the other hand when i come back to turkey yes turkey will continue to buy its energy because it's dependent and also it is
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a bilateral contract that turkey has to. be loyal to otherwise iran as a country has the right to appeal to arbitrary international arbitrary so even if turkey says ok i'm afraid so i will not count i will not deal trade with iran turkey will have to pay this price for the energy amount that it promises to buy even though it doesn't purchase so it is a bilateral tribulation between iran and turkey and turkey says the u.s. decision is unilateral and it doesn't bind us or it's him because he will lie for us to stumble thank you senator. malaysia's former prime minister has been back in court facing money laundering charges as a corruption probe intensifies he denies moving money into his own personal account this is all part of a wider investigation into the disappearance of billions of dollars from the state investment fund set up by. foreign soil reports in kuala lumpur. back in court to face more charges former prime minister of malaysia has pleaded not guilty
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to receiving proceeds that stem from unlawful activities he's alleged to have received ten and a half million dollars from a state company called s r c international these three additional. meanings and the money laundering now and the money laundering is a big is a big word but it strictly means proceeds of crime. they are in addition to the charges brought against him last month for criminal breach of trust and abuse of power s.r.c. international is a former unit of one and the state investment fund set up by not yet when he was both prime minister and finance minister the us department of justice alleges four and a half billion dollars has been stolen from the fund for one m.t.b. it isn't just being investigated in malaysia at least six other countries including singapore and switzerland on vesta gazing at a fund over alleged corruption and money laundering. is alleged to have covered up
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irregularities at the fund when he was still in power sacking his deputy prime minister and replacing the attorney general with another officer who subsequently cleared him of any wrongdoing. but since coming into power following a general election in may the new administration led by mahathir mohamad has moved swiftly to uncover the true extent of the corruption scandal surrounding. the government who recently took possession of a two hundred fifty million dollars it was handed over by indonesian authorities who had seized the vessel on behalf of u.s. officials who allege that was bought with money stolen from one. florence al-jazeera. and the nation officials are struggling to deliver aid to survivors of sunday's earthquake on the island of lombok at least one hundred thirty one people are confirmed dead while hundreds of thousands have been displaced reports from a remote village in the west of many people are still waiting for help. the road to
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the remote village. is impassable by car. has come down from the hills to look for help. he shows us destruction that government officials have yet to see. along with what i see now is that all the help is focused in the north of lombok but here in this remote area away from the main road we also need help. on the third day after a powerful quake struck the island so vipers are growing increasingly impatient. hungry and thirsty. for us living in the mountains it's very difficult to find clean water and it's impossible for us to take the sick to a doctor or food is also hard to find them because we're not earning any money everyone is still in shock. how daptone and provide he had only just
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moved into their new home after getting married a month ago it took more than seven years to build their house well going into the mountains to share extend of the damage of sunday's earthquake becomes clear in isolated villages like this one away from the epicenter many have been left homeless as well while aid is now entering the island of long book many here fear they'd be forgotten. while many people in the room mode areas are still waiting for help some aid is arriving at improvised shelters further down the mountain and officials say most donated goods have yet to be distributed and getting to work at a. there's only very little aid but if we distribute it now it won't be enough for everyone so we're gathering it first and then we'll hand it out. but people can't wait much longer that little food they had this running out fast and many are in need of medical treatment they feel they're being ignored step fasten al-jazeera up
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with ike but west lombok. in the news hour beijing prepares to strike back as the u.s. finalized. tariffs on chinese imports. thirty years on from the events that brought to the spotlight and more accusations about her commitment to human rights and championed steps up its preparations to win a third u.s. open title. georgia has accused russia of aggression and occupation ten years after their war over south of setia there have been protests in the capital tbilisi to mark the anniversary of the beginning of the conflict in two thousand and eight the. presence in the region violates international law but russia warns there could be
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another war georgia nato and a whole joins us live from the georgian capital tbilisi on this anniversary. yeah thanks well as you lay out the conditions that largely precipitated that war ten years ago are largely still there in fact they've hardened those two breakaway territories are now self declared independent republics their security guaranteed by russia with thousands of troops on the ground in contravention of the peace deal that was struck in two thousand and eight requiring russia to withdraw and in the meantime there is this rhetoric going on that leads to the increasing possibility perhaps in the future that war is again an option if georgia were to become a nato member well let's talk more about where things stand here ten years on i'm joined by two could tell you he's formally georgia's ambassador to the united states once had a seat as well on the national security council here thanks for joining us do you
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think georgia has given up or should give up any hope of getting those two breakaway territories back. of course storage and territorial integrity is one of the most important thought component that's top fourteen for the state cold air in the only way georgia can restore its territorial integrity peacefully is through georgia's integration in nato and european structures this is the best and the shortest way that's why russia through its challenges tries to undermine this process tries to discredit or erode public support don't just started the started your choice to become part of the civilized western democracy community it would seem on the contrary though that joining nato would bring this country into direct conflict once again with russia and indeed russia has just this week said that if that were to take place there is the prospect of another horrible conflict to use dmitri medvedev as words of russia are quite skillfully testing the red lights
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unfortunately ten years ago russia tested this red lines. and that was preceded by the the war while they bombed the sea really and really going to soudan seeks then board because dory and international may come is at that time in the response was not resolute or definitive and because the signal for russia that they can move forward in terms of demonstrating their willingness to change the board this through the force and i think strategic mistake made by western common committal community in two thousand and eight was not granting georgia and ukraine membership action plan their tools pursue theirs in a final test for russia that the red lines are not really red then they can step ahead and start of their aggression one wouldn't say though that the west's response to russia on various fronts has been consistent all resolute before or since that event ten years ago look at ukraine look at the other opportunities that have given russia pause to think that well perhaps it can just go on because nato
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doesn't have the stomach for a fight do you really believe that nature would step in again to protect georgia i believe the. function is to contain russia segregation going to revisionism unfortunately took ten years eighty years let's say so for nato to realize that russia is not a partner but is a threat number one and. it was hard to prove this and georgia was maybe in minority to get there is ukraine to make this point in two thousand and sixteen nato summit in warsaw the declaration clearly states that in russia is the number one threat to nato so this conceptual change of the threat perception of russia is the main strategic change though this is the one of the biggest deterrents currently for russia to be a blessing but to the current government here has taken a rather soft a stance towards russia trying perhaps to repair ties there isn't it prudent to think for this tiny country that with this huge country on its border essentially
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an aggressor when it wants to be isn't it prudent to think that it's better off having good relations with russia than not are usually good relations among countries are helpful will countries share the same rules when their democracy is of course when they trade they don't fight we could be with each other but russia is not a democracy russia has a different threat they goals in it uses the force and the new communication to achieve its political goals therefore the current government attempt. to be unique a conflict between the west and russia was a false in the beginning indeed prove that russia continues its illegal occupation unless russia continues its illegal border ization moving the occupation line forward the only way to talk to russia is through the position of the strings and calling this pay the spade ok but you could tell they were going to have to leave it there thank you very very much for your time ten years on then the war here in georgia far from forgotten back to her in town hall live in tbilisi john thank you for the perspective from russia on everything that's going on pavel felgenhauer
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joins us he's a defense and military analyst runs us now from moscow thank you very much for joining us so russia has said that joining nato as a bridge too far that is their red line. do you think that a war could happen again. well that's what the russian prime minister said basically that's been the russian position for some time that neither you or georgia need the ukraine either i don't know armenia served by john. belarus can join nato that totoo an acceptable and russia believes that it has proven this way too when the after the bucharest summit created in georgia said they want to very much go into nato and we stopped that and by going in ourselves into georgia and then with ukraine we also did the same in the fourteen so yes that's the position the same people as an eight as ten years ago
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ruling russia today. was in their porch and so they're not apologetic they believe the everything right and that's the official position ok evelyn what is ready to do it again ok ok or what is different though is the relationship between the united states and russia i guess there have been sanctions that were imposed under president obama and the various intelligence communities in the u.s. have said that russia has been a hostile actor towards the u.s. when it comes to elections but donald trump clearly has a different type of relationship with with vladimir putin do you think that that bears into vladimir putin's calculations at all. woad yes putin has being the saying so publicly that he likes donald trump that he wanted donald trump to win the sixty no action and that basically the russian line
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of the russian t.v. in this state propaganda is that donald trump is a good guy but he's too weak he doesn't control the american congress he doesn't really control the washington administration and that russia should be anyway ready to repel if something happens right now in georgia there. exercises happening in about a thousand american soldiers with armor including some tanks right now in georgia and that has. red lights have been flashing in moscow because of that because these are american tanks about only a hundred kilometer sort of or about that from sochi and such is the second capital of russia since dachas there he spends half the year there almost and that's seen as totally unacceptable and that seen that that's why the rhetoric from russia right now is very very very severe that we will not allow that to happen we will
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not allow georgia to become an american staging base. pottle thousand howard thank you for your insight we appreciate it. the bangladeshi information minister has told al jazeera that any police officer who assaults journalists in custody will be prosecuted it follows allegations that photo journalist shot until alon was tortured after being arrested that happened just hours after he did an interview with al-jazeera on sunday human rights watch wants the government to investigate reports that he was beaten in jail that is covering demonstrations by students are demanding tougher traffic laws opposition groups in pakistan are holding protests in several provinces against alleged vote rigging during last month's elections. party led by the former cricketer and ron cotton claimed victory the two leading opposition parties accuse it and the military of orchestrating widespread electoral fraud has more from islamabad.
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some of the. traffic. now the. front of the election. where do you really lord. allegations of corruption i've you can see behind me it did character a few hundred people who have been able to gather. forward but they're grounded by the. broad data board. on a few moments jeff will be here with the weather also ahead on al-jazeera any theo p.s. state governor is removed from office and that arrested after violence that left dozens dead. google issues
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a warning about one hundred fifty apps on its play store that could infect computers plus the need for knowledge when you've got gareth bale the latest real madrid's pre-season in sport. from doing ski sun suits if you disproving superman. to summarize the token asian metropolis. hello there we're now seeing the rain from the typhoon in parts of japan he was a video taken a few hours ago you can see the clouds already with us here and the waves beginning to pick up and then if that storm works its way towards us we've already seen the rain begin to start mostly down in the southeast corner there very close to tokyo tokyo itself is likely to see some very very heavy downpours from this system but the eye of the storm shouldn't hit us instead it's expected to just graze the southeastern coast and then move away towards the northeast so while the it's very
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very close to the coast then we're going to see some torrentially heavy downpours maybe some flash flooding we're likely to see around two hundred millimeters of rain in places from this system so looks like we got some pretty miserable weather on the cards there in pretty violent weather as well for the east but even the rains as fall west as tokyo and sendai is looking to that system moves away we can't quite breathe a sigh of relief just yet because we've also got other systems that are developing in this part of the world plenty of cloud to the south at the moment there's the philippines there under that blob of cloud just to the east there's another storm this is a depression at the moment but it is intensifying and that one looks like it's going to work its way very close to shanghai as we head through the next couple of days. the weather sponsored by qatar airways. train and equip the opposition in syria so they can help push back these terrorists people in power investigates how the u.s. supplies soviet style weapons to its allies through private company suspend the
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u.s. government could wash their hands and say well we didn't know where it was so with them that was supplied by the u.s. government may well end up being pointed at u.s. soldiers yes absolutely we pick it up that's not in the. america's gone the secret pipeline to syria on al-jazeera the firebrand. do you think and what i'm talking about taxing people for women's liberation. three victories for anybody sexual assault continued an iconic feminist and seminal writer i'm waiting for solution yes we need to do something whoa wait on dear boy i'm not all to you some are made he has sand goes head to head with jimmy i can't do anything else on the cheesy.
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this is al jazeera let's break up the top stories for you this hour israeli knesset is holding a special session on a controversial new nation state law a law defines israel as a jewish state and makes hebrew its sole official language through community have led large protests in tel aviv turkey has become the latest country to announce it will keep buying natural gas from iran despite the new sanctions imposed by the u.s. iran's foreign minister has rejected the decision by the trump administration and washington won't be able to stop this country from exporting oil and malaysia's former prime minister najib razak has denied three new charges of money laundering he's accused of stealing billions of dollars from estate investment fund which he set out in two thousand and nine has already been charged with abuse of power and
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criminal breach of trust. zimbabwe's main opposition party says it will challenge the results of last week's presidential election in court lawyers from the m.d.c. alliance say they have what they call a mammoth evidence of electoral fraud the current president emerson incog was scheduled to be re inaugurated on sunday after emerging as the winner and last monday's vote there but also joins us live now from harare so. from the moment the votes were cast the opposition casts a shadow over the now they're going to officially take this to court how is that supposed to play out at the same time the winner is already about to be. one lawyers haven't said when they're going to file the papers in court they have until friday to do so is there the evidence they have is strong evidence and they say they have a secret weapon was still revealed in court and they all feel confident that the
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evidence that they say they have is the not the inauguration which is going to happen on sunday officials in the region going to be a party in this that whatever evidence the opposition say they have is weak and you maintain the elections one hundred the worst case scenario is could be stopped which could create another crisis in the country and of course delay the country from moving forward if the matter drag out in court so what are you hearing about the possible arrest of an opposition official at the border. to not be the is a senior official in the m.d.c. alliance he's also the former finance minister his lawyer says he was arrested trying to cross into zambia trying to get asylum after the protests last week with six people were killed but police asked nine people to go to a police station for questioning he was one of the people he didn't go his lawyers they used concerned that perhaps this is because being persecuted the police say
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he's wanted in connection with inciting violence during those protests they maintain that he's innocent all we know so far is that he's been picked up and arrested you know what else is going to happen when he's going to appear in court what it basically he's been charged with it is a serious concern for opposition forces who say they're being targeted systematically especially at night by people they see in uniform the police or the army gave them a pretty comfortably statement here and you see the people that are being seen in certain neighborhoods dressed in army uniform carrying soldiers with the weapons already they've been called fake soldiers was the bombers and i was surprised how can anyone get an army uniform weapons and start to rise people in neighborhoods so a lot of people question or things up in the air right now but right now the main concern of course is this arrest and how many more high profile people are also going to be all right here it also joining us live from harare thank you. and mars later is facing questions about her commitment to democracy for decades on sunset
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she was seen as an icon of human rights she came to power in two thousand and fifteen but in the last twelve months there's been a military crackdown many see it as a continuation of fifty years of authoritarian government the nobel peace prize winner is now facing increasingly heavy criticism it's got higher has more. it was an early august thirty years ago the protesters took to the streets of burma as it was called then taking their stand for democracy after decades of military control the movement became known as eight eighty eight the date of a nationwide general strike august eighth one nine hundred eighty eight a year before the country was renamed me in march thousands marched in the then capital rangoon and in cities and towns across the nation in its crackdown the military opened fire but the demonstrations continued and grew in the weeks to come three thousand protesters were killed another three thousand jailed and ten thousand fled the country. from these protests
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a leader for the movement emerged. and this was the really beginning of the growth of you know the image of aung san suu kyi as the great democracy and human rights icon and since that beginning thirty years ago she won the nobel peace prize while under house arrest and her political party went on to win the general elections three years ago but even with that she does not run the country the military has control over the civilian government is guaranteed in the constitution. do in your pocket preach is a professor of southeast asia politics at thailand's thomas sought university. we need to understand the nature of democracy in myanmar today. it was even looked at . me and. then look at the transition oh do look at the nation i think. we even though the nation is
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finding its feet as a new democracy many feel that since taking office on song suchi has ignored human rights and freedoms when she should be speaking out and fighting for them like she did thirty years ago the idea that she was going to be a human rights defender for in the leadership of the government has now really been dashed because you know as she said i'm not you know i'm not a human rights activist i'm a politician and unfortunate those words of proved to be prophetic because you know she has become the kind of politician that an earlier version of her male railed against the wall the movement that brought on song suchi to where she is today is celebrated the time when she or another democratically elected civilian leader will actually lead the country is still in the distance it's got hardly zero as a neighbor him is a research professor at the strategic studies and started at the u.s. army war college and author of the ranges inside myanmar is hidden genocide he
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joins us now from glasgow we appreciate it. you have written me and maurice military dictator dictatorship both defacto and as you are the only thing that has changed is that they are now allowing the l.t. and other approved political actors to play at power within safe constraints what do you mean by that. well it's been thirty years since the pro-democracy uprising in myanmar and two million people rose up against the military john if you fast forward thirty years seems that things may be getting better we have a poor democracy icon a nobel laureate and power but scratch between beneath the surface and you see that the ethanol dashon of this military dictatorship still retains considerable power you know in the recent elections twenty five percent of the seats were automatically located to the military the military still the teens power over the most powerful ministries foreign affairs interior ministry and the border ministry
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and what we have now is a situation in which this is simply window dressing. or for democracy where the military control or with the entire country and we also have a situation in which five percent of the population the ethnic minority population were not were not only barred from walking but have been forcibly expelled through a systematic and organized general seydou campaign so this is not bear the hallmarks or definitional of chrissy's ok he's nice it seems are saying it's a facade of a democracy if that's the case does that give cover to abuses. but one of the questions i get asked most often is why did this jane against the wall enjoy a car in two thousand and seventeen and the answer to that is that when you look at histories of genocide it's very common for the perpetrators of the genocide to undertake a test run to undertake a drive you don't to see what's going to be the action of the international
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community and local actors the military enemy and under such a dry you don't in two thousand and sixteen august and a number of things from the on the the most important element the lasers that suki defense the military and public key has become god for all international criticism against the military and she has essentially provided a cover for any sort of action against the military in myanmar so they can get on with this general so you do an ethnic cleansing paula so. policymakers who i've met on a number of occasions do not want to intervene in myanmar because they believe it's in the rule to democracy she has said that she is not a human rights activist she is a politician she obviously at one time at least was a human rights activist can you be both. she's made it absolutely clear that she is not a human rights activist she's a she's a politician and she has simply made it political calculation that there will hinge on minority and other minorities because no the myanmar military is finished with
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joe there is evidence they are turning on to other minorities with the same food or city and she has simply made a calculation that it is not politically viable for how to eliminate her constituency by defending those minorities who have been poor security and such o.e. so she can't possibly be both a human rights activist and a politician so you said that you think one of the reasons the international community hasn't been. involved is because that they rationalized it at least they're on the way to democracy how much more leeway do they get if they're supposedly on their way to democracy. well this is the reality paul the policy makers have told me personally that you know we cannot intervene in myanmar because it might be if lord democracy but it's certainly moving in the right diet it should and we simply do not want to upset the balance the less the military once again
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undertakes a coup and comes back to poland and this is a myth that people are. under supporters the reality is that the military have no desire to know what in myanmar the setup is absolutely clear to them the how the holy grail of politics which is poet without any accountability and they can go on with all the ethnic cleansing and looting the country through their heart's desire without any sort of intervention there is absolutely no way they would put themselves in the course here to be targets of international sanctions and international school so i'm going to keep provides a code word for the military in that situation as a member haim thank you very much for your expertise sure insight on this. the former governor of ethiopia somali region has been arrested just a day after he resigned from office. omar is being transferred to the capital addis ababa with several of his top aides on monday the federal government took over the administration of the somali region to restore law and order omar stepped down
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after fifty people were killed in the state capital to take on saturday the violence began after the federal government deployed troops leading to a standoff with local forces the region's been plagued by violence for decades with tens of thousands of people displaced since last year at the government i signed an agreement to end hostilities with the iran liberation front the group has fought for the end the pendants of their own region and until recently the government had declared it a terrorist organization motto has more from neighboring djibouti. god grim and signed in else what are today's a huge boost for prime minister a b a ha moment the almost liberation from it was set up in one thousand nine hundred seventy three to fight for the rights of the all more people and also sic independence for the region from the rest of the stupid the largely cut it out of talks against government is delusions in mainly the oral more region of ethiopia prime minister a b. himself is on all want hugging
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a rebel group from his own community fighting his government would have been a huge setback for the raft of reforms that he has initiated in the country but there are reasons why the oilers have signed this agreement in us mara with the government in ethiopia ending hostilities with the state they were getting most of their support from that a trend government i'm now got the better trained government has normalized relations with the if european government thought support was not forthcoming the ethiopian government removed or a more liberal shown front from the rule of terrorist organizations a distinction they were labeled by the former government just last month the us government has announced the final list of chinese products to be hit by new tariffs and they'll take effect in fifteen days twenty five percent tariff will be applied to electronics chemicals and railway quitman it donald trump has already placed tariffs on thirty four billion dollars worth of chinese kits and throwing trade war china has out to match washington's moves adrian brown has more now from
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beijing. so as advertised tariffs of twenty five percent now being slapped on sixteen billion dollars worth of chinese imports two hundred and seventy nine products in all ranging from things like motorcycles and tractors to electrical parts those tariffs will take effect on august twenty third just over two weeks from now now in the past china has said that it will respond with terrorists that are dollar for dollar we've had no reaction from china's leaders at the moment they are meeting in sort of secret conclave at the seaside resort of beda high in northeast china this is an annual event where the leadership gets together to discuss policy for the months ahead but you can be sure that the current trade war with the united states will be on the agenda but there has been reaction in state controlled media on monday the people's daily carried an editorial accusing the
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united states of being two faced and of lacking sincerity and then on wednesday the same newspaper carried a very long article using a metaphor to describe the current situation which seems to prepare the chinese people for what could be difficult months and possibly years ahead the article said that you know without wind and rain there can be no rainbow it was a mild warning but a warning nevertheless highly anticipated race for a seat in the u.s. congress is too close to call a tiny margin separates democratic and republican candidates for the seat in ohio where thousands are professional and absentee votes yet to be counted despite this president on top is already congratulated the republican candidate when walter said in a tweet the election is being seen as a test of trance presidency as he won the district resoundingly in two thousand and sixteen. tesla's chief executive says he's considering privatizing the electric car
1:42 pm
maker taking it off the stock market elon musk says he has secured funding to buy all of the farms publicly traded stocks at four hundred twenty dollars each at that price it will cost eighty two billion dollars the tweet surprised many with the financial times calling it one of the wildest moves in the history of mergers and acquisitions announcement follows a report saudi arabia sovereign wealth fund has amassed a two billion dollar stake. as colombia's new president at a ceremony in bogota youngest leader to be elected the forty two year old former senator won the presidential runoff back in june with fifty percent of the vote he has promised to revise the two thousand and sixteen peace accord with park and introduce new measures to curb the production of cocaine. today colombia confronts enormous challenges we receive a country in which more than three hundred social activists have been assassinated
1:43 pm
in the last two years illegal crops have expanded and they have done so exponentially criminal gangs increased their capacity yearly in various regions of the country and promises and commitments have been made with social organizations without making sure they are financed. what colombians expect are solutions and not aggression i want to be the president that forges and achieves what was agreed upon and thinking about what colombia needs without falling into temptation a fleeting applause the entire state of miss out wells in australia suffering from a severe drought it's described as the worst in living memory the government is stepping in to help stricken farmers survive the dire conditions cocktail office already on reports. it's an overwhelming drought these cattle swarm around a want to truck in new south wales looking for relief from the devastating join us the ground has become too bear for grass to grow and the weather too extreme to predict farmers in eastern australia say the drought has taken over turning one's
1:44 pm
fertile lands into dust bowls chemical live long going on no food like family very long now look. where we go from here over oh really to keep cattle alive some farmers have been forced to ship in hay and grain from other parts of the country that is expensive the national government is pledging nearly one hundred fifty million additional dollars to help offset the cost this winter has been particularly cruel you have to go back to knowledge in sixty five to see another winter like this one and you've got to remember that some of our follows haven't really recovered from the last without some farms are doing better than others but stories of desperation of repeated across new south wales nearly eighty thousand people in the state depend on the agriculture industry contributing more than ten billion dollars to its annual economy but the drought is affecting more than forming the government says it's concerned about farmers mental health and the
1:45 pm
isolation of those who live in remote areas i find droughts a little bit like cancer a sort of eight so why aren't you it just gets drier and drier and more severe and more severe and impacting when you lock them up was. a dry spell with no signs of ending with entire farming communities welcoming support from local leaders but hoping for help from mother nature cuts a low post so diane al-jazeera. from our affiliate a.b.c. news in australia reporter joanna joins me live so how are people how are businesses coping there joanna. well it's very tough at the moment as your story mentioned most of a lot of eastern australia is affected by drugs to queensland and new south wales new south wales as of today one hundred percent of the state is no dry to cleared so there's a new part of the regional rural remote new south wales which is unaffected by
1:46 pm
these dry dry conditions as you alluded to the farmers in who are affixes who pretty much every farmer in new south wales is having to cart water is having to cart feet you know everybody's having to do that just yet but a lot of people are having to make those provisions in order to keep their sheep cattle livestock alive basically and healthy enough some some farmers have resorted to selling their livestock so destocking getting rid of them because they cannot afford to keep them on their farm because there is no end in sight to these structures it sounds brutal and would burn. for us john a thank you from sydney. more than four hundred migrants have been rescued in the mediterranean sea on their way to spain they spanish coast guard found nine boats making the crossing from morocco on tuesday spain is experiencing and encrease of migrant arrival flip twenty three thousand people coming ashore so far this year and has overtaken italy as the main destination for migration after
1:47 pm
a joint crackdown with libya italy is deterministic or has defended as tough anti migrant stance saying its impact this clear. yes. more than seven hundred thousand people have arrived in italy across the mediterranean sea alone we cannot continue this way this helps need to italy north africa therefore i wanted to stop such action such as human trafficking which could be tied to terrorism or to drug or arms trade finally off to italy took action europe woke up and made the decision to invest in africa so far more than half a billion dollars is being committed it is too little and we will ask for more google has removed more than one hundred applications from its app store after they were found to carry software that attacks computers and says one hundred forty five apps on google's place four were loaded with a virus that would then be stored on an android phone device all the virus when affect the phone itself that could attack a computer when does platform once the smartphone was plugged in a virus and then be able to track personal information revealed in credit card
1:48 pm
numbers and passwords to central strategies he says appius first need to do their homework before a town loading i think what we need to do as a consumer and as a user of the global way out is really read the comments before you download and make sure that nobody else who is out there has had any kind of issues or in kind of problem and so really take the time you know even though it's a free app you know make sure that you are actually going through the comments meticulously and saying like you know is anyone having any kind of issues versus you know that it crashed someone's phone or that somebody noticed something weird happened you know so just like review sites like yelp you know that i'm two stores and also in three stores how extensive review are commenting systems and make sure that your actions statements on syria read that section and seen does anyone else have any kind of issue that's going to be suspicious and that made her mark on.
1:49 pm
it's tiger woods.
1:50 pm
for a sport with rachelle thank you so much chelsea are on the verge of completing a world record signing a day before the premier league's transfer window shots they've agreed a fee for athletic bilbao is capped at a recent the lack of ninety two million dollars which will be the most ever paid for a goalkeeper are reasonable a guy is twenty three and already has one international cap for spain he kept seven
1:51 pm
clean sheets set of thirty appearances for bilbao last season and is set to be or twice replacement with the belgian keeper expected to join real madrid. of the current world record free for a cheaper was set by liverpool just last month the reds paying roma eighty four million dollars for brazilian allyson backer a seventeen year old record you ventus paid parma sixty two million dollars for a man widely regarded as the greatest of all time generally phone he still going out forty the italian is currently at p.s.g. and last year manchester city paid benfica forty six million dollars for brazilian anderson moraz. chelsea boss who was sorry has indicated i did serve will not be leaving south ridge the belgian scored the winning power in the pre-season shoot out with the desert has been linked with a move to reality. i don't see this problem in this moment.
1:52 pm
and then. two three times in the last two days two. years book in. everything but. i think it's a problem. as a problem is not present. gareth bale good form is continuing ahead of the new season which kicks off in less than ten ten days the new royal coach taking is expecting the welshman to step up following when all those departure to eventis against roma bale first played provider assisting marco asensio second minute shortly after he got himself onto the score sheet tees now scored in consecutive pre-season games around going on to win two one. tiger woods is getting ready to take his research and form into the final major of the golf season the forty two year old is in missouri ahead of the u.s. p.g.a.
1:53 pm
championship woods lead on the final day of last month's open championship before finishing in six place a four time p.g.a. winner but hasn't claimed any of the major titles in more than a decade just for me to build this opportunity again as. it is a dream come true and i. said this many times this year i didn't know what if i could do this again and here i am so. just coming back able to play at this level and compete i've had my share of chances to win the sure as well and. i'll get it done this week. open champion francesco molinari is aiming to convert the best form of his career into a second major win in as many months molinari as victory at carnoustie gave him the first major title of his career he finished second at this event twelve months ago you know how hard i was to do do we not. going to just because you
1:54 pm
want to ones. if anything could be probably harder because there's less time to prepare. more pressure more expectations and once cricketers are heading into the second test of their series against india without one of their key players all rounder ben stokes is instead appearing in court charged with a fray has been called up as a replacement while twenty year old surrey batsman only pope is set to make his debut at lord's on thursday england won the first test at the five match series by thirty one runs. if someone told me i would be in the squad for the second test at lord's to start the season when i was really believed them. and then likewise last year someone told me i was going to name a championship debut that year i want to believe them if they told me i would have paid to the t twenty s. last year again it sort of is just one of those sports that things happen so
1:55 pm
quickly the majority of india's batsmen struggle to adapt to the conditions during the opening task captain virat kohli scored two hundred bronze in the match but no other player managed a fifty and either innings. if you look at the way the scores of turned up i think it's only without callie and jordan who have come to terms with the moving ball and i think that the conditions were trying what the batsmen from the teams found it difficult and i'm sure the challenge is there for us to adapt to these conditions even better and we have our plans in place tennis world number one rafa nadal will face ben wild pair in the second round of the rogers caught in toronto on wednesday when berlin champion novak djokovic she was up against a lucky loser in the first round on choose day his opponent nears about six had failed to qualify for the tournaments but then replaced chong chang who withdrew from the match with a back injury in passage going down swinging in the second set. with
1:56 pm
a rally against the serbs but eventually no match for jock a bit shy the bosnian losing six three seven. while number five dimitri off came from a set down to beat fernando verdasco of spain and his first round in toronto public airing was challenged by the world number thirty one in the opening set but came back in squeak through four six six two seven six to reach the second round. to time wimbledon champion patrick of it safely through to round two in the women's draw the event is taking place in montreal and give it him i won the title in two thousand and twelve this time she was a straight sets winner over a stone and net on top right. and former world number one maria sharapova eased into the second round in montreal after a straight sets victory over ball garion qualifiers cecille. a russian who was
1:57 pm
making her first appearance at the canadian open since two thousand and fourteen came through six one six two share holder will face in patrick. next. and finally kenya's former a four hundred meter hurdles world champion nicholas back tens died in a road accident at the age of twenty eight died in nairobi county. in nandy county northwest of kenya after his car hit a bump and rolled into a did she had just returned from the africa championships in nigeria that made history in two thousand and fifteen by becoming the first kenyan to win gold at a distance shorter than eight hundred meters. and that's all your sport for now will have more later but now it's back to you in four to thank you very much thank you so much for joining me for this news hour when you get a moment to visit our web site as al-jazeera dot com in the meantime keep it here much more on the other side of the break.
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is that you abducted and forced into sexual slavery by the japanese imperial army. for the so-called comfort women of the second world war decades have passed but the trauma lives on. witness on is the story of the women who campaigned with unwavering result for an official apology for this morning chapter in history. the apology on al-jazeera. mean mars commercial capital yangon is a symbol of its rapid economic growth but in its slums families struggle to survive
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borrowing money from merciless loan sharks is their whole inside this cycle of debt when east on al-jazeera conservation is helping kyrgyzstan to recover its snow leopard population to see the results i traveled up to the remote nature reserve of saudi chat at a touch camera traps have identified a healthy population of up to twenty snow leopards is the technology improves we're refining all these ways in which our guesses are are getting corrected the latest evidence suggests there are more cats than previously acknowledged but the snow leopard trust believes it's premature to downgrade the cats on the international list of threatened species every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking stories join the listening post as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on how they report on the stories that matter the most on
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al-jazeera. israel's parliament convenes a special session as the anger continues over a so-called nation state law. hello again my name's peter w. watching al jazeera live from our headquarters here in doha also coming up turkey becomes the latest u.s. ally to reject washington's new sanctions on iran. beijing prepares to strike back as the u.s. finalizes its long list of new tariffs on chinese imports. also ahead.


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