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joined the listening post as we turned the cameras on the media and focus on how they report on the stories that matter the most on al-jazeera. israel's parliament convenes a special session as the anger continues over a so-called nation state law. hello again my name's peter w. watching al jazeera live from our headquarters here in doha also coming up turkey becomes the latest u.s. ally to reject washington's new sanctions on iran. beijing prepares to strike back as the u.s. finalizes its long list of new tariffs on chinese imports. also ahead too close to call in the u.s. how
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a vote for ohio's house of representatives could foreshadow the outcome of november's midterm election. our top story the israeli knesset is holding a special session on the new and controversial nation state law now the law formally affirms israel's jewish character and makes hebrew the country's sole official language a status previously shared by arabic it's provoked widespread protests to understand the consequences of the new law it's important to trace israel's demographic changes over time has priyanka gupta. spoiled by political zionism in europe jewish immigration into historic palestine began in the late nineteenth century but it was minimal at the beginning of the first world war there were little more than thirty thousand jews out of a population of over seven hundred thousand people but jewish immigration so before
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and after the second world war with the persecution of jews in europe and different parts of the world when the state of israel was created in nine hundred forty eight its population stood at eight hundred six thousand that's close to the number of palestinians who were violently expelled from their homes to make way for this new nation in the last seventy years is just population has increased by ten times largely because of state sponsored migration and a high jewish birthrate israeli jews today trace their ancestry back to europe the united states the middle east africa and asia in contrast israeli palestinian style make up little more than twenty percent of the total population are the minorities make about four percent that means according to the new law only about three quarters of his just population will have the unique right to self-determination a reminder on paper at least is dreads declaration of independence nine hundred forty eight guaranteed equal rights for all stephany's acca has more now from west
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jerusalem. the debate happening inside the knesset inside the israeli parliament isn't going to change anything to the law today but it highlights the controversy that this law has caused debate going on inside the knesset heated debate we heard from my t.v. he's a palestinian israeli member of knesset saying that this is an apartheid move this is what m.k. said voted for he said that this is a policy that has been inherent over the years when it comes to treating the palestinian citizens of israel and others but it is now ingrained in its lord he said only by standing together jewish people and the arabs wouldn't be able to be overturned it highlights the concern not only from within here from within the citizens of israel also jews have said that this is a is a threat to what israel says is its democratic and equal basis of the establishment of the state it is also called prompted a lot of criticism when it comes to the international community and we've also seen
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tens of thousands of people come to the streets last saturday tens of thousands of citizens of druze also israelis packed would be in square in tel aviv we are expecting similar size this saturday in tel aviv called for by israeli citizens palestinian citizens of israel and also many others israelis we've been speaking to say that this is a law that is discriminatory and they do not agree with it. funeral supreme held for two members of hamas killed by israeli tank fire in the gaza strip they were part of the brigades the military wing of hamas that released this video which appears to show the group in gaging in the military training exercise before being targeted the israeli army says it was retaliating after its soldiers were fired on the un in egypt to trying to mediate a long term truce between israel and hamas to end four months of violence along the israeli gazan friends. turkey has become the latest country to announce it will keep buying natural gas from iran despite the new sanctions imposed by the u.s. the u.k. is calling for talks between the u.s.
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and all trading partners over the sanctions president on trump says anyone doing business with iran will not be allowed to do business with the united states simcoe solo has more now from istanbul turkey has depended in almost all of its energy needs and iran is one of the key players in energy supply to turkey along with russia and azerbaijan and the bilateral energy deals between turkey and those countries are not based on six months or one year terms but it's a long term contract for a couple of beers or for a decade and now turkish office will fade that turkey will continue to buy oil and gas from russia because the u.s. sanctions to iran is only union later or it's only by its binds united states and turkey doesn't have to do anything with it and it's a bilateral trade to lay ship if turkey is not loyal to that contract with iran iran would have the right to appeal to international arbitration and get the money
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even if turkey it doesn't buy it doesn't actually get the oil and gas from iran it's not on the turkey who says that the u.s. sanctions as a unilateral decision this week the european leaders have also shown support to iran about this and they have said they were committed to protect the european companies which are doing business with or in iran. iran's parliament has voted to impeach the labor minister there rabin the iranian president hassan rouhani is under pressure from politicians to reshuffle his economics team unemployment in iran remains high despite sanctions relief following the twenty fifty nuclear deal this is parliament's third attempt to be removed. so bubblies main opposition party says it will challenge the results of last week's presidential election in court lawyers for the m.d.c. alliance say they have what they call quotes mammoth evidence of electoral fraud the current president eminem and gaga issued jewel to be reintegrated on sunday
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after merging as the winner in last sunday's vote but the opposition says he can't be sworn in or facing this legal challenge the log addition poses in the rules that if justice the chief justice is also in there they and the head of the constitutional court so it is not possible. for him in the integrity. of that money for a minute to experience or for chief justice. to preside over a new division process for the president when these italians. to the degree. that is not paramount asked has the latest now from harare. well lawyers have said when they're going to file the papers in court they have until friday if they had evidence they have strong evidence and they say they have a secret weapon with the reveal in court and they also. say there have been not to
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be no grace and which is going to happen on sunday officials who are willing to. say that whatever evidence the opposition say they have. and they maintain the elections one hundred the worst case scenario is the inauguration could be stopped which could create another crack in the country and of course delay the country from moving forward if the matter dragged out in court. the laziest former prime minister. three new charges of money laundering he's accused of stealing billions of dollars from a station vestment fund which he set up in two thousand and nine the chief counsel really being charged with abuse of power and a criminal breach of trust florence lee reports now from. back in court to face more charges former prime minister of malaysia has pleaded not guilty to receiving proceeds that stem from unlawful activities he's alleged to have received ten and a half million dollars from a state company called s r c international these three. meanings
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and the money laundering now and the money laundering is a big it's a big word but it's strictly mean proceeds of crime. they are in addition to the charges brought against him last month for criminal breach of trust and abuse of power s.r.c. international is a former unit of one and the state investment fund set up by not chip when he was both prime minister and finance minister the u.s. department of justice alleges four and a half billion dollars has been stolen from the fund one m.t.b. isn't just being investigated in malaysia at least six other countries including singapore and switzerland i investigate the fund over. alleged corruption and money laundering. is alleged to have covered up irregularities at the fund when he was still in power sacking his deputy prime minister and replacing the attorney general with another officer who subsequently cleared him of any wrongdoing. but since
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coming into power following a general election in may the new administration led by mahathir mohamad has moved swiftly to uncover the true extent of the corruption scandal surrounding one m. to be the government who recently took possession of the two hundred fifty million dollars yacht it was handed over by indonesian authorities which seized the vessel on behalf of u.s. officials who allege they got was bought with money stolen from one end slightly al-jazeera kuala lumpur. the us government has announced the final list of chinese products to be hit by new tariffs will take effect in fifteen days a twenty five percent tariff will be applied to electronics chemicals and railway equipment donald trump has already placed tariffs on thirty four billion dollars worth of chinese goods in a growing trade war china has vowed to match the moves by washington adrian brown has more now from beijing. so as advertised tariffs of twenty five percent now are
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being slapped on sixteen billion dollars worth of chinese imports two hundred and seventy nine products in all ranging from things like motorcycles and tractors to electrical parts those tariffs will take effect on august twenty third just over two weeks from now now in the past china has said that it will respond with terrorists that are dollar for dollar we've had no reaction from china's leaders at the moment they are meeting in sort of secret conclave at the seaside resort of beda high in northeast china this is an annual event where the leadership gets together to discuss policy for the months ahead but you can be sure that the current trade war with the united states will be on the agenda but there has been reaction in state controlled media on monday the people's daily carried an editorial accusing the united states of being two faced and of lacking sincerity and then on wednesday the same newspaper care. a very long article using
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a metaphor to describe the current situation which seems to prepare the chinese people for what could be difficult months and possibly years ahead the article said that you know without wind and rain there can be no rainbow it was a mild warning but a warning nevertheless still to come here on al-jazeera. to see its immediate pianos will visit the unique experience of one of the world's biggest parks fast. hello again typhoon chan chan is making its way towards japan you can see it on the satellite picture is this a blob of cloud here it is weakening a little bit as it makes its way towards the southeast coast there and it looks
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like the eye of the storm will graze that coastline so for us in tokyo we're going to see some very wet and windy weather but the worst of the weather will be a little bit further towards the east where the eye of the storm is so incredibly wet weather here we're also going to see some damage from the winds but eventually as we head through into friday the system will pull away towards the east and then behind it it will be a lot drier and commas say force and take you will get to thirty three degrees meanwhile for the west it should be fine for many of us here for the chance of the old outbreak of rain making its way towards beijing particularly late on friday before the towards the south we've got plenty of what weather in the southern part of our map at the moment this tropical system is beginning to pull itself together and it's giving heavy rain across the south coast of china and also generating some pretty heavy rain over parts of the philippines as well so this region again is looking very wet on friday and it could give us a problem with flooding as well a bit further towards the south and the rains over the southeastern parts of asia
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are actually becoming a little bit more subdued now so more of us should get away with it draw a picture. denied citizenship. health. and education. from the homes to live in camps. subject to devastating physical cruelty al-jazeera world investigates one of the most persecuted minorities in the world. silent abuse.
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logan a reminder of our top story so far this hour the israeli knesset is holding a special session on the controversial new nation state law defines israel as a jewish state to mix hebrew official language the druze community has led big protest in tel aviv. turkey's become police country to announce it to keep buying natural gas from iran despite the new sanctions imposed by the u.s. iran's foreign minister has rejected the decision by the trumpet ministrations in washington to be able to stop his country from exporting oil. is former prime minister najib razak has denied three charges of money laundering excused of stealing billions of dollars from a state's investment fund which he set up in two thousand and nine. been charged with an abuse of power and a criminal breach of trust. now the governments in berlin and madrid have reached an agreement to send some migrants arriving in germany back to spain for more on
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this join us live from london is our correspondent. what else do we know. well peter this is not necessarily something that was totally unexpected certainly it's been no secret that the german chancellor angela merkel has been seeking to try and arrange some bilateral agreements with fellow e.u. members specifically on this point her tactic until now has been to try and avoid any unilateral decisions to reject asylum up the border but because she has come under so much criticism for the migration policy and the asylum seekers policy in germany it has become really a political hot potato for why now of course this all stems all from the decision back in twenty fifteen to suspend the dublin agreement that's the agreement with which any person who is. seeking asylum has to do it in the country in which they
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initially seek to register asylum in and so with that because of the migrant crisis that overwhelms the continent. there has been a case where there has they have allowed asylum seekers more than a million to enter into germany because of this but because of the assuming pressure politically as well in fact one of merkel's coalition partners has strongly been putting a lot of pressure to do more on immigration there has been a sense of the need to do something about this now they need to have a strong consensus on the top in the courts but of course this is really meaningless unless all the entire european union in comes together and actually does an affective reform on the dublin accords which is what are the. parties of the european union are seeking peter. and do we also know when this in theory will start and so far the only the agreement has been announced but it also
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comes from the fact that there are more people who are seeking asylum and migrants who are coming on to spanish more than ever now that there has been. less of an appearance by see from my written asylum seekers to greece and italy which were previously the front lines spain has been seeing a rise in this but local non-governmental organizations who work with asylum seekers on spain's coast insist that this is nothing new this is something that spain has seen for the past twenty years or so but of course already there are anti immigration voices within the spanish parliament who are perhaps seeking to exploit this issue as well and so in a sense it is also providing spain with some kind of get out of jail card on the immigration issue if it is seen to be doing something at this stage already peter. so you thanks. for months controlling much of iraq and syria eisel has been pushed
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back into small pockets across the region tens of thousands of fighters have been killed and imprisoned in the process many left behind wives and children some of them unable to return to their hometowns because of the fear of reprisals natascha good name reports now from one camp for i saw linked families in mosul province. medallion is the noon says all she has left in this world are her four kids and god she's exhausted from this life xenu and is married to an eyesore fighter who's in prison or has if he doesn't come back home and work life will be so hard without him. she and her children ranging in age from one to ten were detained for seven months after they were released the family had no money no home and no other option but to seek shelter at this camp for the displaced fighting may have ended in xenu's hometown of mosul last year but she says if you've been branded as an i
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sold family it's too dangerous to return i want security security is the most important thing inside the camp i'm alone but i'm safe inside mosul i'm not safe when other women returned they took them about thirty percent of the displaced at this camp here in mosul province are eisel families that's according to the manager of the people's council which represents all residents the majority of the camp population are women and children and that might be why the manager says there hasn't been any tension between eisel families and other residents eroded it goes back to the camp management everybody is equal they don't differentiate between this family and that family. but outside the camp these families say they're confronting a very different mentality. i'm not ashamed and i would never be it's true were an eyeful family but we won't change i'm not afraid but we are afraid of
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the shia militia. i mean it says she's encouraging her two sons to study not to become a fighter like their deceased father when my son grows up i can't stop him from choosing this path that's why they don't want us to go back to our own town for now these families are stuck there too afraid to go home and people are too afraid to welcome them back as neighbors natasha. mosel province indonesian officials are struggling to deliver aid to survivors of sunday's powerful earthquake on the island of lombok at least one hundred thirty one people are confirmed dead while hundreds of thousands of been displaced steadfast in reports now from a remote village in the west of lombok where many still waiting for help. the road to the remote village of ike is impassable by car. up till half its has come down from the hills to look for help. he shows us destruction that government officials
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have yet to see. what i see now is that all the help is focused in the north of lombok but here in this remote area away from the main road we also need help. on the third day after a powerful quake struck the island so vive us are growing increasingly impatient. hungry and thirsty. for us living in the mountains it's very difficult to find clean water and it's impossible for us to take the sick to a doctor says food is also hard to find them because we're not earning any money everyone is still in shock. how daptone and provide they had only just moved into their new home after getting married a month ago it took more than seven years to build their house while going into the mountains to share extend of the damage of sunday's earthquake becomes clear in isolated villages like this one away from the epicenter many have been left
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homeless as well while aid is now entering the island of lombok many here fear they would be forgotten. while many people in the room ote areas are still waiting for help some aid is arriving had improvised shelters further down the mountain and officials say most donated goods have yet to be distributed and getting to work at a. there's only very little aid but if we distribute it now it won't be enough for everyone so we're gathering it first and then we'll hand it out. but people can't wait much longer that little food they had this running out fast and many are in need of medical treatment they feel they're being ignored step fasten al-jazeera up with ike but west lombok. a highly anticipated race for a seat in the u.s. congress is too close to call just under one percent of the votes separate the democratic and republican candidates for the seat in ohio the election is seen as
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a test of donald trump's presidency as he won the districts resoundingly in twenty sixteen the result could offer clues to how november's midterm elections could go john hendren has more from westerville ohio the vote count showed republican troy balders in ahead by nearly a percentage point but democrat danny o'connor came out smiling he says this is a tie and ball game and did not concede i am so grateful i am so grateful for all of your support you believed in us. in a race that the pundits said we had no chance even being and you proved them wrong . this was really just a warm up race in a heavily republican district that's because whoever wins here is only going to continue their term until january there will be a new election in november and these same two candidates will be up for election bid o'conner real hard race and i look forward to campaigning against him again this fall o'connor was running in
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a district that was literally carved to favor republicans by republican state legislators who redrew the district in two thousand and eleven donald trump won this district by eleven percentage points and he came here on saturday to back truly boehner saying he has already taken credit for bulger's and lead in the end this race will go on in november and danny o'connor says he now can outperform voters there will be plenty of money thrown into this race as there already has been you can expect much more in the coming months. the bangladeshi information minister has told al-jazeera that any police officer who assaults journalist in custody will be prosecuted as well as allegations that photo journalist was tortured after being arrested that happened just hours after he did an interview with ounces here on sunday he was covering demonstrations by students who are demanding tougher traffic laws the minister says the government respects the press
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and the shuttle was not detained for his journalism and he have been out of. columns. we are looking into it but as. a who through the court the court ruled he said. what happened to him but he has not read that instead of down others to go has been added to. the from within the company it's an act. so it is it is a general act for the earth citizens not for the young ladies so for doneness thinking never he has not been ordered on a different. opinion he has not been out of there are the reasons we feel we will give a report to the court we believe. and help us with and we think that the donnelly's should have the security to water. on the spot and this would not be had us by the law enforcing it is all by any court does the
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government give protection to them google has removed more than one hundred applications from its app store after they were found to carry software that attacks computers says one hundred forty five amps on google's play store were loaded with a virus that would then be stored on an android phone device while the virus would affect the phone itself they could attack a computer's windows platform once the smart phone that being plugged in and the virus would then be able to track personal information revealing credit card details numbers and passwords mike street is a digital strategist he says app uses need to do their homework before they download. i think what you need to do as a consumer and not as a user of the bubble that is really read the comments before you download and make sure that nobody else who is out there has had any kind of issues or any kind of problem with that so really take the time you know even though it says it's
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a free app you know make sure that you are actually going through the comments meticulously and saying like you know is anyone having any kind of issues where you know that it crashed the months phone or that somebody noticed something weird happened you know so just like review sites like yelp you know that i'm to stores and also entering stores how extensive review are commenting systems and make sure that your actions that humans on syria read that section and seen does anyone else out any kind of issue that's going to be suspicious and that may harm i phone thousands of actors comedians dancers and musicians have flocked to edinburgh for the annual performing arts festival that anyone can perform at this three week celebration in the scottish capital baku went along to meet one group has been drawing the crowds. it's one of the biggest festivals of its kind anywhere in the world bringing together thousands of performers and performances in hundreds of very unique locations from dozens of countries where the stars of the future
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shoulders with today's stars it's also a place to come and experiment just what this is all about it's called the piano drome and it's made from dozens of up cycle pianos some of them beautifully and here it's been turned into a one hundred seater auditorium deconstructing our ideas of what the theater is and what it can be or this is matt is one of the brains behind it when people think theater they think four walls they think velvet seats they possibly even think popcorn during the intermission but what we have here is something completely new completely different is that what this festival was all about the evolution of theater you think yeah i mean what is really exciting for us is breaking down the the long standing barrier between the audience and the performer we'd like people to feel inspired to play for themselves and to really believe in themselves as a bit performer a bit of audience a bit of everything you know we were kind of challenging this notion that there
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should be some people who are the genius amazing people who everyone else should watch you know it's more about everyone being a part of a creative process that we can all you know joyfully share with each other i think these around applause and over to you. this is al jazeera these are the top stories the israeli knesset is holding a special session on the new and controversial nation state law now the law formally affirms israel's jewish character and makes hebrew the come from seoul official language of states as previously shared by the arabic language. it's provoked widespread protests turkey has become the latest country to unsettle keep buying natural gas from iran despite the new sanctions imposed by the u.s. iran's foreign minister has rejected the decision by the trumpet ministrations
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saying washington won't be able to stop his country from exporting oil zimbabwe's main opposition party says it will challenge the results of last week's presidential election in courts and lawyers from the m.d.c. alliance say they have what they call quote mammoth evidence of electoral fraud the current president. is shuttled to be re inaugurated on sunday after emerging as the winner in the vote last monday but the opposition says he can't be sworn in all facing this legal challenge. lazy is former prime minister najib razak has denied three new charges of money laundering he's accused of stealing billions of dollars from a state investment fund which he set up in two thousand and nine pounds already been charged with abuse of power and a criminal breach of trust malaysia's anti corruption agency launched an investigation into the one n.d.p. state fund after night was defeated in the elections in may. the bangladeshi information minister has told his channel that any police officer who assaults journalists in custody will be prosecuted it follows allegations that the photo
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journalist shuttle was tortured after being arrested that happened just hours after he conducted an interview with al-jazeera on sunday human rights watch wants the government to investigate reports that he was beaten whilst in jail he was covering demonstrations by students who are demanding tougher traffic laws. the us government has announced the final list of chinese products to be hit by new tariffs they'll take effect in fifteen days a twenty five percent tariff will be applied to electronics chemicals and railway equipment donald trump has already placed tariffs on thirty four billion dollars worth of chinese goods in a growing trade war china as well to match the moves by washington you are right up to speed with all our top stories up next it's inside story i will see you very soon.
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it was a simple tweet about human rights that outrage saudi arabia the government has now suspended flights and trade ties with canada but is international criticism enough to improve human rights in the kingdom this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program. saudi arabia considers canada's comments on human rights in the kingdom to be an interference in its affairs that requires what it calls a sharp response it has expelled the canadian ambassador and recall that's on way from auto.


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