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tv   A Marrakech Tale  Al Jazeera  August 8, 2018 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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the government has announced a one hundred forty million dollars aid package for farmers zimbabwe's main opposition party says it will challenge the results of last week's presidential election in court the m.d.c. alliance says they have mammoth evidence of electoral fraud president emerson and god was due to be renominated on sunday afternoon already winning last monday's vote. a photo journalist detained in bangladesh is back in police custody after being given the all clear in a medical examination alarm alleges that he was tortured in jail where he's been held since sunday alarm was taken into police custody hours after doing an interview with al jazeera about demonstrations against the government. there's the top stories stay with us witness is up next on more news here to the fore.
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become so from c.s.n. who have done i'll do. them for me and nestle the out of. it out of one even in it. or end diffidently would. probably have died for his daughter montage that. i knew but i'm not of the genius of the man who wanted to. be heated or that he. didn't use out the heavy hand of god which i well you're very soon it'll work very new and better still oh yeah any salary. or west store if you really.
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think of the police when the going to be good political judgment black eye witness for the day will come up time. and big data must remain at the met post have had enough good stuff what a. pain or sorrow that enough one another and separate committee now for the nuclear. guy never for the best political. echoing he will catch on the left right hear. hear
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better. than i. have a shape but longer lead with. more clues more to come. to. be to keep. going to be to keep. the sense is that the man was saying was meant. god will protect you from what happens that's not. the god of him and the cane in. your field. unless. you like that i love you. who want to and that's me and others not to do that as i can't even begin to weaken the fiscal cliff those who are really going to continue good it and want someone to speed the next well let me know i'm. on.
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because it's. not the. limit then either but i'm not. big. on. the. thing and can know their credit. they didn't and will not use me. for you can wear that take a two legged one hundred suits somehow some. of them are soft means that good. numbers for skins you could put that in the meantime found stock. and family sent from your neck unless dowell i would. cut the legs i got there come a cut of us and if they are looking at the at the gym as many have to be in the you
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know the big finish good things i'm looking at. a good start when you look at the idea of course itself oh yes we are. shooting. mostly kind i would bet she isn't that cool is a way for me to do for up top. in the case of the idea it was owed to some of the not the last of my children for example. i said to the teachers you're a fucking good excuse to run to somerset wash mostly this pattern come over since you cannot remember the answer. a lot of men and i mean it's a sin it had to do is it is your web make up side up and take a side idea to get bigger and then you can get in front of the. problems and not. just with. he gives. the. do.
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do do do do do do do do do do. you of us. and you know what do do do do do do do do do do do do. do to. make you sleep because from of they you know this it have other. i not something have and to me not to you know could you moment for vision to on things. to do. and to make a. that he gave. with. the mocks yet and you don't you make just a minute is the not. wasn't
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when i was you know i'm sure some of the not important enough to know that not against. nancy i'm glad i didn't come office out of the but i want to move it up with one of those on out the flyers that a you what the a you all and of when a lot of of. but i can i can of that experiment and that's about to with it worsening. i see this have that it is going to them to that's what. was it is that there's a hornet but if one of them forget the heisman a good one for your question was after today that's i don't think it was helpful. and i'm so done with it so i don't want to get off had a loved one. this is.
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the. beginning of. any if you. will. or the gate and she now the next day. it. took. to. bad.
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in a power cut these are not. listening to his can and you don't. have the time to. be upset and then becomes your stuff because i'm talking more intimate here i'm fighting. because we have to get a new mission. there's a common. sense which. isn't so as it gets.
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but. mom the this is even from. her friends in the i'm good i'm out about as the butler. it was. a good joke. and demand has. ms did a little is also most of that as you know i'm good as mad as hell that it's not one that i don't like. but i think the comic is a perfect think of how. this is. one of the details of. yes. most of the clothes for texture that went in after which it could have been she wouldn't been injured or that her madam was how come i've been in the interim as.
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i didn't think you are going to discuss the clock i was from one. moment. if you moved. she's getting money here that you do not want to come to money. between one march again. and. i believe what i'm looking for something i would i would do something on. the net to get it done. that's not going to do that then the. next thing is of course but not if you like the good book what's the closest you'll likely have the book. would you hadn't really had to risk a little some of the rules of the. thing to do. it. the. moment you live in the present. and it might not have been
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a funny moment when the president. lit. but this is not easy to get through it i think about developing. the comedians and that was in a human and you knew that you didn't the political pundits need to receive your books. and look up to that and look at what is it. a little cub and i didn't look them up or actually he said that he made that would never bring myself to eat. six hundred. because of the planet that he no i don't they must mean that you know look at the fact that you sat if you're going to the moon because that he knew we needed. to talk to me not to tell a good business to. day. i need about humility but he's
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got the five hundred one people know. that when they get there i think that i did that is you give us the inside obviously give me. credit. and i'm going to do so so i think the time if you were going in. so i'm going to. have. written ack ack at. that and it is going to get right in there. right not that i'm. going to get a post. like you that are only here. because you could be sure. you can work with who are you going to.
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be clear that. and dad so. for no more. i had. said. adventure posted as you did. for the. day b.c. . you're going to see all of. us zero zero. zero zero zero. and there with no i don't i'm a going to. reside with. me. and the. they are. well. into the. he did. he did took
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a hit though that the economy do it. but the bad feeling to it. added nat. oh me not i feel very badly that. as soon as the way that i come home enough not to. let. the little. know. we're not my staff and british media i'm sure someone first has confessed them but ancients members he i'm sure think if you can't talk to him. if you can see if i think you can hear but if
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you could have your i finished. not to push it as he saw the. market as he was now i would never look it's not as i have not met up with him at a highly yet me a zero. zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero in the same easy. list. i did almost twenty one million why didn't i wasn't going to punish. the sort of the most common of us me and when. i was going to move on to number. four the line of. i'm in the house and want to help god knows i'm. very different about how. sure start of the that yeah
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yeah. well that was. done was how much. too long we would have been the only one who nobody in the west today i would bet that was my what i've not seen and what i've said that. the market but can never. think of her friend i'm off. for the last a month in our backyard but we're there for not going out while i go out and buy stores on the way and if you think something i don't i don't. i don't want to limit that i don't want to limit them.
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i love everybody but then become a lookout for a coming first time we did that. that much and had three sons one became russian as his father one became fifty. his their religion. and you know and i'm going to never know with them and. i think they were the first that they said that in. the papers it best even with all that he took my cousin just. don't worry god will what will help us.
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i might never but i did and he gave as good as he gave some beautiful women he looked up at the bottom and with us all much of a pretty funny guy yes. i know a little helicopter on one of that is a. pic a of libya was almost in the shop not much of a cup it was up to couples and me but any and he guides said be off my baby you know what i can do to her i just want to explain a program works for those men that want to help her to help getting the job would you say you have a host there's no money but people go to the love of it most of them look at the response to the recall. has many vested interests. it is a reality game of those in the world he doesn't think that he could have been a really good one last piece of the us what it can get other two guys are nuts
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because if you did that would sound like we're all like. oh my god that's the. slate so i guess. i mustn't look up the good because it would have been overwhelmed by the drugs or somebody. who was an older person maybe you know either for nerves or with the letters and i live in the net admin good onya. there were children books because vegetal. never thought of me had been so negative for goodness me there's a little. the
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cleat. going up. and everybody said it. was seven i. look. at it. and you go that's that's that's the test itself. but i have faith with them. but i'm just lucky i got good no. or good numbers up don't have to look that shit up oakland go out so now i got lucky. then i got down to the to do what idiot. oh most of the of
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working together don't go though. because the better. idea of the way. i've been telling government to shut me out. i think he did it correctly he could go on and actually be blizzard hit the senate. to get lucky because that was hot again at least i know i can get ahead of him nothing can beat him up. and this has a. guy
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that was. but there look at the war not mathematically them wherever you go that. is going to what that's moments that it was usually. gets no that has but one part in and enjoy the dishes you know you have to let me tell you what. i want to buy now. but all the seeds just up and down that i thought that had a. border there not a start up or not a one of them at the end. of the tree right. they are ones that. are near and dear nellie and that they had since. then been out there more than they also but not the ledge. of course. it was sled they went in and that.
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is heel of the duck to it and forced into sexual slavery by the japanese imperial army. for the so-called comfort women of the second world war decades have passed but the trauma lives on. witness follows the story of the women who campaigned with unwavering result for an official apology for this appalling chapter in history. the apology on al-jazeera.
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to train and equip the opposition in syria so they can help push back these terrorist people in power investigates how the us supplies soviet style weapons to its allies through private companies the us government could wash their hands and say well we didn't know where it was so weapon that was supplied by the us government may well end up being pointed at us soldiers we pick it up listening to
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them in the professional america's secret pipeline to syria on al-jazeera. months of speculation and in the democratic republic of congo joseph kabila waiting to run for president in upcoming elections. unearned taters is. also coming up. the red cross says sunday's deadly earthquake in indonesia was exceptionally destructive more than one hundred fifty thousand have been left homeless. georgia marks ten years since the war with russia which left the country dismembered and two of its state occupied. and argentine women rally for their rights to have abortions and a polarized vote in parliament.


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