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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 9, 2018 1:00am-1:34am +03

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and transform the very symbol of cost gratian. you find in latin america liberating a prison on al-jazeera. israeli warplanes strike gaza after dozens of rockets are launched into an israeli border town. now that i'm dealing with all of this is al jazeera live from london also coming up the united states says it will impose sanctions against russia over an arab agents attack on an x. spike in britain. the diplomatic spat between canada and saudi arabia gathers steam with canadian prime minister just exceed those speaking up over human rights.
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records former first lady arrives home after being granted amnesty and released from detention over her role in a civil war. there warm welcome to the program at least one palestinians been killed after israeli warplanes carried out air strikes in gaza the raids took place after dozens of rockets were launched from the palestinian territory into an israeli tank. will israel confirmed it has launched strikes targeting twelve hamas sites israel's military says thirty six walk it's of been fired into israel in the past few hours that it's managed to intercept several of them one hundred simmons's live in gaza for us and there and just give us everything that we know so far. it's quite a lot to go through all be brief as i can julie basically. all started with the
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launching of rockets fired into israel and sid roth was one of the targets we saw quite clearly the results there in pictures and there was a least two people injured a number of other words taken to hospital with shock and then a whole sequence an array of rocket fire from hamas was wasn't long before we saw the reaction and it was a very furious reaction and accurate precision bombing it seems on a number of military targets will described as military targets no doubt a lot of damage was done we can assess that now but it's not safe to go out on the streets and we know that the casualty numbers are low for the reason that fight has always take cover evacuate their bases when rocket attacks are taking place just
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a few minutes before we went to where there was a crunch the iron dome defense system the israelis used successfully detonating a rocket launch from gaza city and then we just had another crunch just again just a few seconds before you came to me and so right now the rockets are still going into israel and we've seen in these military strikes these strikes as trikes in gaza right across the gaza strip a total of at least twenty strikes according to our sources ten of which were aimed at gaza city bases one was the special forces headquarters it's called fully alkan sam brigades the military wing of hamas and we've had an array of mortar fire also from factions in the fight. into israel and so this is persistent and we're hearing from the assam brigades
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a statement now which says unequivocally that they feel that this is retaliation now for the aggression shown by the israelis the occupied forces it's called the occupation forces and it's called by them and they say they will continue firing rockets in retaliation now it seems to be reading the situation with all of this sudden activity by the israelis that this is perhaps escalating and we're hearing now that the israeli security briefing we mentioned earlier on is taking place that will be chaired by benjamin netanyahu this is going to be possibly something public afterwards that will be then followed ome on thursday with the security cabinet meeting so
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what's brought. israel's response really to the political side is really unknown at the moment certainly in public and so it's hard to read where this is going but certainly this isn't it doesn't have the feel of what you normally see that all of these strikes the retaliation from hamas it seems more than the sort of violence you see before a cease fire is called intent is put to paper that is only reading the signals from several sources we're hearing from cairo that there's a mood of pessimism certainly about what's going on egypt has been used as a mediator they went to action straight away as soon as the the the rockets were fired into israel there was a round of mediation from all sources we understand that has not been successful
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right now. anderson is there live from gaza with the very latest under thank you u.s. says it will impose sanctions against russia because of an attack on an ex by britain earlier this year well the state department says russia used a chemical weapon to try to assassinate surrogates going to the former russian spy and his daughter were poisoned by the nerve agent nova chalk insoles free in march crammed into nice any involvement to get more from she have returned see in washington d.c. to know what's behind this decision to put these sanctions in place. it seems it's just simply a matter of the law once the u.s. decided it would go along with the british conclusion that the russians were involved as you say the russians deny they were involved the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons hasn't said who supplied this novacek but once the u.s. accepted the british explanation and they expelled sixty diplomats at the end of
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march for example they would usually bound under laws governing the use of chemical and biological weapons here to then impose further sanctions the u.s. admits it's of all the trouble mr schmidt is a bit late but they say that these are really elaborate lists of what items will be sanctioned items that have some potential for a national security implication of the sort of items that will now be presumed not to be exportable to russia and we also for further clarification and these are some of the examples they gave aero gas turbine engines electronic devices and components integrated with integrated circuits test and calibration equipment of various sorts materials production equipment various things like that that's the state department spokesperson said they said this is potentially significant because about fifty percent of commerce department export applications involve some sort of item like this and what it means is that any any company or entity that is connected to the russian government will not get exports of these items that could
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actually prevent the russians from getting hundreds of millions of u.s. goods that they may want. so you have it's a bit of a mixed picture isn't it right now in terms of the status of the u.s. russia relations ship how would you describe it we have donald trump and then we have his administration did ministration has come out with all sorts of policy documents over the last several months naming russia along with china as the major strategic enemies of the united states in fact they've replaced president obama's calibration of that putting islamic militancy ahead of that and russia and china are now back at the top of the strategic priorities for the u.s. a for the u.s. to counter so we've had a raft of sanctions against russia we've had the arming the lethal arming of ukrainian forces against russia we've had a bumping up of the european defense initiative specifically designed to counter russia with u.s. money we've seen the bombing of syrian installations all of these things very tough
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on russia tougher than obama was on russia but then you have president trump who like presidents before him say well let's see we can actually have a closer relationship with russia we saw helsinki where he really seemed to be bending over backwards to say look putin and i need to value putin and i need to speak and we need to have a good relationship for the good of the world that's that all sorts of conspiracy theories although it's lone been a position in the us about some foreign policy analysts that especially with a rising china perhaps you should you should move towards russia and of course on issues like arms control and all sorts of other things are all sorts of parts of agreement or points of agreement that many would want russia and us to agree upon but so there's that there's that split between what trump says and what his minister is actually doing so we actually look at the policies against russia they're pretty pretty tough actually despite what trump might be saying outwardly she have intensive their lines of the latest on the story in washington d.c. thank you she had. the canadian prime minister justin trudeau says his country will always speak out strongly when it comes to any questions of human rights and that
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says a diplomatic spat between canada and saudi arabia over jailed civil society activists gathers more steam we had stopped all medical treatment programs in canada on wednesday and says it will strands for all saudi patients from hospitals there we continue to engage with the government of. saudi arabia the minister of foreign affairs had a long conversation with their foreign minister yesterday and diplomatic the talks continue but as the minister has said and as we will repeat canada will always speak strongly and clearly in private in public on questions of human rights kristen salumi has more now from toronto. prime minister justin trudeau promised that his government would continue to engage with saudi officials and acknowledge that the saudi government had made reforms in the realm of human rights but he failed to deliver the apology that saudi officials were looking for the saudi
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foreign minister has accused canada of meddling in a domestic internal national security issue and promised to ratchet up the pressure even further on canada so far the economic measures have been having little effect on the economy overall but it is affecting thousands of saudi nationals here in the country students people receiving medical care and medical students who've been called back home or forced to leave the country and we heard also earlier today that the canadian muslims who are planning to travel to saudi arabia this week to attend the hamas have concerns about how they are going to get back home because saudi arabia airlines have suspended flights or will be suspended next week so many can leave but they're not sure how they are going to get back so some discussions and talk on the diplomatic front but at this stage still little progress towards resolving this dispute. now who will say at least eight hundred civilians including
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children have been killed by saudi led coalition air strikes in yemen according to the rebels two separate air strikes targeted bedouin tents in france killing twelve people six others were killed when air strikes targeted a farm in the province of hunch. meanwhile saudi arabia says one person's been killed in the city of jism the military said it happened after it into sept to a missile launched by the hoochie rebels in gehman eleven others were reportedly injured in that attack. you're watching out. once a speculation and in the democratic republic of congo joseph can be a warm run for president in upcoming elections and i didn't time women rally for there were a stab abortions and a polarized poll in parliament. welcome
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back let's start by looking at the weather across the strata for many eastern areas where the conditions are looking quiet at the moment mostly fine but we've got this frontal system across western australia giving person wet and windy weather through the course of thursday that system does weaken little bit as it moves through the bite but still looking pretty showery here along the coast of south australia who was out late there just to eighteen degrees celsius but we will get this front come through in temperatures for dropping off quite sharply later on in the day should be a decent day for bruce been for sydney across into new zealand on the south island we've got a brace of rain on the western side during the course of thursday the north on and looking cherry draw and fine and really as we head on into friday should be a largely fine day cross the bulk of the country plenty of sunshine around now moving up into northeastern parts of asia we've got typhoon shannon shannon
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impacting on the northeastern part of honshu so it will avoid a direct hit with tokyo but nonetheless a huge amount of rain coming down flooding is certainly likely and the like to be some transport delays here certainly flight disruptions of what it's all system moves into the pacific some rain for northern parts of japan at that stage further south temperatures going back up in tokyo fine conditions in the korean peninsula thirty three the high in seoul. to train and equip the opposition in syria so they can help push back these terrorists just people in power investigates how the us supplies soviet style weapons to its allies through private company spend the us government could wash their hands and say well we didn't know where it was so weapon that was supplied by the us government may well end off being pointed at us soldiers we pick it up let's meet in the professional america's gun secret pipeline to syria on al jazeera.
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a quick reminder of our current top stories here on al-jazeera. israeli warplanes have carried out airstrikes in gaza after dozens of rockets were launched from the palestinian territory into an israeli time at least one palestinians been killed. u.s. says it will impose sanctions against russia because of an attack on a russian storm response i embarrass an earlier this year sergei skule pollen is still so were poisoned by the nerve agent no virtual console is free and. canadian prime minister justin trudeau says he'll keep pressing saudi arabia on
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a human rights record as a diplomatic route between the two countries gathered steam saudi arabia has frozen ties and man new trade deals with canada after it urged the release of jailed civil rights activists. in the democratic republic of congo the government has announced president joseph could be a will be standing in december selection could be it was due to step down from his position and twenty sixteen at the election to replace him has been repeatedly delayed triggering. violent protests in which dozens were killed there was widespread speculation that he would try to seek a third term instead he's backing his former interior minister and manuel ram sonic should dari who is on the european union sanctions for allegedly human rights abuses were captured so he has more from the electoral commission in kinshasa. ramazani should diary e's the secretary of the ruling p.p.r. the proxy which is the president's party within the ruling coalition is up for my
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interior minister he is the former governor of millennia province which is the president home province he's very loyal to president. very strongly agrees with his ideology and his policies so he does become president he is going to be in line with the policies of president kabila a lot of people are saying that is a safe bet not just a couple of but also the military because this province he comes from is also a pro games and also the home province of several influential and powerful generals while also told that a lot of leaders all of you know the parties within the quality shown are comfortable with him but there is also a fun son because he is one of eight people in that european union sanctions list because of human rights abuses i he was interior minister at the end of last
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year when police brutally dispersed protesters in protest of what will the eyes by the catholic judge but he supporters saying that they're going to stand by him no matter what and you see no opposition leaders here coming out to congratulate the congolese people that they have food for so much pressure on kabila that he was unable to attempt even to run for us that time we've seen a statement from the catholic church that all has also been cruciform very critical against president joseph kabila saying that this is a significant step in the democracy of this country ivory coast farmer for a state he's been released from detention after being granted amnesty for her role in a civil war simone bagfuls has been lower all refused to accept electoral defeat in twenty ten triggering conflict a. that killed three thousand people she was sentenced to twenty years in prison in twenty fifteen are released on wednesday along with eight hundred others is seen as
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an effort to soothe political tensions ahead of elections in twenty twenty. this page is today everything is new militants stand up for the new face forward all the time on our way on our way on our way amen. well i'm a cook and cooed is the director of the africa program of the eurasian group she says bagfuls release wasn't unexpected it's not entirely a surprise it's been an issue that a lot of political actors a lot of prominent actors in code of war had been talking about for a while now so who's the president of the national assembly has been calling for the release of political prisoners beyond who's also up a presidential candidate of the part of the ruling party's coalition partner p.c.i. has also been calling for release of political pressure prisoners we also saw the e.u. in the
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a report that they released recently also kind of put in pressure on ouattara to do this so it's not entirely in surprise that it's coming now. now more than one hundred fifty thousand people have been left homeless by sunday's earthquake in the indonesian island of longbow at least one hundred thirty one people have been killed and that number is expected to rise as rescuers struggle to reach all of those in need steadfast in reports from back to layer in the west of rome where many are still waiting for help to arrive. the road to the remote village of ike is impassable by car. up to half its has come down from the hills to look for help. he shows us destruction but government officials have yet to see. what i see now is that all the help is focused in the north of lombok but here in this remote area away from the main road we also need help. is on the on the third day after
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a powerful quake struck the island so vipers are growing increasingly impatient. they're hungry and thirsty. for us living in the mountains it's very difficult to find clean water and it's impossible for us to take the sick to a doctor he says food is also hard to violence because we're not earning any money everyone is still in shock i don't. know. how data and poor id had only just moved into their new home after getting married a month ago it took more than seven years to build their house while going into the mountains to share extend of the damage of sunday's earthquake becomes clear in isolated villages like this one away from the epicenter many have been left homeless as well while aid is now entering the island of long book many here fear there could be forgotten. while many people in the room owed areas are still waiting for help some aid is arriving at improvised shelters further down the
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mountain and officials say most donated goods have yet to be distributed getting to market. there's. very little aid but if we distribute it now it won't be enough for everyone so we're gathering it first and then we'll hand it out. but people can't wait much longer the little food they had this running out fast and many are in need of medical treatment they feel they're being ignored step fossum al-jazeera up with ike but west. senators in argentina are debating a bill that would legalize abortion is joining the first fourteen weeks of pregnancy if passed the deeply catholic nation will become the third country in latin america to broadly legalize abortion of the widespread protests as the measure passed the lower house last month a latin america and italy see in human as more. the abortion rate here in argentina quoted one move for those who oppose it i agree with those favor abortion rights
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advocates here there are. hoping their voices be heard just up the street inside the senate disease very important for all of the society because it's of women are dying because they made their selves that abortion because you don't want to be bothers it's a right you can't just to be a mother or not already eleanor hall or easily go women will continue having abortions and we ask that women don't die and can have the right to a legal safe and free procedure the decision is not expected until after midnight you are here for the long arduous recusing and all right now there are real activists out on the street perhaps you can make up for the most part hearing like me that they will lose the boat in the senate less than five senators change their mind at the last minute this is the star of the vote in south america second
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largest country and it's a debate that has been galvanized and divided public opinion in a country where planned destiny unsafe abortions are the number one cause of maternal death. georgia's marking ten years since a war with russia that left the country dismembered twenty percent of the country remains effectively on the moscow's control a decade after the weeklong war in two thousand and eight flags are flying at half mast in the country and there have been protests against russia john holl explains . at a military cemetery outside tbilisi. needs it has come to remember some of those who fought and died ten years ago she and her family lost their home in georgia's brief war with russia in august two thousand and eight. american now lives in a settlement built to house twenty thousand i.d.p.'s or internally displaced people
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their homes and villages was swallowed by a forty five boundary separating georgia from the russian backed breakaway regions of south of setia and up cars here. some of the i.d.p.'s prepared to afford it and children are not towards their family's history of war and occupation forgetting unbelievable to me. many georgians refuse to forget outside the building that was the russian embassy until the two countries diplomatic ties after the war they demand that russia end what they call its occupation. it's our history we are eight european countries and it will be part of you i want to go all the time. but russia shows no sign of withdrawing thousands of its troops stationed in the breakaway regions despite being required to do so under the e.u.
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brokered deal that ended the war and there's good reason for that. war is russia more a loss of diplomatic ties with its former soviet republic far more. diplomatic protest is the expansion of nato taking in georgia as a member. western alliance right to russia's doorstep. nato has promised to georgia in early two thousand and eight of a fast track to membership later fuse that made war inevitable. this week as do. and nato hold joint military exercises russia's prime minister dmitry medvedev has warned of a quote horrible new conflict. i spoke to a former georgian foreign minister if we stand where we stand today we will always be vulnerable and we will always be blackmailed by russia so the only ways to be way ahead to join europe to join nato and to be protected democracy like other
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eastern europeans. there were fears that the war ten years ago would pick russia and nato against one another over georgia that remains and the looming possibility jonah how al-jazeera to policing. and by fringe festival is the biggest international arts festival in the world attracting thousands of acts as comedians then says musicians it also checks huge numbers of visitors that generate millions of dollars in revenue but now some performers believe the festivals too commercial and way too expensive the barker has more from the scottish capital. over its seventy one year history the edinburgh festival has grown at breakneck speed during the month of august the city's population more than doubles to festivals take place civil taina see the international festival showcasing well established acts and the edinburgh fringe where anyone could perform with any type of performance. while the other friends really sat opposite almost like an act of
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defiance there were it companies six local scottish companies then to those companies who wanted to participate in the first international festival in one nine hundred forty seven but when dames good enough. so they decided to perform anyway and really that was the genesis of their friends was this act of defiance. this is what the festival used to look like a few dozen acts a careful selection of big performances today there were more than three and a half thousand shows the struggle for space has led to rising rents and expensive performance licenses some performers believe the festivals become a victim of its own success. a growing number of artists want to recreate a sense of lost authenticity in small scale low budget experimental shows this performance space far from the noise and clamor of some of the biggest shows is about as intimate as it gets with room for only the tiniest of audiences on this
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occasion just me time to still the mind and go somewhere very very different. people describe it as the being on the fringe of the friends and a lot of people like to find the news like that because it reminds them of maybe what the fringe used to be like before it became more commercial elsewhere in the city a team of local performers has spent weeks carefully building a hundred seater amphitheater from dozens of up cycle pianos deconstructing our understanding of what theater can be the roots of the festival are about experimentation. but unfortunately you know like many things the successful it's kind of built this whole. kind of load of collateral and things around it which are all about making a lot of money. you know it's sometimes quite hard now to find
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a space where you can be creative and where it's not really expensive to do what you're doing. the edinburgh festival remains one of the most important places for performers to be able to take risks without the luxury of having a big budget and often without charging an entry fee as the festival grows artists currently on the fringe of the fringe shaping the festivals future. out zero at imbra. put the minds of any of our top stories on al-jazeera at least one palestinians been killed after israeli warplanes carried out air strikes in gaza and ways to place after dozens of rockets were launched from the palestinian territory into an israeli time. well israel confirmed it's launch
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strikes targeting twelve hamas sites israel's military says it's intercepted most of the rockets launched from gaza and you're simmons has more basically. all started with rockets forward into israel through drop who's one of the targets we saw quite clearly the result. there was a coup people injured a number of other with perkins who holds who saw. whole week one from a rocket or from. the one who won't before we saw the reaction there was a very furious reaction a crew precision bombing it seems all the number of military targets will describe of them thought the u.s. says it will impose sanctions against russia because of an attack on expiring button earlier this year the state department says russia used the chemical weapon to try to assassinate as surrogates cripple the former russian spy and his torso
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a poisons by the nerve agent nova chuck in soulsby in march canadian prime minister justin trudeau says he'll keep pressing saudi arabia on human rights record as a diplomatic route between the two countries gather steve saudi arabia's falls and ties him ban new trade deals with canada after it arced the release of jailed civil rights activists. the government in the democratic republic of congo has announced joseph to be a warm stand for reelection instead could be a while back his former interior minister manuel rumson a should diary this sunday european union sanctions for alleged human rights abuses . those sire top stories stay with us though next up its people and power as always thanks for your company see you very soon by. mian mars commercial capital yangon is a symbol of its rapid economic growth but in its slums families struggle to survive
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borrowing money from merciless loan sharks is their whole inside this cycle of debt but when east on al-jazeera. it's well known to the united states exports billions of dollars worth of arms to its allies which isn't as widely understood is that many of the guns it sends interviews in the middle east so the review mission manufactured in eastern europe so how to the supply routes function and waves of the weapons go in the first of a special trip cross interest goes into us i'm sorry giuliana rufus has been to investigate.
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what happened they were right.


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