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the hole now is expected to grow we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on ounces era. this is al jazeera. hello i'm daryn jordan this they are zero news our live from coming up in the next sixty minutes. israeli air strikes hit the beach in gaza after hamas fires rockets across the border fence. not seeking a third term joseph kabila endorses a successor to compete in democratic republic of congo's presidential election. no end in sight to the diplomatic route between canada and saudi arabia but justin
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trudeau says the dialogue continues. canada will always speak strongly and clearly in private in public on questions of human rights. and emotive protests argentina's parliament discusses a controversial plan to legalize abortion in the first fourteen weeks of pregnancy . at least one palestinian has been killed in an exchange of rocket fire over the border between israel and gaza the israeli military says thirty six rockets have been fired from gaza in the past few hours but it managed to intercept several of them israeli media says six people have been injured by shrapnel in the border town of steroids israel retaliated by carrying out and strike targets in several sites well the u.n. special coordinator for the middle east peace process is alarmed at the escalation of the violence nic i'm not enough says collect. efforts have prevented the
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situation from exploding until now if the current escalation however is not contained immediately the situation can rapidly deteriorate with devastating consequences for all people under simmons joins us live now from gaza just bring us up to date with the latest on the hostilities. well the very lights is just going backwards here rather than chronologically is incoming fire quite near to this location we don't know where that is right now but a shortly before that we had some more rockets being launched from here i say here i mean gaza city at least two both of them hit by this. defense missile system these radios use it wasn't so effective early on in the nights when so many rockets go through as you outlining there hitching a number of israeli towns at the end of the day amongst all the injured only two
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are in any way serious as far as the casualties here are concerned all of the main targets probably evacuated that standard procedure after they launch rockets the the various factions that sickly the because sam brigades the military wing of hamas which has made a statement which i'll read in a moment but basically the evacuations have led to a lower casualty rate than you would expect but it's such a tent city in the bombing there was a report that from the hospital had one of the hospitals here that one fights and is dead six injured one of them critically and in terms of damage we can't assess that yet but certainly a building near here on the beach which was again this installation. in terms of brigades that is badly damaged the f.
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sixteen strikes have been seemingly accurate and it would also appear that civil and civilian casualties zero if not minimum and we are actually hearing more and more from the factions here. that there was an intention to carry on with these bombardments with rockets the uk assam brigade say in a statement in retaliation against the is rate is aggression the resistance is firing rockets and will continue to do so and they're aimed at israeli towns furthermore we have a statement from islamic jihad that's the crudes brigade saying that they will continue to retaliate against the israeli occupiers to protect the people and andrew so where does this now leave the ceasefire talks being brokered by egypt between israel and hamas. well you heard you describe that statement
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from nicole i mean that enough who last time around when we had a round of violence much less intense than this he was extraordinary in the way he managed to bring about a cease fire certainly a temporary one in that statement is very strongly would it is it is and people will know but he did say we will work hard to ensure gaza steps back from the brink how many were caught well first of all egyptian mediation has been engaged from the very first moment of the rocket going in to the israeli towns and to be you know we've seen the visuals of that it was definitely fairly accurate although it didn't cause huge damage. and we're also seeing the united nations step up the pace but the unknown is what exactly israelis intend to do whether they intend to have some form of limited operation and escalate the situation even
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further pullback as not enough says from the brink and then what will have us do well only twelve hours ago they were talking in a mild to terms than usual and that was from the deputy leader of how mass talking head of moving to cairo from here where the seanie a delegation of hamas has been intense talks on how to respond to israel and the u.n. and egypt but as i say israel's then we will find out more haps not necessarily on the ground here but certainly in jerusalem we will be hearing from possibly the security briefing headed by the prime minister. and also lieberman the defense minister there as well and we will also have what was the shed jeweled security cabinet meeting on for. day now is israel going to push
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hard and continue this it is unclear but there isn't this doesn't seem like it doesn't seem here anyway like the the sort of volleys of fire you often get before a cease fire deal is signed sealed and delivered the atmosphere here would sources warning that this really is incredibly sensitive right now in terms of of the danger of these talks falling apart so the talking is going on in cairo and also certainly amongst the israel it is cairo where everything is focused right now dow right andrew symonds a and does understand you. now the government of the democratic republic of congo has announced president joseph kabila will not be standing in december's election kabila was due to step down from his position in twenty sixteen but the election to replace him has been repeatedly delayed speculation that he would try to seek
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a third term triggered violent protests and wished dozens were killed instead he's backing his former interior minister. catherine soyuz more from kinshasa. he's the secretary of the ruling. the president's party within the ruling for my interior minister he is the former governor of a province which the president home province he's very loyal to president. very strongly agree. if he does become president he is going to be in line we've seen all the president people are saying that he is a safe bet not just to. the military because this province he comes from is also a pro games the home province of several influential and powerful generals while
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also told. a lot of leaders all of you know the parties within. our poll with him but their results. because he is one of eight people in that european union sanctions list because of human rights abuses and he was interior minister at the end of last. season brutally discussed protesters in protest of what will the eyes by the catholic church but he supporters saying that they're going to stand by him no matter what and you see no opposition leaders here coming out to congratulate the company's people saying that they have food so much pressure on to believe that he was unable to attempt even to run for. that time we've seen a statement from the catholic church that all has also been creasy quote very critical like against president joseph kabila saying that this is a significant step in the democracy of this country canada's prime minister justin
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trudeau insists his country will always speak strongly on human rights he spoke as a diplomatic route with saudi arabia escalated riyadh has cut new trade investment and education agreements off to canada call for the release of jailed political activists obviously canada will always stand up for our workers and our companies we need to make sure that we are. protecting canadian interests in in any situation we continue to engage with the government of. saudi arabia the minister of foreign affairs had a long conversation with their foreign minister yesterday and diplomatic the talks continue but as the minister has said and as we will repeat canada will always speak strongly and clearly in private and public on questions of human rights but the saudi foreign minister says canada is to blame for the dispute. but he did listen there is no need for mediation of a kind of that made a big mistake and has to fix it kind of that fully understands what is required
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from mediation is when there are two parties who have demands in this situation the mistake has been made by only one party it was kind of the who intervened this mistake has to be corrected christensen he has more now from toronto. prime minister justin trudeau promised that his government would continue to engage with saudi officials and acknowledge that the saudi government had made reforms in the realm of human rights but he failed to deliver the apology that saudi officials were looking for the saudi foreign minister has accused canada of meddling in a domestic internal national security issue and promised to ratchet up the pressure even further on canada so far the economic measures have been having little effect on the economy overall but it is affecting thousands of saudi nationals here in the country students people receiving medical care and medical students who've been
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called back home or forced to leave the country and we heard also earlier today that the canadian muslims who are planning to travel to saudi arabia this week to attend the hottest have concerns about how they are going to get back home because saudi arabia airlines have suspended flights or will be suspended by next week so many can leave but they're not sure how they are going to get back so some discussions and talk on the diplomatic front but at this stage still little progress towards resolving this dispute. is a professor at the university of waterloo and joins us now via skype from toronto but many observers say this spot isn't really about canada or tool it's about saudi arabia under the new crown prince trying to make its mark on the global stage with a much more aggressive foreign policy do you agree with that assessment. i very much agree with that assessment and really it's borne out by the reality that the
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canadian foreign minister said nothing new here in the sense that similar substance of tweets have been sent out before and our allies have sent the similar kind of message whether it's in the u.k. even the united states they have been all very vocal if one looks so what's the substance of said it's very similar to our international allies so i think there is something happening inside so you really and indeed as you pointed out there is a rash of crown prince that is really sort of the mark on a number of foreign policy files and i think this one is very similar to one that we saw with qatar which is a very preconception it for of all or nothing approach to this if you ration and they are very much trying to figure out where exactly is the way out of all of this and in the past there's been plenty of international and western criticism against saudi arabia over human rights so why have the saudis chosen canada i mean is canada seen as an easy target. absolutely it's
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a bearcat of being an easy target look our bilateral economic trade is not big in the big scheme of things obviously saudi arabia is not the most important destination and similarly neither is camper for the saudis so frankly we're dispensable for each other that said of course there are a lot of really large companies that are losing out a very lucrative contract and it makes very i think loud noise for those companies to express their dissatisfaction with the fact that our government did express concern over human rights and now there is a chill of fact in fact what's very interesting is that many european countries including one thinks therefore have done nothing about supporting either nato allies that would have i think or at least been their food bank manager and yet they were very much silent fearful that if they were the support or the need to criticize the deal all of them on very lucrative contracts what sort of domestic audience is the crown prince playing to here i mean presumably there are plenty of
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nationalist support by poking comes out of in the odd oh i think this resonates very well inside saudi arabia i'm sure there is a very strong hyper nationalist base now in that country feeling as though so he has been indicated itself from the continued international criticism and really pointing out i think very both ironically and yet very honestly that of course can't or doesn't have a perfect right perfect record in terms of human rights either of course we acknowledge actively when it comes to our indigenous community but i think that it's very interesting how the sellings have really kind of turn this around and pointed out a number of our own dirty laundry whether it's from contract separatism to cases of crisis in our quiz. at best just a final thought from you i mean we've seen the canadian ambassador expelled flights to toronto stop saudi students being sent home and now all saudi medical patients
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are to be moved is there any room left for diplomacy to resolve this do you think i am afraid not i mean i you know i've seen the way the saudis operate of course guitars a great example here it's all or nothing i think that they really want the resignation of our foreign minister they want a very big and noticeable apology from the prime minister both but you're politically absolutely not going to happen they would be suicide for any part of the view so so frankly we're at an impasse bessel manami thank you for talking to al-jazeera thank you. senators in argentina debating a bill that would legalize abortions during the first fourteen weeks of pregnancy if pos the deeply catholic nation would become the third country in latin america to make the procedure legal protests for and against abortion have been taking place since the lower house passed the law last month with less america at its embassy in yemen has more from when his ira's.
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right. her. side the senate. very important for all this is. dying because they made their selves that abortion because you don't want to be bathers it's a right you can't just to be a modern ideo not equal or eat league or women will continue having abortions and we ask that women don't die and can have the right to a legal safe and free procedure. here.
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this is the star of the vote in south america second largest country to galvanize public opinion in a country where destined for forcing other polls of maternal deaths well across latin america both the catholic church and most major political parties have been against abortion for a long time cuba you're a go on the mexican capital the only places to allow abortion up to twelve weeks how the last year chile legalized terminations in certain circumstances and cases of rape when the mother's life is endangered or if a fetus is malformed brazil is counting deciding whether to legalize abortion up to twelve weeks but abortion is completely banned in nicaragua honduras el salvador the dominican republic and soon well catalina koran is the last american caribbean director of the center for reproductive rights she is the political situation over abortion in the region. congress in argentina is very conservative and that our
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region is very conservative as well right now we have six. in latino mary. total. we have a huge influence on the couple of the church. are multiple types around to ride. so i was. a conservative person i've been. very helpful for the cause even though the polling. in argentina abortion is legal under three circumstances one life and health of the woman on are in danger when the pregnancy is a result of being raped or the fetus has a for mation incompatible with life so women are going to continue to have access under these circumstances. is not going to be fully legalized. this is going to the
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east coast today but i want to add to they not approved by the congress one man organizations and human rights organization in the country have already won a lot in this process because they have right now a poll. for the subjects that's very important for the country they have a very important than social. tree and they are having a huge impact in the region and a woman's in argentina iran you spirit right now for other countries in latin america at least nineteen people have been arrested over what the venezuelan government says was the attempted assassination of the president nicolas maduro wasn't hurt when explosions from a drone interrupted a military parade in. the opposition colombia and a group of us finances for the attack the supreme court has ordered the arrest of a prominent opposition figure who is currently in exile in colombia. now the u.s.
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says it will impose sanctions against russia over an attack on a former spy in britain earlier this year the state department says russia used a nerve agent novacek to try to poison sergei scrip and his daughter union souls but in march the kremlin has denied any involvement but you have a chance he joins us live now from washington d.c. shab so just talk us through what these sanctions against russia are likely to entail or towards the end of august enterprises with some connection to the russian state will have a presumption of denial on their requests for u.s. exports if the exports being asked for have some sort of national security implication in the view of the u.s. so we did ask the state of some sort of list of the kinds of goods and they said. aerial gas turbine engines electronic devices and components integrated circuits test and calibration equipment of various sorts materials production equipment various things like that they say the state department that this could involve hundreds of millions of dollars worth of exports to russia that actually fifty
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percent of export licenses export license requests from russia do involve one of these sorts of national security type type items so this could have serious implications for exports in addition within three months if russia doesn't conform to various requirements assuring the u.s. that it's not using chemical and biological weapons allowing inspectors in then they will be further sanctions which are described as more draconian and it has to be said it looks very unlikely that russia will acquiesce to u.s. demands for example inspections of their facilities and how significant is the timing of this i mean the poisoning happened over five months ago in the u.k. . there's no indication of this is as the result of any new information to the u.s. might have all the way its own investigation it seems it's very much about the lore in the united states and how the bureaucracy moved once the us accepted the british allegation that the russians were responsible and the russians have denied any
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involvement the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons hasn't blamed anyone but the british say it's the russians once the u.s. accepts that explanation and expelled sixty diplomats as they did in march that means the us is blaming russia once the us blames a country for some sort of chemical attack then the law requires sanctions to be imposed within two months on the state department except it's a bit later on these would says it was a huge list to try and put together and then they've been late in the past when they've had to invoke these sanctions as a result of chemical and biological weapons attacks in syria or the north korean assassination attempt in kuala lumpur. so they just say look this is simply the bureaucracy the bureaucracy working because they doesn't seem like there's any new information for example as far as the timing is conserved chad thank you. the rebels say at least eight hundred civilians including children have been killed by a strikes from the saudi and erotic coalition in yemen they say two separate
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strikes targeted bedell intense in amman province killing twelve people six others were killed in another strike on a farm in the province of. al-jazeera has obtained video from yemen's main border crossing with amman where workers are going on strike there protesting against new restrictions on imported goods a new tyrus has the details. dozens of articulated lorries are parked with nowhere to go the main cargo crossing in and more her province in the south east of yemen has been out of operation and for days that's because workers at the customs office are protesting a one hundred percent increase in tiris on goods from abroad and there is fear it will drive prices up in the region's poorest country seventy percent of imports and to yemen from oman through this key border crossing a lifeline for a country on the brink of famine after a relentless war that started three years ago but the saudi led coalition which has
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a strong presence in the mother of fears iran could be smuggling weapons in for the whole of the rebels it backs. last week yemen's internationally recognized president was greeted with open arms by the saudi ambassador to yemen upon landing in a limo her it was up to the rubble months will had his first visit outside of aden since his return c.m.n. in twenty fifteen his announcements of eight new projects wasn't enough to keep locals happy for months the people of illinois her have been protesting the presence of saudi and united arab emirates troops there calls for the coalition to scale back its military presence and hand back in the day the airport was finally met in a deal last month but tensions are far from over the saudi led coalition has reportedly not fully yawn at the agreement and is still in control of the airport seaport and
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border crossing with oman. locals have given a deal until september to see if the saudi led coalition will fulfill their six demands and if not then they say they'll be back on the streets protesting. al-jazeera. syrian state media is reporting that president bashar al assad's wife is being treated for breast cancer the son a news agency published a photo of asthma al assad and a husband in what appears to be a hospital room hooked up to a drip the president said she's receiving early treatment for a malignant tumor the former investment banker was born in london to syrian parents before marrying assad in two thousand turkey has pledged to continue buying natural gas from iran despite the new sanctions imposed by the u.s. iran's foreign minister has also won the sanctions will not stop his country from exporting oil saying it's impossible to cut iran off on tuesday president trump warn the world against doing business with tehran the measures target access to u.s.
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banknotes and industries such as cars and carpets but those sanctions are also worrying others in the region especially india which imports a large amount of iranian oil as al-jazeera as andrew thomas explains india's relationship with terror and is far more than just business. few of those filling up at this new delhi petrol station have a view on iran's nuclear program nor the merits of the deal to control it but the renewal of u.s. sanctions on iran could be felt here india is the second biggest importer of iranian oil off to china eighteen percent of its oil comes from iran and rogue rising over when petrol prices go up it's the common people like me and others who are affected. india also exports to iran some to see more rice the reimposition of sanctions so far does not cover food nor oil the full extent of what the united states expects of other countries would be no until november india is hoping exemptions can be made a waiver from the sanctions regime or freedom from consequences if it does continue
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to trade with iran but indian exports to the us to twenty five times those to iran it can't afford to risk them the door does and will be taken by the warm and it will be in the national interest. as we have to strike a balance between who of my bike no one of them i started you mean business partner india has close ties to iran president has on rouhani came to new delhi in february prime minister narendra modi went to terror on two years ago the country's ties our strategic as well as economic sanctions on iran are just a matter of money for india this is about more than the price of petrol rights there is a geo political dimension to the us sanctions regime could fall in. india is the major investor in this sport in iran southcoast it gives india access by sea to places which because pakistan blocks land route it can't reach otherwise you don
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is important from the geographical point of fuel india looking at afghanistan looking at central asia so we can see how when we talk about the connectivity projects. investment in iran is also politically strategic china's so-called belt in a road investment initiative gives its influence across central asia if india can rival its people here believe china's influence will grow. little is clear yet u.s. and indian officials will meet in september to discuss what the full u.s. sanctions regime will mean here it could hurt andrew thomas al jazeera new delhi. time for a short break here and i'll just be around when we come back all draw your strain as most populous state grapples with an unprecedented drought. and its border we'll hear from a golfer who's in with a chance of completing a career grand slam more in that stay with us.
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welcome to look at weather conditions across the americas now in north america we saw some pretty warm air across the eastern seaboard there with temperatures in excess of thirty degrees for many areas and a door into canada there twenty eight in ottawa rain again in parts of the southeast fine conditions across many parts of the west and certainly the civic northwest looking pretty warm there seattle well into the thirty's calgary two looking pretty hot so move through into friday again fine conditions for calgary but slightly cooler conditions for seattle showers likely across the desert southwest you'll notice but los angeles driver temperatures thirty one down into central america and certain pacific coastline of mexico is threatened by a series of storms but largely the expected remain of short nevertheless there are plenty of showers around during the course of thursday showers all the way
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southward towards panama and costa rica but the islands the caribbean cherry looking pretty good at the moment lots of sunshine around and temperatures just into the low thirty's into south america and the showers around northern areas as we'd expect but drawing come further south. we have this area of low pressure just affecting your a quiet which is expected to pull out into the south atlantic so we should see a brighter conditions coming on but i'm not so we should see some sunshine in buenos aires with highs here of fourteen degrees. where where you when this idea to have it when they're on line it's undoubtedly chief call. of opinion equality in our society today or if you join the sunset criminal justice system is dysfunctional right now this is a dialogue what does it feel like bring you to go back for the first time everyone has a voice and allow refugees to flee the speakers first change joining the colobus conversation
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announces iraq. capturing a moment in time snapshots of other lives other stories. providing a glimpse into someone else's work. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers everybody's going to know well will be. sacrificed. to go based on this the. old oh go. on al-jazeera.
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welcome back a quick reminder the top stories here this hour at least one palestinians been killed in an exchange of rocket fire over the border between israel and hamas israeli military says thirty six rockets have been fired from gaza but that intercepted several of them israel are talented by carrying out airstrikes in gaza targeting hamas sites. the government of a democratic republic of congo has announced the president joseph kabila will not be standing in december's election kabila is backing former interior minister emanuel ramasamy. as prime minister just interim and says his country will always speak strongly on human rights saudi arabia froze ties and banned new trade deals out the count of the release of jailed political activists. now amnesty international is blaming hostile e.u. policies for more refugee deaths in the mediterranean sea the rights group estimated more than seven hundred people drowned in june and july that's despite fewer people attempting the poesie journey from africa to europe some of. it don't
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really go through a frantic charge towards a rescue ship and a desperate plea not to be sent back to libya and be on the t.v. that dubiously word over and over all eighty seven people stranded off the libyan coast saved by a spanish charity vessel a week ago after a brutal journey if you have a report of fortune was not good did not know what i don't think they are among the tens of thousands of people who have crossed from africa to europe this year the ones that make it are lucky ones. many do not survive amnesty international says that in june and july of this year more than seven hundred people drowned in the mediterranean an increase in deaths from the same time last year and that's despite a drop in the numbers of people making that same journey. alongside this there has also been a dramatic rise in the number of people being held in overcrowded detention centers
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in libya in recent months the number of detainees has shot up from four thousand four hundred in march to more than ten thousand by the end of july nearly all were taken to centers such as this after being intercepted at sea and returned to libya by the libyan coast guard. the search comes after a backdrop of intensifying anti migrant politics in europe germany's chancellor angela merkel faced a fierce backlash more than a million refugees mainly from syria and afghanistan into the country now the government is seeking agreements with fellow members of the european union to send my kids back to the countries where they initially registered but this has done little to calm populist figures all over the continent who are keen to be seen as cracking down on asylum seekers amongst them italian far right interior minister. speaking to al-jazeera and. more than seven hundred thousand people have arrived in
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italy across the mediterranean sea alone we cannot continue this way this helps neither italy nor africa therefore i wanted to stop such action such human trafficking which could be tied to terrorism or to drug or arms trade was the european union has provided financial incentives for member countries to take in asylum seekers it has been criticized but failing to act but until there is a coordinated effort by the e.u. as a whole this may simply be seen as a delaying tactic for a crisis that is not going away anytime soon sony vaio al-jazeera. not tomato pickers have gone on a march in southeastern is really to highlight the poor conditions for migrant farm workers they walk to the city of force from a shanty town where many of them live in huts without water and power they're demanding employment contracts and safer conditions more than a hundred fifty thousand people have been left homeless by the earthquake in the indonesian island of number the red cross describes sunday as quake has
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exceptionally destructive rescuers are struggling to reach those in need at least one hundred thirty people have been killed. zimbabwe's main opposition party says it will challenge the results of last week's presidential election in court lawyers in the m.d.c. alliance say they have what they call mammoth evidence of electoral fraud the current president. is due to be reno grated on sunday after winning monday's vote but the opposition says he can't be sworn in while facing this legal challenge. the latest from harare lawyers representing the opposition m.d.c. allies say they have not yet filed the papers in court but they have until friday to do so they insist the evidence they have is strong and they say they have a secret weapon was still revealed in court they also seem confident that they have enough evidence to stop the inauguration from going ahead and hearing the inauguration could be early as they log ration process rules the chief justice
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the chief justice. of the constitutional court so it is not possible. for him in all of the groups for him in the knowledge experience or for chief justice to preside over a. process of the president will be a challenge earlier on thursday lawyers representing to diabetes a former finance minister and me official in the m.d.c. alliance said he'd been arrested trying to cross into zambia a few hours later the same lawyer said he'd been released and is now in zambia seeking asylum a few days ago the police say they were looking for to that miti and looking for eight other people in connection to the violence that happened last week when opposition supporters took the streets protesting against the election results for days not to not meet had been on social media telling people that he theatre for his life in
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a theatre he'd be arrested police in harare have said so far they have no information of any arrest and the state broadcaster there's a public broadcasting corporation has news of tonight with these arrests are fake. meanwhile an opposition politician from zimbabwe will be deported from zambia after being denied asylum from a finance minister ten diabetes party is part of the main opposition alliance his lawyer says police are investigating him about allegations he incited violence after the election africa's former first lady has been freed from jail after being granted amnesty for her role in the civil war simone bank those has been long refused to accept electoral defeat in twenty ten triggering a conflict that killed around three thousand people every lease along with eight hundred others is seen as an effort to soothe political tensions that of elections in twenty twenty one in baker has more. diverse international criminal court has an open case against her she was imprisoned in her own country for seven years now simone backbone is going home. after the old pages have been turned to my support
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says get ready for a new page we are going forward and we won't stop thank you. simone bag-o. the former wife of the imprisoned president receiving a hero's welcome ivory coast was divided by bloody conflict twice in the twenty first century first by who and civil war and again after the disputed election in two thousand and ten over five months human rights watch says three thousand civilians were killed and more than one hundred fifty women were raped and. refused to cede power holding it from a bunker in the capital. alison waters forces backed by the french military and supported by un peacekeepers arrested him that bo is now in detention in haiti. it was during this struggle that his then wife simone is alleged to have coordinated atrocities ordering retaliatory violence and rapes against political enemies and
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guiding attacks toward residential areas in defiance of the international criminal court ivory coast's new leader allison watcher ah said the country would try her case on its own soil in two thousand and fifteen simone backbone was sentenced to twenty years in prison but was granted amnesty after just three along with eight hundred other people including her party's former minister of defense so it's not entirely a surprise it's been an issue that a lot of political act as a lot of prominent act of war had been talking about for a while now right we also saw the e.u. in the way a report that they released recently also kind of put in pressure on ouattara to do this so it's not entirely a surprise that it's coming now ivory coast has become one of africa's fastest growing economies and allison what one reelection in two thousand and fifteen but critics say that above all he is not doing enough to heal the country's wounds. the amnesty law every time we use it the victims are not consulted they aren't warm and
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no one has been asked for their perspective you can imagine the trauma is their law and justice this is not normal. after seven years of investigation by an independent committee in ivory coast only sixty people have been called to face justice for war crimes human rights groups continue to criticize the lack of progress while victims await answers that may never come colin baker al-jazeera. opposition groups in pakistan are holding protests in several provinces against alleged vote rigging during last month's elections that are against the policy of the former cricketer imran khan was declared the winner the two leading opposition parties accuse it on the military of local stretching electoral food. has more from islamabad. all door to ground aligned party consisting of eleven political parties had cared. for head in front of the election commission we have only been able to see a few hundred people every time the political parties lose an election in pa get
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done they start paying their day election was rigged now they're demanding the resignation of the election commission as red as a reelection and a country like. all the mainstream political parties are now in one page gathered here against the rigged to manipulated elections when all are demanding free and fair reelections in the countries which can be accepted by the public. all the people who have won elections have no contribution to pakistan politics have been elected let us know this country and all this is a question we want. from election commission. who want to sponsible for the rigged elections. but the people of baghdad don't have warded for change many of the big all the gods who have been ruling this country for decades have suffered a humiliating defeat they don't have any option.
2:44 am
for people like drop by get done they have blocked roads which had led to a long traffic jam and no doubt why bring the government down even before it gets taken over a photo journalist detained in bangladesh is back in police custody after being given the all clear in a medical exam shadow has accused police of torturing him in jail where he's been since sunday he was detained i was doing an interview with al jazeera about anti government protests human rights watch is calling for an investigation into allegations that he was abused or bangladesh has information minister says it was not detained for his journalism. he has been a student of sutton towns of which we are looking into it but as of today he will produce to the court the courtroom he said what will happen to him but he has not really had a set of down hundreds to go and has been arrested for misusing the information the
2:45 am
company has sent to close didn't act so it is it is a general act for these don't citizens not for the donnellys so for done the sick endeavor he has not been ordered or a different. opinion he has not been that there are the reasons we will give a report to the quote we believe. on how last place and we think that the john lovelies should have the security to work. on the spot and this would not be haddest by the law enforcing it is all by any court us the government give protection to them. to the u.s. now where four states have held primary elections to choose candidates for november's midterm elections but all eyes were on a high oh west special congressional election is indicating trouble ahead for the republicans alan fischer reports. he declared victory even though it hasn't been confirmed over the next three months i'm going to do everything i can to keep
2:46 am
america great again senator relied on some big names to try to win a congressional district the donald trump won convincingly in twenty sixteen as a president even joined the campaign trail we're going to have a tremendous victory for troy but the republicans lead is the result thin so there will be a recount and the democrats isn't conceding a quirk of the election calendar means the two will face off again in november let's go out there but why should this country democrats see hope in the results we expect a close race but at the end of the day to have it be close ultimately it's a big sign a momentum going in november the election in ohio was the most important of the night where there were elections in four other states to decide who would run in november in kansas a long time trump ally won the right to contest the governor's race for the republicans kris kobach headed a controversial trump commission into alleged electoral fraud it was eventually wind up with no real evidence discovered in missouri they set the stage for
2:47 am
a senate election which will be followed nationally democratic incumbent clear mccaskill is chasing a third term but is a favorite target of donald trump and the man she'll face in the predominantly republican state is keen to push his pro trump credentials i will stand up to secure our border and build that wall. the president wants to claim the credit for when for people he supported tweeting as long as i campaign and or support senate and house candidates within reason they will win i love the people and they sent me seem to like the job i'm doing in michigan. she's likely to be the first muslim woman elected to the u.s. congress she wanted democratic primary in michigan and looks like she will be unopposed in november half a world away in the occupied west bank a palestinian relatives were celebrating her when. the tight result in ohio will
2:48 am
delight democrats they want to win back the house and if they can make huge inroads in what was a solid republican seat we will see opportunities for victory elsewhere but there's a warning. doesn't help you win in november. when we come back india's cricket captain says his team is ready to hit series with england. and score more in the.
2:49 am
2:50 am
now the entire state of new south wales in australia is suffering from a severe drought people in the country's most populous state say it's the worst they've experienced cutting up as how diane has moved. it's an overwhelming drought cattle swarm around a water truck in new south wales looking for relief from the devastating dryness the ground has become to bear for the grass to grow and the weather too extreme to predict farmers in eastern australia say the drought has taken over turning one's fertile lands into dust bowls would run wall and in a large way just got a plan on hype and one private ryan. to keep cattle alive some farmers have been forced to ship in hay and grain from other parts of the country that is expensive the national government is pledging nearly one hundred fifty million additional dollars to help offset the cost this winter has been particularly cruel you have to go back to nineteen sixty five to see another winter like this one and you've got
2:51 am
to remember that some of our farmers haven't really recovered from the last route. some farms are doing better than others but stories of desperation are repeated across new south wales nearly eighty thousand people in the state to depend on the agriculture industry contributing more than ten billion dollars to its annual economy the drought is affecting more than farming the government says it's concerned about farmers mental health and the isolation of those who live in remote areas is a real worry all want more boys to come out of the farm and what they need to be fourth generation on this farm. and all i just all i really worry about the future . a dry spell with no signs of ending with entire farming communities welcoming support from local leaders but hoping for help from mother nature katia loper so the young al-jazeera part time for the sport now his poll thank you very much
2:52 am
chelsea have agreed to sell belgium goalkeeper t.-bo cole twats who rail madrid while paying a world record transfer fee face replacement the london club have signed a classic bill biles spanish goalkeeper. for ninety two million dollars as the english transfer window closes on thursday releve meanwhile set to sign course while on a six year deal christ has covert church goes to chelsea as part of the deal. well the previous world record pfieffer caper was set by liverpool just last month the reds paying roma eighty four million dollars for brazilian allyson that broke a seventeen year old record event has paid palmer sixty two million john buffon he's still going at forty the italian currently at paris and last year manchester city paid benfica forty six million for brazilian edison more heists well this is
2:53 am
the premier league earliest ever deadline while teams from rival european competitions are able to buy and sell players until the end of the month we spoke to english football reporter james robson he says that clubs may now be regretting having voted for the change you're in a situation now where a lot of the premier league teams have not done their business yet and they've been handicapped by the fact well cook ran on as well and slowly start the premier league business well which also adds to it and they've got now twenty four hours or so to get there to get their business done meanwhile as is the case with barcelona suddenly taking an interest in paul pogba they can still they can still be hanging around for a good few weeks afterwards it makes no sense whatsoever notably to seems he didn't go for it were manchester united and manchester city they foresaw these precise problems that all the teams in the premier league probably little cooler side are experiencing right now the theory behind i would say was flawed to begin with the
2:54 am
theory behind it was a lot of clubs didn't want to start the season not knowing who would be in that seam and who wouldn't now of course straight away that theory falls down with the fact that they can still lose players because the rest of your can still sign two hundred a month so that made no sense whatsoever the only thing that we know is that if someone starts the season playing for one premier league team. they won't be able to move to the premier league team until at least the january transfer window. kenya's former four hundred metre hurdles world champion nicholas bet has been killed in a road accident at the age of twenty eight that made history in twenty fifteen becoming the first kenyan to win gold at a distance short of an eight hundred meters the father of two crashed his car while traveling between caps about the famous distance running town of eldoret unseeded ali's colon a has knocked out wimbledon champion angelica kerber in the rogers cup winning six four six one in montreal defending u.s.
2:55 am
open champion sloane stephens meanwhile is safely through to around three she beats canadian wildcard francoise abunda for the last of just two games the men's event is being played in toronto where novak djokovic took another step towards a fifth rogers cup title he beat canada's pay to plan ski in straight sets to move into around free. jordan spaeth has the chance to become only the six golfer in history to win all four majors during his career the american can complete the set out in the u.s. p.g.a. championship which starts in missouri on thursday to speak on the open championship last year to add to the masters and us open titles he secured in twenty fifteen this tournament wally's be circled in until i'm able to hopefully want it someday it always be circled to complete the group grand slam which will ultimately. you know achieve
2:56 am
a lifelong goal for me so certainly emphasis in my head on it but nothing overpowering nothing that takes over once i start on the first tee just more you know going into the week. baseball on a japanese rookie show how otani has hit his third home run since the start of august this one came as the los angeles angels trailed against detroit a three run homer putting l.a. head in what would turn into an eleven to five victory a tony also stole first base in the second inning this hot streak with a bat coming as he's been kept off the pitching mound with a sprained elbow ligament the angel still second to last in the west of those sri lanka's cricketers have ended a eleven match losing streak against south africa with a three run victory in candy the home team's low order weighed in with two fifties to give a total that was adjusted from three zero six to one hundred ninety one because of rain south africa looked to be cantering towards it for losing six wickets for
2:57 am
fifty four runs the o.d.i. series stands at three one to the tourists. twenty year old ali pope will make his international debut batting at number four for england the second test match against india starts at lord's on thursday pope replaces david moll on while i that moeen ali or chris woakes will step in for all round up ben stokes england won the first test why thirty one runs throughout cody's india team of the number one ranked side in the world but their captain says he's determined to improve their record away from home india have won just one of their last six test series outside of asia it's not like you know we're getting. older we're getting dominated any dismounted we're playing is competitive and that's something that people are all looking very easily and then the result comes out with then they realise or this team is very competitive so we definitely are in a zone move very positive and we understand that if you tweak a few things get in there then we should be underdogs and that isn't sawyer sport
2:58 am
and i will have more later on. fivefold thank you very much that's it from me down in jordan for this news out and i'll be back in a moment with more of the day's news stay with us here on so much see the. al jazeera where ever you are. china is
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keen to win friends and influence you need oil rich middle east business part of a long line of china to secure its resources for the future the i.m.f. said subsaharan region as a whole aus expect to grow we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera august on al-jazeera european muslims today are facing the consequences of having their faith linked to on the attacks even though they too of victims of the bonds the largest multi-sport event on the continent asian games and get caught i will host athletes competing in a mix of traditional and the olympic sports a vibrant new series of character led documentaries from immigrant neighborhoods across europe a series of beautiful it's about the state of the world's forests and what's being done to protect them in a three part series al-jazeera uncovers the motivations and impact of the brutal
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human exploitation system then lay the foundation of today's global powers ogust on al-jazeera. israeli airstrikes on gaza turned deadly after rockets across the border fence. hello i'm don jordan this is live from doha also coming up a. candidate will always speak strongly clearly in private and public on questions of human rights refusing to back down canada's growing diplomatic dispute with saudi arabia plus. emotive ronnie's over a controversial vote looks a.


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