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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 9, 2018 3:00am-3:34am +03

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in the next location system the laid the foundation of today's global powers ogust on al-jazeera. israeli airstrikes on gaza turned deadly after hamas fires rockets across the border fence. alone down jordan this is down to zero on live from doha also coming up. canada will always speak strongly clearly in private in public on questions of human rights refusing to back down canada's growing diplomatic dispute with saudi arabia plus. emotive rallies over a controversial vote argentina looks at legalizing abortions within the first
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fourteen weeks of pregnancy plus. passionate support for a powerful politician and we reaction to the release from jail of the woman known as the i am lady upon every coast. the united nations is warning of devastating consequences if an explosive exchange between israel and gaza gets worse at least four palestinians have been killed in israeli air strikes which have targeted several homicides the israeli military says they would respond to thirty six rockets being fired from gaza in the past few hours it managed to intercept several of the rockets israeli media says six people have been injured by shrapnel in the border town of steroid. well the u.n. special coordinator for the middle east peace process is alarmed at the escalation of the violence because i'm not enough says our collective efforts have prevented the situation from exploding until now if the current escalation however is not
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contained immediately the situation can rapidly deteriorate with devastating consequences for all people under simmons as the latest from gaza. deep into the night in tents sixteen inches of far from the factions here by rockets and from israel as strikes right across the strip up to twenty of them and precision targeting it would seem certainly the vast majority of the strikes were against what is described as military targets now because some brigades that's how mass made a statement joran all of the firing in fact you know joran rockets going up not far from here some of them hit by the defense system but majority got through and the statement said al qassam brigades that's the military wing of hamas in reaction against the israeli aggression the resistance is firing rockets and will
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continue to do so aimed at israeli forces will it stop that's unclear but we also heard from the islamic jihad that's how crudes that they were going to protect the people of gaza and they would continue the conflict now all these assertions that relates to the cease fire a major talks progress which is a massive issue that's not clear has to be said could this be just before run out to another truce well that isn't clear either and we're not sure quite how hamas in particular will react further on down the road the senior delegation that was here in gaza for eight days is now in cairo and is supposed to be having talks there they sounded optimistic twelve hours ago what are they saying now well it's a statement that doesn't sound in any way like any dove type of action but never
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say never it's not clear where the road is going in terms of the talks but this is a very very serious escalation the biggest yet. canada's prime minister just introduced insists his country would always speak strongly on human rights he spoke as a diplomatic row with saudi arabia escalated riyadh has cut new trade investment and education agreements after canada called for the release of jailed political activists question some of the reports from toronto. canadian prime minister justin trudeau had no apology for his government's call to release two human rights activists being detained in saudi arabia canadians have always expected our government to speak strongly firmly clearly and politely about the need to respect human rights at home and around the world we will continue to do the trick doe promise to continue to engage with the saudis and their allies but the saudi foreign minister wasn't having any of it he accused canada of intervening in what he described as
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a national security issue claiming that the activists had attempted to get sensitive government information if you don't do something is no need for mediation kind of the me the big mistake and has to fix it understands what's required from it mediation is when there are two parties who have demands in this situation the mistake has been made by only one party it was kind of the whole interview and this mistake has to be corrected the value of the canadian dollar fell on news the saudis would divest from canadian stocks and bonds experts predict the overall impact on the economy from this and other measures will be small but the message is being heard far beyond canada's borders ultimately this really is not about candidate for say candidate here is collateral damage if you will or it's incidental to this issue saudi arabia is is trying to send a very strong and clear message to western countries to europeans in particular do not criticize us on human rights or you will be penalized middle east expert best
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moment mani believes domestic saudi issues are at play i think this has more to do with a very useful diversion it's an attempt to make canada a case. to the world that it's not going to accept international criticism particularly western criticism of its domestic policies and i think the chill effect has worked because we have seen pretty much no western european country including the united states as well in terms of supporting canada so it really has had the chill effect on the international western world it's hard to gauge how saudi nationals here in canada feel about being forced to leave the country because many are reluctant to speak but we do know that hundreds of canadian muslims who are leaving this week to attend the harbor in saudi arabia are worried about how they're going to get home saudia airlines are suspending flights in and out of the country next week but have promised to find passenger seats on other airlines but so far no sign the saudis in the canadians are coming together to resolve this
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dispute christine salumi al jazeera toronto who the rebels have at least eighteen civilians including children have been killed by a strike from the saudi amarok coalition in yemen they say two separate strikes taught at the bedouin intense an m one province killing twelve people six of those were killed in another strike on a farm in the province of hunches. senators in argentina are debating a bill that would legalize abortions during the first fourteen weeks of pregnancy if passed the deeply catholic nation would become the third country in latin america to make the procedure illegal protests for and against abortion have been taking place since the lower house passed a law last month allows america at its embassy and human desires. and those favor abortion rights.
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her. side the senate. very important for all this is. dying because they made their status that abortion because you don't want to be bathers it's a right you can't just to be a mother or not already are not equal or even league or women will continue having abortions and we ask that women don't die and can have the right to a legal safe and free procedure. here along. with. this is the star of vote in south america's second largest country. galvanize
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public opinion in a country where planned destiny forcings. maternal deaths at least nineteen people have been arrested over what the venezuelan government says was the attempted assassination of the president nicolas maduro wasn't heard when explosions from a drone interrupted a military parade in caracas on saturday he's blamed the opposition colombia and a group of u.s. finances for the apparent attack the supreme court has ordered the arrest of a prominent opposition figure who's in exile in colombia. the government of the democratic republic of congo has announce that president joseph kabila will not be standing in december's election kabila was due to step down from his position in twenty sixteen but the election to replace him has been repeatedly delayed speculation that he would try to seek a third term triggered violent protests in which dozens were killed instead he's backing his former interior minister emmanuel rama zani should ari zimbabwe's main opposition party says it will challenge the results of last week's presidential
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election and court lawyers from the m.d.c. alliance say they have what they call math evidence of electoral fraud president non-god was due to be reno grades on sunday after winning monday's vote but the opposition says he can't be sworn in while facing a legal challenge. ivory coast's former first lady has been freed from jail after being granted amnesty for her role in the civil war simone backbones husband the wrong refused to accept electoral defeat in twenty ten trillion in a conflict that killed thousands of people her release along with eight hundred others is seen as an effort to soothe political tensions ahead of elections in twenty twenty one and baker has more. the international criminal court has an open case against her she was in prison own country for seven years now simone is going home. after the old pages have been turned to my supporters get ready for
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a new page we are going forward and we won't stop thank you. simone bag-o. the former wife of the imprisoned president receiving a hero's welcome. ivory coast was divided by bloody conflict twice in the twenty first century first by coup and civil war and again after the disputed election in two thousand and ten over five months human rights watch says three thousand civilians were killed and more than one hundred fifty women were raped and. refused to cede power holding it from a bunker in the capital. allison waters forces backed by the french military and supported by un peacekeepers arrested him that bo is now in detention in the hague . it was during this struggle that his then wife simone is alleged to have coordinated atrocities ordering retaliatory violence and rapes against political enemies and guiding attacks toward residential areas in defiance of the international criminal court ivory coast's new leader allison watcher said the
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country would try her case on its own soil in two thousand and fifteen simone bag was sentenced to twenty years in prison but was granted amnesty after just three along with eight hundred other people including her party's former minister of defense but it's not entirely a surprise it's been an issue that a lot of political act as a lot of prominent act of war had been talking about for a while now right we also saw the e.u. in the way a every port that they released recently also kind of put in pressure on ouattara to do this so it's not entirely a surprise that it's coming now ivory coast has become one of africa's fastest growing economies and allison what one reelection in two thousand and fifteen but critics say that above all he is not doing enough to heal the country's wounds. the amnesty law every time we use it the victims are not consulted they are no one has been asked for their perspective you can imagine the trauma is there law and justice this is not normal. after seven years of investigation by an independent
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committee in ivory coast only sixty people have been called to face justice for war crimes human rights groups continue to criticize the lack of progress while victims await answers that may never come calling baker al-jazeera. lots more still to come here now to syria including we look at why more refugees and migrants are dying in the mediterranean despite fewer people making the dangerous journey plus. thousands of people are enjoying the world's largest abscess so but some feel it's become too big or not stay with us. by the skyline of invasion harbor or off the coast of the italian riviera. hello and welcome back we'll start by looking at the weather across central and southern parts of china and taiwan main feature really is this circulation of low
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pressure is going to give some very wet weather across northern parts of the philippines so expect some flooding in manila but north of that initially from hong kong up toward shanghai and away towards taiwan it's all looking generally good but as we move through to follow that low pressure system moves northward so hong kong will see some heavy rain and some strong winds elsewhere still showers around fear laos m a m r b m r contin see some very wet weather now as we head down into southeastern parts of asia central southern parts of the philippines generally not looking too bad much of borneo is drawing java bali lombok all way through towards east timor looking good as you would expect at this time of year and then as we move northward through them in a plain chiller for a few showers around but johnny weather conditions not too bad but the chances of heavy showers likely across thailand and through into cambodia and southern parts of vietnam let's head across into south asia then and we've got some showers affecting northern parts of pakistan central northern areas of india also looking
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fairly wet at the moment and some heavy rain down through the western ghats the eastern gas looking largely dry and fine with highs of thirty four in chennai the weather sponsored by cateye greece. denied citizenship. health care and education. forced from their homes to live in camps. subject to devastating physical cruelty al-jazeera won't investigates one of the most persecuted minorities in the world. silent abuse.
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welcome back a quick reminder the top stories here this hour at least four palestinians have been killed in an explosive exchange between israel and hamas israeli military says thirty six rockets have been fired from gaza but it intercepted several of them is relatively about targeting hamas sites in the territory with air strikes. canada's prime minister just introduced insists his country would always speak strongly on human rights saudi arabia froze ties and ban new trade deals up to canada urged the release of jailed political activists. argentinians have been protesting for and against legalizing abortion the senate's debating a bill that would allow terminations in the first fourteen weeks of pregnancy results are expected in the next few hours. now the u.s. says it will impose sanctions against russia when attack on a former spine britain earlier this year the state department says russia used a nerve agent novacek to try to poison gas crippled on his daughter yulia in
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salzburg in march the kremlin has denied any involvement jabatan seen as more from washington d.c. . the state department says this could affect hundreds of millions of dollars worth of exports to russia or if a russian entity with connections to the government requests an export license from the us of some sort of a quick deem to have national security implications there will be a presumption of denial of that export license more over if within three months russia hasn't accepted various conditions imposed by the u.s. assurances that russia isn't using chemical and biological weapons for example opening its facilities up to inspections then what the state department describes is even more draconian sanctions will entail and it has to be said it does look very unlikely that russia will accept those conditions from the u.s. turkey has pledged to continue buying natural gas from iran despite the new sanctions imposed by the u.s.
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iran's foreign minister has also warned the sanctions will not stop his country from exporting oil saying it's impossible to cut iran off on tuesday president donald trump warned the world against doing business with tehran the measures target access to u.s. banknotes and industries such as cars and carpets them casilla has more from istanbul. turkey has depended in almost all of its energy needs and iran is one of the key players in energy supply to turkey along with russia and other bridge on and the by a literal energy deals between turkey and those countries are not based on six months or one year terms but it's a long term contract for a couple of years or for a decade and now turkish officials say that turkey will continue to buy oil and gas from russia because the u.s. sanctions to iran is only union later or it's only by its binds united states and turkey doesn't have to do anything with it and it's a bilateral trade relationship if turkey is not loyal to that contract with iran
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iran would have the right to appeal to international arbitration and get the money even if turkey it doesn't buy it doesn't actually get the oil and gas from iran it's not all the turkey who says that the u.s. sanctions as a unilateral decision this week the european leaders have also shown support to iran about this and they have said they were committed to protect the european companies which are doing business with or in iran while those sanctions are also worrying others in the region especially india which imports a large amount of the rayney and oil under thomas has more from new delhi. few of those filling up at this new delhi petrol station have a view on iran's nuclear program nor the merits of the deal to control it but the renewal of u.s. sanctions on iran could be felt here india is the second biggest importer of iranian oil off to china eighteen percent of its oil comes from iran rising over that when petrol prices go up it's the common people like me and others who are
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affected. india also exports to iran some to see more rice the reimposition of sanctions so far does not come of food nor oil the full extent of what the united states expects of other countries would be you know until november india is hoping exemptions can be made a waiver from the sanctions regime or freedom from consequences if it does continue to trade with iran but indian exports to the us to twenty five times those to iran it can't afford to risk them the door does and will be taken by the woman it will be in the national interest. as we have to strike a balance between who of my bike no one of my started you know when you mean business partner india has close ties to iran president has an rouhani came to new delhi in february prime minister narendra modi went to terror on two years ago the country's ties our strategic as well as economic sanctions on iran are just
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a matter of money for india this is about more than the price of petrol rights there is a geo political dimension to the us sanctions regime could fall in. india is the major investor in this sport in iran southcoast it gives india access by sea to places which because pakistan blocks land route it can't reach otherwise you don is important from the geographical point if you will then be looking at afghanistan looking at central asia so we can see how when we talk about the connectivity projects. investment in iran is also politically strategic china's so-called belton road investment initiative gives its influence across central asia if india can rival its people here believe china's influence will grow. little is clear yet u.s. and indian officials will meet in september to discuss what the full u.s.
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sanctions regime will mean here it could hurt andrew thomas al jazeera new delhi. more than one hundred fifty thousand people have been left homeless by the earthquake on the indonesian island of lombok the red cross describes sunday's magnitude seven quake as exceptionally destructive rescuers are struggling to reach those in need at least one hundred thirty people have been killed and that number is expected to rise as search teams reach isolated parts of the island. a photo journalist detained in bangladesh is back in police custody after being given the all clear in a medical examination shadow has accused police of torturing him in jail where he's been held since sunday he was detained hours after doing an interview with al-jazeera about anti-government protests more than a dozen journalists have reportedly been attacked by security forces or government supporters bangladesh's information minister says alarm was not attained for his journalism he has been out of. cones. we are looking into
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it but our first today. through the court the court ruled he said what will happen to him but now he has gone without a third on down the list to go on has been arrested for being the informant for the company the center club didn't act. so he does it is a gentle act for the devoted didn't not for the down of his so for done the stick in they were he had not been ordered or a different. opinion he has not been out of there are the reasons we will give any part of the quote we believe. on to have us praise and we think that the john of these food have the security to water. on this part and this would not be had us by the law enforcing it is all by any court does the moment give protection to them i'm just international is blaming hostile in new
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policies for more refugee deaths in the mediterranean the rights group estimates more than seven hundred people drowned in june and july and that's despite fewer people attempting the paralyse crossing from africa to europe on a gaggle as more. does. a frantic charge to wards a rescue ship and a desperate plea to be sent back to libya to be on the t.v. that they believe what they were doing all eighty seven people stranded off the libyan coast saved by a spanish charity vessel a week ago after a brutal journey libya the people of what you are no good didn't they don't know what that one thing they are among the tens of thousands of people who have crossed from africa to europe this year the ones that make it all the lucky ones. many do not survive. amnesty international says that in june and july of this year more than seven hundred people drowned in the mediterranean an increase in deaths from
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the same time last year and that's despite a drop in the numbers of people making that same journey. alongside this there has also been a dramatic rise in the number of people being held in overcrowded detention centers in libya in recent months the number of detainees has shot up to four thousand four hundred in march to more than ten thousand by the end of july nearly all were taken to centers such as this after being intercepted at sea and returned to libya by the libyan coast guard the search comes after a backdrop of intensifying anti migrant politics in europe germany's chancellor angela merkel faced a fierce backlash and more than a million refugees mainly from syria and afghanistan into the country now the government to seek an agreement with fellow members of the european union to send my quince back to the countries where they initially registered but this has done little to calm populist figures all over the continent who are keen to be seen as
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cracking down on asylum seekers amongst them italian far right interior minister but they are salvini speaking to al-jazeera. more than seven hundred thousand people have arrived in italy across the mediterranean sea alone we cannot continue this way this helps neither italy nor africa therefore i wanted to stop such action such as human trafficking which could be tied to terrorism or to drug or arms trade was the european union has provided financial incentives for member countries to take in asylum seekers it has been criticized but failing to act but until there is a coordinated effort by the e.u. as a whole this may simply be seen as a delaying tactic for a crisis that is not going away anytime soon sony vaio al-jazeera. tomato pickers have gone on a march in southeastern italy to highlight poor conditions from migrant farm workers they walk to the city of fallujah from a shanty town where many of them live in huts without water and power they're
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demanding employment contracts and safer conditions some critics say that one of the world's biggest festival is becoming too commercial and too expensive thousands of actors comedians dancers and musicians perform every year at edinburgh in the u.k. believe vente generates millions of dollars in tourist revenue and a buck has more than a scottish capital. over its seventy one year history the edinburgh festival has grown at breakneck speed during the month of august the city's population more than doubles to festivals take place civil train you see the international festival showcasing well established acts and the edinburgh fringe where anyone can perform with any type of performance. while the other friends really set up almost like an act of defiance there were it companies six local scottish companies and to those companies who wanted to participate in the first international festival in one nine hundred forty seven but when dames good enough. so they decided to perform anyway
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and really that was the genesis of the fringe was this act of defiance. this is what the festival used to look like a few dozen acts a careful selection of big performances today there were more than three and a half thousand shows the struggle for space has led to rising rents and expensive performance licenses some performers believe the festivals become a victim of its own success. a growing number of artists want to recreate a sense of lost authenticity in small scale low budget experimental shows this performance space far from the noise and clamor of some of the biggest shows is about as intimate as it gets with room for only the tiniest of audiences on this occasion just me time to still the mind and go somewhere very very different.
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people describe it as the being on the fringe of the frames and a lot of people like to find than use like that because it reminds them of maybe what the fringe used to be like before it became more commercial elsewhere in the city a team of local performers has spent weeks carefully building a hundred seater amphitheater from dozens of up cycle pianos deconstructing our understanding of what theater can be the roots of the festival are about experimentation. but unfortunately you know like many things the us will it's kind of built this whole. kind of load of collateral and things around it which are all about making a lot of money. you know it's sometimes quite hard now to find a space where you can be creative and where it's not really expensive to do what you're doing. the edinburgh festival remains one of the most important places for
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performers to be able to take risks without the luxury of having a big budget and often without charging an entry fee as the first civil grows artist currently on the fringe of the fringe shaping the festivals future. the. edinburgh. part time for a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera at least four palestinians have been killed in an explosive exchange between israel and hamas the israeli military says thirty six rockets have been fired from gaza but it intercepted several of them israel or tele aided by targeting hamas sites and territory with air strikes under simmons as the latest from gaza. deep into the night in tent sixty four from the factions here by rocket and from israel strikes right across the strip up to twenty of them and precision targeting it would seem certainly the vast
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majority of the strikes were against what is described as military targets canada's prime minister just intradermal insists his country will always speak strongly on human rights saudi arabia froze ties and banned new trade deals after canada urged the release of jailed political activists the saudi foreign minister says canada is to blame for the dispute argentinians have been protesting for and against legalizing abortion the senate's debating a bill that would allow terminations during the first fourteen weeks of pregnancy a vote is expected in the next few hours. at least nineteen people have been arrested over what the venezuelan government says was the attempted assassination of the president nicolas maduro wasn't heard when explosions from a drone interrupted a military parade in caracas on saturday he's been the opposition colombia and a group of u.s. finances for the apparent attack the government of the democratic republic of congo
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has announced president joseph kabila will not be standing in december's election instead he's backing the former interior minister emmanuel rama zani. the former first lady of ivory coast has been freed from jail after being granted amnesty for her role in the civil war simone bankers has been long refused to accept defeat in twenty ten triggering a conflict that killed three thousand people she was sentenced to twenty years in prison and twenty fifteen. the u.s. says it will impose sanctions against russia an attack on a former spy in britain and in this area the state department says russia used a nerve agent novacek to try to poison so this cripple that his daughter junia in salzburg in march well those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera the inside story that's a little less about. protests
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in bangladesh after more road deaths with students demanding law changes the government says political rivals are stirring up trouble ahead of an election what's driving the public anger and is it just about politics this is inside story . hello and welcome to the program my mama june the deaths of two teenagers by a speeding bus in dhaka has sparked days of protests in bangladesh thousands of students have blocked roads and stopped traffic demanding tougher penalties for those who cause.


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