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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  August 9, 2018 5:00am-6:01am +03

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this is al jazeera. hello i'm daryn jordan is the out as they are news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. israeli air strikes hit the beach in gaza after hamas fires rockets across the border fence. not seeking a third term joseph kabila endorses a successor to compete in democratic republic of congo's presidential elections. no end in sight to the diplomatic spat between canada and saudi arabia but justin trudeau says the dialogue continues. canada will always speak strongly clearly in private in public on questions of human rights. and emotive
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protests as argentina's parliament discusses a controversial plan to legalize abortions when the first fourteen weeks of pregnancy. at least three palestinians including a mother and her toddler have been killed in the gaza strip in an explosive exchange between israel and hamas the israeli military says seventy rockets were fired from gaza several were intercepted israeli media says six people have been injured by shrapnel in the border town of steroids well in response israel has launched a series of it strikes targeting hamas positions meanwhile the u.n. special coordinator for the middle east peace process is alarmed at the escalation of violence nicol i'm not a novice says efforts have prevented the situation from exploding until now if the current escalation however is not contained immediately the situation can rapidly deteriorate with devastating consequences for all people under simmons joins us
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live now from gaza andrew so just bring us up to date with the latest on the hostilities. any chance there might be of things going quiet are absolutely remote it seems because the barriers continues it may be intermittent at stages but right now we're looking at we're hearing the sound of shelling from the israeli navy from a distance we're not sure what the targets are there and we've also had more as strikes within the past forty minutes we can hear the buzz of drones above the people are no longer on the streets running for cover and in a state of complete panic they're in bed resting trying to right trying to rest anyway with the noise that abounds now what we're hearing from the brigades how masses of they continue to can launch the rockets and the israelis
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seem intent on continuing right now will that change in the coming hours it's unsure this is my report. deep into the night intense bombardments the flash of outgoing rockets from gaza. israel's iron dome air defense system knocked out several of the missiles but the majority got through and in response came the blasts and claims from israeli air strikes. this is how it started here a rocket unlike most of them finding its targets the israeli town of iraq with people fleeing in all directions in the panic towns right across southern israel under attack. the response was fast as strikes right across the gaza strip up to twenty mostly bases of the al qassam brigade the military wing of hamas. it released
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a statement saying in retaliation against the israeli aggression the resistance is continuing to fire rockets at israeli towns. the casualties may not have been high in number but they included a mother and baby in a house heat in danville barracks. as emergency services on both sides of gaza's walls responded to the incoming and outgoing fire egyptian mediators bring gauged in trying to pursue both sides to call a truce much rest now on the real intentions of israel and hamas to warn or both really intend to break down the cease fire talks and nicholai madden of the un special envoy has been here before not so serious but he mediated and succeeded in stopping the fighting a month ago his words our collective efforts have prevented an explosion until
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now we will work hard to ensure gaza steps back from the brink. camelot and of and egyptian mediators bring gaza back from the brink again gazan people are in fear tonight that he may knock successor and there are more questions than answers right now and they continue to reverberate as far as modern job is concerned it is a huge mountain to climb however could this be the israelis pushing forward to damage how massed further before suing for some sort of temporary peace i'm going to be how mass intent on destroying the talks or the latter is unlikely hamas were talking quite optimistic leigh only twelve hours before all this began so it's something of a an unusual state of affairs about they would seem very much ready to launch this
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very large attack on israel right across the strip using rockets and mortars as well the israelis in turn have a plan undoubtedly what that is no one is sure of we may know further later on thursday when the security cabinet convenes and the top brass in the military give their views on what should come next right under simmons' there in gaza andrew thank you. now the president of the democratic republic of congo will not be standing in december's election joseph kabila his refusal to step down in twenty sixteen lead to violence and the delay of the vote he's now backing a close ally to replace him but as catherine so explains there is stiff competition for the job. after months of speculation and manuel ramazani should diary president joseph to be less trusted ally has been nominated by the common front for congress and as he successfully it was a surprise to many who thought the president would try to run for
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a third time even though he's bad by the constitution will choose other more politically vocal leader as she diaries a secretary of the president's people's party for reconstruction and democracy p.p.r. deen he comes from the same province in that is describing as mother as well as powerful generals in the military for that analysts say is seen as a safe bet. he's however and a utopian union sanctions list for human rights abuses but clearly during protests late last year when he was interior minister security forces a safe to have used excessive force on protesters but party supporters and officials say they will stand by. the coverage of the hear president joseph kabila exceptional media in africa and award and i think he said the real not seek reelection and. his will his strongest opponents john p.r. bamba was reason by the international criminal court in the netherlands where he
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was in jail for war crimes for the last ten years. the talca married came flooding the tweens eleven presidential election and hopes that this time he has a shot at the top seats and then they. he is the leader of the largest opposition party and for democracy and social change his father. came that presidential election. but they haven't brought his body home because of the entire . belief they were the banking on his father's popularity in his bid for president. another popular opposition leader who's been in exile since twenty sixteen has been barred by the government from entering the country he says he'll take legal action. just.
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by them i need the field agree they all have the right to go to the constitutional court. all more than twenty kindly tower filed their papers and paid the mandatory a hundred thousand dollars they are political in our lies and electoral commission as. you know deny they are kind of the same pattern story al jazeera kinshasa. canada's prime minister justin trudeau insists his country will always speak strongly on human rights he was responding to an escalating diplomatic rar with saudi arabia riyadh has cut new trade investment and educational deals after canada called for the release of jailed political activists question some of the reports from toronto. canadian prime minister justin trudeau had no apology for his government's call to release two human rights activists being detained in saudi arabia canadians i have always expected our government to speak strongly firmly clearly and politely about the need to respect human rights at home and around the
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world we will continue to do this to doe promise to continue to engage with the saudis and their allies with the saudi foreign minister wasn't having any of it he accused canada of intervening in what he described as a national security issue claiming that the activists had attempted to get sensitive government information if you do something is no need for mediation kind of them either a big mistake and has to fix it the forty understands what's required from it mediation is when there are two parties who have demands in this situation the mistake has been made by only one party it was kind of the whole interview and this mistake has to be corrected the value of the canadian dollar fell on news the saudis would divest from canadian stocks and bonds experts predict the overall impact on the economy from this and other measures will be small but the message is being heard far beyond canada's borders ultimately this really is not about canada for say canada here is collateral damage if you will or it's incidental to this
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issue saudi arabia is is trying to send a very strong and clear message to western countries to europeans in particular do not criticize us on human rights or you will be penalized middle east expert best moment mani believes domestic saudi issues are at play i think this has more to do with a very useful diversion it's an attempt to make canada a case signal to the world that it's not going to accept international criticism particularly western criticism of its domestic policies and i think the chill effect has worked because we have seen pretty much no western european country including the united states as well and terms of supporting canada so it really. he has had the chill effect on the international western world it's hard to gauge how saudi nationals here in canada feel about being forced to leave the country because many are reluctant to speak but we do know that hundreds of canadian muslims who
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are leaving this week to attend the harbor in saudi arabia are worried about how they're going to get home saudia airlines are suspending flights in and out of the country next week but have promised to find passenger seats on other airlines but so far no sign the saudis in the canadians are coming together to resolve this dispute christine salumi al jazeera toronto senators in argentina debating a bill that would legalize abortions during the first fourteen weeks of pregnancy if passed the d.p. catholic nation would become be the third country in latin america to make the procedure legal these are live pictures coming to us here of the debate protests for and against abortion have been taking place since the lower house passed a law last month but i left america and it's a sea of human has more from. make here and i. posted one. of those favor abortion right. here.
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with. her up the sleeve inside the senate disease very important for all the society. women are dying. to make their selves that abortion because you don't want to be bathers it's a right you can't just to be a modern aren't already are not equal or either legal or women will continue having abortions and we ask that women don't die and can have the right to a legal safe and free procedure the decision is not expected until after midnight you are here for the long march. right. here. in the senate. five. minutes this is the start of the vote in south america second largest country and it's a debate that has galvanized public opinion in
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a country where planned destination safer voices other polls of maternal deaths. across america both the catholic church and most major political parties have been against abortion for a long time cuba you're a go on the mexican capital places to allow abortion up to twelve weeks however last year legalized terminations in certain circumstances and cases of rape when the mother's life is endangered or if a fetus is malformed brazil this county deciding whether to legalize abortion up to twelve weeks abortion is completely banned in nicaragua honduras el salvador the dominican republic haiti and soon enough well as the latin america and caribbean director at the center for reproductive rights she explained the political situation over abortion in the region. congress in argentina is very conservative and that our region is very conservative as well right now we have six contras
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in latino mary. total. we have a huge influence on a couple of the church. are multiple types around the bride. so i was. a conservative congress and i've been. very helpful for the cause even though the. brewing in argentina abortion is legal under three circumstances one life and health of the woman on are in danger when the pregnancy is a result of being raped or the fetus has a for mation incompatible with life so women are going to continue to have access under these circumstances by operation is not going to be fully legalized. congress is going to the east coast today but i want to add to they not approved by the congress one man organizations and human rights organization in the country have
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already won a lot in this process because they have right now a poll. for the subjects that's very important for the country they have a very important than social. tree and they are having a huge impact in the region and a woman's in argentina iran you spear a show right now for other countries in latin america for these nineteen people have been arrested over what the venezuelan government says was the attempted assassination of the president nicolas maduro was when explosions from a drone interrupted a parade. the opposition colombia and a group of u.s. finances for the apparent attack some opposition figures have been stripped of the parliamentary immunity over the incident. in the u.s. five people in charge of the buz in eleven children have been accused of training them to commit school shootings the children were found starving and living in squalor a foster parent for one of the kids says they were being trained to use assault
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rifles one of the suspects is the father of a three year old boy who disappeared from his home in atlanta several months ago. bunch more ahead of the news hour including families of iraqi fighters denounce the group but say that's not enough for them to feel safe back home and we look at why more refugees and migrants are dying in the mediterranean despite fewer people making the perilous journey and real madrid get their number one choice for the new season pulte with that story a little bit later analyst for. the u.s. has announced little impose new sanctions on moscow over a chemical weapons attack on a former russian double agent the state department says russia used a nerve agent novacek to try to poison surrogates cripple and his daughter yulia in salzburg in march shabba town see reports. the latest sanctions don't appear to be the result of any new information into the poisoning of surgeries rip out
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a double agent spying on the russians for the british and his daughter in march of this year in the u.k. but the trumpet ministration has expressed confidence in the british allegation that the russians were responsible it certainly looks like the russians were behind it something that should never ever happen and we're taking it very seriously as i think are many others in march the trumpet ministration expelled sixty russian diplomats from the us as a result of the attacks the state department says having made the determination that the russians were responsible sanctions were required to be imposed on the u.s. law governing chemical and biological weapons the sanctions mean there will be what's called a presumption of denial on exports of goods to russian companies owned or funded by the states that the u.s. deemed to have a significance for national security the state department gave examples of arrow gas turbines electronic equipment integrated circuits and calibration equipment and efficient said that over fifty percent of commerce department export licenses
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include at least one such national security item so hundreds of millions of dollars of goods may be affected over the u.s. will still export items on a case by case basis deemed to be of foreign assistance for the russian people related to space flight currently the americans are entirely dependent on the russians to transport its astronauts into space and passenger aviation. if moscow doesn't prove within three months that it's not using chemical or biological weapons has not given reliable assurances that none will be used in the future and doesn't allow inspections to ensure no usage what were described as more draconian sanctions would be imposed there has long been a contradiction between the trumpet ministrations tough policies against russia and donald trump's wish for closer in gauge when seen most notably in helsinki i think that the united states now a step forward along with russia getting together and we have a chance to do some great things but these are the latest in a raft of sanctions and. it's russia imposed on the trump and along with the approval of lethal arms sales to the ukrainian government the bombing of syrian
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installations and increasing funding for the european defense edition of specifically designed to counter russia there has been a hardening of the u.s. position geopolitically against russia since the previous administration she had returned to the outer zero who the rebels say at least eight hundred civilians including children have been killed by a strikes from the saudi and the rotty coalition in yemen they say two separate strikes targeted better intense in amman province killing twelve people six others were killed in another strike on a farm in the province of haifa al jazeera has obtained video from yemen's main border crossing with amman where workers have gone on strike they're protesting against new restrictions on imported goods and new tariffs sarah has the details. dozens of articulated lorries are parked with nowhere to go the main cargo crossing into her province in the south east of yemen has been out of operation and for days
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that's because workers at the customs office are protesting a one hundred percent increase in tiris on goods from abroad and there is fear it will drive prices up in the region's poorest country coming in there were four hundred million of custom tax on imports would normally cost me push it meant four thousand u.s. dollars but now will cost me over fifty thousand dollars so you can see it's a huge difference in costs seventy percent of imports and to yemen from oman through this key border crossing a lifeline for a country on the brink of famine after a relentless war that started three years ago this but the saudi led coalition which has a strong presence in and more her fears iran could be smuggling weapons in for the houthi rebels it back. last week yemen's internationally recognized president was greeted with open arms by the saudi ambassador to yemen upon landing in the morrow it was up to the rubble months to had his first visit outside of aden since his
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return to yemen in twenty fifteen. his announcements of eight new projects wasn't enough to keep locals happy. for months the people of the more her have been protesting the presence of saudi and united arab emirates troops there cause for the coalition to scale back its military presence and hand back in the day the airport was finally met in a deal last month but tensions are far from over the saudi led coalition has reportedly not fully on at the agreement and is still in control of the airport seaport and border crossing with oman. locals have given a deal until september to see if the saudi led coalition will fulfill their six demands and if not then they say they'll be back on the streets protesting. al-jazeera syrian state media reporting that president bashar al assad's wife is being treated for breast cancer the son a news agency published
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a photo of. a husband and what appears to be a hospital room hooked up to a drip the president said she's receiving early treatment for a militant tumor the former investment banker was born in london to syrian parents before marrying assad in two thousand turkey has pledged to continue buying natural gas from iran despite the new sanctions imposed by the u.s. iran's foreign minister has also warned the sanctions will not stop this country from exporting oil saying it's impossible to cut iran off but on tuesday president donald trump warned the world against doing business with tehran the measures target access to u.s. banknotes and industries such as cars and carpets. now it once controlled much of iraq and syria but now i still have been pushed back into pockets in the region tens of thousands of fighters have been killed or jailed many left behind wives and children some of them can't return to their hometowns fearing reprisals but
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actually going to report someone come through i saw linked families in mosul province. medallion is the new and says all she has left in this world are her four kids and god she's exhausted from this life xenu and is married to an eyesore fighter who's in prison or what has if he doesn't come back home and work life will be so hard without him. she and her children ranging in age from one to ten were detained for seven months after they were released the family had no money no home and no other option but to seek shelter at this camp for the displaced fighting may have ended in xenu's hometown of mosul last year but she says if you've been branded as an ice old family it's too dangerous to return i want security security is the most important thing inside the camp i'm alone but i'm safe inside mosul i'm not safe when other women returned they took them about thirty percent of the
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displaced at this camp here in mosul province are eisel families that's according to the manager of the people's council which represents all residents the majority of the camp population are women and children and that might be why the manager says there hasn't been any tension between eisel families and other residents. it goes back to the camp management everybody is equal they don't differentiate between this family and that family but outside the camp these families say they're confronting a very different mentality. i'm not ashamed and i will never be it's true or an eyeful family but we won't change i'm not afraid but we are afraid of the shia militia. ameena says she's encouraging her two sons to study not to become a fighter like their deceased father when my son grows up i can't stop him from choosing this path that's why they don't want us to go back to our own town for now these families are stuck there too afraid to go home and people are too afraid to
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welcome them back as neighbors natasha. mosel province more than one hundred fifty thousand people have been left homeless by the earthquake on the indonesian island of long book the red cross describes sunday's quake as exceptionally destructive rescuers are struggling to reach those in need at least one hundred thirty people have been killed step vasant ports from a remote village in the west of there many are still waiting for help. the road to the remote village of ike is impassable by. abdul halfwits has come down from the hills to look for help but. he shows us destruction that government officials have yet to see. what i see now is that all the help is focused in the north of lombok but here in this remote area away from the main road we also need help.
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on the third day after a powerful quake struck the island so vive us are growing increasingly impatient. hungry and thirsty. for us living in the mountains it's very difficult to find clean water and it's impossible for us to take the sick to a doctor or food is also hard to find them because we're not earning any money everyone is still in shock. how daptone and provide he had only just moved into their new home after getting married a month ago it took more than seven years to build their house while going into the mountains to share extend of the damage of sunday's earthquake becomes clear in isolated villages like this one away from the epicenter many have been left homeless as well while aid is now entering the island of long book many here fear they'd be forgotten. while many people in the room ote areas are still waiting for
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help some aid is arriving at improvised shelters further down the mountain and officials say most donated goods have yet to be distributed getting to market a. there's only very little aid but if we distribute it now it won't be enough for everyone so we're gathering it first and then we'll hand it out. but people can't wait much longer the little food they had this running out fast and many are in need of medical treatment they feel they're being ignored step fasten al-jazeera up with ike but west. time for another short break here on al-jazeera when we come back all dry australia's most populous state grapples with an unprecedented travel plus. on the fringe of the fringe performers field one of the world's largest art festivals has become too big . and its board novak djokovic takes another step towards winning a fifth rogers cup on that stage.
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from flowing on. to an enchanting. hello and welcome back we'll start by looking at the weather across central and southern parts of china and taiwan main feature really is this circulation of low pressure is going to give some very wet weather across northern parts of the philippines so expect some flooding in manila but north of that initially from hong kong up toward shanghai and away towards taiwan is looking generally good but as you move through to far away that low pressure system moves northward so hong kong will see some heavy rain and some strong winds elsewhere still showers around laos . be a market in see some very wet weather now as we head down into southeastern parts of asia central southern parts of the philippines generally not looking too bad
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much of borneo is drawing java all way through towards east timor looking good as you would expect at this time of the year and then as we move northward through them they are for a few showers around but johnny weather conditions not too bad but the chances of heavy showers likely across thailand and through into cambodia and southern parts of vietnam let's head across into south asia then and we've got some showers affecting northern parts of pakistan central northern areas of india also looking fairly wet at the moment and some heavy rain down through the western ghats the eastern gas looking largely dry and fine with highs of thirty. for. the weather sponsored by cats are always. amidst a climate of violence and paranoia and. there are those still willing to dream. in honduras dennis seeks a brighter future for his son and community. using art to reclaim the city.
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and transform the very symbol of past oppression. viewfinder in latin america liberating a prison on al-jazeera. a firebrand. thing when we're talking about the same thing for women's liberation. for a victory for anybody sexual assault continues an iconic feminist and seminal writer i'm waiting for solution yes we need to do something while. i'm not. maybe his son goes head to head. i can't do anything else on the i'll just be.
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welcome back a quick recap of the top stories here on al-jazeera at least three palestinians have been killed in an explosive exchange between israel and hamas the israeli military says seventy rockets have been fired from gaza but it intercepted several of them israel or tell you that by targeting hamas sites in the territory with air strikes. the government of the democratic republic of congo has announced of president joseph kabila will not be stepping in december's election. backing the former interior minister in money. and canada's prime minister just introduced insists his country will always speak strongly on human rights saudi arabia froze ties and new trade deals off a calendar urged the release of jailed political activists. zimbabwe's main opposition party says it will challenge the results of last week's presidential election in court lawyers from the m.d.c. say they have what they call mammoth evidence of elect or fraud the current
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president. is due to be reno grated on sunday after winning monday's vote but the opposition says he can't be sworn in while facing this legal challenge. the latest from. lawyers representing the opposition m.d.c. lives say they have not yet filed the papers in court but they have until friday to do so they insist the evidence they have is strong and they say they have a secret weapon we're still reveal in court they also seem confident that they have enough evidence to stop the inauguration from going ahead and hearing the inauguration could be early as monday. crosses in rules of the chief justice the chief justice. of the constitutional court so it is not possible. for him in all of the in two groups for him in the knowledge experience or for chief justice to. process
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the president will be a challenge earlier on thursday lawyers representing to diabetes a former finance minister and me official in the m.d.c. alliance said he'd been arrested trying to cross into zambia a few hours later the same lawyer said he had been released and is now in zambia seeking asylum a few days ago the police say they were looking for to that miti and looking for eight other people in connection to the violence that happened last week when opposition supporters took the streets protesting against the election results for days not to not meet had been on social media telling people that he theatre for his life in the theatre he'd be arrested police in harare have said so far they have no information of any arrest and the state broadcaster there's a public broadcasting corporation has said news of tonight with his arrest a fake meanwhile an opposition politician from zimbabwe will be deported from zambia after being denied asylum the former finance minister ten diabetes party is part of the main opposition alliance his lawyer says police are investigating him
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of allegations he incited violence after the election. ivory coast's former first lady has been freed from jail after being granted amnesty for her role in the civil war simone bad those husbands are wrong refused to accept defeat in twenty ten triggering a conflict that killed three thousand people have released along with eight hundred others is seen as an effort to soothe political tensions that have elections in twenty twenty coming back as a story. by the international criminal court has an open case against her she was imprisoned in her own country for seven years now simone by boat is going home. after the old pages have been turned to my support says get ready for a new page we are going forward and we won't stop thank you. simone bag-o. the former wife of the imprisoned president receiving a hero's welcome. ivory coast was divided by bloody conflict twice in the twenty
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first century first by who and civil war and again after the disputed election in two thousand and ten over five months human rights watch says three thousand civilians were killed and more than one hundred fifty women were raped. refused to cede power holding it from a bunker in the capital. alison waters forces backed by the french military and supported by un peacekeepers arrested him that bo is now in detention in haiti. it was during this struggle that his then wife simone is alleged to have coordinated atrocities ordering retaliatory violence and rapes against political enemies and guiding attacks toward residential areas in defiance of the international criminal court ivory coast's new leader allison watera said the country would try her case on its own soil in two thousand and fifteen simone backbone was sentenced to twenty years in prison but was granted amnesty after just three along with eight hundred
5:37 am
other people including her party's former minister of defense so it's not entirely a surprise it's been an issue that a lot of political act as a lot of prominent act of war had been talking about for a while now right we also saw the e.u. in the way a report that they released recently also kind of put in pressure on ouattara to do this so it's not entirely a surprise that it's coming now ivory coast has become one of africa's fastest growing economies and allison what one reelection in two thousand and fifteen but critics say that above all he is not doing enough to heal the country's wounds. the amnesty law every time we use it the victims are not consulted they aren't warm and no one has been asked for their perspective you can imagine the trauma is their law and justice this is not normal. after seven years of investigation by an independent committee in ivory coast only sixty people have been called to face justice for war crimes human rights groups continue to criticize the lack of progress while victims await answers that may never come colin baker al-jazeera.
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opposition groups in pakistan are holding protests in several provinces against alleged vote rigging during last month's elections the party of former cricketer imran khan was declared the winner the two leading opposition parties accuse it on the military of orchestrating it to win florida. amnesty international is blaming hostile e.u. policies a more refugee deaths in the mediterranean rights group estimated more than seven hundred people drowned in june and july and that's despite fewer people attempting the paralyse journey from africa to europe some of the ago as more. don't really go through a frantic charge towards a rescue ship and a desperate plea not to be sent back to libya on the t.v. that dubiously wonder what. all eighty seven people stranded off the libyan coast saved by a spanish charity vessel a week ago after a brutal journey libya the port of which was no good and it did not know what that
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one thing they are among the tens of thousands of people who have crossed from africa to europe this year the ones that make it a lucky ones many do not survive. amnesty international says that in june and july of this year more than seven hundred people drowned in the mediterranean an increase in deaths from the same time last year and that's despite a drop in the numbers of people making that same journey. alongside this there has also been a dramatic rise in the number of people being held in overcrowded detention centers in libya in recent months the number of detainees has shot up to four thousand four hundred in march to more than ten thousand by the end of july nearly all were taken to centers such as this after being intercepted at sea and returned to libya by the libyan coast guard the search comes after
5:40 am
a backdrop of intensifying anti migrant politics in europe germany's chancellor angela merkel faced a fierce backlash and more than a million refugees mainly from syria and afghanistan into the country now the government to seek an agreement with fellow members of the european union to send my quince back to the countries where they initially registered but this has done little to calm populist figures all over the continent who are keen to be seen as cracking down on asylum seekers amongst them italian far right interior minister but they are salvini speaking to al-jazeera. more than seven hundred thousand people have arrived in italy across the mediterranean sea alone we cannot continue this way this helps neither italy nor africa therefore i wanted to stop such action such human trafficking which could be tied to terrorism or to drug or arms trade was the european union has provided financial incentives for member countries to take in asylum seekers it has been criticized for failing to act but until there is
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a coordinated effort by the e.u. as a whole this may simply be seen as a delaying tactic for a crisis that is not going away anytime soon sony vaio al-jazeera. tomato pickers have gone on the march in southeastern italy to highlight the poor conditions for migrant farm workers they walk to the city of fresh air from a shanty town where many of them live in huts without water and power that demanding employment contracts and safer conditions are telling us now a four states of health primaries to choose candidates for november midterms but all eyes were on ohio where a special congressional election is indicating trouble ahead for the republicans ellen fisher reports. he declared victory even though it hasn't been confirmed over the next three months i'm going to do everything i can to keep america great again senator relied on some big names to try to win a congressional district the donald trump won convincingly in twenty sixteen as
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a president even joined the campaign trail we're going to have a tremendous victory for troy but the republicans lead is the result thin so there will be a recount and a democrat isn't conceding a quirk of the election calendar means the two will face off again in november let's go out there was a bit less change this country democrats see hope in the result we expect a close race but at the end of the day to have it be close ultimately it's a big sign a momentum going in november the election in ohio was the most important of the night where there were elections in four other states to decide who would run in november in kansas a long time trump ally won the right to contest the governor's race for the republicans kris kobach headed a controversial trump commission into alleged electoral fraud it was eventually wind up with no real evidence discovered in missouri the set the stage for a senate election which will be followed nationally democratic incumbent clear mccaskill is chasing a third term but is
5:43 am
a favorite target of donald trump and the man she'll face in the predominantly republican state is keen to push his poor trump credentials i will stand up to secure our border and build that wall. the president wants. to claim the credit for a win for people he supported tweeting as long as i campaign and or support senate and house candidates within reason they will win i love the people and they certainly seem to like the job i'm doing in michigan rashida is a lib confound she's likely to be the first muslim woman elected to the u.s. congress she want to democratic primary in michigan and looks like she will be unopposed in november half a world away in the occupied west bank a palestinian relatives were celebrating her when. the tide result in ohio will delight democrats they want to win back the house and if they can make huge inroads in what was a solid republican seat they will see opportunities for victory elsewhere but
5:44 am
there's a warning winning and even coming close in august doesn't help you win in november alan fischer. at least in the u.s. arrested a man they say intentionally started one of the many fires burning in california the blaze dubbed holy fire has burned more than a thousand hectares of forest north of san diego fourteen thousand firefighters are trying to control twenty fires across the state strong winds and high temperatures are fanning the flames. that the entire state of new south wales in australia is suffering from a severe drought people in the country's most populous state say it's the worst they've ever seen as a diet as more. it's an overwhelming drought cattle swarm around a water truck in new south wales looking for relief from the devastating join us the ground has become too bear for the grass to grow and the weather too extreme to predict farmers in eastern australia say the drought has taken over turning one's
5:45 am
fertile lands into dust bowls or iran war and in a large way they have got a plan and hope for private ryan. to keep cattle alive some farmers have been forced to ship in hay and grain from other parts of the country that is expensive the national government is pledging nearly one hundred fifty million additional dollars to help offset the cost this winter has been particularly cruel you have to go back to nineteen sixty five to see another winter like this one and you've got to remember that some of our farmers haven't really recovered from the last route. some farms are doing better than others but stories of desperation are repeated across new south wales nearly eighty thousand people in the state to depend on the agriculture industry contributing more than ten billion dollars to its annual economy the drought is affecting more than farming the government says it's concerned about farmers mental health and the isolation of those who live in remote
5:46 am
areas is a real worry all want more boys come out of the farm what they need to be for generation on this farm. and all i just all i really worry about the future. a dry spell with no signs of ending with entire farming communities welcoming support from local leaders but hoping for help from mother nature katia loper so the young al-jazeera.
5:47 am
mian mars commercial capital yangon is a symbol of its rapid economic growth but in its slums families struggle to survive borrowing money from merciless loan sharks is their whole inside this cycle of debt when east on al-jazeera.
5:48 am
welcome back now some critics say that one of the world's biggest outs festivals is becoming too commercial and too expensive thousands of canadians dancers and musicians perform every year in edinburgh the event generates millions of dollars in tourist revenue and a bucket has more from the scottish capital. over its seventy one year history the edinburgh festival has grown at breakneck speed during the month of august the city's population more than doubles to festivals take place civil tenuously the international festival showcasing well established acts and the edinburgh fringe where anyone could perform with any type of performance. while the other friends
5:49 am
really sat opposite almost like an act of defiance there were it companies six local scottish companies and to english companies they wanted to participate in the first international festival in one nine hundred forty seven but when dames good enough. so they decided to perform anyway and really that was the genesis of the fringe was this act of defiance. this is what the festival used to look like a few dozen acts a careful selection of big performances today there were more than three and a half thousand shows the struggle for space has led to rising rents and expensive performance licenses some performers believe the festivals become a victim of its own success. a growing number of artists want to recreate a sense of lost authenticity in small scale low budget experimental shows this performance space far from the noise and clamor of some of the biggest shows
5:50 am
is about as intimate as it gets with room for only the tiniest of audiences on this occasion just me time to still the mind and go somewhere very very different. people describe it as the being on the fringe of the frames and a lot of people like to find than use like that because it reminds them of maybe what the fringe used to be like before it became more commercial. elsewhere in the city a team of local performers who spent weeks carefully building a hundred seater empty theater from dozens of up cycle pianos deconstructing our understanding of what theatre can be the roots of the festival are about experimentation. but unfortunately you know like many things the cesspool it's kind of built this whole. kind of load of collateral and things around it which are
5:51 am
all about making a lot of money. you know it's sometimes quite hard now to find a space where you can be creative and where it's not really expensive to do what you're doing. the edinburgh festival remains one of the most important places for performers to be able to take risks without the luxury of having a big budget and often without charging an entry fee as the first of all grows artists currently on the fringe of the fringe shaping the festivals future. barca out zero edinburgh and. watch out for the sport has paul thank you very much chelsea have agreed to sell belgium goalkeeper t.-bo courtois to rail madrid while paying a world record transfer fee phase replacement the london club have signed a classic bill biles spanish goalkeeper. for ninety two million dollars as the english transfer window closes on thursday rail meanwhile
5:52 am
a set to sign course while on a six year deal. covert church goes to chelsea as part of the deal. well the previous world record pfieffer caper was set by liverpool just last month the reds paying roma eighty four million dollars for brazilian allyson that broke a seventeen year old record event has paid palmer sixty two million john buffon he's still going at forty the italian currently at paris and last year manchester city paid benfica forty six million for brazilian edison more heists well this is the premier league earliest ever deadline while teams from rival european competitions are able to buy and sell players until the end of the month we spoke to english football reporter james robson he says that clubs may now be regretting having voted for the change you're in a situation now where a lot of the premier league teams have not done their business yet and they've been
5:53 am
handicapped by the fact well cook ran on as well and slowly start the premier league season as well which also adds to it and they've got now what twenty four hours or so to get there to get their business done meanwhile as is the case with barcelona suddenly taking an interest in paul pogba they can still they can still be hanging around for a good few weeks afterwards it makes no sense whatsoever notably to seems who didn't go for it were manchester united and manchester city they foresaw these precise problems that all the teams in the premier league probably little cooler side are experiencing right now the theory behind i would say was flawed to begin with the theory behind it was a lot of clubs didn't want to start the season not knowing who would be in that seam and who wouldn't now of course straight away that theory falls down with the fact that they can still lose players because the rest of your can still sign two hundred a month so that made no sense whatsoever the only thing that we know is that if someone starts the season playing for one premier league team. they won't be able
5:54 am
to move to the premier league team until at least the january transfer window. kenya's former four hundred meter hurdles world champion nicholas bet has been killed in a road accident at the age of twenty eight that made history in twenty fifteen becoming the first kenyan to win gold at a distance shorter than eight hundred meters the father of two crashed his car while traveling between caps about the famous distance running town of eldoret unseeded ali's colon a has knocked out wimbledon champion angelica kerber in the rogers cup winning six four six one in montreal defending u.s. open champion sloane stephens meanwhile is safely through to around three she beats canadian wildcard france was there for the last of just two games the men's event is being played in toronto where novak djokovic took another step towards a fifth rogers cup title he beat canada's pay to plant ski in straight sets to move
5:55 am
into around free. jordan spaeth has the chance to become only the six golfer in history to win all four majors during his career the american can complete the set at the u.s. p.g.a. championship which starts in missouri on thursday spaeth on the open championship last year to add to the masters and us open titles he secured in twenty fifteen this tournament wally's be circled in until i'm able to hopefully want it someday it always be circled to complete the group grand slam which will ultimately. you know achieve a lifelong goal for me so certainly emphasis in my head on it but nothing overpowering nothing that takes over once i start on the first tee just more you know going into the week. baseball on a japanese rookie show how otani has had his third home run since the start of august this one came as the los angeles angels trailed against detroit a three run homer putting l.a.
5:56 am
head in what would turn into an eleven to five victory a tony also stole first base in the second inning this hot streak with a bat coming as he's been kept off the pitching mound with a sprained elbow ligament the angels still second to last in the west of those. sri lanka's cricketers of ended a eleven much losing streak against south africa with a three run victory in candy the home team's low order weighed in with two fifty s to give a total that was adjusted from three zero six to one hundred ninety one because of rain south africa looked to be cantering towards it for losing six wickets for fifty four runs the o.d.i. series stands at three one to the tourists. twenty year old pope will make his international debut batting at number four for england the second test match against india starts at lord's on thursday pope replaces david moll on while i that moeen ali or chris woakes will step in for all round up ben stokes england won the
5:57 am
first test why thirty one runs throughout cody's india team of the number one ranked side in the world but their captain says he's determined to improve their record away from home india have won just one of their last six test series outside of asia it's not like you know we're getting. older we're getting dominated any dismounted we're playing is competitive and that's something that people are all looking very easily and then the result comes out with then they realise or this team is very competitive so we definitely are in a zone move very positive and we understand that if you tweak a few things get in there then we should be on the. soyuz sport and i will have more later on. oh thank you very much a lot for me down jordan for the news hour my colleague martin denis will be up next with much more of the day's news stay with us thanks for watching but i. plan. or guest on
5:58 am
al-jazeera european muslims today are facing the consequences of having their faith linked to armed attacks even though day two of victims of the bugs the largest multi-sport event on the continent asian games in jakarta will host athletes competing in a mix of traditional and the limbic schools a vibrant new series of character led documentaries from immigrant neighborhoods across europe a series of reports about the state of the world's forests and what's being done to protect them in a three part series al-jazeera uncovers the motivations and impact of the brutal feelin exploitation system then laid the foundation of today's global powers ogust on al-jazeera. this was wrong to teach children away from their parents and herd them into a school against their will there was no mother no father figures they put is
5:59 am
a big player and we sort of looked after so i don't remember the children's names but i'll never forget the kurds counted as doc secret on al-jazeera. al-jazeera where every. one mexico's leaders implemented drastic and controversial energy reforms the country's oil owned by the mexican people for seventy five years was to be sold to private international companies. but to what extent is the country exposed to exploitation by a profit driven multinational corporation. could harvest on al-jazeera.
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a pregnant mother and her toddler are among the dead as israel strikes back against rocket attacks from gaza. followed welcome to our jazeera live from doha. coming up. canada will always speak strongly clearly in private in public on questions of human rights standing firm canada's diplomatic dispute with saudi arabia deepens plus. passions run high tina's senate debates extending legal abortion in an historic moment a letter to my.


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