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yemen upon landing in the mire it was obdurate rubble month who had his first visit outside of aden since his return to yemen in twenty fifteen. his announcements of eight new projects wasn't enough to keep locals happy. for months the people of the mother have been protesting the presence of saudi and united arab emirates troops there cause for the coalition to scale back its military presence and hand back in the day the airport was finally met in a deal last month but tensions are far from over the saudi led coalition has reportedly not fully on at the agreement and is still in control of the airport seaport and border crossing with oman locals have given a deal until september to see if the saudi led coalition will fulfill their six demands fully and if not then they say they'll be back on the streets protesting saddle height or al jazeera and you follow all of our stories on our website to
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talk is there a dot com the top story continues to be the overnight strikes in gaza more than dated through the day. you're watching officer times the whole robin a reminder of our top stories politicians in argentina have voted against legalizing elective abortion after months of national debate and american session in parliament the vote followed more than seventeen hours of discussion and being thirty eight to thirty one against the bill and this has been the scene outside parliament in the camp of what desire is and we pro-choice protesters clashed with police who used tear gas and water cannons to disperse the crowd thousands of people mostly women had been waiting on a cold rainy night while the voters were being held to a latin america to lucien newman as well from point a cyrus. yes there were some clashes outside of congress but by and large this was
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a peaceful day and i want to underscore that and there were certainly not clashes between the two opposing forces it was a very bitter debate both out on the streets and inside the senate building itself but at the end of the the more conservative senators from the northern provinces of argentina carried the vote against this legislation although those who are in favor of it and we're been arguing for a long time now they say that they have lost this battle but not the war and that they and their supporters will propose a new a new abortion law in about a year's time which is when they are legally allowed to do so israel has been continuing strikes and shelling as a new day begins it's targeted more than a hundred forty sites including what it says are military compounds tunnels and training camps but three palestinians a pregnant mother and a child are amongst those dead israel says the military action is in response to rockets fired from gaza indonesia's lombok island has been hit by
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a powerful aftershock following sunday's magnitude six point nine earthquake there's no reports of injuries or casualties from thursday's trouble but some buildings have collapsed more than a hundred thirty people are confirmed dead so far but authorities expect that death toll to go up the south sudan's president salva kiir has granted amnesty to rebel leader rife with shar and all those involved in the five year civil war it follows a power sharing agreement signed earlier this week aimed at ending the conflict the deal gives kerry and his former deputy the sharp eight months to form a transitional government i'll be back with more news in half an hour here on next it's inside story stay with us. mian mars commercial capital yangon is a symbol of its rapid economic growth but in its slums families struggle to survive borrowing money from merciless loan sharks is their hold inside this cycle of debt when east on al-jazeera. protests in bangladesh after more road deaths with
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students demanding law changes the government says political rivals are stirring up trouble ahead of an election what's driving the public anger and is it just about politics this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm a homage enjoy him the deaths of two teenagers by a speeding bus in dhaka has sparked days of protests in bangladesh thousands of students have blocked roads and stopped traffic demanding tougher penalties for those who cause accidents the demonstrations turned violent when police fired tear gas and used water cannon dozens of students were injured journalists were also targeted human rights watch says groups linked to the ruling elite party attacked protesters with machetes and sticks but the government denies its activists were
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involved and on monday it promised to introduce the death sentence for deliberate road traffic deaths in an attempt to end the unrest this is what some of the protesters have been saying. even though we've been protesting on the roads for a few days we're demanding justice for those students who were killed by a bus and we want safe roads the country's elected representatives manage all their expenditures with our tax money there is no benefit from elections if there are presented to us are ignorant about our life security and are reluctant to provide us to services continue the movement if our demands are not met immediately. must be. to have beaten us or the bumble sticks they kicked us and they hurt us in other ways but it won't affect me we want safer roads whatever is happening let it be it's not a problem we don't want anyone to be killed under the wheels of buses or vehicles in the future this is what we want police say they had to act to prevent attacks on
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the ruling party offices. that it got to the protesters attacked party offices of anwar me league several times yesterday today four to five protesters tried to do the same we prevented them at that time and i asked them to go back what they didn't then we fired tear gas shells to disperse them police arrested an award winning photographer alarm who was covering the demonstrations it's alleged he was also tortured his attention came just hours after he did an interview with al-jazeera on sunday we asked bangladesh's information minister about alums case he denies he was detained for his journalism but he has been out of. columns. we are looking into it but our first to the producer the court the court ruled he said what will happen to him but he has not read that instead of done of this to go as we know this to be soothing the informant for the company the center of the act
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. so he does it is a dinner lect for the dual citizens not for the dumb of his so for done the stick in there he has not been ordered on a different. medium he has not been out of the visas we will give a report to the quote we believe. on the house because we think that the john lewis should have security to water. on the spot and this would not be had us by the law enforcing it is all by any court does the government give protection to them. all right let's not go to our guest joining us in london charo a lot to hog an associate fellow of asia pacific program at chatham house in colombo via skype omar waraich deputy south asia director at amnesty international and also in london david bergman a journalist who was formerly based in bangladesh for thirteen years welcome to you
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all charu i want to start with you today look many have said that these protests are about far more than just road safety or traffic what in your view are the issues that led to these demonstrations. i think the fact remains that the obama base has been besieged by an idea that dissent has been suppressed for too long a questioning of the government is something that is not being tolerated and let's bear in mind that it's both sides it's it's all factions all political parties across the board currently we have the army leak we is trying to bring in what is called the digital think killer t. act are hugely the cornea piece of legislation which would seek to suppress and undermine the media so i think with this a sort of widespread protests by students in the light of a lot that is going on within the country in terms of freedom of expression
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suppression of dissent and and therefore has to be new the thought of how do you agree with what charlie was saying there i mean no matter who is in power in bangladesh do you believe that there is no space that has been created for the expression of dissent or freedom of expression in general yes the space all civic space has been mass in the streets by successive governments and. things like that. actually have. to be taken seriously to how the markets they are easy to use by which they essentially mean. and the unseen is the use. of line from very well. as we see new zealanders are on this one. david just how much of these protests embarrass the government of the prime minister sharon has seen. well it seems to. the government quite
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significantly. i think one has to look at the protests in the context of the fact that they little dissent is allowed in bangladesh at the moment the the government has over a number of years been very able to restrict significantly the ability of the political opposition for maintaining any sense of ability to be in opposition they have been huge numbers of address that been disappearances the next huge issue killings and countless people in detention at the moment so the opposition finds it very difficult to be able to operate their elections coming and in that context the government having been very able to have restricted the opposition suddenly see these students being able to freely protest and i think that concerns them a lot because they're not quite sure whether or not they can control it and indeed whether or not other particular forces may take it over so in that context i think
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we have to understand why the police and the youth wing of the government party decided to take a very repressive steps to stop these protests charo the opposition has been accused by the government of fomenting anger and they've been accused of manipulating the protesters the students that were out there in the streets to try to serve their agenda just how founded are these accusations in your opinion. well to be fair if you know at this point we have the army which is putting across these accusations about. the opposition party the b m b a large number of whose. party workers have been put in arrest by this government when the fact remains that when barry's cruise impunity in the country corruption is widespread licenses are issued willy nilly and without any adherence to.
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the fact within the those who earn the license is actually. does open in the first place so they'll build the bases for these protests is a very legitimate one. for the cells to embarrass the government and causes them to hurl these accusations about this process is the fact that you have young students out of the streets you know this is. because mint is in a very vulnerable position as far as you know it has to sort of to continue. i do strength to the argument that this is somehow opposition to fuel because otherwise what is the legitimacy of a government which is now being you know saws severely and strongly opposed by a young population a student population you know a majority of them could be under eighteen so the fact that you know the government
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says that these are somehow supported by the opposition. may have a degree of truth to it but the fact is that the situation in bangladesh for many years has been very polarized and politically you know. all formal protest is somehow politically triggered. and lead student bodies i linked to political party support that takes of a much trained to into public life. oh i want to get back in a minute to the issue of the polarization going on in bangladesh for first i want to talk specifically about the case of shah to a lot of course the very renowned photographer he was arrested he was charged under section fifty seven of bangladesh's information communications technology act which i believe charter referred to a few minutes ago now human rights group including your group has called this
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a draconian law used to stifle the media and political dissent can you tell us more about shadow case and also this law and how it has been enforced. sue one of the last things the show the other one did before he was that sanger was that iran has shut down and here billions of you will be very critical comments about the government's. constant alarms the orange isn't valid because there is a status of meigs to the search does a little country and a very bangladeshis we do that or he was covering the protests itself during the course of which he acts is hammer was banished by vigilantes limb. from the barrel of this jobs or he and he was broadcasting live from the purser's as well made a number of comments on facebook and those of us on him that are below this section fifty seven is actually
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a lot of the government itself is conceded is problematic and is lord and yet it is is what it is used it's been used to punish lawyers judges the last week in charge of the moderates it's the news it is journalists who cover for example sex workers is even used against ordinary facebook users for example will be comments about problems and her family is a very big brewer and who has a normal that can be used by governments to punish dissent but it simply does not make it to go the troubling thing is the one above this government houses who move beyond it released it. all is flawed as well and her. so i think a big part of this has been a lot recently this is two thousand and two says the use of presidents to shut down
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incense in the country david we should take this opportunity to mention that your wife is defending scheidel but i want to ask you you specifically having worked as a journalist in bangladesh for so long how is the climate right now in bangladesh towards journalist is it deteriorating and how much has it deteriorated in recent years. i think it's always difficult to compare. when the big bangladesh nationalist party was in power and when the millage was in power there has been censorship of the media but i think that journalists now do think this is this period is as bad as it has ever been and there is significant. censorship that takes place lot of self-censorship simply because they know that if they cross the line they will be repercussions a couple of years ago the military intelligence agency stopped all major corporations from advertising with two of the country's biggest newspapers because
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they didn't like an article that was published in it at the television is significantly above them being owned by individuals who are. who are business colleagues of the of the governing party or to support the governing party they are also very highly restricted even more so than the newspapers so things are extremely difficult critical things that people want to say you do not see that in newspapers on television anymore or very rarely and that is why i think what show you do said on the al-jazeera network in his interview was quite significant because it was very bold and it talked about bangladesh in very plain language that many people would talk about privately but never publicly and i think that the government was concerned not only the show he didn't ever get it knows that he would have to say those things again but other people also independently minded as
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he is and impartial or not politically part design that they also know that there are significant repercussions if they speak out jaro a few minutes back you mentioned just how polarized bangladesh is currently why is that why is society there so deeply divided. i think i mean these they need to be a more historical look at the way bangladesh has evolved ballistically and also the manner in which democracy has evolved in palm beach post its and its separation liberation independence in one nine hundred seventy one the fact that it was the bella tree regime followed by two successive leaders who alternated in power a developed of a personality driven cult around their bent and of a sound sleep driven political culture which was. rife with.
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political protest very person's personal slandering the environment of corruption and the fact that the personality driven me of the politics meant that it was always one against the other. and showed that. the division within baghdad was ac politics became deeper and deeper and in that mix was is has been this constant changing between want really is the identity of bundle asia as a nation whether it rests on its being holy tradition or all on it's rather all on islam as as being. an important component part of the way politics has evolved and in moving recent years the the
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litigation and the prosecutions of those who played a role in the liberation war. has. sort of created a messy mix of of political cultures so i see. it's a nation which is which is sort of. like many other countries that constantly a war with itself and it's never a stable. show. look. internally which is more secular and inboard you know so i think it's it's a mixture of things which have to be view. rather than you know to one particular character one individual we've seen over the years that neither of the political parties which have remained in power have have managed to steer the
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country in a secular democratic manner which is respectful of rights and. has enabled the creation of of an honest critique in civil society space you know neither has done bad job i'm sorry who was the on the right to continue i'm sorry to interrupt but i want to ask david to pick up on something you were saying david charo was talking you know about political movements within bangladesh now do you believe the country is in a unique political moment right now and because the demonstrators continue to come out day after day do these protesters feel in any way right now that they have a bit of the upper hand well i wouldn't say that the protest them selves indicate to the countries it's a. significant point i mean the country is moving to the point where they're going to be elections. and that is very sensitive enough for the current government because they. they very much want to win those elections and people believe that
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they will win them by hook or by crook. and that is why to some extent they're very concerned about the student protests themselves that they don't get out of hand to use politically in a way that could destabilize the government at the moment. m r bangladesh officials have said that if allegations that protesters or journalists were beaten that if those allegations are proven then those who had perpetrated those crimes you know that they will go on trial do you believe that that could actually happened. well who actually is they believe it who don't want to presidents go on. but i'm very glad they're sick of or she's not open to the margins there are people who are. largely peaceful demonstration of the exact illness and then. they're looking for evidence you can just go there and one who was shot and whose
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timeline then you can see images of this were in camera. they are students that we sit in to. even two genders. were beating him you very welcome development if actually used it against them because why are we seeing your horrors cease and the who is it a reason why this is you be unbleached against the punish the students who exercise the human rights whenever he sees it in these two series was that the homes of the government is also promising to consider road safety reforms to address the students' concerns they're also reportedly considering opposing the death penalty in cases of deliberate road deaths is that bringing reassurance to those who are out in the streets demonstrating for so many days. i think of the great need of different view from men to with him bang to be with with the ability
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of the government to truly with point. there needs to be some some very theory with example setting in terms of prosecutions that in terms of taking action against those who are guilty and and indeed to sort of putting in not only putting in place good lead to set of measures but actually implementing them and ensuring that something is done about corruption in the white bread corruption which allows for as i was mentioning before the fact that people who are not illegally propellor licenses and therefore you know if you go to the heart of what would happen when. this particular protest was the killing of these two students and the reason why such and such incidents can can go unpunished and i think there needs to be some serious example setting before the government can actually you know convince the people of their good intent and sway this massive public opinion which is which is
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rising against them so yes perhaps there could be potential it's a very emotional time as the moment in bangladesh but some serious measures could perhaps you know. build strong public opinion david what is obviously going into the elections how does this play out. well i think it's important for the government that they take the get control over the situation and that is why they've been to student protests this year there's been an earlier one of university students who were protesting against the quota of jobs for quotas for government jobs and that was also quite a significant protest the got a large numbers of people out on the streets and off to some days the government also then or the prime minister then appeared to cave in although she hasn't actually taken the steps that she promised to do but she caved in and that defy defuse the protests and it's the same thing is happening now
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the government has appeared to take heed of the demands of these students and appears to have significant diffuser demands and i think that the numbers of students on the streets these days is reduced. to very few so i mean the government is is obviously is really try to make sure that this doesn't get out of hand for as the elections come in come through i mean these issues whether they're going to be free and fair elections to what extent will they be for the will of the opposition parties be able to properly campaign to what extent will there be no vote rigging these a really significant questions and a most. difficult to say but a lot of people have very significant doubts whether the government is really committed to any free and fair elections the election commission is not a strong independent body the administration is highly politicized the political parties at the moment confrontation in any independent way so it's difficult to see
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how in december or so when the elections take place that the people will get of preach ois to vote and to some extent i mean if they have it one should make these david i'm sorry to david it's very interrupt you which is that we're almost out of time i want to throw one last question to omar omar from your vantage point and we only have about a minute left can we expect to see more more protests going forward. well you know the locations are intense i mean we need to see the streets again and. i'm going to push which actually has a lot of good will who are. at risk. responsibly those words shows in the movements and zigzags as the so they do to really enjoy. it why is these situations can get out of it. as we've seen on all right we're going to have to leave it there thank you so much to all our guests sharia law to hard omar waraich and david bergman and thank you too for watching they can see the
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program again any time by visiting our website out there a dot com and for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. and side story you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle is at a.j. inside story from him have a gentleman the whole team here by for now. august on al-jazeera european muslims today are facing the consequences of having their faith linked to all the attacks even though day two of victims of the bonds the largest multi-sport event on the continent asian games in jakarta i will host athletes competing in a mix of traditional and the olympic sports a vibrant new series of character led documentaries from immigrant neighborhoods across europe a series of reports about the state of the world's forests and what's being done to protect them in a three part series al-jazeera uncovers the motivations and impact of the brutal
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feelin exploitation system then laid the foundation of today's global powers ogust on al-jazeera the train and equip the opposition in syria so they can help push back these terrorists people in power investigates how the us supplies soviet style weapons to its allies through private company to spend the us government could wash their hands and say what we didn't know where it was coming from so weapon that was supplied by the us government may well end up being pointed at us soldiers yes absolutely pick it up less than two months off to look professional for america's gun this secret pipeline to syria on al-jazeera. when people need to be heard. has been for a few jomo saunas life it's not a normal life show and the story needs to be told to do stories that have been passed also say i testify in the court of law to make sure that the bad guys behind
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us al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring new documentaries and live news on air and online. algis. where ever you. a new image can make you as been. and is grappling with the arduous task of sustaining a community but the residents of this chinese village complain. and have one concern inside. their reclamation of their land. democracy is complicated. hard to have a six part series there one day but five years we can do chinese democracy experiment on mountains you know.
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shells rain down on gaza killing three israel hits back of rocket attacks. it's a problem you're watching us or like my headquarters here in doha also argentina rejects a plan to rewrite abortion laws after eight hours of debate on decisions in the streets. and it will always speak strongly and clearly in private in public on questions of human rights the lobby they are giving in from canada in a dispute with saudi arabia over a tweet. also russia feels the pressure over the poisoning of a former double agent the u.s. adds sanctions.
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welcome to the program israel has been continuing at strikes and shelling of the besieged gaza strip it's targeted more than one hundred forty sites including what it says are military compounds tunnels that a training camp but three palestinians are being killed by the mother and child amongst them israel says the military action is a response to rockets fired from gaza starting on wednesday night the united nations is deeply alarmed by the violence warning it could lead to war under seven small from gaza. deep into the night intense bombardments the flash of outgoing rockets from gaza. israel's iron dome air defense system knocked out several of the missiles but the majority got through and in response came the blasts and claims from israeli air strikes. this is how it started here a rocket unlike most of them finding its targets the israeli town of iraq with
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people fleeing in all directions in the panic towns right across southern israel under attack. the response was fast as strikes right across the gaza strip up to twenty mostly bases of the al qassam brigade the military wing of hamas. it released a statement saying in retaliation against the israeli aggression the resistance is continuing to fire rockets at israeli towns. the casualties may not have been high in number but they included a mother and baby in a house it in. as emergency services on both sides of garza's walls responded to the pair arguing coming an outgoing fire egyptian mediators gauged in trying to pursue both sides to call a truce much rest now on the real intentions of israel and hamas to warn or both
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really intend to break down the ceasefire talks and nicholai modern of the un special envoy has been here before not so serious but he mediated and succeeded in stopping the fighting a month ago his words our collective efforts have prevented an explosion until now we will work hard to ensure gaza steps back from the brink. of and egyptian mediators bring gaza back from the brink again people are in fear tonight that he may not succeed andrew simmons al-jazeera gaza city well stuff they call correspondent is following events for us from west jerusalem and stuff we have to monitor really the reaction from both sides because the dust really hasn't settled yet that's right there's a lot of rhetoric on both sides to hell and the attacks continue this morning
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airstrikes and some rocket fire but again reading between the lines of these escalations and they do come in goes to hell is this is that israel is striking multiple had mass and other military targets inside gaza but they haven't struck any areas where there are a gathering of actually members of those groups this is significant because.


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