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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 10, 2018 10:00am-10:33am +03

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me. time i don't think what has. made us. one law must and i do is learn. from the. topic i will let you post.
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we will be hosting. i think. it's me. that once a month. i. do my. job i am not i am my family guy here you know now i am am one up i am oh. oh oh oh oh oh oh oh no. i am on a wire is still going on. i was for you saw you never knew no i'm dating a the faith of my mum there. are so because of but i am it's really.
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it. makes. me happy.
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me. i read. about just. oh. you didn't you can get. this on the. market. to me again you know this is. who she.
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i think. it's more. money millionaire. you know he doesn't. i think a little not one of those. who needed more than one.
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in the americas. maybe hate it from me i mean there. is only had our troops. in the here is all. that he wants her for sts. one hundred dollars all has gone up while the limit has gone all two hundred channels and. if the family. elysium you'll only. need one what i mean is only in europe. and. you know one thing.
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i couldn't stand or. to look at the top has only added. look at. your homework on the work. on the. i hope i'm going. to. meet with mark. you know. i know why he's ahead while you listen.
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then i'm going to get if. we don't have to put under one hundred to. do wonders why lie one on me. i think you will need that young man that got the knife and. this was wrong to take children away from their parents and herd them into a school against their will there was no mother no father figures they put is
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a big player and we sort of looked after so i don't remember the children's names but i'll never forget that counted as dark secret on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where every. denied citizenship. health care and education. was from the homes to live in camps. subject to devastating physical
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cruelty al-jazeera wild investigates one of the most persecuted minorities in the wilds. silent abuse. and i'm elizabeth i'm in doha with the headlines on al-jazeera the un's call for an independent investigation into a saudi amorality coalition air strike on a bus full of schoolchildren and yemen fifty people have been killed in hoofy lead solve the problems saudi arabia says the strikes have legitimate targets. hamas the palestinian group which controls the gaza strip has told al-jazeera that a truce has been agreed to with israel the israeli government has yet to comment
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that follows a major flare up of cross border violence on wednesday and thursday in which three palestinians were killed. malaysia's former prime minister arrived in court a short time ago for the next stage of his corruption case. is facing a pretrial hearing in kuala lumpur on corruption and money laundering charges they relate to multi-billion dollar looting of the state investment fund one m d b now denies the charges the court is expected to set trial dates. the scene is a bob when office has been banned from addressing rallies or news conferences while he faces charges for inciting violence and unlawfully announcing the election results tendai biti of the movement for democratic change was arrested on thursday after being denied asylum in zambia he has been granted bail. very. strict.
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standards. very very good to be. what you've been to me. iraq's top of the action bodies as a recount of votes has reaffirmed that populist cleric southers alliance is in the balance from the may vote will manually recount after widespread allegations of fraud the results must now be ratified by the top court in baghdad at least twenty two people have been killed in the worst raid in southern india nearly a century forty eight hours of torrential downpours have forced the local government and kerala to release water from twenty four dams out of fear of breaches since june heavy rain landslides and flooding have been linked to one hundred and seventy five deaths in the state well those are the headlines on al-jazeera do stay with us witness continues next.
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so i wrote to k.p. without i don't know. how well. i know you t.j.'s was that you here god knows. what i did to you out here with. you so let's have on the program she said i am not kidding you. he was home and if there are no. cars because all artists i deal with those allies i.
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low don't wise help. i have. had it. while i didn't have it. all. back. would ask.
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any way. the one i knew. what. they wanted her and i knew i knew. her would give me the new are joe ma now just what you can be had this is who or what you are you who turned out of the you tony. if.
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they. ever they. ever say. that i don't care i home to live it up and see if. we. are. good then we even have to tell. what happened next then we get more trusting almost. to. something
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benjamin graham assured. no one or no women when did it happen to us. mainly they get the basis they get them and. they need to be made or stillborn or. broken goes yes i think that given. it's a very nothing has been. she
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did send a man of business with them i like that one that is. when you don't want to give out to me imo. you need a. moment then on. the on the on the. on. the on. my life my life not on we have a man on. top or become a negotiator i don't know when to come or stop want to. go but i.
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think i do not want. the.
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well know now one woman. down. he says no. easy. is it. did he was it is it is he doing.
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this has. this is. how i wish i could be in korea and you know when. you're rally and fit in that make sense change i hope i have that that good health. feel good they're really doing so we really enjoy. the rhythm of the world. that we. would. like to know that.
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we would. who the. they could know well. she didn't. thank you. but after. you know look i had to. quit on her you know. and the kids he's got. to leave he. was. none of the.
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none. the more not named good captain song. other than it is also uses of the. ordinary you know if you need. more wish in the row or moma slid to listen. to more. here it is there on my ear then. you gotta. come you. look a. little in. his head you.
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really need. to have you here why are. people still slow to need. this. map you got here i was. about but in the pandemonium they couldn't even using my boy or what i was. talking to what the bank i am. the owner says i don't know. she means you have got to go got a job or rearmed i'll an hour or so but you go oh i don't care.


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